so i started again from scratch and ended up making this


So my one year anniversary for this blog was supposed to be coming up, but then tumblr decided it’d be cool to delete my blog so I ended up losing everything - my followers, my mutuals, my old graphics, my references. I managed to get my URLs back, though, and find a few of my mutuals, and I’m starting all over again from scratch. However, this is still the blog that I started nearly a year ago, and despite this major minor hiccup, I thought that my blog’s one year anniversary was still worth celebrating. So! I’d like to thank the following blogs for making my tumblr experience A++++ - you guys are talented bloggers, graphic makers, and people that I respect a lot, and I hope that you all know that you’re the bomb dot com! Thanks for being awesome people - you guys rock.

@akahito // @eucliffes // @fuyus // @jetzui // @kenmai // @kiramekii // @kiryuuiins // @kiuroo // @kurummi // @luctor // @mazusu // @mitsukamis // @miuroko // @morgianafanaliss // @naruhkami // @riseken // @scarletkurapika // @shaikyuu // @shuuzous // @tobihoes // @tobio-h // @touibo // @tovbio // @tovru // @yachise // @yatotrash // @youkas // @yozoras