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THOMAS. I GOT MARRIED LAST WEEK AND I AM SO HAPPY! We spent our wedding night watching a compilation of your vines haha #goals

You did not!!!!!!!!! What??!? Goodness, I’m honored to be a part of your special day!!! Congratulations!!!!

ACNL Witchcraft

I’ve gotten back into playing acnl recently and been noticing so much witchy stuff you can do!! A lot of it is up to your own interpretation & you have to make your own correspondences but I wanted to post about it so here ya go

-divination based on which gem you get from the gem rock each day
-could also do this with fossils or gyroids but gems already have correspondence resources so they’re easier
-seashell divination!!
-Katrina is literally a fortune teller built into the game, USE HER
-you could especially use the lucky clothing piece of the day in a luck spell if you have a similar thing irl!!
-using villagers as tarot of some sort, coming up with correspondences for each and depending on if they’re moving out, in, or staying, use that for divination(ie if a lazy villager is moving out it could mean nows your chance to get shit done)
-for the correspondences you could base it on their looks(color, clothing style), language(catchphrase, quote), species, personality(lazy, cranky, etc) & more, it should be easy to discover your own correspondences! (:
-you could also time travel to do this faster/get readings as many times as you want per day
-altars for deities in rooms!! You could even have specific characters for specific deities
-eating fruit/anything else edible like cake in honor of deities or as an offering of sorts
-ik I have a lot of divination on this post as is but divining with flowers!! based on the colors of them and/or what kind of flower it is!! you can even do this based on placement of the flowers(ie if it’s near a river it can be linked to water correspondences, or specifically river correspondences)
-I SWEAR THIS IS THE LAST DIVINATION ONE divining with letters received from villagers,, gifts are bonus points
-like sending them a letter with a question(gift included or not) and using the letter they send back as an answer to the question, the paper they used can also be relevant(lotus, firework, etc), and any gifts they give you
-doing spells IN GAME!! like you can set up everything!! you have access to crystals, flowers, seashells(sea witchcraft anyone?), fruits(kitchen witchcraft!!), it’s a cool way to do low budget witchcraft!!
-you can also use fish and bugs in spells!! and literally anything really there’s a ton of furniture and clothes and oh boy think of the possibilities?? amazing
-candles are in the game too but you don’t have a wide selection
-if you don’t have all the materials for a spell irl finish it in game!!
-using lucky items as a boost in spells!!
-the emotion things you can get(idr what they’re called or w/e) for intent in spellwork
-you could do things like curses by burying an object representing a person then burying pitfalls all around them
-or a blessing but with crystals itself of pitfalls or something
-you get the idea
-SIGILS USING RELEVANT ITEMS. money sigil? place money bags(or anything else in the game you can get corresponding to money) in the shape of the sigil. love sigil? there’s so many rose options and each color can mean different things, go for it
-sigil fireworks
-need to bury something in a spell but for example it’s not biodegradable, or you can’t bury something for some reason? just do it in game!! you could put it behind a house or something if you don’t wanna ruin the aesthetic of your town
-disposing of spellwork items by selling them to Reese
-or by mailing them away
-public works projects have so much potential i don’t know where to start, I might come up with some specific ideas later but for now just think about it yourself, it ain’t hard to figure out(fire pits, fountains, wind turbines, flower arches, there’s stuff for all the elements and more)
-yknow that thing where you can “report” villagers for being problematic? use that in curses, problematic language for a silence curse for example
-transformation spell? go to shampoodles and get a makeover
-turnips for anything money related as they are a popular source of money in the game
-using npcs themselves in spells. need something to represent crafting? Cyrus. fashion? any of the able sisters or Gracie. anything youth or children related? Timmy & Tommy. so much more but I’ll stop here.
-you can customize so much furniture to have your own patterns, use this!! sigils, color correspondences, there’s so many possibilities!!
-sleep/dream spell? Dream suite. You could even perform spells while in the dream town and have it be kind of like the astral!
-K.K. songs for any music magic, the names themselves can lead to correspondences
-with the added option of the amiibo it makes it possible to make acnl magic more physical and present in this world. you could use the amiibo like a wand of sorts!
-island tours as a base for spells
-doing different initiatives in honor of deities(plant a tree for Demeter for example)
-emoji spells but instead using the extra symbols you have access to in game(heart, star, etc)
-multiple ways to implement this, for example have it be a villagers greeting/catchphrase and every time they say it in activates, you could send a letter to future you with it, put it on the bulletin board, etc
-making a sigil pattern then displaying it at able sisters and for every villagers that starts wearing it, more power for the sigil

I never intended for this post to get so long but you can obviously see how much potential there is! This list was compiled over a couple of days, imagine how much more I could come up with if I spent longer on this!!
If anyone wants me to make a correspondence list for anything acnl(especially villagers/npcs) lmk and I’ll try to do it. (: If you want me to go in depth about any of the ideas above just ask and I can make a separate post about it.
If you do anything based on these ideas please lmk!! I’d love to see what you did!! :D I might post about some of the things I do. ^-^ 
Some of these ideas could work in other versions of animal crossing but this is intended for acnl. do what works for you

            My hands are covered in scars, and they smell like dust. The scars are from the things I love; cat claws and plant thorns and spattered cooking oil. A mosquito bite I got while camping and couldn’t stop scratching. A shiny patch on my palm from where I fell off my bike and got road rash. A line across the knuckle of my right middle finger, where my mom’s puppy bit me during his rebellious teenage months. A yellowjacket sting on my wrist from the summer I spent researching bees at a nature preserve. Most of my scars are so faded, only I can tell where they are.

