so i thought i'd give it a try

anyone else kinda terrified you’ll never be able to hold a job in the future because of your mental illness

the signs being contradictory

(based off of expierence with each sign)

- leo: hates when others talk a lot, but NEEDS others to listen to them talk 
- pisces: doesn’t like clinginess, but are sorta clingy themselves 
- libra: strongly dislikes people who are pushovers, but their kindness makes them one sometimes 
- scorpio: dislikes people being very Extra, but are extremely Extra themselves 
- capricorn: thinks people should be more strong, but are weak themselves
- cancer: dwells in the past, but dislikes when others do the same
- virgo: can be picky, but they think it’s unneeded when others are 
- taurus: thinks others should be more considerate, but sometimes aren’t that way entirely themselves 
- gemini: can rarely make decisions, while they think others should make decisions easier 
- aries: doesn’t like dramatic people, but can be quite dramatic themselves 
- aquarius: thinks people with a lot of self-worth are just bragging, but holds their self-worth very highly
- sagittarius: thinks others should accept change, but can’t accept change themselves 

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Hi I love your writing and had this thought for a top ten. I have no idea if you are still taking top ten requests but I thought I'd give it a try anyway. So we all know what an amazing friend Phichit is but what I'd like to know is when Yuuri been amazing for Phichit. So top ten Yuuri is a great friend to Phichit moments. I know you have a crazy schedule so I would more than understand if requests are over!

Top Ten Times Yuuri Was a Great Friend to Phichit:

10) Every time Yuuri turned up to one of Phichit’s skating events, which was whenever he possibly could, and cheered him on like the world’s proudest parent from the sidelines

9) When the person Phichit was dating (who was a foreign exchange student) moved back home, Phichit got really down for a while and Yuuri bundled him up in a blanket, stocked up on ice cream and had a movie marathon to take his mind off it

8) Yuuri constantly indulged Phichit’s social media love by playing along with all his games and challenges. Especially the one that Phichit set up for the Yuuri fans following him called ‘Find Katsuki’ where he would post lots of normal looking pictures but with Yuuri hiding somewhere obscure in the background that you could only see if you looked hard. Like peeking out of the crack in the wardrobe door or sitting at the top of a tree hidden in the branches. It was a game Phichit’s fans loved to play because Yuuri was pretty inactive on social media so spotting Yuuri in photos was already a game at official events and the like and Phichit’s Instagram game made it extra entertaining. It also got Phichit a lot of extra followers. 

7) During exams, Phichit was usually pretty ok but sometimes he would get really stressed studying and Yuuri would provide him with a constant stream of energy drinks and food to keep him going

6) Yuuri held a special hamster funeral for Phichit’s hamsters when they died because Phichit was too upset to do it himself

5) Once Phichit ended up getting yelled at by Celestino for something and Yuuri immediately did something even worse to get Celestino to yell at him instead and get Phichit off the hook

4) Yuuri learned every single skate routine in the King and the Skater so that he could skate them with Phichit

3) Once Phichit was having a really bad day and Yuuri flew straight back from the competition he was at to spend time with him and cheer him up even though he was still supposed to be out of the country for a few more days because Phichit was more important

2) Yuuri learned Thai for Phichit so that he could comfort Phichit when he had nightmares and Thai was the best way to calm him down when he was still half asleep and scared

1) Yuuri absolutely destroyed anyone who was rude to Phichit. Once at a competition one of the older, more experienced skaters was being really nasty to Phichit and calling him and nobody who would go no-where and Yuuri ‘I’ve got more gold medals than all of you’ Katsuki overheard and walked up to Phichit like ‘you were fantastic, you totally deserved that medal’ before casually looking over at the other skater with a smile ‘oh hi…I’m sorry, who are you again?’

