so i think about this a lot

I’ve been thinking a lot about “us” lately and everything that we were and weren’t and the more I think the more I realize how we fell apart before we even got a chance to fall together. . 
and you know, I’ve spent so much time going through every single message, every phone call, every memory, just trying to figure out where it all went wrong, where we lost it all. But I never stopped to think, what if we never had it right? and now that I’m finally thinking that, I’m realizing how we never even had anything to lose in the first place.
because okay, sure, you were here, and trust me I know you were because I put more emphasis on that than it deserved. So, yes. yes. YES, YOU WERE HERE! but that didn’t change the fact that this was one sided from the beginning. Because, although you were here, you didn’t want to be, your heart was never with it.
It was always me, It was me carrying the weight of our conversations on my back, it was me who was turning your one worded replies into poetry and it was me who made this “relationship” enough for the both of us. and I never even noticed because I was so convinced that you loved me, but the thing with one sided relationships is, they always catch up to you and in our case, the only reason it caught up to us is because there was nothing else to distract me from it because you stopped being here. the only god damn thing you contributed was just physically being here and even that, became too much for you to do.
And I have so much love inside me that I COULD love for the both of us, I mean I have BEEN loving for the both of us and I would of continued carrying this relationship on my back because I saw so much in you that it was so hard for me to realize that there was nothing actually there cause I wanted something to be there so badly. But I can’t make you be here, I could turn one worded replies into something but I can’t make something out of nothing, and trust me I wish I could of. I wish I could of saved us, I used to stay up all night wondering how I could turn back time, How I could save our downfall but now I realize. Nothing could of saved us. you can’t make people love you and you can’t give people things without stopping to ask if they even want it, and in our case I gave you my heart without even hesitating to check if you wanted it. and thats where I went wrong. 
I still love you, but I’ve accepted the fact that we were never real and that we probably will always be just in my head.
—  Your heart was never with me
Darkiplier & Warfstache Theory

Another Darkiplier theory provided by yours truly :) @markiplier (I REALLY hope you read this one, Mark. I know that’s childish to say, but I think this one’s pretty convincing with some good evidence. I’d LOVE for you to hear it! :D Thanks so much to anyone who likes, reblogs, and/or replies to this!)

Lots of Markiplier fans like to debate on the relationship between Mark’s inner demon and his alter ego. I’m, of course, talking about Darkiplier and Wilford Warfstache.

They’ve never interacted “in canon” before, but A Date With Markiplier  has given me enough “evidence” to make this theory.  


In A Date With Markiplier, if you end up in the killer chef’s warehouse with Mark,
you can eventually find the exit (when making the right choices). But, if you do go through the exit, you’re transported back into the prison cell by Darkiplier, thus creating an endless loop.

Dark, clearly, has a lot of power (I’m guessing it’s bottled up power that was just released, since he’s finally…“out”). If you pay for the meal and end up on the super cheap date with Mark, you get the chance to meet face-to-face with Dark himself. If you get the Vanilla ending, it means that you shot and killed/destroyed Dark, …right? No. Of course not.

In the Vanilla ending, you simply weaken him. His continued presence is made evident during the Vanilla ending when you look down at your bowl of Ice cream and see glitchy visual effects. As mentioned before, he also has the power to transport you back in time, so he’s a pretty powerful entity.

Here’s where the theory comes in: Wilford Warfstache is more powerful than Darkiplier.

I know I know. You think I’m crazy. Well, lemme explain.

Wilford is killed approximately 2-3 times (In canon). Examples of his official deaths are when he’s shot by…a baby (Video titled: The Ned Affair)….and when he’s slaughtered by Golden Freddy (Video titled: Five Nights at Freddy’s: The Interview). But of course, he’s returned from both death experiences. Keep in mind that he’s also invincible from Slenderman. SLENDERMAN. Yeah, the no-faced creature seems really lame now, but back then…he was perceived as a terrifying beast that would skin and eat his victims; no one EVER stood a chance against Slenderman. ….Except for Warfstache of course.

In A Date With Markiplier, if you choose to explore the warehouse rather than exit, you go to some…weird…interdimensional place that’s (presumably) controlled by none other than Wilford Warfstache. The trippy location even has clocks floating all around; that’s gotta be symbolism for something. Wink wink hint hint: (Wilford’s pretty fuckin’ powerful).

I’m guessing that Dark was completely baffled by this; Why would anyone choose to wander in some creepy warehouse rather than exit safely? Dark would’ve kept you forever if you didn’t explore. Which means: Wilford SAVED you!

The wide majority of fans agree that if Wilford and Dark knew each other, neither of them would like one another. They definitely wouldn’t work together or even just be friends; that’s not either of their personalities.

So naturally, I can see Dark absolutely HATING Wilford, since he’s basically Markiplier multiplied by 10.