            I came to Elsewhere University for a job. I’d burned out at my previous job at a vet’s office, too socially awkward and too trapped by my OCD to be consistently competent. Needing work and desperate to no longer live within my stepmom’s sphere of influence, I applied for the posting at EU as a research assistant for whoever needed one in the biology department. Now I spend my days on my laptop, compiling reference lists and background research for other people’s papers, or in the library, tracking down articles published in obscure journals that only have the abstracts available online. My not-quite-faculty status means I have my own office in the basement, in between the display of stuffed songbirds and the adolescent chimpanzee skeleton.

            I’m good at my work, but it’s all dry, dead things. Theses written by students who have no further record in academia. References mentioned in one paper that don’t go anywhere because the original journal no longer exists. Even when I get to work with real things, it’s just drawing small animals’ skeletons for the student who swears he’s found new morphological evidence for how bats evolved powered flight. Everything’s dead, and dusty, and my hands smell like dust.

            I’ve heard that you can trade things, and I think I know how. I can find my way into the depths of the library, where the floors don’t match up. More importantly, I can find my way back out, and I’ve learned how to follow the stacks to come out of the door near my office that leads to the greenhouse if I go through it in the other direction. There are always students working at the carrels along that route, but their eyes don’t close and their books aren’t real, and I know they can tell me where to go to make my deal. They know who I can give my scars to as payment for making sure my hands never smell like dust again.


only the ppl who know me irl know how much I fucken love vines to the point I’ve spent hours watching vine compilations on my tv and how I constantly make vine references on a daily basis that only my best friends get because I’ve dragged them into the vine hell rip vine

Playing hard to get, Kara?

I respect that. In fact, I almost admire it. It’s irritating beyond belief that in upsetting you I’ve handed power to the one person who knows exactly how to get under my skin. Do you keep a chart? Check each action on a scale of whether it will trigger my awful temper? Maintain a list of the few things you’ve ever seen reduce me to tears.

So you rejected the delivery of flowers. Fine. Not my most original idea, and I’m working without a decent assistant. Sending flowers to your office was as cliché as it was unprofessional, especially while you’re struggling to be taken seriously, so you’re right to refuse.

The cupcakes, you accepted. Even if you did sign the delivery receipt with ‘bite me xx’. Knowing your appetite as I do, and that I denied you those superlative baked goods before, I’m not entirely surprised at that moment of concession.

And yet you hold firm on not replying.

You really think you’ve ended this conversation with me, that we have nothing left to say to one another. You don’t realize the days and hours I spent unable to talk to you or anyone, how I used that time to compile endless lists of things I want to tell you, motivational speeches I’ve yet to give you, confessions that sometimes I think I owe you.

Then I remember that if I care for you at all, it would be kindest to keep those confessions to myself. That I can’t tell you the effect thinking I’ve lost you for good is having on my mental health and my recovery. I won’t guilt you into coming back to me, Kara. It has to be because you forgive me and you miss talking to me, too. But you also know how accustomed I am to getting what I want. When it comes to you, only that stubborn decency of yours stops me from crossing those lines.

Thus, I won’t bribe you with a sports car, not least because I remember the fateful day you collected me in my Ferrari when I was too drunk to drive it home. We’d honestly have been safer with me at the wheel and three times over the limit, I suspect. I won’t call your every known acquaintance to get them to tell you to talk to me - although I have an unlisted number here for Danvers, E. in Midvale, CA. In case you thought injury had dulled my investigative skills.

Talk to me, Kara.

Even if only to keep telling me how I hurt you and how disappointed you are. Tell me about how scared you were, how I did that to you, and let me absorb the blame I deserve for it. I’ll even listen to your millennial dating woes, no matter how much that pains me now, if it means you’re writing back.

I can be insincere. I can be flippant and careless, and discard people who don’t mean much to me. I can’t be any of those things with you, so draw your own conclusions. I could certainly never discard you, so I ask you not to do the same with me.

I keep telling myself I won’t beg. Kara, please don’t make me a liar.

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how about a compilation of all the klance scenes we've been robbed of (specifically the cradling and how they came up with the plan to get to the pool)

don’t forget garrison flashbacks?? i’m dying to know how their behaviour was back then. speaking of which i took notes with some of the things me and mel were discussing and i wanna share lol

  • lance definitely sat behind keith (he spent all the days staring at the mullet that’s why he could recognize it so easily)
  • i refuse to believe they never talked, not even a conversation like “hey sorry could i borrow ur pen” because i ain’t believing this bull
  • “they had a lot of bonding moments back at the garrison but then keith pretended not to know who he was so lance forgot the other bonding moment” - mel
  • mutual pining since the garrison: keith couldn’t handle lance so he just left for that reason
  • also i like to imagine that lance liked to repeat a lot that they were rivals “here’s keith my rival” “did i mention that keith is my rival” “yes my rival keith the one with the pretty eyes… i mean the mullet” classmates: “okay lance you like him we get it”

During Phil’s latest live show on the 16th of March 2017, he spent a few minutes (30.30-35.20) just ranting about his degrees and his university experience. I loved that bit so much that I wrote down the first part of the “quote” and posted it here on Tumblr and the last couple of days, I’ve just been smiling so wide at all the tags people have added when reblogging. I think it’s safe to say we all loved that bit and it brought inspiration and smiles to so many.

