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Suspicious Partner 7

Ji Chang Wook’s skill at layering emotion is so great. He just has this wonderfully transparent face, so in every scene, Ji Wook is having many feelings at once, and you can see all of them. It’s so great.

I also feel like I need to point out that Nam Ji Hyun has the same ability (she’s so freaking talented), but what’s fun is that she goes big, so that Bong Hee’s many emotions are all splashed across her face and evident in every bit of her body language, while JCW plays it small, conveying Ji Wook’s feelings through his eyes and micro-expressions (and of course occasionally gloriously losing it). And the play between the two of them is so charming and funny. I love this show. For everyone who’s surprised that they’re liking it… Promos or no promos, this is the writer who gave us I Remember You, which is to me a genuine masterpiece. It’s not surprising that SP is great. The surprise would have been if it wasn’t.

i forgot to mention how much i loved how naturally Jin Wook went into dad mode? like i kinda expected him to have no idea what he was doing or something - so just watching him was nice, like even when he noticed the rash and was like ‘Dong Goo has sensitive skin, he shouldn’t be wearing cheap underwear’ 

and then the epilogue, where he’s hungover just made it even better - because he obvs felt like shit, but still put in effort to look after Dong Goo, when he could have easily just sat him in front of the TV, or called his secretary, or even just called Yoo Mi? 


I’m here to give you a warning. Leave me and the people around me alone. And what if I don’t? If you don’t, I’ll come and find you, no matter where you may be. I’ll end our first encounter with just this warning but if I ever come to see you a second time, you will die.


It’s been a year since I started watching korean dramas. I saw a beautiful scene from Empress Ki at my national TV where Seung Nyang comforts Ta Hwan. After these lines, my journey with kdramas started:

Ta Hwan: I said I wanted to be alone.  What do you want? I don’t want you to see me like this.

Seung Nyang: My eyes are closed. My ears are covered. I see nothing. I hear nothing. Just sit back and relax.

I became a fan of Ji Chang Wook and he was my first korean crush so I watched Healer and I couldn’t stop watch more kdramas. After City hunter, Two worlds and Moon lovers, Lee Min Ho, Lee Jong Suk and Lee Joon Gi also became my beloved, korean actors. There are also many other kdramas that I watched and there will be more of it in future.

List of kdramas that I watched/ I’m watching (may not be full):

  • Empress Ki
  • Marriage, not dating.
  • Healer
  • Heirs
  • City hunter
  • Moon lovers
  • W-Two worlds
  • Weightlifting fairy Kim Bok Joo
  • Uncontrolablly fond
  • Doctors
  • Who are you: School 2015
  • Innocent man
  • Oh my ghost
  • Pinocchio
  • Cheese in the trap
  • One more happy ending
  • Heal me, kill me
  • Boys over flowers
  • Descendants of the sun
  • She was pretty
  • Sweet stranger and me
  • Madame Antoine
  • Cunning Single Lady
  • Dramaworld
  • Fall in love with me (taiwanese)
  • The legend of the blue sea
  • Page turner
  • Seven first kisses

Korean movies:

  • Twenty
  • 200 pounds beauty
  • Hot young bloods
  • Steal my heart
It’s Curiosity (Scarlet Heart Ryeo! Wang So) Pt. 2ish

Type: Fluff

Part 1 (kinda): Here

Request: Also I was wondering if I could request something that you can add to something your are already working on; if not it’s fine. A Wang So scenario where his wife sees him acting more depressed than usually and she asks him about it. He doesn’t want to tell her but he does, he said he overheard people talking about him and his scar. His wife shows him how much she loves his scar, and how is shouldn’t care what other people think. Something to think about! -Wang So anon 🎀

Note: instead of adding it I just did another part for it kinda lol

“Somethings got So sad” you spoke as you sat with Wook and Won, they followed your eyes and were confused by your words. “He looks like he normally does” Won tells you “what? You must be blind” you mumble. Your hands clenched your skirt tightly before you got up “So!” you call as you rush to catch up to him. “She’s mad for that man” Wook speaks as he watches your form disappear from his view. 

“So!” you call again as you trip which instantly made him stop and head over to you “are you alright?” he asks as he helps you up. He realized your hands were slightly blood “you clumsy girl” he mumbles as he holds your hands “what is wrong?” you asked him “you hurt yourself we have to take you to see the doctor” he spoke as you held your ground. He pulled harder but you only stepped roughly two steps forward. “Y/N-” he starts “why are you so sad?” you asked him “I’m not” he sighs “ya! I know you are I can see what others can’t” you say as he gives you a solid look.

“People were talking about how I am and what I look like” he whispers it was his only weakness it seemed was the harsh words of others about things he couldn’t help. You gave him a look “So” you whispered back as you quickly wrap your arms around him. “You’re perfect to me” you say into his chest lightly “you always say that” he tells you “it’s because I mean it” you promise as a smile comes to your face. “What?” he asks lightly excited by your smile “I know exactly how to cheer you up” you say making him blush as you tug him along.


“This isn’t what I thought you were meaning” he informs as you undo the strings of his top “I said I was going to show you how perfect you are” you say. “If we get caught we will be in trouble or talked about more than we already are” he says as you grab his jaw and bring him in for a kiss to shut him up. “I put a lot of thought into this” you pout as he sighs mumbling about how it took you only seconds to decide this before stepping forward. You smiled as you watch him slowly step into the hot waters of the spring and you get in after him. “We’re not supposed to bathe together at least not here” he whispers as he looks at you. 

You reach forward grabbing the strings of his mask and undo them, he remained frozen as you fully take it off of him and sit it on the wooden floor beside his clothes. Your hands quickly moved to his chest as you felt the scars that were on his torso ”do you know what these make you?” you ask him while he remains quiet “they make you my warrior” you say leaning down and kissing one of them lightly before moving to the next. Once you were sure you kissed each your hands moved onto his face as you touched his scar tracing it with the pad of your thumb “and this makes you my Wang So” you say as he lets out a breath he didn’t know he was holding. 

His hands cupped yours as he pulls you into a heavy kiss forgetting where you two were or what brought you two to this point. You loved him with a burning passion, defended him when everyone would be rude to him, you made him feel perfect with his imperfections. He pulled away resting his forehead against yours and almost instantly you giggled from his actions. “I think this is the first bold thing you’ve done since we’ve married” you joke “we should head back to our room” he tells you, you could hear a hint in his tone. “Oh my, my prince is bold tonight” you say wiggling your brows.

He smiled at your goofiness before grabbing your hand and tugged you out of the water tugging you along wanting to get back home as fast as you two could. “Wait” you call stopping him in his tracks as you leave his grip and rush over grabbing his mask and top. “Don’t leave evidence” you say as he smiles “are you ready now?” he asks holding out his hand out before you put his shirt in his hand “it might be cold” you tell him as he slides it on. He reaches for the mask but you shake your head and hold it away from him. “Take me to our room now” you order holding your hand out as he takes it quickly.

In Hae Soo We Trust?

Or, alternatively, how I think Hae Soo is writing her own tragedy, and that’s the most tragic thing of all. 

how is it so easy for you 
to be kind to people
he asked

milk and honey dripped
on my lips as i answered

cause people have not 
been kind to me” 
Rupi Kaur, milk and honey

This post is really just me trying to understand Hae Soo. I think the main reason as to why I feel frustrated is the writing. Hae Soo’s trust goes back and forth so much, especially when it comes down to Wang So–and why is that? Really? Why is that? Is it just simply fear? Or is there something else? The answer is much more complicated than we’d like. 

I understand that there are many things that are haunting Hae Soo. Her visions are coming true, and she fears that So will turn out to be the ruthless king that she has come to learn about, the one that killed all his brothers and his subjects. Part of it is true. But she’s also seen the kind, warm, and soft side to him. She’s seen the way that he loves her, and what he would do for her. This causes her deep conflict. 

