so i wanted to do something for her

this wouldn't happen but I cried laughing thinking about it

Lotor, on a video chat or something with voltron: You’re fighting a losing battle, Voltron. Surrender now and perhaps I’ll spare -

Haggar, in the background: Do you want me to iron your favorite sleeping shirt?!



Lotor: Mother, I’m in the middle of -

Haggar, louder: Lotor, it’s a yes or no question! You know the one?! With the blue lion on it?! With the glitter -


Haggar, at the top of her lungs: SO SHOULD I IRON IT

Allura: This is very unprofessional,



Lance, under his breath: it’s a trick, don’t do it man, she wants you to eat your vegetables too,

I hit 500 followers????

This was within the past 3 days but??

Holy shit

like i shit you not 19 days ago i was talking about how i hit 400 and now

i just wanted to say thanks. its not even that big of a milestone like no one gives a shit but thanks. it makes me so happy. hey, i may be a nerd that writes shitty fanfic from her bedroom, but at least I’ve made friends by doing so

(I’m talking to you guys. you’re all my friends now. I’m adopting you as my friends and there’s nothing you can do about it.)

(also i had a little peek and holy shit, 180 followers in a month? H O W ?)

Thank you artist’s block for letting me draw fanart for TITTM, which is something I have been wanting to do since I started reading. So YAY!

I tried to draw Riskua in a Alabasta-esque outfit, mostly because it’s the closest to the style of clothing I normally draw.

Hope I did her justice.

“Why did we even try stealth?”

“Should I answer that honestly?”

“Now isn’t the time for sarcasm Sabo.”

“Nonsense! It is always the time for sarcasm!”

FBI Agent

Characters: Dean x FBI!Reader, Sam, Ferris (OMC)

Word Count: 2,481

Warnings: none

Request: Hi! Can I request a Deanxreader where the reader is an FBI agent and her mission is to catch Sam and Dean but then she meets them and realize they aren’t bad guys and they save her or something. Then maybe she leaves with them because she and Dean fall for each other? Sorry it’s so specific🙈 You don’t have to do it if you don’t want to obviously! You’re an awesome writer and I enjoy all of your stories

Author’s Note: If you want to be tagged, leave an ask or message and I’ll add you! Same goes for my Series Rewrite! If you want to request a fic, please send them in! I love writing what you guys want!

Feedback is always appreciated

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“Ferris! Tell me that you got them!” You said sternly, your heels clanking on the tiled floor as you made your way to the room you were called in.

“Yeah, they’re in the interrogation room right now.” Ferris said, handing you the paper work on them. Sam and Dean were wanted men and you were glad that you were going to be the one to bring them in. They were in a shit ton of trouble from impersonating FBI Agents to grave desecration to having a shit ton of weapons in a very sexy car.

“Great. I’m going to speak with Sam Winchester right now. I’m saving Dean for last.” You said, looking at their mugshots. You have to admit, they were both attractive but Dean was catching your eyes more than Sam.

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Remind me how much I wanted this

All day long D hassled me about flying confederate flags. Even called his mom and asked her if he was allowed to fly one there (of course he is). Tells me his mom would let him so I should let him. I told him to go put one in her front yard then when he’s visiting. Said he’d just put them all over his bedroom. No.

D was singing a song about smoking pot. Husband said something like, you had better not be. D says of course I do. Husband says that a big thing here is no drugs period. D goes on a rant about how pot isn’t a drug. I tell him he is not going to be smoking pot here. He says well that is going to be a problem.

Then he says, well if I can’t smoke pot then you need to let me hang up rebel flags, tells me it’s my choice, but I can’t make him stop both.

Sorry kid. There are actual rules here. It’s not all fun.

He’s been here a week and I already want to pull out my hair.

How is this my life?

100 followers! Thank you SO much. ♥ 

So, ‘cause I was motivated, I tried to actually paint a drawing. 

And here a few things about Thomas  in the College AU:

→ He met Martha in High School. She had broken up whit his first boyfriend and was playing the piano, trying to do something about her conflicted feelings. Thomas listened to her and fell in love. 

→ He got Martha pregnant in their final year. They were actually happy, even when they didn’t expect it, and he wanted to to call the baby Martha after her beautiful mother. Thomas asked for Martha’s hand in marriage in a super old school fashioned way. 

