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The animation will be better. I hope. Like take the moment in princess fragrance where mari falls and tikki flies away. She falls on Adrien and he is like "hey you okay?" And she nearly doesn't have the time to say "yes im okay" or whatever she said because he was going away like nothing happened lmfao🐱 it made me feel so bad idk, maybe its just me xD

LMAO yeah they probably did that cuz either

-They didn’t have enough time in the ep to add anything else to that interaction

-They didn’t want to shift too much of the focus away from the situation that happened with Tikki

But really now that I think about it Adrien’s still an awkward bean and probs would do something like that anyway xD


“My friend fell. How long do I hold this??”

“lol idk so ima just go. Bye”

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Hi! Just saying, your blog is awesome! You are such a good writer, like all the time! Haha! Can I request something where Jumin mumbles cute things about MC in his sleep (along with random things too) and she overhears them? Thank you!

Aww thank you so much, that’s so sweet!! As for the request, I’d be delighted to do it! Thank you and have a terrific day! 


Some would say you almost lived at Jumin’s.

You visited him constantly, a mixture of not-so-surprising surprises and him simply wanting to see you.

What exactly that meant, you weren’t entirely sure.

But the fluttering in your heart each time you saw him, gave a hint. 

This, happened to be one of the many times you visited him.

He had asked to see you, drenched in so much work the past few days that even his voice seemed weighed down by cinder blocks.

But as he saw you, it lightened.

“MC…” His words drifted off, a gentle smile tugging at his lips. “It’s great to see you.” 

You chuckled, setting a hand on his arm. “It’s good to see you too! I bet you’ve been dying for a chance to rest haven’t you?”

“That is one way to put it yes,” He nodded, his lids heavy. “I suppose a toll is taken after living off espresso shots for the past few days.” 

“You haven’t gotten any sleep?” 

“No, I haven’t-” 

Before he could even finish you were guiding him off to his sofa, snatching a blanket and wrapping it around him, fretting and doting on him as though you were newlyweds. 

Not that the idea bothered you.

Not in the slightest.

“MC,” He stifled a hint of a laugh, looking up to you. “What’re you doing?” 

“You need to rest!” You exclaimed. “Why did you even ask for me to come? You should be asleep!” 

“I…I wanted to see you.” 

You stopped dead in your tracks, a warmth blooming in your chest as though the sun had risen in your heart.

And you melted.

“I-okay…” You sighed. “Just stay where you are, I’m going to make you some tea to help you get some rest.”

“You don’t have to do that…” He withheld a yawn, covering his mouth.

“I’m not asking for your permission.” 

You made your way to the kitchen, snatching out a kettle from one of the cabinets, pouring in the cold water to boil.

As you waited for the bubbles to brim, you felt Elizabeth 3rd press against your leg, purring as you noticed her. 

“Hello dear,” You snickered, kneeling down, petting her fondly, laying down and curling up against the carpet. 

As you continued making the tea, Elizabeth would vie for your attention, eventually hopping onto the counter curiously as you finally poured the tea into cups, curious of what kept you so distracted. 

You gave her one last stroke as she observed the steam rising from the drinks, taking them in your hands as you backed away.

“These aren’t for you Elizabeth,” You chimed, giving her a dip of your head as you headed off.

“Here, I just got it made-” 

Jumin was asleep.

His head was tipped against the arm of the sofa, his arm sloppily wound about the blanket rested against his side, his breathing soft. 

You sat down beside him, letting out a deep sigh, holding one of the cups in your hand. 

“Least you’re getting sleep somehow….” You looked to his cup, folding your lips. “I’ll go and try and keep this hot for you.” 

But as you moved to head back to the kitchen, you heard a voice, 


“How…how do I tell her…?”

You twisted back around to him, baffled, peering after him.

“What?” You furrowed your brow. “Are you awake?” 

“How…do you tell someone like that…?” 

“Someone like what?” 

His tone was barely beneath a whisper, murky as he sank into the cushions. 

But nevertheless, you couldn’t have heard his next words any clearer.

“Someone so… amazing, so… wonderful…” He murmured. “How do you tell someone like that… how you feel…?”

“How do you feel?” 

“Love… I love them…” 

“And who’re they?”

Anticipation welled up inside of you like a balloon, knots entangling themselves in your stomach.

You wouldn’t admit it, but a part of you hoped it was you.

And your hopes were met.


Your breath became caught in your throat, hardly able to muster up a single thing, your face redder than a strawberry. 

Even as he began to mutter off about other things, you could hardly focus, your mind an utter blur as you tried to process it. 

And you grinned, just a bit.

You looked back at him, mumbling incoherently about wine and Elizabeth 3rd, and you stood up, ruffling his curly hair lightly. 

“Hey…guess what?” 


You gathered up the words you longed to say, embarrassedly pressing a kiss to his cheek.

“I love you too.” 