I’ve compiled a list of all the tags on the quote post so far. It’s quite long so you can read them all below the cut. It took ages but it was so calming to read through all the love and appreciation written in the tags. If you don’t feel comfortable being part of this list, message me and I’ll remove you immediately! I don’t mean to make anyone uncomfortable.

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Authors note: This was inspired by something my friend and her boyfriend do. She made a list of places she’d like to go and every now and again he surprises her and takes her when they can afford it. 

It’s another one of those nights where the news predicted another round of snow to fall overnight; where you stay bundled up in your apartment, a cup of hot chocolate beside you whilst you assemble yourself at your desk, tapping your pen to echo against the wood. 

Shawn had been on his tour for a month since his last visit, most the time it’s as if he never left, mainly because the two of you are constantly texting or calling each other in the spare time you both receive. 

Tonight, tonight you’re missing him a little extra. You’re not too fond on the snow storms that hit, the last time there was a snow storm you and Shawn stayed cuddled up in bed with blankets while laughing at his ridiculous choice of jokes, not to mention his terrible choice of clothing. He assured you that he was unquestionably colour coded with his Red sweatpants, green socks, and orange pull over. His theory was that the clothes were warm and comfy.

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Moana: Island Life

A compilation of the little nuggets I’ve found so far in the game Moana: Island Life. More sure to come as I keep playing my way through the game!


“Until Maui realizes he needs help.” Hint: it takes several in-game days. 

There’s no end to Moana’s sass in this game. 

Literally, no end. 

I could go on and on. 


Our Voyager Chief has a reputation!!

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With university starting in less than two weeks, I thought it might be a good refresher to reflect on stuff I wish I knew as a first year. So I compiled a list of advice to remember!

general tips

  • go to your orientation day/week ◦ i cannot stress this enough- go to your orientation week/day/whatever. find your parking spot/commute way, meet new friends, learn about your campus!
  • find a quiet, on campus workspace ◦ this really what helped me in my first year. i found a quiet, open aired little zone where i spent my breaks studying or recharging
  • attend all your studios ◦ yes ALL OF THEM. your tutors are there for a reason! they’re there to evaluate your works, tell you what’s wrong and where you can improve. attending your classes will also give your tutor a better opinion of you as it shows you do want to commit to your work.
  • create a studio facebook page ◦ chances are, your classmates are as clueless about your studio as you are. use this group as a chance to share resources and advice! (especially if your tutor doesn’t explain thoroughly…)
  • buy plenty of blank sketchbooks ◦ they’ll be your best friend. yeah, they will be. you never know when inspiration will hit you! i finished at least two notebooks for my first semester.
  • buy a 500gb+ portable hard drive ◦ if you’re working on the faculty’s computers, bring a hard drive to back up your work into– this also leads me into my next point.
  • back up everything ◦ and i mean everything- save a copy on a usb, on your computer’s drive, on your hard drive, on the cloud– save a copy of your project onto everything- you never know when your main drive/computer will crash.
  • go to workshops!!! ◦ oh man i regret not doing this- go to workshops to learn woodwork, metalwork, potterywork etc. you’re going to need this at some point in your design career.
  • work on your portfolio ◦ whether it be mock ups for a fake company or an invitation for a party- work on stuff outside of your school work. develop and craft the skills you learn during your studios- all of these will help develop your “style” for your portfolio.
  • take care of yourself ◦ yes, design school is stressing. you will ultimately have long nights of crying and stress from criticism, from last minute changes- but your wonderful concepts and ideas will not flourish unless you are well rested


  • overestimate ◦ overestimate how much time you need for an assessment or task. especially if you’re going to do stuff last minute!
  • don’t be a perfectionist ◦seriously, don’t expect your designs to be perfect at first glance. your masterpiece may seem perfect to you, when in fact it should be your first draft before you go through countless revisions.
  • go big, go conceptual ◦ since my university was also an art school- we often had classes with people from different faculties. we were given a brief that wasn’t concise in what the tutor wanted- so we had to go conceptual. i made the mistake often on taking things literally, which often showed consequence in my grades.
  • always seek an outside opinion ◦ an outside opinion from a fellow student or another person with the eye of design may bring out that flaw you just can’t pick on.
  • start assessments early ◦ it may be a drag, but you have a head start in developing your ideas! this will also help you with managing submission stuff later– leading me to my next point.
  • complete assessments at least 2 days before submission ◦ this is the best advice i heard from a tutor– because then your timeframe of fixing things that have screwed up is much larger than the small time during your all nighter.
  • keep note of processes and shortcuts ◦ i really regret this, not jotting down all the shortcuts and processes from my design computing class- illustrator shortcuts and how to’s, 3D modelling tips- i can barely remember what process i took to take those steps.
  • take screenshots of your design process ◦ this is one of the most important things i learned in design school. it shows how you covered up mistakes, what your process was and how well ideas were executed.

additional helpful posts!

[trans] HIPHOPLE Interview on [We Effect] by Just Music (1/3)

[Interview] Just Music

Usually when I’m editing interviews, there are lots of times when the interviewee calls them selves ‘I,’ or 'we.’ There are some exceptions, however. Anyway, I usually change 'I,’ or 'we’ to the formal version for the people reading. And sometimes I had the feeling of maybe calling oneself 'I’ or 'we’ has something to do it unconsciously showing their confidence. So I decided not to touch those parts in this interview. Just Music showed a lot of pride in their new compilation album We Effect, so I thought that it wasn’t a bad idea to do such thing. It’s like they are jumping on the same trampoline and jumping to different directions, but still coming together to show a strong energy at once. I met those people - Just Music.