→ Martha and the baby died because of an accident when she was headed to the hospital , and Thomas found out when he arrived and the doctor told him that she hadn’t arrived yet. He knew in that moment that something bad had happened. 

→ After that, he got depressed. The idea of suicide crossed his mind. He didn’t leave his house for weeks. Madison and Monroe went to see him, but he was barely alive. After that and and because his friends insisted, he went to Paris for one year. 

→ Thomas came back with a new attitude. 

→ (THIS BECAUSE I SHIP JAMILTON) Once, Hamilton told him that no one could like someone like him, and it didn’t matter because it was impossible for an asshole to know how to actually love someone. Jefferson, used to his insults, became however spechless. He left. Later, when Hamilton discovered about Martha, he finally undertood. Alex feels guilty, but he doesn’t want to admit it– still, he avoids insulting him mentioning that kind of thing again. Who knows, maybe he actually cares for the francophile. ¿?

So, first up is the positive:

  • James didn’t bring her back like Camila wanted, he let her go.
  • He seemed genuine in his attempts to get her to come back, including beginning to apologize for his previous behavior and his promise to protect her from Camila.
  • He also seemed genuinely caught off guard by Teresa’s revelations.
  • He repeatedly deflected when Camila ordered him to hunt Teresa down.
  • Camila acknowledged that James crossed her for Teresa once before (sparing Guero) and warned him against doing it again.

And now the negative:

  • There was a tracking device in the game James gave to Tony and it was how the hired guns found them.

So all the positives combined with moments in past episodes when there is simply no benefit to James pretending lead me to believe that his feelings for her are real. And I can’t pretend like there weren’t scenes, particularly, during season one where we point blank saw/heard Camila order James to get close to Teresa and make her trust him. And we should have found it suspicious that they game wasn’t in its packaging. So I’m not so sure this wasn’t the writers’ plan, at least from the beginning of season two. James was ordered to keep tabs on a potential liability and eventually developed real feelings for her (similar to the spy/cop/criminal who falls for their mark trope). So where does that leave us?

There have always been multiple ways of interpreting James’ character and relationship with Teresa and I’ll admit I made the choice to accept perhaps the most unrealistic interpretation (given the facts) because it was new and honestly just the best one (lol). James is stuck in a bad situation and could be killed as well, or forced to go on the run for the rest of his life to avoid being murdered. For years he’s witnessed first-hand how kill-happy the Vargas’ can be which is of course not only why he’d think twice, and maybe a third time, before crossing Camila, but why we all felt so strongly about James lying about the maid, letting Guero live, etc. He has killed people, innocent people, and we all did what Teresa has done- weighed that against his obvious discomfort and acts of selflessness and decided he might still be a good person (or at least isn’t a dumpster fire of a person). Which isn’t necessarily wrong- Teresa has also done things she’d rather not have done (yes, the drug dealer she killed was going to shoot her but only because he realized she and the others had double-crossed him, killed his men, and tried to kill him so…? Who’s the bad guy there?) and she’s still, at least in my opinion, a good person. But that’s subjective. It’s easier to forgive someone for something that didn’t happen to you (which was why I liked that they had the maid remain pissed at Teresa even while protecting her; Teresa might not have wanted to cause the woman pain and loss but she did). James did screw over Teresa and in a very serious way, but of course, he’s Camila’s right hand and always has been.

100% this will have killed it for some people and I get that. It doesn’t necessarily for me, it just depends on what happens going forward and if it’s acknowledged that James did screw her and if he earns her trust. (Given what they’ve done with Pote I’m apprehensive.) If Teresa does go after him in the next episode(s) well, then, I can’t blame her. But I’m interested in giving this plotline a shot (sadly this is not the worst thing to ever happen to one of my ships) and see what they do with James and his relationship with Teresa.

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All the Nina haters are so annoying. They expect her to take up responsibility for a cause that has nothing to do with her, and do the one thing she never wanted to do because of her lack of control of it. I mean, I feel for Azazel, I really do, but he shouldn't have forced her into something that she had no control over. Why isn't Nina allowed find happiness and embrace it? Why is Azazel allowed to belittle her when he doesn't get his way?

