so i started watching another show

so i was watching kindergarten kid and this guy came up

and i thought their gem looked very familiar and after a little thought i realised

she appears to have a gem just like a zircon but there’s a little M shaped bit missing on the corrupted gem which got me thinking.

i always thought that corruption was like some sort of disease that spread from gem to gem but wouldn’t that mean the crystal gems would already be infected? Looking at this it could be something entirely different. 

a corrupted gem could be a chipped gem, the gem isn’t fully itself anymore but it’s not broken enough to loose its form. this could also explain why there are so many corrupted gems running around instead of hiding and why they can’t be healed, they need to find their missing piece.

I also had a little look at this video and found some other corrupted gems missing some pieces. 

when i first watched jasper become corrupted (the only gem onscreen to be corrupted so far) i thought it was because she had fused with another corrupted gem but i watched the episode again and she’s flung into the air before falling and being crushed by the gem she’d just unfused with

and she lands right onto her gem

just moments later she starts showing signs of corruption. 

if it was a disease that spread this quickly and efficiently every gem that visited earth would be corrupted and Jasper would have begun her corruption whilst still in the air but she didn’t

she became corrupted after hitting the ground

Sense8 is my life

I thought this show would be another one of those shows that sound good, and start off good, but make me stop watching halfway through.  I was so wrong.  Yesterday I started watching this show, and there’s no words to describe how amazing it is.  You absolutely HAVE to watch it.  And here’s some reasons why:









“But then you sent me a vision of a man with a large…. *Struggles to find a word* trunk







I would go on an on, but this post is getting quite long.  So i’m just gonna say.  Watch this.  You will not regret it

no offense but you fucking assholes you fucking bastards were so desperate for lgbt content y'all could watch a show in FUCKING NORWEGIAN but you couldn’t watch a show. on netflix.

like y'all were so desperate for (white) gay rep you started watching a show from another fucking country but you couldn’t bother to support black/latinx gay rep that was. so. accessible.

i hate skam i loathe skam

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I don't watch voltron (I plan to but haven't had the time yet), so could you please explain the sheith discourse? Idk anything about any of the characters specifically, but just based on appearances I've always liked that better than klance.

Oh my sweet summer child, I wish you well if you ever decide to brave through this fandom hell. Okay so I’ll sum this up because honestly I do not wish to talk about this discourse anymore.

Everything started shortly after the show aired on Netflix on June 10th. Due to Keith’s and Shiro’s close bond, familiarity with one another and always attempting to protect each other, they became a popular ship. So popular in fact that Josh Keaton, Shiro’s voice actor, acknowledged this on his blog and even coined the name for the ship: sheith.

It didn’t take long until he and Neil Kaplan, Zarkon’s voice actor, started mentioning sheith on their twitters as well. To top it off, Chris Palmer, who directs the show, also made this Shiro drawing with the description “Shiro loves you, baby” and tagged “he is looking at Keith.” Honestly with so many people involved with the show (even if the VAs aren’t directly involved, it was still nice) showing support for the ship, and considering Montgomery and dos Santos who previously worked on The Legend of Korra are producers in Voltron, a lot of people believe they could become canon like Korra and Asami.

Things blew up however when SDCC happened in July. Tim Hedrick, Montgomery and dos Santos who were at the event were asked by a fan about the ages of the characters, since the only clue we had was the DreamWorks’ site saying they’re teenagers. Pidge is 14, Shiro is 25 at most and everyone else is late teens.

However, many fans interpreted it as proof that Shiro is factually 25 and the other three are 17 and claim that Shiro/Paladin ships are pedophilia, wrong, incorrect and a bunch of other nasty things. They use the video as confirmation and refuse each and any other evidence to contrary, even when it comes from the same people that were in the video. Some even attack the voice actors over it, which is why Josh Keaton stopped talking about ships altogether on Twitter. The truth is, most people before and after the video saw and still see Hunk, Keith and Lance as being 18-19 and Shiro as 20-22 at most, not 25 since he doesn’t even look that old.

There is a whole lot more to this story, including but not limited to the fact that the official comic still mentions they’re five teenagers even after the SDCC event, Josh Keaton confirmed on twitter that ages were never brought up during recording and how Hedrick, Montgomery and dos Santos refuse to answer any all questions regarding the ages, and someone found a video prior to the age video where Montgomery talked about Shiro being a student, not an instructor as people against the ship kept mentioning. Recently Pidge’s voice actor also snapchatted about Shiro/Keith and Shiro/Keith/Lance. Last week it was revealed that the garrison where the paladins previously studied at is college like education and a military base as well, meaning they couldn’t be younger than 18.

Tbh the whole thing is a mess, the only thing we know for sure is that the creators themselves apparently never gave this too much thought in the first place because they wanted people to see the characters as being the age they believe them to be. And now they either refuse to talk about it anymore or contradict each other in what they have to say about it, but antis refuse to stop and continue harassing shippers and the ship tags daily with violent threats and name calling.

Incidentally, NYCC is coming up this week and the same three crew members will there. It is speculated that more fans will ask them about the ages and I’m already dreading the next wave of shitstorm coming this friday.

For more about Shiro/Paladin discussions, this post is a good post about it.

