so i think im going to have one more part

Will Solace Headcanons

I’ve been thinking about doing hc for Will a while now, so here ya go

  • Growing up in Texas he was used to a lot of crazy weather. So when he first goes to camp it’s all sunny and warm and the next minute and raining hail the next he doesn’t think much of it
  • Later he finds out that someone insulted Zeus who was not having it
  • It took him a while to get used to winter in New York. Why does it have to be cold all the time? He would much rather deal with wearing a winder coat one day, and shorts and a tank top the next
  • When he was just a little kid it rained for two weeks straight, flooding the nearby lake after three years of drought
  • Luckily Camp Half Blood usually stays warm all year round (sometimes)
  • He also gets vocally distressed at restaurants in the north because How do they not have sweet tea?! No you can’t just pour sugar in it cold, it won’t dissolve, Nico!
  • Liquid sweetener is a must for him because of this
  • Always makes polite small talk with servers, and asks them about their day. He has made more friends in the few minutes of being in a restaurant than people have in their entire lives 
  • He says he’s a coffee person, but in truth has never taken a sip of it. He really just likes the smell and the idea of drinking it. He doesn’t tell anyone that, though
  • (okay, quick question: did we just as a collective agree that Will is a Texan, or was there some small bit in the books that we all went crazy over? Anyways…)
  • Lived an hour away from Dallas, in a small town with a small population of 3,000
  • Every time you drive out of a city you enter a wasteland of endless open plains where cattle roam, only a practically vacant gas station to remind you of what civilization is like
  • Will Loves long car rides while the radio is loudly playing music, it’s so peaceful
  • Says he hates country music, but if there’s ever one on the radio he lets it play
  •  He tries his best to keep this secret from Nico at all costs
  • The humming sounds of thousands of cicadas is a comfortable sound during the day, but keeps him up at night
  • He knows a little spanish, just enough to know what common words are, but not enough to hold a conversation; though he has dedicated some of his free time to learn more of it
  • Will and Leo are close friends
  • They like to bond over the fact that they are both from Texas
    • “Texas?”
    • “Texas.”
    • “Texas!”
  • Leo makes fun of his accent when he’s flustered
  • Will knows very little about foot ball, but if anyone asks him whose his favorite team he always answers “Dallas Cowboys” (They suck, btw)
  • He hates how close minded and hateful other texans are; he has more feelings for the place rather than the people
  • When he finds out Nico was held captive on a ranch in texas once he asks what part
  • “I don’t know, does it make a difference?”
  • “That’s like saying El Paso is anything like Houston”
  • Has a really sweet voice and a friendly smile while he verbally slaughters you if you make him mad
  • Is the king of passive aggressive compliments
  • Really misses chickens. He never had any, but his neighbor’s would always jump the fence and run around the yard
  • Daydreams about having a house in the country next to the ocean
  • Wants to be a nurse so he can take better care of patients 

This is getting pretty long, I’ll make a part two if anyone wants

Roommates (Part 3, Final (??))

Part 1 and Part 2

Summary: When y/n is forced to rent out her extra room, Im Jaebum was the last person she expected to have to share her living space with… luckily, he kept things interesting.

Genre: romance, hot roommate (it’s my personal genre y’all), playboy!, smut, (also this kinda turned out a little angsty i think???) 

Word Count: ~1000

A/N: HI EVERYONE!!!!!  I’m so glad so many people have liked the other 2 parts of this short little thing!!! It’s my first attempt at a fanfic like this (although I did write a fluffy jungkook scenario if you wanna check that out), so it really means a lot to me to hear so many nice things! I have a few more ideas in mind for other little things I’m going to post, but I think this may be the end for this one (…or not…). Like my legs for Im Jaebum, my inbox is always open, so feel free to send requests/messages/anything!!!!