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How do you still watch/like supernatural???????????


well thought-out. a lot of question marks. this is serious.


i know a lot of people who love blue cheese.

i think it’s awful. i look at it and ask, “how? how can someone like that? by eating it, who are they trying to impress? they look like they’re genuinely enjoying it, but how? it’s so awful” without considering the other option

they have a different preference than me.

that’s a lot to take in, so i’ll give you a second.

ok, i think you’re good.

now, i would ask those people, “don’t you realize it’s…that…that’s mold? there’s mold there. i can’t get over the fact that there’s something inherently bad in it” and they shrug, recognize that yeah that is what it is, but there’s so much to it that they do like that just because someone else isn’t into it, doesn’t mean they’re giving it up. and hey, it’s not bad for them, so they have at it. it’s improved a lot of things for them, too. salad. hot wings. the works!

but then i might think, “they can’t POSSIBLY keep liking it. they’ve liked it for so long! get over your love for blue cheese!”

but that isn’t how having like, a favorite of something works. it’s available to them. it makes a lot of stuff better for them. they don’t always have to have it, but when they do, they enjoy it. maybe they went through a period where they had it on something they didn’t like, left a bad taste in their mouths, and they dropped it for a minute, but they couldn’t give up one of their favorite foods.

so, spn is my blue cheese.

yeah, i recognize why it’s, in many ways, wonky. but the cast, the crew, the fans? everyone has become a part of a family i never really got to have. i have sweet loving grandmas i never got, and mothers who look after me and check in on me. i have kind men who give me fatherly advice, and i have big brothers who tease me but stand up for me when they see i’m down. this show has given me opportunities, courage to pursue what i love, and friends who, i don’t think i’d still be here if i hadn’t made them. friends who help in tremendous ways for someone who’s across the planet.

as for the show, last season was a rough one for me. but i love when they tackle big religious topics, and how they do it to this day. for some people, it didn’t jive, and that’s cool. there’s a lot of good content out there. (seriously, i’m still a huge advocate of american gods! if you’ve dropped spn but miss that early-season aesthetic and LOVE gore, give it a shot. aw yiss)

i hope i covered all of the points and removed some of the question marks from this question!

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Hey there, I admire your work as an artist, so I thought I'd ask for some tips on how to draw faces from angles that arent front-on? :3

Hi! Thank you!

Sadly, I absolutely suck at giving advice or tips, because I just do it a certain way and hope for the best. So this is not a tutorial at all and I assume that you already have looked at some stuff before to figure out how to draw faces.

For this I’ll simply make a sketch to try to show you how I do stuff… So for this we need a volunteer.

Cas apparently doesn’t want to look at us, so hi Sam! 

It’s easiest to work with references so you can always check back how it’s actually supposed to look whenever you need a bit of help.

So let’s get started!

So this potato with a target on it, is the basic head shape. Art teachers or students might not draw it like this, no idea, but this is what works for me most of the time.

I always try to put some “landmarks” for orientation in the face. Usually that’s the shape of the face and the nose/ brow.

Looks creepy but it’s a start. See how I’ve put in the major “landmarks”? It already looks like a face.

As you can see the edge of the nose and the inner corner of the eye kinda align. (Again, proper art tutorials will tell you tricks for how to navigate drawing the face.)

Something like this comes out. Now you just continue to build up Sammy’s face.

Sam’s kinda skeptical about what I’m doing. But I continue working with my sketch, always keeping an eye on the reference.

“Did I forget Dean’s pie…?”

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Eh, hi, just wanted to say that besides doing amazing stuff, you're really great at being a contagiously, brightly glowing human being, y'know? I mean, I've been in bit of a bad place longer I'd like to, at the time I found your blog I just had started to get my head out of it; I had to run some errands today and thought I couldn't deal with it, but then I thought I'd just try smiling wide like TT, and like, it was all fine. So instead of asking for a hug, I'd like to give you a big one. Thanks.

