so i wanted to do something about it


I’ve been feeling abit crummy about my art skills lately so i thought i’d do something like this, and it does help a little bit.

2009: A dark time for me as a 16 year old. I copied alot of the people who influenced me at the time, and i felt so rebelious for ditching the ‘kawaii manga style’ for something more ugly and gritty. It also excused me from having to practice body proportions because ‘Super Jail was noodle bodies i can do what i want too’

2011: It felt like a long time from 2009. I was really into developing my own style above everything else. and while i did know that life studies was REALLY important, i always worried that it would effect my cartoony style. That and I had undiagnosed ADHD at the time so I couldn’t put more than an hour into a drawing, let alone three hour figure drawing classes lmao. I also had a bit of an elitist ‘tradional artist’ thing, where i thought i worked much harder with pens and copics???? 

2018: There is a MASSIVE time skip here, But it was one of the few ‘art updates’ I had and I really wanted to see how far i could go. Everything is so different now. I finally admitted that i NEEDED to focus less on ‘style’ and more on things I couldnt draw. After i was diagnosed with ADD, I got medicated and now realized why people could spend such a long time on works. I was finally able to do life studies and spend DAYS on drawing. Pixel art only came into the picture a couple years ago because it feels so… good that every dot fits so well into place. And now i have all these old unused art supplies because i’ve prettymuch moved soully onto good ol’ pixels. 

ANYWAY theres alot of mistakes in my picture and i still dont rly like it, but… I had to let it go so i can look on this in the future with a new update. uh… ENJOY. 


And We’ll Be Running by @littlespooneven (here’s the tumblr link too)

“It had been six months ago when Kevin called him, sounding drunk off his ass and on the verge of a breakdown, begging Neil for help. Andrew Minyard, guitarist for The Monsters, had been assaulted by his old foster brother and it finally convinced the courts to take him off the mood altering medication he’d been taking since almost two years prior after an incident where he’d defended his cousin from a bunch of homophobic assholes outside a club.

At the time, he’d had nothing else going for him so he said yes. It was just meant to be something to do for a few months. Now, well, he doesn’t really want to leave.”

omg so over the weekend i read this wonderful band au fic and died and y’all should read it bc i’ve been thinking about it ever since

(refs def used lmao idk how guitars or anything work)

Girls Night Out || Sweet Pea

Warnings: Underage drinking

Summary (Requested by Anonymous): Hi can you do an imagine with Sweet Pea where you come back from a big night out with Toni you’re drunk and he takes care of you while also being a bit angry as he is protective of you. He runs you a bubble bath and helps you get in it but you don’t want to you, you just want to sleep and he calls you baby girl or kitten. You tell him stories about your night once you get in the bath, drinks being spilt on you and getting hurt by a heel or something like that. Can it be PG though thank you.

Word Count: 680

A/N: It’s been a few days since I’ve posted a fic. But I got two out tonight!!! I got like seven more to do before I open requests again, so keep those ideas in your mind. Hopefully, I’ll have a lot of free time to write this weekend.


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“PPPPPEEEEEAAAAAAA!!” You called, swinging the door to your boyfriend’s trailer open.

You heard banging footsteps and Pea appeared from the kitchen, rubbing his tired eyes.

“The hell?” He said.”[Y/N], it’s like one in the morning.”

“There’s my extremely handsome boyfriend!” You tried to walk over to him, but stumbled a bit, falling into his arms.

“Baby, are you…drunk?” He asked, eyes wide.

“Pftt no….” you said. He raised an eyebrow at you, and you immediately broke out into a fit of giggles.

“Mayyybbeee,” you slurred.

“Oh my god,” he said, rolling his eyes. “Topaz said she was taking you out for a girls night. I thought that meant, like, manicures or something, not getting pissed!“

“The Wyrm was in full swing, nobody was gonna notice two teenage girls sneaking a few shots,” you explained. Pea furrowed his eyebrows, debating what to do.

“Stay here,” he said, helping you to the couch. “I’m gonna run a bath for you, okay?” He pressed a quick kiss to your forehead before rushing to the bathroom.

“Noooooo,” you whined even though he left. “I don’t wanna take a bath.”