*This interview is based on the album released on the 30th of April - We Effect. Osshun Gum, who did not participate in the album, is not part of the interview.

LE: Please introduce yourselves. There are a lot of members, so I think Swings could do it for the whole group if desired.

Swings (S): We’re Just Music and currently we have 9 artists. We all have different colors and seek our own individualities.

LE: To get to the main topic right away, I see that the second compilation album [We Effect] has been released. Please introduce the album to us briefly.

Black Nut (BN): [We Effect] should have been released 2 years ago. But we all spent a lot of days with busy schedules and finally got to get together to make it. If we think about the work we put in, we only spent 1 month to make this awesome album. (Laugh)

S: If we think about how much time we got ready for it, I think it took about 4 months.

LE: There have been a lot of hints about [We Effect]. Is there a reason why it took so long to be released?

Nochang (N): At first, [Ripple Effect] was released and we have been talking about doing another compilation album even since when some of the members here wasn’t here. But the questions about who is going to be the leader, how we were going to start, what kind of songs we will write were all pushed off because of each member’s own albums, shows, and other activities. And as you know, Just Music is a difficult group to bring together because everyone’s music styles are so different from each other. Then one day, Swings hyung announced that 'We really have to do this.’ So he brought us all together and the album came out.

S: To be more detailed, there were a lot of reasons. First of all, me going to the army had the biggest effect. Even when I came back, I couldn’t do the job right as a leader. Then I realized that we all have changed so much musically and mentally. During [Ripple Effect], our minds were all the same. We all knew back then that we were shitheads. So it was more important to us that we got together and made something. For example, you know that tool that brings all the units together in StarCraft, [Ripple Effect] was something like that. Then one and two years passed, I saw that we were changing. Now Giriboy and Swings do not have overlaps in terms of music, same with Nochang and Swings. It became harder to come together as things went like that. We saw each other every day, drink, have conversations, and make music, but we just didn’t come together naturally. Clearly, we needed a new leadership and new mindsets from the members as well. There needed to be a time where everyone needed to sacrifice theirselves a little bit, but no one was ready at the time. Of course, now through [We Effect], we got to know each other more.

LE: Compared to the times since [Ripple Effect], you said that there have been a lot of changes, I see that now Giriboy is showing off a lot of electronic music, so called 'future sound.’ Since that is the case, I think that the structure of the compilation album might have changed significantly from what was expected.

Giriboy (G): I think so. There has been a lot of changes.

S: Remember at first, when you wanted to be the leader, you gave us around 10 beats.

G: I think those beats were not enough for a lot of people to participate in. Not enough for compilation, maybe.

LE: Then, I guess Giriboy had to match himself to the others.

G: Of course, there were some aspects like that. It was like filling in the last number of pages. (Laugh) There was a reason of participating because I thought it would be weird if I didn’t as well. But honestly, I didn’t think much about it. It’s not like I can’t do the style of [We Effect], I could do it, so I just did it naturally.

LE: Since it was a compilation album, were there uncomfortable situations where there were conflicts?

S: A lot.

Goretexx (GT): I don’t think I had any. Everyone here is witty so… (laugh) If we were listening to something and it was bad, then that person that created something bad would step back like a ghost and something like that? You know? So there were no times where someone had to say 'Oh, I don’t know about this.’ It all worked out naturally. (Laugh)

S: It would be like, if I asked, 'Hey, how is this?’ and there is an awkward silence… then I would say 'let’s go with the next one.’ (All laugh) Actually for someone like me, I yielded a lot to others since I was young. Of course, only to my people. But people here, they really have strong feelings about their music, in a good way. So there were silent conflicts within us. Fuck, I thought I was playing in an invisible tennis game (all laugh). We also talked about this already, but Giriboy really did the most. As you know, he is the one that makes the music furthest away from something like [We Effect]. Everyone has their own strong color, but I would say Giriboy has it the most. So he did his best and yielded to all of us a lot. Good job, Giri.

N: Invisible tennis, that’s a good way to put it.

LE: I see that there could have been a lot of conflicts with ideas, but I think that there could have been a lot of conflicts with schedules as well. I saw this one article about the conflict between different schedules of manager and the maker. Managers have to rush the maker a lot because they have to work with deadlines, but the maker can only do something if they are inspired by something, so it is hard for them to move according to schedule. Since all members have different styles of making, I think they would all have different thoughts about following a set schedule as well.

S: If we compare ourselves to a body, we are a heart. But our hearts are crazy… (laugh). So it doesn’t really work for us to follow a set schedule. The most professional out of us is surprisingly Giriboy. He’s just sitting there right now and zoning out. But he does his job well. Everyone works hard, but Giriboy is the best at following a set schedule.

I read this book where people are divided into 6 categories - feeling, materialistic, traveling, etc. If we decided to divide our members based on that, most of us here would be in the feeling category. The kind of person that translates everything with emotion. When someone is talking, they don’t listen to what they say, but feel the energy from the person. Most people here are like that. Maybe with the exclusion of me and Yohan. I think Bill Stax hyung is in the materialistic category. I think Dok2 is an example of that as well. Anyway, I think we’re all like that. Except me. I’m the intellectual type (laugh). I’m the type where I have to explain every fucking thing that I know and I’ve learned to other people.