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I don't know if you experience this, but you tend to give thoughtful and practical advice so I thought I'd give it a shot: what do you suggest doing when you're filled with fear that everyone hates you, thinks you're dumb, and you're worried that useless/have nothing of value to add?

Consider tracking how often/how intensely you feel this, so you can notice if it is caused in part by lack of sleep, by being behind at work or homework, by interactions with certain people who are really stressful for you to engage with, by low blood sugar, by spending hours on Facebook, etc. 

If it has contributing factors like that, try, for one week, aggressively avoiding them. Unless they’re necessary for school or work, but in that case seriously think about whether there’s a class you can drop or a responsibility you can ask someone else to take over or something which can give you the experience of an environment that doesn’t trigger anxiety and self-loathing. It is much easier to figure out what’s going on with your anxiety and self-loathing when you’re not in a situation that continually makes it worse.

Secondly, consider looking for things that make it better. Are there people who, when you hang around them, don’t make you feel like this? If not people, dogs? Does reading or watching fictional people who feel that no one is worthless and everyone matters help you believe it on any level? Happiness is morally good, therefore your happiness is morally good, therefore one thing you can do which is never useless and which always makes the world richer is to be happy.

Thirdly, lots of people with distorted thoughts related to anxiety and self-worth seem to benefit from cognitive behavioral therapy workbooks, which you can do yourself if a therapist is inaccessible. They’re basically practice at identifying things you are thinking, checking whether they make any sense, and getting better at ignoring ones that are anxiety-generated lies. 

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can I ask you why you ship swanfire? (I ship it too but I'd love to know your thoughts!) what are your favorite things about their relationship?

This is the best ask I received in a while! I have so many feels about them, but I’ll try to give you my reasons:

  • They are two lost kids without a family and they find it witch one another
  • When Neal asked Emma out for drinks he brought coffee. Not an alcohol, he didn’t want to get her drunk, he just wanted to get to know the person, who stole the car he had stolen first.
  • on their first date he told her: It’s how you know you really got a home. When you leave it there’s this feeling you can’t shake. You just miss it.and she lived by that her entire life
  • SHE STOLE A STOLEN CAR. I mean come on, this is amazing. They were two homeless kids, who shared a stolen car as their house.
  • Emma wanted to get the watches Neal stole, it was her idea.
  • Neal screwed up. But he never forgave himself and he regretted his actions ever since. He just wanted to get her to her parents and he apologized for that from the bottom of his heart. “That you would never forgive me, ‘cause I never forgave myself. There hasn’t been a day that’s gone by that I don’t regret having left you. I’m sorry, Emma, for everything.”
  • HE GAVE HER MONEY AND THE BUG. If it wasnt for August, Emma wouldn’t have to worry about the future and maybe, he would keep Henry.
  • They still loved each other after 11 years later. “-I love you. - Love you too.” “I knew the moment I saw him, I never, I never stopped loving him.” “From the moment I saw you in New York, in the instant you stepped back in my life, I knew. I knew I’d never stopped loving you.”
  • She spent 2 years in Tallahassee after she got out of jail.
  • He didn’t want to see his father, but when he found out that she made a deal with the Dark One, he came back to save her, “I came to make sure you didn’t hurt her. I’ve seen what you do to people who break deals.
  • From the moment he found out he has a son, he tried to be the best father in the world and he tried to make up for the lost time.
  • He never expected her to go back to him, and he just wanted her happiness “I just want you to be happy. Even if it isn’t with me.”
  • He was fighting to get her back, but he respected her decisions.
  • They know each other better than themselves. “If there’s one thing I know about you, you don;t stop ‘til you find what you’re looking for.” “Ah, hell, no, I tought her that!”
  • He was a son of a guy who created/found a curse, and she was destined to break it.
  • He died so she could live and defeat Zelena.
  • THEY HAD SO MUCH POTENTIAL like imagine if Neal was the one who came back in time to Enchnted Forest with Emma? Or The Dark Swan storyline? DO YOU IMAGINE HOW AMAZING WOULD THAT BE? All that angst, and trying to hel her and imagien if HE WAS THE ONE EMMA TURNED INTO THE DARK ONE (or, even better, both Hook and Neal anre turned into the Dark Ones and we all know who would be a better man afterwards). OR IMAGINE NEAL VS GIDEON THAT WOULD BE SO COOL, HE’S TRYING TO SAVE EMMA, BUT AT THE SAME TIME HE WANTS TO HELP HIS LITTLE BROTHER MY FEELS.
  • They brought the best out of each other.
  • Their priority was Henry, always.
  • He was a lost boy and she was a lost girl.