Wilford is Mark’s alter ego, so that basically means that he’s kind of like: “Markiplier in a nutshell”, but as a character Mark created.

My theory is that Wilford sort of…“protects” or “shields” Mark from Dark’s influence (Maybe not on purpose. He clearly doesn’t “care” for Mark. Look at the video Interview with Markiplier). Think about it: Why did it take Dark all this time to take full control of Mark? It’s because Wilford was in the way.

I know what you’re probably wondering: If Wilford stops Dark all the time, then how was Dark able to take control in the “A Date With Markiplier” video? Easy answer. Dark set up the WHOLE date. He tricked Wilford into thinking that Mark was just on a simple date with some person. Bold statement, I know. BUT…why couldn’t Mark remember who asked who on the date? He also says weird and confusing lines like: “Have we met before?” and “You look so familiar”. Dark set up the whole thing so he could get with you and use you for an eternity, OR so he could completely take control of Mark.

The only ending where you “get with” Mark is the Vanilla ending, but…Dark’s still there.

Wilford is the total anti-hero of the story!

Den-O rewatch, episode 2! finally had  chance to get back to this. :D Momo is my favorite Imagin so it’s been fun being introduced to this big red jerk all over again. 😈

in this episode: some stuff about keychains, then finally we get to hop a train to the past and go fight some TIME CRIME…on a motorcycle!

you know, the first time I saw this I remember being surprised that the opening story had such a bittersweet ending (keychain boy’s mom still dies, but they change the past so this time he gets to be there to say goodbye). it’s a really good ending, but it caught me a bit off-guard coming from this silly children’s show about a ridiculous train-themed superhero! looking back I think I remember it doing things like that kind of a lot, despite being pretty light-hearted most of the time; even the finale (…uh, sort of spoilers I guess?) has that sort of feel where it’s not an unhappy ending, but not everything is fixed or even any better.

idk…it’s certainly not the first or only Rider to do that kind of thing that but there’s this uniquely Den-O sort of tone that I think is one of the things that makes this show so appealing to me! though we’ll see how accurate my memories are I guess. :x

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kh gets too much flak. ive been feeling bad for liking it due to a lot of hate and i know you should like what you like but why do i feel like this

Unfortunately, Kingdom Hearts gets a bad rep for two reasons:

1. People think it’s a kid’s game because it has Disney characters in it. You and I both know how untrue that is, but people who are ill-informed love talking about things they know nothing about.

2. The plot is ridiculously complex (unnecessarily so) and spans over 6 consoles - that is of course until March when the PS4 collection comes out.

People are allowed to not like a thing, but you shouldn’t feel guilty for liking something.

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Can I ask for some Mitsuhide headcanons? He's my favorite but I don't feel like he gets a whole lot of love... OTL

hey fam i got u!!! i like mitsuhide a lot myself too–but i don’t think voltage gives him a lot of good writing lol. so hopefully these show some well-needed love for ur fav???

  • is genuinely nice but his temper is just as short as nobunaga’s–mitsuhide is just a helluva lot more graceful about it
    • speaking of nobunaga, mitsuhide’s the only one allowed to yell at him and get away w/ it
    • “i would take lord nobunaga over lord mitsuhide any day thanks” – toshiie probably
  • everybody has accidentally called him dad at least once it’s rly embarrassing nobu is the worst offender
    • mitsuhide: what do you think i enjoy having to look after you lot?
    • literally everyone: yes
  • was lowkey a punk ass bitch as a kid and was one of nobu’s Delinquent Friends but nobody believes nobu when he tells them this bc Mitsuhide Is An Angel (or he is now, anyway lmfao)
  • speaking of angel, he is like. Ridiculously Beautiful. have u seen his cgs. my god. is a rly popular groom candidate with other lords who have daughters everybody wants him for a husband
    • clearly i’m talking abt mitsuhide himself have u read his damn epilogues
  • is actually pretty cold and calculating–can easily remove his emotions from most situations and trust, you don’t want to be in the interrogation room with him
  • literally just this pic
  • babies love him??? but he also Love Babies. Dad Of The Year Award for when he has kids bc he knows everything that needs to be done and his wife can rest easy
    • actually probs a dad that like. extensively writes out a list of The Best Foods for the baby’s development and has them writing at like. One Year Old. strict dad, worried dad.
  • has unwittingly given out more love advice than he ever wishes he’s had to. hideyoshi and toshiie, for example, are compeletely hopeless and wander into his chambers in drunken complaint every once in a while
    • he listens to them while he finishes his paperwork and gets them out extra bedding anyway bc he’s nice like that but he lectures them in the morning
  • Everybody Is Always Really Worried About Him the man never rests like ever
  • ur not allowed to dirty talk him ever in public all of his affections are very very private and u will pay for it later after he Very Badly tries to stop u
    • mc: you have such nice fingers, milord.
    • mitsuhide: thank you…?
    • mc: i bet they’d feel even nicer inside–

