so i see what wook likes


I’m here to give you a warning. Leave me and the people around me alone. And what if I don’t? If you don’t, I’ll come and find you, no matter where you may be. I’ll end our first encounter with just this warning but if I ever come to see you a second time, you will die.

Suspicious Partner Episode 20

Get yourself someone who will hug you like Ji-wook hugs Bong-hee even when she’s a dirty hot mess, and still believes you are the most pretty woman in the world. Or that when you are in hair pulling fight, he be like “whatever happens, must protect bae!” because if that’s not true love, I don’t know what it is.

I’m really enjoying this new dynamic between Ji-wook and Bong-hee when he’s a playful and cheeky flirt and now that he knows it affects her -and quite obviously- I hope he keeps on with it. It’s amazing how much Ji-wook has changed since he openly admitted his feelings for Bong-hee, being in love suits him! He’s smiling more, not hiding his feelings in front of anyone and incredibly affectionate. And I love he accepts her just the way she is, even when she throws herself with so much passion into her work that she doesn’t shower for three days. Ew, by the way.

I also find it refreshing that he’s willing to share his most private feelings and experiences with her, like the story of his family. Kudos, show, because I knew Lawyer Byun was like a father figure to him but you surprised me by presenting him like the man who actually raised him along side with his wife who now I know it’s his Godmother. WOW! That took me by surprise!

And I give more kudos to the show for having Bong-hee admitting she’s in a similar situation where she has two fathers but won’t tell him the story just yet because just like with her own feelings she’s still on the fence about risking her heart once again with Ji-wook. It’s a nice parallel that the show draw for us about their own relationship with each other.

I know we are all dying to find out about the relationship between both families, and there’s definitely one, but I won’t jump into conclusions until I have more information about Bong-hee’s family situation and the fire that took Ji-wook’s parents. I also don’t want to spend the next couple of weeks dreading that maybe they will have to deal with the “lead parents murdered by other lead parents” troupe. I won’t do it, and actually I want to believe the show won’t be this obvious since it’s already proven to be rather original in its storytelling. On this I want to trust the writer who I know from shows like Protect the Boss and Remember Me (aka Hello Monster), and those didn’t disappointed, so there’s hope I say!

For now I’m looking forward to see more exciting and flirty moments between Bong-hee and Ji-wook. This is the facet where they can be happy, sweet and everything is possible as long as they are together. I want them to nurture it because then they will become a solid unit that no matter what happens, will remain and work on their personal and professional problems as a team.

And no, I did not miss that invitation to sleep together he throw her way. Noh Ji-wook, you cheeky and mischievous bastard. Keep them coming! (´⌣`ʃƪ)

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Finished Episode 4

Wow, less than a week. That’s progress. 

Can I just mention how Soo is super blind when it comes to Wook?

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 Like, for reals. Wook literally stands around and does nothing while Yeon Hwa is hurting Soo. He knows its wrong, he knows he should do something but he does nothing until both So and Eun jump to her defense. 

Soo should have been paying more attention there, to the people who actually kept her from being hurt and the looser who told her ‘he hoped she would forget about it’ and that he was “sorry he couldn’t stop it” It’s your bloody house, Like, come on! 

And then he goes to tell So nothing there belongs to him. Typical insecure idiot marking his territory. Wook might as well had peed all over Soo and Yeon Hwa for all the good he does with this little speeches. 

Thats what we call “Character revealing moments” and you FAILED. Stupid Wook. 

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Yes, Eun, you were a prince today! You childish, adorable, little prince. 

Yeon Hwa is such a bitch. I mean, why can’t her brothers see that she enjoys causing pain to others? even Jung says her beatings get out of hand but no one really tells her off for it? Thats not good household management, hon. 

Also, So did not like when she said ‘her brother’ wouldn’t have stopped her. 

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Kudos to the actress though, because I hate her character with passion. And she is consistent.

Urgh, Wook. You annoy me just by showing up. Urgh!!!! 

On the other hand, I could watch So and Soo argue all day. 

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Also, all the scenes at the prayer stones where really good, they informed both their characters so much. How Soo struggles with feelings she knows are wrong. How So doesn’t actually enjoy destroying things and how he tries to make amends when he can.  

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That last scene was beautifully shot and acted. Soo’s nagging and the fact that So actually enjoys that someone cares enough to tell him off on his behavior and to take care of himself. No one has ever done that for him and you can see the stars in his eyes when he looks at Hae Soo from then on. 

Jung you are an idiot. An ungrateful, reckless idiot. I’m low-key hating you right now. Keep hiding behind your mother you big baby. 

And thanks, Prince Mu, for keeping your words, though it was so SAD when So said he wouldn’t be son or brother, just a loyal subject. :(

Onto Episode 5… though I did promise to watch While You Were Asleep first. *Sigh*

Also, stupid Wook.


“You know what? I want you to see each other… so that I can oppose to them dating!!!“ - Mr. Byun

(Lol! Sometimes Mr. Byun can be such a kid! But we all know at the end of the day, he will learn to love them both together just like the rest of us *winks*)

Goodbye, Temperature of Love

it’s been a while since i wrote a critique this long. but sometimes i get annoyed and spit out walls of text. and sometimes i like to give these posts dramatic titles. so here: a 1k work piece on why i’m no longer going to be watching this drama. read at your peril.