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Dear anyone

dear friend,

i’m impatient and selfish, suffocating and overbearing, whiney and flighty, sensitive but cold and a total debbie downer. there’s so much wrong with me and there’s so much i wish i could change about me, but the one thing i will never be apologetic about is how much i love you. that will never change. i can count on one hand the people i would die for. you are one of them. i can suck at showing it but i promise it’s true and i’ll spend my whole life trying to make sure you never feel alone. you were the first one, y’know - the very first. anything that came after was all that it was, but you were the first and that means something to me. i have my regrets with you, i can’t begin to tell you how many. i’ve fucked up more times than you can remember (you’d have been long gone if you did), and i know one you do cost me more than i thought it would. karma’s a bitch, but i had it coming and i live with it every day. sometimes it feels like things have changed. well, of course they have, but it’s tangible in some ways more than others. i miss the way things used to be at times, but then there are other things we have now i wouldn’t trade for anything. i wish nothing but the world for you because nobody deserves it more. you’ve gone through so much, darling, more than anyone should have to go through at all, and you continue to go through it every damn day. you’re not here now but if you were and if i could, i’d hold you so tight that every part of you that feels broken would piece back together into one. i admire you so freakin’ much; i can’t write for shit but i’ll always write shitty letters to you to try and make you understand. i love you~

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Okay, I don't ship Tou//Ken and stuff but, after seeing the spoiler images and the one with Kaneki in the fetal position that referenced back to that one illustration, it kind of opened my eyes. I never thought that the ship was toxic or anything tbh, but everything is falling into place now, even if it seems a bit short cut and scattered a bit. I'm getting sudden nostalgia from this chapter. (sorry for my scatterbrained-ness, im just shook atm lmao)

honestly, even for me who’s been with this ship since I started TG, things are still clicking into place and I’m so looking forward to going back and scrutinising the things that have been given more context! I think that’s my favourite part of TG- finding the little breadcrumbs that we missed along the way!

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Headcannons for rucas' first night in their own apartment?

okkkkkkkkk i am finally getting to this, sorry for the mega delay!! but yes i think i have a few ideas i could throw at this, but i will say i wrote a tiny bit abt in this one-shot here ( x ) !

  • obviously, unpacking!! but like, the fun parts of unpacking like deciding where all the little knick-knacks go and arranging the furniture and really making the place feel like theirs
  • that being said tho, moving furniture is so exhausting like im imagining them moving the couch (more like inching) all over the heckin living room space and finally giving up and like…. both of them falling over the arms of the couch and landing against one another
  • then riley looks around and is like “you know, actually, i think this is perfect” and lucas is like “THIS IS WHERE WE STARTED!!!”
  • lowkey i imagine their apartment having not like… real hardwood but like fake linoleum flooring which is awful but they make the most of it by sliding across it in their socks while in their pajamas
  • lucas runs into the wall and riley falls over from laughing so hard
  • they go grocery shopping for the first time and they’re all convinced they’re gonna make this big inaugural meal to celebrate, but they end up wasting so much time at the store shopping together and enjoying that that when they get back it’s late and they’re tired and they’re like… “ok should we order pizza? let’s order pizza”
  • they have the big dinner the next night instead
  • they’re in cali at this point (in my hc at least) so they order “new york style” pizza and when they’re crashed on the couch eating it riley is like “this isn’t even close to ny pizza what a sham”
  • lucas agrees but he lowkey can’t tell the difference lmfdskgs
  • while they work on getting all their things set up (internet, cable, things that are much more complicated than they should be), they go through and make a checklist of all the food places nearby they want to try and things they want to see in an effort to get accustomed to the new neighborhood
  • once they get their tv all set up, they watch a movie that’s one of their favorites and super familiar to them so that it feels a little bit like home and the familiar doesn’t seem so far away
  • this movie just happens to be something like high school musical that entails catchy songs and this of course leads to bad singing along and dancing around their apartment bc, hey, it’s their apartment and no one is around to make fun of them
  • they 100% do that dumb thing where they stand next to each other at the bathroom mirror to brush their teeth and make faces at each other and it’s cute but they’re also both like “this bathroom is too small for this, we really gotta take turns next time” “agreed”
  • the only place that doesn’t feel somewhat foreign and new is their new bed only because like, when they’re laying together it doesn’t really matter where they are, it’s home. so there’s no issue being comfortable enough to fall asleep or anything
  • and so they get a good night’s sleep, but only after laying there and talking in the dark for like an hour. but that’s nothing new

Chapter one: Part 3. chapter 1 end.

CH1 PART 1    CH1 PART 2 

So I had planed on updating every month, but I know im going to be unable to upload on a normal basis. So sorry if it take a while for me to produce content. I’m a full time student so school is going to eat up my time. I also had planed on each chapter having five parts but I think breaking it up more will be easier on me.  

