so i started watching this

So I started watching Star vs the Forces of Evil ( finally getting around to it even though I have had it on my list since the first promo but never got around to it because I try to only watch one or two animated shows at a time)

And I am confused on why ANYONE is worried that Star and Marco might end up with other people. Like this is a classic set-up for them to get together, probably not until at the very end of the series, but I have seen enough shows to know.

last year my sister told me she wanted to be white. so i started getting her into watching dramas and comedies with a majority of black people. long story short, i got the kid hooked on fresh prince and now she wanna be ashley cause she’s really smart and cool and pretty.

so yh, representation is seriously important.

cha-shah  asked:

Hello ^_^ I'm also a LuNa and NaLu shipper as well, but I'm more of a One Piece fan. I just wanted your opinion, but what made you ship LuNa? Obviously I'm not question this ship because lol I ship it too, i'm just bored and why not? Your page did say "Feel free to ask" so XD but if I'm bothering you then I'm sorry :(

Hello! This may be late but yeah, better than never.

So, What made me ship them?

There are a LOT reason why I ship them so hard.

Watching OP from the start til the latest and reading manga, I saw how their relationship grow. My curiosity to them started when Luffy pursue Nami when she stole Merry. Even when she pushes him to go away, Luffy didn’t but instead helped her. As the episode passes by, I realized that I’m getting more and more excited seeing them together, and Oda didn’t disappointment me. My interest to LuNami began to intensify more when I learned that Oda met her wife at some event cosplaying as Nami. Another is when Oda draw a picture of Luffy holding a baby with Nami on his side and chopper. There are so many hints of LuNami in anime/manga and movies.

Another is that their connections to each other is so strong, full of trust and loyalty. I just cant help myself saying “uggghh Oda, get these two married already pleasee.”

Ps. Just so you know, are not bothering me. I love talking to people with the same interest as mine. *hugs*


봄날 / spring day - bts (lyrics)

hey look at this lance

thats all, i just found this lance and i had to share him cause hes beautiful 

don’t imagine philip spending every moment that he can in the hospital waiting room, eyes glued to the door to lukas’ room hoping to see him come out

don’t imagine philip laying in his old bed where lukas slept the night before, listening to their playlist that he made, just crying

don’t imagine philip filling the sink with water every time he could, eyes shut because it just didn’t work anymore, he didn’t feel safe anymore

don’t imagine philip blaring any music he could find, anything to get the sound of the gun out of his head

don’t imagine philip guilty and devastated and heartbroken and confused because the first person that actually made him happy in tivoli was shot right in front of him and he had to say his first i love you to a comatose lukas