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Hi!! Sorry to bother, I recently started to listen to your podcast (or what I think is your podcast)... Basically with my podcast app I searched "death at a low price" and there was only one result. Then I saw on your blog that you posted an episode yesterday, but the one I've been listening to was last updated 3 months ago. So after a little research I saw about "Herbarium Podcasts" and, using the rss feed I found other episodes... Have i done something wrong? What was that?

You’re no bother at all, we have a lot of issues with this type of stuff.

See, a while back, we were trying to find somewhere to host. Its highly possible you found one of the places we tried, and then realized that it simply wouldn’t let us due to financial purposes. I’ve been meaning to delete them, but I unfortunately haven’t gotten around to it. I’m really sorry to anyone who has encountered this, we’re a bunch of idiots that don’t know how to host things.

Where we host now includes youtube and podbean, and by extension here and the herbarium RSS feed. If apps get them from other places, we royally fucked up in those places and need to fix it.


Momocon 2017 (May 25-28, 2017)

I’ve been to Momocon this past weekend in Atlanta and I’m still recovering from all of the excitement this past weekend. Also, my birthday was yesterday! I’m 25 years old. Let’s get to look at my line-up from Momocon 2017:

Day 1 of Momocon as Kyoya Ootori! Kyoya is flawless as always. I’m so glad to cosplay “The Cool Type”! Saw @ivy.cos & @sky_cos! Also, a photo shoot with @tiger.cosplay! So much fun! Of course, Kyoya has a golden crown! ;)

Day 2 of Momocon as Assassin Mey-Rin from Black Butler! I did my photo shoot with @tiger.cosplay! You’re very talented! Also, I took pictures with Sebastian, Tamaki, Mey-Rin, and Anastasia! I also saw my favorite voice actor J. Michael Tatum for the first time! Fangirl moment! At his panel, I asked him a question about how he felt the Book of Atlantic and holy guacamole! He answered my question! Fangirl moment! :)

Day 3 of Momocon as modern day Sebastian Michaelis from Black Butler! I always love cosplaying this demon butler! ;) I did a Black Butler photo shoot and that was so much fun! I got some pictures taken by request. I guess that what happen when you cosplay Sebastian. I took pictures of Ed and Winry from Fullmetal Alchemist! Forever ship them! Also, my bestie won a board game! :)

Day 4 of Momocon as Shuu Tsukiyama from Tokyo Ghoul I was able to make new friend that have the same feelings for the same anime. I got my autograph ticket for J. Michael Tatum and I am so glad that I did. I actually slightly yelped before I met him, but that helped out my nerves. I came to him and he’s so awesome. I gave him the drawing I drew of him and a fan letter as his birthday present. I told him I drew this and posted it on Twitter. He was so happy and I told him I was cosplaying Tsukiyama. He did talk a little bit in Tsukiyama’s voice. I was the same person who asked about the Book of Atlantic. He signed my Black Butler poster. I told him about my birthday. He told me happy birthday not only as him, but as Sebastian because I asked him if he could. He did and trust me I was fangirling. At the end of the convention, I’m very much fangirling. So, that’s a perfect way to spend my birthday! Très bien! :)

the other night i was out at a poetry night and i knocked over some picture frames as i was trying to say bye to the host and broke the glass and everyone was staring at me and i started crying cause im a fucking baby and i was in shock and it ended up being a huge deal and i was so embarrassed and they assured me it was fine but i feel like an asshole cause i was too much in shock to do anythin i didnt help clean up caus im an asshole and i just left and she said it was ok but i stayed up all night beating myself up about it so i was in a depressed stupor all day yesterday and i havent taken my meds in a few days and then i saw the host had liked some meme making fun of people who make a big deal over being clumsy and i feel like it has to be abuot me because im a stupi baby asshole!! i ruined everything too because she thought i was cool and now she must be like wow no shes not and she must have talked about me after i left like what kinda shit they said about me i dont want to think about it!!!!!


So yesterday evening, I was at the Luc Besson Q&A / meet & greet to promote Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets. I won a passe to be there thanks to the Montreal Comic Con and there he was. I remember seeing NIKITA in the 90’s and I was hooked because what quickly followed was The Big Blue, SUBWAY, Le Dernier Combat, LÉON… The Fifth Element😄 I won the pass Wednesday, did the drawing above of Léon (Jean Reno) yesterday morning and had it down in time for the special event😥 Get to the theatre and saw the other 99 people that won passes. Host comes out, introduces Luc and there we go… AWESOME evening! I felt like a twelve year old listening to his favorite teacher. He gladly was signing blu-rays and vinyls and whatever people brought… I had my drawing. So at my turn to get my drawing signed, he takes it, had this cool surprised look at it. Asked me: “Are you the artist?” I was grinning from ear to ear, I say yes. Now, I’m gonna translate what he said, Luc Besson: “Holy shit, great job, love it.” My answer: “Thank you” and walked away crying like a bitch😅

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I finally finished Twi and Flutters yesterday night, and decided to wait until next day to post these, because it takes some time to write description.

Once on my birthday my host mom from first family took me in bird park. And you know what? I wanted to stay there. Because theRE’RE SO MANY PARROTS AAAA yes I love birds. I always wanted to have yellow and blue macaw buuut I think that’s not gonna ever happen, haha.

While I was on Amazon trip, me and other people were fishing piranhas but we didn’t get any :(, we saw reAL FUCKING ANACONDA AAAA it has so smooth skin, I wanted to pet it over and over, I also lifted it and it was so heavy, I thought I’m gonna die; we took pictures of sloth with tiny baby. AND. Guides, in the dark, at night, somehow, cought for us baby alligator first, then bigger one. They have smooth skin too. Also, I learned alligators smell like a fish. Because. I actually smelled it. And it smells like the actual fish. Dammit I didn’t expect that.

That’s true Brazil has a lot of animals, but also remember: there’re a lot of spiders, really really tiny aunts, and big aunts, centipendses, once I even got a slug in my room AND the most scary thing FLYING GIANT COCKROACHES so if you’re scaried of insects and spiders as hell - don’t go to Brazil, especially when it’s summer ;)

I mean, I hate cockroaches, but I do love spiders and insects, so I was fine every time I saw a tiny spider.

Also, I’ve noticed that a lot of people have dogs, mostly small ones. And seems like they don’t even train their dogs not to bark on everything that moves: in the middle of the night, if one dog starts barking, every other dog starts barking too. I guess when I get back to home, I’ll finally can take a rest from all those noises.

I’m going to release full resolution soon, I just need some time to preapre everything and make sure everything works.


Got hurt on set yesterday and this guy let me hug him and made sure I was taken care of. All the Meg/Ryan jokes aside, Ryan’s an awesome dude who I’m super grateful to get to host with.

Yesterday on Facebook...

I saw my post about {FIRST} DGS being re-posted without permission (again). Its the one about DGS being Kamiya-Ono {FIRST} radio hosting job. I went to the comment section, but there is someone else who already commented about ‘asking permission from Seiyuu’s Little Forest"

I was really happy, I was teary ;___; ;___; thank you, thank you so much I said in my heart. 

In the end that post was taken down, I don’t know by the re-posted or by admin, but I never contacted the admin. I wonder if it was that girls doing… You know, its kind of a lot of problems recently (and a lot of celebration of course :)) and I thought that I was fighting a losing battle with Facebook re-poster, but I think I was wrong. 

I am not fighting alone, and have you lend me your hand, has been a great support for me. 

Thank you very much.


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