I think there’s a self-fulfilling prophecy that’s at play here. Ultimately, Hae Soo has a hand in her own tragedy, no matter how much she tries to fix things. Which brings us back to her conversation with Ji Mong: was it meant to happen, or did it happen because of her? Did she change something? And here’s another haunting question for Hae Soo: Am I Hae Soo or Go Ha Jin? Is this a dream, or was my modern life a dream? #thoughtsthatkeepyouupat4am 

WangSo:Why are you staring at me like that?”
Hae Soo: “I was wondering what it would be like to turn away from the things you love..” 

(ha ha ha foreshadowing anyone ha ha ha) 

This week confirms the sailing ship (they literally get a boat, for God’s sake) of the SoSoo couple (I find it funny we call it SoSoo couple here, and then Koreans call it the SoHae couple…). But while So has nothing but given his entire heart for Soo, I think we can see that Hae Soo is still holding back. She loves him–and has for a while now; her mind has constantly wavered when it came to him–but she doesn’t quite yearn for him the same way that So does. In interviews, IU describes the love between Hae Soo and Wang So to be “like fire” but like… dude, where’s the passion? Where’s the burning? SO IS JUST THERE, LITERALLY ON FIRE, AND HAE SOO’S STANDING THERE. Are we going to see more of her love show? Is she ever going to give So her all? God, I hope so, before everything goes to shit. 

And the reason as to why I’m convinced that Hae Soo will probably stop holding back and give So her all is because of this:

The translation:

If we had just not met, then I would not be filled with such longing…” 

The original Korean encompasses a lot of pain and yearning, I think. This does not sound like a love where Soo was careful and distant and held back the whole time; this is what you say when you love someone to the moon and back, and it doesn’t work out and you’re left nothing but with memories and a broken heart. 

Her holding back may also have to do with Wook, seeing the way that it painfully ended with Wook’s betrayal. And to add to that, So already knows that Soo used to love someone else, but she goes to So, anyways. So knows that Soo has accepted his feelings, and feels the same way towards him. Therefore, for me, it doesn’t make sense that this couple would fall apart because So learns that Hae Soo used to love Wook. Like… okay, I feel like that they could talk it out. That whole scene at episode 14 where they healthily communicated? With that kind of communication, what can’t they overcome? LMAO DESTINY But I do wonder if there would be something more grating to So if he learns that Soo loved Wook. But why would Wook be different from any man? Would it bother So more because he and Wook are rivals now? 

I would’ve picked a bone with Hae Soo, but… honestly, I wonder if by not telling So that she knew where Eun was, it was something that would have protected him, in the end. I think the reason as to why Hae Soo doesn’t tell him about Eun is because she doesn’t want So to get to the point where he has to kill Eun (like she saw in her visions). And Hae Soo’s been warned time and time again, that she cannot fully trust anyone in the palace, and she’s come to learn to fear what happens within the palace as well. 

But Hae Soo repents her actions for not trusting So because of Soon Duk (yes, bless your soul, precious bear child) and she goes to help get Soon Duk to be able to say goodbye to her father. She also remembers Taejo’s parting words: “Don’t be so afraid of the harsh future that you lose everything you have now.”

But the whole situation with Hae Soo and Eun and Soon Deok makes us wonder again what Hae Soo’s role is here… 

Ji Mong says he didn’t know that Wang Yo would become the king (yeah, but Ji Mong could be LYING!!!!!! In the words of our wolf prince, Wang So, HOW MUCH SHOULD WE TRUST THIS MAN????). He says that there must have been another variable. And who else would that be… but Hae Soo. I think she in herself is a trigger. 

I was reading through some Korean blogs, and one argued that the variable was the fact that Hae Soo told Wang Wook to be careful of Wang So. This is also something I agree with. And that being said, Hae Soo writes this whole tragedy by herself. She thinks she’s helping… but is she? Again, like Ji Mong, she’s going to watch everything unfold. She and Ji Mong must not interfere. But that’s where the lines also get blurred… is Hae Soo helping to cause these things to happen, or were they always going to happen anyways, regardless of what she does? I don’t know how time travel works god help me 

But enough about Hae Soo and trust. I want to talk about two important scenes! 

Wang Jung and Hae Soo

Jung: “We’ve changed. There will come a time where you have to choose.”
Soo: “Even if it comes down to that, I don’t think I’ll be able to choose. I just wish nobody gets hurt.” 

Ah, Hae Soo, bless your kind heart. But could you like pick Wang So’s side please 

These interactions set up the plotline where Hae Soo and Jung end up together. Which is fine, as long as they do it well. But I’m also against it because Jung’s character is quite… immature, for lack of better words. I’ve talked about it him before. Jung has grown up a lot, but at the same time, he lacks understanding for others–especially when it comes to Wang So. There are reasons as to why Jung may not like So; because of So, his mother and Yo have changed to the point where Jung cannot stand to be with them, and because So also hurt Yo. The kid just needs to grow up a bit more.

But he says something important. Something that haunts Hae Soo, more or less. Will she choose a side? Can she choose a side? For those who want to help everyone, it is difficult to choose one person to be loyal to. But she cannot remain neutral. Nobody can, especially when it comes to survival. 

“it takes grace
to remain kind
in cruel situations”
–Rumi Kaur, milk and honey

Aaaand I’ve been dying to discuss this scene. 

This is an interesting scene in itself because Hae Soo and Yo have never really had interaction before. He was never interested in this strange girl, until she became someone he could use to control his brothers. Because that’s what Yo excels at. He’s good at finding others’ weaknesses and using them against them so that he can gain the upper hand. 

A part of their conversation snagged my interest. Hae Soo doesn’t back down in front of his man–the king who became a king through killing his brother. And Yo realizes that this girl isn’t to be taken lightly. 

Yo: You’re quite daring, aren’t you? Then again, even from when you were young, you weren’t a pushover. It’s entertaining.”

The fact that Yo says “even from when you were young” made me think a lot about Hae Soo. The way he phrases it in Korean, the way I interpret it, it feels like he’s talking about her childhood, and not about a couple of years ago when she was younger (and Go Ha Jin fell into her body). I may be overthinking it. Yo could be simple talking about Hae Soo a few years ago–he saw her fight with Eun, he saw her stand up to Yeonhwa and take Chaeryung’s punishment. 

But who actually was the real Hae Soo? If you look back at episode 1, Chaeryung doubts Hae Soo forgetting her memories and asks her what she’s really trying to hide. Hae Soo (Go Ha Jin) is surprised to learn that Soo was actually some sort of rebellious child… the girl who pretended to be good and sweet on the outside, but was actually a bad girl in reality. 

I guess all that really matters, though, is that Hae Soo is not to be taken lightly, and she will fight for those she loves. She’s not scared to bear her teeth at those who try to hurt her. 

But we circle back to these questions: How much can Hae Soo do? Why is she here? What will happen now? 


“the world
gives you
so much pain
and here you are
making gold out of it” 
- there is nothing purer than that” 
–Rupi Kaur, milk and honey 

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Honestly tho the way i picture kravitz is always the grim reaper from this korean drama called goblin but i love the fandom interpretation more tbh

I’m not sure what this is in response to so I’m gonna assume it’s my post that’s like “y’all need to stop drawing kravitz so hot because now I want to date him”

I googled the guy you’re talking about–Lee Dong-Wook, right?–and I can see him as kravitz, too.  all kravitzes are good kravitzes as long as they’re hot and have dark hair

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um, tell me about changsub-chorong?

