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If Love’s So Easy, Why Is It Hard?

Chapters: 15/? [Chapter word count: 6,715]
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Rating: Mature
Relationships: Clarke Griffin/Lexa, Clarke Griffin & Lexa
Characters: Clarke Griffin, Lexa, Anya, Raven Reyes, Octavia Blake, Lincoln, Abby Griffin, Marcus Kane, Titus, Echo, Bellamy Blake, Monty Green, Jasper Jordan, Maya Vie, Harper, Emori, John Murphy, Gustus, Original Child Characters, More people show up down the line so I’ll add them as they come
Additional Tags: Modern AU, Romance, Fluff, Angst, Hurt & Comfort, Drama, Anya & Lexa are siblings, Lexa & Costia (Mentioned), Clexa Babies, Clexa, Family, Pregnant Clarke, Blood, Character Death, One of their kids eventually dies so…at some point it will get angsty.

The Griffin-Woods family seemingly has the perfect life, at least until Lexa’s (over?)zealousness as NYC’s top young prosecutor means she starts making some very dangerous enemies whose only goal is to remove her from the equation. By any means necessary.


so last night i was rereading house proud by astolat, aka the best harry potter fic there ever ever was, & then i started having Thoughts about hp wizards being the descendants of the fae cuz it just makes!! so much sense!!!

i am perpetually disappointed by so much of jkr’s world-building but this in particular bothers me so much cause like

she placed so much emphasis on blood lines & ~purity but the only ever used it as a shite allegory for racism

u know who gives a thousand shits about blood lines? the fae. u know who goes to great lengths to exist separately from humans? the fae. u know whose society is split into groups based on personality? the fae!!

the evolution of wizarding society makes so much more sense!! if u interpret them as being fae adapting to the changing world!!!


More scenes from my Simulator AU!! Lol honestly I just scribbled out this comic really fast, sorry that my lines are messy ^^’

Let’s see…this takes place shortly after Keith gets out of the sim and crashlands into a nearby planet…and Lance’s AI cube is super corrupted, so Keith begs these somewhat familiar people to save him ;w;

The original post for this AU is here if you want to look at it! And everything else is under the tag “Sim AU” on my blog c:

Fluffy bonus:

one of many reasons why “QUEER” means so much to me.

[ IMAGE: a long, white image with “QUEER” faded in rainbow gradient in the background behind text written using various fonts in various sizes, colors and line-weight reading “sometimes identity is a journey. so far mine has gone something like this – – HOLY SHIT, i’m BISEXU– wait, no, i’m PANSEXUAL! oh, but demisexuality? i’m DEMI-PANSEXUAL! but wait, what if i’m a LESBIAN??? no, WAIT! i’m NOT EVEN FEMALE!!! (no shit sherlock! plus you like who you like of any gender!) oh god, not even demi, TOTALLY ACE after all… shiiiiittt… panromantic ace! biromantic ace? PANro and BIro ACE! lolol wtf was i ever even thinking??? OF COURSE i’m a BI (sans ‘romantic’) & PAN (sans ‘romantic’) ACE. but grayro? quoiro? BI-PAN-GRAY-QUOIRO?? ugh, what the fuck ever. i’ll use whichever word(s) whenever it feels right to do so, but QUEER is the one word that has ALWAYS felt right. - Vesper 09/23/2016" ]

Merrill is my absolute favorite character in the whole series and when I saw ruxandralache’s rendition of her, I had to ask permission to paint it.

Please check out the original version >>>>here<<<<

Thank you again for allowing me to paint this piece. Your original drawing had so much character and grace. I hope I’ve done it justice.


We had to scan an ink drawing we did and color it in PS. Brought me back to highschool because before I started using SAI that was my default way to create art haha!

We had to draw a ‘bouquet’ and it could be anything we wanted just so long as it was ‘bouquet’ shaped, sooooooo I drew a cute little ball python curling round some daisies and did color variants

Both black and colored lines, I’m gonna put these on Redbubble this weekend because I want cute snoots to put on my folders

plus I’m just super proud of my snoots


lol some random doodles from twitter again… [my original tweets]

i love pisuke & usagi….. because they are totally kookmin xDDD so first one is based off one of the stickers, with jimin/pisuke wanting kookie/usagi’s love. and then… we have lettuce crop top jimin (hahahhaahahahah idk either) and bagel jiminnn, both requested by friend on twitter xD


Good morning Usagi! Posting both versions of this pan stitch because its softness is a deliberate morning decision they made, but i also like the clarity of black lines tbh? so. here have the original pan stitch i did and then the verson i enhanced due to Personal Preferences.

Yo this is so sick?? i never thought i’d get even 50 followers forget 700 man…

i don’t even know who to thank like everyone really so i’ll tag a few people that i really appreciate and thank also low-key probs are too cool for me to talk to

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Underappreciated Vocal Line Compilation
Wonho, Minhyuk, & Hyungwon
Underappreciated Vocal Line Compilation

Underappreciated Vocal Line Compilation

a compilation centered on Wonho, Minhyuk, and Hyungwon aka underappreciated vocals in Monsta X

  1. hero (wonho | minhyuk | hyungwon)
  2. hieut (hyungwon | minhyuk)
  3. that’s cheating (minhyuk | wonho)
  4. 0 (young) (wonho)
  5. rush (wonho | minhyuk | hyungwon)
  6. all in (hyungwon | wonho)
  7. trespass (minhyuk | wonho)
  8. broken heart (minhyuk | wonho)
  9. interstellar (hyungwon)

this is a first time doing more than one person in a compilation so feedback is greatly appreciated!!! this originally was gonna be a shownu one but then it changed to i.m then to just hyungwon and then I was like wait he barely gets one line in a song and that led me to this, so I hope you like it!!!

compilations: rap monster, hwasa, dean, suga, taehyung, j-hope (rap), j-hope (sing), compilation tag (for the ones that aren’t mentioned on the list)

request for compilations/artists/playlists/songs here

my inbox is empty now so feel free to request even if you aren’t following!