Needless to say, you were not on the couch when he came back. Instead, you were raiding the cabinets in his kitchen for food.

“Ooh, Coco Puffs!!”

“No!” Pea said, running over to you and snatching the cereal box from your hands. “It’s bath time, baby, we need to clean you up.”

“I don’t want to,” you complained, crossing your arms and sticking out your bottom lip.

“Baby, you’re acting like a five-year-old,” Pea said, chuckling.

“No shower,” you stated.

“Fine then. We’re gonna have to do this the hard way.” Pea picked you up in his arms and put you over his shoulder.

“Weeeeeeeeeee!” You shrieked as he carried you to the bathroom. Once you got there he put you down on the ground gently. The hot bath was already running and the mirrors began to fog.

“I’m gonna turn around so you can undress and get in the tub,” Pea said, turning away from you. You slipped out of your outfit and kicked off your shoes, slowly stepping into the steaming water.

“You can turn around now,” you told him once the water covered your bare body. Pea turned around and sat down on the wooden floor in front of you.

“You good, baby?” He asked. You nodded in response and closed your eyes, letting the hot water release the tension from your body.

“You’ll never believe the night I had,” you said, resting your head on the side of the tub.

“It couldn’t have been that crazy. I mean, if anyone tried to mess with you, Toni would have whooped their ass,” Pea responded, laughing.

“Nobody tried to mess with me, everything was just hectic. Drinks were spilling on me left and right. I think I got hit in the head by a heel at some point,” you admitted, starting to dozing off. Pea could see your eyes opening and closing, so he turned off the water.

“Wash yourself quickly, baby. You’re tired, I’m gonna put you to bed.”

You mumbled a quick “yes” before running the soap bar up and down your body once or twice. Pea handed you a towel so you could cover up when you stood. He lead you to his bedroom where a spare pair of his clothes were waiting for you on the bed. You were about to tell him to turn around again, but when you looked at him, he already had. You changed into the PJ’s before plopping onto his bed.

“Wait, let me pull out the covers so you can be cozy,” Pea said, rushing to your side. He told you to lift your legs, and when you did, he pulled the covers out from under you. You rested your head on the pillows and snuggled into the covers.

“Come cuddle me,” you mumble to Pea. Without saying anything, he lied down next to you and gathered you in his arms.

“Goodnight, kitten,” he said, kissing your forehead.

“Goodnight, Pea.”

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Do you have any clothing/apparel merch with wei ming or red herring? I just love looking at them, it's all so cool!!

aw thank you!! i don’t unfortunately, mostly because i didn’t think it was something people wanted? but i’ve gotten a couple of questions about this lately so maybe i’ll have to consider…honestly i’m a bit surprised how much people seem to like him (people that aren’t me at least)

BTS finding out you’re Mexican

As requested by a lovely anon! Don’t worry that we don’t list BTS in the groups we write for - we’ll fulfill every request we can, love! I’ll do my best, and if you’re unhappy - feel free to request something else!

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the gifs used in this post.

-Admin B

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Could you do something about Clyde falling in love with an artist? Like she does figure studies and loves sketching painting him and he’s self conscious but she tells him how beautiful he is?

awwwww that’s too adorable!!! clyde is such a cute bean! thanks for the cute request! i didn’t know what format you wanted so i hope you don’t mind that it is in headcanons. hope you like it, feedback is always welcome.
• clyde is insecure af and when he starts dating you, this go to a whole new level. he couldn’t even believe you were with him, his darling lil artist
• that is actually how you two met. night after night you went to the duck tape to find new faces to draw, but you always ended up with a few extra sketches of the handsome bartender. after some time, you two started talking and you left a drawing of a rose with you phone number. clyde still keeps it, saying that it’s one of his most prized possessions
• you always loved to sketch clyde, and you had a small notebook just for drawing him. sleepy, grumpy, in awe of his new arm… you had captured everything on the tip of your pencil and clyde always blushed wildly when he realized you were drawing him
• sometimes you’d doodle something cute and put in his shirt pocket so he could find it at work, which leads to him showing it off and talking about you to every single customer. he always folds them and keep them inside his old prostetic arm, and likes looking at them when he is feeling sad
• after a little while, you decided to show clyde your sketchbook of him. “my lil darling is one talented artist. you managed to make me look good, that’s not easy” “well, this is how i see you”. clyde almost cried on the spot.
• in an advanced stage in your relationship, clyde agreed to model for you. even though he was very shy, you smile and sparkling eyes made it all worth it
• after every time he modeled for you, you would sit on his lap, and point in the drawing what you loved about him. it takes a long time, since it’s pretty much everything, but he never gets tired of hearing