OTP Things:

1. “I’m not dancing in the rain. Why? Because I’m not getting wet and you can’t even dance.”

2. “Canned spaghetti rings is not gourmet. I don’t care what you did in college.”

3. “No cats, no dogs, no ferrets. Just a fish. No that doesn’t mean a frog, turtle, or fucking lizard.”

4. “I don’t wanna go to your moms-s-s.”

5. “We can share the shower, you know that right? It’s actually encouraged at this point.”

6. “Hey, buy me a cookie or no sex for like two years.”

7. “I was gone for two days and every dish in this freakin’ house is dirty.”

8. “All of our white clothes are pink because you just HAD to wash your new tee shirt.”

9. “Have fun explaining to the priest why you have a boner during our wedding class.”

10. “This is my desk. This is my office. This is my space. You’re only allowed in here when you’re sick, so I can keep an eye on you.”

11. “I thought you were drinking water for once…that ended with me choking on vodka.”

12.“Dude, you’re more of a man than me. Wtf.”

13.“Wait, your dad isn’t going to walk you down the aisle with a shotgun?”

14.“Babe, we need to talk. When you cuddle with me, your knee always squashes my junk.”

15.“Your nail polish got all over my Xbox paddle!”

16.“If you want to get to the coffee pot, kiss me and end this war.”

17.“I lock the door every night so no one can steal you from me.”

18.“That’s my ex. Makeout with me and make him jealous.”

19.“Scrape your goddamn plate off BEFORE you put it in the sink!”


21.“Thanks to you, the whole house smells like Taco Bell.”
“It’ll smell like something different soon, just give it a couple hours.”

22.“You’re my best friend.”
“My dog’s my best friend.”

23.“Did you just poop with the door open?”

24.“I didn’t have any underwear, so I stole yours.”

25.“No, you ARE talented. You’re the only one I know who can lay in bed and watch the same TV show for 47 hours straight.”

26.“Don’t go to work. You’re mine, not theirs.”
“But you don’t pay me to be here?”
“Are you a prostitute?”

27.“My car’s broken, I have to walk to the store.”
“My nephew’s bigwheel is in the garage. Take that, I have.”

28.“It’s just a little cut, don’t worry.”
“No, let me be your doctor.”
*gets peroxide and box of Hello-Kitty Bandaids*

29.“Hey, babe, does my makeup look okay?”
“I like you better without it. But you’re gorgeous, as always.”

30.“Pink and blue only go together if it’s cotton candy. Go change.”

31.“You have a huge job interview. Get dressed, or I’m throwing your PS4 in the pool!”

32.“You drool when you sleep, and I don’t know. I might just go tell everyone if you don’t give it back NOW!”

33.“Baby, I’m sorry. It’s checkers, please talk to me.”

34.“You didn’t text me back, so I checked your Facebook to see if you were dead.”

35.“You made me breakfast? You know our anniversary is in two days right?”
“Fuck. I was pretty fucking close this year”

36.“Rock, paper, scissors to see who gets up and turns off the light.”

37.“Look, cousin Larry will flirt with you. We’re pretty sure he’s got diseases. So if you do cheat on me, you’re fucked.”

38.“I really don’t like it when you get mad and you start mumbling in another language.”

39.“Footy pajamas! Now we can match!”

40.“Oh, so you think you’re a better driver? Prove it?” *lets go of wheel*

41.“You bought tampons when you went shopping? That’s some Prince Charming shit, right there.”

42.“Why aren’t you wearing lipgloss? I like tasting strawberry when I kiss you.”

43.“Can you explain why there are sheets strung up around the apartment?”
“I built a fort.”

44.“You scare me when you watch those cop shows. You could kill me and no one would ever notice.”

45.“Did you just fart?”
“If you want to live, don’t lift the blanket.”

46.“Toast. T-O-A-S-T. Is it that hard to put bread in the toaster?!”


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From what I understand, correct me if I'm wrong, you mostly taught yourself Korean. Do you have any study tips or just miscellaneous tips for those of use wanting to learn Korean or any other language?

Omg. So you’re self-taught in Korean, Kylie? That’s awesome!! How did u do it? Give us tips please! I’ve already learned to read hangul but how/where can I learn/improve vocab and grammar?

Do you have any tips for someone who’s trying to learn Korean?

hi!! how did you pick up korean, and how long did it take you? thank you :)

Do you have any tips for learning Korean? I really want to start but I am not sure of the best method.

Is there any material you would be able to recommend for an English speaker self teaching themselves Korean? If so, thank you!

Okay, so I’m gonna write a lot write now so be prepared. I’ll break it up into sections.

How I learned Korean (to the level I am at right now):

I started learning Korean naturally during 8th grade (2010) or so. I had a really close friend who would teach me Korean words and by this time I was into a few K-pop groups (mainly SHINee) and watched a few Korean dramas. Out of interest in learning new language, I decided to teach myself how to read and write in Korean. Once I hit the summer before my freshman year, I met another really close friend who introduced me to more and more groups and showed me Korean shows. This is probably when I got really into Korean music, culture, etc. I began finding more shows by myself, became more active in fandoms through Twitter, Tumblr, etc. Before I knew it, watching these variety shows, dramas, videos, and reading lyrics allowed me to pick up the language. I never had a formal education as my school (high school and university) did not/do not provide the language. However because of this, most of the Korean I know is conversational and I am most confident in understanding (instead of writing, speaking). Although I translate, I am by no means fluent in the language, although I soon hope to be!

