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She’s Perfect

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Request from Anon : Hi I was wondering if you could write something about a Metamorphi magi! reader x Newt? They meet for the first time at Tina’s and Queenie’s apartment and the reader finds Newt attractive and her hair changes red (its normally brown) and Newt wonders what the color means.

Word Count : 2823

Part 1 : You’re Different
Part 2 : She’s Beautiful

A/N : I’m alive! Haha I’m so sorry about the delay guys, I hope you like it! 
Something to keep  in mind though, I switch between POVs a little bit in here, it’s mainly Newt with a sprinkle of Y/N. 
Oh and if you’re wondering why her hair keeps changing different colors, I thought I’d use the color to represent how she’s feeling/thinking so here’s a little cheat sheet : 
Auburn Brown - Newt (LOL)
Grey - confusion
Blonde - caution
Red - love

Newt looked back at his friends utterly confused and slightly hurt about what just happened. Jacob equally as confused as Newt, he was having a nice conversation with Y/N when the mood turned sour. Maybe he was talking about himself too much.

Queenie placed a hand on his knee and gave him a reassuring smile. “It wasn’t you, honey.”

“Then what was?” Newt looked at her with determination in his eyes. He wanted to set this right but he needed to know what he’d be apologizing for first. He turned to Queenie because he knew that she’d have the answers to his dilemma. Being a legilimens, she must have heard Y/N’s thoughts. “Please…I need to know.”

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Bad Ending 1

MC: Who is it?

MC, it’s me!


You’re safe, right?

And you don’t have her eye color… Your hands and face look different too…

Oh… I’m sorry. I guess I just thought that you’d look exactly like Rika. But you don’t.

I won’t be like that this time. I’ll protect you…

I won’t let you leave like Rika.

I’ll give everything I have…

MC… I love you. I’m in love with you.

I love you more than anything else in this world…!


Wow, it’s sure been a while since I worked on a character redesign for Golden Bat!  Thank you guys SUPER for hanging out during the stream – it turned out to be a bit of a challenge, didn’t it?

Here’s Nazo 2.1!  Roughly the same as my previous redesign, with a few tweaks to streamline his look and make it more cohesive.

Head under the cut for a breakdown!

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Tattoos - Alex Summers & Warren Worthington

Summary : instead of having one tattoo of your soulmate’s mutation, you have two. Two completely different tattoos.

Word Count : 1k+

Warnings : uhh fluff? slight angst? lol idk bro

Prompt : everyone has a tattoo of their soulmate’s mutation (if they have one) and you have two completely different tattoos, because you have two soulmates.

Pairing : Alex Summers x reader x Warren Worthington iii

A/N : so this soulmate au has been swimming around in my head for a while so I thought I would finally write it! I’m total trash for Warren and Alex so that’s why it’s these two love bugs. this also starting off in the third person. (e/c = eye color)

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Wings and Plasma beams. Those were your tattoos. Yes tattoos, as in two and not one. Usually people only had one tattoo that represented your soulmate’s mutation, but that’s if they were a mutant.

Y/N sat under a tree branch, well more like she was swinging from the low hanging branch. She could control plants, create whatever type of plant she wanted. Most people longed for such a beautiful, graceful mutation, but what they didn’t know is that she could also create Earthquake, Tsunamis, and any other type of horrible event.

As she sat on her swing made of vines she read her favorite book, humming softly as her eyes scanned the paper pages, keeping her mind calm and free of any and all horrible thoughts. Her brain was thinking other things though, things that were making her heart race a mile a minute. For some odd reason her brain thought that today was the day she would finally meet her soulmates, the two people that were going to love her till death do them part. It was rare for someone to have two soulmates, but Y/N just thought of it as another opportunity to make more people in the world happy.

Alex Summers and Warren Worthington on the other hand were stressing about meeting their soulmate. Of course the two blonde boys didn’t realize that they had to share the same girl.

