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How are you love?

WELL I am on day three of a migraine/headache/rubbish weekend ruiner :( My weekend has just been spent alternately lying in the dark listening to a Poirot radio plays compilation and reading a few pages on my kindle until I get too sick to read, so everything is a++++. Decided this afternoon that enough was enough and I would try the headache medication I have, as nothing I’d taken was doing anything at all. The reason I hadn’t taken it before was that it has codeine in it, and my body is gratuitously unfond of anything in the codeine family tree (see example a: The Worst Night Of My Life, aka that time I had kidney surgery then they gave me morphine, the details of which I will never forget but I will kindly not share, other than to say that my particular kidney surgery was described to me by the doctor as feeling like “being repeatedly kicked in the stomach by a horse” and I would add to that “every minute, for months” and of all that, the morphine experience was The Worst Bit). ANYWAY I took the headache tablets, then spent five hours curled up in one quite specific position, then I decided to do something sensible and order some food because I have nothing in that I could eat without preparation other than biscuits, and I was not quite in my right mind anyway, so then the food arrived and I ate a fairly solid ten mouthfuls and now I am on my sofa under a blanket because the sun has gone down so my head hurts less being in here now. 

Aren’t you glad you asked, and that I have spoken to not a single soul since Friday, so you got a deluge of run-on text as an answer. 

During Phil’s latest live show on the 16th of March 2017, he spent a few minutes (30.30-35.20) just ranting about his degrees and his university experience. I loved that bit so much that I wrote down the first part of the “quote” and posted it here on Tumblr and the last couple of days, I’ve just been smiling so wide at all the tags people have added when reblogging. I think it’s safe to say we all loved that bit and it brought inspiration and smiles to so many.

I’ve compiled a list of all the tags on the quote post so far. It’s quite long so you can read them all below the cut. It took ages but it was so calming to read through all the love and appreciation written in the tags. If you don’t feel comfortable being part of this list, message me and I’ll remove you immediately! I don’t mean to make anyone uncomfortable.

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Updated Commission Info! New prices and updated Terms of Service!

  • If you would like to order a commission, I’m only taking them via my Google Form! This is just so I can keep track of everyone’s information easier as well as make sure everything I need is compiled in one easy to access form.
  • This also makes it easier and faster for me to get to your commission, as sometimes a few days can be spent communicating back and forth when I can be using that time to draw for you!
  • PLEASE be sure to read my Terms of Service before sending me a commission request, as I’m going to assume you’ve read and understand them if you send in a form.

So, my weekend is Friday and Saturday, not Saturday and Sunday. Which means, ‘THE WEEKEND IS HERE!’

I’m trying to have a ‘do nothing’ day at least once a week, and I think that Thursday is the perfect day for it. Since I can study/make notes/catch up on work on Fridays and Saturdays, Thursday is a day where I can relax, as more than half the day is spent in school + 3 hours more of laziness once I come back home (eating + relaxing, maybe even sleeping). 

So today I decided to compile a list of all the items that I wanted to achieve during the weekend and set a day for each task depending on the time it may take. All the tests mentioned here are class tests, it’s more like a revision test so it’s not counted in my grade. I am hoping to achieve all of this by Saturday night :D

With university starting in less than two weeks, I thought it might be a good refresher to reflect on stuff I wish I knew as a first year. So I compiled a list of advice to remember!

general tips

  • go to your orientation day/week ◦ i cannot stress this enough- go to your orientation week/day/whatever. find your parking spot/commute way, meet new friends, learn about your campus!
  • find a quiet, on campus workspace ◦ this really what helped me in my first year. i found a quiet, open aired little zone where i spent my breaks studying or recharging
  • attend all your studios ◦ yes ALL OF THEM. your tutors are there for a reason! they’re there to evaluate your works, tell you what’s wrong and where you can improve. attending your classes will also give your tutor a better opinion of you as it shows you do want to commit to your work.
  • create a studio facebook page ◦ chances are, your classmates are as clueless about your studio as you are. use this group as a chance to share resources and advice! (especially if your tutor doesn’t explain thoroughly…)
  • buy plenty of blank sketchbooks ◦ they’ll be your best friend. yeah, they will be. you never know when inspiration will hit you! i finished at least two notebooks for my first semester.
  • buy a 500gb+ portable hard drive ◦ if you’re working on the faculty’s computers, bring a hard drive to back up your work into– this also leads me into my next point.
  • back up everything ◦ and i mean everything- save a copy on a usb, on your computer’s drive, on your hard drive, on the cloud– save a copy of your project onto everything- you never know when your main drive/computer will crash.
  • go to workshops!!! ◦ oh man i regret not doing this- go to workshops to learn woodwork, metalwork, potterywork etc. you’re going to need this at some point in your design career.
  • work on your portfolio ◦ whether it be mock ups for a fake company or an invitation for a party- work on stuff outside of your school work. develop and craft the skills you learn during your studios- all of these will help develop your “style” for your portfolio.
  • take care of yourself ◦ yes, design school is stressing. you will ultimately have long nights of crying and stress from criticism, from last minute changes- but your wonderful concepts and ideas will not flourish unless you are well rested