Tips on learning Korean (or any language):

1. Start off by learning hangul or the Korean writing system (or “alphabet”). You can do this by looking up a table of the characters online. 

2. Begin practicing by reading lyrics, tweets by BTS, whatever you can get your hands on. You don’t have to know what you are saying, but it is important to practice and solidify your knowledge of hangul.

3. Figure out your learning style. If you are an auditory learner, try watching videos in Korean like variety shows and dramas (not historical). Read the subtitles carefully and be aware of the words you are hearing as you are reading. I feel like many people unintentionally tune out the audio of a video when watching videos in Korean. If you stay aware, it will be much easier to pick up the language. This is how I picked up Korean. Other ways to learn are through more traditional methods like textbooks and workbooks. If you don’t want physical textbooks there are many apps and online sites that provide PDFs and even podcasts. I don’t use online sites, but I have heard a lot about Talk To Me In Korean.

4. Stay motivated. I know it is really difficult, especially if English is your only language, but you really have to want to learn the language. If you have no interest or motivation, I’m sad to say this, but you won’t be able to learn the language since there is no teacher to force you to learn as there would be in a classroom setting. 

5. Practice/study regularly. I think all people who have learned a language in high school can say this with confidence. If you don’t practice/study the language regularly, all of what you have learned will just fade from your memory. 

Material for learning Korean:

I always refer to this guide, but Tumblr user hobuing made a post as to how she learned Korean and it has a few links to sites and PDFs [here]. 

What do I do when I don’t know a word in Korean: 

Naturally as I am not fluent, I don’t know all the words that I read. When this happens DO NOT USE GOOGLE TRANSLATE. Google Translate is absolutely horrible when translating (at least for Asian languages). I look up words on (to find the direct English meaning) or (to find the Korean definition of a word). As slang isn’t present in a typical dictionary, for slang that I don’t know I often google “____ 뜻" (____ meaning) and read what Korean people say the slang means.

- Kylie


REQUEST (ANON)Will you please do Steve x Reader smut involving muscle worship like biting his bicep or some thing like that? Or maybe this has been written before would you rec these kind of fic? I love muscular men Jesus help me . 

I personally don’t know any other fics like this , but I hope someone can help you out . I hope you like this nonnie. 

A/N - Thank you Taw @supersoldierslover so much .I love you .

Also I decided to jump on the A/B/O bandwagon with this one-shot because why the fuck not. I love reading them and this is my extremely poor attempt at writing it. But I still hope you like it.

WORDS - 2.2K

WARNING- Smut, oral (mr/fr) , vaginal sex.NSFW GIFS (that’s it I guess. If I missed anything , feel free to tell me , I will add it.)

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“Urghhh ,Hrmph ….” The sounds of grunts and groans , thudding of the punching bag and clinking of the machines filled the gym . Everyone watching from the sidelines as Steve tried to relieve his frustration. Every omega that tried to walk towards him he’d just hiss and scare them  away . It was a little comical to you . To see Steve who was usually the most calm , just going through tens of punching bags , sweat dripping from his face and his perfectly toned abs , down his juicy thighs.

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Uptown Girl [2]

Summary: Y/N comes from one of the richest families in New York. Peter crushes hard on her but knows they could never happen.

AN: thank you so much for all the nice responses to part 1!!! here’s part 2 hope you enjoy :) (this one’s gonna be in your/Y/N’s POV)

Peter Parker x Reader


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I woke up feeling completely spent. The memories of that night came crashing down on me, making me relive the anxiety and fear that rushed all over my body as that man pointed the gun at me. I closed my eyes and took deep breaths. Tears pricked the corners of my eyes when my thoughts flashed to my masked hero.


The warm hand that comforted me while I broke down. The softness of his voice when he made sure that I was alright. The way I felt more at ease talking to him than I did with people I actually knew. 

My heart raced fast again but not from fear but because of… something else. 

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Avengers vs Guardians of the Galaxy

So, something has been bothering me these days and after watching GotG2 I finally got it.

I’m very uncomfortable with the dynamic of the Avengers.

Who feed them?
Who pay for their bill?
Whose ground and building they live under?

Tony-motherfucking-Stark, that’s who. Basically, Tony is responsible for looking after his former team. Like, wtf!? And I could see that they, the whole bunch of them, take Tony for granted. I mean, fuck yeah I’m team Iron Man and I could be biased but, how could I not? (And I get the feeling that Tony is just the type of person to propose to take care of his team first and barely think how munch expense he had to cover). Even from the beginning the team already formed their own opinion about Tony Stark before even actually meet the man.

Black Widow could be a great spy, yes. But then people always see what they wanted to see and I think that this is the case. Tony showed her what she wanted and what the public already know bc why should he do otherwise? He barely knew her, he had nothing to prove and she’s not an important person in his life at that period of time. So I repeat, why should he show the vulnerability that he rarely show to people even his friends to a strange woman that clearly already had a low opinion of him?

But then bc of her report that ‘confirmed’ and ‘refirmed’ Fury’s opinion abt Tony Stark (so basically the whole goddamn SHIELD).

