so i tried one last time

Bye Bye

Hey guys so The Last Jedi premiere was yesterday and in an attempt to avoid spoilers I’m doing a “internet blackout.” I’ll be posting one last thing, but after that I’m not coming back until the 17th of December.

I’d like to take the time to thank everyone in the Reylo fandom. You guys are the most interesting, informative and resilient people and I’m so thankful to be a part of this ship. No matter what happens in the theater I’m so happy that for two years all the cyber bullying and general nastiness has not only made us more determined, but also in the face of such adversity most of us have tried to take the high road. People can have different opinions and coexist.

And a thank you to those who might not have loved Reylo, but were still gracious and respectful. Bullying someone over fictional characters is beyond stupid.

Overall my experience as a Reylo shipper has been a good one. I’ve learned so much about classical storytelling, moviemaking, tropes, coding, the heroine’s journey, and mythology. I can’t say it enough, but thanks. -Jujureview


              3.01 // 7.04


i’ve been really productive the past few months, which is actually quite rare for me bc i’m a slave to procrastination i get burnt out v easily. this time was a little different, i managed to keep my productivity levels really high for a whole 2 months all the way until exams ended, studying every single day without fail, around 10 hours a day, when i used to only do an average of 3 or 4. so here’s what worked for me and what didn’t!

what works: schedule your day

what happens when ur a virgo studyblr? u plan. i would write out everything i needed to accomplish for the day, the night before, and be really specific about it. i would then plug in the timings, this works for me, but u can choose to put the time in first and plan what u want to do around the time. 

a structured time plan pressures me and i end up getting everything done, especially when i set an alarm on my phone for all the timings!

what does not: cramming a lot of hours into a day

12+ hour work days are ideal, especially when u watch all the ‘study with me: 14 hour work day!’ youtube videos, but they are just tedious and unreasonable. 

let’s face it, even if u do complete one or two long study days, ur just gonna get bored and tired and have no mood to continuing this for a week or more. slow and steady wins the race!

what works: tweaking the pomodoro technique

i hate the pomodoro method. at the 25 minute mark, i’m normally on a roll and super focused on the task; and the 5 minute breaks were too short for me to actually take a break. 

that’s why i tweaked it to 45-minute study sessions with 10-minute breaks, and after 3 study sessions, a 30-minute break. longer study sessions meant i get a break when i really start to get restless, and longer breaks gave me more time to recharge. i suggest tweaking this to match what works for you.

what does not work; doing too many / too little subjects a day

1. u don’t want to cram all the same topics and subjects into one day. ultimately, it’s a choice of spending 8 hours solely on a subject / topic and not touching it for the next few days / weeks, OR doing just 2 or 3 hours of one subject / topic each day over a few days / week

2. just thinking about doing only one subject for a whole day already tires me out. i have tried it, but normally i get so sick and tired of it that after a few hours, i can’t bring myself to focus on it any longer. on the contrary, if i keep switching between subjects, i get super confused because i have to remember too much of very different info. 

what works: leaving the last portion of your day ambiguous 

i like to start and end my days early. but in the process, i found a benefit of ending them early: i end up w a chunk of time at the end where there are two scenarios:

  1. i’m super motivated and want to continue studying
  2. i’m rly tired and cannot bring myself to continue bc i need a break !1!!

surprisingly, option 1 does happen a lot. and i think this is a rly good work-life balance. u don’t get burnt out easily, but from time to time, u get a bonus extra few hours of work done! 

what does not work: forgoing sleep

sleep is so important omg. 3 hours of studying while sleepy = 1 hour of studying when ur refreshed and ur brain’s working. a tired mind is a slow mind, and an awake mind is a fast mind!

do not worry about that rly hard chapter that u must understand and complete! ur mind continue to works even when ur sleeping, i assume bc it’s rewiring and sorting through new information. after waking up, i find myself being able to better remember and understand information that i struggled on the night before!

what works: finding out ur energy levels and use it to ur advantage

some people work best at 6am and can’t focus after 9pm, some people can’t focus before 11am and work best at midnight. take note of and chart ur energy levels throughout the day for about a week or so, are u particularly refreshed in the morning? do u feel urself always dozing off at 4? are u the most productive at night? 

work ur body clock out and work around it! every body functions differently! like in the last point, 3 hours of studying at ur worst energy levels = 1 hour of studying at ur peak energy level! forcing urself to work when ur body refuses to do so will only lead to procrastination. 

i sincerely hope these few tips can help u out w being productive! what are some of the things u do to get shit done? 

