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Honoring Late Night Royalty- John Oliver
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (2014 - Present)
The point is if we don’t get actively involved to at least mitigate Trump’s damage, things will not be okay. And yes, the sun will rise each day, but the continual rotation of the Earth should not be your baseline expectation of American society. I just need to ask you one more thing. It’s gonna be too easy for things to start feeling normal, especially if you are someone who is not directly impacted by his actions. So keep reminding yourself this is not normal. Write it on a Post-it note and stick it on your refrigerator. Hire a skywriter once a month. Tattoo it on your ass. Because a Klan backed, misogynist internet troll is going to be delivering the next State of the Union address. And that is not normal. It is fucked up. And the only thing that gives me one degree of comfort is that I think part of Trump might be realizing that now, too.

Favorite Smut

Hi everyone. I just wanted to compile all my favorite smut in one place for anyone who is interested. All the stories are linked down below and all the authors are credited (I highly suggest you check out these authors because their work is art) THIS IS IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER I JUST THOUGHT OF MY FAV STORIES AND TAGGED THEM :) I will keep updating this btw. 

1) Mr. Min- @ellieljade - Ok this has to be one of my all time favorite stories. When she says she’d upload I stay up all night waiting for her lol. Seriously the plot is great and the story is very well constructed. I highly highly highly suggest you give her blog a look and read Mr. Min too.

2) BTS Smut - @kpop-bts-smut Ok this one is an entire blog lol but it’s ok.  I have a slight biased towards this blog cause they make audios too lololol I feel a connection. Anyways it’s a great blog so go check it out and I cry at the audios every time so you can cry with me at the same time. 

3) Sin City- @btssmutgalore - WOWOWOWOW ya’ll already know about my love for this series because of that video I posted lol but guys if you don’t read anything on this list at least give this story a try I promise you will not regret it. Also I’ll be posting an audio that was inspired by this story tonight :) also you should drop by the blog and leave a couple nice words to Dee she’s sweet and she deserves it.

4) @seokvie this one is another blog and I like everything on it so I’d say go give it a look and you’ll love it. Tension had me on my knees pls pls pls read it. 

5) Our Little Secret - @avveh I can’t say enough about this story so instead imma let ya’ll read and cry. 

There’s about 170382083028 more so I’ll keep updating this when I can think of more but these are just quick recommendations :)

im fucking shook

dna is a bop. i need all my follwers and mutuals to give it one listen at least.

i havenr heard the rest of the album but if its anything like dna, i think i will love it. ive played the mv so many times now.

i legit almsot screamed when hoseok and suga popped up. also taetae’s voice is so fcking deep it should be illegal.


im gonna to calm down now. just … watch it. the choreography is so good and the entire thing is just gold. i might add onto this post later tonight.


(there should be another page up tonight, but most pages are gonna be posted alone from now on - it makes the dialogue-heavy ones easier to read, since it’s easier t get them to full size!) 

not much happens on this page but i promise i have all the way up through pg 14 at least started so lots of pages probably in the next few days and page 14 itself has the first instance of an important thing im doin in this comic on it 

for now tho enjoy moreof these two bein dorks

Okay so um could you do a Liam imagine where you are extremely shy but you have a huge crush on him and accidentally tell Scott or stiles and they tell Liam about it:) and it’s super cute and fluffy :) thanks so much!

I’m so sorry it took so long for me to post this imagine 🙈 im also sorry that it’s so short 😔 but i hope that you enjoy it love 😘💕 missbitch69

