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#9 - What went wrong?

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Monday, 13th June 2017

When Jay saw Gray’s message, he immediately called him. “What do you mean SHE’S there?!” Jay spat at Gray. “Was my message not clear? Your side piece is here in the office! She won’t leave until she sees you, man. When are you getting here?” Gray asked. 

You: Hey, are you going back to the office? If you are, I think I’m going to go home and rest instead.

Jay couldn’t think properly. Why did she come to the office? What did she want? Jay had ended things with her during the nights when you were staying at Jasmine’s. 

You: Jay…? Are you giving me the silent treatment because I beat you in putt putt golf?

Jay: Ohh sorry babe. I was just thinking about things - work things. What did you say?

You: I asked if you’re going back to the office? 

Jay: Umm yeah. But you don’t need to come with me. 

You thought it was strange that Jay had asked you not to come with him. He usually begs you to come the office with him, but you brushed it off thinking it’s nothing. 

You: Ok, I’ll go home then.

The taxi dropped you off at the apartment first and Jay leaned in for a kiss but you turned away. You weren’t really sure why you did that. You gave him a second chance so you two were back together, but is everything back to normal so quickly? 

You: So um I’ll see you later on? I’ll prepare dinner. Do you want anything in particular?

Jay: I’ll eat whatever you cook and I don’t think I’ll be long at the office anyway. Just gotta work out one thing.

When you got into your apartment, you immediately went to take a long bath and a long nap. Putt putt golf took nearly all of your energy. You were then awoken by the ringtone of your phone. It was Jasmine. 

Jasmine: Hey you. How did everything go?

You: Yeah, we talked and um things are back to normal…I think.

Jasmine: Are you serious?

You: He deserves it, Jas. The man literally look like a zombie when I saw him this morning. And he was honest when I asked him about her.

Jasmine: If you say so then Jay is a very very lucky man. I can’t believe you forgave him but as long as you’re happy, I’m happy. Did you know who she was?

You: No, I don’t know her. He said they used to work together and met up with each in the last couple of months. 

Jasmine: Ah mixing business with pleasure. What are you doing now? And if you say make up sex, I’ll hang up.

You: How can I do those two things at the same time?? I just woke up from a nap and probably heading out to the supermarket to do some grocery shopping. 

Jasmine: So I guess no more being roomies?

You: If you’re having a sleepover soon then count me in! 

You got ready and it felt so nice wearing your own clothes again. You slipped into a pair of sweatpants, basic t-shirt and sneakers. You weren’t really sure what you wanted to have for dinner so you wandered endlessly in the supermarket. 

Grocery shopping took you about 3 hours and you were tired. You settled into making a beef stew tonight. It was the perfect meal for today’s gloomy weather. You got back to the apartment and quickly started to prepare and cook dinner. It was nearly 5pm so you hoped dinner would be ready by time Jay got back. 


Jay got the office and there she stood with her back towards him. Jay never thought he would ever see again. A second look around and only Gray was in the room. Or at least that’s what Jay hoped for. He didn’t need more people to know about this. Both heads turned towards him when he walked in.

“Nice to see that you’re finally here, douche-bag,” she spat at him. “Why haven’t you been answering or replying to my texts? Jay stood directly opposite to her and said, “I told you, we are done. Why the fuck are you still annoying me? She opened her mouth but Gray intervened, “Hey Jay, can I talk to you in my recording studio first?” Jay nodded.

Gray: Where’s [Y/N]?

Jay: She’s at home. How can you let her in here? She doesn’t belong here.

Gray: Me? Are you blaming me for her being here? Seriously? 

Jay sat down on the sofa. His head in his hands. All he wanted was for her to leave and to never see her again. Why can’t she just move on? Find another man to screw with?

Gray: Look man, I’m not comfortable being here so I’m going home. I’m sorry but if you need anything please call me. You better work out whatever it is with her tonight. Don’t leave things hanging, otherwise [Y/N] won’t be giving you another chance. You’re very lucky Jay to have [Y/N] by your side. Not all girlfriends take back their cheating boyfriends. 

Jay: I know Gray, I know. 

When Gray was gone, Jay walked out of the room to confront her. She was sitting of the sofa and on the phone. Probably going through her selfies. 

Jay: Why the fuck are you here?

Her: I need to tell you something duh. I wouldn’t be bothering you if it wasn’t something important. 

Jay: Tell me what?

Her: Okay, so when I tell you please don’t do anything rash. Ok?

Jay: Just tell me. 

Her: I’m pregnant, Jay. 


It was nearly 7pm and Jay isn’t home. Dinner was done in time. You were proud of yourself. Being able to make a stew within 2 hours is an accomplishment for you. You called Jay but it went straight to voicemail. You messaged him but he probably won’t reply since he doesn’t even answer his phone. Now you were feeling all sorts of mixed emotions.

Is he just caught up with work? Or is he with her? But how could he, you thought. You just gave him a second chance today and within a few hours, he goes back to his own way? Is he that selfish? 

You tried not to think too much about it because the more you thought, you felt sick. Your head was starting to hurt. You called Jay once more but to no avail. Now your head was really hurting so you went to bed, hoping Jay would be next to you in the morning. 

JYP+GOT7 TRY to Help BamBam Find His CHILL

JYP: Okay so everyone BamBam will be entering soon, so remember what I said. We’re not here to make him feel attack–

Junior: I am.

JYP: *clears throat* As I was saying, we’re not here to make him feel attacked but to guide and encourage him into making wiser choices. Are we clear?

Jaebum: We can try but I honestly don’t think this will work at all.

Yugyeom: I’m in.

Youngjae: I got it.

Mark: *nods*

Jackson: Hey! If I agree and can help BamBam calm himself down will you let me be blonde again? I think that I’ve been punished enough for cracking all those jokes on you in interviews.


JYP: I’ll think about it. Now look casual, here he comes.

BamBam: *enters room* DAB.WHY.PEE!! WOOP DAB HYUNG DAB!

Jaebum: We’re already too late.

JYP: BamBam why don’t you have a seat. We’re all having a quick meeting.

BamBam: *sits down puts his bedazzled glittery pink panda fur boots on the table*

JYP: Now BamBam you know that we all love you and care about you, and because we love you there are some things that we need to discuss.

BamBam: *taking selfies* What? oh..okay sure whatever man.

JYP: Jaebum why don’t you go first?

Jaebum: Fine. Hey BamBam you need to stop being so extra you’re making the group look bad.

JYP: God JB! I said to be gentle!

Jaebum: I’ve got a another doctor’s appointment in 20 minutes. I’m not tryna be here all day.

Mark: *mutters* Why didn’t i think of an excuse too?

JYP: Okay Junior what do you want say?

Junior: Before I say my speech, I want to know if I go along with this will you let me change my name to something that isn’t so conceited and all about you? Am i going to be a 30 year old man named Junior??!

JYP: Honestly Junior, this could have been a completely different meeting. I already let you change your name from JR. to Junior. How much do you want?


Junior: *rolls eyes* BamBam we all think you need to stop walking around looking like you learned English from

Mark: And if you could stop calling us Dab7, it’s kind of lame.