And don’t get me start on Captain America. Some hero, really. They called him the man out of time, in my opinion, is pretty accurate. His time has gone by. Steve Rogers was born in wars and grew up wanting to fight for his country. His opinion while appreciate, is not up-to-date with modern thinking. The man just woke up from sleeping in ice. HE SLEPT all those years, no tragic there really, apart from missing out around everything. Sure he missed his girlfriend, his bff, and how the war end. BUT, but he is also a man always looking for his past.

Now I’m not saying that wanting to find your past is wrong, but come on! Don’t get stuck in it, be grateful that you are one of the helping hand that help to shape up the future today. Be grateful that you get a chance to see the future that you always want your country to be.

Like I said though, They take TONY. STARK. FOR. GRANTED

Now, the Gotg on the other hand? They look like a goddamn family, amitting they are family and would not leave their own behind. Their dynamic, their banters make me want to smile and laugh. Watching them brought me enjoyment because I could sense that they ARE a FAMILY and not just some bunch of random people have to work together.

I love it when a team is comfortable with each other enough that they start throwing insults abt their genes, their species, their races around and leave people bewildered b/c how this clustered fuck of a team work so well together when they are clearly do not respect one another!?

GofG2, in my opinion, is whole lot better then the first movie. It shows how the team has grown, how they have come to accept each other’s quirks and personalities and still want to be around each other even when others being an assholes or giving them a headache. That is what make a GOOD team!

You know they care when Rocket voluntarily head straight to danger and prepare to risk his life for his family, even though he was safely away from it. He doesn’t even have to think about it! He just does.

And what break my heart more is that, they forgive the mistakes when one makes. Even if that mistake nearly cost them their life, they still consider they are family and NO ONE GET LEFT BEHIND! (they don’t even bring it to Rocket face when it was his fault that a whole army of ships are after their asses, they did not even consider or think of it)

So, parallel to the Avengers anyone? Ultron? Civil War? Any bell?

Get Off My Girl

Word count: 1,400 exactly

Warning: smut, very dirty smut, lap dance

Pairing: Cas x Reader (very slight Dean x Reader and even tinier amount of Sam x Reader)

Summary/Request: No request, just my idea J

Cas, your boyfriend, allows you to play truth or dare with the boys (with a few rules) but when Dean gets too arrogant he shows them who you belong to.

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The past few hunts had been rough; you were all completely wrecked when you returned to the bunker after three weeks away. But of course, beer was prioritised over sleep.

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truthteaserum  asked:

Hey I just that evil smiling picture of you playing dnd. I was wondering what you did to become a good dm, I've been curious about playing the game for a while and I think I have to be the dm if I want people to play with lol. Thanks for any help

I promise I didn’t ignore you! I’ve been real busy this week, and wanted to treat this question with the respect it deserves. Thanks for asking me…and assuming I’m a good DM, lol. I try to be good by following the cardinal rule: if you and your players have fun, you win! It’s easy to think it’s you v. the players as a DM, but really it’s a story you’re all making together, you help keep it going smoothly but it belongs to all of you. Once you look at it all from that perspective it gets less stressful, for me at least. Now I know it’s kinda weird since I did kill my players in that picture you saw going around… But that was a one shot. And there were ample opportunities for them to reverse the tide, but the dice were not on their side.

Anyway. I’m sure you’re looking for more concrete answers. Here are the most important things I did in learning to DM.

1. Watch D&D games
I watched Critical Role for a few weeks. After years of being afraid to DM, Matthew Mercer made it look easy and fun. He told fun stories and had varied characters and his players were so invested! The more I watched the more I wanted to play. And the best part about watching Critical Role is that there are 102 episodes and counting. Tons of material to mine for ideas. Another good one is The Adventure Zone podcast. It starts out a little slow for my tastes but once you get into it it’s AMAZING. I love the story in this one, it’s a great way to show you don’t have to stick to typical fantasy tropes to have a great game. Any genre can be a fun game.

While watching, I paid attention to what kinds of rolls the DM called for in situations, how many monsters you could throw before combat gets hazy, how hard it is to DM for lots of people, how long combat takes, how to describe effects based on dice roll, and most importantly, when to stone face your players and when to laugh like the evil genius you are.

2. Get tips from experts
Okay, so, now you think you could probably do the thing, but you don’t want to screw it up right out of the gate. I spent years too scared to DM because it seemed like there was too much to know. I went looking for words of wisdom and found the aforementioned Matt Mercer’s GM Tips. It’s a great series of videos that are short and helpful, split up by topic. Another great series of videos is anything from Matthew Colville, whose Running the Game videos are probably the second largest influence on my work as a Dungeon Master (after Matt Mercer). I also read tons of articles from the official D&D website, like the Sage Advice column. I read every Unearthed Arcana article and thought about how those adjustments compared to the Player’s Handbook. I signed up for the Roleplaying Tips mailing list run by Johnn Four, whose advice is probably the third largest influence on my DMing. I heavily recommend it also because it’s great to get a reminder to work on D&D every few days when a new tip arrives in your inbox. Seriously the best mailing list I’ve ever been on. He also answers questions and solicits answers from the community, so he’s a great resource for obscure wonders.