Warren was walking around with Ororo, Jean, Kurt, Peter, Scott, Jubilee, and Alex. Of course Alex just had to be walking with them. When the group had just about gotten to where Y/N was, the two blondes stopped walking, their eyes locked on her. The group noticed their absence and turned their heads, looking for what had caught their attention. Jean smirked slightly, realizing that the two boys were staring at Y/N.

“Who is that? I’ve never seen her before.” Warren says. He looked awestruck, completely taken back the beauty of the girl; his soulmate.

“That’s  Y/N, of course you’d never seen her before because you never attend any of your classes.” Jean chuckles. “She’s always out her, all the time no matter what. Her mutation basically plants her right to the Earth itself it’s probably why we all call her Mother Nature.” Alex and Warren tilt their heads at Jean, tearing their eyes away from the girl for a second.

“What do you mean?” Alex questions.

“She can basically control the Earth, and she’s pretty damn good at it. If she went up against Ororo or anyone else, she’d no doubt win.” Jubilee chuckles, earning a glare from Ororo. Alex’s and Warren’s eyes went wide. Simultaneously they rolled up or pulled off their jackets, revealing an Earth tattoo on their wrist or forearm.

“You both have the same soulmate?” Kurt says slowly, tilting his head in confusion.

Ororo shrugs. “Once when Y/N and I were talking, she did say that she had two soulmate tattoos, but she wouldn’t show me them, and she’s always covering herself up so that no one sees them.” She sighs before continuing. “I guess it could be a possibility that you three are soulmates.” Warren gagged and Alex rolled his eyes at the winged boys child like nature. When they turned their attention back to Y/N she was packing up her things, her back turned to the group.

Warren and Alex looked at one another before sprinting down to her, determined to beat one a another to Y/N. Warren no doubt beat Alex, using his wings as an advantage. Alex huffed, walking over to them. Y/N’s back was still faced towards them, so she didn’t sense their presence. The two boys looked at one another before nodding at each other, both reaching out and tapping their first finger against each of Y/N’ s shoulders. She turned around, her eyes looked up at the two boys, her e/c eyes going wide.

Alex was first to speak. “Y/N? This may sound a bit crazy, but I’m- we’re your soulmates.” He said, gesturing in between him and Warren. Y/N’s perfectly plush, pink lips spread out into a smile across her face.

“I have been waiting so long to meet you two, wow, I never thought I’d actually meet my soulmates.” She beamed, her perfect smile making both boys go weak at the knees. She turned to Warren, giggling softly. “I figured that you were one of my soulmate’s, you are the only one that has angel wings after all.” Warren blushes, making Y/N giggle again. She looked back at Alex, the same smile still on her face. “I had a suspicion you were too, but I wasn’t sure, any one could have plasma energy as their mutation.” Alex chuckled, rubbing the back of his neck awkwardly.

“How about we all hang out tonight? Get to know more about each other, since you know, soulmates and every things.” Warren said, his hands making weird gestures into the air. Y/N smiled, nodding as she tucked back a strand of her hair.

“I’d love that.” She slung her book bag over her shoulders before saying. “I’ll see you two later.” She kissed each of the boys on the cheek before walking into the mansion, smiles plastered on all three of their faces.

Y/N sat on the sofa in the lounging room, doing her homework and listening to the fire place crackle. She was happy, the happiest she’s been in a long time. She finally met her two soulmates, both very handsome, and both seemed to get a long, or so she hoped. She sighed, shutting her history book and setting it to the side.

“You okay there, doll?” She turns her head slightly to see Alex and Warren standing only a few feet away from her. She nods, smiling softly at them.

“Yeah, just tired of all this homework. I know Professor Logan means well, but I could care less about some of these events.” She chuckled, moving her stuff onto the coffee table and patting the seats next to her. Alex didn’t hesitate to sit on Y/N’s left side, smiling as he made himself comfortable beside her. While on the other hand Warren stood awkwardly, rocking himself back and fourth on his heels. Y/N tilted her head.

