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Reblog if you’d like a drawing in your submissions on Christmas

I know it’s just past Halloween, but with more than eight times as many followers this year as last year (there were only 100 of you guys last year), I figured I’d get this out there and started going now, so I have time to make things.

But like last year, I want to give people something for the holidays, and what I can give are drawings. If you’d like one, either message me or put in the tags 1) what your selfie tag is, if you have one 2) a favorite character/person from Rooster Teeth (AH, RvB, FH, anyone) OR Critical Role 3) if there’s an AU from that fandom that you really like.

Happy holidays!

Writing Prompts July 2015

1. Almost Human: Personify a mental illness. What does it look like, sound like, think like?

2. Observe: Write about scenes you see on highways.

3. Wander: Describe a map to your state of mind.

4. Secrets: Write about a sleepover.

5. Time: Describe the slow decay of something brand new.

6. Nostalgia: A letter to this time last year.

7. Ice: A letter to winter. 

8. July: what does it taste like, sound like, think like?

9. Sickness: How do hospitals make you feel?

10. Drowning: Write about the ocean. How much of you did it take?

11. What-ifs: A letter to a past love.

12. If-Onlys: A letter to an almost-love.

13. Innocence: Write about playground loves.

14. Death: How do graveyards make you feel?

15. Joy: What does your mother look like on the days sadness does not touch her?

16. Hades: Write about betrayal in it’s purest form.

17. Envy: Write about Satan and Adam’s love story.

18. Lust: Write about red lips and Eve’s half-eaten apple.

19. Numb: Write about surviving an accident.

20. Lost: What do the woods look like at night?

Do you ever really miss your old special interests and wish you could obsess over them again but the passion is just… gone? 

And you go back and look at all the hard work you did into collecting information for that special interest, and analyzing it, and basing your creative endeavors on it, and you’re proud of all the effort you put into it but you can’t bring yourself to continue?

It’s so weird having vast stores of knowledge in my head about something I don’t really care about. And worse, I FORGET that I don’t care about it anymore, like I hear other people say they like it and I get all excited before I’m like “Wait… I have nothing to say about this thing right now, I probably shouldn’t tell them ‘I LOVE THAT THING’ when what I mean is ‘I USED to love that thing’, people used to do that to me and I hated it.” 

It’s a really frustrating feeling. If only I could choose what my mind chooses to hyperfocus on.

There are too many popular “relatable” posts that promote self hate. Why do u want everyone to see something that reinforces their insecurities rather than gives them new hope and a new outlook? reblog something that reinforces what you love about yourself and don’t assume your list of flaws is longer than your list of amazing traits. Please love yourself

Friendly Advice

Description: Fluffy Dean x reader. Reader is out with her hunting partner and friend at a bar when talk turns to the Winchesters, her friend clearly has ideas on how to set them up…
Words: 1,431
Warnings: Alcohol?
Author’s Note: Second fluffy fic on a trot? I must be coming down with something. Tagging @autoblocked​ because she unknowingly helped me decide which fic to do next and I love her to bits!

Request 1: Could I possibly get a Reader x Spn? Maybe the reader is talking with an hunter friend and somehow they end up talking their friend asks if the reader is dating anyone. Reader tells them nope, but their friend asks about all the guys the reader’s met. Basically the reader talking about what they think each of the guys in terms of lovers, maybe throw in something they specifically like about the guy? I was also wondering if you could add in the spn guys end up hearing the reader and her friend, maybe the guys are flattered idk
Request 2: @assassinsenpai​ What do you think about a story of dean & sam liking the same girl hunter who’s sams age and she kinda likes dean ? Thank you :D

If a person had told you when you were a kid that you’d end up driving around the country in an old banger with never more than a couple hundred dollars to your name, you would have given up run away there and then. Something in you had always thought you were going to break out of your family’s old habits when you grew up… Some kids want to be astronauts, some wanted to be doctors and some changed every day of the week. And that’s the way it should be when you’re 8, but you’d been 8 going on 18 and your only dream was a normal life with a normal family. That was all dashed long ago, but sometimes when you got lost in thought, your mind wandered back to those days, roaming around the ideas of picket fences and watching the sunset with a beer at your neighbourhood barbecue.

It wasn’t that the drink in front of you wasn’t chilled and fresh, and you couldn’t be in better company really, but it wasn’t what you’d wanted. But when life gives you lemons, slice them up and use them for a cocktail, right?
It’d be unfair to say you didn’t enjoy your life as it was, you had friends - friends so close they’d become family. It was just you liked to reminisce sometimes on how things could’ve been.

One of these said friends returned from the toilet as you sat there, staring aimlessly at the knots of wood in the table. You glanced up and cracked a smile, “took your time?”

“Had to powder my nose,” Bex sassed back. Truthfully, she’d probably rather use it to dust for fingerprints but you laughed along. She sat back down on the stool and took a sip from her drink, closing her eyes and letting out a brief sigh as the cool liquid washed down, “we definitely don’t get enough time to relax these days.”

“Tell me about it,” you muttered, “you know we’ve not stayed anywhere for more than a week in the past year?”

“What about in Austin?”

“We only stayed 5 nights before the coven broke down and betrayed each other, probably seemed longer because we barely slept?”