more about this movie date down below but first of all they are official best friends how cute is that 

they have been referring to each other as their best friend/ my only friend/ my one and only (chorong’s word not mine ok) ever since debut 😭😭😭  it is so cute they are so cute they are so cute together their friendship is so cute

they got into cube at around the same time and according to them btob and apink trained together for the most part? changsub and chorong are same year friends in fact changsub is like 2 weeks older than chorong and they get along so well they understand each other communication is the key to a healthy relationship!!!!!!! their nickname for each other changsubbie and chorongie it is just so cute everything is cute and i am hurt and they always call each other when they have to phone a friend on shows (all the links and photos will be down the keep reading dw) if you have follow me for more than a week you know how much i talk about btob’s cool man it is not just because it is one of the best, most funny show ever put together but also because okay in epsiode 4/5 they have to each call a friend and make them say what they want them to say and chorong instantly answered after changsub nagged out his situation as usual with “i know the answer you want to hear but i dont want to say it ” 😭😭😭 they know each other so well and every year at changsub’s birthday she will post a photo/photos of them and a birthday message that is so freaking sweet and ok chongrong mentioned changsub in her album thanks to a few times aksdlaksd;al everyone knows btob and apink are super close (ilhoon and naeun are family friends, namjoo with minhyuk and sungjae, bomi with ilhoon and eunkwang and all that) and okay below the keep reading is some of my favourite changrong moment they are always taking pictures together, if not just chill around each other and they always joint hand that shit is so cute wtf are we in high school 😭 (warning: it is really super long and its just the tip of the massive changrongiceberg ) both of them are both so smol, scream a lot, afraid of height, soft and sweet they are just meant to be okay ask yourself how often do you have straight ship that is cute, healthy and ongoing? they are honestly everything you can ever ask for the dream ship pretty much every k-netizen ship them hardcore (same) and there are so many changsub-chorong analysis post on pann #blessed please be together or not be together because if they ever break up i wont be able to handle it 

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sosoo not realizing they are doing cute couple things and everyone is sick of it bc literally everyone in the neighborhood knows they're kinda dating except for them 🙈 such a cliche but I love the friends to lovers trope

“I told you to stop being so picky when you eat! You have to eat all your vegetables,” she said, putting them back onto So’s tray. “You’re always doing this! Are you a child?” 

“I would eat them if they tasted half decent. It’s not my fault I can’t even swallow the damn things,” he said, picking at them with his chopsticks. 

Soo picked up a carrot and shoved it into his mouth. She smiled when he managed to gulp it down. 

“See? It’s not so bad,” she said, picking up a mushroom. “Now eat this.” 

So obeyed and opened his mouth, smiling as Soo fed him the mushroom. They continued this charade as Soo picked up a discarded vegetable and fed it to him. 

Jung stared back and forth between the two, irritated that this was what Soo meant by “getting lunch together”. 

Watching her feed his older brother made him lose his appetite. 

“Give me that sausage over there,” So said. 

“I guess since you ate all your vegetables-” 

Jung slammed back his chair and abruptly stood up. “If you guys are going to do this all day, I’m leaving!” He picked up his tray and glared at the two before storming off. 

“What was that all about?” So asked, watching his brother exit the cafeteria. 

Soo shrugged her shoulders. “I don’t know.” 

So, who was used to his younger brother’s tantrums, focused his attention back to his food. He found that he enjoyed having Soo feed him. The food tasted better this way—even the vegetables. 

“So are you going to keep feeding me or what?” 

Soo glared at him and shoved his tray back towards him. “You have hands don’t you?” 


Soo turned and saw Eun running down the hall. He juggled a box in one hand while waving wildly at her with the other. 

“Slow down!” she yelled out, rushing towards him. “You’ll fall!” 

He smiled as he pulled out a slingshot. “Look what I have! Isn’t it cool?” 

“Wow, that’s…neat,” she said. “What’s with all this anyway?” 

“I’m bringing them to Deok’s wood shop class,” he said, pulling out another toy. “She said she would make me anything I wanted but I couldn’t decide what so I brought all my favorites. If she makes one another one of these, we can play together.” 

“Thats a great idea, Eun.” Soo pulled out a puppet and laughed. “But I don’t think Soon Deok will be able to make this in her wood shop class.” 

“Oh, you’re right…” he said sheepishly. “I forgot…” 

Eun straightened up as he saw So walking over to them. 

“Hyung,” he said. “I didn’t know you had class today.” 

“He doesn’t,” Soo said, smiling up at So. “But we’re going to watch that new horror movie that just came out.” 

“Horror movie?” Eun scrunched his brows in confusion. “Hyung, you hate horror movies.” 

So winced at the thought of being in a dark theatre for two hours while things jumped out at you. 

"Really?” Soo crossed her arms and looked up at him. “If my memory serves me right, you’re the one that suggested we should go together.” 

“I said we should go together. I never said I particularly enjoyed scary movies,” he muttered. 

She smiled and grabbed his arm. “Well aren’t you brave? Don’t worry. I’ll protect you from all the ghosties.” 

So glared down at her in annoyance and tried to pull his arm away. “I’m not scared. I just don’t like things jumping out at me, alright?” 

“Uh huh,” she said, tightening her hold on him. “Whatever you say.” 

“I’m serious!” 

"Aw Eun, look how cute So is when he’s embarrassed!” Soo pointed out. 

Eun watched her continue to tease to his brother. This was the first time he had seen So embarrassed about something. Frankly, it made Eun feel a bit uncomfortable. 

“Uh, Soo,” he said. “I have to go. Soon Deok’s probably waiting for me…”

“Oh of course!” Soo said, waving him goodbye. 

As Eun walked away, So managed to finally pull his arm free.

“So, we don’t have to watch it if you don’t want to. I can watch it with someone else. I know for a fact that Baek Ah loves horror movies. I can ask him if-”

“No,” he said, pulling out the tickets from his back pocket. “I said I’ll watch it with you. Besides, Baek Ah’s probably too busy to go around watching movies with you.” 

So cleared his throat and walked over to the building doors. He turned and waved the tickets in the air. “Are you coming or not? Don’t tell me you’re scared.” 

Soo rolled his eyes as she walked over to him. “Oh please, we all know you’ll be screaming like a little girl.” 

“Is that why you started spending time with me? To get to Wook?” he asked. 

“What are you talking about?” Soo took a step towards him but he turned away from her touch. 

“I saw you two the other day. You guys really seemed to be hitting it off,” he said, crossing his arms.  

“Yes, I was with him but it was so that he could tutor me in ancient literature. You know how much I struggle with that class! Wook offered to help me and I accepted. That was it!” Soo yelled out in frustration. “And besides, why are you getting mad at me? It’s not like you and I are dating or something! If I wanted to meet up with Wook, or any guy for that matter, it has nothing to do with you!” 

“Oh really?” So said, gritting his teeth. “Well if you want to spend time with other guys then go ahead! Like you said, it’s not my place to stop you!” 

“Do you really want to go there right now? I don’t say anything to you when you’re hanging around with Yeon Hwa!” she pointed out. “But if I’m with another guy, then it’s not okay. Is that what you’re saying?” 

“Yeon Hwa and I are just friends! You know that!”

“And Wook is my friend!” Soo said, frustration fuming inside of her. “Do you not understand how skewed your logic is?” 

So’s nostrils flared in anger as he glared down at her. “Wook is my brother. Do you think I don’t know how he feels about you? Do you not think I see the way he looks at you? You have to be blind to not see that! If you want to start dating him, then go ahead. Just know that I never want to see you again.” 

Soo’s let out a shaky breath as she finished telling Baek Ah the story. 

That was the first time they ever fought. 

She hadn’t seen him in three days. 

She wiped the tears in her eyes. “How can he treat me like that? Getting angry at me for no reason. He knows Wook and I are just friends. I don’t see him as anything more than that but So wouldn’t listen to me!” 

“So hyung has always been stubborn. Ever since we were kids,” Baek Ah said. “He probably regretted saying those things to you the second the words came out of his mouth. He just has too much pride to apologize.” 

“That doesn’t make what he said okay,” she muttered. “He can’t…he can’t treat me like that. Not if he wants to continue being friends.” 

Baek Ah sighed as he handed her a handkerchief. “Soo. Do you really think he just wants to be friends with you?” 

“What do you mean?” 

“You guys are so…alike. It’s frustrating sometimes,” he said, a soft smile forming on his face. “You guys are both head over heels for each other. Everyone can see it. Heck, even Yo hyung can see it and he hates So. It’s just you two who are completely oblivious.” 

“That’s ridiculous-” 

“You think about what foods he likes. What makes him smile. Everything you look at makes you think of him. When you see something funny, he’s the first person you want to tell. If you read a good book, he’s the one you want to talk about it with. He’s the first person you text in the morning, and the last person before you goto sleep,” Baek Ah sighed. “Did I miss anything?” 