A/N: I’ve received a couple of requests with this type of reaction so I decided to put it all in one. Hope this was what you wanted ^^

(Taehyung Jimin and Jungkook will be in another reaction because I couldn’t fit them in here, I’m really sorry :c)


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As the mother of the group, I believe that Jin would be the most worried out of the seven of them. He knew that you weren’t eating and resting well in the past days because you were too busy with your work, but when he found you sleeping on the desk of your room, sorrounded by your books, he realized that he had to do something about it.

He went to the kitchen, ready to prepare a warm meal for you to enjoy. Even if he was really busy with practice, he always managed to look after you and you felt a bit guilty about that.

You didn’t like being babyed by him, but he loved to make sure you were happy and healthy.

When you woke up, you smelled the good scent that was coming from the kitchen and you got up looking for the source of that delicious smell.

You saw the table of the kitchen full of your favourite food and you couldn’t help but smile at the man who was wearing the apron in front of you.

-Thank you so much.-

You smiled at him and he gave you a warm smile.

-Everything for my princess. Now eat, you know that I don’t like it when you don’t look after yourself.-


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Yoongi himself was someone who put work before his health and you always took care for him when he stayed all day locked in his studio by bringing him food and cuddling with him on his couch, making sure that he fell asleep when you where there.

This time was the other way around. You were nervous for an exam that you were having in a couple of days and you spent the whole week inside of your apartment, studying without sleeping.

He hated himself for not noticing how tired you were when you first opened the door, letting him into your apartment.

You always cared for him and he wanted to do the same with you, but when he saw how your home looked like when he came in, he noticed the tired look in your eyes.

You room was a mess, full of books and notebooks, you had some garbage on your table because you didn’t have time to cook a proper meal and you ate some precooked meal that you bought at the supermarket.

He looked at you with a serious expression and sad eyes.

-Babe When was the last time you had a good sleep?-

He asked you cupping your cheeks with his hands.

-I don’t know, like three days ago.-

You said letting out a small yawn.


He hold you hand and you followed him to your bedroom.

He picked up the books, putting them on your desk and he lied down, telling you to do the same.

You mimicked his actions and he hold you from behind pulling the blanket on top of the two of you.

-Let’s take a bap, you can study tomorrow.-

He kissed the top of your head and you hold on tight on his hands smiling to yourself.


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Hoseok would get really upset at the sight of you so stressed over your school project.

He called you and text you when he could tell you to take care at home, but when practice ended, the first thing that he did was coming to you, ready to pick you up.

-Babe, get dressed.-

He told you storming into your room.

-What? I can’t right now Hobi just let me study a bit more.-

-Y/n you know everything, you’ll end up to tired to learn if you keep on stressing yourself like this.-

You looked at him with tired eyes.

-I really need a good grade.-

He sat on the bed next to you.

-I know baby and you’ll get a good grade. You studied so much. I don’t like seeing you like this.-

You could tell that he was really worried.

He loved the sound of your laugh and the fact that he didn’t hear it in such a long time was driving him crazy.

-You need to think about other things for a while. I brought some tickets for the film that you were talking about the other day, let’s just go and eat something outside.-

He smiled at you and you couldn’t resist him.

-Wait here, I’ll get ready.-

He nodded and you smiled back at him, thankful for the fact that you had someone who cared so much about you.


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When you snapped at him telling him that he was being too loud while he was only breathing, Namjoon realized that you were too stressed and that you needed a pause from working.

-Y/n do you want to go out and do something?-

He asked you with a slightly worried voice.

You sighed.

-I’m sorry.-

You looked at him.

-I have so much work undone and I’m about to go crazy. How am I supposed to finish all of this by tomorrow morning by myself.-

You whined.

-Do you want me to help you out?-

He asked and you raised an eyebrow.