That’s why there are things like this. You know how Narae comes out a lot in our lyrics? It’s because there is a power game, but also love between us. Some people have told me in the comments to stop picking on Narae. I think they know that we’re picking on her (all laugh). But we can’t help it, she’s such a kind and emotional girl. She’s been an underground hiphop fan since 10 years ago and now she’s here. Do you think that she doesn’t want to be emotional? She has to use her head just because of us and take care of the schedules mathematically, she’s acting very logically here. Of course, there are some aspects where there are conflicts. But as Bill Stax hyung said, there is something special about our label. We’re more closer and like family. So we yield to each other a lot. Anyway, everyone talk some more~ all the people reading this will talk shit about me saying I’m talking too much. They’re gonna say please Swings shut the fuck up (all laugh). Okay, I won’t talk for another 10 minutes now.

Han Yohan (H): I think he’ll come back on his own (all laugh).

LE: Nochang made a lot of beats in this album as well. But compared to [Ripple Effect], it was less grand and less narratives like in 'More.’ I wonder what you focused on when making the beats.

N: There are a lot of differences between the beats when I was making them and the official beats that we used for the album. I actually made beats similar to [Ripple Effect]. Bill Stax’s hyung’s song 'Better’ was actually a track for this album as well. There were a variety of genres and there were over 20 recorded tracks, but we all cut them off. The song like 'Silky Boys’ is unique out of all the other tracks, but it was necessary because all other songs were traps. Same with 'More than Necessary.’ The most crucial reason that I changed the style was that if we were still to go with the grand and narrative style in [Ripple Effect] with more members compared to before, we would all have a lot to say and it won’t be balanced overall. The songs will become long and performance would be difficult. I think there is a set, ideal image of us when we are on stage. So what I focused on is making songs that will excite us and the audience in concerts. At first, I wasn’t the leader of producing these songs, we were all supposed to make our own songs. Then, we all went on a trip together to make recordings and what I thought was 'if we continue like this, the album will just be a disaster.’ I instatly thought we needed to clean it up a little bit. So after we came back, I immediately said, 'We recorded over 10 tracks, but I think we need to cut about a half of them,’ saying that it would be too messy if we didn’t. After that, I kept reducing and reducing the songs.

LE: I see a lot of new names as producers as well. Moon, Seoul Metro Boomin, Ca$hville, etc. How was it to collaborate with other producers?

GT: Moon is my friend’s friend. I was listening to his beat and took what I heard was good. I found Ca$hville while listening to music on Swings’ hyung’s computer. At first, everyone listened a little bit of it and said it was so so. But when I listened, even though I listened for about 20 seconds or so, I had a melody for a hook already, so me and Black Nut hyung just recorded the hook. That is the hook for 'Silky Boys.’ I just recommended Moon persistently and for Ca$hville, it was because me and Black Nut hyung clicked at that time. I begged Swings hyung that we have to put these two beats in the album, saying that there should be a special favor for the new member (laugh).

LE: I heard that Seoul Metro Boomin was Black Nut.

BN: It’s not me. It’s a friend of mine. The beat used was what he had only after 1 week of starting to make beats. When I listened, it was good and I thought, 'this guy has big dreams,’ so I used it.

LE: I heard from the community that there was a sense of more participation from members that did not participate in [Ripple Effect]. Especially, Goretexx and Black Nut participated in all tracks.

S: Black Nut couldn’t participate in [Ripple Effect] because he was in the army. So when we were making [We Effect], I told him that I wanted him to take the lead. He actually did it. In the album, you can clearly see that Goretexx and Black Nut were passionate and it showed in the product. I think those two are the ones that really fired up their motivation and did it.

LE: In reality, was there a lot of energy from Black Nut and Goretexx while making the album?

BN: I gained a lot of energy from the mood of everyone working together, since it was my first time working together. To be honest, at first, I had a lot of pressure and worries from making this perfect, but it was nice for me to work with everyone and have fun. I was enjoying it, which kept producing positive energy in me, so a lot of good songs came out from that.

S: To talk about what inspired him, Black Nut learned that he could relax and produce good music from making this album. For a while, he was having a hard time enjoying making music. Like he was doing rap as a job. But he told me that he learned that he could make music from his inspirations while making [We Effect].

LE: In terms of style, all the other members were very chill and relaxed, but Black Nut seemed to tighten up the songs here and there. Were there any troubles with deciding which part to do this and that?

S: You know the flow of hiphop genre these days. I think a lot of rappers were shocked at the rising of Kendrick Lamar. Like how before, there was Nas, Jay Z, Big L, and Eminem. A lot of people probably thought, 'I’m just not good enough compared to them already.’ Since the situation became like this, I think rappers decided to change their directions. Something like, 'Fuck, why do I have to be the best?’ Who would want to race Usain Bolt. So now everyone gave up running in a straight line like everyone else, but decided to go around in circles, maybe do a headstand, people are trying to change with creativity these days.

Korean rappers, especially me, I was a traditional one. If I had to rap, I had to do it right, do it with proficiency, and I had no doubts about doing that. But one day, the world has change and I realized that I was falling behind. I realized that a lot of people are comparing [We Effect] based on their old values. Saying this like, 'why aren’t they rapping as much as they used to?’ and 'Just Music lost their original intention.’ I understand their feelings, but times have changed. Hiphop changes like how a snake changes its skin. If the skin doesn’t fit, then it changes to a new trned, a new swag. We are the same. But Black Nut was proficient in this album, and still managed to bring new stuff in. It was the most ideal thing that people look for.