BamBam: Damn Daniel! Ya’ll salty af! Why am I being targeted? I haven’t done anything wrong.

JYP: *Pulls out paper and hands it to Jackson*

Jackson: This is a petition that has been started by our fans to get you to chill BamBam. They say that you are too obscene and are always making jokes about how big your d*ck is.

BamBam: The only joke is how am I even able to put my pants on every morning when you consider just how big a package I have to fit in them.

Yugyeom: Ew.

Youngjae: Hey BamBam you’re my friend and I understand that dabbing and sexual jokes are sorta your thing. We aren’t asking you to stop completely but maybe just tone it down when the cameras are around.

BamBam: Fine I’ll quit acting like I was raised on Pop culture. But honestly “If you know how I feel, why would you say that? Like, you put me in such an uncomfortable situation. Like, you know I’m not happy.”



Jackson: Did he seriously just quote Kim Kardashian right now??


BamBam: You what? What are you really going to do?

JYP: *looks at Jaebum*

Jaebum: Woah I know he’s out of line but let’s not even consider that! That’s going too far.

Jackson: Yeah last time you did what you’re thinking, it backfired horribly.

BamBam: Do what??

JYP: *whispers* Give you the Jay Park treatment.

BamBam: *sits up in chair and takes his feet off the table* HYUNG! I’LL CALM DOWN! I PROMISE! JUST DON’T KICK ME OUT! I’LL LEGIT BE MORE LOWKEY NOW!

JYP: Alright If you truly tone it down you can stay and this meeting is over.

Mark: Finally *leaves out back door*

Jackson: Hey Hyung are you going to let me know about the dye job?

JYP: Go away Jackson.

Junior: I will be asking your secretary to set up another meeting about my name change.

JYP: So ungrateful.

BamBam: Well I’ll leave too. I have a fansign in 15 minutes and these ladies have been dreaming about meeting my “mini me” all day long. *dabs out*


JYP: Why do I even try?

Behind The Story - Pt.9 (JIB Special)

Summary: The reader is Jensen’s girlfriend (fiancé) and also a cast member of the show. Part specials of them having a great time at JIB. 

Author: deanwinchester-af

Characters: Jensen, Reader, Jared and Cast Cameos.

Pairings: Single!Jensen x Actress!Reader

Words: 1.2k+

Warnings: Fluff.

Beta: @waywardlullabies


A/N: Thanks for the good feedback on the twitter updates I will keep doing more of those. Hope you guys like, feedback is always appreciated it ♥


Parts: 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 0708

You stood next to Daniela while Jensen answered questions in his solo panel. One of the staff members strolled in with the bottle of whiskey you personally requested for Jensen. You gave her a thankful smile when she handled the bottle and glass.  

“I can pour it, if you want,” She offered.

You shook your head with a smile, “it’s okay, I got it.”

You proceed to pour some of the strong liquor Jensen liked to call ‘apple juice’ into the glass. Your eyes went up to see Jensen on his way to pour himself some water. In that moment Daniela called him, making him turn around to see you standing there with the glass of whiskey on your hand.

“Oh, yes - I was about to pour some stupid water.”

Jensen said through his mic on his way to you and then went back to the middle of the stage. He hissed a little when he took the first swig of the booze. You chuckled softly.

“Thanks for the apple juice, hun,” Jensen said through his mic.

A mic was handled to you, “Anytime.”

Suddenly the crowd started to shout and cheer. You saw some cameras pointing your way, waving your hand, you smiled for them. Jensen turned his head, flashing a grin towards you.

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So I went to a football game and asked this cute guy to take a selfie with me and he did and like it kind of made me think of like "I saw you at a football game and you were cute so my friends dared me to ask you to take a selfie" au Percabeth. HOW CUTE WOULD THAT BE. You should make that into an au✌️💕 Thanks for reading my awkward au idea👏

as per usual, this one kinda got away from me 

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A Jaspar Date
  • Joe: Hey, Honey.
  • Caspar: What's up?
  • Joe: How's the date going?
  • Caspar: It's good. Why did you bring all those people?
  • Joe: I don't know. Just... so that... I'm just scared because it's the first time I go on a date with you
  • and I just want all my friends for support. You were meant to sit on the other side of the table so you could sit next to me.
  • Caspar: It's embarrassing because I told my Mom it was just us.
  • Joe: Oh, we can still take a selfie or something - from a good angle so it looks like we're on our own.
  • Caspar: They weren't supposed to be here.
  • Joe: It's fine. Look, all the flowers I bought you. It wasn't going to be a bouquet, but I thought I'd get you a pallet instead. Just stick it in like that. It's more arty, isn't it?
  • Caspar: It's very cool. It looks very arty. It could be from a venue.
  • Joe: Why are you not making eye contact when I'm talking to you?
  • Caspar: I'm shy.
  • Joe: Aw. Okay. How's your water going down?
  • Caspar: It's very good. But I wish it was sparkling.
  • Joe: Ah. Sorry. I mean, I can... I can sort it out for you
  • Caspar: How?
  • Joe: I can ask the lady if she... we can swap it.
  • [Caspar laughs]
  • Joe: How's your food, honey?
  • Caspar: Mhm.
  • Joe: Is it nice?
  • Caspar: It's cheese and pasta.
  • Joe: Aw.
  • Caspar: And yours?
  • Joe: I haven't tried mine yet, I wanted to make sure yours is okay first.
  • Caspar: Thank you. That's very nice of you.
  • Joe: Are you still too scared to look me in the eye?
  • [Caspar laughs and hides his face]
  • Joe: What's up?
  • Caspar: I'm just nervous about this.
  • Joe: It's alright, mate.
  • Caspar: It's because... when you meet people online and then you meet them in real life...
  • Joe: Am I taller in real life than you expected?
  • Caspar: No.
  • Joe: Aw.
  • [Cut]
  • Who needs fanfiction anyway if you can have reality. I think I may now retire from my job as a fanfiction author.


  • Okay so for the version where you don’t see color until you meet your soulmate I imagine you meeting him on the street. You’re like OMG IT’S LUCIO and ask for selfie. Because he’s a sweetheart, he’s like “haha sure!” He wraps an arm over your shoulders for the picture and just as his fingers touch your skin the world around the two of you bursts into color. The picture is all but forgotten and you two just look at each other. Then finally, Lucio breaks the silence. “I think I’m the one who wants a picture with you.” 
  • And because I am a feelsy nerd, I also have an idea how meeting him in the “first words they say to you are on your wrist” soulmate au. On his wrist are the words “Would you mind taking a picture with me?” As a kid, of course, this seemed weird, but once he became a famous musician and freedom fighter, it made sense. However, that’s a question he gets asked all the time. Every time it happens, he lights up and gets really excited and hopeful, but every time the other person isn’t it. But he’s a positive frog boi, so he keeps his hopes up that it’ll happen.
  • And then you come along. “Sure thing!” is what has been on your wrist your entire life. So when you ask Lucio for a picture and he responds with exactly that you can’t breathe for a second. He gets worried at the look on your face and asks what’s wrong only to notice what you’re staring at. His words. On your wrist. And yours on his…
  • Regardless of which au you choose, you two do end up taking that selfie, and Lucio posts it to his instagram. “GUESS WHO FOUND THEIR SOULMATE” is the caption. The comments sections freaks out with congratulatory messages and such. One fan comments “luckyyyy,” referring to you. But when Lu sees it, he makes it a point to reply to it with “Yeah I am, I know!”
  • It isn’t until later when you two are sitting with each other and scrolling through you social media feeds that you see that little reply. You blush and cover your smile with your hand. Frog baby spots that movement out of the corner of his eyes and looks over at you. When he sees what’s on your screen, he laughs. “It’s true!” Oh my GOD it’s illegal for someone to be this sweet.
  • You’re sitting there blushing when he asks you something. “…Can I kiss your forehead?” You blink at him. “You’re just being really cute and I want to make sure you’re comfortable with it first.” GOOD GOLLY THIS BOY. He gets a nod and smile from you and when you close your eyes at the feeling of his lips on your skin, you know that you’re going to love this life of yours.