I agree. Since Nina apologized and somehow seemed sorry for what she wasn’t able to do (not that that was her fault anyway, she just couldn’t trnasform, it’s not like she didn’t want to) I thought people would go easy on her now, but I guess I was wrong?  ( p′︵‵。)

I personally think Azazel isn’t even angry at her, he understood. He’s probably angry at himself for his recklessness and his rushed plan. He had too much trust in the red dragon and got blinded by the redemption anticipation, and that caused his comrades’ brutal death.
(Not to mention, when Azazel went to the place he lost his friends, he recalled the conversation he had with Belphegor; the only thing Azazel was thinking about was the future, because he was already too sure they were going to win, and that’s what caused their failure imo)

I honestly feel sorry for him too, he’s suffering for sure. And now that he knows Nina is able to tranform on her own accord, this obviously pisses him off because why now and not then, when I needed you?! came to his mind. It’s understandable, but even so it’s true he was planning to use her - did he ask for help or just assumed she would help him, after all?

So, at the end of the day, Nina really could do nothing about it, it wasn’t her fault. I can understand why people are upset about her, but guys, it all just happened with a bad timing :(

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Hello! I love your writing so much and am happy requests are open!!! I was wondering if you could do rfa +minor trio reacting to MC who has arthritis? I have it and it sucks and flares up all the time :/ if you don't feel comfortable or don't want to write it I totally understand! Thank you ~~~

This ask has been sitting in my inbox for a while, I’m sorry…It’s just that, my mom had arthritis before she passed away. So, I wasn’t sure how to approach this and I had to take a lot of time to think about it. I don’t remember much of what it was like, because her condition developed into something much worse. So, I had to do some research. I know it’s painful, I know it’s very hard, but you’re strong and can overcome it. If I got anything wrong in this, please let me know so I can change it. Anywho..I hope you enjoy.


  • He didn’t know you had arthritis, until one morning you woke up in immense pain. That’s when you told him.
  • He panicked as you explained to him, and he was too scared to touch you. Would he hurt you more? Seeing you like this was very uncomfortable; all he wanted to do was comfort and console you.
  • It took a while for him to get used to, but after that day he learned how to assist you better and what to do if the inflammation in your joints began to flare up.
  • There were often days where he wouldn’t let you get up, and made you relax on the couch with a heat pad while he cooked for you among other things.
  • He hated feeling helpless while you were in pain, so he did everything could to make it easier, because you were his princess. You deserved nothing but the best.


  • You told him when you had to miss a rehearsal because of your doctor’s appointment.
  • So he ditched his rehearsal and went with you instead.
  • He was very attentive and asked the doctor many questions of how he could help take care of you since you guys lived together now.
  • He took note of every single thing and from then on, it was like he was your literal caretaker.
  • It would be a lie if it was said that he wasn’t always worrying about you.
  • He also felt terrible that he healed like a monster, while you had something that would never go away.
  • He’d do yoga with you! And also massage you wherever you felt pain.
  • Your guy’s mornings would often start with you two stretching together, he would mostly be helping you though.
  • Then the day would end with some massages, tea and ice/heat pad (whichever one you were feeling) on your joints, or he would be pressing kisses to them.
  • He loves you so dearly, the fact that you must endure this really makes his heart ache.


  • You were an open book with Jaehee, so you told her right away.
  • Of course, Jaehee being herself, she does immense research.
  • She then ends up signing both of you guy’s up for Tai Chi classes.
  • She will often text you many times throughout the day to make sure you have taken your medication and ask how you’re feeling.
  • Sometimes your joints flare up during the nights, and she stays up with you.
  • Even spends her off days taking care of you.
  • You begin to feel guilty, but she reassures you that it’s not a big deal. She enjoys being around you and helping you feel better.
  • After all you’ve done for her, she wants to make sure you’re as comfortable as you can be.


  • He actually notices when you visit him at his penthouse for the first time.
  • Your body seemed very stiff…he thought it was because you were nervous or intimidated by him. So he didn’t question it.
  • Even at the party you were like this..
  • Then he found you when he came home from work on night, withering in pain as Elizabeth purred and rubbed against you, trying to comfort you.
  • You told him about your arthritis, then immediately later on that night he contacted his doctor.
  • You were given the best physical therapist he could find, and made sure you got the best medication.
  • He also wanted to get you joint replacement surgery.
  • Dealing with your arthritis was easier with him, simply because he has the best resources to help you.
  • We all know Jumin would do anything for his queen.