“Come sit, Warren, there’s enough room for you.” She said, her voice soft and delicate. God were these two boys already in over their heads with this girl. Warren shrugged, stuffing his hands in his pockets.

“It’s just my wings, I don’t want you two to feel cramped with them. They’re always getting in the way.” He huffed, obviously upset that he couldn’t sit with his soulmates. Y/N frowned and stood up, moving the coffee table out of the way and growing what seemed to be nest in the middle of the floor. She looked at the two boys and gestured for them to sit down. They smiled and gladly sat on either side of her, forming a triangle almost.

“So, what do you want to learn about me? Or are their any things I should know about you two?” Y/N asked, leaning back on her palms. The two shrugged, making Y/N roll her eyes playfully. “Oh come on, you two. Their has to be something.” She looked at the blonde boys, waiting for one of them to speak up. And to her delight, one of them did; Alex did to be exact.

“I uh, have PTSD, from going to Cuba with the x-men, and going through the Vietnam War.” He said. “So I don’t exactly sleep well anymore.” Y/N nodded, then looked over at Warren. He scoffed but when he looked back at Y/N to see her glaring at him he coughed and started to talk.

“Uh, I just have nightmares about the fight with Apocalypse and the X-men, and umm… I have a drinking issue.”  He mumbled, almost as if he were ashamed. Y/N smiled softly at him, grabbing hold of his hand and giving it a soft squeeze to reassure him.

“Well I will be more than happy to help you two boys with your problems.” She said, making the two boys smile at her.

“Well what about you? What’s something we should know about you, love?” Warren said. Y/N’s heart practically melted at the nicknames these two boys were giving her.

“Uh, I’m not sure actually, I’m a pretty open book.” She shrugged, pulling her hair to one side of her neck. “Oh! When I get really angry or sad, or annoyed I can cause Earth quakes or any other type of extreme disaster.” She noted, The two boys looked at each other and then back to Y/N. “Don’t worry, usually I’m very calm and happy so those things hardly ever happen anymore.”

Alex tilted his head. “Anymore?” He questioned. Y/N sighed, pulling her hands into her lap.

“When I was little my family and were in a car accident. My brother and parents died on impact, but because of my mutation the Earth seemed to protect me.” Her eyes wouldn’t look up to meet the blue eyes of her soulmates. “When the doctors and nurses told me that they were dead I became so depressed and angry, I almost brought down the entire block.” By now tears brimmed her eyes. Laughing softly, she looked up, wiping her eyes with he sleeve. “Erik and Professor Xavier took me in after they figured out that it was a kid who caused so much destruction. After that they taught me how to keep my emotions at bay, keep myself calm and free of any harmful thoughts so that something like that never happens again.”  By the end of Y/N’s story Warren and Alex had sandwiched her between them, making her giggle and sniffle at the same time.

“You’ll never have to worry about something like eve again, baby girl. We’ll always make you happy, we promise.” Warren said softly, kissing the top of her head and smiling softly at Alex. Alex returned the smile, also kissing the side of her  head.

The night was spent talking, mostly about their favorite things and some things they did as a kid. The three of them were happy, and they knew they would be for a long time because they had each other.

Second part maybe??

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Hey, so I absolutely loved the au where Dick could see colors after seeing back from dead Jason. Was wondering if you would continue with it. And as much as I love JayDick, and I want them to be together in this au, I was wondering maybe you could write Jason's POV to seeing the colors of the world, and Dick's too with reaction and support from the rest of the family. I feel like both of them should not go through this alone. Just a thought. Great fic, as all of the rest of yours are. :)

DEFINITELY need a sequel to the colorblind soul mate story w like Jason and dick coping with these new circumstances

Ask and you shall receive! But also don’t send me asks for like 24 hours so I can have a prompt free inbox for five minutes and relish in the accomplishment of completing this several months long task of writing all the prompts. 

The Colors in You 

Dick had tried his hardest to hide the fact that he saw colors when he went to the manor. As far as he knew, no one else there had met their soulmate yet, so Dick would be the only one to see the colors Thomas and Martha Wayne had used to decorate the manor. 