I would also like to thank @deeciphered for helping me with correcting my text errors (there twas a lot sorry ><) and proof reading for me. Hopefully when I went back threw and started correcting things I didn’t miss anything. :)  Go fallow them there amazing 

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I honestly can't stand you. You are so rude and you are what discourages people from writing. Because you bash things into the ground. Stop acting like you're gods gift to fanfiction. You're not.

ive been staring at this ask trying to figure out how i want to answer it.

my initial thought was to make a dumb joke and dismiss it and go back to laughing with my friends but. im genuinely curious about your anger, i suppose.

i imagine this ask is in response to the ask i answered previous about my fic? and if thats the case then, im aware it was really bitchy of me. but that was kind of the point?

i got the ask and i was a bit surprised because. well. i talk about jump a Lot. and anyone who has been on my blog for any amount of time would know that?

i was actually talking to my friends about the ask, and (i cant recall what i said verbatim) i said i was going to respond in the pettiest way possible.

and. well. we all know my response.

the wording of your ask confuses me though? like it was spurred by the posting of the other ask but you wrote as if there was more to that to disliking me? and i honestly dont understand i dont think.

i wouldnt consider myself a consciously rude person? and looking back at my asks ive answered about jump my impression is mostly bashfulness and sort of stunned gratefulness at all the attention? if ive been rude i. dont think i really understand where (that one /faq ask, maybe, but other than that…?)

as for that ‘youre what discourages people from writing’ bit…ouch. i think thats what stung the most in your ask. thats the last thing i want; i love writing so much and hearing ive inspired people to write their own fics or draw fanart or write based on my posts fills me with such pride and joy because? ive influenced someone to do something creative?

but that part of your ask is a bit unfair i think. i think that might be the part most borne out of anger, so im going to be honest and say until i have something more…concrete, saying that i discourage people from writing, im going to take it with a grain of salt.

the part i dont understand is the ‘you bash things into the ground’ part. do i take things too far? or? i dont understand that part, and if youd like to clarify im more than happy to respond.

and the gods gift to the world part…i feel like thats incorrect and based on that one singular post. if im being honest, i am still insecure in my writing and seeing the attention its gotten doesnt really make sense to me. i still dont think ive wrapped my head around it.

because; why me? what is so special about jump that it has the most reads, and kudos, and bookmarks in the deh tag? its nothing special at its core. its incredibly special to Me because its the first thing ive written that i am genuinely proud of producing and have fun making, but when put up against the desperate type or ykttylr its nothing out of the world amazing.

did i take advantage of its status to make a stupid joke? yes, and to be honest i dont think im sorry because it hasnt done any harm.

but do i think im 'gods gift to writing’? no, i dont. not by a longshot. accepting praise everytime a chapter goes up makes me uncomfortable still. hearing people say i inspired them is, while flattering, also horrifying because /why am i an inspiration? what did i do thats so special?/ and while i love all my readers i feel so genuinely…undeserving of them that it leaves me feeling stuck.

sorry this got so long, but i wanted to give an actual response instead of just writing you off. feel free to send an ask clarifying your points, or dm me if youre comfortable?


Some of you guys have been asking some stuff about my adult Maya design, so it seemed appropriate that I would answer them here! Everyone has their own version of adult Maya, so that was a lot of pressure to design my own! I’m super meticulous about being close to the original ;~; so i had to do a lot of research and had to put myself in Capcom’s shoes (?)

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HEY I’m gonna answer some questions in this post! sorry for taking so long tho, i’ve been trying to avoid homework but now there’s so much homework, new And Old, In a big pile that im trying to ignore, and im afraid i can’t anymore. im suffering the consequences of my procrastination. i wish i could do all your requests but i dont think ill be able to. pls understan

also i feel like i’m going to be more confident Talking behind a Read More so if i say anything too weird just know that i probably regret it

ANYWAY let there be answers

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Defend Me [2]

Oooo “I love you. Of course I’m going to defend you like that” could you use this one? But have the reader staying it??? I love the boy always being the protector but I think it would mean so much more to them if the reader was the one defending them (verbally or physically) BETTER YET CLOULD YOU DO IT WITH CHASE??? Oh gosh I forgot if you even write for Chase… If not use it for whoever you wish, thank you!!!!

im gonna put the ask in each part so people know that this is the same series and that they’re not lost!