3. Join a community
This kind of follows from the previous point about advice from Johnn directly. If you’re really struggling with the density of the Core Rulebooks and are daunted by the many columns and tables, a community can help explain things. For instance, I had a lot of trouble parsing how exactly XP adjusted values work. I asked online, and someone helpfully pointed out the reference and made an example so I’d get how to use it myself. Tumblr is good, but I prefer reddit for D&D things. Some great subreddits are r/DMAcademy, r/DMToolkit, r/DnDBehindtheScreen, r/mattcolville (yes, that same Matt Colville), r/UnearthedArcana, and r/worldbuilfing.

There are a number of other forums specifically for D&D that I have accounts for but never use, mostly because I am still recovering from my forum days… I won’t date myself and say how long ago.

4. Google is your friend!
I google everything I need for D&D. Sometimes, even though I know the information I want is in my PHB, the book is on my shelf and I’d have to search for the info. The internet can tell me what I need to know NOW. So! Here’s my advice for googling D&D stuff, along with some of my favourite links.

Rules: Include ‘5e’ or ‘fifth edition’ along with the keyword you’re looking for. This will reduce your chances of ending up on a site intended for players of another edition.
Spells: Don’t google them, go to Seriously. This website saves my life every time I play D&D. You can also make spellbooks for your characters and then generate pdfs before your game! It’s MAGICAL!
Monsters: Homebrew monsters can be fun but be careful when implementing them in your game. If you need help building encounters (like I do), use Kobold Fight Club.
Images: Google image search can get you really general or really specific stuff. If you want random images to inspire you you’re better off looking at something like The MET.
Names: There is one site to end all sites for this. For all other generators, see donjon.

5. Steal like an artist
I have a lot of fun watching, reading, and playing other types of media and thinking, “I’m going to steal that for my game.” I love comic books for example. Recently, I decided to put Iron Man into my game. Not for any reason, just because it would be fun. I didn’t simply put Tony Stark as a rich human noble into my game and wait for my player to meet him so I could do my best Robert Downey Jr. impression. I thought about what makes that character exciting and recognizable and transported it into the steampunk world of my campaign. I changed his name and race. I made him an Artificer, a Gunslinger protective of his prototypes (*waves at Taliesin*), who could also build Mech Suits that are as much works of art as they are feats of magical engineering. I gave him an assistant with a romantic love triangle and let him loose in my world. It was so much fun to watch my player figure out my inspiration! Not every NPC needs this level of detail, but all your choices should circle back to ‘How well would this work in MY world?’

By taking inspiration from the things you love, filling in the 'gaps’ to breathe life into your universe should come easily. I didn’t know Tran Intubi (Tony Stark) had a gallery of retired mech suits in his Tower but I described as such in-game. The description came naturally when I had a base inspiration to rely on.

I hope that was more helpful than long-winded!

Roommate Problems

“I fucking hate college boys!”

Adam is livid, yelling, not even bothering to say hello, how are you? Ronan holds his phone out, away from his ear and steps out onto the front porch. The sun is setting, dousing the fields in hazy, golden light. Ronan leans against the porch railing and listens, a small smirk twisting his lips.

“Language, Parrish.”

You don’t get to call me out on my language, Ronan Lynch!” Adam huffs, exasperated.

“So…what’s so fucking terrible about college boys, College Boy?”

Adam growls and Ronan hears a door being slammed, the dull pulse of music, laughter.

“Jackson and Darren brought their friends over to celebrate 420.”

Ronan grins, delighted. “Shit.”

“Yes, exactly. The entire suite smells like pot and they keep playing this god-awful music about getting tipsy and fucking girls. I swear to God, I am this close to reporting them to the RA.”

“I’m sorry, babe, that sucks.” Ronan pulls a slender joint out of the pocket of one of Adam’s old flannel shirts. Opal’s napping with Chainsaw and while he doesn’t make smoking a habit today is special. He sparks the tip and listens to Adam rant.

“And then,” Adam continues, really worked up, “Darren’s friend brought like three bottles of Fireball and they all started doing shots and playing some ridiculous drinking game. Like all this hella stupid shit and God, what am I even doing here, Ronan? College feels like such a joke sometimes.”

“Hella?” Ronan’s voice feels different in his throat, probably due to the smoke.

“Oh, shut up.”

Ronan laughs quietly and gets up to walk through the fields. The grass is cool against his bare feet.

“Gansey spoiled you for college life, Adam. You’re never going to meet anyone like him, no one who gets such a hard on for learning.”

Adam scoffs at hard on but he doesn’t try to deny it.

“I thought it would be better than this,” he says. There’s real sorrow and disappointment in his voice. Ronan hates that Adam is gone, but even more he hates that Adam is unhappy.

“It will be,” Ronan says. “You just gotta find your tribe, man. Go to the library and find your fellow nerds. Study with them and forget about your fucking roommates.”

“Yeah, I guess,” Adam mutters. “It’s just, I’m paying to live in that room and I can’t even be in there right now.”

Ronan takes another hit, holding it in, enjoying the buzz building. Everything feels nice and lazy.

“I know,” he replies, his words drifting dreamily from his mouth. “But things’ll get better. You can move off campus next year, right? And you’ll start your classes in your major…it’ll work out.”

