so i really wanted to make a depressing graphic

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What do you want to do in life? Like career and goals and what not

truthfully, this might sound stupid or weird or unconventional but like, HONESTLY, i just wanna be happy. struggling with depression and anxiety has given me a very different perspective on life and i don’t care about money or popularity or conventional “success”. success, for me, would ultimately be overcoming my depression. that would be so tight. as far as career wise, graphic design, interior design, and architecture really inspire me and make me feel really good and happy so i’d like to pursue something in that sort of field, at least for a little while. i really wanna travel as much as i can, since that makes me super happy as well. and eventually i’d like to have my own family. those are my goals, that’s the shit i look forward to in the future. making a fuckton of money and advancing in a career will not make me happy or soothe my soul, like it does for some people, so my life doesn’t really revolve around that. i just wanna feel overwhelming, genuine love and happiness one day.

If Dean were to ever see this post....

I’d just want to say, Thank You. Thank you for being you and thank you for doing what you do and sharing it with us. I’ve dealt with depression ever since I was a kid and for so long I was so unmotivated to do even the things I loved. I would start things and not finish them, I’d get bored, etc. Even the thoughts would just be burdensome. But for some reason, not really sure why, but you genuinely motivate me. I’ve gotten my passion back for graphic design and I am actually DOING things with it and it makes me happy. You make me creative and words can not express how thankful and grateful I am to you. 

Please keep doing you and what you do <3