so i thought her pink lips would fit better and yeah whatever

Jewel In The Crown (M)

florist!kihyun, 15.1k, he knows what beautiful is but he’s also a bit jealous and has shitty friends

warning: smut (kihyun is a virgin, his first time, oral for both, slightly dom!kihyun i guess??)

“You look really nice by the way…Ignore that. You look beautiful. You’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever known.”

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a pretty good bad idea (1/?)

pairing: Trini/Kimberly (Power Rangers

words: 2097

summary: With great power comes unexpected and awkward side effects. Also: kissing lessons. (Isn’t that how the saying goes?)

a/n: Guess who saw Power Rangers and is predictable trash? Guess who loves all that trope-y cheesiness? Guess who doesn’t remember how to write, but is doing it anyways? Me me me. Anyways, I tried to bring the cheese, my friends, but I’m just not capable of writing poetry like ‘Are we Power Rangers or are we friends?’. Alas.

AO3 Link here!

WARNING for @smallandsundry : there is KISSING in this fic. (Also, no bear rangers.) Please avert your eyes.

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Something New

Summary: Sam and Y/N are pretty calm when it comes to sex. But Sam wants to try something new. He’s a little nervous not knowing how she’ll react to having anal sex. 

 Characters: Sam Winchester. Reader 

Pairing: Sam Winchester X Reader 

 Warnings: NSFW, anal sex, unprotected sex (suit up), oral sex (female receiving), language 

 Word Count: 2,675

 Request:  Can you do one about anal sex with Sam? -Anonymous 

 A/N: a Thanks @impala-dreamer for beta reading this. I hope y'all enjoy feedback is welcomed.

Originally posted by frozen-delight

Y/N is sitting there on the bed staring at me with those big and beautiful Y/E/C eyes. I’m leaning against the wall, watching as the book she was reading slowly slips out of her hands. She’s in shock but hell, I guess any normal girl would be too after what I just asked of her. Her cheeks and the tips of her ears flush as her jaw drops slightly. The poor thing must be replaying my words over and over in her head, unsure of what she should say.

“Hey,” I finally speak up, running my fingers through my hair, “it’s like I said, we don’t need to do it I was-” I clear my throat, running my hand over my slightly stubbled chin, her eyes are locked on mine, “I was just wanting to know if you were interested in trying it.”

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The Girl From the Journal (Pt 2)

Part 1

Surprise! I finished the second part to my soulmate AU! Sorry it took 62 years to finish. Enjoy!

A/N: In this AU, Riverdale is a much bigger city than it is in canon, so the Riverdale Register is much bigger as well. Also, shoutout to @birdlovesafish for giving me the idea for Betty’s nickname that Polly’s kids call her. Thanks, lovely!

Betty Cooper stumbled through the revolving glass doors of the tallest building in town, the Riverdale Register. Betty took a look around the recently renovated lobby, her eyes widening in awe at the pristine marble flooring and state of the art computers on every desk from the receptionist’s right in front of her, to the reporters’ in the back room. 

“May I help you?” The man standing behind the reception area asked in a nasally voice, his nose turning up to the tall ceiling at the sight of Betty and her too-tight ponytail and wrinkled baby blue skirt clumsily sliding her way across the recently mopped wet floor. 

“Yes! I’m looking for a Mr. Jones,” she explained once she had made her way safely over to him, holding onto the counter tightly with one hand and smoothing down her blouse with the other. “Um, he left something of his at my sister’s cafe this morning and I’m here to return it.” 

“Do you have a name?” the man wanted to know, glancing down at his computer briefly to check something before flicking his eyes back up in her direction impatiently. 

“Uh, I do. But whatever name you give him won’t mean anything to him,” Betty informed him, her words coming out rushed and jumbled as she scrambled to explain herself. “He doesn’t actually know me - I mean apparently he writes about me, but he’s never met me. Well technically he met me this morning, but it was only briefly and I don’t think he really even looked me in the eye or-”

“Rambling crazy lady with a journal,” the man spat, cutting her off and eyeing her with a look of annoyance as he picked up the phone on the counter to punch in a number. “That’ll be enough of a description for him, thanks.” 

“Rude,” Betty muttered under her breath, backing away from the desk and rubbing her arms up and down uncomfortably as she waited for the receptionist to make his phone call. 

“He’ll be down in a moment,” he told her. “Try not to touch anything while you’re waiting. In fact, try not to even look at anything breakable until Mr. Jones arrives.” 

“Well okay then,” Betty mumbled, making her way over to the wall on the opposite side of the reception area where she found row after row of noteworthy articles from past news editions, framed and polished for the entire office to read. 

Betty scanned the wall, taking in title after title until one particularly lengthy column that sat at the very end, nearest to the staircase, caught her eye. It was written by the very man of whose journal she was lugging around in her purse, and as curiosity got the better of her, she began reading until she was completely immersed in his words, just as she had been when she was reading his journal. 

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Gotta Go My Own Way 3 | Calum Hood

Finally got around to writing this as well! Enjoy loves. Parts 1 and 2

(not my gif)


Calum had been hanging onto me the last couple of days since the awkward incident that ended with me finding Nia and Calum in her dressing room getting a little too cozy. Was I complaining about the few extra minutes spent cuddling on the couch before heading out the tour bus door to set up for the venue? Was I complaining about the few extra forehead kisses that graced my skin before he left my side for an hour and a half to play his set? No, of course not.

But I am complaining about his reasoning.

I know he’s only doing it to make up for whatever happened that day in the dressing room. I may have walked in on an awkward moment, but I didn’t know anything that happened before that. It was all up in the air, for speculation. 

Nia still paraded around as if she won a prize at the county fair all on her own. Her smile shined brighter, her eyes gleamed with pride, her stride was long and stretched, and her clothes, it seemed, got shorter and tighter with each show. She would often drag Calum with her to Mr.Jackson to talk about the show night before we even start packing up, in an attempt to make Mr.Jackson like him more. Or so I’m concluding.

She didn’t pay attention to any of the other boys as much as she payed attention to mine, and they all could see it, along with the flames in my eyes when she’d dare touch him or look at him a certain way. So right now, with a guitar in his arms, his knees touching mine, and me holding a pen and notepad, we begin to write a new song that would debut in two show nights. Calum preferred to be the main song writer of the group just because it was his way of releasing all bad energy and turning it into something that would be useful for the world and the people in it. Of course the other boys helped out too, but tonight was just my man and I.

“So, show me how the chords work with the lyrics again?” I asked, bringing the pen against my lips and leaning my elbows on my knee.

“It’s…taking every breathe away, with all of the mistakes I’ve made, from all the letters that I’ve saved, this is everything I didn’t say…” Each strum was a different line of lyrics which he played so beautifully. Normally fans would just think he stuck to the bass and some vocals, but Calum was more diverse than that. He knew how to play the guitar fairly well, he practiced the drums every now and then, he can play the piano beautifully but is still learning, knows how to harmonize and sing from his heart, and knew how to work some meaningful lyrics together. I admired him before thinking of the perfect lyrics to follow.

“Oh! How about…’I wish I could’ve made you stay, but I’m the only one to blame’…’I know that it’s a little too late, this is everything I didn’t say’.” I smiled triumphantly scribbling down the messy lyrics. They sounded better than I had ever expected to come up with, so I had to write fast to make sure I didn’t lose the magic. Calum smiled along with me, rubbing my knee comfortingly and began to strum the chords with the newly made lyrics to make sure they flowed, which they did. 

“You’re becoming a real music genius babe, bringing you here with me was probably the best decision I ever made.” He held my hand in his looking me dead in the eyes with a certain sparkle to them. I gulped before putting on a faker no teeth smile, nodding along with him. Something about this ‘compliment’ didn’t sound as genuine as his usual compliments were, but almost as if it was rehearsed, like he knew he was going to end up saying something along those lines eventually. But I swallowed back the thought and leaned forward, setting a sweet kiss on his plump pink lips before picking up the pen and notepad to write more.

“Okay so, first verse and chorus is done, now let’s get started on the-” The door whipped open almost hitting the back wall, revealing the witch that is Nia. She wore really tight black jeans that obviously showed off her bubble butt of an ass and a cropped black and white stripped top, trying to accentuate her A cup boobs. I huffed and slammed down the notepad and pen on the table in front of us and leaned back into the couch crossing my arms.

‘This outta be good.’ I whispered to myself.

“Calum come on! Mr.Jackson needs to speak to you about exciting news!” Without even paying attention to me, she took the guitar from his arms and set it down, then grabbed his arm forcefully and yanked him off the couch.

“Wait about what? I’m busy here if you couldn’t tell.” 

“I don’t want to give anything away it’s just important so c’mon!” He planted his feet on the ground, turning back to give me a sad look in his eye, as if he was telling me there was basically nothing he could do about the situation unfolding before us.