“Stop yelling at me!” his voice was harsh as it echoed, ringing in your ears as your blood continued to boil. You were beyond pissed at this moment, and you were scared that your emotions were going to cause you to do something you would regret. 

“Just answer me!” you yelled back at him. His jaw was clenched as tears spilled from his eyes. You found that you didn’t care. And you didn’t feel it in that moment, but now you feel it all the time.

Farah refused to take your hand. Since she woke up this morning she had been nothing but stubborn, refusing to even listen to Chase. You were beyond frustrated. Chase was annoyed. Farah seemed to be on top of the world.

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When I hear these things about the music, about the way … about the suits you wear, the way you talk, or you speaking your mind. We’re professionals. You know what? As long as you perform like a professional on the ice ….

I mean, you look at my age. I’m just coming into my prime from what I believe. 27 years old. I mean, these are supposed to be the best years of my career coming. So I wanted to give these years to the team that drafted me, that helped develop me, that got me to a point where we said, “listen, we have a window of two to three years to win a Stanley Cup.” This is what we wanted. This is what we worked for. And now … I get traded, you know. For what reason? I don’t know.

As far as I’m concerned, on and off the ice, I fulfilled my responsibility as a player and a person, you know, and being a model citizen in the community, being a great Montreal Canadien, representing the organization well. I felt I did that. I felt I did that. And everything, you know, that I’ve been taught, since I’ve been a Montreal Canadien is you put this before the person that you are, before your name. Everything. So if there’s a sword that you need to fall on, you fall on it. And I’ve always fallen on the sword. But in this one, I don’t know. How am I supposed to fall on this sword? How?

I start to do speculation on myself, on really what that means, you know. For me, I feel that all around, I have confidence I’m the best defenceman in the league and that’s why I look at myself. If I didn’t look at myself that way, then you’ll never be the best person and hockey player that you can be. If you don’t see yourself, envisioning yourself the best … You know, Muhammad Ali said, “I always used to say I was the greatest because I believed if I said it enough, that I actually would be.” You know, or I convinced myself that I was.

So there’s a ton of things I could have done differently. But that’s a part of growing, that’s a part of evolving. So I don’t have regrets. I think the most significant opportunity though, is I have a chance to win a Stanley Cup on this team. And that’s my number one goal, more than anything.

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Hey guys~ Sorry for the long wait!!! I made you wait for 2 weeks again and I’m so sorry! But I think you’ll thank me for that though, cause’ this chapter is more entertainement the past ones~Grab your holy water cause’ we’re going on a ride *smirks* Things will get a little heated *wink wink* Please tell me If I should make a wattapd or asianfanfics for this story~~~ THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH FOR ALL THE SUPPORT!!

Don’t forget to tell me how thirsty you are in the comments/Request box ;)

WARNING : You might blush/scream/laugh/ BE EMBARRASSED AF/ DIE OF FEELS or fall for Jungkook’s adorable personality <3


/PART 7/ PART 8 / PART 9 / PART 10 / PART 11

Without fuRTher do, Here is pt.9 of Jungkook’s war of hormones.

Genre: romance/fluff/love
Pairing: Jungkook/You
Length:  10652 words
Summary: Jungkook is your campus roommate who has a huge crush on you. He’s been hiding it for so long and you’re still clueless about it.

This story is Taken Down for the time being. You can thank ppl who reposted/plagiarized  my content

My Dirty Little Secret


Can you do a newt Smut imagine where he is very sexually frustrated all the time because the only thing that can give him pleasure is his hand until the reader comes up in the box and she is passed out in the medjacks so he gets an idea. He goes in and uses her hand and mouth to pleasure himself while she’s knocked out. He doesn’t get caught he just says something like “this can be our little secret” and leaves  FEELING really good.