Demi Lovato sharing the results of her own DNA test and being like, *woah cool I’m 1% African. I totally didn’t know that* is not problematic and if you think it is please chill. She’s not claiming to be black or trying to make some grand generalization. She’s just curious about her background since she knew she has blood from a lot of places but has been trying to learn about it in recent years. And by the way her birth father, who was mentally ill, compulsively lied to her about it so it’s taken until now, in the years after his death, to figure it out. Stop erasing her Native American/Latina background and let her live?!

idk dudes i really don’t care what the new video is and i don’t think its going to be a “Coming Out video xD” bc i don’t think that seems like their style ?? i feel like its going to be an announcement about them working on a new project or smth for us / at the same time what on earth does it take for y'all to shut the h*ck up about ph*n  …….. when will y'all be happy with the fact that they already do so much for us and realize that we have No Right to tell them to “come out already” or dictate how they should live their lives ???

i feel like a lot of people forget that dnp are real people that can be affected by what we say and despite the fact that they joke about not having emotions and all that smooth jazz it would be stupid to say that they don’t care how we react to the things they produce. if they’ve been hinting at a big thing in their lives they Want us to be hyped about it and they know everyones going to jump to conclusions so they must be worried that nothing they do will make their fans as satisfied as a #phanisreallolzor video :// think about it ……. this has happened So Many times in the past where dnp bring up something that’ll be happening in the future and y'all don’t stop whining abt it unless its a c*ming o*t v*deo :/ just ….. take a couple of seconds and Acknowledge all the things they’ve done for us so far and treat them well, because these boys deserve that.

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I miss when you were just a teenage tøp fan who liked the star filter.

ok…i dont


some stuff for my portfolio!! i had a lot of fun with the shapes and designs… the characters took forever T_T but the shapes were really fast??? oh gosh it’s been like 3 years since I drew full body designs of my characters

left to right: Vita Hayes, Flynn & Nate Lockhart, Terence & Athena Nightingale (more info on them here!)

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I've noticed through the hours Iv'e got of comparison between playing Ana, zen, and Mercy is that people care about Anas and Zens more? might be biased because I have a lot more time on Mercy than the other 2 so more i got more instances of people being neglectful of good ol sportsmanship. Either way, as Ana or Zen the average dps or tank will care more about my death rather than as Mercy. I guess when they see Mercy die or dying they don't think to help because that's "what Mercys do, die."

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Thank you for posting that about the intense asks--I posted about a year ago about suicidal ideation and I think you answered it and it meant a lot at the time, but hooly cow that is a lot to put on one person's shoulders, especially if you don't know if they're getting help in their lives. That is incredibly kind to check up on them and encourage them to seek help. Keep on being awesome, dude!

Thank you for this message :’) And thanks for understanding. I’m not very awesome aha but it’s nice you think so, luv. Stay rad my dear <3 and have a smol birb~


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I've seen a lot of things on this site lately about what it'd be like if Tendou met Kuroo and Bokuto, and while some think they'd get along swimmingly, I've seen others say that he probably wouldn't for quite a few reasons, so I thought I'd get your opinion, as well! What do you guys think would happen if Tendou met the 3rd Gym Squad, specifically Kuroo and Bokuto?

Sen: If you listen closely, you can hear Akaashi screaming in the distance. @ The Haikyuu fandom why don’t y’all acknowledge Lev as part of the 3rd Gym Squad though.

Current song

- Kuroo and Tendou are the same height so when they do play against each other (Akaashi choosing to sit out because he is sTRESSED and it’s fair cause there’s two blockers on each side now) it isn’t totally stacked against the other team.

- Hinata really wants to learn how to do guess blocking and Kuroo just keeps saying to never teach Shrimpy to do something like that. Kuroo and Tendou bicker about which of their blocking styles is better but they’re still impressed with each other’s technique.

- Akaashi is literally just stressed out by his presence and Tsukishima just doesn’t even want to look in his direction. Akaashi steps into the conversation just to sass the other idiots (basically everyone else except Tsukishima) and Tendou does a really over the top laugh whenever Akaashi gets a reaction out of everyone else.

- Like Bokuto, Tendou wants to adopt Hinata as his apprentice as well. Initially there’s argument over who ‘gets custody’ but it’s just settled when Tsukishima jokingly interjects that “you can’t possibly raise an animal like that by yourself” and Tendou and Bokuto just look at each other with agreement.

