so i thought i'd help it out a little


Katsuki Bakugou wasn’t sure how he’d ended up in this situation, but here he was sitting on a couch next to Ochako Uraraka in the lounge. The girl had her knees pulled up to her chest. For some reason it ticked him off to see her like this. It just wasn’t normal and quite frankly it made him a little uncomfortable. What do you do when a girl cries?

Bakugou crossed his arms before tilting his head back. He stared at the ceiling and racked his brain. He wasn’t really sure why she was crying. Bakugou glanced at the girl out of the corner of his eye and cleared his throat. “Are you fucking alright?” Bakugou bit his tongue. Shit. This was just going to make things work. Wait, why did he care?

“No, I’m not fucking alright.” The reply startled Bakugou. Uraraka peered up at him. “I’m feeling really stressed.”

Bakugou turned to face her. He crossed his legs. It was too late to run from the conversation. “About what?” he pressed. “Did that damn nerd do something?”

“No,” Uraraka started, “it’s just y'know how you wish you could help someone and you try your best, but it doesn’t amount to much. And then there’s finals coming up and what not. And it’s all just really overwhelming y'know?” Bakugou stared, silent. “Ahhh this is stupid!” Uraraka hid her face in her hands.

“No.” Bakugou said. “It’s not.” She sniffled. “It’s not fucking stupid, you hear me? It’s not!”


“No goddamn buts! Now come on!”

Uraraka gasped as he took one of her hands, pulling her up from the couch. “Where are we going?”

“Outside to get some fucking air.” Bakugou’s pace quickened with his heart. He wasn’t really sure why he was doing this, but he couldn’t stand seeing her cry.

A cool breeze was blowing as they exited the dorms. It tickled Uraraka’s cheeks. It must have tickled Bakugou’s too as they turned a light shade of pink. Uraraka smiled. “Thanks Bakugou.”

“Yeah whatever.” He dropped her hand and shoved his own into his pockets. “Don’t mention it. Ever.”

“So is this how you deal with stress?” she pondered. The blonde snickered.

“Not at all. I bottle that shit up and use it as fuel for fighting.” Uraraka looked concerned. “Look you cry and I yell. Who gives a shit?”

“But you always yell.”

“I DO NOT!” Bakugou shouted, proving her point. His face turned a shade of red. “So what? Like I said who gives a shit?” He huffed.

“Well I do.” Bakugou spun around. Fixing her with a “what the fuck did you just say” look. “I give a shit.” She said firmly.

“Don’t lie.” Bakugou said quietly.

“I’m not lying!” Tears welled up in her eyes. “You deserve a shoulder to cry on and someone to vent to, too!”

“I don’t need a shoulder to cry on damn it. I’m fine. Why the hell do you “care” anyway?“

Uraraka blushed. "Because you’re my friend.” Bakugou laughed. “Why the hell did you sit with me tonight if we’re not friends?”

Bakugou’s face reddened. “No damn reason! I just-” he swallowed, “I just aaaaa FUCK.”

Uraraka wasn’t backing down. “Well?”

The words were trapped in his throat. A string of curses flowed out instead. “Damn it fuck. Shit how the hell did I-” he growled. “LISTEN HERE BITCH I ONLY DID IT BECAUSE I FUCKING CARE DAMN IT. I COULDN’T STAND SEEING YOU CRY FUCK.” Bakugou spat. He was winded. “Is that what you want to hear, huh?”

Uraraka was stunned. Bakugou was mentally kicking himself for admitting such a thing. “This is fucking stupid. I’m going to bed!” The boy turned to go back inside.

Uraraka caught his hand as he passed. “No. It’s not fucking stupid. It’s not.” He stopped. “Do you hear me?” The blonde exhaled and squeezed her hand.

“I hear ya.”

  • Kanan: Your back's getting pretty impressive, You. Been working out?
  • You, posing: Yeah, I thought I'd give the ladies a little service
  • Kanan: Nice
  • .
  • Chika: Your new designs are adorable! I can't wait to try them on!
  • You: R-really? I, I mean Ruby helped me out a lot, so, I mean, ehe~ I'll do my best!
  • .
  • You: Hey, um... nobody's looking, so... could we hold hands? O-only if you want to!
  • Riko: (I feel like You is a different person depending on who she's talking to)
  • Riko: (I... I want to kiss all of these Yous)
  • Riko: (Starting with this one)
  • You: O-oh, that's-- mmmh~
From me to me. Thought I'd share this as it helps me loads.