  • overestimate ◦ overestimate how much time you need for an assessment or task. especially if you’re going to do stuff last minute!
  • don’t be a perfectionist ◦seriously, don’t expect your designs to be perfect at first glance. your masterpiece may seem perfect to you, when in fact it should be your first draft before you go through countless revisions.
  • go big, go conceptual ◦ since my university was also an art school- we often had classes with people from different faculties. we were given a brief that wasn’t concise in what the tutor wanted- so we had to go conceptual. i made the mistake often on taking things literally, which often showed consequence in my grades.
  • always seek an outside opinion ◦ an outside opinion from a fellow student or another person with the eye of design may bring out that flaw you just can’t pick on.
  • start assessments early ◦ it may be a drag, but you have a head start in developing your ideas! this will also help you with managing submission stuff later– leading me to my next point.
  • complete assessments at least 2 days before submission ◦ this is the best advice i heard from a tutor– because then your timeframe of fixing things that have screwed up is much larger than the small time during your all nighter.
  • keep note of processes and shortcuts ◦ i really regret this, not jotting down all the shortcuts and processes from my design computing class- illustrator shortcuts and how to’s, 3D modelling tips- i can barely remember what process i took to take those steps.
  • take screenshots of your design process ◦ this is one of the most important things i learned in design school. it shows how you covered up mistakes, what your process was and how well ideas were executed.

additional helpful posts!

I made a Sledgefu playlist! (featuring actual 1940s music!!)

I spent the whole day today compiling a bunch of music, inspired by Sledgefu and mainly by the amazing fanfic, The History Books Forgot About Us (and the Bible Didn’t Mention us) by @callmejude

I found an extreme lack of Sledgefu playlists that actually featured music of that time, and I chose really meticulously the songs that I wanted on. It mainly contains music from the 1930s to the late 1950s, but mostly from the 1940s, and a tad bit of classical music for some melancholy. American, French (both European, and Cajun), and Chinese music are featured, mainly American and French. I chose American since duh they’re American troops, both love songs and the songs they played on the radio for the troops to keep their hopes up are on it so it ain’t all sappy. French songs I chose were inspired by Shelton’s “lullabying” so I got really iconic 1940s songs from France, and some sort of lower class sounding, both English and Cajun songs to reflect him more. I really like the Chinese music I chose, since I feel it really represents Peking and y’know, they spent most of their love story there. So basically, Swing music, Jazz, Big Band music of the 1940s from America, France, and China. 

I really really hope y’all enjoy it, I barely get to express my admiration for this kinda music and I got really emotional just thinkin about this music cuz of them both. 

LINK TO THE PLAYLIST (it’s an hour and a half long ik)

I recommend you listen to it in order of how it’s arranged, but you can listen to it in shuffle it doesn’t really matter. Like idk listen to it when writing fanfics or just feeling for this sad af fic idek. But I really liked the music I chose for this and I really hope y’all agree too. like i can imagine them both listening to this music, or either this music applied to their lives. but YES okay ill stop iashjdashd.

Jeez I’m so enthusiastic about this but cuz i really like this music and shit k bye.

just 4 ppl who i know will enjoy this:

@ramimalekeyes @mvsicbookfrxndom 

Inquisition Calendar

How long does the main story of Inquisition take place over anyway?

That was the question I wanted to answer as I spent the last six months completing my ‘canon’ play-through of DA:Inquisition and throughout I kept a diary of events and compiled them into a calendar to work out the time-scale of the game. Here is a section of it.

The whole document can be viewed here. There are three sheets, one each for the years 9:41, 9:42 and 9:43. The colour coding shows the Inquisitor’s location in Thedas during each day. The grey indicates travelling. For the travel times I owe many thanks to @leliaanaa for their excellent DA travel posts

@leliaanaa, I can’t promise that I have been exact to your measurements, and there were some routes that you hadn’t covered that I did some guesswork on. Any comments or advice from you on it are appreciated!