“it’s fine, just go. I’ll be here and we’ll finish the song when you get back.” He nodded his head with a half smile and Nia rushed him out of the door with that stupid big smile on her face.

I leaned forward with my head in my hands, sighing, and then running them down my face in frustration. I looked over at the lifelessly guitar and contemplated trying to learn how to use it to try and finish the song myself, seeing as I didn’t know if Calum would be coming back any time soon.

I picked it up in my hands, unsure of where to place them, but I just thought back to watching Calum play it and tried to copy his movements. I placed my fingers on the strings that I remember him laying his on, and pressed really hard to make sure they were secure. But for some reason, when I strummed, it only created a huge vibrating noise that I know wasn’t right. I quickly stopped the noise and bit my lip hoping nobody heard that awful sound. I groaned once more, still trying to press my fingers all the way down, not even noticing someone by the door watching.

“You have to cut your nails.” I jumped and nearly dropped the guitar on the ground, pieces of my hair falling in front of my face blinding some of my view. The blonde boy smiled at my state, and I sighed putting a hand to my heart.

“Oh god Luke, you gave me a fucking heart attack.” He came into the room, taking the guitar from my hands and sat next to me placing it in his own.

“And what about the nails?” I asked.

“They’re too long, you need to cut them so you can use the tips of your fingers which hold the strings down better.” I looked down and widened my fingers to look at my 4 day old acrylic set. I pouted at my pretty nails, knowing that if I did eventually want to learn how to play I’d have to take them off.

“These are acrylic, they’re fake nails, I’d have to get them removed.”

“Well that’d be a shame wouldn’t it? They’re very beautiful.” He said, admiring my silver glitter coffin shaped nails with a rhinestone placed just ahead of the cuticle. I slightly smiled, then turned to face him grabbing the notepad and pen once more.

“So, struggling with the new song huh?”

“Yeah, and you know Calum, he doesn’t want anyone writing unless he wants the help. So I’m stuck here with a half finished song, a useless guitar, and an empty room with no entertainment of any kind.” I huffed, looking down at he and I’s progress.

“Yeah, I saw her run out with him a few minutes ago. Then heard that awful strum you made, and decided I should come in here and help you.” I covered my hands with my face shielding myself from embarrassment. Welp, I guess someone did here that noise.

“Oh no, you heard that?” He nodded and smiled, removing my hands from my face. His bright blue eyes were determined to find mine, and he held my hands in his for a few seconds just looking at me. I felt a spring in my stomach that told me to pull away, so I did. I pulled my hands back and cleared my throat while flattening my top to make it look like I pulled away to fix my clothes, and not because I was feeling uncomfortable with how close we are.

“Luke I don’t think it’s smart of you to help me, this is Calum and I’d project and knowing him he’d have a fit if someone else wrote on it.”

“Oh come on, Calum’s my best friend. He’ll understand that it’s my way of helping out and being a real part in the music making process. Plus, I do have to know the song to perform it soon am I right?” 

“Fair enough Hemmings.” I bit my lip smiling, then shrugged his shoulder with my elbow. “You’re strings and I’m lyrics. Let’s get started.”

45 minutes later…

Luke and I sat on opposite sides of the couch, our legs entangled, slight giggles in the air as we looked back on events that have happened throughout these last few weeks of touring. The song was finally finished and sounded pretty amazing and still held it’s intended message that Calum wanted it to have, so we had some time to kill. Calum still wasn’t back yet from whatever Nia pulled him to.

“Oh my god and remember last week when you fell on stage and got tangled in the guitar cords!” I laughed loudly to him.

“Hey! That wasn’t my fault, I got distracted by a very pretty girl and just lost all sense of control.” 

“Ooooo so this is a fan?” I asked eyeing him with a smirk.

“You’ll find out soon, don’t be so pushy.” He crinkled up some of the yellow lined paper and threw it at my face catching me off guard. I opened my mouth wide and gasped, getting up from the couch.

“Oh no, now you’re gonna get it Luke.”

“Whatcha gonna do about it loser?” I looked around to find a weapon of choice, and with a devilish look in my eye, I grabbed the small grey pillow from the couch and began smacking him with it. His high pitched laugh rang through the walls, causing me to laugh uncontrollably. His hands tried to cover his face but they were not match for my forceful smacks. In between the time I started hitting Luke and now, Calum stood by the door of the room, resting on his right side just staring at the scene in front of him. I looked up briefly to wipe hair out of my face and caught his eye. The laughter quickly died, his stare becoming intense and he gripped onto his biceps harder with crossed arms. 

“Hey babe, we were just messing around for a little while waiting for you.” 

“I see you finished the song.” He nodded toward the full page notepad paper with black inked lyrics on it, and I mentally face palmed myself. I knew finishing the song was a bad idea and I knew it would upset him to finish a song so near and dear to his heart, especially since I finished it with his best friend.

“Yeah, Luke helped. It came out really good I promise, do you want to hear it?”

“Just save it, I’ll look at it later on tonight. I’m going to get ready for our set, which is something you should be doing too.” His chin jutted out at Luke, who was now standing beside me and he nodded at Calum. He scuffed before exiting the doorway, and I let out a long awaited breathe. Luke’s arm snaked around my neck and brought me into a warming hug, setting his chin on top of my head.

“Ugh, I knew he was going to be mad. I should’ve just let it be.”

“No, it needed to be finished by tonight so we could play it tomorrow. And if Calum had come any later there would’ve been no time so you did a good thing he just doesn’t see it right now because he’s mad that it’s not fully his work.” I looked up at Luke to find those same bright blues staring down at me. I only shrugged my shoulders.

“I guess so…”

“And hey, it was fun just the two of us hanging out again. I haven’t really spent any time with you since Calum decided he needed to be attached to you every second of every day.” I laughed slightly and hit his chest.

“Shut up Luke, you’re my best friend there’s always gonna be time for you.” His lips immediately formed a straight line and a sharp breathe came out of his nose.

“Yeah, best friends…” My eyebrows furrowed at his response to me calling him my best friend, which was weird because…that’s what he was. Part of the reason I’m here is because Luke doesn’t trust any other female to keep him in line besides his mom, so having me here helps him forget sometimes that he’s away from home and keeps him from feeling homesick. I’ve always called him my best friend, I’ve always called him my brother, but he never responded this way where it seems as if he’s unhappy we’re in that type of relationship.

“I’m going to set also, see you on the sidelines dork.” He fluffed the top of my head messing up my hair before dashing out of the room, leaving me with my mouth open and a chuckle to follow. That boy is something else I tell ya.

Calum’s POV

Nia pulled me into a room with a big circle table and a bunch of people a part of their management team surrounding it, including Mr.Jackson. They all smiled as they saw me, and Nia practically plopped my down next to her in a chair, pretty harshly I might add.

“Calum, we’ve brought you here to discuss some possible new opportunities for you after this tour.” Mr.Jackson asked.

“Uh-uh, like what sir?”

“Well, seeing as you’re very talented on multiple instruments and can hold a tune very nicely, we were wondering if you’d like to record a song with Hey Violet!” Nia was holding my hand still at this point with a huge smile on her face, and it started to creep me out so I drew my hand away. With a confused look, I asked, “That sounds incredible Mr.Jackson, but what about the rest of my bandmates? We’re kind of a package deal if you couldn’t tell.”

“See, that’s where this whole discussion is going. That wouldn’t get to be a part of it unfortunately, it’d just be you Calum. You and Hey Violet.”

“But why? What’s the point of only having one member of a band sing, with ANOTHER band, it just doesn’t make sense to me.”

I saw Nia give Mr.Jackson a deadly stare from across the table from the corner of my eye, and he shook underneath her gaze. His hands clasped together and he drew out a shakey breathe before looking up at me again.

“We, uh…we just believe that you have the talent to be the solo sound of this next single. Not that the other boys don’t, it’s just that they wouldn’t have the correct sound that you have for this song.”

“Well I won’t do it if they’re not a part of it. They’re not just my bandmates, but my brothers. You can’t just rip us apart and expect one to backstab the others. We’re in this together, so no, I don’t accept your offer.” I stood up to leave this ridiculous conversation, but I felt Nia pull me back down with his hand gently this time.

“Calum, Calum please, just hear them out…” I huffed and rolled my eyes, sitting back down again to face these outrageous people.

“Just think about it okay,’ he passed me the contract that would sign my vocals and instrumentation over to them for this single only, and I eyed it suspiciously, ‘you don’t have to make a decision until the week before the tour ends. So, take your time with it, I know this is a big thing to think over.”

“Can I tell my bandmates, or my girlfriend?”

“We all think that this should stay between just us in this room for now. It’ll be very new to them so I don’t want them along with Y/N to freak out about it.” I shook my head, and just uttered a quiet okay, before they all went on to discuss more in depth of what this offer entails. 