(@the-feminine-grotesque​ and @theflowergirl, this is for you guys haha)

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Hot Commode-ity: An illustrated FanZine on Films
Taking an appreciative look at movies in which a toilet is used as a weapon or for other non-evacuatory purposes (a comic-sized book)

Well, would you look at that?! Them “Propheteers” are at it again. This time they’ve got a Kickstarter campaign to fund a book called “Hot Commode-ity” 

I say it’s worth checking out, I mean, it has: @popgunwar, @sandra-lanz, @sayunclecomics, @chipperwhale@simon-roy, and @royalboiler involved in it, AND it has @ramonvillalobos,  @wookjinclark and @effalope, so it sounds beautiful to me.

Check it out, give it a buck, share it with friends, see what happens. I think you’re going to like what you see.

Thank you!


It’s been a year since I started watching korean dramas. I saw a beautiful scene from Empress Ki at my national TV where Seung Nyang comforts Ta Hwan. After these lines, my journey with kdramas started:

Ta Hwan: I said I wanted to be alone.  What do you want? I don’t want you to see me like this.

Seung Nyang: My eyes are closed. My ears are covered. I see nothing. I hear nothing. Just sit back and relax.

I became a fan of Ji Chang Wook and he was my first korean crush so I watched Healer and I couldn’t stop watch more kdramas. After City hunter, Two worlds and Moon lovers, Lee Min Ho, Lee Jong Suk and Lee Joon Gi also became my beloved, korean actors. There are also many other kdramas that I watched and there will be more of it in future.

List of kdramas that I watched/ I’m watching (may not be full):

  • Empress Ki
  • Marriage, not dating.
  • Healer
  • Heirs
  • City hunter
  • Moon lovers
  • W-Two worlds
  • Weightlifting fairy Kim Bok Joo
  • Uncontrolablly fond
  • Doctors
  • Who are you: School 2015
  • Innocent man
  • Oh my ghost
  • Pinocchio
  • Cheese in the trap
  • One more happy ending
  • Heal me, kill me
  • Boys over flowers
  • Descendants of the sun
  • She was pretty
  • Sweet stranger and me
  • Madame Antoine
  • Cunning Single Lady
  • Dramaworld
  • Fall in love with me (taiwanese)
  • The legend of the blue sea
  • Page turner
  • Seven first kisses

Korean movies:

  • Twenty
  • 200 pounds beauty
  • Hot young bloods
  • Steal my heart
It’s Curiosity (Scarlet Heart Ryeo! Wang So) Pt. 2ish

Type: Fluff

Part 1 (kinda): Here

Request: Also I was wondering if I could request something that you can add to something your are already working on; if not it’s fine. A Wang So scenario where his wife sees him acting more depressed than usually and she asks him about it. He doesn’t want to tell her but he does, he said he overheard people talking about him and his scar. His wife shows him how much she loves his scar, and how is shouldn’t care what other people think. Something to think about! -Wang So anon 🎀

Note: instead of adding it I just did another part for it kinda lol

“Somethings got So sad” you spoke as you sat with Wook and Won, they followed your eyes and were confused by your words. “He looks like he normally does” Won tells you “what? You must be blind” you mumble. Your hands clenched your skirt tightly before you got up “So!” you call as you rush to catch up to him. “She’s mad for that man” Wook speaks as he watches your form disappear from his view. 

“So!” you call again as you trip which instantly made him stop and head over to you “are you alright?” he asks as he helps you up. He realized your hands were slightly blood “you clumsy girl” he mumbles as he holds your hands “what is wrong?” you asked him “you hurt yourself we have to take you to see the doctor” he spoke as you held your ground. He pulled harder but you only stepped roughly two steps forward. “Y/N-” he starts “why are you so sad?” you asked him “I’m not” he sighs “ya! I know you are I can see what others can’t” you say as he gives you a solid look.

“People were talking about how I am and what I look like” he whispers it was his only weakness it seemed was the harsh words of others about things he couldn’t help. You gave him a look “So” you whispered back as you quickly wrap your arms around him. “You’re perfect to me” you say into his chest lightly “you always say that” he tells you “it’s because I mean it” you promise as a smile comes to your face. “What?” he asks lightly excited by your smile “I know exactly how to cheer you up” you say making him blush as you tug him along.


“This isn’t what I thought you were meaning” he informs as you undo the strings of his top “I said I was going to show you how perfect you are” you say. “If we get caught we will be in trouble or talked about more than we already are” he says as you grab his jaw and bring him in for a kiss to shut him up. “I put a lot of thought into this” you pout as he sighs mumbling about how it took you only seconds to decide this before stepping forward. You smiled as you watch him slowly step into the hot waters of the spring and you get in after him. “We’re not supposed to bathe together at least not here” he whispers as he looks at you. 

You reach forward grabbing the strings of his mask and undo them, he remained frozen as you fully take it off of him and sit it on the wooden floor beside his clothes. Your hands quickly moved to his chest as you felt the scars that were on his torso ”do you know what these make you?” you ask him while he remains quiet “they make you my warrior” you say leaning down and kissing one of them lightly before moving to the next. Once you were sure you kissed each your hands moved onto his face as you touched his scar tracing it with the pad of your thumb “and this makes you my Wang So” you say as he lets out a breath he didn’t know he was holding. 