Adam doesn’t say anything for a while. Ronan can sense him stewing, thinking.

“How do you know so much about how college works?” Adam finally demands.

“Shit, I may live in the country but I do read, Adam.”

Adam snorts. “More like watched every season of some stupid college show.”

“Yeah, that too,” Ronan agrees easily. He’s walking by the cows, offering pats and scratching behind ears. The animals nuzzle against him, nearly knocking him over. “Anyways, I can kick Jackson’s ass the next time I visit. That dude is overdue.”

Adam laughs for real. “Yes, he is. Darren’s alright, most of the time.”

“Mmhmm,” Ronan hums. The house looks so good from the fields, the lights in the windows glowing welcome. The swallows dip and dive above the many barns, heading to their nests for the night. Fireflies rise from the tall grass, drawn to Ronan the way all his dream things are.

“Miss you,” Ronan says softly. It’s true. He never knew how hard long distance would be, how much it would hurt.

“Miss you, too,” Adam responds, and the irritation is gone from his voice, replaced by longing.

“Come home soon, okay?” Ronan holds his breathe, waiting. The sun goes down behind the trees.

“I will,” Adam promises. “Give Opal a hug for me, okay?”

“Yeah, yeah. Don’t kill your roommates, or, don’t get caught.”

A small laugh. “I never get caught.”



After Adam hangs up Ronan lays down in the field, small mice scurrying up to see if he has crumbs, the deer nosing out of the woods to settle down near him. Opal is making a racket looking for him, Chainsaw calling. Ronan finishes off his joint, watching the smoke rise into the air. He makes a finger gun and shoots it at the sky. He lets the smoke mellow him out, removing the sting of Adam’s absence, and the lingering sorrow for all that’s been lost. For now it’s a beautiful evening and his College Boy is coming home, not now, but soon.

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what if t'challa is rhodey's classmate/lab partner at mit and he likes the guy but he's so sick of listening to him brag about his little brother-from-another-mother until he mEETS HIM AND THEN HIS HEART CLENCHES and he's like "how do i woo this bby genius without getting mauled by his overprotective brother/bff"

This work can also be found on my Ao3 here. I deviated from the prompt a little, methinks. Also Tony’s nineteen in this and getting his second PhD if that helps. Watch out for under the cut!

“—And then Tony accidentally set it on fire,” Jim explained, showing a worrying lack of concern by grinning like the engineer he truly was.

“So then you had to start over,” T’Challa said.

Jim tilted his head. “Well, we’d documented everything up to that point so not really? I mean yeah we had to rebuild the model but to be honest it was probably better we find out the fire-hazard before we presented in class.”


“But it’s whatever—” Jim checked his watch and yelped. “Ah! I was supposed to meet him for lunch, did you wanna come?”

T’Challa watched Jim scramble to get his books packed up. “Where are you going?”

“I’m going to try and get a vegetable in him today, so Chinese.”

“I will pass.”

Jim shrugged. “Your loss. See you in Calculus.”

T’Challa watched him go. He wasn’t looking forward to it. Jim either complained about homework or bitched about how Tony had tested out of the class and how he wished he had too.

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Tree Bros Anniversary Headcannon

• They decide to spend the day together for their anniversary
• Connor usually plans the dates, so it’s a pleasant surprise when Evan asks to plan it
• Evan tells Connor nothing about it except to make sure he has fancy clothes to change into
• Once the day comes, Evan picks up Connor at nine and gives him a bouquet of flowers and a teddy bear with a heart because he’s a basic boyfriend
• They go on a hike and then cuddle in an open field because it’s where Connor asked Evan out.
• Then they leave and get ice cream at A La Mode because that’s where they had their first kiss
• Evan orders his ice cream all by himself because he’s overcoming his anxiety
• Connor is so proud of his little tree boyfriend
• Connor gives Evan a gift, a jar filled with reasons he loves him and Evan is so happy he starts crying
• Evan gives another gift to Connor and it’s a watch with their initials engraved on it
• Connor gets so happy, he starts crying too
• They go back to Evan’s house because that’s where they first said I love you
• Together they make Connor’s favorite meal for lunch, Kraft Mac and Cheese
• Then they watch reruns of Friends because it’s their favorite show to watch together
• Connor gives Evan two tickets to see their favorite band, Green Day
• Evan brings them to their next stop which is Connor’s house because that’s where they first had s e x
• They talk about how much they love each other and how adorable the other is and it’s so cute but Zoe comes home and makes them go into Connor’s room because she doesn’t want to hear them
• They go into his room and make sure Zoe can most definitely hear them
• They f*ckkkkkkk
• Afterwards, Evan tells Connor to put on his fancy clothes.
• They don’t look at each other while they’re changing because they want to be surprised by how the other looks
• When they see each other, Evan can’t stop gushing at how hot his boyfriend looks
• “Zoe! Come here! Come look at how hot your brother is right now! Like damn look at that ass in those pants!”
• Evan won’t tell Connor where they’re going
• They end up going to the fanciest restaurant in town and pretend to be all fancy
• Evan gives Connor one last gift
• The restaurant is clapping for them and Evan gets all nervous and blushy and Connor thinks it’s adorable and they kiss!