- Tendou keeps calling Lev ‘Haiba Leg’ and he thinks it’s absolutely hilarious but Hinata just doesn’t get it. Tendou has nicknames for everyone though. Cat Daddy, The Normal Guy, Hooters, (Existential) Dread and obviously Shrimpy. He also has names with Kuroo and Bokuto for other people so that they know who he’s bitching about without being too explicit.

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You're really good at building a narrative within a comic and also leading it to tie into other things - have you had experience doing comics before?? It's really amazing how you take the things people ask (sometimes random) and tie them into what you want to make happen or what you want to say.

Ahhhh!!! Thank you so much!!! This means so much truly! I actually don’t have that much experience with comics and narrative storytelling, that’s why I wanted to do this blog so that I can get better at it~ I do have experience with animation storyboards though, so I didn’t get into this completely in the dark about it! (Still v dif disciplines but it does help)

I’m ecstatic that people think I’m doing ok so far as far as story telling goes. It really does mean a lot since the biggest thing I’ve been insecure about for the longest time was my writing. So thank you thank you!


Recently I’ve fallen into this slump and, honestly, I can’t tell you how I got here. But I can’t get out. 

We’re having such nice weather here and I’ve spent all week curled up under a blanket re-watching a show I’ve ready seen every episode to. Or I’m taking hour long showers which mostly consist of me sitting on the shower floor with the water turned as hot as it’ll go. And… I’m not sleeping a whole lot. My nights are spent overthinking or stress cleaning. 

I feel overwhelmingly sad and frustrated and I’m confused and unfortunately filled with so much self-hatred which leads to so much self-doubt which is why I can’t bring myself to talk to you… Or anyone. 

We sit next to each other in class and I can’t talk to you. I don’t know what to say because every time I think about opening my mouth I just want to blurt the truth. 

Tell you that my depressions getting super bad and it may or may not clear up in a couple of weeks or, hey, anxiety kind of rules my life and you make me really nervous so I don’t know what to say or how to say it but I want to say everything. 

You always message first and it’s been two days of silence and I don’t know if that’s because you’ve already grown tired of me or you’re waiting to see if I will message you first at some point. 

I would… I want to… But I don’t know what to say. I don’t know how to do this… I don’t know what I’m doing. 

God, what am I doing? 


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Absolutely love your blog! I'm really glad that people r finally realizing what a brilliant actor Dan is! I mean this year is really gr8 for him. 1st legion now batb! This might be a bit off topic but what do u think about Emma Watson?Do u think she's going to do a great job or not?And I saw someone complaining that she didn't had any chemistry with Dan in the red carpet. Idk from where this came from but I think they both looked Lovely & had a great chemistry! I just wanted to know ur thoughts.

Oh I have lots of responses to that… some snarky (cough::jealous:: cough) that certain other pairs didn’t happen. I can say that about other roles for Dan so I get that one… it’s natural to want this actor or that actress in certain roles. We get frustrated.

Another response could be confused given the explosion of ‘ohmyGod” they have great chemistry when the table read video came out last year showing Dan and Emma discussing King Arthur and romantic poetry.

But to say their ages are wrong is head scratching. He’s seven years older whereas other actors are three years older than that so… Which then also goes against certain RL pairing of Dan and Emma in news articles talking up their sparks and great chemistry. These articles of course don’t seem to know that Dan is a married father of three. And maybe that’s another answer–he’s not going to be a romantic attachment for Emma…and that’s fine with me. MORE THAN FINE actually. RL stuff gives me the heebie jeebies anyway. Too close and personal and none of my business.

Dan and Emma seemed very easy and natural together on the red carpet. He was a true gentleman and I expected nothing less. She’s articulate and beautiful. I think she’s a fine actress and a terrific Belle.

Let’s just enjoy it shall we!!

So I rather just let it all slide off me. I thought all the Paris and London interactions and pictures are great, 

I”m looking forward to the movie. I think they’re terrific. I think the entire cast is terrific and they wanted to do the best job with this fairy tale classic they possibly could.

From what I see I think they succeeded in spades. It looks gorgeous. I’m not a fan at all of the original Disney movie (never seen it) so ALL of it will be new to me.

Been thinking about killing myself lately which blows hard so on Monday I am gonna go to the university health center and see about counseling. In addition to struggling with this tonight I realized I left my climbing bag in McDonalds which had my very expensive (and as of now discontinued) shoes in them, so that sucks a lot but I am not mentally capable of dealing with that rn so ANYWAY gonna try to feel better and hopefully get my shit back from McDonalds lmao

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u think the underwater kiss had a lot of methaphors hidden in it aswel?? like being safe under the water and away from society?? being sort of like accepting because even though theres 2 guys under water they are still both equally clean? idk i think about it a lot fuck

yes definitely! in that 21:21 post they referred to it as baptism and its just,,,so beautiful? s3 is the most beautiful show ive ever seen