Hi ****,

So you’re wanting to binge? I get that. It’s so hard trying to resist all that sweet stuff but just remember how bad it feels afterwards. When all the fat is clinging to your organs. Hanging from and hiding those beautiful bones of yours.

Now guess what ****. If you put that thought out of your mind for just a little bit I promise it’ll stay away once you stop thinking about it. So go and get busy. Sit ups. Star jumps. Scroll through tumblr. Go a jog. Read meanspo. Write meanspo. Write a love letter. Draw your ideal home. Draw your ideal figure. Write about your ideal man. Write about him, you and him together while you’re skinny. I hope you’re eating chewing gum while doing this! Also remember green tea is life so get a mug of that in you as well!

Remember when you ate the rice and soya sauce and you purged? Remember how that felt. To eat to the point of spewing? You know it’s not worth it. You know how floored you feel after binging. The burning in your throat, the gritty feeling of fatty sugary foods against your pearly white teeth. Trust me they won’t stay white for long if you keep eating and spewing up disgustingly fattening foods.

I know it’s hard but believe me it’s worth it. I’m looking at you now biting your nails and tapping your finger. Locking and unlocking your phone over and over hoping for the cravings to go away. But I can also see what you look like knowing you won’t eat it…

You’re so happy ****, you’re smiling and laughing, joking with your friends. You’re carefree and fun to be around, so positive. Lighting up the whole room, especially for him. You always did but now more than ever. **** you look amazing. You have collar bones! You don’t have to shrug your shoulders to see them they’re always there! Especially when you laugh. You look so beautiful when you laugh.

You’re sitting on the chair at work, feet together.. thighs apart. Yeah you really do have a thigh gap and it looks brilliant on you. Remember that photo of the black jeans and converse on tumblr? You look like that!! Fuck you look so hot. Legs for days! You can bring your knees up in front of you without being uncomfortable and worrying about your fat belly getting in the way. Your jeans aren’t worn away or tacky looking because your fat legs haven’t chaffed them away! It looks so good! You look so good. Keep reading this the cravings are subsiding and this will be you my beautiful ****!

Your belly. Ugh your belly. Remember wearing high waisted jeans and thinking wow quite hot. But then relaxing and seeing the belly? Tucking your turtle neck in to show of your tits and arse but ew then there was the belly? No more ****!! There’s no more belly. You know what sticks out of your high waisted jeans now?? Guess.. yeah you’re right! It’s your hipbones. I know you don’t believe me. I know you can’t actually imagine a day where you look like this but believe me you do. Your face isn’t fat. You don’t have a double chin. You do have cheekbones. You have collarbones and hipbones as well! Your ribs are fab absolutely fab, you could lay down and let someone play a tune on them like a xylophone. You could let him play a tune on them.

You’re on his lap ****. You’re in the house with him. Cuddled up on his lap. You’re weightless and worryless. Both laughing and joking. He tickles you and you roll about but guess what. You’re all skin and bones. You look great laying under him laughing. You don’t need to worry about the double chins because you don’t have any. Your biggest concern is being broken like the little doll that you are.

Stay strong and keep at it **** cause you can look so good. No chocolate, no cake, no crisps, no sweet, NO BREAD! is worth how amazing you look right now.

Please don’t make yourself wait any longer to see it! Just keep going and stay motivated. The quicker you see what I can see the easier it’ll be to keep at it. So don’t ruin it for one moment of weakness. I promise you you are other girls thinspo.

***** and ***** wish they looked like you. ***** worries about you. ***** hates your body. Boys love it. ******* wishes he still had you. You know who is lucky to have you and he knows it. The looks on their faces are so worth it. Girls pass you in the street and envy spills out of them as they go and eat tuna sandwiches, chocolate biscuits, and pizza. They will always be fat. They’ll never be skin and bones like you.

Finish your green tea and go do 50 jumping jacks in the bathroom. Now go fill your water bottle and hoover upstairs. Put a washing on and do another 50 jumping jacks.