“I…I didn’t know,” she whispered. “How did you-”

“It’s how I knew I loved Woo Hee,” he said, smiling down at her. “And that’s how I knew So hyung loved you. You’re one of the only few people who can make him smile.” 

“Y-you think he loves me?” she asked in disbelief. 

Baek Ah nodded his head. “I do. Why else would he get unreasonably mad when he saw you with Wook? Wook has always been the one person who brought out So hyung’s insecurities. Ever since we were younger. Of course seeing you with him made him upset.” 

“I didn’t know…” Soo looked down at her hands. “I…I have to go.” She handed him his handkerchief and picked up her bag. “Thank you, Baek Ah.” 

Soo sighed in relief when she saw him laying down on the bench. 

She knew that he would be here. 

She slowed down as she approached him. His arms were crossed as he dozed off with a book covering his face. She carefully lifted the book off him and gasped when he grabbed onto her wrist. 

“So, it’s just me,” she said, grabbing onto his hand. 

He opened his eyes and quickly sat up, letting go of her wrist. He glanced up at her before quickly looking away. “What are you doing here?” 

“Can we talk?” she asked, taking a seat beside him. 

He stared out at the lake and she took his silence as a yes. 

“I’m going to ask you something, and you have to be honest with me, okay?” she said, scooting closer to him. “We always said we would never lie to each other.” 

“Well go ahead and ask,” he said, still staring straight ahead. 

“Do you…do you have feelings for me?” she asked, clenching her fists. 

His body stiffened and he glanced over at her. “What?” 

“Do you like me? As more than a friend,” she clarified. “If you do, you can tell me.” 

“I don’t know what you’re-”

“Because I do,” she admitted. “I like you. As more than a friend.” A small smile formed on her face. “I think I have for a while.” 

“You do?” he asked quietly. 

Soo nodded her head, and closed the remaining distance between them. “I do.” She bit her lip and looked up at him. “I need to know if you feel the same. Because if I was just overthinking things-” 

So pulled her towards him and placed a gentle kiss on her lips. 

The kiss was warm and sweet. 

Soo grabbed onto the front of his shirt as she leaned into the kiss. She didn’t expect his lips to be so…soft

She let out a sigh as he pulled back. 

“We said we would never lie to each other,” he said, smiling down at her. “But I’ve been lying to you for months. Because ever since that night when you took care of me…I’ve liked you. I always have.” 

She laughed as she wiped away the tears in her eyes. “This is crazy,” she said. “I mean…Baek Ah said everyone knew that we liked each other but us.” 

So placed a hand on her shoulder as his face remained serious. “Soo…about what I said that day. I didn’t mean any of it.” 

She placed a hand over his and gave it a light squeeze. “I know.” 

He turned his hand and laced his fingers with hers. 

“Wook really is just a friend,” she said. “You have to trust me on that.” 

“I do.” 

“And if I want to hang out with other guys, you have to accept that, alright?” 

So reluctantly nodded. 


She shrieked in surprise when So bent down to kiss her again. 

“Can you stop lecturing for just a minute? I want to kiss my girlfriend,” So said, smiling down at her. 

“Oh who says I’m your girlfriend?” 

So rolled his eyes as he tucked a piece of hair behind her ear. “Is this you’re way of rejecting me?” 

Soo grinned and grabbed onto the front of his shirt before leaning up to kiss him. She sighed into the kiss as he pulled her closer. She wished she had realized her feelings sooner if that meant they could’ve been doing this all along. 

She knew that there would be more fights in the future.

She knew that their relationship wouldn’t be all sunshine and roses. 

But for now, she basked in the feeling of this kiss. 

Warm. Soft. And perfectly sweet. 

Hae Soo: Fire tests gold

I should be doing school work, but I sit here listening to the saddest song in the universe (the song at the end of episode 11–the episode that wrecked us all, and I’m still sobbing over it) and gathering my thoughts about Hae Soo. I think we can agree that this girl has been through so much, both as Go Ha Jin and in her new life as a Goryeo girl named Hae Soo.

And the world will continue to test her, over and over. 

While I was watching episode 11, a song kept popping into my head that reminded me a lot of Hae Soo’s circumstances. If you’re a fan of saeguk, you may know this song through other sources: “If I Leave” (나 가거든); it was a song that came from the drama called “Empress Myeongseong.”

(Like daaaaaamn, the way she gathers her strength and rises again. I think it’s symbolic that So and Soo stand in the rain again. The first time it rained, Soo gave strength to So, and now Soo draws on strength from So. And then there’s Wook–man, I still really like him because I can understand why he made the choices he did, even as cowardly as it was. And Lady Oh is right… it will come back to haunt him, in more ways that he ever anticipated.) 

But back to what I was saying about the song. Here are a portion of the lyrics:

I have to live even though I am sad
I have to live because I am sad 
I know that I’ll understand when this life is over
The reason as to why I walked upon this earth 

The lyrics of this song really reminded me of Hae Soo’s hardships. I think both Soo and So continuously wonder why they faced the things they do, and they continue to deal with such harrowing circumstances. 

Why did Go Ha Jin fall into the body of Soo? Why is she here, in a place that is so different from the world she came from–a violent, ruthless world, where within the palace you can trust no one? 

She–and we, the audience–won’t know why she came here to Goryeo (is she here to save it, as the trailers claim?). And she cannot let herself get sucked into those thoughts as well–Hae Soo can only forge ahead, and live. Survive. Just as she has up until now. Lady Oh’s death will have forever changed her, but I’m curious as to the path she will now lead. 

Side note: I noticed that people talk about how Hae Soo has lost a lot of her spunk. But so many things have changed and that is to be expected. Even Prince Jung comments on how he wants to go back to the past, to the way things were. But they all can’t. They can only look forwards. As Hae Soo gets used to her life in Goryeo, sees the way the world operates, she’s bound to change alongside of it–she has to. She has to adapt to survive. She matures. She breaks. She laughs. She cries. But she hasn’t lost her compassion and kindness and her good heart–and I hope she continues to help the ones around her. Because I love her, for her heart of gold. 

From the Episode 12 trailers, Taejo orders Hae Soo to be sent far away where the princes won’t ever be able to see her. Hae Soo becomes demoted down to a musuri (무수리; a maid who does all of the cleaning duties). It’s really interesting to see how her status changes over time, how she goes from being a well-respected lady from a noble family, to a palace maid, and now even below that, as a cleaning maid. 

(Of course she gets mistreated…) 

To go over a little background information, musuris existed in both Goryeo and Joseon. They were of lower status that palace maids, but they were special in that they were able to go home after they finished their duties–they lived outside of the palace. Conversely, palace maids cannot leave the palace and reside within–and pretty much live there for the rest of their lives. However, musuris could still become concubines/get married–the most famous case in Korean history is probably Sukbin Choi, who was the concubine of Sukjong and mother to one of Joseon’s greatest kings, King Yeongjo. So it’s not a surprise that So asks for Soo to be married with him; the only problem is that her status is so low now compared to him. (But as if So gives a shit about status). 

Off on another point, I think it’s really interesting how well So and Soo compliment each other. Coming with a modern day mindset, Soo grew up in a society that was democratic and everyone was considered to be equal, but So, on the other hand, having faced isolation and harsh treatment from his family really doesn’t care about the rules nor does he know how to deal with people in a proper manner. They both don’t really care about status, or who’s family is more powerful or not, or the rules. They care about the people that are important to them–it’s the heart of the person that counts. 

Hae Soo tells Yeonhwa that the princess always looking at status before the person, and Yeonhwa says that she has no reason to change the way she is–and Yeonhwa is right. She has no reason to be nice to those under her. She’s got her eyes set elsewhere, trying to grasp the power that she can as a restrained woman in the Goryeo period. And cut from the same cloth, Wook is the same way. He cares about rules and what people think and so forth, because that’s the way he was raised. That’s the burden he carries. And that’s also where Soo and Wook are quite different, and So and Soo are quite the same. 


I think if Soo is a musuri, it may be able to explain why she’s outside wearing very nice hanbok, as opposed to her pink hanbok as a servant. 

So: Let’s get married. You’re already my person anyways. 