LE: Like you said, there were a lot of comments about the new album not being as good as [Ripple Effect]. I wonder what you think about that.

S: They can talk shit or just shit. That’s their choice. If I buy something, it’s my choice to keep it or break it, the person that made the thing I bought has no say anymore. So I just accept it. Because it’s their choice. To add on to it, it’s also the artist’s choice to accept or ignore such comments.

C Jamm ©: I actually don’t look at those.

S: C Jamm has always been like that, but he’s really 'so cool’ now. He never hates anyone. If there is someone that could never hate someone, that would be C Jamm. It could be because he’s so kind… but it’s more like 'I don’t care at this point’ kind of thing?

C: I became more like this because of a message that I heard at church 2 weeks ago. Jesus showed so many miracles, but he still had haters (all laugh).

S: He was the Michael Jackson at the time.

Bill Stax (B): For me, it was my greatest joy to look at feedbacks at one time, but as time passed, I started to not look at them. Of course, it’s not like I don’t look at them at all. There are positive and negative feedbacks about me out there, but I try not to look at the negative ones. It’s not like, 'I’m just gonna look at the positive feedbacks and flaunt about myself.’ It’s more like that if I look at the negative feedbacks, it hinders with my creativity. Maybe there are some truth in the negative feedbacks, but if I check those and try to upgrade myself based on those, the music that I make becomes something that I didn’t make. I just look at positive feedbacks these days and 'I should work on these aspects,’ lightly. Trying to look at good things and have positive energy.

BN: I only heard good things about me in this album so I’m always reading them while laughing alone in my house (all laugh). I actually commented once saying, 'I really like Black Nut.’ Something like that. Of course, I only have one ID, not 16 (all laugh).

S: Black Nut is clearly the MVP of this album.

LE: Since we’re talking about what the community have been saying, I want to talk about something that has been an issue lately. There were a lot of sayings about Just Music employment. Bill Stax actually stated his opinions about it on his SNS, but if there are still things to clear up, I think this is a good time to do so.

S: There is no employer as fair as me on this planet.

GT: I don’t know why the amount being paid has been an issue. I think it’s because it was a time when Swings was being hated a lot. I have another company other than Just Music - my model company. I asked some employees there about this and they just said there’s no problem with it. Actually, to compare Just Music to a modeling agency, there is so much less work in Just Music. If it’s a business trip, or whatever, it’s a significant less amount of people. Then it’s obvious for there to be less work. There are a lot of things to do in a modeling agency, but the pay is not so different from here. Just Music might even have a higher pay. That friend actually asked me if he could work there. If people who are working currently are not saying that it is a problem, then I think that’s good enough evidence. At least, it’s a better evidence than people who are just typing away at their keyboards at home, thinking their thoughts are reality. It’s just hating.

B: For me, I’ve hired about 50 employees, since I had 3 companies and all. What I felt about working until now is that employees are just employees. It’s a mutual relationship between the employer and employee and that’s what makes it fair. Swings treats his employees like family, but a lot of people including me don’t actually do that. My employees are not friends with me, so I don’t expect anything like loyalty from them as well. They can leave me, that’s not betraying. They can work at my club and learn all the things about a club, leave, then make his own club. Whether it’s $100k, $140k, of $300k, if I need that person, I pay him.

When I interview an applicant and look at their resume, I see someone that went to Seoul University and did a certain job for a while, but when I actually make them do work, they don’t know shit. People like them are people I don’t need. How will I trust them and give them $300k and $500k to start with. Even now, I spend $5000k in paying my employees. Some of them make $500k, but some of them make $130k. The employee that makes $500k sells $1000k in a day. That’s why he gets paid that much. People should try working even if the pay is low at first, then it’s up to them to make more money. If they work hard, the pay can always be increased.

From my standards, I just think that comments like that are from people who didn’t prove themselves yet. If they really have the skills and confidence, then they don’t have to work at Just Music and make $140k. They can go to Samsung and work night shifts every day and make $1400k a month. The monthly pay was not a problem to begin with, but I wish that people learn how Swings runs his business and think 'Oh, I could do this as well.’ I’ve been in a lot of social situations before and I think it still helps me today.

To say it one more time, I think those hating comments are just from people who haven’t experience real life yet. After I uploaded my opinion on SNS, I saw some hating comments again, and thought 'I guess it’s useless for me to say things like to these people’ then deleted my post. To say it lastly through this interview, change the social system by becoming a revolutionist or just work hard in the system. I think that’s the wise way. We’re not even giving minimum wage and minimum wage is not the problem. The problem is that people are only thinking about minimum wage.

S: I just want to say, if you hate me, then just say you hate me (all laugh).

B: Right, why are they saying it in another way.

S: Just say that you fucking hate Swings. Say that you don’t like me kissing a pretty woman. Come to my Instagram and say it. Don’t hesitate. I’m going up, living my life, and doing art with really cool people. Even in the past, there are fans that say 'I didn’t commit suicide because of you’ in my Cyworld, Facebook, and Instagram. There are a lot of people that thank me.