You look so beautiful. I can’t wait for you to see how amazing you look. I can’t wait for everyone else to see how amazing you look. Not long now ****. See you soon xx

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Mommy & Daddy’s Baby Talk
  • This was inspired by a chat by @hex-maniac-mareen
  • -Genos Tucks in the Mini Genos' before joining Saitama in their own futon in the opposite side of the room-
  • Genos: Hachi and Nana finally went into sleep mode...
  • Saitama: Thank god. I'd thought they'd 'never' knock out for the night.
  • -Scoots over a bit for Genos under the covers-
  • Saitama: I really didn't expect them to show up like that. When did Kuseno even have the time to make them?
  • Genos: It was during my upgrade session. He'd figured the process would go on much longer since the last battle, so he thought it would be to our benefit if we had a little extra help around the apartment while I was gone; seeing as I've told him I generally tend to house chores outside of work and training.
  • Saitama: Ah, I see.
  • Genos: ....
  • Saitama: ...Hm? Hey, what's up? You're all quiet all of a sudden.
  • -Looks down before he looks up at him-
  • Genos: ...Sensei, I would like to apologize.
  • Saitama: Huh? Where did that come from?
  • Genos: ...A...Another reason Kuseno had made them unexpectedly was the urge to have future generations. He looks to me as he would a son, and I to him as a second father. And being what I am, regardless if I had encountered the Mad Cyborg, and remained as I was as a normal 15 year old boy at the time---
  • Saitama: Okay okay, I get that, you don't have to ramble. But what does 'that' have to do with 'me'?
  • Genos: ...It...had me thinking...perhaps you also felt something of a similar urge. Or that one day you would want something as 'natural' as starting a family. I mean, even if I were to be human...being biologically what I was I....-looks to one of the Mini Genos' as it turns over and whirs to sleep mode-...I could never give you that...
  • -Sees the disappointed look on Genos' face and scratches the back of his head nervously-
  • Saitama: ...Ah, well, to be honest I never really gave it much thought. Even when it seemed like the average thing to pursue when I decided to stick to being a Salary Man, it just never seemed all that big a deal to me if I got one or not.
  • -Genos blinks as he strokes his hand against his cheek-
  • Saitama: ...But, I don't know. Having you and the guys around here lately has been kind of fun. And with the brats around, I really don't see a need to "start a family."
  • Genos: Sensei....
  • -Hugs him close before looking up as Saitama lowers his head for a kiss. Saitama suddenly grins mischievously-
  • Saitama: ...Say...even though we can't exactly "make" a family...[-in a purring whisper as he gently pushes him on his back-]would you like to do it as though we are trying to?
  • Genos: Eh...?...Mm~?!...Mmn~...////....
  • -The Following Morning-
  • Mini Genos': Danna?/Are you okay?/He's usually up earlier....
  • Saitama: Uhm, let's let him sleep just a little bit longer. In the mean time, we should get breakfast ready.;;;
  • Mini Genos': Kaaay!
  • Genos: ....////....[Urgh...;;;]

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I'm sorry I know youre not currently accepting asks and feel free to just delete this one but I'm just gonna go ahead and take a chance anyway because i kind of need it... My birthday was yesterday and everything ended up pretty horribly and I'm just pretty lonely, and I was just wondering if you could maybe write something comforting with Yoosung...? Once again feel free to just delete this, I just thought I'd take my chances since your Yoosung one-shots always makes me feel better

Aw, darling, I’m so sorry that happened, birthdays are meant to be your special day so I’m incredibly sorry it didn’t work out that way. I hope you have much better days ahead of you! 

I drew a little Yoosung/MC to help cheer you up! I’m sure he’d do everything he could to cheer you up, as will I.

Anyhow, yes you are right, I’m not taking requests but I’ll make an exception to hopefully help make your day a little brighter! 

Let me know if there’s anything else I can do, you can pm me and I’ll send you positivity galore, and some feel-good shows/movies/music!

Speaking of music the song that’ll be used in this special prompt is For the Longest Time by Billy Joel the link is here if you’d like to check it out! 

I’m always here to help out in any way I can, so don’t hesitate if you need anything darling! I hope this helps <3

Anyhow, here is the prompt!


Your day, to say the least, had been dreadful.

You had opened the door to your quaint little home, a low huff slipping from your lips, feeling as if cinderblocks dragged behind you with each and every step you took.

Your husband, Yoosung noticed quickly. 

He had rushed to greet you, going to wrap you in his arms when he caught the bother drenching your expression.

“MC…?” He followed you to your seat on the sofa, your body sinking into the cushions. “What’s wrong?”

You scrunched up your nose, folding your arms across your chest. “I…I just had a really hard day.” 