The whole time I kept my head down, my mind racing with the millions of downsides that go along with this offer. I’d lose my best friends and the band we’ve created together, I’d lose my girlfriend and her support, I’d lose the opportunity to experience any of it with them. There was so much to go over, and so much to think about before I made a final decision.

Hope you all enjoyed! The next chapter will leave y’all hanging on for dear life I promise. So many twists and turns to come! :)

anonymous asked:

Could you do number 9. “Hot, gorgeous, beautiful…whatever you want to call it.” for sophia and harry plzz?

so this one fits right into the timeline of porcelain skin and i hope you’re enjoying this little glimpse into harry’s head ;)

“I can’t remember the last time I looked halfway presentable,” Sophia mused one night when she and Harry were watching a recap of some award show with an endless string of beautiful women walking down the red carpet.

“Hm?” Harry asked, looking up from his phone.

“I said I can’t remember when I last looked presentable. I’ve been basically living in yoga pants, loose shirts or these ill-fitting maternity dresses I got online. Kinda frustrating watching these goddesses strut down the red carpet,” she pouted, her hand in a bowl of popcorn.

Harry tugged on his bottom lip to try and hide the smile that might have given away what was going through his head.

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BunnyRibbit: Facetime

[You got it, my dude. Though…it turned out a little long for a flash piece.]

           I’m here now, okay? Don’t leave yet! Hana was hastily texting as she got into her apartment, throwing her keys aside. Her computer was already on—naturally—so it just took a quick shake of her mouse to wake it up. Drills had gone on way longer than they should’ve, which meant that rather than having plenty of time to get home and clean up a little, she was already late for her planned Skype call with Lúcio. Their time zones were exactly twelve hours apart, so mid- afternoon for her was three in the morning for him. Still, he had answered her last few texts saying he would wait, so she figured this was better than nothing.

           Are you still up? she typed quickly as she got her webcam working.

           I’m here, don’t worry, Lúcio responded. He video called her, and she answered with a wide smile. Of course she knew he wouldn’t care that she was still in work mode, but she couldn’t help feeling bad regardless. When he saw her, he smiled back, and her stomach filled with warmth. “They’re really working you out there, huh?”

           “No kidding,” she said. “It wasn’t even a MEKA day. I’m exhausted—but I’m glad to see you! I’m sorry for making you stay up so late.”

           “It’s cool. I’ve had concerts keep me up later,” he assured her. When her eyes fell on his shirt, her smile widened.

           “Nice PJs, nerd,” she mumbled, though she was honestly pleased to see him sporting her B.Ny logo. It was one of her favorite designs, too! Had she told him that? Or did they just have similar tastes? 

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Always Here, Forever Yours (Philip Hamilton x Reader)


Request Queue

Warnings- almost cheating and some light sexualness, not really smut but ya know


“can u do a one shot where yn just got in a fight w any character that she was dating and so her best friend philip ham took her out to get drinks and take her mind off of everything cause she was sad and she tried to kiss him and he tells her no and that that’s not what she wants cause she’s drunk and he doesn’t want to take advantage of her so he takes her home and just keeps her company and when she wakes up he’s on the couch and she thanks him and shit ty love u and ur brilliant writing 💗💗”

“Can you do something with Laurens or Philip trying to comfort/cheer up a girl when she’s having a depressive episode please? I could really use it <3″

“hi! i was wondering if you could write a philip imagine where he calms reader after the reader gets in a fight with her family?”

A/N- (It’s not her family but the two fics would have been way too similar otherwise)

Song- Say You Won’t Let Go – James Arthur

Words- 2,027

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Just Friends 1/?

I know I said fluff but the hoe jumped out of me at the end. XD By the way this is an AU. Enjoy my trash. :) 

Kendra Stewart’s morning started off early as usual but strangely enough her two-and-a-half year old hadn’t woken her up this time around. Instead, she found her playing in her room quietly. She glanced around out of confusion before scooping the little girl up. “Harpy, why didn’t you wake mama up?”

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“Mommy Ate A Baby?!”

Part 2 of “I Want That One Daddy!…” JSP

Originally posted by simondismydaddy

He promised more time with you. And that is what you got! He’s spent every waking moment he had with you for the past month. Neither of you were complaining. Of course not all his time was with you. Of course Y/D/N wouldn’t let you have you have your gorgeous husband all to yourself. And her reasoning for that was. “But I love Daddy too Mommy!” You didn’t blame her. Who didn’t love Hyuk? The man is everything. You woke up slightly earlier than everyone else. You smiled at Hyuk’s sleeping figure. He was smiling in his sleep, which caused you to wonder. “You better be dreaming about me or else.” You threatened under your breath. You quietly walked out of the room and went downstairs, into the kitchen. You decided it would be easier to start breakfast before Y/D/N woke up or she’d be bugging you more than Hyuk already does. That’s one more thing she gets from her father. She gets your smarts. But gets his looks, personality, and the power to bother you like no other. 

They are both annoying and adorable. But they are both your babies. Sometimes you swear on your life that you’re not only raising your daughter but you’re raising Hyuk as well. Just when you started the eggs you felt strong arms wrap around you and a pair of lips on your neck. A small smile was painted on your face in only a matter of seconds. “This early you’re making breakfast?” He questioned. “Of course. What else would I be doing?” “Laying next to your beautiful husband.” He answered. “I wouldn’t say he’s beautiful. He’s at least a four.” You joked. “Yah! I’m not a four! I’m a ten!” He defended. You turned around and pecked his lips. “You are whatever you believe you are. Which reminds me, I have a doctor’s appointment today. You coming?” “Yeah, I’ll go. I’ll just let Jiho babysit Y/D/N.” He said. “Woah. Woah. Hold on there. You’re gonna let Jiho babysit? Remember what happened last time? The house was trashed and she had him tied to a chair while she ran around in a tutu shouting that she ruled the world.” You mentioned. “Yeah I don’t need my little girl becoming a dictator. What about Crush?” He asked. “Nope. Remember? She had him in a fairy costume and put used my concealer on him and spilled it all over the carpet. And it took us months to get that stain out.” You thought for a little bit who would be the best babysitter. You didn’t have the time to find an actually babysitter. All his friends were terrible. None of your friends were really babysitter material either. You didn’t want to leave her just with anyone. 

That’s when it came to you. You sighed knowing this was your last option. “What if we call over both Crush and Jiho? Two half brains can make a full.” “That’s a good idea. You finish breakfast and I’ll call them up.” You continued to cook. He got on the phone with both of them and told them of the situation. Of course they agreed and came almost immediately which resulted in you cooking more food. You were all sitting at the table eating breakfast. “So Y/N? What’s your appointment about?” Jiho asked. “I’ve been sick these pass couple of weeks with really weird symptoms and this is the day they had to fit me in. So I just want to get this over with.” You admitted. You looked to your left and saw Y/D/N in her PJs, rubbing her eyes, with her one of her stuff animals being chocked to death with her right arm. “Mommy. Daddy. Why are Uncle Jiho and Uncle Hyo Seob doing here?” She asked walking over. Hyuk pulled her into his lap and moved the hair out of her face. 

“They are going to babysit you for today while I take mommy to the doctor.” Hyuk explained. “Is mommy okay?” “She’s fine sweetie. Don’t worry. She’ll be all better soon. We just need to find out what’s wrong. Now can you be a good little girl for your uncles and not become a dictator dressed like a princess?” “What’s a dictator?” She questioned. “Someone you don’t want to be. Now be a good girl for your uncles. And maybe I’ll buy you a doll and some ice cream. Okay?” She nodded and they high fived. You loved their relationship. No one loved Hyuk like your daughter loved him. That father daughter relationship that everyone loved and cherished. And of course you were apart of everyone. You made your way upstairs to change into a fresh pair of clothes. You took a quiet shower, slipped on a causal outfit, and made your way back downstairs. They were already playing. “Now look Hyo Seob and Jiho. I expect my daughter to be in one piece when I get home. You are in charge Hyo Seob. No dangerous that could kill or hurt her. If she gets hurt you’ll both get hurt. And I won’t be the one hurting you. Y/N’s very violent when it comes to Y/D/N. Are we clear?” Hyuk explained. He sounded as if he was some general in one of those military movies. 

“Yeah. We got it.” They both said tending back to Y/D/N. You grabbed your shoes, slipped them and got in the car as did Hyuk. He drove to the doctor’s. On the way there you wondered all the possibilities of your symptoms. You hoped you were okay. Once you got there, you checked in and was immediately put into your doctor’s office. Dr. Janggok. She’s been your doctor since you were really young. She made doctor visits fun and different. She even attended your wedding because she as such a good friend. You told her your symptoms and she suggested a blood test. You took it without really thinking about what you could have. Hyuk was by your side all the way, not letting your hand go, not once. He acted as if you were afraid of needles. If anyone was afraid of needles. It’s him. 