There are more of course, but these are the ones from the top of my head. 

Also here are few posts that make me love Neal and Swanfire even more: x, x, x, x, x


What a good day to wake up and NOT be an anti and not stress about what people ship in a children’s cartoon 💖 What a good day to not judge people what they like fictionally because I don’t have “fiction effects reality” tattooed on my body and throw the word pedophile around.

  • Kanan: Your back's getting pretty impressive, You. Been working out?
  • You, posing: Yeah, I thought I'd give the ladies a little service
  • Kanan: Nice
  • .
  • Chika: Your new designs are adorable! I can't wait to try them on!
  • You: R-really? I, I mean Ruby helped me out a lot, so, I mean, ehe~ I'll do my best!
  • .
  • You: Hey, um... nobody's looking, so... could we hold hands? O-only if you want to!
  • Riko: (I feel like You is a different person depending on who she's talking to)
  • Riko: (I... I want to kiss all of these Yous)
  • Riko: (Starting with this one)
  • You: O-oh, that's-- mmmh~

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.......???? Why is everyone trying to sexualize CWD? You've made it very clear that she is AceAro Maybe make an FAQ and delete asks regarding her sexuality henceforth? Like I've wanted to send this ask the past couple days, waiting to see if you were gonna get fed up on your own, but that doesn't seem to be happening so....just thought I'd make the suggestion <3

Tbh ppls undying thirsts are entertaining and give me a chance to be a complete asshole lmfao tho I gonna make a FAQ page so ppl stop sending me weird asks

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Hello, this may be a stupid question, i hope you don't mind. I really love your A:tla metas (honestly,they are so well phrased and in-depth) and if you have time or interest to answer, i'd love to know if you have any thought about this: in which Hogwarts houses would you sort the Gaang?

Haha, thank you Anon, that’s very kind of you to say.

And it’s absolutely not a stupid question, it’s fun, crossovers and speculation and what ifs are fun and that’s the whole point of fandom, you know?

I actually never thought about it, but, why not, let’s give it a try, the Gaang in Hogwarts houses, by someone who, somehow*, actually managed to reduce the content of Harry Potter in their brain below 3%:

Aang: Gryffindor. Aang’s entire character motivation was that he needs to prove himself as the Avatar. All the work he did, and the kid did a lot of work, was in order to prove to himself, and to the world, that he is worthy of the Avatar title. Shame all this got cast aside from Book 3 onwards, but what can you do. Add to that the fact that he loves attention, loves to show off, and yeah, Gryffindor all the way.

Katara: Slytherin. I said before that Katara’s a Discworld Witch™, and by definition all Discworld Witches are Slytherins. But, to elaborate, she is the single most ambitious person in the Gaang, she is absolutely certain of herself, at least until Book 3 throws all established characterization under the bus, and is extremely… flexible when it comes to what means she will use to get what she wants. She loves fighting, yes, but ultimately she recognizes that it is a tool to use, not a goal to achieve.

Sokka: Hufflepuff. Ok, I was torn here. On one hand, Sokka’s smart, and like, the biggest Nerd™ in the Atla-verse, so I can see him benefiting greatly from being surrounded by other nerds, but ultimately, everything Sokka ever did was in order to protect the ones he loves, and that runs far deeper than any affinity for tinkering.