“Oh, I’m so sorry, is there anything I can do?” He took your hand, squeezing it affectionately. “How about we order out tonight? I’ll order your favorite stuff!” 

You shrugged. “If you want.” 

“That bad?” 

You nodded. 

“Then I guess I better do something pretty great.” He laughed lightly standing up. “I’ll find something, don’t worry!” 

“Yoosung, you don’t have to-” 

He pressed a fond kiss to your head, beaming. “I know, but I want to.” 

You smiled just a tad.

He was a star in the murky night sky.

He was a bright, shooting star.

Yoosung ran off into the bedroom, assuring you he’d be back in no time, his eyes lit like a flame with ideas. 

And so, you waited, your mind slowly becoming more and more excited at what he may do. 

And eventually, he did come back, entwining your fingers with his, pulling you from the sofa, spinning you about as he did the most peculiar thing.

He began to sing. 

His voice was light and melodic, a smile engraved on his face as he began.

“Oh, oh, oh                                                                                                                          For the longest time                                                                                                          Oh, oh, oh                                                                                                                          For the longest time” 

“Yoosung what’re you-” You couldn’t help but break out into small bits of laughter, hastily trying to follow your husband’s steps as he lead you about, keeping you close.

As if you were the most precious treasure. 

“If you said goodbye to me tonight                                                                                  There would still be music left to write                                                                            What else could I do                                                                                                         I’m so inspired by you                                                                                                   That hasn’t happened for the longest time”

You buried your head in the crook of his neck, trying to hide the red that burst onto your cheeks.

And yet he continued to sing, his voice gentle and fond towards you, arms wound about you like wings.

“Once I thought my innocence was gone                                                                        Now I know that happiness goes on                                                                              That’s when you found me                                                                                              When you put your arms around me                                                                             I haven’t been there for the longest time”

As he sang the chorus again, he lifted you up, embracing you as he twirled you, setting you down as you ruffled his hair in your fingertips.


“Are you smiling? I think I even heard you giggle!” He exclaimed. “Does that mean it’d helped?”

You peppered his face in kisses, feeling a warmth take the place of the heaviness in your chest.

He began to sing once again, this time louder and more joyful, as though a bell chiming brightly. 

And despite all that occurred, he somehow made you feel brighter than the sun.

For in his eyes, you were his sun.

“I’m that voice you’re hearing in the hall                                                                          And the greatest miracle of all                                                                                        Is how I need you                                                                                                             And how you needed me too                                                                                          That hasn’t happened for the longest time” 


+ hi hi helo etc !!!! so basically for my first hundred (i'm crying i haven't been here long and ily all so much) i thought i'd make a lil masterlist of lyrics by marina and the diamonds from every ep/album that she's released that could be used for inspiration, descriptions, prompts, ideas, bios etc. check them out under the cut, and please like/reblog if you found this at all helpful. (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

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Hey, I know you're probably busy and may not be able to do this but I thought I'd ask anyway. I have been really anxious lately due to school and things and the world has just felt very heavy on my shoulders lately and I was just hoping you could do a Harry blurb where he notices that you're really stressed and anxious and so he makes you stop for a little bit and helps you relax somehow (maybe cuddling or like he offers a massage or something). It would be helpful. Thank you, you're amazing! :)

You jolt awake, your face unsticking from the book underneath your cheek with a slight sting as you rub your eyes and try to pretend you weren’t just taking an impromptu nap on top of your homework. You glance up and into Harry’s concerned and yet slightly amused face, his hand still resting on your shoulder from where he had gently shaken you awake.

“Hey there, sleeping beauty. Have a nice nap?” You sigh and scrub your hands over your face, leaning back in your chair as you struggle to contain a yawn.

“I didn’t even realize I was sleeping,” you frown, gazing unhappily down at the pile of unfinished schoolwork you had hoped to be at least halfway through with by now. The numbers on the clock taunt you; it’s nearing 11:30 pm and exhaustion has settled deep into your bones, but you promised yourself you’d reach a benchmark in your work before you went to bed. At this point you’ll be lucky if you’re done by two.

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i dont know if you're taking prompts right now but i just found out that my granddad has cancer and he's not gonna make it. i'd just really appreciate the ABSOLUTE FLUFFIEST thing you can think of. if not something new recs would be awesome too. i kinda feel bad asking but it might help idk sorry

[I’m so sorry to hear the bad news, my thoughts go out to you and your family during this time. There’s a fluffy reclist here, but I wrote you something too.]