It’s a shame to hate on me when you didn’t live a life better than me. I’m focusing on changing the world. I would like to recommend to the people that talk shit about me to take a day off and think about what they have done for themselves or the people around them. Tell them that I don’t only make myself rich, but all the people around me, so don’t touch my people. Tell them I’m a fucking pig and that I love sucking on a baby bottle (laugh). I saw some articles about me kissing someon at Octagon, but tell them it was actually 500 people. Tell them it was really fun to spend my best days for about half a year. But now I don’t do that because I met Bora. Now I’m happier, but it felt like I went on a long club retreat. Please write it like that (all laugh).

LE: Okay (laugh). Let’s come back to the album. Tell me about the meaning of [We Effect]. I heard there was a ambiguous meaning to it.

S: At first, I was looking for many meanings on the Internet, but it just means, 'let’s make an effect.’ Some people asked isn’t it 'Our Effect,’ instead of 'We Effect,’ but by using we, it changes that we’re making the effect. There were a lot of questions from international fans and concerns, so I want them to know.

LE: The cover art was interesting too. It was fun to connect the numbers.

S: Not only for sound, but Nochang is a genius for visuals as well. Nochang did all of the cover art. He’s that type. When we’re having a meeting or trying to do something, in his mind he’s saying, 'Fuck, they’re gonna make me do everything again’ and makes himself the slave (all laugh). Then he stands up and does it all by himself. So Nochang makes all the visuals. I think I need to give him a title and a pay that suits the job (all laugh), saying 'take responsibility for all the visuals now.’ Oh, and the word that comes out when you connect the dots is in fact 'we.’

LE: In “Thumb, Index Finger,’ it was extraordinary to see money being talked about with the keywords of thumb and index finger. I think the subject of hiphop songs are important, but how you do it is important as well. Was it Nochang’s idea to do this as well?

S: When we meet, we talk a lot, but the extraordinary one is always Nochang. "Thumb, Index Finger” is catchy visually and verbally. I actually talked to this guy from underground scene who is rising about [We Effect] and he said, 'hyung, this hook is going to be looping in my head forever if I listen to it once.’ People without prejudice say things like that. To add more, he doesn’t even know who I am. He didn’t even know that our album was released. When he met me, he asked, 'when is that album released?’ So I said, 'hey, it came out just now’ (all laugh). I think we can’t help that good things come out when we work together, since all of our styles are different. It’s like when all the Power Rangers are fighting separately and come together.

LE: Did Nochang make the majority of the hooks? All the hooks seemed to be very relaxed and showed Nochang’s style.

N: I said it in the beginning, but again, I felt pressured because I thought I was supposed to lead through this album. Thinking, 'if I didn’t make all the songs til the deadline, the album is going to be pushed back again and it’s not going to work’ something like that. So I just threw a lot of ideas out there. As usual, I would be drinking and working on my music and ask the members, 'how is this?’ and kept doing that to throw ideas. I took out the crappy ones from there, but the ones that I really thought I should put in the album, I asked again saying, 'everyone, I really want you to think about this one more time.’ Then all the members would bring together what they have and make something that fits with what I had. I was really pressured about the deadline. It was clear that we had to release a compil. album at this time. So I had to fit the number of songs, songs like 'Silky Boys’ and 'Rolex,’ I thought a lot about where they should fit in. There was no choice, but for me to give a lot of ideas.

LE: I think Just Music’s style and story shows a lot in the first track 'Too Real.’ It felt something like, 'we are this real and we don’t hide anything.’ It would be nice of you guys to explain the first track.

S: I just decided to write lyrics that talked about our swag and I think everyone noticed and started writing things like that. For Nochang, his lines include “I have a cup in my mouth because alcohol is the only thing legal in Korea / some people want to be me in the past - slave.” I burst out laughing at this line. Other members also wrote about their lives. (C Jamm said) #1 on Melon is crappy, Giriboy said the police is excited trying to catch him. Everyone used their own humor and craziness in the lyrics. A lot of people ask why Nochang is trying to have a concept. It’s not a concept. He’s just like that. People really don’t know. When you go to his studio, there are about 500 alcohol bottles. I’m glad that they are all cleaned up. I bought him a $500k couch. Please write this. Five. Hundred. Thousand. Dollar. Couch! But he stacked up all his clothes like a mountain on the couch (laugh). He’s crazy.

That’s that, and I should probably talk about us going to Choonchun. To work on [We Effect], we went to Choonchun for 5 days and 4 nights in January. It was crazy. No~ one wanted to go. I’m not trying to pick on someone, but when I asked to make a compilation album before, I would say 'come by this time!’ and people would say 'ok!’ even if the place was in Namyeongdong and had roaches and a door that didn’t even close all the way. I lived there with Giriboy before and we would always gather there and record and stuff. Anyway, everyone looked like they fucking hated it. But I had to do it because I let everyone know that there was going to be another compilation album so I was getting shitted on (laugh). There was also the problem with the new members not being announced, which was supposed to be announced before I went to the army. They couldn’t come in our label because of some incidents that happened inbetween. So there was a lot of pressure on me. There was even a saying like this. 'There’s no [We Effect] motherfucker’ (all laugh). So I was having a hard time because everyone was bashing me and it just made it worse that no one was following me. I got upset once while we were having a meeting about [We Effect]. That I didn’t want to be like that and that it would be nice if people would follow what I’m saying. I was trying different steps to gather people together, but it didn’t work so I decided, 'what the fuck, let’s go to Choonchun!’