Back at home Jiho turned on some cartoons for Y/D/N while Hyo Seob fixed her hair. “Where did you learn how to do that?” Jiho asked him. “I barely know how to do this. It was just something I picked up from those American movies.” He gather all her hair and put it in a high ponytail. “Ouch! Not so tight Uncle Hyo Seob!” “Sorry Y/D/N! I didn’t mean to.” He apologized loosing it up. “Y/D/N. Look! Your Uncle Jiho picked out an outfit for you. Why don’t you go in your room and changed into it?” She nodded and grabbed the outfit. She rushed to her room, changed and ran back out. She looked adorable. He picked out white undershirt and to go over the shirt was overalls. “Good job Y/D/N! You look adorable. Come sit in my lap.” Jiho said patting his lap. She sat in his lap and continued to watch the cartoons. This was the best she’s ever been for someone. “You want some milk?” Jiho asked her. She nodded and smiled. “What flavor little one?” “Strawberry.” She answered. “Hyung? Can you get Y/D/N some strawberry milk?” “Yeah.” Hyo Seob got up and went into the kitchen to look for some strawberry milk. He found it some in the fridge. he poured it into a cup, stuck in a pink crazy loop straw, and gave it to her. 

In the doctor’s office you were a little nervous. It’s been awhile since you’ve been here. Dr. Janggok walked back into the room with a smile on her face. But there was something about her smile that was really weird. “I have some news. I don’t know if it’s good or bad in your context.” She said. “What is it?” Hyuk asked. “Is everything okay?” “Of course, Y/N. Everything’s fine. You’re pregnant.” Your eyes widened as did Hyuk. “Pregnant?!” “Another one?! Another kid!” Hyuk shouted almost fainting. “Congratulations. I wish the best of luck for the both of you and the baby. Tell Y/D/N. I said hi.” 

After your visit you got a sonogram. You couldn’t stop staring at it. It was giving you flashbacks of the first time you were pregnant. Inside of you she was a handful. Always hurting you on purpose, making you hate your favorite foods. You knew she would be a troublemaker. And she is. “Babe. Do you have any names for our baby?” You asked sweetly. “If it’s a girl, maybe (Girl’s Name) and if it’s a boy, (Boy’s Name).” He answered. B/N. You loved it. Once you got home you saw all three of them on the couch watching some cartoons. It was the closest you’ve ever seen Y/D/N with the both of them. It was the first time you’ve seen them spend a while with her without in makeup or dresses on. They just ignored the fact you were home. You grabbed a piece of paper, balled it up and threw up towards Jiho. They looked toward you and groaned. “We were just getting along!” Hyo Seob admitted. “Thanks guys for babysitting Y/D/N.” Hyuk said. They got up and left with a flick of the wrist. 

You sat down next to your daughter. “Mom! Where did you go?” She asked. “Your father and I went to the doctor and we found out some news. And we wanted to run it by you first.” “What is it?” She was very curious. Hyuk grabbed her little hand and laid it over your stomach. “We’re having another baby. You’re gonna be a big sister.” He explained to her. “Where is it?” “In mommy’s stomach.” He answered. “MOMMY ATE A BABY?!” You couldn’t help but burst into laughter as did Hyuk.

I wanted to continue this into a part 2 because I feeling it. Sorry for any mistakes. I hope you enjoyed. Love ya. Admin Bad Bitch June

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4 or 19? <3

4. kiss away the tears

You didn’t specify a ship or anything so I hope marichat is okay.  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

(I’m back in town so I can finally get to the rest of the prompts you guys sent in. Woo! I’m answering all the ones that are in my box now, as of 5/30, but I’m not taking any more.)

This was a bad idea. Adrien landed on the tiny balcony that led into Marinette’s apartment and set her on her feet between a hanging basket of flowers and potted bamboo. There she wobbled with the motion sickness that people always tended to get when he pole-vaulted them across the city. When halfway through patrol he had spotted her on the street below, still crying, a full seven hours after he’d gently turned her down as Adrien, he couldn’t help himself. It’s not like he could have cheered her up as Adrien. She probably never wanted to see him again. But maybe Chat Noir could put a smile back on that face. 

Marinette paused halfway through her sliding glass door and turned back to him with a watery smile, and it lanced straight through his heart. She beckoned him inside, and he followed. Helplessly.

This wasn’t just a bad idea. This was impending disaster.

“Thanks for taking me home,” Marinette said, and he hated how raw her voice sounded. As if she hadn’t stopped crying for even a moment since Adrien told her he was in love with someone else. He seriously hated himself right now. “I’ve had a bad day. Do you want something to drink? I have some some fancy wine if you feel like staying for a bit.”

Adrien slid the glass door shut behind him. “Yeah,” he offered kindly. “I noticed. Uh…” Was it wrong to stay and have a glass of wine with her when he was the reason she was suffering? Or was it the least he could do? “Wine sounds nice.” As she mussed about in the cupboards for glasses and set about filling them, Adrien leaned on the counter and ached over what to say. “So. Who do I have to kill?” 

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Can you do a jimin high school au where he's like totally got a crush on you but you don't really talk too much and all of your friends are like yo what are ya doing he's totally into you and your like what? Really and they're like yeah duh everyone knows. Just like pure fluff and stuff. Thanks I love your writing💛


This was looooooong xD 



Genre: Pure fluff

Word count: 2 600

Summary: You being oblivious and Jimin being romantic

“Y/N, when are you going to use your brain and see what is right in front of you?” I gave Eunha a confused look, indicating that I had no idea what she was on about. She just sighed and closed her locker, which was placed beside my own, and shook her head at me. “You’re so clueless.”

“What?” I laughed. She always liked being mysterious so she just gave me a knowing look before walking off to our next class, me following behind her. The bell rang just as we entered the classroom. It didn’t even take two seconds before I felt someone’s eyes on me but as I looked around after the owner of said eyes I couldn’t see anyone showing me any interest. Shrugging it off Eunha and I sat down on either side of our other friend Jisoo. He wasn’t slow in catching up with various events that may have happened during our last weekend. Water guns and flour was involved, just saying. The teacher entered in the middle of our conversation, forcing it to a stop with her presence. She introduced our upcoming assignment and instantly got us working. Taking out my pen, notebook and textbook, I got ready to start my hour of studying. Eunha and Jisoo, however, were not going to let that happen. They started poking me and all my efforts of ignoring them were thrown out the window.

“Y/N, someone has been watching you ever since you entered the classroom.” Jisoo told me as he gestured as much as he could with his eyes, however he was gesturing to hard so his head followed the direction he was gesturing in so he was not discreet at all. Confused, I turned around only to meet the eyes of one of the most popular guys in this school; Park Jimin. I waved at him and then I turned back towards my friends. They gaped at me.


“Go talk to him you dork.” Eunha tried to push me in his direction, with no success.

“Why would I?”

“Uhm, because he like definitely has a thing for you.” I just laughed at that. Yeah sure, not a chance. Jimin and I may have talked on some occasions but that was because the situation demanded our interaction. He has never shown affection towards me and I have never shown any to him. We were classmates, that’s all.

“He does not like me like that, we’re barely aware of each other’s existence.” my two friends just rolled their eyes at that comment and persisted with their own opinion. Working on was not easy that lesson with two persistens matchmakers on either side of me, they knew how to get on my nerves and they were so convinced that Jimin had a thing for me. I just did my best in trying to concentrate.

After the lesson we all made our way towards our lockers with our supplies, Eunha and Jisoo were finally talking about something else other than the supposed crush Jimin would have on me. The center of their current discussion was the upcoming prom our school held every year. This particular subject wasn’t something that peaked my interest either, I’ve never been one for social events. Eunha and Jisoo had decided to go together as friends and they wanted me to go with them too. I, on the other hand, was not planning on acting like the third wheel. They have been bugging me about Jimin but they failed to realise their own infatuation for each other. Making our way to the cafeteria next, I caught myself speeding up the more intense the smell became. It’s not often our school offers tasty food but on rare occasions we actually got to eat until we were full. My friends were not late with smelling the delicious scent of pizza. Soon enough all three of us were running towards the scents origin, resulting in me, who was leading the sprint, crashed into a firm chest when I rounded the last corner. A pair of hands grabbed me by the waist, preventing me from landing on my but, and pulled me up into a standing position again. I looked up and was met by a pair of deep brown eyes and based  on the snickering coming from behind me I guess you know who it is.

Jimin gave a small smile and let go of my waist.

“Sorry, are you okay?” I nodded, putting my hair behind my ear.

“Yeah, thank you for catching me, I should’ve watched where I was going.”

“Nah, anyone could run into each other rounding these kind of corners.” He shot another smile in my direction while walking around me. “See you around though.”