LIKE HERE. It is so adorable that So saved the hairpin he gave her, and gives it back to her–I think that’s what she’s holding in the shot.

With the WookSoo ship sinking to the bottom of the ocean, because someone turned her back on her… we are expecting to see this scene between Wook and Soo, which I reckon will be the goodbye scene? 

Wook: I missed you every moment. 

look buddy you don’t even have THE RIGHT TO EVEN BREATHE IN THE SAME SPACE AS HER 

BUT we also see Soo and So taking off!! *wipes away tears*

(He’s wearing his mask again! My favourite one, from the first few episodes!) 

So: She’s not a person I can throw away. 

But while Hae Soo in this state, I don’t think it’ll last forever. We still have shots from the highlight video where she’s wearing an outfit that Lady Oh used to wear as a sanggoong. 

And then His Highness had to be dramatic and upload this onto his Instagram.


Nonetheless, I just wanted to write a short piece on Hae Soo. Okay, “short” is wrong. But I wanted to somehow write about her because what she went through made me think a lot about her character and I had to vent it out somewhere. This is such a beautiful story. I wish the Korean public loved it more. 

I think it’s to be expected that this story will be sad, and Lady Oh’s life parallels and foreshadows with what Hae Soo will face into the future. But she cannot turn away now.  Hae Soo shall continue to walk forward, step by step, carefully. 

“나로인해 누군가가 죽을지 알았다면 다시 살겠단 욕심을 내진 않았을 겁니다.”

If I had known that someone would have died because of me, then I wouldn’t have been so greedy to live again. 

–Hae Soo

anonymous asked:

i keep rewatching soo's flashbacks of her time with so in the finale and they make me so sad, because she clearly treasured him so much as a lover and a friend. the 'my dear friend' song is so lovely. i always felt like soo and so actually connected over a feeling of shared loneliness, but that might just be me extrapolating from what little we know of ha jin's backstory. also, i think it's quite telling that we see soo having flashbacks to so, but never to her time with wook.

Firstly, I want to say that I’m in love with these flashback scenes, how they were edited with Wang So’s phrases which were basically engraved in Ha Jin’s subconsciousness - they gave me chills. And as you said, these flashbacks also confirmed that her love is as deep as So’s

Originally posted by letthefairyinyoufly

I love this song too, it’s so meaningful and fits their story. 

I find it absolutely beautiful that though So and Soo’s characters are different, there are so many similarities between them and they share same values and ideals.

Yep, who cares about Wook, this unnecessary sneaky snake-time stealer when So is her epic and only love. *cries*

I am one of the biggest supporters of SoSoo and I will go down with this ship.

But I wholeheartedly support Soo’s decision to leave and save herself. If she feels she’s had enough, then yes, she has every right to go. (The subject of her and So is a whole different issue, which I will not go into depth here. Again. lol) I don’t even mind her pleading for Wook (which is sooooo happening), showing him a level of compassion that he has never truly shown her because that’s her character. She is a good, kind-hearted person who wants only to see the best in people. This is also her fatal flaw.

What I cannot abide, and what I fear the drama will ultimately do, is have her leave without realizing the full extent of Wook’s darkness. He is the root of everything that has gone wrong, and he has never been held accountable for this.

But then I realized there’s something arguably worse that could happen. Soo could realize how far Wook has gone, but she will absolve him because she’ll take on the guilt herself. For what she said to him all those years ago, the warning she gave Wook after she had her vision of So killing Eun. Even though the darkness was already in Wook, she will see her warning as the push that led him to his current path (except it was really Yeon Hwa, but whatever).

And ohmygod, I seriously don’t know what will be more infuriating. In either case, Wook is still getting away with it.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. The drama has done Soo’s character a huge disservice because we rarely, if ever, get her POV on things. And even when we do, it doesn’t seem like enough and the audience has to be the one to make excuses for her. We never get to see her really wonder about the reasons behind her visions, or question the validity of them. Even when she’s hiding Eun and Soon Deok, it was a matter of debate - did she not trust So OR was she merely trying to protect him by separating the brothers, therefore ensuring (in her mind) the vision wouldn’t come to pass? WE DON’T KNOW. We’re supposed to think she loves So just as much as he loves her, which Episode 16 (and parts of 17) seemed to reinforce, only to take that away in Episode 18.

It’s just… frustrating. I want to believe this drama will handle the Wook issue in a satisfactory way, but with how the drama has been copying & pasting the c-version on top of the k-version lately… It’s hard to have faith. I will gladly eat my words though if the drama proves me wrong.

Goblin Review: Episode 13

I’m still awe of what a heartbreakingly brilliant episode this was. The acting in this episode was undeniably amazing; every did such an fantastic job, especially our male leads. Wow.

Eun Tak: I had my theories when we saw that her mark was fading and she was losing her ability to see ghosts, but to see everything come to fruition in this episode was intense. I didn’t quite realize that Park Joong Won was waiting for the mark to fade so he can control her—that was utterly brilliant writing—but what an interesting concept. I’m wondering if Yeo will go through what he initially promised Shin in erasing her memories. Her fate is sealed now right? She pulled the sword so death should no longer come for her and she’d be free to live her life. But Shin told her to wait two days while they figured out the answer to the fate question the deity gave them, I feel like there’s more to the answer than just in killing Park Joong Won with the sword.

Grim Reaper/Wang Yeo: I have to praise Lee Dong Wook for such a brilliant performance this episode; he had so many emotional scenes and he executed them perfectly. It was interesting that getting his memories back was his punishment for breaking the rules. In the end he finally got what he wanted—he found out that he’s Wang Yeo. While he was obviously disappointed in his younger self, he finally understood why Shin was so angry. It was also nice to see him continue to warn Shin about how he keeps receiving Eun Tak’s name card. Despite the fact that he couldn’t do anything good for anyone when he was a king, he was able to do that now. Honestly though, I felt so bad for Yeo when Shin called him out on what his younger self did. While he wasn’t wrong, I kinda just wanted scream “that’s not who he is now, leave him alone!” Lol.

Shin/Eun Tak: I loved that he took her out a cute date before everything went to shit. Watching him break down while reading the contract broke my heart. That was honestly such good acting. And the scene where they were saying good-bye? Ugh. I have a feeling that Shin’s death just meant his freedom from his life of eternity. I can’t imagine them killing him off permanently so I expect him to come back mortal in the upcoming episodes.

Goblin/Grim Reaper: My heart honestly broke watching them fight but it was just so organic and brilliantly done. Despite his anger, I love that Shin acknowledged the moments where he and Yeo actually bonded in present day. Those flashbacks gave me the feels. I love that those two were still willing to help and trust each other; Yeo continued to warn Shin about getting Eun Tak’s name card and Shin entrusted Sunny’s safety to Yeo. In the end though, Yeo did fulfill Shin’s final request to do something good for once. While he may have asked him to protect and save Sunny like she saved him, saving Eun Tak from Park Joong Won also counts, right? We haven’t seen the last of their bromance, especially not with 3 more episodes to go, so I’m excited to see what’s next.

Sunny/Yeo: I knew that she didn’t forget anything because all her memories with him—both good and bad—made her happy. Ugh, I loved that scene. While it was sad to see her wipe his tears, return the ring, and say goodbye I’m satisfied in the consolation that they’ll meet again and they’ll get their happy ending for once. If the writer doesn’t give them that then I’m going to be so disappointed. Also, I love that Yep was watching over Sunny even before Shin asked him too. He arrived while PJW was staring through the mirror at her and attacked him and I was honestly like “boy, damn.” We again saw Samson mention these two paying a hefty price so I guess the question now is will they still have to pay now that they both know everything or is knowing everything but not being able to be together (because they’re being stupid) their punishment?

The drama has been pretty static in terms of plot development. While we got lots of bromance, romance, and funny scenes, the plot didn’t develop much until last weeks episode. But they certainly delivered amazing episodes in terms of plot and performance in these last two episodes. They honestly closed a lot of loose ends with the sword and Eun Tak’s destiny nicely in this episode. I honestly hope that this Special tomorrow will actually tell us something useful and not just be a stupid recap.

Drop an ask and talk to me! I’d love to discuss!