-Aren’t you tired from being so much at the studio? You just finished your work, I don’t want you to work more just to help him.-

He came closer to you and he took the papers from your hands.

-If I help you we can go out and have fun so it’s worth it. How am I supposed to spend my free time when your almost ripping your own hair off?-

You laughed at his answer.

-Ok, Let’s see if we can finish it quickly.-

You smiled at him but he kept his eyes on the papers in front of him, not noticing your loving gaze.

He was right and with his help you were able to end all the work in less than two hours.

-All done, c’mon, let’s go I’m hungry.-

You nodded and you kissed him on the lips.

-What would I do without you?-

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Can I remind you to tell us about those ex-villain!Merlin headcanons now? Because I'm very, very intrigued

(I totally didn’t phrase it like that because I wanted someone to ask, what are you talking about? :) )

You all know how much I love villain!Merlin (if you didn’t, you must be new, hello). But I’m just so…drawn to the idea that Merlin being a villain isn’t in his future or in an adjacent timeline, but something he’s put behind him.

How it happens…I have a few different ideas I go with, usually having to do with the people who raised him (be it his parents or whatever). But I really, really like the idea of a precocious Merlin who feels like the world has abandoned him because why the fuck are bad things like that happening to a young child and he just…stops giving a fuck. 

…he may or may not blow up his house in some versions.

And I keep thinking about this, like, 12 year old kid that no one wants to take seriously until Jesus fuck is that a fucking bomb? Did he build a fucking bomb? and practically overnight this teenager starts to become an arms dealer because why the fuck not? It’s good money, and he’s clever enough to do it, and it’s not like the world has ever done him any favors.

He doesn’t watch the news. You can’t feel guilty if you don’t know who you’re hurting.

And then he’s fifteen and he’s bored because his work practically runs itself and teenagers never make smart decisions anyway and he thinks “why don’t I try being more hands on?” (Look, I have thoughts about why Merlin is such a good sharpshooter at the end of the first Kingsman movie). And maybe he picks up a rifle, and being a sniper is kind of fun for awhile, because he has a good aim and he’s so far removed from it that he can sort of pretend it’s fake.

But he doesn’t like sitting still for hours at a time, hands carefully in position, alone with his thoughts. So when he’s seventeen, he branches out again. He’s good with his hands, and these computer things are pretty new but they’re interesting, and he figures out quickly that he’s really, really good at hacking. And this, like being a sniper, he’ll do for anyone who pays well enough, no matter what they intend to do with the data.

And Merlin (only he’s not called Merlin yet. The papers call him all sorts of things, but the papers are crap, and it’s not like any of them know his real name anyway) never gets caught. He’s smart, he knows how to cover his tracks.

But maybe he’s starting to have trouble keeping the guilt at bay. Yeah, he kind of has it out for the world at large, but not everyone in that world is bad, right? Maybe he needs someone to keep him in check. So maybe he accidentally-on-purpose slips up. Doesn’t cover his tracks quite well enough.

And he’s eighteen or nineteen years old when he meets Agent Galahad, aka Harry Hart.

Harry is only a few years older and he’s utterly appalled by Merlin’s attitude towards life and death and people in general. Kingsman has given him instructions to bring him in, so he does, and the flippancy with which Merlin talks about this stuff is just horrifying. And Kingsman gives Merlin an ultimatum: he can work for them, or they can kill him. Merlin’s surprised that being locked up isn’t an option, but it’s not like there’s a prison in the world that could hold him if he was really dedicated, and Arthur knows it.

So he decides to work for Kingsman.

And dear lord, is Harry Hart annoying, always banging on about ‘doing the right thing’ and ‘looking for the little acts of kindness’ and ‘not being such a fucking sadist.’

But Merlin isn’t a sadist. And he starts to think maybe Harry has a few good points. And Harry starts to see that maybe Merlin isn’t just the hardened exterior he likes to present. Inside, he’s still a scared kid lashing out at a world that effectively abandoned him.

It’s Harry who suggests Merlin goes to therapy. Merlin tells him to piss off. He doesn’t tell Harry that he’s taken his advice.

It takes years for Merlin to get to a place he’d even remotely consider healthy. Where he starts to legitimately care for the agents and for the people they’re trying to protect.