* For a starting date I placed the Divine’s Conclave on Summerday, 9:41, mainly for symbolic reasons. Summerday was once “dedicated to Andoral, the Old God of Unity… universally celebrated as the beginning of summer, a time for joy and, commonly, marriage [and is] a particularly holy occasion in Orlais.” It is also in a season when travel is relatively easy. If I was Divine Justinia, I would have chosen a significant date like that to add weight to a crucial event like the conclave. Rather nicely… it also meant that the Ball at Halamshiral also lined up with Summerday 9:42. It just seems to be an auspicious day for peacemaking.

* It might be said that it doesn’t quite line up with Fiona’s statement during In Hushed Whispers that the date was Harvestmere, 9:42. Personally I am happy with the assumption that the amulet threw the Inquisitor slightly more than a year into the future, rather than exactly one calendar year.

* I assumed around a month for the trek to Skyhold after the fall of Haven. This fell in August and Kingsway (late summer-autumn), when the Frostback Mountains might still have been just about survivable.

* My calendar gets less exact for the events of the DLCs, which I played after the defeat of Corypheus. I placed the Jaws of Hakkon during the summer that follows and the Descent during the autumn.

* This calendar just works with the canon that the Exalted Council and Trespasser takes place two years after the defeat of Corypheus and in the year 9:44. It would have to have been in either Firstfall or Haring 9:44. Now, the Halamshiral did look like it was basking in very mild weather during the Exalted Council, but the Orlesian Emperors must have a reason to put their Winter Palace there, right? I’m going to assume Halamshiral has pleasant winter weather.

If I were a Pokemon League Champion...

I was tagged by @objectionftw​, who asked me what pokemon I would use as the Pokémon League champion, and I spent a long time thinking about it.

This list was very hard to compile and after settling on it, do i think i should have expanded my requirements to even show up in my prelims- but i digress. The prelim list was whittled down from over 20 pokemon to six. over the course of, well, all day. So here are my choices.

Cake, the Sylveon I raised in Pokemon Y. Let’s face it, getting a Sylveon really required some fukkin work in gen 6. In Gen 7 the rainbow beans drop so often, and are so powerful you can max out affection so fast it’s barely worth it. I expected to just have it as ‘Dex filler, but you can’t raise the affection of an evvee in Gen 6 without getting attached yourself.

Lil’ Burn, the Darmanitan. (Black[2?]) I caught this not-so-little guy as a darumaka in (i think) Black (maybe 2) on my first playthrough, and he has proven himself time and again with his power.

Poppy, the Chesnaught. (Y) Ok, I admit it, I was and will always be #TeamChespin. It was my favorite starter in Kalos as soon as it was announced. It’s smol, adorable, and I love him very much.

Kiwi, the Decidueye. (Moon) Basically the same reason as above. #TeamRowlet. I love this dude! I really don’t have much more of a reason than that.

Pepperocini, the Hawlucha. (Y) Ya know what? I like Hawlucha. Plain and simple. It’s fast, it’s strong, and I just like this Luchadore Birb. Pepperocini has gotten me through some tough battles and i love him to bits.

Sage, the [shiny] Talonflame. Ok, I know i probably shouldn’t have a shiny on my team, but fuck it. I found Sage as a Fletchling not 30 minutes after picking up my copy of pokemon Y. It’s been with me almost as long as Poppy. I was fukkin amazed and actually released the original fletchling i had caught and raised to that point. Talonflame is also really useful at times, and has proven to be an invaluable asset to my team.

So that sums up my list as a champion. A lot of flying types, it seems, but I struggled with this list and there are a lot of honorable mentions that i could go into, but I really don’t feel super up to, so here’s a tl;dr because this post has been going on for a while.

my shiny pokemon

the ones who made prelims and the top 12

All my other starters

The ones who could never make it because Gen 2 couldn’t transfer to Gen 3.

Fugu, my Toxipex that my boyfriend sent me with Merciless while his has simple-old limber and it would be an in-game joke because he wanted a merciless one.

If this looks like a fun thing to do for my followers, join in on it. Let us know what pokemon you’d use as a league champion. I’d sure as shit like to know. I’m tagging all of u. Let’s make this a thing. tag it “if I were a league Champion”


A White Whale Load Of Pen Doodles

I spent a bit of time just doodling these last few days so I’ve compiled all my doodles for the tumblr to see.