“True,” she grimaced and nodded her head as she remembered. “Why’d you bring that up anyway? Got itchy feet, going to leave me at the altar?” She winked and took a sip of her drink.

“I just don’t see you that way,” you laughed, before pulling a serious face and giving her exaggerated puppy dog eyes, “I’m sorry, it’s not you, it’s me.”

Bex feigned offence before grinning to herself, “ah well, you’re still my best wing woman.”

You stuck your tongue out and slouched back a little in your chair, “nah, I only brought it up because… I don’t know, just thinking I s'pose.”

“Don’t strain yourself, you’ve been doing a lot of that lately.“

You nodded and shrugged your shoulders, "I guess I just always assumed I’d be in a different place by now. A boyfriend, a house, a job? I don’t know, just forget about it.”

“You’ve not dated anyone in a year now, Y/N,” she said simply before she raised an eyebrow, “wait, you’re thinking about those Winchester guys from back in Kansas, aren’t you?”

“No?” You replied in a tone that didn’t even really convince yourself, “okay fine. Maybe a little. I was just thinking we should work out a way of getting a base sometime. That bunker of theirs, it was homely, settled, y'know?”

“Yeah,” she smirked, “but you know that’s not what I meant. You’ve barely shut up about them.”

“You shut up.”

Bex ignored your seemingly immature response and held up her hands in defense, “Hey, I can see why you’d like them, but really? Haven’t you heard enough of how much trouble those boys get in?”

You nodded and took a sip of your drink. Any hunter would be a fool not to have known of the Winchesters worth what they got up to, however, Bex and you had the joy of working with them a few times in the past year. She didn’t view them differently to any other hunters you’d paired up with but there was something about them that you enjoyed more than normal. Maybe it was the family feeling they gave off or maybe it was the danger but whatever it was, you found it harder to drive away each time.

“We should hunt again with them sometime though, they’re the only ones who consistently get in as many predicaments as we do,” you muttered, but on seeing her grin you shook your head, “no, no! Not like that, I’m just saying-”

“Why not date one of them?” She said quickly, as you threw her a deadpan look. “Come on, if you were wanting to date someone, no one would understand this life more than them, and seeing as you so cruelly threw me off the cards…”

You laughed and stuck your tongue out at her, “nah, I don’t know-”

“Oh you so do! Be honest, why not?” She threw back at you, crossing her arms and giving you a challenging look.

“Well,” you trailed off and pursed your lips for a moment, “Sam is exactly my age… he’s so sweet and he constantly has hair that you just want to stroke but-”

“But what?” Bex said excitedly sitting forwards, “what’s wrong with that?!”

“Nothing! God, nothing!” You groaned, “he’s basically Greek God too, but I don’t know. Dean on the other hand, he might not have the same body but I found myself staring into his eyes a lot on that last hunt, they were just so dreamy?” You giggled in embarrassment at the memory, “and he noticed me looking.”

“What? You didn’t tell me that!”

You smirked, “Yeah… he made some comment about it too, he is such a flirt, seriously. I think out of the pair of them I could just talk to Dean for hours, I mean, I could tell he’s not a talk-about-your-feelings type, but we just sort of gelled?” Bex raised an eyebrow and you raised a warning finger at her before talking again quickly, “this doesn’t mean anything, alright? Just between us.”

“I solemnly swear,” she said letting out a laugh, before adding a quiet, “that I’m up to no good… Although seriously what have you got to lose apart from clothes?“

"I hate you sometimes,” you laughed, “I do think Dean would be a cuddler though…”

“Really?” She said, screwing up her nose, “I would’ve put him down as the type to get embarrassed by that… but then what do I know about guys? Why not give one of him a call and you can find out!”

“What are we? 12? No, they’re too busy with whatever apocalypse they’re starting this time.”

“It won’t be long, I’ve seen the way both of them watch you. And I’m not sure if you noticed but they’ve been mysteriously needing help from us a lot lately. We never hear of them before and suddenly it’s 3 times in the past month, face it Y/N, we’re amazing and they can’t live without us,” she winked before taking a long swig from her drink.

“I like how you say ‘we’ there,” you smiled, “fine, I’ll consider it if we hunt with them again, happy?” She nodded enthusiastically, judging by her reaction, you’d have thought she was the one with the crush, “anyway, next round’s on me, do you want another drink?”

She gave you a thumbs up, “another half pint for me, I’m trying to take it easy lately.”

“Yeah, yeah,” you muttered as you grabbed your purse and headed up for the bar.

There weren’t many queues so you didn’t have a problem in flagging down the barman to get you a drink, it was only as he turned his back to find a glass that you felt your phone buzz in your pocket. Expecting some jokey comment from Bex you dug it out and glanced at the screen, feeling yourself blush as you realised who it was from. You checked yourself and bit your lip, quickly paying for your drinks and heading back to the table, phone still in hand.

“What?” Bex said suspiciously, “you’re blushing, what did you do?”

“Nothing!” you scoffed before setting the drinks down and taking your seat, you let her get completely confused as to your sudden embarrassment before sliding your phone over to her and grinning, “last drink, I need to rest up for the morning.”