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I was wondering if y'all or anyone else had advice about coming out to a parent as bisexual?😊 I wanted to come out to my dad as bisexual for bi week since i was gonna do it anyway id figure this week is great lmao

I’m thinking about coming out Officially on bi visibility day, but I’m one of those people that took a really long time to accept the label. I’ve been slowly telling people close to me for the last year or so, which has gone pretty well (including a girl I might’ve once dated, but she was uncertain then too and now also identifies as bi). My biggest hesitation is that now, I’m married (my husband knows) and in my late twenties and I’m worried no one will believe me. Any advice or reassurance?

I know this is a bit late but here it is for you guys!

Unfortunately, I have not come out to my parents and a lot of my relatives so I don’t have any personal experience with it. My parents are fairly homophobic and I try to keep things as easy, breezy with them as possible since we live fairly close geographically. That being said, I’m moving very soon and plan on coming out to them before I do so I’ve been trying to do a bit of research into how to go about it (because I’m a giant nerd and need to control how everything happens). 

The Bisexual Resource Center is a great place to start. They have a lot of anecdotes and tools for you to use in the process of coming out. One that I’ve been looking at can actually be found on their tumblr here. It helps you examine why you want to come out to someone and how to handle different situations. It also gives your family or friends resources to learn about things on their own after the conversation is over. 

Good luck, and I hope it all goes well!
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Hi! I haven’t updated much recently, here are a few bullets.

The chesty cold/cough returned, so I’ve not been running. This is a great shame since we’ve had great weather and the mornings have been nice and cool.

Charlotte has gone from the national news since there hasn’t been any violent protesting here since Wednesday last week. However, there have been protest marches nightly here. All have been peaceful - so even the local coverage has become cursory. The curfew (which was a “soft” curfew and not enforced) has been officially lifted, the national guard have stood down.

I’m going to a meeting tonight to discuss local reconciliation efforts, and will be attending a protest march this Sunday morning being led by two local churches who are joining together (one is a large white congregation and one is a large black congregation).

[edit] @runandimages asked on an earlier post if I had joined the protests. No, not yet. I was going to go last Friday and Saturday nights, but Mrs. RRR wasn’t well so decided to stay home.

Oh, and I wrote a letter to our governor and mayor which I sent to our local paper. It’ll be fun if it gets published!

P.S. The last time I marched in a protest, we were protesting apartheid and demanding the freeing of Nelson Mandela. #god I’m so effing old.


Some of you may not have known this, but I will mention this again. I have officially gone on hiatus. My personal life has been so stressful and upsetting lately, I can’t handle it all. I’ve had to deal with a difficult breakup with my ex, moving back to start my second year at university, bouts of anxiety, and family issues.

It’s just been a downward spiral, so I feel that I need a break from tumblr so I can focus on my second year. I hope you all understand.

I am still present on Instagram and Twitter, so feel free to follow me. Mutuals can also ask for my LINE.

I’m not sure when I will be back, but I want to make sure I am in the right frame of mind before returning. I have set a queue for the time being.

I hope you all stay well, and I wish you all the very best,


NEW VIDEO: “Flossing My Buttcheeks??? - I swear there was a reason why it’s called that. Reblog if you watched and now know why. Stalking people who share this by reblogging! :]

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Today, I fucked up... by bringing my mom to the Apple store

So, I have an old iPhone 5 with a broken mic and home button and I had the last week of AppleCare service so I wanted to get it fixed before selling it on eBay. My mom really wanted to check out the new Apple Store that just opened in my town, so I brought her with me. We went to the Genius Bar, and I explained the problem. He was ready to replace it when my mom told the guy"My son is obsessed with electronics, he repaired that iPhone’s screen six months ago by himself". insert biggest facepalm ever here Not only he didn’t replace my phone, but now my warranty is long gone and I can’t get it fixed by Apple even by paying them. Lesson learned: never bring your mom to the Apple Store because she’s gonna fuck you up.

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I went to Monty’s Roosterteeth page to see the comments people have left him. Before I even got to the comments, I saw this and broke down immediately. 
“Last signed in: 4 days ago”  
4 days ago. 

It’s so surreal how someone can be there one day and gone the next.
It almost feels like it’s not even possible. Like some crazy trick of nature happened and now he’s gone.
But it’s real. It’s real and it’s going to hurt every day to see that number get bigger. 4 days will turn to 1 week, and 1 week to 1 month. Before we know it years will pass and he still will not have logged on.

But at the same time, I think I’ll enjoy it. Because although that number will increase I can look at it and say 4 days ago Monty Oum was alive. 1 week ago, Monty Oum was was with his family and friends.  1 month ago, Monty Oum was working doing what he loved. 1 Year ago, Monty Oum existed.