“Yeah.” I replied and we gave each other a wave. I then turned around to face my friends who were standing there with big smirks covering their features. “Not a word.” I said with a finger pointed at them as I started walking towards the cafeteria once again, in the opposite direction as Jimin. The other two laughed at me but let the matter go once the thought of food penetrated their thoughts once more.

When we finally had fetched our pizza we sat down at a round table near the windows. I started picking away the mushrooms coating the pizza when someone else sat down beside me and started doing the same. I didn’t even have to look up to know that it was my older brother Yoongi. Neither of us liked mushrooms.

“Yoongi-ssi.” Eunha called out to him causing him to turn his attention towards her. “Do you have a prom date yet?” The lazy smile that appeared on his face was enough to answer the question and Eunha became ecstatic, she loved these kind of things. “Who!?” With a smirk on his face, Yoongi answered the question.

“My bed.” The smile fell of Eunha’s face and Jisoo and I burst out laughing. Yoongi took every opportunity he got to get some extra sleep. Once my pizza was free of mushrooms I dug in and relished in the amazing taste. After a couple of minutes if silence Yoongi spoke up again.

“Why don’t you do anything about him?” He looked at me with curious eyes.

“About who?”

“Jimin.” I choked on my food and glared at him.

“Why do I need to do anything about him?” I asked, a bit annoyed at the repetition of this subject, after I recovered.

“Uhm, because he’s staring.” Yoongi said that very casually. “A lot.” I rolled my eyes.

“He’s not.”

“Oh, come on. He has such a big crush on you it’s ridiculous and kind of annoying.”

“He doesn’t.”

“He does, I’m his best friend and he so does. Do you know how much he talks about you? It’s really pestering.” I had no comeback for that, but the blush on my cheeks informed my brother that I had lost. It’s just so unbelievable. He’s one of the popular ones and I was just me. Someone like him would not have a crush on the school’s weird art student.

“Whatever.” I muttered, a little pissed about being wrong, and walked away with my now empty plate. I felt Jimin’s eyes on me the whole time as I walked out of the cafeteria.

During our next and also last class Eunha and Jisoo knew better than to talk about Jimin with me. Instead they were busy talking about the prom once again, or more precisely, the food being served at the prom. I didn’t listen to their conversation since all my focus was on the math problems we had to solve before end of class. Once the bell signaled the end of the day I along with a few others were the only one finished.

“Jisoo and I are going shopping for the prom so we can match so I’ll see you tomorrow.” Eunha and Jisoo bid their goodbyes to me and I started walking towards my locker to leave my books for the last time today. The pink note stuck to the inside of my locker was something I did not expect when I opened it. Slowly I placed my math book in it’s place and took down the note. A small message was written on it; We rarely talk but follow the instructions and we may start. Then under that sentence was two words; English class.

Confused I closed my locker and made my way to the second floor where the english rooms were located. Inside the third room stood someone I knew very well.

“Namjoon.” He had been gazing out the window but turned around at the sound of my voice. “What are you doing?” I asked, holding up the note.

“I’m not doing anything.” He said and handed me a second piece of paper, this time a blue one.

Surprised Namjoon hyung didn’t accidentally ruin the note xD cafeteria

I gave Namjoon a confused look, which he replied to with a shrug and a smirk, and left the classroom. Walking down to the first floor again and crossing the front lawn I was soon at the cafeteria for the second time. There was only one person in there and he was sitting by the vending machine, snacking on a piece of chocolate. He saw me pretty quickly and gave me a sweet smile as he stood up and made his way over to me.

“Hi Y/N. I never knew this guy was so romantic.” He handed me a red note.

“Is it romantic making me run all around campus?” I smirked at him and he laughed.

“Depends on if you think the ending is worth it.” We exchanged smiles and I started entering the cafeteria while reading the note.

He was eating huh :D The gym

A small groan left my lips. The gym is on the other side of the campus. It took me five minutes to get to the right building and opening the door I was greeted by a very nervous Jungkook. I know how he is with girls so I gave him a reassuring smile, accepting the note he was giving me.

“Hi Kookie.” A smile made its way onto his face and he looked down on the ground, muttering out a hello.

Did you get him to talk? In that case: wow. Library

Back to the main building it is. This is really fitness demanding and because of that, definitely not my thing. As I entered the library I couldn’t help but smile, it was dark with some candles erupting a luminous light. A boy was sitting in one of the couches, reading a book. I approached him and realised it was Jimin’s best friend Kim Taehyung, also in my class and I had talked to him a bit more than I had to Jimin.

“What are you reading?” I asked once I was close enough. He raised his head and made eye contact with me, sending a boxy smile in my direction.

“Twilight.” A small giggle erupted from my lips and he laughed along with me. Then he handed me another note.

“What is with these notes?”

“He likes to complicate things.” I acknowledged the answer and tried reading the yellow note in the dim light.

Sorry, he’s weird I know xD Dance room

Only two floors higher, aka the fifth floor. I said goodbye to Taehyung who continued reading the book, and made my way to the creative floor. I didn’t even enter the right corridor when I heard the music playing from the dance room. It was strongly lit and Jung Hoseok was dancing his heart out inside. I opened the door and he jumped me with hugs, he’s a very huggable person and definitely not shy.

“Y/N-ah!” I laughed at his energy.

“Hi Hobi. What’s up?”

“Nothing much, just dancing to have something to do but now that you’re here I can go home.” He handed me a green note and picked up his bag. “I’ll see you tomorrow.” I waved at him and he was out the door within the next second. I laughed at him once again, I always get so happy when I’m around him. Then I looked down on the note.

Took him in the end in case you were grumpy ^^ Music room

A sigh of relief left my lips. The music room is right next door and I was there in no time. Inside sat Yoongi, asleep. With a snicker I walked up to him and drove a finger into his side, making him jerk awake and some swear words left his lips.

“I will kill him for keeping me this long in school.” I laughed at him. Always so grumpy when he’s tired.

“You okay there bro?” He glared at me.

“You better do this according to his plan so I’m not here for nothing.” He then handed me an orange note and walked away, saying he was going home to sleep. I just shook my head at him and read the note.

I know, he was sleeping, but you’re almost there, yay :D Art room

Once I read the last two words I smiled, my favourite room in the school. I speed walked through the corridor since it was just around the corner and in there I only was a fresh new painting.

“It’s not as good as your work but I’m impressed with my skills.” I turned around at the voice and stood face to face with Jimin. We smiled at each other. “Sorry for making you walk through the whole school but it was creative though, wasn’t it.”

“Okay, I have to give you that.” I chuckled. “But I don’t understand why you did it.”

“Ah, Yoongi was right when he said you were oblivious.” I raised an eyebrow at his comment. “I did it because I’m not a normal guy who takes the easy way out when confessing to my crush.” My eyes grew to the size of baseballs and my breath hitched in my throat.

“Excuse me?” I know that everyone was telling me it was like this but I didn’t dare believe it before. Jimin is cute, but come on he’s popular, I’m not.

Jimin just nodded at me.

“Yeah, I like you.” He took hold of my hands and rubbed them with his thumbs. “I like how you don’t care what other people think about you, I like how you can talk so effortlessly with everybody, whether you met them before or not, I like it when you want to show off your art but you don’t want to be pushy, I like it when you take the freshman under your wings, I like how you’re so funny and caring, I like you.” I didn’t know what to say. He noticed that. “You don’t have to say much, just yes or no.” then he handed me a white note and I hesitantly took it.

Go to prom with me?

A big smile made it’s way onto my face and I laughed in joy. Then I looked at him and noticed that he looked at me with adoration in his eyes. Then I nodded.

“Of course I’ll go to prom with you.” He smiled so big I thought his face was going to crack and then he wrapped his arms around me and spun me around in circles. He put me down and I could see the hesitation in his eyes. I then took some of the control and pressed my lips to his.


Caught My Eye Part 2 | Dylan Sprayberry

pairings: dylan sprayberry x reader

warnings: kissing, making out with freaking dylan sprayberry.

a/n: thank you for 1.6k ilysm :)

extras | part 1

Ever since your first tutoring session with Dylan you two have gotten pretty close, you two would often snapchat each other several times a day and not to mention hold many more tutoring lessons.

“Did you see what she wore yesterday? I swore I saw Maya wearing it last week.” Kaylyn said, the two of you were sitting eating lunch while chatting a bit.

“I know right? But Tracy wore it better in my opinion.” You said before taking a bit out of your sandwich.

“Really? I think Maya fit it better. Y/N? Y/N are you listening?” Kaylyn said nudging your arm to grab your attention.

“Hm? Wait I got a snapchat.” You said not looking up from your phone.

“Is it from Dylan?” She said in a flirtatious tone as she peered onto your phone screen.

“Yes if you might ask.” You said looking at her before going back to open the snap he sent you.