But still. He keeps a book of the names. The people he’s hurt. He knows there are more, ones the news didn’t report or who were hurt more indirectly or who wanted to remain anonymous. But even still, it’s a very long list. And he does what he can, but he knows there’s no way he can ever make up for it.

So he dismantles his old network (a kind word for what he and Harry do to it) and saves the world a time or two with Kingsman and hopes that it comes even close to helping him balance the scales.

And Harry, who fell in love slowly with the man Merlin fought to become, hugs him and kisses him and helps him keep the nightmares at bay.

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So you watch some of my favorite shows (doctor who and the defenders) and i wanted to know if you watch SPN? Stranger things? The flash? Supergirl? Arrow? Do you like the mcu? The dc verse? Only answer if you feel confortable to do so no pressure!

  • SPN - I used to watch it, although it feels like lifetimes ago! I must’ve dropped it sometime around s4-5 I think
  • Stranger Things - only watched s1
  • The Flash/Supergirl/Arrow - haven’t watched
  • MCU - I mostly lost interest in it quite a few years back, although the upcoming Black Panther film is definitely something I’m very excited about and I plan on watching it in the cinemas when it’s released!
  • DC - seen the odd DC movie but I’m mostly unfamiliar with it. I’ve heard fantastic things about the new Black Lightning TV series though, so I’ll be checking that out when I get the chance

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I think it’s more likely they end elounor before they end bg bc they always seem concerned to preserve elk’s “innocent supportive gf” image and if bg ends and elounor after that she’s gonna come out as bitch who left her bf when he needed her the most. Idk if it’s gonna make sense to you but it did to me lol

i mean i could see that happening but they could also say louis broke up with her because he just couldn’t deal with a relationship after that. she’d come out as the poor girl who got kicked again oh no! and since they all care about making her look good always that’d be a way. louis is too heartbroken to keep going and she tried but couldn’t heal him just yet. sad. end both. free louis 

Signs As People In My Life

Aries: my dad is a Aries, i respect him a lot but we don’t always see eye to eye. Also a good 65% of my BEST FRICKIN FRIENDS have been Aries females and a lot of males have had a crush on me, so basically this is my favorite sign I love their energy and we ALWAYSSS have fun together I love gossiping with them plus they are dramatic like me. They go along with me when I say “lets go do something crazy” just love them so much. The only thing that drives me insane about them is that they are sooOOoooO clingy, like they would want me to hangout with them for a month straight every single day and I just couldn’t I need my space sometimes lol. My first childhood bff was a Aries. Me and Aries just always seem to find each other. WHILE I WAS POSTING THIS ONE OF THEM TAGGED ME IN A OLD PICTURE OF US <333333

Taurus: my sister is a Taurus, I love her to death she listens to me rant for hours and actually gives me feedback and lets me be as dramatic as I want to be (so basically she lets me be myself haha) I’ve had a couple taurus friends usually female, they are adorable, soft and sweet and I don’t think they give theirselves enough credit for how wonderful and amazing they actually are, all the ones i’ve known have been talented at drawing. Iv’e also known a couple who were super alcoholics and loved to party. They get their heart broken very easily and it makes me want to beat the fuck out of whoever hurt them because they are sweet souls who deserve the world. 

Gemini: one of my sisters is also a Gemini, i’m not gonna lie we set each other off super easy like one second we will be laughing and completely on the same page then the next second we hate each other and are making snarky comments. Outside of my family I have only known/remember one and he was nice we got into a ton of thought provoking convos, the first day I met him he told me some personal stuff and I talked him through it, ever sense that moment he convinced hisself that we were meant to meet and that I was like his angel. He was very pushy about wanting me to kiss him/sleep with him like every time we were alone that was all he talked about even though he knew i had a boyfriend and i told him no several times, so yeah he turned kinda crazy in the end I had to cut off contact. 

Cancer: my mother is a cancer we always got into hours long deep conversations about anything and everything, she always comforted me when I was crying or got really depressed, she was very sweet but could also be two faced which made me mad,we would get into the worst fights when we were mad at eachother but all in all I couldn’t ask for a better mom. Other than my mom I really just cannot click with Cancers, they are crazy to me I can’t wrap my head around how they think and all of the ones I know cheat on their boyfriends and then play victim when they get caught or when they catch their partner cheating. I have never dated or been best friends or even close friends with one. Just my mom. I also hurt their feelings a lot on accident because I forget how sensitive some are. 