                                     You may be gone
                     But out here in the desert
   Your shadow lives on without you


make me choose: Game of Thrones or Black Sails

“We’re fighting a war to protect Nassau in which our most effective weapon is the fear that we can instill in our enemies.”

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uhh idk what to say about this video lol i started it in june and just finished it last week so i was iffy on posting it but then if i didnt i just wasted my time so i hope you enjoy it because i didnt haha ha bye


Edward Elric Appreciation Week | Day 4: Favorite Feature

➙ His Xerxesian features 
“Arrogant, huh? I remember this from a mythical tale; ‘the hero who gets too close to the S U N shall have his wax wings plucked and be dropped to the earth.’”

AND that concludes my entry for edelricweek! SORRY for the lateness but I honestly wanted to finish the set despite joining in late. Thanks so much for the people who set this up!

I want to know how Sapphire sees time, past/present - wise.  On one end of the spectrum I can see her being very very accurate due to her relationship with and understanding of the future, and she could tell you how many seconds have passed since you last sneezed around her or something.  

But alternatively, she’s so entwined with the future that the past and present confuse her and she’ll just be talking to someone about something that happened and - 

“We haven’t gone to Funland with Steven in months.” 

“Sapphire, we were literally there two days ago.” 


“I hate Thursdays.” 

It’s Monday


“What did you do yesterday?”

“Ruby and I went to the lake.  Ruby almost fell in.”

“Wait, I don’t remember that!”

“… My mistake, that’s next week.”

It’s been a while since I last talked about you. I mean, I try so hard not to bring you up anymore because you’ve been gone for so long and my friends are so sick of me crying over you. I miss you. I miss your voice. I think I miss your presence even more. You stood right in front of me a week ago. My heart felt like a rock my body couldn’t hold and the smile I had on my face wiped away, just like my eyeliner did when I got home. I went on a date with a boy that had brown hair and blue eyes just like you and all I did was think of our first date the whole time. You are the only person capable of hurting me. I am numb to everyone else. I’d rather be hurt by you never speaking to me, than to not feel anything at all. I still love you. I don’t know why anymore, but I do. I am so sorry for not being able to let go.
—  (J.M.S) a text to Dean I wouldn’t send no matter how much alcohol was in my system

Hi everyone! I’m about to move overseas — and as such may be online only in very limited capacity for the next week or two while I move into a new place and get myself set up. If you need to contact me for anything during this time, you can do so via the usual channels but please be patient with response time. (I also know I have a seemingly permanent ask backlog that I am slowly chipping through.)

Secondly, I have gone ahead and closed my Storenvy (which has been in a state of half-death for the past while due to Storenvy’s Stripe/MP issues). Thank you to everyone who contacted me via email to purchase the last copies of Still Turns and various prints. My first art book is now sold out, and will not be reprinted. I will be opening a new store later in the year with fresh products/stock, which I will announce here when the time is appropriate. As always I’m grateful for all the support! :)

These days, the excitement is gone.
Last week, my bestfriend asked when I was going to see you again.
I didn’t know what to say so I smiled and said ‘hopefully soon.’
I don’t think there will be another time, except I didn’t say that because it doesn’t offer the kind of hope that everybody’s dying to hear.
Because there isn’t an easy way to say that it didn’t work out.
That love like ours usually never does.
There’s too much between us here.
And it’s not just the distance.
It’s the love that holds us back too.
I love you and maybe in some way, that’s exactly why we’ve made it to the end already.
Because you love me too.
Because it’s too heavy to carry on the days when all I need is for you to hold my hand and you’re not here.
We kept saying that one day the timing would be right but by now that seems like a bad excuse to keep holding on.
We are both tired.
And it’s stop mattering.
When they ask about you,
I forget to mention that I love you.
That you were willing to travel the extra miles to be here.
It’s stopped mattering.
Loving you doesn’t make a difference does it?
We still can’t be together.
You’re still not here to hold me when things get bad and on the days you need to hear my voice- you don’t.
So it doesn’t make a damn difference that I love you more than anything in the world.
The distance is still there.
The timing is all wrong.
And maybe,
it will never be right.
—  What difference does it make / @thewordsyouneverunderstood
Those were mine. MINE.

I buy my husband poptarts. Two boxes at a time, and he freaking loves them. I occasionally like a breakfast pastry treat as well, but my husband is a poptart vacuum or something, because every time I go to find myself one they’re always all gone!

I decided to buy my OWN box along with the two I regularly buy for my husband. I am not quite the black hole for poptarts as my husband is, so my one box lasted about two and a half weeks before he found them where I had been hiding them in the cabinet where I keep my casserole dishes. His were long gone, you see…. there were two packages left, and they were gone in seconds! (okay, a day or two, but STILL). They were the smore’s kind too. my absolute favorite.

The next time I went grocery shopping I got him his boxes of poptarts, but I got him the unfrosted kind. the UNfrosted kind.

Enjoy your roof shingles, lover.

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