so i saw the host yesterday

Baby Gets Shown Off (Part 3 of Sugar Baby)


None, whoops

Word Count: 2.1k

A/N:  This is just in celebration of getting to +100 followers and because a lot of people wanted me to make a series out of SugarBaby!Laurens. I still can’t believe I hit more than 100, I love all of y’all! Hope you enjoy this one, too!

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Got hurt on set yesterday and this guy let me hug him and made sure I was taken care of. All the Meg/Ryan jokes aside, Ryan’s an awesome dude who I’m super grateful to get to host with.

I finally finished Twi and Flutters yesterday night, and decided to wait until next day to post these, because it takes some time to write description.

Once on my birthday my host mom from first family took me in bird park. And you know what? I wanted to stay there. Because theRE’RE SO MANY PARROTS AAAA yes I love birds. I always wanted to have yellow and blue macaw buuut I think that’s not gonna ever happen, haha.

While I was on Amazon trip, me and other people were fishing piranhas but we didn’t get any :(, we saw reAL FUCKING ANACONDA AAAA it has so smooth skin, I wanted to pet it over and over, I also lifted it and it was so heavy, I thought I’m gonna die; we took pictures of sloth with tiny baby. AND. Guides, in the dark, at night, somehow, cought for us baby alligator first, then bigger one. They have smooth skin too. Also, I learned alligators smell like a fish. Because. I actually smelled it. And it smells like the actual fish. Dammit I didn’t expect that.

That’s true Brazil has a lot of animals, but also remember: there’re a lot of spiders, really really tiny aunts, and big aunts, centipendses, once I even got a slug in my room AND the most scary thing FLYING GIANT COCKROACHES so if you’re scaried of insects and spiders as hell - don’t go to Brazil, especially when it’s summer ;)

I mean, I hate cockroaches, but I do love spiders and insects, so I was fine every time I saw a tiny spider.

Also, I’ve noticed that a lot of people have dogs, mostly small ones. And seems like they don’t even train their dogs not to bark on everything that moves: in the middle of the night, if one dog starts barking, every other dog starts barking too. I guess when I get back to home, I’ll finally can take a rest from all those noises.

I’m going to release full resolution soon, I just need some time to preapre everything and make sure everything works.

Yesterday on Facebook...

I saw my post about {FIRST} DGS being re-posted without permission (again). Its the one about DGS being Kamiya-Ono {FIRST} radio hosting job. I went to the comment section, but there is someone else who already commented about ‘asking permission from Seiyuu’s Little Forest"

I was really happy, I was teary ;___; ;___; thank you, thank you so much I said in my heart. 

In the end that post was taken down, I don’t know by the re-posted or by admin, but I never contacted the admin. I wonder if it was that girls doing… You know, its kind of a lot of problems recently (and a lot of celebration of course :)) and I thought that I was fighting a losing battle with Facebook re-poster, but I think I was wrong. 

I am not fighting alone, and have you lend me your hand, has been a great support for me. 

Thank you very much.


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