His hands cupped yours as he pulls you into a heavy kiss forgetting where you two were or what brought you two to this point. You loved him with a burning passion, defended him when everyone would be rude to him, you made him feel perfect with his imperfections. He pulled away resting his forehead against yours and almost instantly you giggled from his actions. “I think this is the first bold thing you’ve done since we’ve married” you joke “we should head back to our room” he tells you, you could hear a hint in his tone. “Oh my, my prince is bold tonight” you say wiggling your brows.

He smiled at your goofiness before grabbing your hand and tugged you out of the water tugging you along wanting to get back home as fast as you two could. “Wait” you call stopping him in his tracks as you leave his grip and rush over grabbing his mask and top. “Don’t leave evidence” you say as he smiles “are you ready now?” he asks holding out his hand out before you put his shirt in his hand “it might be cold” you tell him as he slides it on. He reaches for the mask but you shake your head and hold it away from him. “Take me to our room now” you order holding your hand out as he takes it quickly.

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sosoo not realizing they are doing cute couple things and everyone is sick of it bc literally everyone in the neighborhood knows they're kinda dating except for them 🙈 such a cliche but I love the friends to lovers trope

“I told you to stop being so picky when you eat! You have to eat all your vegetables,” she said, putting them back onto So’s tray. “You’re always doing this! Are you a child?” 

“I would eat them if they tasted half decent. It’s not my fault I can’t even swallow the damn things,” he said, picking at them with his chopsticks. 

Soo picked up a carrot and shoved it into his mouth. She smiled when he managed to gulp it down. 

“See? It’s not so bad,” she said, picking up a mushroom. “Now eat this.” 

So obeyed and opened his mouth, smiling as Soo fed him the mushroom. They continued this charade as Soo picked up a discarded vegetable and fed it to him. 

Jung stared back and forth between the two, irritated that this was what Soo meant by “getting lunch together”. 

Watching her feed his older brother made him lose his appetite. 

“Give me that sausage over there,” So said. 

“I guess since you ate all your vegetables-” 

Jung slammed back his chair and abruptly stood up. “If you guys are going to do this all day, I’m leaving!” He picked up his tray and glared at the two before storming off. 

“What was that all about?” So asked, watching his brother exit the cafeteria. 

Soo shrugged her shoulders. “I don’t know.” 

So, who was used to his younger brother’s tantrums, focused his attention back to his food. He found that he enjoyed having Soo feed him. The food tasted better this way—even the vegetables. 

“So are you going to keep feeding me or what?” 

Soo glared at him and shoved his tray back towards him. “You have hands don’t you?” 


Soo turned and saw Eun running down the hall. He juggled a box in one hand while waving wildly at her with the other. 

“Slow down!” she yelled out, rushing towards him. “You’ll fall!” 

He smiled as he pulled out a slingshot. “Look what I have! Isn’t it cool?” 

“Wow, that’s…neat,” she said. “What’s with all this anyway?” 

“I’m bringing them to Deok’s wood shop class,” he said, pulling out another toy. “She said she would make me anything I wanted but I couldn’t decide what so I brought all my favorites. If she makes one another one of these, we can play together.” 

“Thats a great idea, Eun.” Soo pulled out a puppet and laughed. “But I don’t think Soon Deok will be able to make this in her wood shop class.” 

“Oh, you’re right…” he said sheepishly. “I forgot…” 

Eun straightened up as he saw So walking over to them. 

“Hyung,” he said. “I didn’t know you had class today.” 

“He doesn’t,” Soo said, smiling up at So. “But we’re going to watch that new horror movie that just came out.” 

“Horror movie?” Eun scrunched his brows in confusion. “Hyung, you hate horror movies.” 

So winced at the thought of being in a dark theatre for two hours while things jumped out at you. 

"Really?” Soo crossed her arms and looked up at him. “If my memory serves me right, you’re the one that suggested we should go together.” 

“I said we should go together. I never said I particularly enjoyed scary movies,” he muttered. 

She smiled and grabbed his arm. “Well aren’t you brave? Don’t worry. I’ll protect you from all the ghosties.” 

So glared down at her in annoyance and tried to pull his arm away. “I’m not scared. I just don’t like things jumping out at me, alright?” 

“Uh huh,” she said, tightening her hold on him. “Whatever you say.” 

“I’m serious!” 

"Aw Eun, look how cute So is when he’s embarrassed!” Soo pointed out. 

Eun watched her continue to tease to his brother. This was the first time he had seen So embarrassed about something. Frankly, it made Eun feel a bit uncomfortable. 

“Uh, Soo,” he said. “I have to go. Soon Deok’s probably waiting for me…”

“Oh of course!” Soo said, waving him goodbye. 

As Eun walked away, So managed to finally pull his arm free.

“So, we don’t have to watch it if you don’t want to. I can watch it with someone else. I know for a fact that Baek Ah loves horror movies. I can ask him if-”

“No,” he said, pulling out the tickets from his back pocket. “I said I’ll watch it with you. Besides, Baek Ah’s probably too busy to go around watching movies with you.” 

So cleared his throat and walked over to the building doors. He turned and waved the tickets in the air. “Are you coming or not? Don’t tell me you’re scared.” 

Soo rolled his eyes as she walked over to him. “Oh please, we all know you’ll be screaming like a little girl.” 

“Is that why you started spending time with me? To get to Wook?” he asked. 

“What are you talking about?” Soo took a step towards him but he turned away from her touch. 