  • He saw your medical records when he first did the background check on you. He knew.
  • Before you guys met in person, it would actually distract him from his work and keep him up at night.
  • He was smart, he knew what arthritis was and what it does to a person.
  • He wouldn’t bring it up publicly in the chatroom, but instead text you privately about it instead.
  • He’d ask how your joints felt, if you needed anything, if you wanted to whine or rant to him about it.
  • Along with the cat robot, he made a slightly smaller kitten robot that was designed to take care of you. 
  • He was still cold towards you when he stayed with you at Rika’s apartment. Only bothering to speak to you to make sure you were alright, if you have eaten and taken your medication.
  • After the whole Mint Eye/Saeran fiasco, he’d be more caring than ever. He had two people to take care of now.
  • He made yoga fun, often making you laugh through whatever pain you felt.
  • Just how you distracted him from work, he distracted you from the distress.
  • His humor, his care, his compassion for you and just him altogether, made everything better.

 Minor Trio below the cut!

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I'm also a fan of johnny but you should stop talking about amber, writing essays in essays I know it's to expose her and defend johnny but she is past now. We should focus on supporting him

Hi there anon.

This blog was created with the intention to follow this particular case and call out the media’s lack of sensitivity. By following the case, I realised media have no trouble at all to lie about everything. I don’t know why you think I care about Amber (truth is I couldn’t care less) but all of my “essays in essays” (the last one was more than a month ago, in July 12, so I don’t understand why you sent your message now, as if I wrote something yesterday) of the grand total of five are more about how media handled the case. And the only way to do that is to call out her lies that media don’t.

Also, each and every one of these essays it’s written when I want to vent against media (Amber doesn’t really deserve that either) and their “high morality” that is based on lies.

And if I became Johnny Depp’s fan along the way was first and foremost when I realised he was not only innocent but a victim of hers, media and his status.

There are thousands of Johnny Depp’s fans out there who support him with fan edits, gifs, videos, all lovely things and then there’s this blog that always supported him through facts.

And every time her name is mentioned as this great example of how to fight domestic abuse, I want to vent again not just on behalf of his, but on behalf of every DV victim out there who is used for this self-entitled manipulator. As long as his name is dragged through the mud in social media and media as abuser, she won’t be in the past.

However, she definitely is in the past for him, and for that I’m very, very happy.

Get to know the Simmer!  (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻ O'RLY?

Tagged, Bagged, and Shook by the amazing @lunyc

>.>….I…I did the best I could. She looks sort of like me…I think? She was easier to create this time around. Not so much the first time XD Her hair is a different color than mine, it’s supposed to be taro but it looks like a light sandy brown because of the flame light I used in game -__-. But I can’t lie and say I didn’t enjoy doing this!

What to do:
♥︎ *attempt to* Make a simself
♥︎ Write down somethings about you, such as likes, dislikes, your name, anything you would want to share, some people show “what’s in my room/bag”.

I tag(Only if you would like to do this~): @deadbulb @s-models-sims @skylersykes784 @remysims @jepensedoncjesims @narusasu-simblr @pixelplxm @sourplumbz

I’m going to leave this open to anyone who wants to do it! You should do it, I urge youuuuuuuuuu!

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The moment they showed jay's obituary and freddie was on it i felt so regretful tbh i felt awful, that was the moment i decided that if louis says that f is his son then i had to accept that, because his mother whom he adored the most was proud to be a grandma and wanted him on her obituary, you don't do that with a stranger. he claimed that baby as his own and that should be enough for all of us sea.

Tbh I thought this too. I felt awful, because this was something signed by Dan.

I have to remember how Jay protected Louis, and did a lot of things on SM so he didn’t have to.

A friend (@iftheresnolove) also told me about Jay’s Instagram in May 2015. After a week of silence, she posted photos of every single one of her children, and flowers from Louis (he was in Mexico with D at the time).

Simultaneously she deleted all photos of Freddie. There was a plea for privacy, but notice Freddie did not come to the U.K. until December.