Caller Number 9
Summary: Because let’s face it, your girlfriends won’t tell you when the boy of your dreams isn’t interested. So what’s left? Calling the late night radio show host known as Min Suga is a good option right? He’ll tell you how it is and ruin you while fixing your love life. Counterproductive? Definitely.

Original Scan: ©

Chapters 1-6

Chapter 7: BUMPER

“I hate you…”

Yoongi’s still grinning at her despite the scowl on her face.

Her grumpy expression seems to melt immediately and she pouts, “Let’s go, we need to get you fed after this…”

“I knew you’d see things my way,” he laughs and reaches to ruffle her hair.

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you are so lovely, wildflower, you make me smile when you can’t even see my sadness. how intrinsic this all feels, despite these words coming from a computer screen. if i could describe you to someone it’d probably be something like a garden. you flower into poetry and art and music and so much more; you break down into all the things you love with reckless abandon. i’m so lucky to have you here.  i want to drive around with you with our mixtapes playing in the background, and sit and write a poem on the juncture where your wrist meets your palm, and maybe we could do that, hold hands, let our fingers tangle, let our bodies rest up against each other, holding on, holding strong. i think you’d smell like strawberries and cold coffee. we’d share diner food and take too many selfies. it’d be a good time. memorable, at worst. there isn’t many ways this could go wrong.  thank you for being kind.

BRECK, x.v 

love poetry for my other half, @grizzlybairparty

[STARCAST] Welcome to the shooting site of BTS! They’ll take care of your year 2017!

   The autumn season of this year has already approach! And BTS went to romantic city of Chuncheon to take pictorials for the 2017 calendar!
They enjoyed the pictorial as if they went camping in Chuncheon. They also celebrated this autumn season by holding a mini sports competition.

As I’ve gathered every detail of their funny episodes, I’m specially showing them to STARCAST readers!! (Tada!!) Just trust and follow me-

  Chapter 1: Peeking on the pictorial site
-Warm ups-
Aren’t you curious on how they did the pictorials? Revealing each member’s pictorials!

  Senior Jin.. He’s making me think of romantic high school memories which I never experienced,,♥

SUGA’s perfect look! SUGA the genius and perfect and lots more!

During his test cut V(^ㅡ^)

#Double life_of our classmate? I want to ride roller blades with RAP MONSTER…

# Double life_of our classmate? I want to share notes with JUNG KOOK…

J-HOOOOOOPE showing off his mood!!!!!

 Did you just look at me? (*´ლ`*)

 This generation’s real king of pose = V (V, Taehyung, a BTS member)

 Chapter 2: What could they be doing in the waiting room?
They are enjoying their waiting time by playing games!

  J-HOPE who finished his preparations, starts the game first…

(Starts joining…) One by one sits together with him.

 They gathered together and went busy playing games as SUGA the basketball professional also joined!

Meanwhile, JIMIN who loves games,

immediately played game as soon as he arrived here…

He plays game right after changing his clothes…

Plays again with JUNG KOOK…

Chapter 3: [Exclusive] BTS did something during their pictorial shooting….!!

Who vandalized the black board?!

 Gotcha! ㅇ.ㅇ The three are super excited

Draws each of the members.

Meanwhile, RAP MONSTER is showing off his cool looks in Chuncheon 

by taking selfies… and…!!

Someone took his picture… Who? V and J-HOPE! So I got you the pictures taken by them. Ho ho ho!!!

photo by V

photo by J-HOPE

Also, as I was looking for SUGA and J-HOPE who disappeared during the pictorials, I found them doing:

 [ J-HOPE] found a flower.

[SUGA] found a shade.

Chapter 4: Episodes on the mini sports competition

They also had mini sports competition. Our emcee for today is RAP MONSTER!

They played various games in the competition! Slap-match game, mini archery competition, mini rifle(?) competition, and penalty shoot-out!

 V the slap-match master is kneeling down?! It’s the competition match of who’re born in 1994s! Who’ll win?


Gracefully doing the archery…*

(We could assume his score by looking at their expressions)

Who’s the ace of blue team? (JIMIN: Me)

The ace’s unusual way of doing archery…Wow

They’re enjoying archery and rifle with their different styles >.<

The last big match! Penalty shoot-out…!! Making us nervous just like A match..!!!

Meanwhile, there was someone who stole BTS’ attention. Cluck, cluck… JIMIN tried to communicate with his eyes…

And JIN tried to lure it with food…

And RAP MONSTER tried to touch it. (You’re cute, RAP MONSTER!!!)

Chapter 5: JUNG KOOK in Wonderland (Subtitle: JUNG KOOK’s happy days)

① The chicken and JUNG KOOK

 As JUNG KOOK was waiting for his pictorial part with RAP MONSTER, he finds out something.

Slowly approaches it. He lowers his body little by little to communicate with him…

(Body language)(I’m becoming a chicken… I’m a chicken…) (Cluck, cluck, cluck, cluck)

Chicken: Who’s that strange guy…

② JUNG KOOK gathers the power of light

JUNG KOOK suddenly stops and becomes serious.


You’re shining

 My eyes….!!!!!!

③ Can’t find JUNG KOOK anywhere

JUNG KOOK suddenly crawls down the table

(I bet he doesn’t know he’s being taken pictures) JUNG KOOK: Hihi, no one would find me here

 (Found the camera) (Though I saw where JONG KOOK was, I’ll pretend not knowing it!)

 JUNG KOOK: Oh… You found me… (Done playing hide and seek with his drink)

I bet my everyday life would be happy by seeing BTS 365times a year (Or maybe not…)
It was such an exciting shooting site of these youths at the youthful city of Chuncheon!

cr: star cast

being best friends with 5sos would include:

🔹low key bass sessions with calum

🔹cuddling with ashton while the boys play FIFA

🔹eating pizza with michael for every meal of the day

🔹helping michael pick out colors for his hair

🔹"no luke she’s mine, fuck off"
“but michael, you’ve been hanging out with y/n all day!” - muke


🔹making fun of luke with michael even though luke is just a little bean

🔹"I love you ashton but I really don’t want anymore vegetables.“

🔹sneaking into their studio to hear their new music and eventually making keeks with the songs

🔹pinching michael’s squishy cheeks and reminding him how beautiful he is.