Leo: another one of my favorite signs, they are so energetic and they will keep the conversation going with me for hours or sit, chill and watch netflix with me. I’ve had a couple Leo best friends male/female and I just adore them we have the same sense of humor and can laugh for hours together. My one Leo best friend and I smoked out of a bong together and literally laughed for a hour straight for no reason. I’ve had a crush on a great deal of them and they usually liked me back but I only ever dated one he was my first love and cheated on me the wholeeee time. they are also usually on the same wavelength as me we can say what the other one is thinking and we can talk shit alllllll day. 

Virgo: my boyfriend right now is a Virgo, my lord I love him more than I have loved any guy i’ve ever been with. He’s so sweet and he knows what I want without me even having to say anything and I love that. We’ve been on and off for three years and we always end up back with each other. I met him online and still have yet to meet him in person but we just have this connection that is unbreakable, I know him like the back of my hand, I can calm him down when he’s paranoid,angry,sad whatever I fucking love this man. I’ve had two bff Virgos and they were soooooo sweet we would come up with nicknames for each other and clown on everyone we hated, and they would make me food all the time and we’d pig out together. 

Libra: Libras are very sweet, atleast all of the ones i’ve met are they comeoff as sweet and innocent but they usually are so far from that bahahaha it’s my favorite thing ever. I’ve never had a Libra best friend but I did know quite a few. I don’t really get along with the males because they are so two faced to me, and they always cheated on their girlfriends they would try to hit on me and i’d be like “uhmmmmm your gf???” and they’d be like “oh she doesn’t have to know it’ll be between us sweetheart ;)” like boi fuck outta here before I send your girlfriend some screenshots. Other than that I like them they can get along with almost anybody or at least they pretend to… 

Scorpio: My baby sister is a Scorpio, I really can’t say much about them because I haven’t had any Scorpio friends I guess they just stay away from me…… They do intrigue me though I think we could be good friends. 

Sagittarius: I had a crush on this Sag dude foreverrrr and he said he always liked me he was just two shy to say anything so ofc I jumped on that like I wanted him for the longest time. So we talked for awhile he would come see me but he was superrr shy, he wouldn’t even sit next to me. Then out of nowhere he decided he wasn’t ready for a relationship and stopped talking to me. But he would still check up on me now and then to make to sure I wasn’t with anyone else (he really said that’s what he was doing). One of my other bffs was a Sag girl we would watch It’s Always Sunny together on repeat and drink wine + do each others makeup. Loved her to death but she was very clingy and would legit get pissed at me if I wanted a day to myself? 

Capricorn: I only know one Capricorn and she was super sarcastic, she made me laugh 24/7 but we only worked together never hung out. She was a bit to serious for me besides the sarcasm. 

Aquarius: I adore these people they are so funny and are not afraid to be their selves, they can be friends with anyone and are the realest in my opinion. They are not afraid to share their opinion, they are so cool to me and are naturally popular. They are pure souls in my eyes and they have the craziest stories. Kind of guys that play millions of females because they were hurt by one girl/guy they loved. That’s how it was with the guy aqua I knew he was stuck on his Libra lover so he broke every other girls heart. They are the kind of people that if you stare into their eyes long enough you just want to kiss them when you’re drunk. 

Pisces: my other childhood best friend was a Pisces, her and I would stay up till 8am watching weird youtube videos and talking about everything other the sun. One time we got kicked out of the grocery store for fucking with the electric carts. We always had classes together in school and we got in trouble for talking in every one. We still talk at 19 she’s like a sister to me. My last ex was a Pisces, my lord he manipulated the fuck out of me, but I was dumb and gave him money everytime asked. Mostly because if I didn’t he would say I was a terrible gf and blah blah. We did have some good times together but all in all he cheated on me with several other girls, would go through my phone 24/7 and got mad when I had snapchat or messenger.  After we broke up he would randomly message me to tell me he was the best I was ever gonna have and to make sure I wasn’t with anyone else (he also said that was why he called). 