It takes Derek a second, then he remembers he’s in costume. He turns, but it isn’t a con-goer who wants to take a picture of his cosplay, but actually what looks like a little girl dressed in a TARDIS outfit with tears streaming down her face.

"Hi,” Derek says as she launches herself at his knees, hugging tightly. He looks around, but he doesn’t see anyone that looks like her parents or a guardian. “Are you okay?” he asks.

“I can’t find my mom and dad,” she says, wobbling. “Batman, will you help me?" 

What Derek probably should do is take the girl to the nearest convention staff, but he can’t see anyone wearing a staff t-shirt near him, and he doesn’t really have anything else to do right now. “Sure,” Derek says, and the girl nods resolutely. 

"I’m Jessie,” she says. “And I know you’re Bruce Wayne, but I promise I won’t tell anyone." 

Derek takes her hand and asks her where her parents were last, what they were wearing, what panels they had planned to go to, hopefully to get a clue where they might be. They end up walking through Artist’s Alley, and luckily Jessie has calmed down and is actually enjoying looking at the various people’s cosplays and the merchandise. 

Derek’s actually having a pretty good time too; Jessie is talkative and funny, and it’s a lot better than waiting in line for a panel that isn’t going to start for hours. 

"Batman, you’re a detective, how come you haven’t put together the clues yet to find my parents?” Jessie asks.

“Um, I— ” Derek is saved from trying to explain he isn’t really Batman and finding two specific adults dressed as Ten and Rose is fairly difficult, since he’s seen about a dozen couples so far.

“Oh, you must need Robin!” Jessie says excitedly. “I see him right there, he can help us!” and she’s tugging him towards a steampunk booth.


Derek’s actually seen this Robin cosplayer earlier and was too embarrassed to ask for a picture (either of him or with him); his outfit is sinfully tight, and he’s modified the costume in favor of bootyshorts and the mouth underneath his mask is curled into a bright smile. And then he saw him again with a bunch of other cosplayers taking photos for the Hawkeye Initiative, and well. 

He’s very flexible. And has a really nice ass. 

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Hi! HUGE fan of OTGW! I know you're an animator/illustrator, but you've had to have run into visual development artists at some point. I'm curious and was wondering since it's a fairly new thing, would you say theres a high demand for visdev artists or better opportunities for animators and illustrators? With studios like Cartoon Network or would you say it's more of a feature film kind of job? Just thought I'd ask someone in the industry. (Sorry if my wording is a little off..!)

Since working on OTGW I moved into the shorts department at Cartoon Network. I work with vis dev artists all the time, since what I do basically falls under the rubric of development-where we help take a creator’s idea and flesh it out into a pilot. I think that every studio does it a bit different so I can only speak to how we do it at CN…A lot of the time, the folks that pitch their ideas to the network are just ideas - mainly focused on character and story - they aren’t too visually fleshed out, so my job is to help with that. A lot of it includes hiring artists with a strong visual style to come up with a look for the show.  So, in answer to your question, yes there are a lot of opportunites in the industry for artists.

A cough and then a heavy sigh. Cross shook his head and continued writing. For once he was actually doing his reports. He didn’t want to do them, but he had nothing better to do and he didn’t feel like sleeping. His head hurt badly, but he was ignoring it. Every now and then he had to pause his writing since the letters would shift out of focus or because he simply started seeing double. 

Eventually he finished the reports and got up to go deliver them. However he stood up too fast and the room started spinning. “Fuck..” He mumbled and waited for the dizziness to pass. He left the room. It was cold. He was freezing and his body felt so heavy. So very very heavy. The headache grew worse and he slowed down. The corridor was swaying, shifting in and out of focus… Though he knew that the corridor was perfectly still it didn’t help. He dropped the papers and and leaned against the wall. Maybe he should have just stayed in bed after all. He slowly slid down the wall and let out a small groan. Maybe if he just sat there for a little while he’d feel well enough to gather the papers and turn them in. Yeah…

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Bottom Will list you say?