And as you stepped back you couldn’t help but notice something painting his expression.

Something small, but tender all the same.

A smile.
Dan Harmon on the Future of Rick and Morty and That Community Movie
"It became impossible to finish."
By Lisa Eadicicco

Speaking of Community, there has been a lot of speculation about a Community movie. Is that something you’re thinking about?

“It is. I recently had a conversation with a director that’s the kind of guy whose weight in the industry could make that happen. For the first time in a long time, I’m actually putting thought into that again. There might be an opportunity at hand if I can actually think of what I would do. I say those words so carefully because I don’t want to be responsible for anyone being let down or feeling anxiety.“


Gruvia is there just gray being shy.

Nalu is there, just Natsu not being sexuay attracted to lucy. More as in soul crushes, i know im not making sense but that is Natsu for you.

And he wants to train more and go on more jobs with her

Lucy says “Gajeel and Levy are doing well, i even heard something about a baby” and gajeel blushes.

Ending says something about a never ending heartwarming group ❤️❤️❤️❤️


I wanted to draw something for my Diamond Children AU, so I decided to make a short comics about adult Green and Junior. 

Green is a commander in chief while Pink Jr. is the heir to the throne. This incident happened when rebels (not the Crystal Gems) attacked Homeworld.

What do you think will happen next? Shall I make a part two?

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ellyyyy, are you excited about V route? What do you think is going to happen?

I am excited! Very much so! Yesterday was so overwhelming oh my gosh and I wanted to post something about it before now, but to be honest I wanted to say something coherent and I spent a good 7 hours on rabbit yesterday after getting the news. I woke up at 4am and it’s like I had radar that something was afoot.

In any case, here are my full thoughts on the topic:

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i'm not sure why i'm writing this but... um, i just wanted to thank you because after a really tearful night and feeling like the worst person in the world, um, i forgot a little how much your music helps me. you don't have to publish this, i just wanted to thank you for that. i'm sorry, my mind is a mess.

I can’t respond to this privately as it’s anon so i hope it’s ok that I’ve published this. It means a lot that you can take solace in my music, It’s humbling when something I’ve created becomes part of someone else’s narrative in some way, it’s also very humbling when my music is connected with in a way that it helps someone. I do frequently worry about my music and lyricism having negative effects on people so it means a bunch when people get in touch to let me know it’s done something positive. I hope yr ok, whoever you  are x 

So - you want a good Bughead fic to read? 

(Of course you do - I know why most of you are here.)

Well - you should go read this one (Author can also be found at if you prefer - and there are more chapters to this fic there…). The banter is great. The secondary characters are great. The body language and the little hints of how absolutely crazy Juggie is about her - totally great. 

You should read it and review it - and love it like I do.

Something Unspoken by bewareoftrips (2/?)

Summary :“Don’t you think there is always something unspoken between two people?"A series of Bughead one-shots that take place over the course of season 1.

Okay so, these are the requests / my wips from the last few weeks so I don’t get anymore similar requests (I haven’t written down the fic requests)

✩ = A request I have started or intend on finishing
★ = A request I like but haven’t started and will finish if possible

Feel free to send in more requests however I only do the ones I like or feel like, and sometimes old requests get replaced by new ones which I like better. If you really really 100% want to see something drawn/written/animated, you can message me for details about a commission piece

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Could I get Roadhog, Doomfist and Reinhardt (seperate), reacting to their s/o having insomnia and wanting to cuddle to fall back asleep? Love your work by the way! :^) 💚

Thank you!!

(guys this is my first time writing something for Doomfist. I’m scared)

Roadhog would chuckle and open his arms. He’s very cuddle so cuddle him all you want! He’s pretty warm and also comfortable to cuddle with. He’s easy to fall asleep with

Doomfist would think about it. He isn’t used to the affection anymore so he actually has to think about what you said. When he finally realizes what you said, he’ll nod and let you cuddle up to him. He won’t fall asleep until you do, either

Reinhardt would already be holding you before you could finish your sentence. He’s basically a space heater so if you’re cold, just cuddle with him. He’ll tell you stories about the times when he was a Crusader and he’ll only stop when you’re asleep

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a draeden baby would be adorable, and I want her name to be laura, and the middle name to be something from braeden, and derek loves doing her hair after braeden teaches him! and sometimes stiles and peter visit so that she can spend time with her favorite uncles! and everything is good and nobody ever dies and how cute would it be if she can also full shift into a wolf pup?! and stiles freaking out about how cute she is! omg

I can handle Draeden as long as I get Steter as recompense! And Stiles would be the best uncle. 

Derek would be a total marshmallow with a baby, can you imagine? She’d have him wrapped around her tiny little finger, but the second someone even thought about threatening Derek’s little cub – he’d be the scariest fucking werewolf you’ve ever seen. 

Not that he needs to be, because Braeden? She’s got it covered. 