paladins as retail workers

allura: my first day here they said to me ‘oh allura, are you a hard worker?’ it’s been 36 minutes since then and i’ve already been promoted to manager 8 times

shiro: i put stock on tables. when somebody messes up my display i go into the back room, scream real loud, do ten jumping-jacks, then come back and fix it 

matt: when you’re as pretty as i am, nobody cares if you don’t know how to read

coran: i drive a segway. they call me ‘plart blart mart cart’ and i laugh it off. i don’t mind this job! anything’s better than going back to prison 

pidge: customers are always rude to me, saying stuff like ‘how old are you’, ‘where are your parents’, ‘why did you sneeze into my shopping bag’. my coping mechanism is to rig the intercom to play ‘bootylicious’ by destiny’s child for 8 hours straight 

hunk: i come half an hour early and bring coffee for the others. it gives them a false sense of security and makes them think i’m a hard worker. that way nobody questions it when i disappear for my entire shift to play candy crush in the bathroom. i’m on level 669 

keith: i don’t like talking to the customers. my co-workers. people in general. when someone tries to ask me for assistance i always say ‘would you excuse me? i cut my foot before, and my shoe is filling up with blood’ 

lance: at my last job, the customer asked me how i was and i tried to say ‘doing great’ and ‘how about you’ at the same time. ended up saying ‘doing you’ so i quit the same day. i’d only been working there for half an hour

Guess who just got murdered~

Some sketches for my favorite dorito shaped demon, rest in pieces lol


It’s my wish, that she would choose me as her warrior.


Lay your hands on me again and I’ll show you exactly what happened to the last old man who touched my Sora’s body.” 

@destiny-islanders​ and I were discussing many headcanons. One of those headcanons being that Vanitas is still with Sora while he’s on Eos.This is what i consider Ardyn’s first warning. He doesn’t heed it, because Sora’s been pretty light weight so far, so the next few times he tries to mess with the guy Vanitas is instantly in control and absolutely lays waste to Ardyn fucking Izunia. He knows he cant kill him, but damn if he isn’t going to try.

Me, sick: “I want to resub and roll a fresh blood elf priest.”

Everyone who knows me: “Wow you said you were sick but you must be




tried something a little more spicy and ambitious 💦💦💦

DREAM DADDY X JC LEYENDECKER?? Just kidding… it’s an original piece but it was heavily influenced by his style. A print for Fan Expo @ table A37!
Just finished the sketch AHAH. This is actually my first time planning out my own composition for a print and it was SO HARD because I wanted to challenge myself (just kidding there was no Leyendecker piece with 7 people). But I felt like last time people lowkey thought I was cheap for taking his compositions LOL. Ok but really I looked up so many references and had a lot of trouble fitting them in and making it look unified and just good. Friends were actually asking me when I was going to make fancy suit daddies LOL. It’s supposed to look like a formal picture but I tried to make each of their personalities very evident. Robert is the only one with his shirt open and flower on the wrong side because he’s problematic. I originally had Hugo do the funny bunny ear pose on top of Joseph but my sister told me it was so out of character. Gonna spend the next few days painting this and I’ll post the final soon.
(Sorry for the WIP I didn’t want anyone to steal it because it’s been happening)


random comics post number 01


Since the “Know your Links” post went super well, I made a follow up of all these Zeldas!! 

Zeldas are trickier to handle. Not just because “Zelda” is the name of every single female princess born into Hyrule. But also that Zeldas are mostly seen with relations to the Goddess Hylia. Not every Zelda is a carrier of Hylias powers. So I just went with the most major of major Zeldas. 

that being said GOOD GRAVY this took so much longer then i thought it would, almost every Zelda has 2 or more outfits or states of being. I tried by best to have as many as possible within reason. (and the fact that Zelda dresses are extremely complicated) 

same as last post, Official Links on top in Purple, Non-official ones in teal. 

Day One Hundred And Thirty-Eight

-A boy tried the classic tablecloth magic trick when handed his change, yanking the dollar bill smoothly out of my hand. The gesture was pulled off perfectly and with a grand flourish. The single fault in his plan, as he swiftly came to realize, was overlooking the importance of a table element. With nothing to catch them, the coins flew into the sky, resulting in a shimmering finale he could not have planned better if he tried.

-I was interrogated by a woman about our Tennessee policies, as she insisted that we were in Tennessee. The last time that I checked, we were still in Virginia, and I was entirely unaware of our relocation, so I am clearly not the one to be asking anything.

-“This is a brand new card,” a woman told me as her card was rejected. “There can’t be something wrong with it.” She tried once more, only to be shut down again. “This card is not that new,” she admitted quietly. “Something is probably wrong with it.”