🔹"so here we are y/n. you, me, and your tits.” - calum

🔹taking ten hundred thousand selfies with daddy….. I mean ashton

🔹"but babe, have you heard this record yet?“ - ashton

🔹malum arguing over who’s lap you get to sit on when you’re in a car

🔹"ashton for the last time, you are my dad!!” - luke

🔹having cake play piano songs for you

🔹"no boys, y/n loves me the most. she said that she doesnt like you and you all are major cocks.“ - michael

🔹"the drums are where it’s at babe. fuck the bass and guitar.” - ashton


🔹epic roadtrips and adventures with cashton

🔹"please y/n, I just wanna cuddle. c'mon kitten, at least for five minutes, please.“ - michael

🔹"michael, we can’t have Chinese food everyday.”

“why not? we’ll still be fat after eating something else”

🔹"oh my god, look at those puppies!“ - calum the puppy

🔹"oh wow y/n, you read smut?”

cyanoscarlet  asked:

HCs for how Yuri K, Victor and Phichit will get a 23-year old student to study for her exams? (Not necessarily s/o lol, and no Yuri P this time because I KNOW he'd scream at me and I can feel it) I'm sorely lacking in motivation rn, and I can't believe I have to miss my YOI fix for the next 2 weeks, just look at that crying Thena icon, hahah wish me luck, thanks!!!

Don’t worry, I understand your pain. I can have hard time finding motivation to do my school work, as well. It can be really hard for me to focus, so I relate to you on a spiritual level rn. This one is dedicated to everyone that needs a little extra push today! I know you can do it! Thank for for the request, and good luck with your schoolwork! ((also I did these as friends, since I haven’t done anything very platonic yet!))

[Viktor Nikiforov]

  • Now Viktor is a very persuasive person, so he’s going to get you to hunker down and study one way or another
  • He probably won’t be the best at understanding your frustrations and emotions
  • but let me tell you he is gonna try
  • If your emotions get the best of you and you cry or something, he’s going to be a little shocked
  • He would just give you a hug and beg you to stop crying because you’re too beautiful to cry like why
  • It annoys him that the schoolwork you receive is so extreme that it brings you to this
  • Like why do schools have to be so hard on students ???? you shouldn’t have to cry your way through it ???????
  • Even if he thinks the workload is stupid, he’s going to be there to motivate you and make sure you’re successful
  • He’ll bring you into the kitchen of his apartment and sit down with you on the stools by the counter or at the kitchen table, whichever you like best
  • Viktor would sit with you and read a book while you study, stealing glances at you every so often to check up on you
  • Being as observant as he is, he probably would know exactly when you’d need a snack or a drink
  • When he notices you getting really worked up or frustrated, he’ll distract you by taking your hand and ballroom dancing with you around the living room for a few minutes; it’s also perfect because you can get up and stretch
  • the slow music and steady movements Viktor leads you through help to relax you a bunch
  • also slow dancing with Viktor????? I would study all the time if it meant i would get to do that
  • Even though he takes good care of you while you’re working, he’s going to be strict to make sure you’re focusing
  • He would probably take your phone away if he caught you sneaking glances at it every so often
  • “Are the answers to your exam questions in those Snapchats, (Y/N)? Do those funny dog videos have your notes written in them? Do-“
  • “No Viktor they don’t I’m sorry I’m crying trying my best and I’m frustrated and these exams are going to kill m e
  • He’s the type to give rewards for correct answers
  • Usually chocolates, peppermints, cakes, shots of vodka, etc.
  • even hugs and cheek kisses if you want I mean I know that’s what I’d want
  • If you’ve been studying for a long time, he’ll give you a shoulder massage while you’re hunched over your textbooks
  • He’d probably make you go to bed or at least take a nap once it got late; no matter how much you protest, he’ll insist that you need to put your health first
  • He just wants you to be successful, and he believes in you no matter what

[Yuri Katsuki]

  • This bean is the best study buddy you could ever ask for
  • I mean he wears glasses so he must be pretty smart ???? jk I’m awful
  • He understands the stress and anxiety you’re having from past experience
  • Knowing how your emotions can get the best of you at times like this, he keeps a box of tissues handy in case you need to cry out your frustration
  • When that happens he’ll just hug you and stroke your hair
  • He’s so friggin patient i s2g he’s too perfect for this
  • To motivate you, he just creates a relaxed environment and offers to endure the worst with you
  • He’ll set up a quiet room with a table and create a playlist of relaxing symphonies to have in the background
  • and if you have ADHD like me he’ll take everything off of the walls so you don’t get distracted by the photos or pictures
  • You know this boy will make sure you use effective studying methods and take plenty of rest breaks
  • He’s going to make you get up during breaks and will help you stretch out; every few hours the break will be a short walk outside to get some fresh air
  • If you become angry or frustrated, he’ll stop you and try to help you understand what you’re struggling with
  • I can really see him getting all passionate in his explanations and using examples you’ll enjoy and relate too ugh this boy is adorable
  • He’s going to make sure you’re comfortable while you’re reading your textbooks; if your eyes start to hurt from reading the big walls of text, he’ll sit next to you and read to you out loud
  • Expect a fuckton of praise and encouragements from getting the correct answers
  • He’s gonna make you all kinds of snacks and drinks
  • “(Y/N), I made us pork cutlet bowls to eat! Don’t they look good pls be proud of me!
  • “Yuri how is a 900 calorie meal a snack I don’t understand-“
  • stfu (Y/N) you need the energy to push through and study hard ok just eat this shit i made for you with love jfc
  • Once it gets late, he’ll brew you all kinds of tea and coffee to help you stay awake
  • If you start getting sleepy, though, he’ll do his best to keep you focused
  • He’s going to try his best to stay up with you, but he might not make it and fall asleep on your shoulder
  • It might be you who falls asleep first, though, so he’ll just snuggle up next to you with a blanket and think of it as a reward
  • but for real just imagine you slumped over the table asleep and he just comes right up next to you and wraps a blanket around both of you before clinging to you like a koala omg best friends ever so friggin cute
  • No matter what results you get on your tests, you know he’s going to be proud of your accomplishments and the hard work you’ve put in

[Phichit Chulanont]