“You two have been pretty close lately..”

“Yeah but we’re just friends.” You chuckled.

“Still, Just friends is also something.”

“Yeah I guess.”

“But you want more don’t you?”

“Look, whatever happens, happens. And if he wants the same thing then it’ll happen but even if we stay just friends I’m fine with that.”

“Hey.” You said enthusiastically as you gave Dylan a small hug when he walked in.

“Hey, ready for like three hours of Math?” He said sarcastically as he sat down on your couch.

“Totally, I’ve been waiting for it all day.” You answered with just as much sarcasm.

“Do you want a coke or sprite?”

“Do you have Dr.Pepper?” He shouted.

“Yup.” You shouted back as you walked over to the couch with both of your drinks.

“Where did we stop last time?” You asked looking through your notebook.

“I think we just finished the third chapter, Maybe..” He chuckled.

“Oh okay I remember, That means we have one more subject left.”

“Thank god, I don’t think I can take any more equations; Ever.”

“Tough luck Sprayberry we still have a year and a half left of equations and headaches.”

“How fun.”

“I know right?”

“Come on the earlier we start the faster we finish.” You nudged his side.

“I’d rephrase that if I were you.” He smirked.

“Wha- oh my god! You’re such a guy.”

“Wonder how you came to that conclusion.”

“I have my ways..” You giggled.

“I’d rephrase that too.”

“Oh my god stop making everything sound sexual.”

“Then stop saying stuff that can be taken sexual.”

“Can you shut up and get back to your equation?” You sassed.

“So much attitude in such a small package.”

“I’m 5’3 for your information.”

“That’s still a small package.”


“Hey could you help me with this, I think I got it wrong.” Dylan said as he grabbed your attention from your own work.

“Yeah sure, what do think you got wrong?” You asked as he moved closer to you to show you his notebook. You took his note book onto your lap and looked at the equation trying to find if he did something wrong, but as you looked through his answer you felt him sitting close to you, almost too close. You could basically feel his body heat against you and needless to mention your heart was racing and pounding in your chest as you tried to focus on the math problem in front of you.

“I-I think i found what you did wrong.” You said as you looked up at him, your voice a little hoarse. His face was right in front of yours now and for the first time you could really see all of features. You could see how crystal blue his eyes were, you could basically get lost in them. How his brows were a little messy, and how his lips were just so pouty and smooth. God his lips.

But yours eyes quickly flickered from his lips back to his eyes, only to find that he was already looking at you. You could feel his warm breath creep upon your lips, you swore if you leaned just ever so slightly your lips would be pressed against his.

With a sudden burst of confidence you leaned slightly towards him, your eyes flickering from his lips to his eyes not knowing where to look. you thought about stopping but you noticed he was leaning towards you as well. Not knowing how your lips were suddenly pressed against his, your eyes sealed shut. You were a bit stiff at first against his lips but then started moving them in a rhythm that matched his, his lips felt smooth against yours, as if they were giving you some sort of comfort. Your lips kept moving for another moment before you both pulled away, your eyes widening slightly as you realised what you just did.

“I-I didn’t mean to that.. I-I’m sorry.” You said a little flustered, your cheeks turning a shade of pink.

“I’m not.” He said as your eyes shot up back at him, brows furrowed in confusion. But before you knew it his hand was at your jaw pulling you yet again into a kiss, this kiss was different though. It was a little more rough and hungry and maybe even passionate. Your lips moved in sync with his.

His hands moved to your hips pulling you into his lap, your legs straddling the sides of his hips as your hands moved to his cheeks trying to keep his lips pressed against yours. Your mind was clouded, almost in a haze or a dream. You couldn’t  focus on anything but him, his lips pressed against your, his hands on your hips, his touch, his kiss. You pulled away as your felt your lungs begging for oxygen, You looked at him; still sitting in his lap and your hands still against his cheeks. The both of you were panting slightly and you swore your heart was about to explode from the sight of him sitting beneath you, his chest heaving and lips swollen and tinted red; and all of that, because of you.

“We should do this again sometime.” He said smirking lightly.

“The math lesson?” You asked sarcastically.

“I was actually talking about what we just did instead.” He smirked as your cheeks turned pink, a smile plastered on your lips.



“Hurry up, Jaeger,” Jean says. He presses his palm against Eren’s back to urge him forward.

Eren grunts and swats his hand away. “There are people in front of me, Horse Face. What do you want me to do, go through them?”

Jean hisses impatiently, “Go around.”

“This is the smallest library in town, in case you hadn’t noticed.” Eren turns to fix him with a glare. “There isn’t enough space.”

“There is too, you gangly fuck.” Jean pushes past Eren. He grabs his hand and pulls him along, squeezing past the people dragging their feet in front of them. Eren yanks his hand back as soon as they’re through. “See?”

“Whatever.” Eren says. “If you can fit between them and the shelves, you’re equally as gangly.”

Jean rolls his eyes. “Which aisle?”

“Mm…” Eren looks around and Jean can’t help himself. He stares. The little shit makes such cute sounds when he’s thinking. “There it is.” He points to the closest one and walks off without waiting.

Jean follows, blinking to adjust to the poorly lit, cramped aisle. He smacks into Eren, grapples to grab something to steady himself. He’s face to face with Eren, hands firmly gripping his hips. Jean slips his hands up Eren’s sides, stomach swooping when Eren sucks in a sharp breath. Eren may not be bulky, but he sure as hell isn’t gangly.

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Three Wishes

A drabble in which Jay talks about his feelings, Carlos is a lie detector, and Jay abruptly develops heart palpitations.

Let’s go.



Jay actually does date Audrey. They’re together for about two months and he seems to be completely happy about it until one day when Carlos comes home to see Jay staring absently into space, his fingers fiddling with a small lamp key chain that Evie got him for his birthday. Carlos kind of pauses in the doorway, stares at his friend for a long moment before slamming the door behind him, making Jay jump surprise and turn to Carlos quickly. His face immediately flows into a smooth smirk that doesn’t quite reach his eyes as he drops the key chain onto his bedspread, leans back and props himself up on his elbows in forced nonchalance.

“Hey, how was home ec?” Jay asks smoothly, but Carlos squints at him in mild confusion as he makes his way toward him.

“Good. I guess, I mean… hey, are you okay?” Carlos asks cautiously, and Jay grins at that, tilts his head cockily.

“Never better.” Jay says brightly as he pushes himself back up into sitting position, but Carlos is already shaking his head in denial of the statement as he approaches more confidently.

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If a Pogrebin is allowed to tail a human for many hours, a sense of great futility will overcome its prey, who will eventually fall into a state of lethargy and despair. – Newt Scamander

Word Count: 1.9k

A/n: hope you guys enjoy this next chapter! If you’d like to be tagged in upcoming chapters please let me know x

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Red - Part 13

Part 1 - Previous: Part 12 - Next: Part 14

[Note: I’m not sorry one bit. You’re welcome. Tagging  @elaacreditava, @dreamingoffandomscenarios, @bookwarm85, @pathybo, @ariwolff14, and @yourdarksunleavesmecold as requested!]

Rated: M for Mature (it’s downright shameful). Enjoy! <3


Lyanna zipped up the back of Aurora’s new dress and whistled in admiration when she turned around. The thin material clung to her hips and thighs snugly, showing off the fine lean muscle she had developed over the past few months. Though Aurora didn’t have much to speak of in the way of breasts, the sewn in padding gave the illusion of a heavier bust and the collar of the dress dipped down far enough to show the line of her breasts.

“Hot damn mama. One thing is for sure, wherever we go tonight, the party is coming to you.”

Aurora laughed at Lyanna’s ridiculous compliments and set to work with the makeup she allowed Aurora to borrow. When her eyelids were heavily shadowed and the wings of her eyeliner sharp enough, she tussled up her hair and pouted into the mirror.

“I think I’m ready now.”

Lyanna wagged her finger. “Not yet you’re not! You’ve got everything but the finishing touch.” She popped the cap off of a brand new tube of lipstick and swathed Aurora’s lips in the bold color. It was a berry mix that was too purple to be red, but too red to be considered anything else. It matched Aurora’s mane of crimson hair almost perfectly and brought the green color of her eyes into a sharper focus.

Lyanna quickly changed into a tight black dress with a wide v neck and pulled her blonde hair back into a ruffled updo. She pencilled in some heavy black liner, a thin layer of shiny lip gloss, and the two were ready.

Jaime was planning to meet them at the party they had been invited to. Aurora didn’t know the hosts personally, but Jaime and Lyanna did. An entire apartment floor had been turned into a party house by the tenants. There was supposed to be an all-you-can-drink selection of alcohol and every genre of music. It sounded like half the compound would be in attendance, and Aurora thought it would be the perfect chance to have a little fun and forget about the daunting training and mission to come.