“I saw you two the other day. You guys really seemed to be hitting it off,” he said, crossing his arms.  

“Yes, I was with him but it was so that he could tutor me in ancient literature. You know how much I struggle with that class! Wook offered to help me and I accepted. That was it!” Soo yelled out in frustration. “And besides, why are you getting mad at me? It’s not like you and I are dating or something! If I wanted to meet up with Wook, or any guy for that matter, it has nothing to do with you!” 

“Oh really?” So said, gritting his teeth. “Well if you want to spend time with other guys then go ahead! Like you said, it’s not my place to stop you!” 

“Do you really want to go there right now? I don’t say anything to you when you’re hanging around with Yeon Hwa!” she pointed out. “But if I’m with another guy, then it’s not okay. Is that what you’re saying?” 

“Yeon Hwa and I are just friends! You know that!”

“And Wook is my friend!” Soo said, frustration fuming inside of her. “Do you not understand how skewed your logic is?” 

So’s nostrils flared in anger as he glared down at her. “Wook is my brother. Do you think I don’t know how he feels about you? Do you not think I see the way he looks at you? You have to be blind to not see that! If you want to start dating him, then go ahead. Just know that I never want to see you again.” 

Soo’s let out a shaky breath as she finished telling Baek Ah the story. 

That was the first time they ever fought. 

She hadn’t seen him in three days. 

She wiped the tears in her eyes. “How can he treat me like that? Getting angry at me for no reason. He knows Wook and I are just friends. I don’t see him as anything more than that but So wouldn’t listen to me!” 

“So hyung has always been stubborn. Ever since we were kids,” Baek Ah said. “He probably regretted saying those things to you the second the words came out of his mouth. He just has too much pride to apologize.” 

“That doesn’t make what he said okay,” she muttered. “He can’t…he can’t treat me like that. Not if he wants to continue being friends.” 

Baek Ah sighed as he handed her a handkerchief. “Soo. Do you really think he just wants to be friends with you?” 

“What do you mean?” 

“You guys are so…alike. It’s frustrating sometimes,” he said, a soft smile forming on his face. “You guys are both head over heels for each other. Everyone can see it. Heck, even Yo hyung can see it and he hates So. It’s just you two who are completely oblivious.” 

“That’s ridiculous-” 

“You think about what foods he likes. What makes him smile. Everything you look at makes you think of him. When you see something funny, he’s the first person you want to tell. If you read a good book, he’s the one you want to talk about it with. He’s the first person you text in the morning, and the last person before you goto sleep,” Baek Ah sighed. “Did I miss anything?” 

“I…I didn’t know,” she whispered. “How did you-”

“It’s how I knew I loved Woo Hee,” he said, smiling down at her. “And that’s how I knew So hyung loved you. You’re one of the only few people who can make him smile.” 

“Y-you think he loves me?” she asked in disbelief. 

Baek Ah nodded his head. “I do. Why else would he get unreasonably mad when he saw you with Wook? Wook has always been the one person who brought out So hyung’s insecurities. Ever since we were younger. Of course seeing you with him made him upset.” 

“I didn’t know…” Soo looked down at her hands. “I…I have to go.” She handed him his handkerchief and picked up her bag. “Thank you, Baek Ah.” 

Soo sighed in relief when she saw him laying down on the bench. 

She knew that he would be here. 

She slowed down as she approached him. His arms were crossed as he dozed off with a book covering his face. She carefully lifted the book off him and gasped when he grabbed onto her wrist. 

“So, it’s just me,” she said, grabbing onto his hand. 

He opened his eyes and quickly sat up, letting go of her wrist. He glanced up at her before quickly looking away. “What are you doing here?” 

“Can we talk?” she asked, taking a seat beside him. 

He stared out at the lake and she took his silence as a yes. 

“I’m going to ask you something, and you have to be honest with me, okay?” she said, scooting closer to him. “We always said we would never lie to each other.” 

“Well go ahead and ask,” he said, still staring straight ahead. 

“Do you…do you have feelings for me?” she asked, clenching her fists. 

His body stiffened and he glanced over at her. “What?” 

“Do you like me? As more than a friend,” she clarified. “If you do, you can tell me.” 

“I don’t know what you’re-”

“Because I do,” she admitted. “I like you. As more than a friend.” A small smile formed on her face. “I think I have for a while.” 

“You do?” he asked quietly. 

Soo nodded her head, and closed the remaining distance between them. “I do.” She bit her lip and looked up at him. “I need to know if you feel the same. Because if I was just overthinking things-” 

So pulled her towards him and placed a gentle kiss on her lips. 

The kiss was warm and sweet. 

Soo grabbed onto the front of his shirt as she leaned into the kiss. She didn’t expect his lips to be so…soft

She let out a sigh as he pulled back. 

“We said we would never lie to each other,” he said, smiling down at her. “But I’ve been lying to you for months. Because ever since that night when you took care of me…I’ve liked you. I always have.” 

She laughed as she wiped away the tears in her eyes. “This is crazy,” she said. “I mean…Baek Ah said everyone knew that we liked each other but us.” 

So placed a hand on her shoulder as his face remained serious. “Soo…about what I said that day. I didn’t mean any of it.” 

She placed a hand over his and gave it a light squeeze. “I know.” 

He turned his hand and laced his fingers with hers. 

“Wook really is just a friend,” she said. “You have to trust me on that.” 