  • This boy won’t be the best at helping you study, but he’s going to cry try his best to motivate you and get you through it!
  • He’ll bring a table and chairs into his bedroom so you can be in a comfortable environment but can still have an area to work at without getting distracted
  • He’ll help you get into a productive rhythm and then sit back while you work
  • probably just sits at the table with you and plays around on his phone
  • He’s gonna take a bunch of selfies with you working in the background and post them on Instagram js
  • “(Y/N), you look so cute while you’re working, and-“
  • Phichit pls why are you like this
  • Expect to be constantly bothered by his questions about how you’re doing
  • “Are you comfortable? Do you need any food? Water? Is the oxygen pure enough in here? Am I bothering you?
  • “Phichit enough
  • He would feed you so you wouldn’t have to look away from your textbook to feed yourself
  • The look you make while you concentrate is really cute to him and he really enjoys seeing the expressions you make while you focus but you didnt hear it from me
  • There is a timer set on his phone so every few minutes you can take a break and get up to stretch
  • Once you start to get a little stressed from focusing so hard, he creates a second timer that he calls the “Hug Timer”
  • When it goes off, he jumps right out of his chair and tackles you in a big, warm bear hug
  • You can try to act annoyed, but he can see how much better you feel once you return your focus to your studies
  • plus a hug from Phichit could cure anything tbh
  • When you get frustrated, he shows you funny dog videos and pictures on Instagram to help you calm down and take your mind off of school for a little while
  • Tired of reading yourself? Phichit will take over and read the endless lines of text to you as if he were reading you a fairytale before bed
  • he would even do different voices ugh what a cutie
  • Whenever you feel like giving up on studying and burying yourself in the ground, he bribes you with a reward if you keep going
  • First he promises a drink from Starbucks, then movie tickets, then a trip with him to his next abroad skating event
  • Once you show signs of being physically exhausted, he won’t make you stay awake any longer
  • In fact, he would encourage you to take a nap with him before you got back to work
  • He might not be the best study buddy ever, but he admires you and your perseverance to succeed
Moments (Part 7)

Characters: Jensen x Reader; Jared Padalecki; SPN Cast members

Anon Request: Hello, I was wondering if i could request a Jensen x Fan Reader fic were they meet at a con. There they keep running into each other. Thank You.

Summary: Attending a convention has always been a dream - and that dream is now a reality. Little did you know a clumsy run-in would lead to meeting one of your favorite actors. Who knows what the weekend will hold.

A/n: Fluffy feels. So many.

I consider this an AU, as Jensen is single in this fic. This is completely a work of fiction, and I wouldn’t want his reality to be any different, this is purely for entertainment.

Catch up here: Moments Masterlist

Originally posted by thereisnosuchthingasunicorns

“I said, I prefer the ocean when it’s gray. Or not really gray. A pale, in-between color. It reminds me of waiting for something good to happen.”
 ―    Lauren Oliver, Delirium   

Ragged breaths escaped your smiling lips as Y/f/n practically tackled you when Jensen and Jared stepped into the elevator with Cliff, Jensen’s eyes still locked on yours as the doors closed.

Y/f/n squealed in your ear as she pulled you in for a bone crushing hug, “What did he say?! What did he say?! TELL ME!!” She pulled away from your embrace and took your trembling hands in hers as she bounced in front of you.

“We’re going to meet up after the concert!”

She squealed—louder—and began jumping up and down.

You put your hands on her shoulders, trying, and failing, to ground her. “Y/f/n! Just be cool, lady. Damn!”

She checked her watch and her eyes went wide, “The concert starts in 30 minutes. Come on!”

She tugged on your wrist and dragged you toward the elevator. As much as you didn’t feel like changing again, you did want to get out of these shoes and back into your flip-flips.

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Enzo Amore x Reader - One in a Million (17)

“So whatcha wearing??” Enzo purred down the phone. “None of your business…” You giggled back earning a scoff from him. “Come on… Is it a one or two peice??” He pressed. “Mr. Amore you’re getting quite nosey don’t you think??” You teased on earning a sigh from him. “Mrs. Amore in just a few days don’t you think you’re being hard on your man??” He laughs. “Gotta keep your imagination going.” You state honestly. “Woman you’re going to be the death of me. You having fun so far??” “Yeah. Good friends and wine. Perfect night… Would be better with my man here but… You know how these bachelorette  parties go… You and the guys at least trying to behave??” You shake your head at the thoughts of what could happen at a party with Enzo and all his close friends. “Yeah a few of the guys haven’t got here yet… Just goofing around until they get here and the real fun starts.” “There better not be any strippers there or you’re gonna have to wait later until way after the wedding if you get what I mean…” You try to keep your voice as strong as possible at the thought of Enzo’s shocked face. “Woman you better be glad I aint there right now.” He chuckled. “Or what??” You challenged. “Or I’d smack that perfect butt of yours.” “Is that supposed to be a punishment.” You laughed with him. “Dear God I miss you you incredible woman.” Enzo sighed. “I miss you more handsome… I gotta go. Carmella is rounding everyone up for something.” “Okay love. If I can’t have strippers I better not catch you on the front cover of Girls Gone Wild.” Enzo scolded. “Scouts honor. I love you.” “Love you more. Have fun and know I’m thinking about you.” 

Enzo gladly took another shot of whiskey along with Cass. As he sat down the shot glass a hand clapped around his shoulder. “I don’t know you ever did it man… Landing a beautiful woman like Y/N with your ugly mug.” One of his old college friends laughed. “Maybe as a wedding present we should all pitch in and get her some glasses.” Neville added in earning a roar of laughter. “Ha ha ha… Very funny.” Enzo laughed along with his friends. “She’s something ain’t she.” Enzo beamed proudly. “That girl is the definition of class.” Someone agreed with him through the dense cigar smoke. “My mother would be the happiest woman on earth if I brought home a girl like her…” Another friend shook his head to himself as he took a shot of whiskey. “I just don’t get it… The more I think about it the more it puzzles me… Enzo ain’t got the looks or cash to land a dime like Y/N especially one with morals like her…” “She must be an angel sent down to keep Enzo on a tight leash.” Cass answered out causing another wave of loud laughter. Enzo wanting to take the attention off of himself turned to Cass now. “What’s big boy here gonna do if his lady catches the bouquet huh?? Been thinking about that?? Huh?? Mella ain’t gonna wait around forever…” Enzo wiggled his eyebrows. 

“Alright now a silly one.” Carmella requested as she held her phone up again to take another selfie with you. You and all your close girlfriend were sitting around poolside clad in beautiful swimsuits of your own design. The hotel roof was lit beautifully with lights and a playlist of your favorite songs played in the background. “Y/N you are so lucky… What I wouldn’t give to be a week away from getting married…” “Better question is what wouldn’t you do to just get a man.” Two of your college friends bantered at each other. “How did you do it?? How did you get a man like Enzo… Once a wild little man sleeze to just settle down with you… A magic spell??” A former co-worker pried before taking a sit of her cocktail. “What can I say?? Stick to your guns and don’t let anyone change you… The right guy will come around… He may not know it at the time but he will get the message soon enough.” You shrug as everyone giggled. “Come on lets go get another round.” Carmella stood up from her seat by the pool and motioned for everyone to follow. Once at the bar and a drink in every hand Carmella moved to stand on the bar and make a toast. “Alright so as the maid of honor I feel like its one of my many jobs to brag on this beautiful woman right here.” She pointed down at you. “We all know and love her. She is an inspiration to us all. She is classy and sticks to what she wants. I know deep down that you and Zo are gonna have an amazing life together. A beautiful family and many sweet memories for us all to be jealous of… TO Y/N AMORE!!” She giggled as everyone raised their glass to that and took a sip. “To the biggest bitch to ever grace this earth.” A sour voice screeched out from behind a few of your brides maids. Turning around everyone collectively rolled their eyes as they noticed the unwanted guest. A half drunk Tati. “What the fuck does this piece of trash want??” Carmella jumped down from the bar and handed you her drink. Carmella along with the other WWE Superstar Women that were at your party went to make a move on Tati when you spoke up. “Nah I’ve got this.” You downed the rest of your drink and Carmella’s and set them on the bar. Everyone moved out of your way as made a bee line for Tati. “Look… Give it up… I win and you lose… You have no pull here… No one to whine to or to stomp those cheat shoes too… Not one single person here is on your side since you’ve showed your rotten attitude… To be honest I feel bad for you… I pray that one day you grow up and realize what you do is immature… And when that day comes I hope that a carbon copy of you butts in and tries to ruin your life just like you tried ruin mine.” With the end of your little snarky monologue the intoxicated homewrecker before you gave you a swift shove causing you to stumble backwards. With a wicked smirk you shove back with an even greater sober push nearly knocking her down to the ground. That was enough to cause both of your pent up anger to explode in a fury. The fight that started between you was scrappier than any pay per view fight that had ever been on TV. Right as Carmella was about to try and pull you off Tati both you and Tati landed right in the pool causing the fight to end. Not just because you two were soaked but because hotel security and a few police officers had showed up to place you both in handcuffs. 