Sorry it probably wasn’t good but I’ll turn this into an actual oneshot fic soon

BTS Reaction to you being a hardcore gamer and anime fan

request: I was wondering if I could also request Bangtan reacting to finding out y/n is a hardcore gamer and anime fan?

This is my first reaction, so I hope you guys like it :)

{requests are open}

Kim Seokjin

Jin would be surprised to find out you’re a hardcore gamer. He would be coming home from practice when he caught you throwing curses at the t.v. when you lost in a game of Call of Duty. He would definately be wary of the mess you made when you go through a fit of gamer rage. 

“Jagi, keep the mess to a minimum when you go through one of your fits? Or just try not to throw things at all?”

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Kim Namjoon

He wouldn’t really be fazed about you gaming, especially since you hung out with Jungkook most of the time. Same goes for you being an anime fan, he often notices the anime references you make throughout the day.He’d be the one to calm you during one of your rages.

“(y/n) did you literally just reference Attack on Titans? How does that-? You know what nevermind.” “calm down love, you only lost one level.”

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Min Yoongi

Like Namjoon, he wouldn’t be that fazed about gaming, since you were usually locked in the room playing who knows what. But anime on the other hand, was something he never thought you’d be into. Whenever someone said anything about an anime you liked, you’d get extremely excited. He just doesn’t like it when you blast whatever game or show it was when he’s sleeping.

“so would you wear one of those school girl outfits for me?” “(y/n) turn that down for christ’s sake!”

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Jung Hoseok

He’d first look at you like you were crazy when he caught you crying over a lost level, but he would eventually get used to the fact that video games and anime were the things you loved. He actually thought you were cute when you got mad at the t.v. screen. Hoseok would use these as a way he could bond with you.

“ahh princess, you okay?” “can I play a game with you sometime?”

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Kim Taehyung

He knew from the very start so he didn’t mind. It was kinda like having another Overwatch freak in the house. Tae would know exactly when you’d begin your fit of rage, so he was always there to calm you with soothing words. He would often watch your favorite anime with you whenever you were sad, holding you close to him as the show progressed.

“ahh jagiya, calm down. You’ll do better next round, I promise.” “(y/n) what does bankai do?”

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Park Jimin

When he found your stash of very bloody video games and anime he’d be shocked. Never did he think that a girl as sweet as you would love the blood and gore of them. Then he’d be scared out of his mind when you started yelling at him because he accidentally made you loose. He got used to it eventually, occasionally wanting to play too.

“I’m sorry I didn’t mean to make you lose!” “can I play?”

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Jeon Jungkook

This boy would be absolutely ecstatic when he found out. He would cry at first because he finally found someone he could play video games with all day. But he would soon start begging you to play a game with him. At night you’d curl up in the sheets together watching whatever anime fit your fancy.

“(y/n) do you wanna play Overwatch with me? *puppy dog eyes*” “I’d rather watch Another rather than Bleach. Bleach suck-OWW”

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So I started watching Hello My Twenties on Netflix because the premise sounded cute. The daily lives of five girls living in this adorable house. But two episodes in and one girl says she sees ghosts, another has a cursed bracelet maybe, and I am not sure but I think one of them may have killed someone.

This is not the type of show I thought it was going to be at all.

I was talking to my lesbian best friend outside about a Tv show. And my lesbian friend said she only watched one episode of that show so she could see this hot cannon gay girl in it. And I started saying “[said girl] is h-” and I stopped talking immediately because both me and my friend are not out and another one of our friends was sitting with us. I stopped talking for like five seconds and sent my lesbian friend this L O O K and we both stared at each other really worried and pained and by this time our friend that was with us was looking at us weirdly. So I started stuttering. “H-hella funny.” And our friend didn’t really question it and both me and my lesbian friend slipped back into conversation. I saw my life flash before my eyes.


