so i spent today (now yesterday) fixing it


Last friday we had an Art Jam at Syn Studio. We were split into teams and given a topic to create a series of concept sketches in a four-hour period. The topic I got was “The Fascinated Pigeons with Dark Souls”. DARK SOULSSSSS!!! Anyway, we brainstormed a fantasy civilization whose entire technology and livelihood revolved around birds, inspired by the ancient practice of augury. I was in charge of doodling the NPCs to help give shape to our universe a little.

In order of sketches we have: A mailman, a weather reader, a midwife, and an ancient golem. Then again in a separate sheet to show size comparison for good measure (pun intended). I have better descriptions of each character in my head, I’ll be sure to share those, I’d love to share a little bit of what I was able to brainstorm with my team. I’m quite proud of our results!

The sketches I presented last friday were a complete disasterfuck so I have spent yesterday and today cleaning them up to the result you see now. :) Now I have to paint them. UGHHHH, why’d I do 4 characters ;w;

I was thinking maybe streaming the process a little. I’ll probz fix myself dinner and hop right on that. I kinda want to start the Yhorm Tarot Card too. What a great day to stay home doing art :3


(A/N): here it is, this is so bad I’m going to hide for an hour cause I’m still blushing

Warning: shitty fluffy smut?

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“We should stay in beeeeed~” Clarke said beside you. You two were still in bed, yesterday Bellamy told you that you could rest today cause you had spent the whole day fixing the ship. Clarke was needing a break too, so here you are now, cuddling with her.
“I should get up and help” you mumbled. You were the one that use to fix the ship while it was in space, you were a very important help, no one knew the ship as much as you do.
“You’re not going to get up, you need to rest, yesterday you almost faint, while welding the roof” she told you, hiding her head on your neck again, sighing at the softness of your skin.
“I missed doing this y/n, just you and me, laying down, not worrying about anything but us” she said sadly.You also missed this. You two were very close on the ARK, always holding hands, always together, people were often thinking that Clarke and you were together, but it wasn’t like that, you were just friends…but sometimes, you will find yourself diving in her skin, your lips navigating her body, not letting an inch without your mark, legs tangled together and your hands giving her endlessly pleasure while soft moans gave you instructions of where to go. But yeah, you two were only friends. Clarke will never confess that her skin will tingle every time she saw you enter a room, or how her heartbeat will race trying to get out of her chest to get a little closer to you. And you were also never going to confess that every time you saw her, your heart would magically light up, a fire more intense that the one in Polis, your mind will always be dominated by her persona, always thinking of her, dreaming about her, worrying about her. Friends was a word that neither of you liked, but also neither of you dares to change.

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Hey! Just an update on my moving progress

I spent two nights at the same hotel so the car could be fixed, it’s now running and hasn’t had another problem yet. Technically it was finished yesterday, but it was late when we could go pick it up and my brother got sick so we didn’t leave yesterday. Today we’re planning to drive 9+ hours (I don’t think that’ll happen but we can try) to get to the next town in another state. If we get to that place then we’ll only have another 10+ hours to go which I don’t think we can do all tomorrow but we’ll get closer to home.

I’m ready to be home, I wanna sleep in my own bed and relax. I wanna have time to write and actually sleep. Plus I just wanna be home so I can forget about how terrible this trip has been.

Also being in charge of taking care of three dogs sucks. One isn’t even mine! He’s my grandparents dog but I gotta take care of him. That sucks a lot. Then I also have to take care of the family dog which I don’t know how to do because I feel like I’ll break her because I’m used to taking care of my puppy (he’s only a year old). Our family dog is almost 11 and has trouble with stairs and hot ground so she’ll collapse sometimes and it freaks me out and I don’t know how to care for her completely. If she was smaller I’d just carry her around when she has to get out of the rooms and cars but she’s the biggest dog we have. She’s a German Shepherd Rottweiler mix so she’s really big, but she’s the most loving girl around and probably would love to be held.

This has gotten longer than I originally planned to make this update, mainly because I started to complain a bit. But if you read this thanks! And an extra thank you to everyone that gave me advice when I was stuck in the desert!