Zuko: Hufflepuff. Listen, “You can’t sacrifice an entire division like that! Those soldiers love and defend our nation! How can you betray them?” listen, “We’ve created an era of fear in the world. And if we don’t want the world to destroy itself, we need to replace it with an era of peace and kindness.” listen”An idealist with a pure heart, and unquestionable honor.” He works so hard and everything he ever did was for love and loyalty. Everything. Like I could be convinced that the others could go elsewhere, but Zuko is 100% Hufflepuff.

Toph: Gryffindor. Look, a pro wrestler earthbender with a special, deeply-rooted disdain for authority, until that nonsense in Lok, at least, cannot be anything but.

Suki: Hufflepuff/Gryffindor. I honestly don’t think we have enough of Suki’s personality, morals, beliefs, and so on for me to make more than a ‘meh’ guess, but considering her dedication to the the Kiyoshi Warriors and their lifestyle, I’d put her sooner in Hufflepuff than Gryffindor.

So basically, what I got out of this is that in a Hogwarts!AU Katara and Azula would be roommates and I need that fic, like, yesterday.

*Read Discworld people, it’s a cure all.

HEY I know this isn’t B.A.P related and I apologize for that but I’m sitting on 2 extra DAY6 tickets that I decided to keep for the signed poster benefit that came with them and I’m basically feeling shitty about just… letting 2 seats at a sold out show go unfilled.

Real short notice I know but if any of my followers (or anyone y’all know) lives near enough to Chicago to want to go tomorrow (the 27th) to the DAY6 concert, give me a shout. They’re second row balcony so pretty damn good seats in the middle sections and I’m basically offering them for free. You’d just have to meet up with me so I could get you in, as they’re in my name and I believe I need to keep it that way to get my signed posters. D;

Edit: I didn’t end up finding anyone to take these tickets but I did find a cute couple way in the back with garbage seats and offered them my better location. It turned out that it was their wedding anniversary and dlksananhg it was the cutest shit I’m very happy I could at least give someone with not-great seats an upgrade.

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I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on Mello and Hal's 'relationship'. Both in the manga & the anime (but more so in the manga), I got the vibe that Hal had crush on/legitimately liked Mello, and she seems genuinely upset when he dies. But why? This is the guy most likely responsible for the death of her coworkers, and has pointed a gun at her on multiple occasions. Is it Ohba's sexism again? Or was she trying to trick Mello into giving her information by seducing him? I really can't tell.

I never thought Lidner had a crush on Mello or was even trying to seduce him, truth be told. I think her interest in him is largely pragmatic, with maybe a hint of having a soft spot for him, but… not in any attraction-way of it.

Like for one, I consider it incredibly unlikely she’s into him due to the age difference alone. When they meet she’s 29 and he’s 19, she has little reason to even see him as a full adult, let alone a viable sexual partner. 
I think the way she treats him is often very reflective of this age dynamic, much more than any of her conversations to Near who, despite being younger, is legally her boss. Lidner owes no such respect to Mello.

The two of them meet rather ominously ca. a day after Mello blows up his hideout. I say ominously because Mello is injured in LA area - Lidner lives in NYC, on the completely opposite coast. There is no way she’d have been able to make a 5 hour flight to LA and back without Near noticing, so she can’t have picked him up there intentionally. So rather than that, apparently Mello managed to drag his severely injured ass onto a plane without attracting attention and get to NYC almost immediately after blowing half his face off.
… Ohba still doesn’t know how injuries work, news at 11.

Near said that Mello is very likely to have information on Gevanni and Lidner but let them live intentionally, so they could serve as future reference to him.
So we can… reasonably assume he approached Lidner and tried to threaten her into helping him out? But that…. didn’t work out all that well, judging by how they interact when we see them a week later.

Mello lived in her apartment all that time and judging by her immediately raising her hand to shush him when she comes in, it is pretty much commonplace that he waits for her with a gun out in case it’s someone suspicious. She is no longer impressed  or intimidated by this at all.