To me, it was a last minute gesture for cover, and it was clear the Jungwirths had no idea about Jay’s illness until late November.

So I’ll just reiterate that a paternity test would clear everything up.

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I don't believe Jon is playing Dany and preparing to betray her later. His only plan is making sure she'll be an ally. I think what he's trying to do is be smarter than Robb. She did something pretty heroic which convinced him of her good heart, she's hot and wants him so why not? He's not in love but it's a political relationship.He's not making plans for after the war. His chemistry with Sansa is subconscious. Jon is too honorable to admit to himself that he's having feelings for his sister.

It’s possible, Nonny. My Jonsa sis @everythingjonsa and I, go back and forth on this daily. LOL

It’s good that we all have different theories. I haven’t put my weight 100% behind any of them yet -I’ve yet to see the episode, and I always like to see all the context. 😉

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izuocha proposal hcs?? i absolutely love what u write...

Ok so he bought the ring and everything, and now he’s gotta figure out how to ask her to marry him; tbh of course she loves him already and is probably gonna say yes but being Izuku he’s still a nervous wreck cause he’s actually gonna do this and is like “Holy shit holy shit”

He talks to his best pals Todoroki and Iida about this, actually all the boys gather together to help him, and he’s like “Guys how do I tell her I love her and want to spend the rest of my life with her, asking for a friend”

Kirishima is probably crying like “Midoriya that’s so manly of you”; everyone comes up with wild ideas, like “hire a pilot to write it in the sky” or “put the ring in her wine” (except she doesn’t drink, so, probably her tea or something; Iida objects to this because it’s a health hazard) but nothing seems like the best idea to Izuku

So he just takes her on a really extravagant date (or a really chill date where they just kind of hang out); they spend the whole day together going everywhere, the whole time he’s nervous and trying to figure out when the right time is to ask her

At the end of the day they’re both kind of tired, so they decide to take a break and they sit together outside watching the sunset. Izuku still hasn’t asked her at this point

“I have to ask her now or at this rate I’m never gonna do it,” is what he thinks. So he has the ring loose in his hand and he casually reaches for her hand as if he’s just going to hold it. But he slips the ring into her hand and closes her fingers around it~

“Hmm? Deku, what’s this?” she asks. He’s looking away and his face is already going red bracing for her response

She opens her hand, and when she sees what he gave her he hears her gasp. “I know this is kind of sudden, but…you make me really happy and–”

“Yes, yes, Deku, of course I’ll marry you,” she says in tears and immediately hugs him

and he starts crying and holds onto her too because he’s emotional and loves her so much. Sometimes the best proposals are the most subtle ones

thank you so much anon I’m happy you like reading my writings ;u;

Yeah I’m an absolute sap for izuocha good god
I Swear I’m Not Ignoring Your Tag, Mel

Loooong agoooo and oh so faaaaar awaaaaay, I was tagged by @simsomedia - thank you! I don’t remember stuff so this will be rather… well, confused. :D 

1. First person you messaged on tumblr- I believe it was firstladyofcasterlyrock… still not over her leaving. Missing her. 

2. Last person you messaged on tumblr- hmmm, I think it was something-wicked-sims. I don’t spend a lot of time on tumblr these days so yeah… that long ago. :D 

3. Original blog name/first blog - I have always been lovelychooser, or crazy. Wait, we are not doing nicknames here, are we. 

4. # of posts in your queue - 6 (I will still have to finish the shots for the rest of Appearances) 

5. who are you going to tag? Nobody, because this tag is ancient and I don’t want to bother people anymore. But if anyone is up for it, do it and tag lil old me! Cheers! :D 

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i can't undrstand your train of thought cause how dumb it is. jon would never trick dany, he loves her, we saw him reach out to her when he never did that to sansa. dany deserves the north, she lost a dragon for them, so yeah. get over your bullshit independence route, it's not happening.

I really wanted to ignore this but I can’t, because you know what, I’m salty right now. 