“I do.” 

“And if I want to hang out with other guys, you have to accept that, alright?” 

So reluctantly nodded. 


She shrieked in surprise when So bent down to kiss her again. 

“Can you stop lecturing for just a minute? I want to kiss my girlfriend,” So said, smiling down at her. 

“Oh who says I’m your girlfriend?” 

So rolled his eyes as he tucked a piece of hair behind her ear. “Is this you’re way of rejecting me?” 

Soo grinned and grabbed onto the front of his shirt before leaning up to kiss him. She sighed into the kiss as he pulled her closer. She wished she had realized her feelings sooner if that meant they could’ve been doing this all along. 

She knew that there would be more fights in the future.

She knew that their relationship wouldn’t be all sunshine and roses. 

But for now, she basked in the feeling of this kiss. 

Warm. Soft. And perfectly sweet. 

Goblin Review: Episode 13

I’m still awe of what a heartbreakingly brilliant episode this was. The acting in this episode was undeniably amazing; every did such an fantastic job, especially our male leads. Wow.

Eun Tak: I had my theories when we saw that her mark was fading and she was losing her ability to see ghosts, but to see everything come to fruition in this episode was intense. I didn’t quite realize that Park Joong Won was waiting for the mark to fade so he can control her—that was utterly brilliant writing—but what an interesting concept. I’m wondering if Yeo will go through what he initially promised Shin in erasing her memories. Her fate is sealed now right? She pulled the sword so death should no longer come for her and she’d be free to live her life. But Shin told her to wait two days while they figured out the answer to the fate question the deity gave them, I feel like there’s more to the answer than just in killing Park Joong Won with the sword.

Grim Reaper/Wang Yeo: I have to praise Lee Dong Wook for such a brilliant performance this episode; he had so many emotional scenes and he executed them perfectly. It was interesting that getting his memories back was his punishment for breaking the rules. In the end he finally got what he wanted—he found out that he’s Wang Yeo. While he was obviously disappointed in his younger self, he finally understood why Shin was so angry. It was also nice to see him continue to warn Shin about how he keeps receiving Eun Tak’s name card. Despite the fact that he couldn’t do anything good for anyone when he was a king, he was able to do that now. Honestly though, I felt so bad for Yeo when Shin called him out on what his younger self did. While he wasn’t wrong, I kinda just wanted scream “that’s not who he is now, leave him alone!” Lol.

Shin/Eun Tak: I loved that he took her out a cute date before everything went to shit. Watching him break down while reading the contract broke my heart. That was honestly such good acting. And the scene where they were saying good-bye? Ugh. I have a feeling that Shin’s death just meant his freedom from his life of eternity. I can’t imagine them killing him off permanently so I expect him to come back mortal in the upcoming episodes.

Goblin/Grim Reaper: My heart honestly broke watching them fight but it was just so organic and brilliantly done. Despite his anger, I love that Shin acknowledged the moments where he and Yeo actually bonded in present day. Those flashbacks gave me the feels. I love that those two were still willing to help and trust each other; Yeo continued to warn Shin about getting Eun Tak’s name card and Shin entrusted Sunny’s safety to Yeo. In the end though, Yeo did fulfill Shin’s final request to do something good for once. While he may have asked him to protect and save Sunny like she saved him, saving Eun Tak from Park Joong Won also counts, right? We haven’t seen the last of their bromance, especially not with 3 more episodes to go, so I’m excited to see what’s next.

Sunny/Yeo: I knew that she didn’t forget anything because all her memories with him—both good and bad—made her happy. Ugh, I loved that scene. While it was sad to see her wipe his tears, return the ring, and say goodbye I’m satisfied in the consolation that they’ll meet again and they’ll get their happy ending for once. If the writer doesn’t give them that then I’m going to be so disappointed. Also, I love that Yep was watching over Sunny even before Shin asked him too. He arrived while PJW was staring through the mirror at her and attacked him and I was honestly like “boy, damn.” We again saw Samson mention these two paying a hefty price so I guess the question now is will they still have to pay now that they both know everything or is knowing everything but not being able to be together (because they’re being stupid) their punishment?

The drama has been pretty static in terms of plot development. While we got lots of bromance, romance, and funny scenes, the plot didn’t develop much until last weeks episode. But they certainly delivered amazing episodes in terms of plot and performance in these last two episodes. They honestly closed a lot of loose ends with the sword and Eun Tak’s destiny nicely in this episode. I honestly hope that this Special tomorrow will actually tell us something useful and not just be a stupid recap.

Drop an ask and talk to me! I’d love to discuss!

(Review Episode: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 )

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i keep rewatching soo's flashbacks of her time with so in the finale and they make me so sad, because she clearly treasured him so much as a lover and a friend. the 'my dear friend' song is so lovely. i always felt like soo and so actually connected over a feeling of shared loneliness, but that might just be me extrapolating from what little we know of ha jin's backstory. also, i think it's quite telling that we see soo having flashbacks to so, but never to her time with wook.

Firstly, I want to say that I’m in love with these flashback scenes, how they were edited with Wang So’s phrases which were basically engraved in Ha Jin’s subconsciousness - they gave me chills. And as you said, these flashbacks also confirmed that her love is as deep as So’s

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I love this song too, it’s so meaningful and fits their story. 

I find it absolutely beautiful that though So and Soo’s characters are different, there are so many similarities between them and they share same values and ideals.