“Hey, Y/N, do you think you could help me get some stuff from the kitchen?” Asked Scott, my brother. “Sure, no problem.” The pack came over tonight for a movie night. We decided that we should get a break from all this supernatural stuff going on and just have at least one normal night. Everyone, including Deputy Parrish, was over at Scott and I’s house. Everyone was just hanging out in the living room. Malia and Stiles were arguing about which movie we should watch while Lydia, Kira, Parrish and Liam were just watching them fight. Liam. He is so cute. With his little baby face. And his cute smile. And… “Y/N, stop staring before he notices.” Says Scott with a smirk. “W-what? S-staring? I wasn’t staring. Pfffttt.” I lied. But Scott being the werewolf he is heard my heartbeat and knew that i was lying. “Yeaaa… Surrreeee you weren’t. You know, you should tell him about your little crush on him.” “Ohhh nooo. I am soo not telling him about my crush on him. You know how shy I am. Especially around Liam.” Right after i said that Scott had the biggest smirk on his face. It was only then that i had noticed that i had revealed my crush on Liam. “I knew it. I totally knew it. But seriously tho you should tell him. If you don’t I will.” I could tell that he was being serious. He got the food out of the fridge and i helped him carry it into the living room. “Okayy so i won that little arguement and so we’re watching ‘Unfriended’.” Said Malia. (A/N see what i just did there 😏😏) Stiles just rolled his eyes. I just laughed as usual. Stiles always makes me laugh. He’s like my second brother. I just happened to glance at Liam and when i did he was already staring at me. I just slightly smiled at him and then looked away. Everytime i look into those amazing blue eyes i just feel like I’m in a whole other universe. I was pulled back into the real world when stiles shouted out, “I knew it!!” Everyone just looked at him like if he was insane but i knew exactly what that was about. Scott had just told him about my crush on Liam. “Anywayss… Lets start the movie shall we.” Said Lydia. Malia then put in the movie and went to sit with Stiles. I looked around the room and noticed everyone was all coupled up. Malia with Stiles, Scott with Kira, Lydia with Parrish. I felt odd being around all these couples and Scott and Stiles happened to notice my awkwardness. And of course Stiles had to do something about it. “Hey, Y/N, are you sure you want to watch this movie. You usually get scared while watching scary movies.” He said with a smirk. I just glared at him. And of course Scott had to add on to Stiles’ statement. “Yea, Y/N, you do. Hey Liam why don’t you sit with Y/N just incase she gets scared?” Dangg, if looks could kill Scott would be dead by now with the glare i was giving him right now. Liam on the other hand was totally oblivious as to what those to idiots were up to. “Umm… Yea sure. I don’t mind.” Liam said while getting closer to me. When he got close enough, he wrapped his arm around me and held me close to him. “Is this okay?” He asked being the little cutie he is. “Yea that’s fine.” I said with a smile. I was totally surprised that i didn’t stutter. They then started the movie and I automatically got hooked onto it. I was so hooked to the movie that I hadn’t noticed that Scott was whispering to Liam and Liam was listening to him with his werewolf powers. 

Liam’s POV
I was so happy that i got to be all cuddly with Y/N for the movie. She is honestly the prettiest girl I’ve ever seen. She also has the prettiest smile I’ve ever seen and the nicest laugh I’ve ever heard. I felt embarrassed when she caught me staring at her when she laughed at Stiles. I was cut off from my thoughts when i heard Scott whispering my name. I looked over to him to see what was up and he just put his finger up to his lips telling me to stay quiet. I just nodded and he began to speak. What he told me shocked me but i was also extremely happy that he told me. I can’t believe that i never noticed. I guess i was just so nervous around her that i never noticed her heartbeat. 

Your POV
Right after the movie i tried to get up to stretch but Liam tightened his grip on me. I just looked up to him to find out why he did that but when i looked up i noticed that he was already staring down at me smiling. I just smiled back “what’s up?” I asked trying to find out why he was still holding onto me. “Umm… Can i talk to you… Privately?” He whispered into my ear. I just nodded my head not trusting myself to speak. The things this boy does to me. We then stood up from the couch and walked into the kitchen. We just stared at each other for a minute until i spoke up, not being able to handle the silence. “So… Umm… What did you want to talk about?” Liam just continued to stare at me while scratching the back of his neck. He seemed nervous. He was even cuter than he was before if that’s even possible. “Okay… Soo… Umm… I just… I just wanted to tell you that…i wanted to tell you that… Ughhhh… Why is this so hard to do. Look, Y/N, i really like you. Like a lot and I have for quite some time now but I’ve never had the guts to tell you because i had this slight feeling that you would reject me but Scott told me during the movie that you feel the same way and even when i know that you feel the same way i still have the fear that you would reject me and…” Liam ranted on but i shut him up by kissing him on his soft plump lips. I have no idea where my sudden courage came from but i glad i got it. I slowly pulled away, “I’ve been waiting to do that for so long.” I said blushing. Liam just chuckled. “Y/N, would you do me the honor of being my beautiful girlfriend?” Even though he just totally confessed his feelings for me i was still in complete shock by his question. “Of course I will Liam!” He then kissed me again. I was so happy that we were together. Our little moment was cut short by the cheers we heard from behind us. The pack was all stood near the kitchen. “Finally! I’m so glad you guys confessed your feelings for each other.” Said Lydia with the biggest smile I’ve ever seen. “Okay, yes i think this is cute, but I want no PDA while I’m around and Liam, if you hurt my little sister i will kill.” Said Scott. “So will I!!” Shouted Stiles. Everyone just laughed at Stiles’ sudden outburst. I was so happy that i could finally call Liam mine. 

anonymous asked:

The scavenger hunt, the weird gifts from your brother one or the opposite side of the country would be great prompts for Zutara :)

wOW. This is such a late response. I know I’ve been seriously slacking with this blog recently, but I hope you guys know that Zutara is still my number one and I haven’t forgotten about you all! I have a ton of prompts from you guys right now just waiting to be written, so sit tight and I’ll try my best to have those out soon! 