(Review Episode: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 )


SS6 Encore Day2 -Ending MENT:

Wook: Why are you crying? We’re going to keep going so… If you look at us, the maknae’s don’t match
Kyu: What are you saying? I’m crying!

Wook said he hoped the Hyung’s would believe in the younger ones as well and that they’d all carry on to work hard

Wook sang
Teuk: What the… why is it so sad!
Heechul: SO SAD
Kyu: This is too sad….!!

kangin: it will just be for awhile. And you guys still have leeteuk hyung, heechul hyung, yesung hyung and me…. 

 Kangin is also crying and hae tried to make him laugh by doing funny poses !

Hae: I feel like I’ll really miss this picture (seeing the audience) So for this stage… *Chu*
They were all saying Donghae was gonna cry
DH: I’m not crying
KI: He’s crying

Siwon: I’m really thankful. I’m always thankful. I’m happy to be able to have this chance to show how grateful I am, Thank you
Kangin and Donghae hugged Siwon after his speech…

Kyu: Yesterday we worked really hard, as if there was no tomorrow. And today I was really happy. You’re going to keep supporting suju right?

Teuk: We’ll believe in you guys

HEECHUL IS CRYING ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ he hid behind yesung and siwon and ryeowook hugged him ㅠㅠ
Heechul is sad coz this is the last supershow he could perform with the 3 of them- Siwon, Hyuk& hae

eunhyuk: I didn’t cry. Just a little bit of tears came It would be good if you were together with us like this always, Today was really fun. This may be the end of SS6 but it would be great if you can meet us like this in SS7 too! You understand right?!

Hyuk taking, chul is still crying and in kangin arms with siwon patting his back

Teuk: Now it’s SS6’s last performance. This song is made by Donghae

Heenim went to hug hae and hae can’t handle it and walked away smiling through tears

cr:emzhaek,Teuk_Kay, sjissj

Moon Lovers: Looking Forward

So, I feel like all of us are waiting for Monday to see how the story will further develop… and while we’re waiting, I decided to look through the long 6 minute highlight trailer and see what scenes we have left that we haven’t seen yet. 

I’ll warn you now, this will be quite a long post. 

Starting with the trailer for Episode 10, we get glimpses of what to expect. Yeah, that’s right. 






(I predict already that this scene will wreck me 10000%) 

But no doubt, Queen Yoo is up to something.

In both the episode 10 trailer and 6 minute highlight video, So confronts his mother. We won’t know the full conversation until we get the whole scene but here are two lines we get from the trailers. 

Wang So: It won’t work out the way you want it to.

Wang So: Aren’t you satisfied yet if you’ve tormented me this much already? When will you leave me alone? 

And we have this loveeeely ocean scene coming up. *cries* 

Wang So: Shall we just run away like this? I can do that, if that’s what you want. 


On a happier note, here is a picture with Lee Joon Gi on a horse that is wading in the ocean. He posted this on his Instagram a while back, and I guess he was filming the ocean scene with So and Soo that day! 


We’ve also seen a darker Wook emerging, and he looks like he is going to be in utter pain as well next week as well. 

The way he agonizingly calls out Soo’s name… yeah B Y E i didn’t sign up for this pain

But definitely in the 6 minute trailer, we see how Wook changes from gentle to dark… and I’m so, so curious as to how his character arc will develop. 

Oh, dear lord. His face. The hunger. The darkness. And also, somehow empty. I like that his ambition is starting to show though. 

And moving on again… even after that terrible kiss at the end of episode 9, we all know that Soo and So are going to fall in love. And it’s going to burn like fire, all epic and passionate. fire fire fire 

How soft this scene looks. *CRIES YET AGAIN* But I wonder what the story is behind her cut lip. WHO HURT HAE SOO i’ll fight you 

Hae Soo: Leave me alone! 

That’s the voiceover of Hae Soo’s voice during this exact moment. Is she saying that So? Could it be Wook? Why is Soo walking away, and So trying to stop her? 

Wang So: I missed you. 

Did he go somewhere? Why is he wearing his mask? My theory would be that he was away for some reason, but he didn’t have access to his makeup, and therefore he wore the mask again. Hmmm. 

This is another post from Lee Joon Gi’s instagram. I had originally thought that it was a photo from the beginning with So was returning from Shinju, but the outfit is different and the men behind him are soldiers who are carrying flags. And he’s wearing the mask again… so it links to the direct scene above. 

So went somewhere and came back is the theory I’ll settle on. The why? We have to wait and see. 


(This is from IU’s instagram! And Soo is holding a gaksital–a bridal mask).

As IU has stated in interviews before, we’re supposed to see Soo grow up and develop in Goryeo. When Go Ha Jin first calls into Soo’s body, she’s in her late teens. And we’re going to see how she is during her 20s, 30s, according to what I remember from the interview. And so, it’s not a surprise that she also climbs up the ranks. She’s already been promoted to serve So by the order of Taejo.

She’s wearing the same clothes that Court Lady Oh wears! 

Hae Soo: I can do it. I won’t turn a blind eye. I won’t leave anyone to be unhappy….

There are so many stills of Hae Soo that are beautiful, but she is also so sad.

Hae Soo: A person who doesn’t reveal their emotions easily when it comes to meeting or parting with people. A person who knows how to hide it for the sake of others. That’s the kind of person we needed…. 

This is a line that was featured in the 5 minute Chinese trailer. 


Hae Soo: If we had met at a different world and time… how wonderful would have that been? 


Even on Hae Soo’s promotional poster, it reads: “If we only hadn’t met… then I wouldn’t be filled with such longing….” 

On a side note, Hae Soo is holding a letter with red writing. And the room she is in is quite fancy. The red ink makes me nervous. My mother always tells me that it’s bad luck to write people’s names in red ink in Korea, so I get the unsettling feeling that something is wrong. 

But as the romance between Soo and So will develop, then there comes to an end to Soo and Wook’s relationship. 

Wang Wook: I missed you every moment. 

And yikes. What better way to end a relationship than to break the gift he gave her? Although it doesn’t look like Hae Soo at this point, so I’m guessing Wook.

And while all this romance is nice, we can’t forget the fight for the throne. Following the timeline, Taejo’s reign is coming to an end. As Hae Soo remembers the fight of the throne following Taejo was intense and ruthless. When you have a lot of sons, this is what happens. 

Taejo: I’m trying to protect the country. 

Looks like we have lot of fighting and armor going on here. 

I find it interesting that the General supports So. It makes sense that he would support his student, who learned martial arts under him. But his daughter’s husband is the 10th Prince, Wang Eun, who is actually closely allied with Wook.

And of course, 13th Prince Baek Ah was always on So’s side. 

Even from the beginning. Korean sources stated that while Baek Ah was allied with So– and the rest were with Wook: 9th Prince, 10th Prince, & 14th Prince. Yo is kind of on his own evil team. The evil eyeliner team. 

But we seem to building up to a Wook vs. So battle. 

To become Emperor… 

Wang So: My destined opponent? I don’t believe in such a thing called fate. 

Well, damn. 


This is also from Lee Joon Gi’s instagram… one of the last photos he posted regarding the wrapping up the filming on the drama. Man, So looks both full of rage and alone, gripping his sword like a lifeline. 

And there’s also a lot of pain for the other brothers. 

It won’t be a surprise to see Crown Prince die because we’re going to end up with the reign of Gwangjong. 

my poor innocent bbs 

But with all of our princes, we cannot forget our “kingmaker” Princess Yeonhwa. I really enjoy her. She can rub you off in the wrong way, but she’s smart and sharp and she’s willing to become powerful in all ways a woman can during her time. She cannot become a king, so she will become a kingmaker. She dreams to rise above them. YOU GO GIRL. Usurp the power. 

This is also why I’m so, so intrigued to see how her relationship with So will develop. They eventually get married. I wanna see how that happens. 

And we also have the blossoming romance between Baek Ah and Woo Hee. Baek Ah deserves all the happiness, honestly. 

I like how Woo Hee can do gentle and dark. After all, she’s the last standing princess of Hu-Baekje, and she cannot forget how her country has perished… I’m getting the sense she might be out for revenge. 