Enzo sighed and rolled his eyes as he pulled his phone from his pocket. “Sorry guys hang on.” He looked to his friends who were just in the middle of a big story about Enzo. “Yeah hey Mella whats up??” Enzo asked a bit annoyed. “Whoa girl slow down I can’t understand you.” Enzo covered his other ear with his hand. “Come on now this ain’t funny…” Enzo scolded as he rolled his eyes again. “You swear?? You’re not joking??” Enzo stood up from his bar stool and grabbed his keys from behind the bar as he hung up his phone. “Whoa man what’s going on?? Where’s the fire??” One of his friends asked out. “Yeah what did Mella say??” Cass asked standing up to follow Enzo. “Y/N’s getting hauled down to the station… And she thought us guys were going to have the wild night. Sorry about cutting it short guys.” Enzo announced as he made his way to the door leaving the rest of the guys to continue drinking and betting on what you were getting arrested for. 

Running into the police station a wild eyed Enzo made a beeline to the front desk. “Y/N Y/L/N… I need to know… If she’s okay…” Enzo managed out as he gasped to regain his breath. “I’m sorry what??” The cop at the front desk asked with a raised eyebrow. “My girlfriend… Y/N she just arrested like an hour ago… I need to know if she is okay… What happened?? Did she get rough housed by a cop?? Is she in a cell with a bunch of crazies?? Is she okay??… Why aren’t you making any calls or typing on that keyboard… Come on!!” Enzo was near a panic state as he stared down at the seated cop. “Sir please… Calm down… We haven’t had any crazy arrests today… I’m sure your girlfriend is just doing paper work and fingerprinting right now… All we had tonight is complaint about a public fight at a hotel pool… Only exciting thing was that one was in a bikini…” The young cop held up his hands as Enzo let all the information set in and try to fight the grin on his lips. 

Enzo couldn’t help but smirk as he opened the car door open for you and holding out his jacket to you (since you were arrested in nothing but your bikini). You didn’t even look at him as you got in the car and buckled your seat belt. Enzo closed the door for you and made his way around to the drivers side. Once he was settled in he turned to look at you. “First off… Are you okay?? Are you hurt??” He asked genuinely sweet. “Yeah I’m fine and no I’m not hurt…” You sigh and finally look over at him. With that good news Enzo stifles out a laugh. “I can’t believe I just picked you up from a police station… For a fist fight on an upscale hotel roof while wearing a bikini. When Carmella called me I thought it was a joke.” Enzo smirked over at you as you just cross your arms and turn to look out the windshield. “I get it I get it.” Enzo sighs as he cranks the car and pulls out of the parking lot. “Gotta say though… I have always had a think for good girls gone bad.” You give him a glare that melts into a smile. 

Back at your place after you took a shower you collapse on the couch beside Enzo who was killing some time with some late late night TV. “So did you have any fun at your short party??” You ask while looking at the TV. “Yeah… Just guys sitting around taking stabs at each other.” Enzo shrugged throwing his arm around your shoulders pulling you up against him. “What about you??” He smirked down at you. Turning your face to finally look at him his smirk falls as he looks at you in horror. “Babe that is a major shiner…” Enzo’s hands fly up to your face and turns it this way and that to get a good look at the black eye forming on you right side. “Yeah… I know and our wedding is in a week…” You pout as Enzo continues to check you over. “You’ve got make up to cover it up…” Enzo tries to help out the situation. You shrug and wrap your arms around his middle burying your bruised face in his chest. He rubs his hands up and down our back in an effort to sooth you. “You know tho… I think it’s super sexy…” He mumbles into your hair as he places a kiss on the crown of your head. “Only you would.” You laugh as he gives you a tight hug. 

Enzo waited until you were asleep for a little longer than 15 minutes before he eased himself out of the death grip around his waist. Cradling you to his chest he picks you up and easily carries you to your bedroom. After laying you down and making sure you were still asleep he tip toed out of your room and climbed down the stairs. Whipping out his phone he perches himself up on the counter in kitchen and dials his bosses number. Stephanie could only get out a confused greeting before Enzo laid into her about the whole hellacious night that had went through. “Hello?? Enzo what is you problem?? It’s like 4 am…” Stephanie sighed as she shifted the phone to sit on her shoulder. “I’m not the one with the problem. Its Tati… I don’t want what just happened today to get out in the news. Y/N has been through enough and I am drawing the line.” Enzo gruffed. “What do you mean?? What happened??” Stephanie asked obviously confused since she hadn’t checked any of her emails. “Tati snuck into my fiance’s private party and assaulted her. And when Y/N defended herself she was arrested as well and to top it all off she has a huge black eye the week before our wedding.” “You’re joking right??” Stephanie scoffed at the idea of Tati still lashing out. “No I’m not and I want some action taken on this… Y/N is an employee of the WWE and was assaulted by another employee… I want you to handle this and take some permanent action… I don’t want Tati anywhere near me or Y/N… She is just trouble and if she is willing to fight with Y/N she might be willing to do more.” “I hear you loud and clear… I will make some changes as soon as I get into the office… Oh and Enzo… If you call me with this kind of tone again it might not end well…” Stephanie said before sharply hanging up the phone. With that Enzo let out a partial sigh of relief… Until he got proof that Tati wasn’t any where near his work place and he go the restarting order against her for both him and Y/N he wasn’t gonna be able to enjoy much of anything. 

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR READING… And a big thank you to @designrwriterchic for legit being the most patient person I know… This chapter took way too long to write and it is all my fault… I am so sorry for this delay and to everyone who requests I have just been soo busy… I hope you enjoy this part it was super fun to write :) please let us know what you think… THANKS AGAIN FOR READING

The first 18 parts of this series can be found with this link HERE

Greece | Chapter I

Word Count: 2,274

Warnings: PURE F L U F F. (and very long)

Summary: The Reader comes along with the cast on a celebratory trip to Greece, and her relationship with Thomas goes on an extreme roller coaster.