Yep, who cares about Wook, this unnecessary sneaky snake-time stealer when So is her epic and only love. *cries*


SS6 Encore Day2 -Ending MENT:

Wook: Why are you crying? We’re going to keep going so… If you look at us, the maknae’s don’t match
Kyu: What are you saying? I’m crying!

Wook said he hoped the Hyung’s would believe in the younger ones as well and that they’d all carry on to work hard

Wook sang
Teuk: What the… why is it so sad!
Heechul: SO SAD
Kyu: This is too sad….!!

kangin: it will just be for awhile. And you guys still have leeteuk hyung, heechul hyung, yesung hyung and me…. 

 Kangin is also crying and hae tried to make him laugh by doing funny poses !

Hae: I feel like I’ll really miss this picture (seeing the audience) So for this stage… *Chu*
They were all saying Donghae was gonna cry
DH: I’m not crying
KI: He’s crying

Siwon: I’m really thankful. I’m always thankful. I’m happy to be able to have this chance to show how grateful I am, Thank you
Kangin and Donghae hugged Siwon after his speech…

Kyu: Yesterday we worked really hard, as if there was no tomorrow. And today I was really happy. You’re going to keep supporting suju right?

Teuk: We’ll believe in you guys

HEECHUL IS CRYING ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ he hid behind yesung and siwon and ryeowook hugged him ㅠㅠ
Heechul is sad coz this is the last supershow he could perform with the 3 of them- Siwon, Hyuk& hae

eunhyuk: I didn’t cry. Just a little bit of tears came It would be good if you were together with us like this always, Today was really fun. This may be the end of SS6 but it would be great if you can meet us like this in SS7 too! You understand right?!

Hyuk taking, chul is still crying and in kangin arms with siwon patting his back

Teuk: Now it’s SS6’s last performance. This song is made by Donghae

Heenim went to hug hae and hae can’t handle it and walked away smiling through tears

cr:emzhaek,Teuk_Kay, sjissj

I am one of the biggest supporters of SoSoo and I will go down with this ship.

But I wholeheartedly support Soo’s decision to leave and save herself. If she feels she’s had enough, then yes, she has every right to go. (The subject of her and So is a whole different issue, which I will not go into depth here. Again. lol) I don’t even mind her pleading for Wook (which is sooooo happening), showing him a level of compassion that he has never truly shown her because that’s her character. She is a good, kind-hearted person who wants only to see the best in people. This is also her fatal flaw.

What I cannot abide, and what I fear the drama will ultimately do, is have her leave without realizing the full extent of Wook’s darkness. He is the root of everything that has gone wrong, and he has never been held accountable for this.

But then I realized there’s something arguably worse that could happen. Soo could realize how far Wook has gone, but she will absolve him because she’ll take on the guilt herself. For what she said to him all those years ago, the warning she gave Wook after she had her vision of So killing Eun. Even though the darkness was already in Wook, she will see her warning as the push that led him to his current path (except it was really Yeon Hwa, but whatever).

And ohmygod, I seriously don’t know what will be more infuriating. In either case, Wook is still getting away with it.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. The drama has done Soo’s character a huge disservice because we rarely, if ever, get her POV on things. And even when we do, it doesn’t seem like enough and the audience has to be the one to make excuses for her. We never get to see her really wonder about the reasons behind her visions, or question the validity of them. Even when she’s hiding Eun and Soon Deok, it was a matter of debate - did she not trust So OR was she merely trying to protect him by separating the brothers, therefore ensuring (in her mind) the vision wouldn’t come to pass? WE DON’T KNOW. We’re supposed to think she loves So just as much as he loves her, which Episode 16 (and parts of 17) seemed to reinforce, only to take that away in Episode 18.

It’s just… frustrating. I want to believe this drama will handle the Wook issue in a satisfactory way, but with how the drama has been copying & pasting the c-version on top of the k-version lately… It’s hard to have faith. I will gladly eat my words though if the drama proves me wrong.

Goblin Review: Episode 2

It’s only the second episode, but this drama has done really well in establishing the main and secondary characters. The cinematography is amazing, I honestly thought all the special effects would look fake af which would really be a turn off, but they did it so well that it just seems natural. Also, this OST is on point, I love it.

Eun-tak: I honestly really like her. I’ve seen that some people have issues with the “cute” voice she uses, but she’s still in high school so it makes sense. Tbh, I think we’ll be getting a time skip soon, at least I’m hoping that we do. We’ve seen that she has some powers, she followed Shin to Canada by pushing through the door so it isn’t a stretch to think that. That makes me assume that she’s the one unconsciously hiding the bankbook that her Aunt is so anxious for. I hope we explore more of that soon.

Kim Shin/Goblin: He tries to be scary and mean, but he’s literally just so overdramatic lol. So we knew he had powers in the first episode, but we found out that he can manipulate the weather according to his mood; so as we saw, if he’s in a foul mood, he can create thunderstorms. I think they way they’re showing all the powers looks super natural so I’m glad they’re getting the fantasy part right. I think it’s interesting that he can only appear when she blows out a candle. I wonder if we’ll ever learn the meaning behind that. I know in the preview he said that he can’t show up in front of her because she didn’t summon him, but didn’t he do that before?