Man, this is also a very heartbreaking shot of Court Lady Oh. 

Court Lady Oh: The reason as to why princes become cowardly is always the same.

And lastly, I want to part with my favourite still of Hae Soo–the one that haunts me the most. As well as the most chilling line that is said in the trailer (honestly, the English translation does not do this line justice). 

Queen Yoo: The palace is a place where we all chase each other’s tails and devour one another… 

The Wang Brothers: For the beast that lurks inside all of us

“I am
that different 
different beasts 
in you.”
Michelle K., Beasts 

I think I could talk forever about the parallels between Yo, So, and Wook. There was so much foreshadowing and symbolism in these episodes too. I had to watch the episodes twice to really try to understand the different dynamics that was going on and trying to understand the characters. And man, there is a lot to say. 

A good place to start is the parallels between Hae Soo & Wook and Yeonhwa & So when the two men are both asked if they want to become Emperor. If you’re paying attention, the language they use is slightly different, even if they’re talking about the same thing. I don’t know if I picked up on it more because I’m Korean, and I wasn’t sure if the English translation was picking up on the subtle differences, but I’ll just discuss it here because I believe it’s important. 

황제가 될 거다 vs. 황제가 되겠다 
(”I will be the emperor” vs. “I will become the emperor”) 

I’m not quite sure I’m doing the translation justice, but the way Wook’s way of saying that he will become the king is more definite. He vows to become the king. On the other hand, So’s way of phrasing is more based on his desires. He wants to become the king. 

Soo: Your Highness, by chance, do you want to become the emperor? Are you going to become the emperor? 
Wook: Did you ask if I’m going to become the emperor? I will be the emperor.

Hae Soo’s phrasing of the sentence is a lot more definite too. Her final question is “are you going to become the emperor?” instead of simply asking “do you want to become the emperor?” 

And while this is happening, Yeonhwa and So have their own conversation, and it draws a parallel between the two princes who were born in the same year. 

Yeonhwa: Do you want to become the emperor?
So: If I become emperor, then can I have a person’s heart? If I become emperor, can I have the heart that I so earnestly desire? If so, then I want to be the emperor. I will become the emperor.

For So, it always comes down to Hae Soo, and the nothing else. Yeonhwa is shocked by his lack of lust for power, but she should have known better. For So, who grew up isolated and lonely, everything inside of the palace is disenchanting for him and he doesn’t understand why everyone grapples for the throne. This is also why there is a divisive line between Yeonhwa and So. This is also what intrigues me about their future relationship. So will no doubt marry Yeonhwa for the political alliance (as she says, if she–a Hwangbo–becomes So’s person, then he can become king). 

I think they’re quite respectful of each other. So is not one to back down, and neither is Yeonhwa. It’ll be interesting to see how they handle situations together in the future and how they’ll handle “fights” within their marriage. 

So is always saying that he will become emperor, but I don’t think he really means it. He has the same conversation with his mother, but he doesn’t mean it then, either. He doesn’t want it, but he shows willingness to take the throne if need be. And if he really wants Hae Soo and desires to protect her and be with her, then he just may fight for the throne. But even then, So’s desire to become emperor would be out of the selfless desire to protect what he loves, while Wook’s drive is still for his own greed for power in order to not lose what he possesses (he claims it’s all for Hae Soo, we all know that that’s a lie).

Caught between So and Wook, Hae Soo chooses the side she believes to be the right path… 

Look at how far they’e come! Soo trusts So without hesistation! *falls* 

So: What, do you want to sit on the throne?

I stand by with the thought that So would be all for Soo taking the throne. HA! #gottasupporttheloveofmylife #shecantakethepower #letmeserveher #iloveyouandwoulddoanythingforyou #watchthisshipsetsail

But Hae Soo does not desire the throne. She’s grown to fear it. She knows the cost of having such a power–you need to be capable of throwing those you love away to protect the throne, and your loved ones are constantly at each other’s throats, grappling for that very power. Nobody is truly ever safe.

Hae Soo also knows that So will become Gwangjong, and even if he doesn’t desire to become a king yet, it is the fate he is bound to. He has a lot of history ahead of him. The question remains of how he gets there. 

And we have the “break-up” of the Wook/Soo couple. 

It’s really heart-breaking to think that after everything, after everything that Wook has done to her and what she has lost, she is still willing to believe in the best in Wook and goes as far as to propose running away together, in hopes that nobody else will get hurt. Because that’s the kind of person Hae Soo is–compassionate, considerate of others, and cannot turn a blind eye to those who are in hurting. 

But she learns that Wook tested her. She learns that Wook is not willing to give her as much as she is willing to give him. She learns that Wook desires power. She learns that Wook would use her to hurt So, when he should know better than anyone what Lady Oh’s death did to her. 

Hae Soo cannot forgive someone who tried to use her to hurt someone else. I think Soo is the type of person who is okay if she gets hurt, because she’ll learn to deal with it, but she cannot watch the ones she loves getting hurt, especially because of her. This is the final straw for Soo. Wook says he will bring her back to his side, but she says it will not be easy. 

The development of Wook and So’s relationship 

Out of the evolving relationships between the brothers, Wook and So’s is one that receives a lot of attention. Born in the same year, but they’re seen as being utterly different. Wook is one of the few brothers who was willing to treat So like a human being in the beginning, and So treats him with equal kindness and respect. However, as Hae Soo ends up getting hurt because of him, So can no longer forgive him. But no matter how angry So is at Wook, he still doesn’t want Wook to be hurt and doesn’t want his brother to die. This is another parallel between him and Soo, even when Hae Soo has been betrayed by Wook–she, too, doesn’t want him to die. But Wook is willing to throw away So. 

Wook continues to be the snake that he is, masquerading as Yo’s shadow. Cut from the same cloth, he is just as cunning and sly as his sister. But he betrays Yo at a crucial moment to save himself and pretend that he was on the Crown Prince’s side the whole time in order to gain his favor. It’s amusing to watch So get annoyed by Wook’s own actions, and I think So finds Wook’s behaviour to be unsightly and distasteful. 

Remember that scene where Wook tells So that nothing in the palace is his? Not his sister Yeonhwa, or his wife’s younger sister Hae Soo, and yet… So is the one who will end up having them both as his own people. #getrektwook

The final scenes leading up to the ending of episode 13 are quite powerful. The line between beast and human is something that is continuously brought up in Moon Lovers. While So grew up with rumours surrounding him that he hunted wolves for fun, and became the feared “wolf-dog,” there is a beast that prowls inside of all of the princes–and even the princesses and queens, too. 

The need to chase after each other’s tails, the need to devour one another for power. We humans like to think that we’re better than humans for using our brains instead of instincts, and we dance around the fact that we think we’re wiser than animals… but we forget that it’s our instincts that help us to survive. And this harsh, ruthless world of Goryeo, you need to count on your instincts as much as you need to count on your smarts.

As Yo escapes and is being chased, I think we see the beast coming out in all of them. 

So [to Wook]: Let’s not act like we’re hunting an animal. 

I want to scream at this scene. There’s so much to discuss! Let’s talk about the fact that Wook points his arrow at Yo, the very brother who taught him to aim at what he wants to target. Wook is more than willing to take Yo down like an animal, because that’s all he is to Wook now–another player on the chessboard he can take down. 

As Yo continues to fight, So steps up to end it as efficiently as he can. And in doing so, So also steps up for Jung, his younger brother. Even though Jung has been to war and is quite capable of holding his ground, he’s still perceived to be the cute, younger brother who needs to be protected. 

So [to Jung]: Stop it. Do you think you can face him until the end? To you, he’s still your hyung (lit. older brother). 

Jung respects Yo even if he doesn’t he doesn’t agree with everything he does. Yo has probably treated Jung nicer than So has ever been treated by Yo, and Yo and Jung have nonetheless grown up together. So has never been fully a part of the family or their fraternal relationship–So sees Yo as nothing but a traitor and an enemy now. And So’s never really liked Yo in the first place either.

(And look at the goddamn way Wook looks on, this snake is willing to step back and let the brothers go at each other. He’ll walk away from whatever happens, and make whatever remains his.) 