Missing Moments a companion piece to Stages 

written for @jonxsansafanfiction​ Valentines Day Challenge and gifted to @goodqueenalys for her huge support of the original fic.

Chapter One: First Kiss

Jon presses a lingering kiss to her forehead, before pulling back just enough to be able to look into her eyes.

“I won’t let him touch you. I won’t let that bastard near you Sansa. He so much as steps a toe out of line while here, I’ll kill him without a second thought. Petyr Baelish is done causing you pain, he no longer has any control over you, he’s not taking you away from Winterfell, do you understand?” His words are as fierce as they are comforting.

Never once has Sansa not believed in any of Jon’s promises, and she’s not about to start now.

Hi! I’m opening up commissions so I can hopefully make some extra money for textbooks and all that jazz (college is expensive lol)

More info!

- check out for more examples of my art!

- line art can be made transparent, and you can color it if you want to!

- message me if you are interested!

- payment is through paypal, if you have any questions about prices/payment, message me!

- i will show you a wip when i’m close to being done, you can pay me after that (so that you know that you’re getting what you paid for!)

What I will draw

- ocs if you provide reference! written reference is okay too, just try to be very detailed so i can get it right

- most fandoms, give me the characters full name so i can find pictures!

What I won’t draw

- furries, mecha, complex background (i’m just not confident i can draw them well)

- nsfw/fetish art

- incest/adult x minor ships

- i reserve the right to reject any commissions i am not comfortable with!

Sooo, @VisitPurgatory asked for Orphan Black crossover with Cophine double date!  Here it is my friends. 

As a bonus, here’s Wynonna and Sarah bonding over drinks, leather jackets and sisters

Doodle requests are still open! Though there are quite a few lots in line so it could take a little while.

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Aphrodite’s Epithet Aesthetic Series 5/?? || AREIA - warlike

In line with or origins as Astarte, a fertility and war goddess, Aphrodite is also a war goddess. She is the gut-stirring beginnings, the bloody end. She is Summakhia, Ally in War; Enoplios, Bearing Weapons; and Hoplismena, Armed. 

In Sparta, she was often depicted in full armor. She is a Love goddess unafraid of the grit and dirt of the battlefield, who took War as a consort. Aphrodite is the mother of Terror and Fear who accompany Ares into war. She is not soft, and she is not meek. She’s as bloodthirsty as the rest of them. 

Taking commissions

Hey all, I’m hoping to make some money, so I’m currently taking commissions.

  • Quick sketch/line art, no background: 10$
  • Quick sketch/line art with background: 15$
  • Shaded figure, no background: 20$
  • Shaded figure, simple background: 25$
  • Shaded figure, full background or lots of detail: 30$
  • + 5-10$ for NSFW, depending on the nature of the request
  • + 5-10$ for an additional character
  • + shipping charges for anyone who wants the original (please let me know up front)

Black and white, pen and pencil only.

For an idea of what you can expect:

Quick sketch:

Shaded figure, no background:

Shaded figure, full background:

See my art tag for more.

I will draw:

  • Canon characters (I may ask for a visual reference for fandoms I’m unfamiliar with)
  • OCs
  • Furry/anthro/monster characters (safe for work only please, and expect cartoony rather than realistic art)
  • Anything up to an R rating, including nudity, suggestive themes, and potentially less explicit sex scenes, depending on the nature of the request

I will not draw:

  • Child characters in sexual or romantic situations
  • Explicit NC-17 level sex scenes
  • Extreme gore

It may take a while for me to get each commission done, depending on my schedule, so I’ll ask for payment on receipt of the art, though this may change if I encounter trouble with payment.

What Am I Writing...

Hello!  Hello!  I was tagged by @dimpled-halo @taggiecb and @waytoomanypeopleintheaddisonlee to share what I’m working on right now so here goes…

1.  My Big Bang:  I Walk the Line  Professor Louis!  Grad Student Harry!  All is not as it seems! I’m working really, really hard on this one.  I think it might be something different than what people are used to seeing from me.  I’m really excited to finish it and get it out there.   The original SSS that inspired this fic was Paradise City (take me down).

2.  True Blood AU:  I started this originally thinking I’d do it for my big bang, but changed my mind.  Can’t wait to get back to it.  Louis is an ancient vampire recently moved to Bon Temps, LA and Harry is a server at a local pub/restaurant.  Harry’s also…inexperienced.  Ahem.

3.  Working on a yet to be named pinch hit with @dimpled-halo.  Can’t say much but it’s going to be GOOOOOD.

4.  I have big plans to get back to Devil in Your Smile (it’s chasing me), my original vampire series.  I have the prequel all worked out. 

5.  And, last, but not least, I want to write a part two for Through the Wire , my A/B/O fic, if only to make the darling @nostainofaredwine happy. 

I tag @xabjectlessonsx @alivingfire @juliusschmidt @wubwubnparmaham @zedi-omega @flamboyantommo @suddenclarityharry and @fukcinglouis AND anyone else that wants to do this!  Thanks for reading xx

some cielizzy thoughts of the 2CT kind

I came across @elizbmidf‘s post about 2CT in the tag the other day, and it made me remember something that really struck me!  

I’ve been re-reading the manga keeping 2CT in mind and damn does this entire juxtaposition become ridiculously poignant from that angle:

(note: the 2CT theory I believe is our Ciel not being the actual Ciel, but his younger twin; so that’s the one I’m keeping in mind. Also, the post is image heavy!)

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“Plus, we all know that you only failed because you fucked up your hand that one time, right?”

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