He was surprised by just how light everything was when he saw it all in color. Usually, he wandered the hall in the early mornings and late evenings, but with the afternoon sun shining on everything, Dick could see how bright the spaces really were. 

He stopped when he saw delicate colors out of the corner of his eye and he stepped out the french doors to the garden. He’d always been used to smelling the flowers, touching their petals, and taking them in that way, but the colors were so much more unique. Dick sat down on one of the cobbled paths in the middle of the flowerbeds and looked at everything. The bright purple and yellow of the pansies, the deep blood red roses, the shifting shades between blue and pink of the hydrangeas. All of it cradled in a mess of green leaves and vines. 

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i tried to figure out how to make the design for shadow in this au to be more obviously different than normal shadow and ended up drawing silver too? also there’s 2 silvers. don’t worry about it. also my pen pressure wouldnt work while i was drawing these so thats why theyre kinda bad-looking

the 2 silvers don’t actually have different eye colors i just thought it would be cool if his eyes changed color when he did the telekinetic-y thing, also the forehead quill things would fold down like that when he’s not doing the telekinesis thing which is actually something i remember seeing some concept art of (i think it got removed because it was hard to animate or something? i dont remember) also the weird headphone things might have also been from some different concept art but i dont entirely remember. i used to look at silver concept art a lot for some reason 

Okay, who did it?

Okay, so I´m starting with the first Imagine Request that I´ve got and I still haven´t got a lot so if you have a random idea, just send it in!

It kinda got out of hand tough so now it´s more of a drabble than an Imagine. Ups!

Request:  Hi!! How about an imagine where Sam, Dean, and Cas are on the receiving end of the reader’s anger for whatever reason (like, she’s legit mad, and it’s super scary because it rarely happens)?

by @allinhishands hope I don´t disappoint you.

Pairing: Cas x reader (sort of)

Warnings: None

Length: 467 Words

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“Okay, which one of you idiots did it?”, you shouted angrily as you stormed into the library, staring at Sam, Dean and Cas, who were apparently doing research or something.
All of their heads snapped into your direction, their eyes widened.
“What happened?”, Sam asked and stood up, probably to calm you down by placing a hand on your arm or something, but you so weren´t in the mood and just snapped your hand away when he tried to reach for it.
“Back off, it´s not gonna work”, you said and Sam held up his hands: “Alright.”
You had your arms crossed over your chest and now waited for one of them to confess.
“Seriously (Y/N), what is going on? You never get angry, I literally never even heard you raise your voice”, Dean said, while Cas was still just staring at you.
“Yeah, well, there´s always a first time, isn´t there? Last chance, who did it?
You were so done with this game.
“Who did what?”,  Sam asked again and you heard the exasperation in his voice, but you didn´t care at all.
“Who of you idiots, painted my whole room pink?”
It took only two seconds for the Winchesters to break out in hysterical laughter, which only made you more mad:
“That isn´t funny! I hate pink, you know that, so it only could have been one of you guys.”
It took the brothers a minute before they got serious again and Sam shook his head: “I would never do that (Y/N), why would I?”
“Yeah, me neither. I´m not suicidal”, Dean agreed.
You sighed: “Okay, then who did it if not the two of you?
“It was me.”
You had almost completely forgotten about Castiel and now you stared at him in disbelief: “Why would you do that?”
He was fumbling with his tie and looked extremely uncomfortable: “I thought you´d like it.”
You closed your eyes for a second, not able to comprehend what he was saying: “And why is that?”
“Well, you said that you would like for your room to look different and you suggested that we color it. I wanted to surprise you but I had no idea which color you liked so I just did some internet research on what girls like and it said pink.”
For a second you weren´t able to do anything besides stare at him, then you started laughing.
All the anger drained out of you with that laughter and by the time you recovered, you were smiling brightly: “This is the nicest and yet worst thing someone has ever done to me.”
Cas stood up: “I´ll redo it, if you want.”
He looked sad and you impulsively went in to hug him: “That may be a good Idea. But this time I´ll help you.”