I can’t understand, for the love of all that is good, why you would think D deserves the North after doing what a Queen is supposed to do for her people in the first place. No, she doesn’t deserve the North for doing something that’s literally in the work for her being Queen. D has to earn that respect. Demanding that those people either bend the knee or burn (As shown with D and the Lannister/Tarly army) is not Queenly at all. It’s the movement of a conqueror. I understand D needed to make a brash move towards winning, but rather than burning those people alive and confirming Cersei’s words among the 7K she could have burnt the field around them. 

Cornering those people from escaping and then denying Cersei’s statements. People would have been more willing to do so. Instead she attacked with ‘fire and blood’. Not one has a Targaryen ruler been a good direction for the North and it never will be. This has literally been a theme for the country for so long I don’t know how it still goes over people’s heads. War is never good, ever, and D uses it to her advantage. So no, she doesn’t deserve the North because she burned WW. 

anonymous asked:

So like.. it really looks nakata seems to like kyary ALOT.. seeing as he approached her (didn't know that before), did concerts with her, interviews idk just seems like way way more present and involved than he is with perfume? Do you know why that may be, or does he just think she's cute and young or something lol?

You sound pretty new to all this, lol.

I don’t think Nakata has ever been personally interested in Perfume – if he was at some point, that time has now passed. I mean “interested” as in wanting to help them express their world view through their music, being present in their artistic activities (he has said he enjoyed the few concerts of theirs he’s been to because his music is good and he likes hearing his music on a big arena sound system, which says absolutely nothing about MIKIKO’s stagecraft or Perfume’s showmanship), etc. Contrast Kyary with them: he asked her to write lyrics, paraded around with her for magazine interviews saying he felt she was a “true artist,” he even followed her on her world tour dates which is something I don’t recall hearing about Perfume’s. He speaks more readily about Kyary to journalists than he ever has with Perfume.

There are a couple explanations but I think the age gap between him and Perfume is a big one, he started working with them when they were children and he was a 23-year-old young adult, so their dynamic is unequal. Kyary was on the verge of 18, possibly met him when she was 16/17, so she was older and engrossed in the youth culture stuff he’d always been interested in. She’s also a real Tokyo girl which I think impacted the kind of image he had of her, she’s someone who was really born from a global epicenter of fashion – Perfume are from Hiroshima, which is a big city, but they’re also classified as country bumpkins and have that image. Lastly, Kyary was a cute young model, which is definitely something Nakata has never been and could never be. I think there’s a vicariousness that played a role in him being a fan of Kyary.

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Do you think Jon will bend the knee or really give Dani the north? That would be so OOC and I fear if the Northerns turn against him and want Sansa in charge that "general" audience will blame Sansa and find a reason to hate her. I feel like if Dani,Arya and Cersei do something it's badass&called for but Sansa does it: she's lame and evil.

You know Anon, look at the situation Jon is in really. He thinks he has fewer than ten thousand fighting men. He knows precious little about the WW except that Dragon glass and Valyrian Steel can kill them. And he knows that the Wights can be killed by fire, and there are a lot of wights. He knows what happened in the battle of the bastards when he decided to take winterfell with the men he had. So yes,  THE ODDS ARE AGAINST THEM. If Dani doesn’t help him, exactly how is he supposed to defend the north against the WW invasion?? He knows they don’t stand a chance. What’s really the point of the Northern Independence, if there is no NORTH at all?? He’s trying to do WHAT HE THINKS IS BEST. Is he really going to let his people die because of his or their pride?? I DONT THINK SO. Besides, If Lord Glover, Lord Royce were in a battle against the WW and saw Dani burning the wights to save their lives, wouldn’t they bend the knee too?? What does it matter if she’s a foreigner or a targaryen. She’s fighting for the living and death is their common enemy.  At, least that’s how JON sees it for now. 

ONLY, Many factors are soon going to come to play

The Northern Lords have not seen the army of the dead and hence won’t like Dani. 

Dragon fire can kill wights. Can they destroy the WW??

Dragons can be killed. Dani has only three. And if the leaks are to be believed, only two now. 

There’s got to be a way to kill the Night King. And it definitely won’t be what Jon’s expecting to happen. 

JON’s parentage reveal is going to cause havoc. 

There’s something about the crypts in winterfell and it’s going to come to play in season 8. 

Dani may not turn out to be the queen Jon thinks her to be. 

Sansa is going to come out on top. They’ve set the stage for it. Really!! So Don’t worry.