Warnings: supper fluffy smut

Song: XO by Beyoncé or John Mayer

You slowly turned over, reaching a hand out only to hit the cold mattress. You opened your eyes, the moonlight softly lit the hotel room as a small breeze blew through the crack of the balcony door. You rubbed the sleep out of your eyes, removing the white sheets from over top your body as you fixed your twisted tank top. You slowly stood up as your feet patted on the hardwood floor, you made your way to the balcony. You slowly opened the door, revealing the bare back of your boyfriend, Grayson. His hair was ruffled from the pillows and his sweatpants hung low on his hips. You slowly brought a hand up, rubbing his bare back, you joined him as he stared down at the busy city below. You looked up at him, no expression covered his face.
“Are you okay babe?” You asked him, rubbing your hand lightly across his back. Grayson cleared his throat, shifting his weight onto his left foot.
“I’ve just been thinking,” he sighed, “I don’t know why people hate on Ethan and I, like, we try to be the best people we can be but no matter what corner I turn, there’s always a negative.” Grayson bowed his head. “I just feel like no matter what we do, we will always get hate for it. Even if it is the right thing.” You slowly rubbed his back, the lights down below illuminated the city.
“Gray, you’re right. But I can tell you one thing.” Your movement stopped on his back as you looked him in the eye. “You will always have people supporting you. I assure you, Gray, you have so many more positives out there than negatives. I promise you that you and Ethan are the two greatest people I have ever met. You guys are so humble and mature, that’s why people love you. The reason why people hate on you guys is because they want to be like you. They want to have your muscles, your fans, your personality.” You smiled as he looked back at you. “Gray I promise you that you are such an amazing person. You deserve the world.” Grayson cracked a small smile as he leaned down to press a soft kiss to your lips.
“What would I do without you?” He asked, leaning his forehead on yours. You shrugged, smiling as Grayson leaned in for another small kiss.
“Arn’t you cold?” You asked as a small shiver went up your spine. Grayson shrugged,
“It’s a bit chilly.” Grayson laughed. A small smile formed on your lips, all you wanted for boyfriend was happiness. You laid your head on his shoulder as a small breeze blew by and goose bumps covered your body.
“Do you know how much I love you?” Grayson asked.
“A lot, hopefully.” You giggled. Grayson brought his arms around you as he pulled you into a warm hug, squeezing lightly.
“I love you so much, y/n.” He softly laid his head on yours as you wrapped your arms around his bare torso. You both stayed there for a moment until Grayson slowly pulled away. “Let’s go warm up.” Grayson motioned for you to jump as you wrapped your legs around him, you pulled him into a deep kiss as he slowly entered the suite, closing the balcony door behind him. The kiss slowly heated up as you wrapped your arms around his neck, folding your hands in his hair. Your tongues danced together as you slowly made out. Grayson laid you down on the bed gently, not breaking the kiss. He hovered above you as he ran his hands down your body. He trailed soft kisses down your jaw as he slowly lifted your tank top over your head, revealing your naked chest. He lifted a hand up, gently massaging your breast as he kissed his way down to the other one. He softly sucked on your nipple as a quiet moan emitted from your mouth. He slowly switched sides as he licked and sucked on the other breast, his warm hands running over your body. He kissed down the valley of your breasts, stopping your stomach as he peppered his kisses around your belly.
“I love you so, so much.” He whispered against your skin. He slowly placed your legs over his shoulders as he pressed soft kisses over the insides of your thighs. He slowly discarded your panties and shorts as he returned himself between your thighs.
“So beautiful, baby.” He whispered. You smiled down at your boyfriend as he pressed a soft kiss to your clit. You ran your hands through his hair as he licked a strip up your heat, sucking softly on your clit. You felt two of his fingers enter you as he thrusted them slowly into you. You laid your head back against the pillows as you softly moaned. He flicked his tongue over your clit as he curled his fingers to graze them over your g-spot.
“Gray.” You moaned his name as you lifted your hips off the bed lightly. He hummed against your clit as he continued his movements. His fingers worked inside you as your nails massaged at his scalp, your heels digging into the white bed. The moonlight complimented Grayson’s muscular back, his muscles flexing with every movement of his arms. You watched your boyfriend as he stared back up at you, flicking his tongue back and forth across your clit. You bit your lip, keeping from moaning too loud. You threw your head back against the pillow, angling your hips up for Grayson to hit your g-spot lightly. You whimpered as you felt his fingers slide out of you and his movements stop. You looked down at him as he stared up at you. You watched as he slowly sucked your juices off of his fingers.
“You taste so good baby, but I want to show you all of my love.” You watched as he took his sweatpants and boxers off as he crawled on top of you. He caught you into a deep kiss as you felt his hard on poke at your entrance.
“Ready baby?” Grayson asked, looking into your eyes. You nodded,
“As ready as I’ll ever be.” You smiled. He smiled back as he pulled you in for another kiss, slowly pushing himself inside you. You both moaned as he gave you a second to adjust before he started thrusting softly inside you. Your bodies were tangled in the white sheets as Grayson made love to you, his thrusts slow but deep. He began to suck on your neck as he brought another hand up to your breast, massaging it softly. You threw your head back as you moaned his name softly. You wrapped your legs around his lower back as he deepened his thrusts. All that was heard in the room was skin against skin, the bed creaking and the both of your soft moans. Your hands reached around his head, pulling his hair softly as you pulled him into a kiss. Your tongues rubbed together softly as you moaned into his mouth.
“You’re so beautiful, y/n.” Grayson grunted into your ear as you clawed your nails softly down his back. Grayson ran his hands down your body as they stopped at your waist, he thrusted a bit rougher into you. Grayson and you both chased your highs as the pad of his thumb rubbed your clit in small circles.
“Gray, I’m close.” You moaned, arching your back as he found your g-spot once again.
“Cum when I tell you to, okay baby?” Grayson moaned as he thrusted into you slowly but roughly. You bit your lip as Grayson’s head hung back, his hips rolling into yours. His face was concentrated, his mouth hung open. His abs clenched as you clenched around him, trying to hold off your orgasm.
“Fuck baby, cum with me.” He took your right hand in his, pinning it above your head as your body shook. You squeezed his hand as you moaned each other’s name. He pulled you into a deep kiss as your thighs shook around him. You clenched tightly as you moaned in his mouth. Grayson’s hips bucked softly as you both rode out your highs.
“I love you.” Grayson whispered, his breathing uneven.
“I love you too.” You replied, as he kissed you deeply. He slowly pulled out as he rolled over, pulling your head onto his chest. You rested your arm on his stomach as he pulled the thin white sheet over you both. Grayson kissed your forehead softly as you both lied down to drift into a deep sleep.