-A man grew upset with me when I had to inform him that we did not stock bags big enough to carry his new couch. I am equally upset, as I was deprived the knowledge of what his plan would have been, provided the proper tools.

-A woman expressed her disappointment to me that there were no kid-appropriate birthday cards. Instead, she told me, she had to settle for a more mature and risque Spongebob card.

-A young boy was entirely blown away to see yet another Target employee wearing red. His eyes betrayed that he was finally catching onto a pattern, and that his cork board of Polaroids and news clippings connected with a thick red thread is paying off at last.

-I asked a woman if she had found everything alright. She told me that she did not know, and instead called her daughter from across the store to come over and give me an answer. I appreciate this level of devotion towards getting me the truth.

-A Dumbo Tsum-Tsum gel cling was found at the bottom of my register. Naturally, I relocated it to a prominent position directly in front of my eyes, so as to guarantee the proper levels of joy and child-like happiness it was meant to bring me.

-An elderly woman threw a box of coffee onto the counter, narrowly missing my hand. She informed me that she had not meant to do that. Without hesitation, she threw a second box of coffee, this one not missing, betraying precisely what she had meant in the first place.

-I spotted a woman in a shirt sporting a cat in a baby holster so realistic that I took it at first for the real thing. The day I am able to make this shirt a reality is the day I finally have my life fulfilled.

-A pair of parents struggled to keep their child’s energy under control. The boy was thoroughly hyped up about his Trolls backpack, refusing to let it go even for the briefest moment. His mother remarked on how strange this was, as he was not even in school, while his other mother worked to strap him into his new prized possession.

-I overheard a young boy discuss his plans to own a supermarket wherein he would institute speed restrictions on carts, enforced by locking brakes, with the intent of causing children to go flying when they attempt stunts. I knew that if I waited long enough, I would come face to face with my own Moriarty.

-As I entered the bathroom towards the end of my shift, I was met with a man staring me down from over the wall of the handicap stall, body turned at a right angle to the toilet, standing chin above the wall. He spoke no words with his mouth, but far more than needed with his eyes.

Process on that last one in case anyone is interested ‘cause it’s super easy and probably took less time to throw together than this will to write. If you’re like me you’re absolute rubbish at picking atmospheric pallets, don’t have time for anything but cell shading, and need to be able to finish something in one sitting or you’ll never get a chance to come back to it, and this hits all those requirements.

So I stared with pretty neutral, bland daylight colours, tried not to go too saturated on anything but the blues;

Next I put a Darken layer over the whole thing with a gradient going from mid-blue to dark blue, set at about 65% opacity to give the whole thing a night time hue;

Then for the cast light from the neon sign or street light or whatever it is they’re standing under I added a Screen layer with an orangey-yellow gradient starting at the light source and fading to transparent, and carved the shadows out of it;

Then there’s just an Overlay layer above that with hard highlights jotted down on reflective surfaces like leather/hair/skin;

And a Soft Light layer set to about 75% with light blue reflected light drawn in opposite to the light source;

Then on top of the whole thing (line art included) there’s a Glow layer set to about 50% with a light blue gradient fading to transparent to give the whole thing that washed out fluorescent light look and soften up the black in the lines;

To spot-warm the parts being hit by light and give it an easy bloom-style effect I took the orangey-yellow Screen layer from the very beginning, duplicated it, put a gaussian blur on it to get rid of the hard edges, and dropped it on top of the whole stack of layers at about 50% opacity;

Then there’s just a Multiply layer on top of everything to knock the light back, with a light blue gradient fading to transparent that starts in the corner opposite from the light source;

Anyway, pretty quick and dirty way to colour that I like because you can finish something decently passable in like half an hour, but if you have the time to render and pretty it up you can do some fancy stuff using layer styles like that. And of course you can always change up colours/opacity percentages/etc to show different colours of light or times of day or intensity of light or whatever suits your need.

Since 2015 I wanted to visit this icecave. The first time I tried to get to this place failed, because there was to much snow. So last weekend I got my second chance to visit this place and everything worked. This icecave is one of the beautiest things I‘ve ever seen and it felt so unreal and breathtaking to stay in it. But it‘s also very dangerous, that‘s why you should take care if you want to go inside.