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i would like to take a moment to personally thank god for creating me in a world where wellbutrin exists and i actually have the ability to legally fuck w my dopamine levels and make my life 100% better in every single way…. like…. since i started wellbutrin ive felt motivated and happy and literally EXCITED about my FUTURE and ive started putting so much more effort into myself & taking care of myself way better than before and doing laundry regularly instead of putting it off and my grades went up and i got hired at kinda my dream job & i started eating better & ive been able to go way more than 24 hours without crying and ive EVEN started to learn the impossible art of staying in my own lane & calming myself down! ive made so many giant leaps forward so quickly and every day i wake up i feel good still and im like “??? HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE??” Like, obviously there have been SOME bad days, thats only natural, but for the most part im buzzing around the house like a happy lil bee and cleaning and thinking good things and taking care of myself and it is UNBELIEVABLE. i truly feel that wellbutrin is one of the best things that ever happened to me! and i dont even care if “putting chemicals into yr body is so bad for u” or whatever bc even if for some reason wellbutrin shortened my lifespan or something somehow, i would wayyyyy rather live a shorter happy life than a long miserable one tbh

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how do you make fanmixes? like what's the process of you choosing/finding songs and positioning of the tracks? thanks for your time!!

ok well this is gonna sound rly pretentious but. i consider my playlists to be works of art and i put just as much thought into them as i do my comics and illustrations, maybe more so. usually i start with a couple songs that i already know that i think would fit well for a given character/pairing/whatever. from there i figure out what i want the tone of the playlist to be, and i look through songs i have saved in my itunes, spotify favorites, 8tracks favorites, etc that i think might fit. i start to build a big collection of songs. then i figure out what kind of story i want to tell and start putting the songs in order. of course, usually half the songs i end up using are songs i didnt already know, because once i run out of songs that i know i start to search through the discographies of artists similar to the ones i already have. a huge part of the process is pinpointing artists that i think fit the tone and then going thru their the lyrics for all of their songs to see if i can find any that match the character. eventually, if i find enough that i think i can build a substantial narrative, i’ll refine the playlist and publish it.

ive been talking a ton about narrative here so im gonna touch more on that. i try to give all of my mixes an arc, even the ones that are more aesthetic-based. like, my peridot mix was made right after “keeping it together” aired so we didnt know a ton about peridot yet, but i still gave it an arc both tonally and lyrically. it starts off more electronic, slow, and controlled, representing how peridot first appeared very mysterious, powerful, and confident. by the end of the playlist the music gets more frantic and vicious, and the last track (good luck, you’re fucked) i picked deliberately so it could be interpreted as either peridot swearing her revenge or foreshadowing of her imminent failure. my bipper mix is another that’s more aesthetic-based, starting out kind of fast and playful and with a focus on classic rock/metal, then becoming slower and more serious and threatening as it draws to a close, with the last song (hurt) clearly focusing mostly on dipper’s pain. the first and last songs are the most important, i think, since the first one sets the tone for the rest of the playlist and lets the listener know what theyre in for, and the last one acts as kind of an epilogue/end credits, and should leave the listener with an idea of what’s going to happen next.

so… that’s my process, i guess? i hope this helps

Welcome To Stamford Earl - PT 2

Well guys here is part 2, im so happy with the responses I got from chapter one. I actually thought that not many people would even care that I posted anymore. But you guys are just so great! Like all my writing really, it’s un-edited because I just don’t have the time to. I kind of proof read it, so just read at your own risk. Please leave your lovely comments and tell me what you think, and what direction you think it’s going. It puts a smile on my face.

Here we go…

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Do you remember that you rec me a bottom!derek fanfic? Well now I know why you love that one so much!!! OMG! I felt like falling in love all over again with sterek! So can you tell me what are some of your favorites? And this time it can be more than 10k ;)

RIGHT?! It’s so good, I am so happy you liked it!!
Oh gosh, okay, I’m just gonna rec all my faves, but I’ll do the bottom!derek ones first, and put all the others under the cut!

Ahem, okay, here goes (side note: I have just looked at the tags on AO3 to pick out the bottom!derek ones in my bookmarks, as I honestly can’t remember which ones have it or not, the sex is just good in all of these regardless haha):-

No Homo by RemainNameless
Honestly, this fic, it is just, words can’t even describe how much I enjoyed this, it’s a college AU which I am a sucker for, so I was sold on that principal alone, but honestly, the way it’s written is so amazing, I love the characterisation and just, it’s just so good okay!