Can you guys guess what my sign is ? ;) 


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Hey What are your thoughts on fanfiction specifically the writers and the idea behind it (i.e. Writing for existing characters etc)? And do/ have you read any?

I don’t have many thoughts about fanfiction or the people who write it, if I’m honest. It’s not something I’ve ever wanted to write, personally - I’ve never been compelled to write other peoples’ characters or stories. I guess there’s something to been said about restrictions enabling creativity - like, when you have to write within x and y parameters, you’re forced to think more critically - but I don’t know! 

Haven’t read much, either. I guess my thing is, when I really like a character/world/whatever…I won’t risk bastardizing that thing in my head by reading something which might work to undo what the creators of the thing tried so hard to do in the first place. And I’m not saying that all fanfiction is bad! But some fanfiction…is. Ha. All that being said, I’m not sure I’m even a big enough fan of anything to go looking for fanfiction in the first place. I think maybe I would have liked it when I was younger had I been aware of its existence (a quick Google search come up with a good bit of Dr. Horrible fanfiction, and I would’ve been all over that shit)? Dunno!


I did the thing. And I feel better. Tonight I traded in my Power Yoga class for a 50/50 class. Normally I would choose something a little more intense but since I’m coming off being sick this was probably a good choice. I have to constantly remind myself that I don’t have to go hard all the time!!!! I’m such a nerd. We did 3 rounds of about 10 exercises. Half cardio/half strength. I should’ve grabbed heavier weights, for sure, but I’ll know what to do if I go again. The trainer I’m looking at taught this class so I wanted to get a feel for his style.
My mood is adjusted so that’s what I’m most happy about.

Sorry I haven’t posted since before the expedition. This week has been a bit hectic, and I haven’t really been in the best state of mind, and I’m working through some things, so I might not be on tumblr as much as usual.

As an apology for my absence, here’s a quick little sketch of Jack I did. I really wanted to do some concept-art style stuff and so I drew him as a sort of post-apocalyptic character. Really happy with how this turned out, and would like to know your thoughts. Should I draw him like this some more? Also, sorry it’s not a fully-fleshed out piece like most of my digital art. I wanted to draw something on my computer, but didn’t really feel like starting a big project like that.


P.S. the expedition went great, by the way! In those five days we hiked about 17 or 18 miles in this really hilly area. Got pretty good weather, too considering it was January in Wisconsin. Most days were a little above freezing, except for the last night, which got down to about 10. Also, on the last night, we found a chicken that we named Dorris. None of the nearby farms would take it so it’s now living with a friend of mine.


later that night..

zelda: goodnight honey

*doorbell rings*

zelda: ..did mom send you over here to babysit me? i told her i’d be fine

audrey: uhh.. nope i just felt like hanging out with my sister!

zelda: really? so she had nothing to do with at all?

audrey: well i mean she may have suggested the idea to me

zelda: *sighs*

audrey: buttt.. i wanted to see you anyway. let’s watch a movie together or something? a super chill and happy one so we can just forget all our problems, hmm?

zelda: our problems? why, what’s going on with you?

audrey: i don’t even wanna talk about it. so how about it??

zelda: sure, let’s do it.. but i’m picking the movie

audrey: okay that’s fair

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I feel bad for making you go down the dark road of angst so maybe alternate headcanons (they can be as fluffy as you want boo the sky is the limit) where the reader survived from being a human shield and is on the road to recovery or whatever (doing this 8s totally up to you booboo)

Thank you for this. Also, because you continue to call me Boo and the nickname is likely going to stick, I’m going to call you Honeybear and there is no stopping me.

Yusuke is incredibly pissed at you for doing something so dumb. He’s going to yell at you for a couple minutes about how you could have been killed, but eventually, he’s going to break and just slowly start crying while he’s still screaming at you about how he doesn’t think he could have made it without you and how you’d better not ever leave him like that. He comes to visit you every day while you’re still healing, just to talk and try to distract you from what happened. He’s going to be kind of anxiety ridden for awhile though, you scared him to death.

Kuwabara is going to be shaky as all hell after the fight. He’s going to just keep worrying over and over about what would have happened if you didn’t just so happen to position yourself so your vitals weren’t hit. You’re going to need to bring him back to reality before his thoughts get too too dark. He’ll be by your side constantly, hugging the shit out of you and telling you it’s okay, but it’s really more for his sake than for yours, so roll with it.