Some Stuff ™ that stuck out to me in DEH (11/21)

Not everything here is time specific but anyways here it is

  • Firstly Noah Galvin….is Really good. He’s good at stuttering and rubbing his hands over things. He doesn’t hunch or lose his volume control as much as Ben but I Loved his performance and his voice is stunning
  • Heidi is so cute when she flexes
  • Zoe does the Leg Bounce all throughout breakfast (especially while talking abt Connor) and always talks while looking at the floor
  • Larry never looks up from his phone (newspaper?) during breakfast
  • In fact none of them rlly look at eachother at breakfast except Cynthia
  • Evan and Heidi have a lot of symbolism in looking towards and away from eachother in the entirety of the show- I won’t go through every time but it was fantastic
  • in the computer lab when Connors talking to Evan you can really tell Connors trying to be nice, like he doesn’t want to be mean all the time but doesn’t know how to stop (mike faist is so good)
  • We all know this but Jared’s hilarious and he always pops up when it gets too sad. also how his rude comments to Evan are almost entirely instigated by his own insecurity
  • It just always kills me in for forever when you can see Evan convince himself Connor’s “come to get [him]” after he “fell” and that’s when Evan starts to believe his own lies to cope
  • Evan has different color schemes when he’s with different people- orange with Connor, purple with Zoe, and blue by himself and with his mom. In waving through a window and in the part where he’s alone at the end of words fail three spotlights of these colors go into him projecting his shadow on these colors surrounding him. Very interesting parallel of the different versions Evan shows of himself to the different versions of Connor ppl remember. I just rlly lov this motif of different versions of ourselves in deh
  • Speaking of colors the lighting in the back of if I could tell her melted from purple into the Bi flag ….in this house we love canon bi Zoe and Evan
  • Also in iicth Zoe played with the edge of the bed and did the leg bounce again. The girl has anxiety/possible ptsd. Probably also doesn’t want to tell her parents since they handled Connors mental health so badly
  • Laura really cries at the end of requiem…like she gets super choked up I could see it from one of the back rows and you can hear her gasping
  • In dissapear Evan falls down and Connor picks him up and throws him into the convo abt the Connor project….Evan just really wanted someone to notice he “fell” please help him oh my god
  • Also when they say no one deserves to dissapear the orange lights spread out to the whole crowd
  • When Evan falls down during his speech in ywbf he spends so long on the ground and it’s completely silent. he tries to get up but he can’t and he shakes so much it hurt to watch
  • When everyone runs around the stage looking at Evans speech projected Heidi runs noticeably faster than the others and is so confused and scared
  • God I forgot when this was but at one point everyone’s looking at projections of Connor and Larry falls to the ground and it actually looks like he’s dying. Please give Michael park credit the mans a good actor
  • Before tbiag Larry says “heh, women am I right? “ and Evan just “…. ʰᵃ… ʸᵉᵃ”
  • Good for you is a really good parallel of waving through a window- so much similar choreography but this time everyone’s spending to much attention to Evan instead of too little
  • Also Heidi Alana and Jared are lit with green lighting- I’m not entirely sure what to make of this but maybe bc green is complementary to red/orange (Connor’s colors) pointing out that Evan is selfish and this is not abt Connor
  • Also I know Heidi’s distraught but she looks like a rock star I love her
  • In Evan and Connors convo where Evan faces the fact that he tried to kill himself the BG is just a huge projection of one of the letters (black with white text) with no props on set. This made it so apparent that Connor was a dark piece of Evans imagination, compared to the other times he’s imagined Connor to cope- now it has more of an evil(?) vibe
  • I’m so big so small when Heidi cradles Evan and sings “so big” they look at eachother then laugh bc he’s hanging almost entirely off the couch I love them so so much
  • Last orchard scene also lo key has the bi flag in the BG
  • Evans last speech to the crowd is A Lot I rlly lost it
  • Also RBJ kept putting her arm around Noah during the curtain call and Noah cried a bit
  • Keith: Pidge, I think I made progress with Lance but i fucked up last second
  • Pidge: O h???👀👀 interesting.. how?
  • Keith: Well he came for advice and started talking about how he wanted to step down. In my head i'm like "um? No what the fuck?". Anyways, when he was about to leave, I called him out one last time and I said "Leave the math to Pidge" I meant to say "you are so kind, precious and put people above yourself fir-" PIDGE STO P LAUGHIGN

I know it’s not a competition but niall being the most followed member of 1d is so hot, my man really earned his place in the music industry. Especially when you know he we like the last one direction member to reach a million followers. And what’s best about it is that he’s remained himself. He’s just working hard but he enjoys every bit of it. He’s so passionate and only tries to beat his own record. He’s so grateful for it all and never misses a chance to thank everyone. Do you know many artists who send personal letters to his fans, letters they actually took the time to write themselves? well niall does it. Another thing I love about him is the fact that he always promotes artists he loves to listen to. He always tweets them to tell them how he likes their new music. He knows how lucky he is and he’s always willing to help a friend. He knows what he wants to do and he’s doing it perfectly. He was born to do this.