She makes that clear a second time in the shower scene, by explicitely mentioning that he can only threaten her with a gun but it’s not a very convincing threat either, so basically “you don’t own me, Mello.”
Mello may still make attempts to threaten her, but she makes clear that she’s the one holding the power here.

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How would each of the chocobros plan out a date with their s/o? Just thought I'd drop in a cute scenario ask! ^~^

oh hooray! i haven’t really gotten a cute ask yet so this is nice c:

Noctis: Honestly, he’s really bad at planning dates. He’s super spontaneous whenever he wants to see his partner; if he wants to see them, he calls them right away to ask when they’re ready and offers to pick them up if needed. His partner would probably get frustrated with him since he calls so suddenly then starts saying he’ll pick them up, then get pouty and try giving them excuses if they can’t drop everything and see him immediately. (He’s a lot clingier than he wants to admit) Lazy house dates are his favorite, because not only does it mean lots of cuddles, it’s not too difficult to set up and get to. 

Ignis: He plans dates for at least a day or two before proposing the idea to his partner. Ignis likes dinner dates the most, and maybe a movie afterwards; something relaxing that lets him be alone with his partner and cook them anything they like. Coming up with the perfect dinner date gives Ignis a lot to look forward to. He never spaces out, but if he does, it’ll be before bed, pondering what dish would make his partner smile. For lack of a better word, it’s fun, and makes him happy to think about. Often he likes to call his partner to ask if they’d like to go on a date, because hearing the smile in their voice makes their eventual reunion all the more sweeter. 

Gladio: Gladio’s also more casual when it comes to dates, but definitely not as big of a mess as Noct. He likes asking them in person and getting to discuss who feels like doing what. For the most part he’s okay with anything his partner wants to do, but he will drag them outside eventually if they spend too much time moldering in their house. He doesn’t like waiting for date times to come along like Ignis does; it’s either right in the moment or a day or two later. There’s so much he wants to see with his partner, and he feels like every day away from them is a waste of sights they could be experiencing together. 

Prompto: Prompto’s probably got a giant bucket list of date ideas, and he has the worst time trying to decide which one to pick for every date. Amusement park dates, fireworks shows, house dates, cooking classes, karaoke, he wants to do everything with his partner. No matter how much time he spends with them, it’s never enough. When he’s not in the mood for anything specific, he’ll take the list to his partner and ask them what they want to do. Usually he likes going to several places at a time per date, like going to the arcade, then a cafe, then maybe to the pool. Going home after to cuddle is a must for him, though.

1. I get bored easily, with a lot of things, but never of you
2. I’m ocd about certain things, nothing important like cleanliness, just where I put things. If they aren’t there I lose them.
3. I give my heart out too easy, to friends, to significant others, and family. It’s never the same when I get it back, is that growth?
4. I’m terrified of the dark.
5. I say I love you but I don’t know what love is, because I don’t know how to feel emotion.
6. I stay up late because I refuse to sleep, where most people find peace in dreams I find nightmares.
7. I drive safe, usually a little faster than the speed limit but never around traffic.
8. I play video games to get away from things I have to do as an adult, like clean and get a job.
9. The hardest part of the day is remembering to take care of myself.
10. My taste in music reflects how I should feel about certain things I can’t feel for.
11. I’m emotionally unstable.
12. I live for smiles, even though I can’t remember what mine looks like.
13. I start off doing things in a normal routine and slowly stop, after awhile you’ll think I’m a different person, I’ve just gotten comfortable.
14. My parents were abusive and I had a rough childhood but I don’t take it out on people, and never you.
15. I like the color blue, even though my favorite color is brown because I saw your eyes.
16. I’m mentally still a teenager and I feel shunned by today’s modern adult.
17. I’ve contemplated being gay, but then I remember that I’d be hated by men too.