so i took the liberty of expanding on it

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What was the onceler fandom?

Buckle up and let me take you on a journey of meta, madness, and things going very very strangely as best as I can recall.

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Katniss is dating Peeta's twin but accidentally gets with Peeta AU.

I think Peeta twin and my brain short circuits because why wouldn’t you just threesome that shit hello? so I took some liberties with this prompt, I hope you don’t mind; it’s based off/expands on this drabble I wrote ages ago. it’s a weird one, forgive me.


Peeta pushes through the group of Merchants, stumbling slightly. A few laugh, and he does too, waving Marco and Calum off when they reach out to steady him.

He’s fine, just a little drunk.

Or not drunk enough, he thinks when he spots them across the way, on the other side of the bonfire. He pulls up short, his entire body going rigid as he watches them—his brother and the girl he loves. Snuggled side by side on a makeshift bench of stones and logs.

To echo his thoughts, he takes an angry swig of the white liquor from the metal cup in his hand, but Katniss looks at him then, the flames dancing in her gray irises, and he freezes. Rye whispers something in her ear, though, directing her attention back to him, and she breaks eye contact with Peeta, giving Rye a small smile.

Not Peeta. She’s never smiled at him like that.

Suddenly, the liquor tastes like ashes in his mouth, but he forces it down, swishing it around his tongue before swallowing. It reminds him of Katniss, just like everything else does. She no doubt supplied the liquor for this Merchant party, one of the only Seam kids here and the only one with anything worth trading at the Hob for some of Ripper’s prized hooch.

Sometimes, Peeta thinks that’s why Rye brings her around, hopes, really, because that would be infinitely better than having to accept that his brother is actually dating her. But Peeta knows that’s not true; while they’re not officially a couple because even Rye the black sheep of the family fears inviting their mother’s wrath, Peeta’s seen them together enough, at school or at unofficial gatherings like this, to know: Any shot he had at being with Katniss is gone.

So he keeps drinking.

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