There is a mix of doodles here all pure FLUFF cause I’m sure it’s pretty apparent I delve into a lot of sadness and pain in most my fics. Gotta balance that out!

Anyway, there is a lot of Jaynix and Aevi together but my absolute favorite has to be the sketch of them lying against each other and sleeping. So Peaceful.

Then as you can see, there are more doodles of Jaynix and Kruse interacting with a few other crosses. Fluffy moments. Whether its the Zack and Jaynix BrOTP or Kruse bonding with the minty pal, Elysia.

The first doodle is of Jaynix having a sleepover with the precious smols: Mavis and Elysia. That was the first thing I doodled this morning AND I LOVE IT! Jaynix loves the smols.

Finally, the last big page of doodles are older than the rest. I think they’re from last month, maybe? Not sure, I’ve had these in my sketchbook for a while and just never shared em till now…but here they are so yay.

All those pics were mainly for practice on getting Jaynix and Aevi’s hairstyles down and even working on some happy and subtly happy expressions, to the best of my ability at least. Also a bit of rudimentary posing because…

Main thing that spurred all those last doodles was me wanting to get Aevi’s hair right for the current main work at the time which was the Cross Tower. As of now that tower is done and the practice definitely helped I think.

As for all the blushing? Well…it’s cute isn’t it?

@aeviann‘s Aeviann
@kcrineon‘s Mavis
@elysia-cross‘ Elysia
@omegalps‘ Zack
and my own Kruse and Jaynix


Baowtan moodboard

In the order of the boards: @yoongukie @seokline @busanie @jungkookjpeg @monions @bluetivity

We’ve spent 100 days together and i’ve learnt a lot about you guys, so i made these moodboards as a compilation of what each and every member reminds me of.


none of these pics are mine


Since the 2016 CB was announced, I got tons of asks from people interested in WINNER, asking where they could learn about them, so in an effort to help new and old Inner Circles alike, I spent 3 days compiling an organized & permanent masterlist for all things Winner! 

Here, you can find links to mvs, teasers, solo work, pre-debut videos, etc. The page works on mobile! While this is not a complete list, it’s enough to get you started…and even if you’ve followed Winner since they were Team A, it won’t hurt to take a trip down memory lane! I will continue to update & develop this page as the year progresses, so if you have links to videos or downloads not included here, please inbox me so I can include them! 

Please reblog this post to spread the word & bookmark the masterlist for easy access! (btw If you don’t know where to start, I recc. Winner TV!)


Alright, new and updated commission info! I do have an announcement regarding how I’ll be accepting commissions from now on, however.

  • If you would like to order a commission, I’m only taking them via my Google Form! This is just so I can keep track of everyone’s information easier as well as make sure everything I need is compiled in one easy to access form. 
  • This also makes it easier and faster for me to get to your commission, as sometimes a few days can be spent communicating back and forth when I can be using that time to draw for you!
  • PLEASE be sure to read my Terms of Service before sending me a commission request, as I’m going to assume you’ve read and understand them if you send in a form.

If you have any questions please still feel free to send me an email:!


I just spent my entire goddamn day marathoning “Making a Murderer”, and I have so many emotions and thoughts, and I can’t put them into words because I am also confused AS FUCK about so many things regarding this case, and basically, what I’m trying to say here is I’m probably going to rewatch this entire goddamn series and make my own fucking timeline, evidence lists, compile a metric fuckton of my own questions as to why some shit being mentioned has zero relevance and yet the things that do have relevance LITERALLY NEVER COME UP ONCE IN THE ENTIRE TEN EPISODES, AND I JUST


stuff that’s happened in the past 3 days:

  • turned in 9pg essay on to the lighthouse and madame bovary (which didn’t turn out nearly as comprehensive as i’d planned, but at this point i’m just relieved to be done)
  • walked into a dance studio to inquire about studio rentals and they asked if i wanted to teach there as well???
  • so just spent 2 hours this morning compiling a rough portfolio of videos / pictures / articles of my stuff and sent that in with a resume
  • i dunno that was v odd and serendipitous in a way
  • got back the last 2 essays i wrote and am happily surprised by the scores/comments

(now i’m at the library and i am reviewing everything i have read this year in preparation for 3 final exams next week oh god oh god) 

also am seriously contemplating a gap year? i have found a couple internships for high school students on research + neuroscience, and i could put more hours in at my current job and also just spend a lot of time reading / learning all the stuff i’ve been meaning to read up on and learn. so many books. but i’m not sure yet. not sure about anything for anything ever