And especially to forget about Eric’s smug face.


Aurora was on her sixth shot of vodka. The music around her pumped and boomed and purred, and there was a continuous flow of lean, fit bodies clad in shorts, skirts, dresses, and tight black clothes. The air was heavy with smoke and sharp with the scent of tequila and vodka. Wherever Aurora looked, someone had a plastic cup, a cigarette, or a joint in their hands.

“Hey, ‘Rory!” Aurora turned sluggishly at her name and Lyanna stumbled towards her. One arm was around Rick’s neck, dragging him along with her. The other hand balanced a red plastic cup and a half-smoked cigarette.

“This’s Rick!” Lyanna shouted over the wave of music and Aurora clumsily stooped into a sloppy curtsy in front of him, bowing her head as regally as she could manage. Lyanna laughed out loud at that.

“Nice to meet you,” Rick smiled down at Aurora then pulled something out of his front pants pocket. Whatever it was, it was wrapped in a clear piece of plastic.

“You want some?” He reached out to hand it to Aurora and she opened her hand automatically to take it. It was a small pink-colored tablet with a butterfly stamped on it. Aurora squinted her eyes and brought it up to her face so she could see it clearly.

“What is’t?” She shouted back.

Rick and Lyanna both laughed, the latter pulling her boyfriend into a clumsy hug and kissing his neck sloppily. Rick grinned at Aurora, “Take it and find out!”

With a shrug, Aurora popped it into the back of her mouth and borrowed Lyanna’s beer to wash it down. Might as well.

Sometime while Aurora was dancing and weaving through the crowd, the effects of the pill began to creep up on her. At first her heart rate increased and she felt nervous, but that was quelled with another shot, this time of tequila. She found that she was enjoying the music more with each passing song, and each person she danced with showed her so much affection. One girl kissed her on the cheek when the song was over and mumbled something in her ear she couldn’t quite make out. Another girl, a tall skinny brunette with dangling earrings, led Aurora through the apartments by the hand, showing her to the better spots where they could dance more freely and were offered better drinks.

Aurora knew her name was Katie, and she was four years older than she was, though Aurora didn’t recall if the girl had introduced herself or what she had been saying. While Katie tipped back a shot and screwed up her mouth at it, Aurora leaned against the drywall. Her hair was sticking to her neck, and she bunched it in her fist to lift it up so she could fan herself properly with her hands.

“Oh, here!” Katie tugged a hair tie off her wrist and shoved it at Aurora, who snatched it up gratefully.

“God you’re so amazing.” Did Aurora say that? She felt the words scrape her throat on the way out but she hadn’t planned on saying anything.

Suddenly Katie’s head snapped up and she stared past Aurora and her expression turned gravely serious. “God. He is so damn attractive.”

Aurora turned around to see who she was talking about, and her unsteady gaze fell on Eric. He was drinking from his own plastic cup and when his eyes met hers, he winked at her.

Aurora’s face should have started burning and she should have turned away, but instead she found herself bursting into a fit of giggles that showed her straight white teeth. She couldn’t tell for sure, but she thought Eric hid a smile with another tip of his cup.

“Yeah but he knowsheeisss!”

Katie elbowed Aurora playfully. “What else do you think he knows about?”

Aurora couldn’t explain the burst of inappropriate images that suddenly sprang into the front of her mind or why she wasn’t both ashamed and revolted at herself for entertaining them. The alcohol, surely.

“Oh I bet he knowsss’how to do a lotta things,” Aurora nodded appreciatively and took another shot from Katie. How many was that now? She lost count. Her head was both swimming and buzzing but she didn’t care.

Katie froze beside her and when Aurora looked up again, Eric was walking over.

“Ohh ssshit.”

“Hey Eric. What’s up?” Katie tried to act cool but Aurora caught the way her fingers twitched nervously and her cheeks flushed a rosy pink color. She seemed like a schoolgirl who had her first crush. On Eric of all people!

“Haaa ha. You’re cute,” Aurora sputtered at her, and Katie at first looked horrified, then her blush deepened considerably. She ducked her head at Aurora shyly.

“What are you drinking?” Eric asked, ignoring Katie all together and fixing Aurora with an even stare.

Aurora held up her now empty shot glass and shrugged. “Uhh vodka? And Tequila? Sssomething, whatever I get. I don’t know.” Her words spilled out of her mouth so quickly, when she thought back, she couldn’t even recall what exactly she said. Her eyebrows knitted as she tried to concentrate.

Eric’s brows arched. “You’re a regular party animal.”

Aurora snorted and started laughing again. Why was he so funny? Eric was never funny. What a joker he was. Katie eyed her a little weirdly and spoke up again to move the conversation away from Aurora.

“How long have you been here, Eric? Are you leaving any time soon?” The hopeful shine in her eyes was just too much and Aurora found herself once again blurting out the first thing she thought of with no grace to speak of.

“You mean, ‘is he taking anyone home’?” Aurora grinned slyly and chucked Katie’s arm with her knuckles. “Juss’ tell him you wanna bone’em, I’m sure e’ll be down.” She jerked her head back towards Eric with a hiccup. His eyes were wide in surprise.

Katie’s mouth fell open, and her face burned red, but no sounds came out. Aurora realized what she said too late and began backpedaling to try and take it back, but Katie was already turning away from her with a scowl.

Aurora felt bad for that.

“How much have you had to drink?” Eric’s voice shouted into her ear.

Aurora shrugged again. “Dunno. Ten? ‘Leven?”

Eric rolled his eyes as Aurora swayed on her feet and leaned back against the wall again. She suddenly remembered the hair tie Katie had given her. “Oh no! I need’ta give thisss back.” She fingered clumsily at her hair and managed to free it with a yank that made her wince even though she didn’t feel it.

Eric took her hand and started dragging her away. “Come on, you should get some fresh air.”

Aurora wanted to resist at first, but she was far too disoriented and her mind was sluggish. Eric was leading her away.

Eric. Was leading. Her away.

“Are you taking me home with you?” The thought was ridiculous and it sounded worse out in the open.

Eric chuckled and shook his head. “If I knew drunk Aurora would be so willing, I would have let you finish that whiskey in the cafeteria.”

Aurora squinted her eyes, trying to make sense of what he was saying. She vaguely remembered bits of a memory about sitting with him in the middle of the night with a stolen bottle, but it was too difficult right now to summon it.

“Soooo you are,” Aurora squeaked as her feet caught on a stair, and if he didn’t suddenly catch her, she would have went sprawling face first onto the floor.

He swung her easily up into his arms with one supporting the backs of her legs and the other cradling her shoulders.

“Oh. Wow.”

“Stop talking, Aurora.” Eric’s voice was hard but his expression wasn’t. She thought maybe he just always sounded like that. Mean ol’ Eric.


The corridors passed by too quickly and in a jumble. Aurora didn’t know how many right turns or left turns they had taken. She mumbled something unintelligible every now and again but for the most part kept quiet. Eric carried her effortlessly, as though she weren’t a staggering drunk girl who’s head was constantly lolling into his chest.

He finally came to a stop in front of a hall of apartment doors and fumbled for a key in his pocket.

Aurora gawked.

“You are bringing me home! To your apartment! Eric’s’partment!” She hiccuped and kicked uselessly to try and break free of his arms but it had as much use as writhing against a steel cage.

“Stop being ridiculous. You’re totally shitfaced. What else am I going to do, leave you to either suffocate in your own vomit or end up with a guy you don’t know in a bedroom you don’t remember?” He kicked the door open and stepped inside.

It was totally dark, but he made his way in without any problems at all. Aurora wondered if he often came home in the middle of the night to a dark home.

“I didn’t know Eric whassyourface cared at all. I thought you probably lived in a bridge or under a cave,” she slurred. He set her down and went to cut on the lights.

She squinted as the room was flooded with a soft yellow glow from the ceiling light above. She looked around and felt a faint tingle of shock at standing in the middle of his bedroom. She stood mere feet from the foot of the full sized bed, with its clean white sheets and fluffy black-encased pillows. The carpet was a creamy off white, and a dark wooden shelf matched the dark, glossy wooden frame of the bed. There wasn’t much in the way of furnishings apart from those and a nightstand and drawers.

“Dooo you spend a lot’a time in’ere?” Another hiccup.

Eric smirked and tossed his keys onto the nightstand and shrugged off his jacket. He kicked off his boots and tossed them into the corner.

“Wouldn’t you like to know?”

Without thinking about it, Aurora plopped down onto his bed and mimicked him, bending over to pull off the heels Lyanna had let her borrow to match her dress. She was clumsy and it took her far more effort than it should have to remain upright for the task. All she knew was that beds weren’t proper places for shoes.

“Here,” Eric knelt down in front of her and reached for the tiny heels. “Before you give yourself a concussion or something.” He took hold of her calf and gently slipped them off and set them out of the way.