Dating Backwards (also by RemainNameless)
This fic, is hands down one of my favourite fics, it was one of the first sterek fics I ever read and being introduced to a fic so amazing early into the fandom and shipping I just, wow. I didn’t even know what tropes were, I didn’t know anything about fanfiction, so seeing a pornstar AU I was like… what? But I am so glad I gave it a chance, because well, it’s amazing.

There’s Monsters at Home by calrissian18 (wellhalesbells)
First of all, Magic!Stiles, that’s all I’m gonna say because damn, I love me some magical Stiles, anyway, I didn’t even know much about this fic when I started reading it, so I was like, meh I’ll give it a go, and it has definitely worked its way into my faves.

My Heart’s Been Offline by thepsychicclam
This fic was just all the feels, I want to write more, but the part I want to talk about is the part that  will have you thinking “noooooo that’s not what happened, you’re reading into it wrong!” so im just gonna leave it at that haha.

The Price by theroguesgambit (halekingsourwolf)

Five Times Detective Stilinski and Fire Captain Hale Had Sex In Public, and One Time They Did It In A Bed by bleep0bleep
Honestly, this is amazing, they’re both such assholes, who in the end clearly want each other, but it’s just so beautifully written and captures them perfectly, the way it progresses is so easy and fluent, just, so good.

Famous Last Words by JenNova
This is the title for the series, theres 6 parts to it, but seriously, the whole thing is full of sex and feelings, its so amazing. (I am so bad at trying to portray my feelings for fics, seriously though, I love the characterisation, the way its written, just, ah, amazing)

Put your hands on me by littlelostcat
Slides this fic in front of you; this is purely PWP, enjoy. Bottom!derek while Stiles uses wolfsbane to have the upper hand.

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i cant believe i’ve really been running this blog for two years. two years officially today.

it has been… a ride. i came into this fandom just as carmilla was really starting to take off. and as much as i meant to be a casual fan, in dedicating an entire blog to one show, i was inevitably sucked in. and honestly, this little webseries has come to mean so, so much to me.

i know i’m not the nicest person, i can be an asshole a lot and i dont really hold my tongue when i dont like some shit. but that doesn’t mean i dont love, love, love the fuck out of this tiny webseries. (or not so tiny, i mean we’re getting a movie.)

a few days ago when i was thinking about making this post, it was going to be a sappy acceptance that in a week i was going to have to say goodbye. instead i feel grateful and so inexplicably happy that in about a year, we’re going to have one more part to this.

anyway, i dont want to get sappy or anything like that. im not really good at that kind of stuff when i know a lot of people are looking at me. but i really do need to say thank you. thank you to carmilla. to everyone involved. to everyone who’s ever followed me. all the friends i’ve made in the past two years, whether we still talk or not.

i know i wouldn’t necessarily be in a bad place, but i dont know where i’d be without carmilla or the people i’ve met because of it. perhaps a little less stressed LOL. 

… thank you for everything.. :)

I don’t think it’s hit me that Zayn left. I think in the back of my mind I’m holding onto the thought that he will come back and therefore I don’t feel that sad. But after seeing the boys rearrange themselves for wmyb so there wouldn’t be an empty space where Zayn used to be made me realize he’s really gone, and he’s probably not going to come back. Even after this realization I still think of the band with him, or think that he will come back. I literally can’t wrap my brain around the fact that he could actually have left the band for good. Whenever I think of one direction I will still think of him as part of it, no matter what.

ok but. the thing that really gets to me when i think about mikayuu is more than the sheer amount of love they have for each other. literally they love each other so much it could disrupt the orbit of a planet or some shit i dont know, but what really gets to me is considering the prospects of a happy mikayuu. because honestly this stupid ship is one of the really tragic ones, and that might be part of the reason i love it so much, and all the pain and suffering they have to go through in canon makes me turn to happier solutions. so im sitting there in like math class or whatever and bAM I GET SLAMMED WITH DOMESTIC MIKAYUU FEELS. LIKE WHAT IF THE VIRUS HAD NEVER HIT JAPAN AND THEY GOT TO GROW UP AND BE HAPPY HOMODACHIS LIKE THEY WERE MEANT TO

  • ATTENDING A NORMAL HIGH SCHOOL TOGETHER AND SHARING HW (well more like yuu keeps begging mika for the answers and mika just tries helping him instead)
  • C O L L E G E  A U