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Do you think a possible reason why Adrien and Mari can't identify each other behind the mask is because they view the world differently when suited up? Like how Mari only sees the world in black and white so she really can't see what Chat Noir's hair color/eye color is?

Eh, if you really want my answer, the canon reason is just Clark Kenting. Astruc has also confirmed that their vision is totally normal, and the “bug vision” is more like a visually-shown thought process than what Ladybug literally sees.  

I can’t lie,
he was soft and sweet
and easy to love
he touched you in all the right places
and asked you before he did
he tried to make you laugh
and sometimes you did
and even when you didn’t,
there was still some kind of amusement
to his smirks,
I can’t lie,
because if you called him up at
1,2,3,4 am
he’d answer,
never asked you why,
just listened to you talk,
and talk and talk.
he never let you sleep upset,
and even when he decided to leave,
listed everything he loved about you,
told you, “you’re too good for this world”
and you thought about how you couldn’t even be good enough for him,
but, I can’t lie,
his body formed around mine so nonchantly,
hands always seemed to fit perfectly,
lips interlocked like poetry
I can’t lie,
I always wondered how many different colors
danced in his eyes,
I can’t lie,
and how many giggles escaped his lips,
I can’t lie,
how many were for me?
i can’t lie,
he was a lover in a lover,
but I can’t lie,
because he wasn’t a lover for me
—  unexplainable loss of lovers

HAPPY THIRD ANNIVERSARY B.A.P ♥ I know I’m a little bit late, but I want to thank every single artist who has helped me with the collaboration. There are still some who didn’t submit, please submit! I still want to display your artwork.

First: chiiwie 




Thank you so much guys! This is my story for B.A.P because I figured that these boys need our strength and I’ve been planning it since the lawsuit. It’s meant to be cute and whatnot, so I hope I did these amazing artworks justice.

            It all started out with Che Guevara and “Viva la Revolucion.” Even though the words were written decades ago, there was something about the compelling words and charismatic sentences that drew in the dark eyes and quick mind.

            “Himchan, let’s start a revolution.”


            And so it was with those words that Yongguk recruited his first member of the B.A.P Revolution. “Just what are we fighting, Hyung?” came Youngjae’s question as he pored over the elaborate plans Yongguk had made. “All I see are war strategies and places around the world to travel to, but how do you expect a bunch of kids like us to actually get things done?”

            Times like this, Yongguk wished Youngjae could be more like his age. Or rather, his IQ. The little boy was beyond smart and even though it was much appreciated when it came to keeping Daehyun under control, when it came to questions, Yongguk found himself utterly at a loss. Luckily, this time he had a valid answer to one of the questions if not the others.

            “Through music of course! We’re going to show the world what B.A.P can do.”

            He said this confidently so was slightly crest-fallen when he saw five blank faces look at him. “And how are you going to do that?” When Daehyun was questioning, well that was when there was an issue.

            “Okay, let me explain. This is a revolution. This is something new and we’re going to fight for what we love. We love making music right?” Everyone, including baby Zelo, nodded. “Then we’re going to show the world. We’re going to show everyone we can do it. Who’s with me? Who’s with me?” It wasn’t the inspiring speech Che did but it was what eight year old Yongguk could think of and from their claps, they approved.

            “Yeah! Let’s show them!” Daehyun was clapping.

            That gave him some encouragement. But the young ones were still looking at him in confusion and Himchan had his lips pursed.

            “Okay. Think of it like this. Right now, we can’t really sing what we want and dance what we want, right?” They nodded slowly. That made sense. “So if we do what we like, and love what we do, then we can conquer.”

            “But how?” This was the hard part.

            “By conquering the world.”