Wang Yeo/Grim Reaper: He’s so adorable. He’s very serious about his job, but he’s amusing as well. HIs rant about being competitive, his pettiness with Goblin? I have no doubt that he’ll become friendly with Eun-tak and Shin soon enough; he and Shin already have started their bromance in my opinion lol. I want to know more about him so I hope we learn more soon.

Deok-hwa: Like I said in my review for episode 1, he’s like that annoying friend who loves to give the lead trouble. I just love him. He’s rude af to Shin and I loved that scene where Shin gets pissed when he founds out that Deok-hwa knew he was a goblin since he was a kid and has still been so disrespectful over the years 😂

Goblin/Grim Reaper: The bromance is real, ya’ll. I honestly love the characterization of both of them. When I hear the words “goblin” and “grim reaper”, the first thing to cross my mind is something dark capes, scythes, and ugly little trolls. But these guys are exactly the opposite, not only are they attractive af, they’re both complete drama queens. And it’s actually quite amusing. I’m really enjoying their bantering and their scenes together always had me grinning. I think my favorite was when Shin was asking for outfit tips and them fighting at the dinner table (which seems to be a theme here). I also really loved how they went together to save Eun-tak from the loan sharks! And the Grim Reaper didn’t even bring his hat to the fight so you know he’s serious haha.

Shin/Eun-tak: I still don’t like the fact that she is still in high school and pursuing this relationship, but she is 19 which is legal so whatever (I won’t bring this up anymore). I enjoy their relationship so much; I like how she teases him and how he went to ask Yeo’s opinion on what he should wear and carry to look cool for her. That was all really cute.


  1. Who’s the villain? Is there a villain? Is it the Grim Reaper because he’s trying to collect the missing souls and Eun-tak is one of them? Is it his higher ups who will be forcing her capture? We obviously haven’t gotten there yet, but hopefully we’ll see that next week.
  2. Kim Sun: So does the chicken shop owner have powers or is she just normal? I know she’s supposed to have a thing with Yeo, so I’m looking forward to that. She’s just really chill so I’m liking her a lot.

Drop an ask and tell me what you think! What was your favorite scene? What did you dislike? (Review Episode: 1 )

Scarlet Heart Ryeo: Episode 9


  • can we just fast forward to the bit where she completely falls for him.
  • I cant stand seeing So broken again. It’s literally so painful to watch.
  • how am i going to deal with all these feels 
  • I don’t know how I’m going to survive till next week’s ep.
  • I feel like ep 10 and 11 will fuck me up worse than ep 9
  • Jesus take the wheel
Her scar

one tells her off for putting herself in risk and the other tries to hide it, pretend it never happened. 

Wang so’s dying to talk to her about this, he’s not going to ignore the giant risk shes taken 

he’s a reality check and she knows it

Wang So (4th) gets a full explanation from hae-soo and accepts to her its strength, she saved her own life, like him she did what was necessary for survival

how is he goign to fight with that line, he himself see’s life like that.

 they always communicate even on the horse, she explained why she was getting off the horse

Wang Wook (8th??) doesnt really talk to her about it properly, he covers its. Hides it and i think it shows hes not really aware of her strength, he sees her as fragile. She was lost and new when the connected, shes not anymore. I think it will start to become evident slowly its not the best match. Or that So is a better one. The haesoo ive come to see on screen not around wang wook would have put the bracelet on the other hand, her scar is nothing to hide. When you fall for someone you can change parts of yourself or ignore things to fit the relationship

also when wook touches the scar or looks at it, her face makes me feel like shes remebering wang so telling her off about it

i read somewhere someone saying because she’s scared she cant marry the future king wang so, his face is scared and he’ll change so much of history anyway (im going on that hope) 

she did cry after the incident with wang wook, that was fear and shock. but after incidents you get consoled by whoevers closest (though thats probably who she wanted)

with wang so she actually processes it, and talks about it. letting it out

^^his hearts breaking seeing her let out the actual pain

My Theory, Last Part.

So, what’s the thing that all the people missed? This One:

In the premonition, Eun, dies from an arrow which is through his chest. And as i said before, in the preview of episode 10, we can see Wook being so good at it with the arrows, just like the 3rd prince. So what’s my conclusion? The one who’s going to do the killing, is Wook or the 3rd Prince, or maybe they both start to work together. I’ve realized, that this premonition is an important clue about what’s going to happen next. As i mentoned, Wook started to show a change into his personalit, that it’s really scary, the way he talks, what he says, and his gazes, say it all. I never thought he was innocent, in fact, i think that he’s way worse than the 3rd prince, since he was hiding behind a mask, all this time. So why do i think he will turn into an evil? I think he already started, or maybe he always had his evil side asleep inside. And the reason, is probably Hae Seoo, since he’s totally crazy for her, and doesn’t want her to be dating with another man, so, yeah, because of ambition and jealousy. Friendly reminder, that Eun is also in love with Hae Soo, it says it all. And Why Hae Soo sees Wang Soo in her premonitions? Because Wang So is the one who was the most violent from the start, and she would never think that Wook could ever do something like that, cause she thinks, that he’s perfect. It was a thing that everyone missed, and it’s clearly related. My last conclusion, is that Wook is going to be the evil one. Not to mention the fact that Wang So never used arrows before. Let’s see if i’m right, soon.

Hae Soo’s vision + Wang Eun & Soon Duk’s death

Let’s first talk about Hae Soo’s vision.