 My whole fanfic rec (aka my fav list) is just bottom will

Taking possession (one of the first fics i ever read tbh)

Hungry before we are born 

Taken for rubies (and just read everything by that author tbh)

Fall with you with burning darkness

Not to die of the truth ( be ready for feels)

Sonata Op57′ ( you can’t go wrong with alpha hannibal)

To court a monster ( slow burn and a big success in the fandom)

Odalisque/Concupiscent ( Only one bottom hannibal scene that for someone who isn’t really a big fan of that, is done the way i enjoy it. But be warned TRIGGERS SO MANY TRIGGERS)

Little arts of vice (regency au some good shit right there)

Aiónios ( again a beautiful au) 

Ikebana (oh lordy don’t even get me started on this one <3)

Change me (if you dare

And i would do more digging in my favorites but jesus my history is a mess

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So idk if you've seen it but I finally got around to watching Stardust and I was wondering if you know of any Sterek Stardust AUs??? I'm not sure how to search for that on Ao3 so I thought I'd ask the fic finding guru!

  • all the stars are coming out tonight by rories (T, 1k) Stiles is a star. Not like, a movie star, a literal star. He’d lost his glow for a little bit, but with a little help, he gets it back.
  • Stardust by raisesomehale (T, 11k, WIP) This is the story about how Stiles Stilinski becomes a man. A much greater challenge altogether, for to achieve it – he must win the heart of his one, true love.
  • Moondust by transfixeddream (T, 7k) In order to prove his devotion, Stiles offers to retrieve a newly fallen moon in exchange for his love’s hand in marriage. However, what he finds is not exactly expected.
  • How They Shine For You by InTheArmsOfATheif (G, 4k) And then Derek was just there, telling him he didn’t shine anymore, and he had no idea what the word meant to Stiles, but god was it true. He’s not even sure if he could anymore.

I’ve seen so many posts along the lines of what’s so special about Dita Von Teese, etc. Well frankly, nothing. At least not in a traditional sense. She’s not the first of her kind to do burlesque, or even the first of her generation. Nor will she be the last. Dita has successfully reinvented the wheel and found herself on a platform so large, and yet vacant for so long that she stands out above the rest. And she admits it!

However, the reason I admire Dita so much is because she is so un-apologetically feminine, and so un-apologetically confident in her sensuality and who she is as a WOMAN.. that as woman myself, I cannot help but stand back in awe, grateful that just a little bit of her confidence has rubbed off on me, and hopeful that it continues to do so. 

For all those women out there who have found themselves in a situation- be it a relationship, a job, or a family environment, where they felt less of a person because they were female being exposed to a woman who celebrates her femininity so openly… well, that can be liberating. That, to me, is what makes Dita so special. 

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Hi guys, earlier in the year I thought that my daughter might have been gay so I went online to inform myself about what to do to help her if she wanted to talk. I came across you both and your blogs and they helped so much. As it turned out she's not gay( if I'm honest I'm a little bit disappointed🙊) but I have continued to follow you. When we had 'the' talk & I'd told her that it wouldn't change anything between us I showed her your vids and we both are now huge fans. Luclyn forever

Love this so much! Sending our love to the both of you!

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for the past three days, i've felt really empty and sad despite being so satisfied w/ the ending and i don't know how to shake the feeling? i've never had the ending of a show fuck me up this bad, i just got so attached to the characters and the plot, it's been something to constantly look forward to and to comfort me through the hard time i've been going through lately... idk, i just thought i'd message u bc i feel like out of everyone, u would understand the most. sorry to bother you.

i do understand, yeah! although my reaction is something of an opposite, because gf helped me through such a hard time i subconsciously associated it with the anxiety and pain i felt, which translated into feeling anxious and hurt over the characters even though i myself am feeling better. so to finally get resolution for them actually helped me to move on a little bit more.

but if the show had ended just a few months ago, when i needed it the most, i wouldve been a wreck. thats part of why damvtf took such an emotional toll on me, i knew from the trailers that summer was ending and i was terrified of mabel “leaving me” (a toy of her i have is my comfort object), so when she actually ended up getting hurt in the end with no immediate closure i was beyond devastated. it permanently affected my mood for the next month, and i couldnt comfortably interact with the show again until escape from reality aired and i knew she was safe.

so, i know how hard it is to lose something you depend on for support, no matter what it is. all i can offer is the notion that, gravity falls isnt gone forever. it’s out there, waiting for us to find it. and dipper and mabel will always be close by, discovering new mysteries and growing up together, while their uncles battle the unknown side by side, like they always wanted. that’s what theyre doing right now! the summer may have ended, but the story never will. gravity falls isnt something that can just be swept aside and forgotten. it exists, its a part of all of us, and saying goodbye to the show doesnt mean we have to say goodbye to everything it gave us. it will always be here for you.


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