            World domination was always a favorite among children and at this Jongup and Zelo cheered. This was a better response and so Yongguk channeled his inner revolutionary spirit and continued to finish his rally. “We’re going to come in as warriors and show them that we mean business. We’re going to fight the evil in this world, and show everyone that our dreams matter, that society matters. And we’re going to affect everyone and make sure that we leave nobody untouched by our spirit! Together, we will use our music as our weapon and spread love and warmth to the world!”

            Even though society and being noble was difficult to comprehend, fighting evil wasn’t and so the entire group started to cheer.

            “Yongguk-Hyung, are you our leader? Every army needs a leader.”

            Yongguk haven’t thought about this and he faltered. He had assumed that the leadership position would go to Himchan. He wasn’t that charismatic. “Um,” he hemmed.

            At a glance, his best friend stepped in. “Yongguk will be our leader but I will be the commander. He will lead us through the revolution with his vision and I will guide you guys. How does that sound?”

            “Leader Hyung!” Jongup was waving his arm frantically in the air.

            It was an unfamiliar feeling when Yongguk pointed and asked, “Yes?”

            “Can I use dance to spread my love?”

            “Of course! We’re going to be dancing with you too because all six of us need to be one.”

            Jongup looked satisfied at the answer and lowered his hand back onto his lap. Himchan surveyed the scene and naturally fell into the leadership role. “Alright, how about Yongguk you explain your plans in more detail and we can start to delegate jobs to the rest of the kids?”

            They sat patiently as Yongguk showed them all the music they could do. “Whoa, hip hop,” Jongup whispered. It was his favorite genre by far and dancing to hip hop made him happy.

            “We’re going to use the Matoki, a masked bunny, to represent us and it will stand for B.A.P, which will be what we call ourselves.”

            “Rice?” Daehyun inquired when he saw the English word written on the paper. “Are we going to be eating?” He looked happy before the dreamy smile faltered. “Are we going to be eaten? Hyung!”

            Yongguk chuckled. “Of course not. We’re going to be the Best, Absolute, Perfect, and that means we’re going to be the ones conquering. We will be able to eat, of course, and we won’t be eaten.”

            Daehyun looked relieved and went back to studying the papers. “So are we each a Matoki?”

            “Yep!” And at this, Yongguk looked even more proud. It had been a stroke of genius on his part. “Each of us is a different color. I’m red, Himchan is pink-”

            “Ya, why am I pink?”

            Yongguk’s face turned the very color they were disputing. “Oh, I don’t know. I thought it suited you.”

            “He’s calling you a girl,” Youngjae called out.

            Himchan thought a moment and then batted his eyes at Yongguk. “Well, I guess it’s okay since we match.” There was a chorus of euw’s from the two who can understand and the two youngest just leaned into each other, unsure what was wrong.

            “Anyway, Daehyun is white but I want him to be our secret weapon, so he has a pink persona.”

            “Haha, you’re a girl too,” Youngjae laughed.

            “Youngjae, you’re yellow. Jongup is green and Zelo is our robot. He’s blue.”

            “Blue!” Zelo called out and clapped his hands. He’s been going through a phase and lately blue was the innest thing for him.


            And so it was like this that each one of them was assigned a bunny color and a nickname. Yongguk presented them the first song and Daehyun took pleasure in belting out the high note. “Whoooooaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh,” he sang and Zelo mumbled his line, mushing the words together at high speed, “Aadjgaghajhadhgajghachansori.”

            Yongguk watched them with pride and picked up the banner he had made. “Himchan, you’re our commander. Daehyun, you are our secret weapon. Youngjae, you can read the directions. We’re going to get started on our revolution.”

            Daehyun had found a toy sword and was waving it in the air while Youngjae took his job more seriously. He picked up the map of the world and studied it. “We’re going to go from Korea to the nearby countries first.”

            Jongup had found a jar of paint and was having fun painting it on himself. “Hyung! Hyung!” Zelo tapped him and presented his chubby cheeks to the boy. “Me! Me too!”

            The dancer placed his fist into the jar and came out with it all painted and he drew on Zelo’s cheeks. “We’re going to be warriors,” he giggled.

            “Onward!” Himchan ordered as he pointed out the door.