Kurama couldn’t be more relieved when he checks your pulse just to see it’s still strong. At the same time, though, he’s going to be a little done with this shit because dammit that’s the second time this shit’s happened to him (since this is exactly what happened to Kuwabara at the Dark Tournament). He’s probably going to make the occasional joke about your matching scars on your torsos, but overall, he’ll get by. He’s more than happy to aid in healing you, and will stay by your side until you can live normally once again.

Hiei is… very confused. You almost get killed from an attack you voluntarily jumped into, knowing it could have been fatal, and most likely would have, for his sake? You didn’t gain anything from it, your life is only going to be harder because of it, and yet you did it just to protect him? He just doesn’t understand why you’d help HIM of all people, and he’s almost… sad that you did? He can’t quite describe it, it’s like guilt, but he didn’t do anything wrong, per se. It was your own fault that you took the blow, but… He can honestly say a few tears spilled feeling your arms that were so tightly wrapped around him go limp a second later. He’s going to ask you again and again why you risked everything for him like that. Not angrily, just… defeated. He just doesn’t get why you care about him so much when he’s never thought of himself as anything short of worthless.

What you did is ruin a perfectly good husbando. Look at it. It’s got anxiety.

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I LOVE THIS IDEA :) Also Sorry This took a while to respond, I’ve been swamped lately

-You never thought Connor would be the little spoon
-It was a day when he had fought with his father, which wasn’t uncommon but this time Larry mentioned you
-He said something along the lines of “they’re not doing you any good”
-And he fucking loved you
-Like you were the only good thing in his life
-So he went to your house
-And when you opened the door he basically attacked you with a hug
-And you obviously hugged back but were a little confused
-“Do you want to talk about it?” “No I just want to stay here.”
-And so cuddling started with you on top of him but at some point you slid off of him and he turned and it turned into you spooning him
-He really liked it
-And you knew he did when he was sound asleep and you had your arms wrapped around him
-From then on, you were always the big spoon
-It made Connor feel safe and protected
-But sometimes he’d turn around when he’d hear you fall asleep to see you

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OK so ive been looking for a comic about asexuality but i cant find it anywhere??? like i know i saw it on tumblr and was wondering if you or your followers know what im talking about (i think it only has 2 panels) 1: 3 girls with a guy walking by and 2 girls were doing the Thing, 2: its zoomed in on the other girl with her drinking something and theres question marks in one spot near her head its one of the first comics i came across about being ace and i just really want to find it again

Shoot, I don’t remember it. Anyone know what our asking is looking for?

Dear Star Trek fandom,

You guys are all seriously amazing! 💖💚 I know I’ve been kinda quiet lately, but I just wanted to say that I love and appreciate everyone that follows me and everyone that creates fanworks and all the discussions that are had about Star Trek and the characters.

I’ve been in a few fandoms but this one has been the most fun and engaging for me personally and I just wanted to say thank you! And that I love you guys. ;v;

(And yes I AM going to post part 3 and 4 of that Ashayam short that is a constant side-eye on my computer. BUT. I do have something else I’ve been working on. So there’s that coming soonish too if you’re a fan of Spirk comics.)

i just wanna say that you’re not a bad person if jonghyun’s death caused you to leave / want to leave shinee fandom. as ive said repeatedly before, no one is ever obligated to remain in fandom, and especially in a case like this, with something so horribly sad and traumatizing, you shouldnt have to feel guilted into staying.

and if you Do remain a fan of shinee, no one should be giving you shit if you have any complicated or negative feelings about seeing shinee perform without jonghyun. you’re not a bad fan for feeling these things.

it’s okay to grieve, as long as you need to. it’s okay to feel things that other people might think are ugly or morbid or “too negative.” you dont have a deadline on your grieving process. you’re not being disrespectful or unsupportive of the other members just because you’re feeling things that other people might consider improper or untidy.

listen. only you can feel your grief. even other people grieving the same person are not feeling your grief because your grief is particular to you. so no one else has the right to tell you what you are feeling, or what you ought to be feeling.

please be gentle to yourselves. i love you.