This was pretty fun to write, even though it really has absolutely no real plot or anything, Oh well. It was a good way to get me back into my writing groove. I’ll improve, I promise. So, here you go, Anon! Sorry for such a long wait!

EDIT: This drabble is inspired by this fun post!

#14 One member takes a picture with the hot chick working the phone-case kiosk.

A loud groan sounded just behind Zuko’s ear. Jet pushed away from where he and the other team members were reading over his shoulder.

“There has to be at least fifteen of those damn kiosks in this god-forsaken mall.”

“Well it was your idea to join in the first place, so I don’t know why you’re complaining.”

“Shut up, Moustache-Boy. It’s not like we had anything better to do tonight.”

“Hey, guys, maybe we should just skip it and go to the next one.”

Zuko rolled his eyes and tucked the creased list back into the pocket of his jeans. He wasn’t quite sure how he ended up at the mall on a Friday afternoon running around on a scavenger hunt of all things, but he was fairly certain he had these three dumbasses he called his best friends to blame.

He interrupted the budding argument with a sigh. “All of you shut up. Let’s just get this over with.”

Four kiosks and four decidedly male kiosk employees later and the group of boys found themselves stopping mid-step as Jet let out a low whistle.

“Damn, I’ll do more than take a picture with her.”

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Make you feel my love [1/2] (CS High School AU) M

So a couple of weeks ago I reblogged a list of numbers with smut prompts. I received a ton and I’m slowly working myself up those ask. I had two anons asking for #6 Clothed getting off and one of them asked for #3 First time as well. I started working on those two numbers and my muse got carried away and this drabble turned out to be two-shot. So the first part will be written based on #6 and the second part on #3 (which should probably posted tonight or tomorrow morning).

I hope you all like it!

Oh and it’s not edited so ignore the mistakes.

Rated M

Another school year was starting off and Emma wasn’t feeling very enthusiastic this year. Her friends Ruby, Mary Margaret and David were not going to be in any of her classes and that fact alone was enough to put a frown on her face on the very first day.

She entered her classroom and scanned the room looking for at least one familiar friendly face and when she saw none, she walked towards the front of the class and claimed a desk in the first row since all the others have already been taken. Awaiting for Professor Sloan to enter the room, Emma decided to get a better look at her classmates and cursed to herself when she realized that it was filled with jocks, Regina and her pawns, a couple of troublemakers such as Killian Jones, and a few low key students like her. She mainly recognized Tink at the other end of the class who was doing pretty much the same as her, and both smiled timidly at each other.

When Professor Sloan entered the class, she quickly remembered why kids in the school called him Professor Slow: he was old, talked slowly and had no authority with his students. Her classmates quickly started to talk all over their teacher as he attempted to explain the curriculum for the first semester. When Killian Jones raised his hand and made a pretty rude comment about their teacher being boring and making the rest of her class laugh she sighed heavily as she wondered how she was going to get through this year.

The first couple of weeks passed by and Emma realized how school had become more or less bearable. Outside of class she was happy and enjoying having a social life with her small group of friends. But as soon as she walked into one of her classes, a knot in her stomach appeared and dreaded the next few hours that were about to come. 

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Today is my last Saturday as a Georgia resident.

My nephew is growing and happy and healthy and precious. It makes my heart happy every time I get a picture in a onesie I bought for him. Yesterday I got him one that says “chunky is the new hunky”. Teaching him body positivity from babydom you know.

I don’t need anything else to take with me but being so excited about my own place led me to purchase 2 coffee mugs. There’s this one and another that says “embrace the moment”. They just seemed so fitting for my current situation. TJ Maxx brought their A game with coffee mugs again.

My co workers threw me a surprise pizza party and gave me this giant basket full of sentimental goodies. One was princess duct tape that said “he better treat you like a princess”. It also had a gap and old navy gift card which I used to add to my Midwest wardrobe. Also, they all warned me not to get “comfortable” in which I internally rolled my eyes. The thought behind it was nice but no matter what happens, I can handle myself.

Still hanging out with Kim constantly. GA plays Tennessee (we’re frenemies today runningforbiscuits )and Russ, Lydia and all the babies will be here to watch and eat food! That’s how I started my friendship with them and it’s exciting to get to do it one last time before I leave. Then I’m babysitting Ayden and Tre tonight. I SHOULD go home and pack but honestly that’s not a priority at the moment.

OH AND my quad/hamstring/thigh whatever area at the top of my leg has been super achey lately. Which is part of the reason why I haven’t been at the gym. I’m stretching and letting it rest so I can at least have a farewell WOD Mon/Tuesday!

I post more frequently on my insta if you’re not following me yet: torimarie36

Also thanks to all you guys who followed mrslpeach and I on Instagram too (thepeachsisters). We seriously come up with ideas for the blog daily I can’t wait till we have time to seriously get it up and running!!

Wow, I had a lot to say.
Love you, babies.