His hand on her calf.

Hands on her legs.


In her drunken haze, and perhaps spurred on by the giddy effects of the pill she had taken from Rick, Aurora allowed herself to venture into definitely not thoughts. His hands were warm against her flushed skin. He was only a few inches away. She peered down her nose at the strong edge of his jaw and the bold black tattoos on his neck. Where did those tattoos end up? He was handsome. She had always been so on edge before, she never really truly looked at him. But now she could see the hard sculpt of muscle beneath his shirt and the broad expanse of his chest.

“One time.”

Eric’s head jerked up and she saw that his eyes were bright and partly unfocused. Had he been thinking the same things?

“What?” He asked hesitantly.

Aurora rolled her eyes at him as though it was completely obvious what she was talking about.
“Kiss me. One time. And if I don’t like it-” she ended it with a shrug.

Eric sat back on the heels of his feet. “Okay. Now I know how drunk you are.”

Aurora shook her head stubbornly. “Yes’I am drunk. But I know what I’m doin’.” She jabbed a finger into her chest.

Eric just knelt there staring at her as though trying to decide whether or not to believe her. The longer he waited, the more she became aware of the way her heart thumped and her skin tingled nervously. If he had waited any longer, she would have turned chicken and changed her mind. Even the alcohol mixed with the drugs was not enough to make her infinitely brave. It was only enough to make her do the things she couldn’t bring herself to while sober.

Eric leaned forward slowly, testing the waters and her resolve. His face was matched height to hers, and when he was only a few inches away, he stopped and his blue eyes searched her green. She could feel his warm breath fanning her face and she closed her eyes to inhale the scent of him, spiced by whatever he had been drinking. Her lips parted naturally, instinctively, and he decided she was being serious after all.

This time was nothing like when he had kissed her in his office. He had been invasive and rushed then, and this time he was softer than Aurora ever imagined he could be. He took his time.

One hand wound through her hair and tightened at the roots. It wasn’t quite painful, but the tug on her scalp caused her to suck in a breath and when her mouth naturally opened, he took slow advantage of it with his tongue. She tasted sweet, but there was a sharp edge of liquor on her lips.

The burning warmth of his skin mingled with the blood coursing through her veins, and despite the numb cloud of alcohol, Aurora was suddenly very aware of every inch of her own body, and every inch of his as he leaned forward. Already perched between her knees, his other hand came to push down on her shoulder, firmly but gently guiding her back onto the bed. As though she could keep her balance anyways. But she allowed him to, and while she panted for breath against his lips, he lowered his weight on top of her and shifted his hips to give himself better access to her.

A very small, faint voice asked her why she was doing this now when she had rejected him so firmly before. Had she just not been brave enough? Had she been scared of him, or of herself? He wasn’t as nice as Four was, but damn if he wasn’t making her tingle between her legs.

Eric’s right hand remained knotted in her hair to hold her in place beneath him, and the other was unyielding as it began to roam her body. First his fingers brushed the edge of her collarbone, the gentle swoop of her neck as it met her shoulder, the outward curve of her breast. He was gentle enough, but Aurora could feel his muscles tensed and coiled as though it were taking some great strength to keep his movements soft. Where his hands led, her skin burned fiery hot in his wake.

He deepened the kiss, eliciting a breathy whimper from Aurora. Without thinking about it, maybe even without meaning to, she reached up to tangle her fingers through his hair. She had to pull away soon, had to breathe, but he didn’t allow her skin to leave his lips. Instead, he did as he had done the morning in his office and nipped at the edge of her jaw, her earlobe, the velvet soft skin of her throat. He wanted to mark her, wanted her to have faint purple bruises in the morning. It was indeed taking a lot of restraint not to draw blood.

“You’re making such sweet little noises,” he breathed. Aurora hadn’t been aware she was making any sound at all, and she felt heat creep up her neck and cheeks. Now wasn’t the time to feel self conscious, but she felt herself trying to draw back into the safe nest of the pillows.

Eric wouldn’t have that though.

When she wriggled upwards towards the top of the bed, he went with her. It was the perfect opening to give him complete and total access to her as her legs widened to shift her body up, and he pressed down hard with his hips.

Aurora gasped at the feeling of him firm against her. He was becoming more rushed as everything intensified tenfold, and the soft grip he had on her body turned increasingly possessive. She could feel his fingertips pressing into her skin, his teeth grazing against her, hips rocking forward into her. Whatever control he was struggling to maintain, it was slipping. When she wrapped her legs around his waist and shifted her hips forward to center him, he groaned with a noise that was almost strangled.

Aurora’s eyes were shut so tight and behind her lids, she was seeing bursts of white hot light. It was all around her just like he was. Her lips felt bruised, but there was a churning burn right there! and she couldn’t stop herself from chasing after it and rolling her hips against him to create more friction. She was using him to increase that deliciously deep sensation that was trailing a path up into her stomach.

“Aurora,” he groaned. It was something like a warning. Barely restraining himself now. But she was getting so much close.

Sucking in breath through her teeth now, Aurora tightened the muscles in her thighs, forcing him still impossibly closer- when she ground her hips this time, he grabbed them roughly and met her halfway with a growl. Sparks felt like they were shooting through her. She was too far gone to stop. The alcohol was allowing her to edge closer than she had ever imagined herself doing before.

God, he had never thought she would do something like this. Fucking using him to get herself off. His fingers weren’t even inside of her, it was just the goddamn friction. He had no qualms with letting her finish, but if she pushed against him one more time, he wouldn’t be able to stop himself. He was lined up perfectly, all he had to do was hike up the hem of her dress, rip her fucking underwear to shreds, and he knew he could have had his buckle undone in seconds. But Eric didn’t want to fuck a drunk girl, especially not if that drunk girl was Aurora. He wanted her to remember every single thing come morning, wanted her to have the sensations of him moving inside her and covering her permanently singed into her skin. No, he couldn’t allow a victory like that to be hampered by whatever the hell she had been drinking. Eric had just enough sense left to marvel at the effects of tequila on the human brain.

Obviously she was too drunk now to even realize what she was doing.

“You have to stop.”

Aurora only tightened her grip on Eric until her nails were digging crescent moons into his forearms. He could see the murky frown marring her focused expression and the way her forehead wrinkled like she wanted to argue against him.

“Aurora if you don’t stop, I’m going to fuck you right here and you’re not going to remember a single bit of it in the morning.” His voice was rough and harsh and she could feel his eyes boring into her.

Slowly but surely, her senses came back to her and he regretfully felt her legs slacken until he could properly pull away. She didn’t open her eyes- couldn’t, or maybe she just wasn’t willing to. Then it was over as suddenly as it had begun.

With ragged breath, Eric cautiously pulled the blankets over her, lingering for the barest second. “Go to sleep now.” His voice was still dark and hoarse.

She sighed and frowned, and Eric couldn’t tell if her lip just quivered or it was the movement of her rolling away from him to face the other side of the room. He realized while rubbing his face with his hands that this was the first time a girl had ever been in his bed and he was actually wanting them to just go to sleep.

As for him, that had just been too damn much. He busied himself with making up the couch in the next room to sleep on and poured himself a drink, but his thoughts kept drifting back to that soft girl in his bed.

She had been like a bird in his hands, so fragile and fluttery, but so fucking willing. When he touched her, he could feel as well as see the way it made her skin flush, could hear the faint hitch of breath in her throat, the way her lids half closed… She had been grinding her hips into him for christ’s sake.


Eric growled at the constant strain in his pants and he needed to get off. He would be up all night imagining if the rest of her tasted as good as her mouth did.

With an exasperated sigh, he checked his watch. The party would still be going on. Who was that girl Aurora had been with? He could probably find her again.

Without so much as a backwards glance into his bedroom, he grabbed his jacket again and locked the door behind him.

Unbound [Ch. 1]

Pairing: Fushimi Saruhiko/Yata Misaki

Rating: T

Summary: Summer is Yata’s favorite time of the year in his town, a place where it normally rains nonstop nine months out of the year. It doesn’t help that the town is marred by old legends and tales which do nothing to make it less creepy and drab. Essentially, summer is Yata’s chance to forget superstitions and finally hit the beach. Apart from deciding what he wants to do with his life, all he wants is to enjoy it with his friends and maybe get to know Fushimi Saruhiko, a stranger who Yata can’t help but feel drawn to. However, the summer has more in store for him than usual, and he’s never been one to back down. 


Note: Sarumi fest! I’m so happy I get to participate this year as well ^^ This is a fic I’ve been working on for over a year really, and I have constantly gone back and forth about finishing and posting it lol. It’s an important project to me though, so I figured why not post it for fest and see what people think? ^^ 

Big thanks to @emeraldwaves and @brynne-lagaao for talking over this fic with me back in the past! 


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