Why Choonchun? It’s not that there’s better work if we eat spicy stir-fried chicken or anything. There’s a famous studio in Choonchun. It’s a place a lot of musicians go to if they want to work in an isolated place. So I found out the phone number for that place. Yohan actually found the phone number and he said, 'hyung, don’t tell anyone that I found the number~ I don’t know hyung! It’s not my responsibility~’ so I said, 'okay, I’ll say I did it’ and told my members so. 'Girlfriend, family, pet dog? Fuck, we don’t need any of them! Concerts fuck that shit! Your individual schedules, fuck that! We’re going to Choonchun and gonna do this! So let’s do it!’ I still remember the first day. Nochang was sucking on a soju bottle like it was a baby bottle, Bill Stax hyung was still in his gown, Goretexx woke up and asking 'when are we eating,’ and C Jamm wearing his sunglasses and looking like the Asian guy who protects the little kid in <Matrix> (laugh). We were going to start working after we ate spicy stir-fried chicken for our first meal. While eating, I said, 'there are tweleve fucking hours in a day. No excuses. Give me all your phones! Managers all come here! Take all their phones!’ Everyone was in a bad mood while eating and I just wanted to make it worse, because I was mad at them too. 'Order raw rice wine, dongdongju! Ah~ it’s so good,’ I was saying this like that and no one was eating. Yohan was like 'I’m just sitting here eating chicken breast like a fucking idiot’ because he had to lose around 90 lbs.

anonymous asked:

You know you have a problem when you can't find any Lord saladin x reader stories and it upsets you. His voice doesn't help my need either.

Hoo boy my voice kink has been going haywire these last few days. Saladin’s voice?? Is to die for??? He’s so growly and stern and yet warm and affectionate at the same time. Make me armour and call me princess, Lord S. 

I didn’t know that the same voice actor is Reaper in Overwatch and I spent a very toe-curly twenty minutes last night listening to a compilation of all his lines and melting everywhere. Hot daaaaamn, Reaper you’re doing things to me. 

Saladin x reader stories sound like a very good idea, who wants to have a go? I’ve got my hands full with Zavala, Mithrax, Shiro and Shaxx right now but someone should try writing some!

so i just spent pretty much my entire day searching for good fremione fics because i’ve fallen through that rabbit hole again. 

and after reading many of these fics, i have compiled a list of components which make up your typical fremione fic:

  • fred has fancied hermione since they were in hogwarts
  • george knows (whether or not fred has actually told him)
  • this is conveyed by george sending his twin a ‘knowing look’ which hermione cannot decipher 
  • if bill is in the fic, he also ~knows~
  • hermione is oblivious and is startled by her own emotions
  • ginny is done with the two of them before it even begins
  • if fred doesn’t say ‘oh, hermione’ at some point call the police, you’ve been lied to, this isn’t a fremione fic
  • a poor grasp of british slang (no one actually calls their dick their ‘prick’ it’s just an insult)
  • the tag ‘fred lives’ bc we be salty
New Rules: Chapter 2

Summary: Veronika tries to survive on her own.

Characters: Negan x Veronika (slow burn-ish)

Word count: 1,992

Warnings: Angst

A/N:  Thank you sososo much to @i-am-negan-trash for beat-ing this chapter, as well as the first one which I forgot to credit her for because heyo I’m an idiot. Anyway, second chapter is now out! This is a short one, but you’ll all live.

[gif credit: unknown]

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Since the 2016 CB was announced, I got tons of asks from people interested in WINNER, asking where they could learn about them, so in an effort to help new and old Inner Circles alike, I spent 3 days compiling an organized & permanent masterlist for all things Winner! 

Here, you can find links to mvs, teasers, solo work, pre-debut videos, etc. The page works on mobile! While this is not a complete list, it’s enough to get you started…and even if you’ve followed Winner since they were Team A, it won’t hurt to take a trip down memory lane! I will continue to update & develop this page as the year progresses, so if you have links to videos or downloads not included here, please inbox me so I can include them! 

Please reblog this post to spread the word & bookmark the masterlist for easy access! (btw If you don’t know where to start, I recc. Winner TV!)

Hi everyone!

  For the past few months I’ve been compiling all of Seventeen’s performances and appearances in a convenient little master post! I tried to include every video and performance I could possibly find to share with you all and I hope some of you can find great use in this.

  As I have been working on this since the beginning of Pretty U Era, I have spent several hours compiling this list so please do not steal it! I do not mind if you re-post or share but if you do please give credit. Other than that I hope you all enjoy the master post and have a lovely day ♡

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Baowtan moodboard

In the order of the boards: @yoongukie @seokline @busanie @jungkookjpeg @monions @bluetivity

We’ve spent 100 days together and i’ve learnt a lot about you guys, so i made these moodboards as a compilation of what each and every member reminds me of.


none of these pics are mine

strippingwitch  asked:

What was the most cringe worthy thing you did in middle school?

Weeeell. One. I was pretty much anxiety in human form in middle school so I was kind of afraid to do anything at all. Two. I try to block out awkward things I’ve done so that I can function in daily life without falling to my knees screaming a few times every day.

So this is a hard, and personal question, and you are cruel. Anyhoo. Uuuuuuh… Oh! We had to do a PowerPoint presentation for computer class to show we knew PowerPoint, and I did mine using Pokemon. I felt judged, and childish. I was the only person I knew who was into that. So I felt like a complete loser. Spent a lot of time on that fucking thing. And somehow I got it in my head that my classmates would become intrigued by the Pokemon data I had compiled.