After the final day of filming for the Scorch Trials, the cast decided to take a celebratory trip to Italy. Thomas, of course, adamantly refused to come unless he was allowed to take you, to which the rest enthusiastically agreed to.

As you wait for Thomas to unload your luggage from the cab you rented, you could already see people with their cameras held up, crowding Ki Hong and Dylan. You look over to Thomas who gives you a tight-lipped smile. He hands you the light luggage – since you refused to walk empty handed on trips when Thomas does all the work – and began walking over to the waiting pair.

Dylan was taking a picture with a fan when he spots you two, and he began waving aggressively. “Hey, the lovebirds are here!”

The crowd parted – majority of the crowd rushes over to Thomas, asking for autographs, photos and the like – but his arm never leaves your waist. In fact, when you uncomfortably tried to walk to Dylan and Ki Hong, he only tightened his grip around you and clicks his tongue so quietly only you could hear.

A petite blonde girl began stirring up a conversation with Thomas. All of a sudden you felt so small: she was drop-dead gorgeous. He notices your discomfort, though, and began tracing his fingers up and down your waist – something he always did to comfort you.

The girl’s voice suddenly turned small. “Can I grab a picture with you?” she was preparing to hand her phone over to you. Bitch.

“Oh – actually… we have a flight to catch. I apologize.” He gives her an awkward side hug – as if to make up for the wasted photo – and leaves the crowd in an uncomfortable stance, their gaze playing on his hand on your waist. Thomas doesn’t usually refuse photos with his fans, but he knows quite well how you felt about this certain situation, and did what he had to to get rid of that feeling.

You heave out a big sigh, and he looks at you knowingly. “We’ll talk later, princess.” He nuzzles his nose in your hair.

“Hey, cut that crap out, come here, you…” Ki Hong pulls you from Thomas’s lung-squeezing grip and gives you an even more suffocating one. “I missed you, you never show up on set anymore. Newtie boy here taking care of you good?”

You giggle as you give Dylan a bear hug. “Missed you too. College is just… ugh. And yeah, he’s great.” You look over to Thomas, who is smiling at you fondly. “I’m planning on moving in with him in a few months.”

“Oh, geez. Look at ‘ya. All grown up.” Ki Hong smirked. “Well, Y/N, if he misbehaves, just let me know so we can knock some sense into his blonde head.”

“Oh, shut up, Ki, let’s get going,” Kaya jumps in, and excitedly began leading the way.

Thomas links arms with you and bent over so his lips was leveled with your ear and he whispers huskily, “Just to be clear, sweetheart, I do intend on misbehaving a great deal on this trip, and I do prefer you don’t tell Ki Hong about it.”

You were probably as red as tomatoes now. You glare at him, and his laugh confirmed it.

The plane had three seats per column – which earned a few stares at you two. “No one’s sitting with those two, so I guess I’m sitting with these two right here.” Ki Hong gestures to Dylan and Kaya, who were already pulling out earphones and taking selfies.

“You wanna take the window seat, babe?” Thomas asks as the three take their seats on the column next to yours.

“Oh, sure. Ki Hong’s gonna talk me to death.”

“Your mouth, princess.” Ki Hong grins playfully at you as he puts his headphones on his head.

You were the first ones there, so you had a great amount of time to waste. However, they just got out of work, technically, so all of them, save you and Kaya (who was beyond thrilled), were already dead asleep.

You were in your usual position – your arm was around Thomas, your chin on his chest, allowing him to put his weight on you. He wore a light grey shirt, and you had his scarf around your neck. Eventually, you dozed off as well.


You woke up to a sunrise, Thomas chatting quietly with Ki Hong about some prank pulled during the set. He probably felt you squint at the small ray of sunlight directed at you because he gave your intertwined fingers a squeeze before drawing the curtains.

As if on cue, the pilot began speaking over the intercom, announcing that you will land in approximately ten minutes. There was a hushed bustle about you then, and you sigh and fall on Thomas’s chest.

“You exhausted?” he asks.

“Just sleepy. It’ll wear off.” You mumbled loud enough so he could hear.

“Come on, sport, we’re gonna go try that coffee place Will’s been babbling about, so wake up.” Dylan grins, and Kaya coos.

“She’s so adorable, Thomas, you’re so lucky.” She probably thinks you are asleep again, because she knows how much you hate it when she gawks at your so-called PDA.

“The hell I am.” He chuckles, kissing you repeatedly on the forehead.

You rub his arm to imply that you are awake, but your eyes were still closed.

A stewardess approaches your isle. Well, she woke you up, to say the least. She addresses Thomas in an achingly seductive tone, “Can I get you anything at all before we land, sir?” she moves her arms in a way as to push her breasts upward.

Thomas coughed uncomfortably, and the three look at you pitifully. “Just water for my girl, please. She hasn’t hydrated herself well. Thanks.”

Just when the girl was out of sight, Kaya began. “Awww, look at you, got him wrapped around your little finger!”

“Thomas, what was that for?” you demanded, but you were already internally screaming your lungs out.

“Just gotta tell her I already found my half, love.” Thomas smiled slyly.

“Oh, shush.” You tried to glare at him, but it only resulted in a pout.

“Should have sat between you two,” Ki Hong mumbles under his breath.


Greece was breathtaking. You start the day with a meal in an open-air balcony café after settling in the hotel, under Will’s insistence. It was comfy, lined with couches and low coffee tables and throw pillows, overlooking the sea.

Thomas pulled his sunglasses on and unbuttoned his collared shirt a few down. And even after four years together, you couldn’t help but stare.

“Something you fancy, love?” Thomas teases, and laughs again once blood visibly creeps up your cheeks.

“Stop it,” you whined, nuzzling your nose on his shoulder to hide the embarrassingly visible blush.

“Sorry, baby, you’re just so…” Thomas shakes his head amusingly. “I’m an idiot for trying to describe you.”

You sigh. Why is he so cheesy?

You catch his attention. “Babe, you know where the restrooms are?”

“Down the hall to the left, sweetie.” Kaya smiles.

“Want me to come with?” Thomas sits up.

“I’m good.” You peck his cheek and walk to the bathroom, bringing your purse with you.

Upon exiting the bathroom, you didn’t realize you left your purse open, and it only took one sway of your arm to have all your toiletries flying across the hall. A brunette man in a sweater began helping with the mess.

“I’m so sorry – it must be jetlag or something,” you smile sheepishly.

“Ah, a tourist. Interesting.” English accent. Great. “I’m Paul.”

“Y/N.” you take his hand and shake it firmly.

“What brings you to Greece, Y/N?”

“My friends just finished with their latest project and invited me to come with them here to celebrate.”

“Ah, what good friends you have. Where are you seated?”

“Just the corner of the balcony…” you reply uneasily. Thomas won’t be happy about this.

“Ah. That’s where my buds are as well. I’ll walk you.”

You have no choice, then. You’re both going the same route. Once Paul reached his table, he swiftly takes your hand and presses his lips against it, making you say a little prayer that Thomas didn’t see. That is the last thing you want him to see. “It’s been splendid making your acquaintance, beautiful.”