The first time we see Hae Soo’s vision about Wang Eun dying and Wang So laughing, is before King Taejo even dies. This is important because so far, she hasn’t done anything to stray from the written past (or I hope she hasn’t). This makes her terrified of Wang So because obviously, he is going to be Gwangjong and from what we hear from her is that he will be the one to kill his brothers. (Even though with some google search, it is never said that he killed his brothers).

This is where she begins to distance herself from Wang So, because she doesn’t want to be associated with a murderer.

Now, the second time we see Hae Soo’s vision is just mere moments before the said vision, and this time it is the ruling of King Yo. Everything that has happened after King Taejo’s death has been altered. And I am 90% sure that it is because of what Hae Soo did, I don’t know what but it has to do with Wang So’s feelings for her.

In the preview given to us for episode 16, instead of the Wang So we see in her vision who is laughing and looks like who enjoys killing Wang Eun, we see Wang So in tears, and it is written in his face the amount of pain he is feeling right now.

That is the difference between her vision and the current present she is in right now. Of course the conclusion will always be the same, with Wang Eun and Soon Duk dying (WILL NEVER ACCEPT THIS BTW), the only difference is, she will see that the Wang So in front of her is not the Wang So she saw in her vision. And this will help her figure out what she feels for Wang So (even though we know that she likes him, but does she love him?).

Now moving on to Wang Eun and Soon Duk’s death

I have a feeling that King Yo will be the reason why Wang Eun has arrows stuck in his body and not Wang Wook.


In the preview for episode 16, we see King Yo holding the bow and targetting someone and Hae Soo multiple times. And we know that Wang Wook cannot aim well unless he focuses on a target.

Wang Wook maybe an asshole, but he loves his brothers and I don’t think he will cause Wang Eun’s death per say, I mean he was the one who suggested that Wang So be the one who hunt them down, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t help to kill them. Got it?

He also won’t be the one to target Hae Soo because even though she hates him right now, he is still inlove with her.

I believe that it will be Soon Duk who falls first.

Yeah I said it, Soon Duk will dies will battling the guards when she is cut from behind by an unknown enemy, I am crossing my fingers that it was not Wang So but one of the guards but what the heck with this series, I don’t know who is the good guy and who’s the bad guy.

She battle the guards when she figures out that they don’t care that he is the General’s daughter, and begins to fight for her and Wang Eun’s life until she’s bleeding on the floor.

Wang Eun dies after her.

When he goes out, I think that he will see that she is struck behind and reaches her just as she falls down, and that’s where he is struck by arrows.

And deep down, I know that Wang Eun will be crying too because he has never managed to protect her the way she protected him.

I am hoping and wishing (that it doesn’t come true) that the only reason why Wang So is crying is because Wang Eun asks him to end his life, because now that Soon Duk is dead, the one person who loved Wang Eun with everything she had even when he rebuffed her, was now gone.

To conclude

Hae Soo’s vision remains true.

Wang Eun and Soon Duk will die whether or not she altered something.

It’s the people in her vision that differ.

Wang So laughing vs Wang So crying

*King So vs King Yo

*I added King So vs King Yo because Hae Soo believed that So would become King and be the one to order Wang Eun dead

brb crying because of the theory.

[end rant theory]

Sbs Roommate - Ep 8 (personal recap)

Honestly I think a lot has happened in this week’s episode of sbs roommates compared to the other episodes. We got to see more of the people in the house. We got to see their vulnerability, insecurities and the constant reminder that they are still humans with feelings and a past.

Nana’s confession was an eye-opener for me in regards to her personality. Yeah she does sometimes force her energetic and bubbly personality onto others but in my opinion she kind’ve needed to do that in order for her to be able to do her job properly without stepping on other people’s feet. I just feel sorry that she has to be cautious on how she should present herself to the audience. No one should have to feel like they have to hide who they really are. Even though that is the price to pay in the show business it still feels upsetting.

When Gayeon confessed about her family I’ve started to understand her more. She’s considerate and is often taking care of others, when in reality she needs to be taken care of the most. I’m not sure how bad it is at home but if she considers her co workers as family then it must be pretty bad. I just hope the show last long enough for her to consider her roommates as a second family, and then help her find the strength to go back and see her family.

The issue with Min Woo, to me, was that I felt like he had been bottling his slight resentment towards Kang Jun for awhile now, and to be honest I’m quite glad that he snapped now and talked about it with Kang Jun rather later where he could’ve said something he’d most likely regret. I actually understood his jealousy and him wanting to be introduced to Kang Jun’s members. Even though Min Woo is jealous, he still cares about Kang Jun and wishes that he’d receive the same kind of treatment. Min Woo also seems like the kind of person who needs to be reassured of his importance in other peoples lives.

I absolutely adored and respected Dong Wook when he pulled Minwoo aside and told him that the way he felt didn’t go unnoticed and that it is perfectly fine for feeling jealous of Kang Jun, but what was so great was how Dong Wook stressed the importance of talking and relying on others for support and to ask for a listening ear. Because, lets be honest, it was always Min Woo guiding and leading everyone else that he seemed like he needed an escape, someone he can depend on when it becomes too much. And it felt great to know that Dong Wook offered to be Min Woo’s solace.

All in all this episode was much more real than every other episode and it was actually cool to watch. I hope to see more of these troubles, and see them explore their relationship with the others and see how it will grow both mentally and emotionally.