            “We’re off to conquer the world!”

Thank you so much B.A.P. Thank you for your music and your sincerity. Thank you for your heart and for always being here with us. Even now, when you’re going through hard times, it is still Babyz whom you think of and we want you to know that you are always in our thoughts and in our hearts as well. 

Please rest well and come back soon, happy and healthy, and ready once more, to continue your world domination. #ForeverWithBAP

Much love,


“This month never really meant much to me. Growing up, I hated the color of my skin. I tried everything to be like my friends. Hell, I even wore blue eye contacts - as if I thought it was really going to change who I was. I grew up in a community where there weren’t people who really looked like me. I remember being so mad at my mom - why did I have to look like this? Why did I have to be so different from my family? Why was I the odd one out? Why was my hair like this. Why couldn’t I be like everyone else? I wanted to be what I thought was normal and looking back on those times, I want to shake myself awake. No matter what color skin you have, or where you come from or how different you are you should be so proud of yourself. Who wants to be the same? I want to be different. I want to shake up the norm, I want people to realize their is no more normal. That we are all just people, floating around the universe. I struggled with that a lot, maybe it was because I never really had a strong african American figure in my life. I didn’t know who that part of me was. All I knew was that my mom couldn’t do my hair - but she tried the best she could. We would sit in the tub when I was a little girl and she would braid my hair for hours. She did the best she could and it was always her and I, and it still is. What I’m really trying to get at though is this moment. I truly believe I had this defining moment in my life a few years ago when the USWNT was training in Fort Lauderdale. We must have had an open practice where a bunch of the kids were able to come and we took a picture with this girls team who must have played for the clubs fields we were using. So practice ended and it was time to take a picture with these girls. This one girl, ran through everyone. She was in tears, and she threw her arms around me and looked up at me and said, ‘I look like you and I want to be just like you’ with tears running down her face. I will remember that moment for the rest of my life because it changed me. It upset me for being mad at my mom for making me look different, it upset me because when I was her age I hated the way I looked. Soccer is my love, but it is not my life. What happened that day - was my life. The ability to have people look at you as a woman of color and say, 'I look like you, I want to be like you,’ and have them believe that it is possible - because that was not always the case. Here is a picture of her and I and if she ever sees this message I want her to know that she changed my life. When I look down at my hands I am not angry. I am proud. I am empowered.”

-Sydney Leroux from Syd’s Facebook

oo8: Mission Impossible

notes: i haven’t taken chemistry in years forgive me

Mission Impossible


Some people get the smart kid for a lab partner. Sasuke got Sakura.


“Did you write down the formula?” Sasuke asked. His gloved hands carefully poured in the powdered mixture into the acid until it congealed into a thick, rusty paste. He set down his equipment and began to take notes on the newly formed solid.

“Of course not,” Sakura snapped. “That’s your own part. We both agreed that we’d split the parts evenly—I’m doing B, you’re doing A. So why should I have to write down the formula for your part? Worthless,” she said, muttering the last part to herself.

Sasuke rested his safety goggles over his forehead. His face bore heavy line marks, which Sakura couldn’t help but think was absolutely hilarious. He didn’t seem to find her humor amusing, however, especially in the gravity of their situation.

“We’re working on this project together. That means that we’re getting the same grade no matter how much or how little—“ he gave her a glare. “—we each put in. So, in essence, you’re just as responsible for helping me with my section as you are for yours.”

Sakura crossed her arms. “Why didn’t you just do the whole thing yourself, then?  You wouldn’t have to deal with my bitching, and we would both get passing grades. That’s what you’re striving for, right?”

You are incorrigible, Sasuke thought. Always finding ways to poke holes in things.

“I’m not letting you get rewards for things you haven’t earned,” he stated matter-of-factly.

Please,” Sakura groaned, rolling her eyes. “We all know that if this were a solo project, I would pass with flying colors anyway. So what difference does it make that we’re doing it together?”

Sasuke growled. “We’ll talk later.” 

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