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I just realized something… Rupert Graves plays Greg Lestrade in Sherlock. Mark Sheppard plays Crowley in Supernatural. They have both played in an episode(or two) of Doctor Who with Matt Smith as the Eleventh Doctor. 

I think this is the closest we’ve gotten to SuperWhoLock.

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«The next morning after breakfast, the Doctor waited anxiously in the console room while Rose got dressed. He started to set the coordinates, but hesitated. Barcelona wasn’t a renowned romantic destination, like Paris or Venice. It was more like Hawaii—a place where the natural beauty provided an atmosphere conducive to romance.

He’d wanted to take Rose there long before he’d been willing to face what they had—what they were—but maybe for this trip, they should go someplace more overtly romantic.

Rose walked into the console room in the middle of his musings, and he took in her appearance: turquoise sundress, blonde hair brushing against her bare shoulders, and white flimsy sandals. Time Lords weren’t, by nature, responsive to visual stimuli, but from the first time he’d seen her in that Victorian gown, Rose had proven to be the exception to that rule.

“You wouldn’t tell me where we’re going,” Rose said with a raised eyebrow, “so I asked the TARDIS what I should wear.”

The Doctor started to answer, but then what she said hit him, and he laughed.

“What’s so funny, Doctor?” Rose put her hands on her hips. “Is there something wrong with what I’m wearing?”

He shook his head. “No, the TARDIS was absolutely right. I’ve just figured out why we had an empathic connection.”

Rose tilted her head. “I thought it was because she’s keeping me from getting headaches.”

“That was more like a secondary advantage.” The Doctor rocked back on his heels, feeling extraordinarily pleased with himself for figuring this out. “When you were Bad Wolf, you must have bonded to the TARDIS in the same way a pilot would. Part of the purpose of the symbiotic nuclei was to form the connection between TARDIS and Time Lord, after all.”»

- To Make Much of Time, by @chocolatequeennk​​​​​ (Chap. 32)


David Tennant’s left eyebrow on Top Gear.

Peter came in with great respect. I met up with Peter the night before, and I said to him ‘Look why don’t you come into the TARDIS so that you’re not walking into the TARDIS for the first time, in front of a crew, about to shoot your bit of the regeneration?’ I’d worked with Peter on The Hour so we knew each other – and initially he said ‘No, no, it’s fine,’ and I said ‘No, no, come on! Everyone’s gone, come and see it…’ So we had a play on the TARDIS. I said ‘Flick some switches,’ and he said, ‘Look, I can’t do this. I’m not going to be the Doctor now, so why don’t we both be the Doctor?’ It was very funny. I got to be the Doctor with Peter, playing. It was a lovely, what he called it – ‘Regeneration Eve’. It was a lovely way to be in that space and for us to catch up and talk. He was very nervous because, obviously, he loves Doctor Who. We talked openly about how nervous he was. He respects Matt massively, and loves what Matt’s done. So that crossover when Matt walked off the set and Peter walked on…It’s a real credit to both those men, let me tell you, because Matt just knew how Peter must be feeling, because he remembered how he felt when he had to do that with David Tennant.

Jamie Payne, director of “The Time of the Doctor” on Peter’s first visit to the TARDIS from DWM April 2014. 


Third and Final List for Taylor Swift (for now...)

I am sorry for not havjng posted this before… Pardon my tardiness. I love you all, and like I said in the other list, I am sick, so I decided to do this for you since I PROMISED and since I can’t do anything right now but lie down and listen to music. This is for you, and Taylor, follow them and lurk ‘em! taylorswift

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The Doctor tapped a knuckle on the TARDIS console. And then, with a sudden and explosive fury he smashed his fist down on the metal. He saw Clara flinch as the noise of it echoed around the room and smiled sadly.
‘I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have done that.’
'It’s alright really…’
'No I think I’ve broken a finger,’ the doctor held up his hand with a grimace of pain.
Clara took his hand gently, and closed her fingers around his. His hand felt cold and she tought she could detect a slight tremble. Suddenly his skin looked pale and thin, like an old man’s. 'I’m sorry,’ she said.
'So am I’
—  when the tardis seems to be dead and a way out of endless Darkness seems impossible.
- from
So today at work

This kid was sooo cute. He was like 5 and came in with his dad, and I was helping them, and the dad was wearing a TARDIS hat, so I said that I loved it, and he asked if I watched the show, I said yes, and he said that he watches it with his son all the time.

He told his son to tell me who his very favorite character was, and I expected an answer like the Tenth Doctor, or Rose, or maybe Donna, but instead what I got was an extremely enthusiastic “River Song!” Apparently River is like this kid’s hero and he wants to be her when he grows up.

It was really cute but it’s also just really nice to see a little boy with a female role model, you know? You don’t see that very often. I asked him why he loved her so much, and he said it was because she’s soo cool (it’s true) and that she married the Doctor so he didn’t have to be alone anymore, which is also true.

This kid’s goin’ places.