He gives Yo a chance to surrender. But push comes to shove…

(The beast comes out…) 

So stabs his brother, in an attempt to save his own life. Instincts, remember? He acts on them without thinking, and realizes with sick horror at what he has done. He has stabbed his own brother, and had a hand in his downfall. This is not what So wanted.

I want to step aside and talk about Jung for a moment. 

Jung has grown up a lot. Being the youngest prince out of all of them, he’s received a lot of love and affection from everyone. He’s matured, going to war and fighting his own battles. But he is also still very young, and has a lot of maturing to do. Jung has a lot of qualms when it comes to So. While they seem to get along as time passes, Jung thinks So is the reason as to why his mother and Yo have changed (and Hae Soo tells him not to blame So). Jung watches So take his own brother down (Queen Yo says So has devoured her son) and vows to say beside his mother’s side. I think it will be difficult for Jung to forgive So, which is not surprising if Jung decides to stand with Wook. And if Soo ever gets hurt because of So, then he will not forgive him either. 

In the aftermath of what has happened, So comes to Soo. He confesses that he stabbed his brother, and comes to her because he thought she would understand him, even if she couldn’t forgive him. The fact that So is so devastated by what he did to his hyung, his older brother goes to show that So still considered Yo to be his brother. Although he pretended in front of Jung that Yo wasn’t someone he cared for, he does. So cares deeply about people as much as Soo does–even he doesn’t want Wook to die, despite everything. 

Everyone in the palace has people they care about and want to protect. Everyone in the palace desires something. They’re all at each others’ necks. And the beast inside of all of them comes out, fighting to survive. Because it’s not a crime to want to live, right? 

Her scar

one tells her off for putting herself in risk and the other tries to hide it, pretend it never happened. 

Wang so’s dying to talk to her about this, he’s not going to ignore the giant risk shes taken 

he’s a reality check and she knows it

Wang So (4th) gets a full explanation from hae-soo and accepts to her its strength, she saved her own life, like him she did what was necessary for survival

how is he goign to fight with that line, he himself see’s life like that.

 they always communicate even on the horse, she explained why she was getting off the horse

Wang Wook (8th??) doesnt really talk to her about it properly, he covers its. Hides it and i think it shows hes not really aware of her strength, he sees her as fragile. She was lost and new when the connected, shes not anymore. I think it will start to become evident slowly its not the best match. Or that So is a better one. The haesoo ive come to see on screen not around wang wook would have put the bracelet on the other hand, her scar is nothing to hide. When you fall for someone you can change parts of yourself or ignore things to fit the relationship

also when wook touches the scar or looks at it, her face makes me feel like shes remebering wang so telling her off about it

i read somewhere someone saying because she’s scared she cant marry the future king wang so, his face is scared and he’ll change so much of history anyway (im going on that hope) 

she did cry after the incident with wang wook, that was fear and shock. but after incidents you get consoled by whoevers closest (though thats probably who she wanted)

with wang so she actually processes it, and talks about it. letting it out

^^his hearts breaking seeing her let out the actual pain

My Theory, Last Part.

So, what’s the thing that all the people missed? This One:

In the premonition, Eun, dies from an arrow which is through his chest. And as i said before, in the preview of episode 10, we can see Wook being so good at it with the arrows, just like the 3rd prince. So what’s my conclusion? The one who’s going to do the killing, is Wook or the 3rd Prince, or maybe they both start to work together. I’ve realized, that this premonition is an important clue about what’s going to happen next. As i mentoned, Wook started to show a change into his personalit, that it’s really scary, the way he talks, what he says, and his gazes, say it all. I never thought he was innocent, in fact, i think that he’s way worse than the 3rd prince, since he was hiding behind a mask, all this time. So why do i think he will turn into an evil? I think he already started, or maybe he always had his evil side asleep inside. And the reason, is probably Hae Seoo, since he’s totally crazy for her, and doesn’t want her to be dating with another man, so, yeah, because of ambition and jealousy. Friendly reminder, that Eun is also in love with Hae Soo, it says it all. And Why Hae Soo sees Wang Soo in her premonitions? Because Wang So is the one who was the most violent from the start, and she would never think that Wook could ever do something like that, cause she thinks, that he’s perfect. It was a thing that everyone missed, and it’s clearly related. My last conclusion, is that Wook is going to be the evil one. Not to mention the fact that Wang So never used arrows before. Let’s see if i’m right, soon.

Scarlet Heart Ryeo: Episode 9


  • can we just fast forward to the bit where she completely falls for him.
  • I cant stand seeing So broken again. It’s literally so painful to watch.
  • how am i going to deal with all these feels 
  • I don’t know how I’m going to survive till next week’s ep.
  • I feel like ep 10 and 11 will fuck me up worse than ep 9
  • Jesus take the wheel
Hae Soo’s vision + Wang Eun & Soon Duk’s death

Let’s first talk about Hae Soo’s vision.

The first time we see Hae Soo’s vision about Wang Eun dying and Wang So laughing, is before King Taejo even dies. This is important because so far, she hasn’t done anything to stray from the written past (or I hope she hasn’t). This makes her terrified of Wang So because obviously, he is going to be Gwangjong and from what we hear from her is that he will be the one to kill his brothers. (Even though with some google search, it is never said that he killed his brothers).

This is where she begins to distance herself from Wang So, because she doesn’t want to be associated with a murderer.

Now, the second time we see Hae Soo’s vision is just mere moments before the said vision, and this time it is the ruling of King Yo. Everything that has happened after King Taejo’s death has been altered. And I am 90% sure that it is because of what Hae Soo did, I don’t know what but it has to do with Wang So’s feelings for her.

In the preview given to us for episode 16, instead of the Wang So we see in her vision who is laughing and looks like who enjoys killing Wang Eun, we see Wang So in tears, and it is written in his face the amount of pain he is feeling right now.

That is the difference between her vision and the current present she is in right now. Of course the conclusion will always be the same, with Wang Eun and Soon Duk dying (WILL NEVER ACCEPT THIS BTW), the only difference is, she will see that the Wang So in front of her is not the Wang So she saw in her vision. And this will help her figure out what she feels for Wang So (even though we know that she likes him, but does she love him?).

Now moving on to Wang Eun and Soon Duk’s death

I have a feeling that King Yo will be the reason why Wang Eun has arrows stuck in his body and not Wang Wook.


In the preview for episode 16, we see King Yo holding the bow and targetting someone and Hae Soo multiple times. And we know that Wang Wook cannot aim well unless he focuses on a target.

Wang Wook maybe an asshole, but he loves his brothers and I don’t think he will cause Wang Eun’s death per say, I mean he was the one who suggested that Wang So be the one who hunt them down, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t help to kill them. Got it?

He also won’t be the one to target Hae Soo because even though she hates him right now, he is still inlove with her.

I believe that it will be Soon Duk who falls first.

Yeah I said it, Soon Duk will dies will battling the guards when she is cut from behind by an unknown enemy, I am crossing my fingers that it was not Wang So but one of the guards but what the heck with this series, I don’t know who is the good guy and who’s the bad guy.

She battle the guards when she figures out that they don’t care that he is the General’s daughter, and begins to fight for her and Wang Eun’s life until she’s bleeding on the floor.

Wang Eun dies after her.

When he goes out, I think that he will see that she is struck behind and reaches her just as she falls down, and that’s where he is struck by arrows.

And deep down, I know that Wang Eun will be crying too because he has never managed to protect her the way she protected him.

I am hoping and wishing (that it doesn’t come true) that the only reason why Wang So is crying is because Wang Eun asks him to end his life, because now that Soon Duk is dead, the one person who loved Wang Eun with everything she had even when he rebuffed her, was now gone.

To conclude

Hae Soo’s vision remains true.

Wang Eun and Soon Duk will die whether or not she altered something.

It’s the people in her vision that differ.

Wang So laughing vs Wang So crying

*King So vs King Yo

*I added King So vs King Yo because Hae Soo believed that So would become King and be the one to order Wang Eun dead

brb crying because of the theory.

[end rant theory]