You smile nervously before rushing to your friends, whose gazes are falling from Paul to you. You scratch your head frustratingly and take your place beside Thomas.

“Who’s your friend?” Thomas asks gently, bitterness playing in his tone.

“Not exactly a friend. Made a mess in the hall and he helped out.”

Thomas gave a sound of acknowledgement and took a large sip of his coffee, his eyes fixed on Paul.

“Don’t do it,” Dylan warns.

“We’re here to have fun, Tommy, relax!” Kaya smiles, her eyes falling on you.

You intertwine your fingers with his, as if marking your agreement with them.

“Alright, alright. Cut the cheap drama. Let’s get back to the hotel then we’ll go around town, yeah?” Will’s voice brought us back down to earth.

“Thomas, try to have fun, alright? Chances are I’ll never see him again.”

“Yeah, I will. But if he does show up again, I’ll give him a talking to.” He sits on the bed, and you stand between his legs, your fingers toying with the hair on his neck.

To take your minds off the topic, Thomas offers to take you to the local bookstore while the others rest.


Well, books, they were your life. It’s what brought you to Thomas. So, once you get past the door, you peck Thomas’ cheek and run to the fictional books. A routine you two know and love. He smiles and walks to the history section.

Newt finds an interesting book, but a certain, four-eyed brunette catches his eye almost the second the brunette spots you, browsing restlessly.

The brunette closes his book and straightens his hair, obviously preparing to approach you, oblivious to Thomas’ glare – an effect of the internal war between strangling the lad and reacting rationally.

The former wins the upper hand. Unsurprisingly.

One step the lad took towards you and Newt already has a firm hand on the lad’s shoulder. “Don’t even consider, bud.”

The brunette looks at him like he’s insane. Maybe he is. “I’m sorry, have we met?”



“Ah. That’s your name.”

“I’m sorry, but what is this about? Are you lost?”

“No, sport. I’m not the one who doesn’t know his place here. You see that girl, there?” Thomas and Paul look over at you, already seated beside a pile of books.

“Adorable, isn’t she?” he smiles fondly.

I suppose, yeah. She is my girlfriend after all, so I’d suggest to, you know, maintain some distance.“

Thomas licks his lips and walks over to you. You smile at him, and drift your attention back to the book.

Thomas sits on the floor next to you and puts his hand on your shoulder. “Find anything yet?” he whispers.

“Nope, they’re all so expensive.” You sigh. “Sherlock three will have to wait.” You giggle.

Thomas picks the neglected copy up. “I’ll get it for you.”

You look at him in disbelief. “Oh, my god. Thomas!” you wrap your arms around his neck and began kissing him all over. His nose, his forehead, his cheeks… his lips.

Thomas pulled away to glance at something behind you, only to find nothing. “What is it, Thomas?”

“Nothing, thought I saw someone.” He smiled. “Let’s get this home, shall we?”

“You don’t ha-“


You despise it when he buys you things, so he never really does. But when he does, it’s always out of the ordinary, as if to make up for the times he wanted to get you something but couldn’t because of your stubbornness.

Your phone buzzed. Kaya. Dinner at Laura’s in five. X

“That’s down the road.”

“Who’s Laura?” you mutter, and Thomas laughed.

“It’s a diner, Y/N.”



“Well, I don’t know if I want to go to someplace noisy today.”

“I’m quite sleepy as well. To the hotel then?”

You two walk back to the hotel after you text Kaya, telling her that you and Thomas decided to rest.

You take off all your clothing, and began to run a bath.

“Mind if I join you?” Thomas says from the door, shrugging his leather jacket off.

“Not at all.”

The tub wasn’t built for two, to say the least. So you sat in between his long legs, your head against his chest as he hums to you.

You eventually doze off, leaving Thomas to drain the tub and carry you to bed, bridal style, and dress you in underwear and his shirt – your shirt, technically – since you wear it every night.

Once he dresses in his boxers, he joins you, settling in your usual position when it’s cold. Facing the same way, your legs entangled with each other, his nose in your hair, your cheek pressed against his chest, and your arms around each other. And just this night, everything seemed to fall into place.

Until the next morning.

Title: Snapchat

Pairing: Phan (Danisnotonfire/AmazingPhil)

Genre: purely fluff

Words: 500

Warnings: None ^-^

Summary: Cute fluffy snaps

A/N: Oh. My. God. This was so hard to write! I didn’t know what to do, so I just made it into a short little drabble Like I even tried reading some other authors snapchat Phanfictions but it was all smut! Anyways! Here you go anon. Hope you like it

Dan groans patting the spot next to him for Phil, before remembering that Phil was away visiting family. He sighs sitting up and immediately grabbing his phone

New Snap from: Phil!

Dan smiles opening it up. Just a few weeks ago the couple decided they would get snapchat, and so far it was working wonderfully.
Phil had sent a picture of his families fluffy dog with the caption. “You’re still cuter.”
Dan awed softly, quickly taking a selfie still in bed and pouting. He quickly captioned it. “Wish you were here” Before sending it and climbing out of bed.
He sighs trudging to the kitchen and grabbing a bowl and his cereal. He frowns at the surprisingly light box before peeking inside. All of it. Gone.
Dan huffs, quickly snapping a picture of the inside of the cereal box and sending it to Phil along with 10 exclamation points.
He throws away the box with a pout and puts away the box grabbing a pop tart instead.
Turning on an anime, he begins munching on the pop tart until his Phone dings again.
He sighs opening the snap notification.

Phil had sent him a selfie of him pouting and holding the puppy. Below it were the words.

“I’m sorry, and the puppy says you should forgive me.”

Dan tries with all his might to stay mad, but is unable to. He smiles softly taking a selfie

“Fine I forgive you. Sort of.”

He takes another selfie, this time he’s tapping his chin. This one he captions. “Maybe I’d forgive you more if you got here sooner.”

He waits for hours upon hours, but no response from Phil. He’s about to send him another snap when he hears the door open. Cautiously, he creeps off the couch to go investigate.

He reaches the door, wielding a spatula as a weapon, and raising it above his head and watched the door. When it opened, he let out what he hoped to be a manly battle cry surging forward.

“Woah woah woah!” Phil cries catching Dan’s arm before he can hit him. “First you beg me to come home, now you’re attacking me!”

Dan sighs in relief falling limp. “Sorry Lion, I didn’t think you were gonna come, so I thought it was an intruder.”

Phil laughs pulling Dan into a tight hug. “It’s alright.”

Dan smiles breathing in Phil’s scent before pulling back and frowning. “Wait a minute. I thought you were coming home in 2 days.”

Phil shrugs. “I was getting bored and feeling a little homesick, so I told my family that you weren’t feeling well and I had to go home.”

Dan smiles with an ‘awe’

“That’s great lion.” He smiles before kissing softly but passionately.

He didn’t notice when Phil took out his phone and snapped a photo sending it to Dan.

Dan’s phone dings and he pulls it out opening the snap.

It was the recently snapped picture with the caption.

“I’m the luckiest man in the world”