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🌘- Low energy witch tips - 🌒

As someone who is often low on energy, I know the difficulties that can come with trying to maintain your craft. Especially if, like me, you’re hard on yourself about such things. So here are some low energy ideas you can use in your craft day to day:

🌕 - Pay a little more attention to the seasonings you put on your food or what you drink, you might be doing a bit of accidental magic already! Feeling like you need a little protection? Maybe use a bit of basil and a pinch of salt on your next meal if appropriate. There are tons of simple herbs and blended teas, smoothies ect. out there that can really help boost your day if you need them.

🌕 - Talk to your Deities or spirits casually. If they don’t mind it, that is, do be careful not to offend. Though it can’t be said for all deities or spirits, there are many that will appreciate being regarded even just with casual talk. Discuss things with them, talk about how your day went, things you are concerned over, whatever you please. They might even help with issues if they decide to do so or if they are capable and even if they don’t, most of them are at least pleased to be regarded, especially if you don’t have the energy to do much more than that on a daily basis.

🌕 - Sigils. Sigil everything. Though they cannot solve all problems, I have found that sigils are an effective way to combat a lot of the smaller issues in my life. They don’t require too much energy and there are plenty out there if you look for them, so you don’t even have to design your own. 

🌕 - Time spent researching is not time wasted. If you’re too tired to actually do any craft but want to do something involving it, perhaps try sitting down and doing some research. Read books, look on various websites, research things you’d never looked into before and you never know, you just might find something new that calls to you.

🌕 - Incense/fragrance magic. If you’re able to burn incense or scented candles then take advantage of it, find correspondences for the scents you have and light any that might help you in areas of your life you feel need to improve. If you can’t use those then perhaps you can find scented things for a bath/shower and relax with the scents those provide. 

🌕 - Commune using music. You’d be surprised how many deities and spirits enjoy music. Relax with some you feel will be appropriate, even if it’s not at all traditional and you just might find yourself surprised about what they can enjoy. 

🌕 - If you have to go out, look out for items that might help bring your closer to your craft. Going to the supermarket? Perhaps take a brief look in the herb section. If you have a patron deity that enjoys a certain food item then perhaps see if you can get some. It doesn’t even have to cost money if you’re lucky, sometimes you might simply find something on your travels (a feather, a certain stone that looks perfect, a pinecone) and it may work in some way towards your craft. 

This gif isn’t a blessed nor cursed image. It’s like … a liminal space.

It’s like time itself has fit itself onto a viewmaster cartridge, so you can view this exact scene the very first moment it aired, distorted by the waves in the time space continuum between you and said scene of May 12, 2016.

My favorite part? Amethyst breaks it up, Pearl breaks it up a little more, and then Garnet’s hips demolish it.

not to um make a prompt but imagine pcy reaching forward after bbh takes that picture, and bbh is too busy checking over the photo and looking down at the the camera to notice pcy taking ahold of the edge of his jacket and just like… pulling him forward, all slow and subtle, so bbh stands right in front of him, between his knees…

“What’re you doing?” Baekhyun scoffed a little under his breath, curbing a brow as he held the camera aside and smirked in bemusement.

Chanyeol smiled softly, looking downward as he moved his fingers around the stiff fabric of Baekhyun’s jacket, making it crinkled against the creases of his palms. “Nothing.”

“Nothing?” Baekhyun mumbled, but seemed to let it slide as he brought the camera close to his face again, checking over the photo once more. He eased his standing position, letting his knee bump casually against Chanyeol’s thigh as he lulled his weight to one side; ignoring the faint pull of his jacket as the ladder fidgeted with the hem.

“Nothing.” Chanyeol repeated quietly. Baekhyun pressed a button on the camera, going back to capture mode as he leaned back a bit and snapped another photo of Chanyeol; the taller’s gaze still downward and smile still soft.

Nothing.” Baekhyun mumbled under his breath, chortling softly.

I think what irks me the most about patriarchal theory is that, when one points out the myriad instances in which men suffer (e.g. suicide, homicide, workplace death, homelessness, etc.), feminists will invariably either deny the existence of these issues or will backpedal and say, “well the patriarchy hurts men, too.” The former claim is deplorable, and plainly so. But the latter is equally wrong. As well-intentioned as it sounds (and often is, as many feminists do mean well), it’s nothing more than a backhanded way of saying it’s men’s fault that they are suffering.

And that sounds an awful lot like victim blaming to me.

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My 11 year old son loves YouTube. So I asked if he knew who you were and he says "Yes OMG mom subscribe like right now." Just thought I'd share that with you.

Awwww!!!! Omg that’s so cool!!!!!

If you’re ever feeling sad and need a pick-me-up then allow me to give you a suggestion:

Harp seals. 

They’re like marshmallows of the arctic.

Just look at them go!!

They’re so cute!!!

I giggle every time I see a little harp seal

He’s so happy!!!

In conclusion: If you’re sad, look at harp seals. You won’t be sad anymore.

Imagine your OTP...

Person B is in a poorly lit room, eating their lunch, when their lover/crush, Person A, enters the room and notices B.

Person A : It’s so dark in here, how can you eat there ? Nobody likes eating in the dark !

Person B : Depends on what you’re eating *smiles*