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Like TBH im not gonna shame anyone for liking/making something seen as amature, problematic or “cringy” (since pretty much everyone does including myself ) but i might be less accepting if you fail to do so critically

Like yeah, people should be able to enjoy whatever they want but if you’re glorifying abuse, sexualizing children’s media, glorifying psychosis, fetishizing minors, animals or MlM or fail to think about how the race of your character effects how they should be designed in order to avoid catastrophes like “concrete”… then that’s an issue

unfortunately kids get caught in the turmoil of it all simply because they don’t know any better and flocking to people’s inboxes with hate is still gross but…

It’s not like people get defensive for no reason…

THAT BEING SAID if u have an issue with the content people make its best to keep it on your own blog and if someone DOES tell you (politely) that there’s a real issue with the things you make or like at least try to listen to them


Trying out some sketchy brushes.

I’m trying to do something about my art style so I should be posting a lot of sketches, doodles and wips. Way more than I usually do.

And way more fanarts, I know what y’all want xD

Podcsat update~

Hey guys!

We are all so sorry about the delay’s in podcasts.

@catacombsaint and @silverthurible have been busy romancing, and making us all gag about it. (Parents are gross.)

@existential-error our poor sweet paparoni had an intense surgery recently, and she needs the time off for a bit.

We’ll hopefully have something recorded next weekend for y’all.

If you wouldn’t mind, we ask that you flood @existential-error‘s inbox with love, and support in her trying times.

Thank you so much!

P.S. Do you want your concert story read out loud in the podcast? Send us an ask and I’ll make sure to get it in there!

We love you all! Except you.. you know who you are. >> (JK it’s no one, or is it?)

-Sister Envy

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“How would you feel, if I told you I loved you?
It’s just something that I want to do
I’ll be taking my time spending my life
Falling deeper in love with you
So tell me that you love me too” 

— How would you feel, Ed Sheeran

@amigoingbananas Since you asked for it, here you go. Well… I’ve been thinking about it and sorry if this was all that I managed to write. ┣¨キ(*゚Д゚*)┣¨キ

There was a loud crash. 

That was all it took for Toramatsu to come running to his Lord’s chambers, face taut from all the possibilities he was imagining in his head. He was just around the corner doing his usual rounds when he heard the disconcerting sound of falling china pieces getting smashed against the wooden floor.

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Save Chase Brody plan #2,153

OK so I have been seeing all this anti hype and everyone seems to be thinking that he’s gonna go after chase Brody who is a precious bean and must be protected at all costs. And the fact that, since he’s an ego and therefore could actually be eliminated by anti (unlike jack) makes this development even more worrisome. Now. I has occurred to me and probably others that the last time anti killed someone he said that we could have stopped him. So if we really truly don’t want chase to die we should be able to do something about it right? Now don’t get me wrong I want to see what happens as much as everyone else, but I really don’t want an ego to disappear from the channel forever. My thinking is that anti is fueled by our ideas (or to break the fourth wall a bit jack sees what fans come up with and works it into what he does.) So we just need to come up with a way that chase is present because that at least has already been basically confirmed, but where he doesn’t end up dying or is saved. I know I sound like I’m taking this way too seriously, lol, and chase has only shown up on the channel once as far as I know anyway, but I still want the possibility of him showing up again you know? TL;DR Chase Brody is precious and must be saved. Therefore we must band together and create theories in which he DOESN’T DIE! @therealjacksepticeye please don’t kill him off for good! Pleeeaaaseee!?

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This may come of as hate but It not, I really don't like the negativity of your blog, I love the rewrites of fights and such but the disrespect toward Mashima is not appropriate, this is a man career your talking about, can you not be happy that another human being has found success. Without him their would not be a Fairy Tail fandom, their would be nothing so please keep that in mind as Fairy Tail comes to a close

Okay. Before I start, I want to say I do say negatives, but if you have read my stuff you should know I give out positives to each chapter, I do make an effort to be fair when something is genuinely good. If you want a blog of nothing but negativity I can grantee you that there are far more blogs who are a lot more critical of this series than I am.

As for Mashima, I’m not angry at his success, I know he’s got talent that’s worth it. He’s a great artist and a great writer. We have Rave Master to prove it. But Mashima should be getting success for something worth it. This second half of FT is not worth any amount of success it’s garnered. As for criticism, he is a writer and puts a product out to the public to be judged. You have the right to like just as much as I have to breakdown problems and say “here’s what I thought worked, here’s what could be better”. The thing is Hiro Mashima is a good guy and an even better creator, but I know he can do better than what he’s been doing for the past year.

As for the fandom. I’m not all that thankful. Has FT given people a creative outlet and made impressive art and fics around it, yes. However, it’s also been an outlet for people to be rude, petty, and mean. So really it’s a double edged sword.

So look. Anon. I know you didn’t mean anything malicious, but I stand by what I do as not overly mean spirited.