so i think he didn't blame her after all

Karamel Parallel

Yes it rhymes but it’s not a happy one.

After their fight he’s waiting to talk to her after giving her time to think and cool down, he’s waiting in the the place they first kissed!

Remember when Kara was upset because she felt guilty about her parents having made the virus that was killing Mon-El at the time.

And he didn’t blame her at all, he told her she was beautiful and kissed her. Him of all people understood that just because your parents did bad things, didn’t mean you were bad.

Now cut to this episode where Kara is doing the opposite towards him. She’s absolutely judging him based on what his parents did on Daxam, and the fact that he lied about who he was, because he was ashamed of it.

Kara is a beautiful soul full of goodness and hope, but she is not a saint.

I think this parallel hurts because in this case, Mon-El actually handled sins of the parents way better than Kara did.