so i really thought about choosing rory

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It is Moffat’s fault that “The Girl Who Waited” happened.

Because Moffat is the showrunner. He choeses what goes into the show and that doesn’t. Things that happen in the episode:

  • Amy is blamed for making a simple mistake and putting herself in danger

  • The Doctor completely ignores Rory’s pleas for help as he fears for his safety

  • The Doctor is only concerned about his own health

  • According to the Doctor, because time is compressed in the other timeline, that means that Amy doesn’t need to eat. Which, for many reasons, makes no sense whatsoever, because it implies that it is a man-made timeline, instead of one that has been tied to the major timeline. Also, she AGES in the other timeline, which kind of sort of means that her body is using energy which food is kind of required for.

  • Apparently the Appalapachians know about Earth, but not about humans? Apparently they’re so stupid they don’t even bother to take alien biology into account when building their hospitals EVEN THOUGH THEY ARE THE 2ND MOST VISITED PLANET IN THE UNIVERSE? They literally threw the idea of aliens visiting their planet out the window and designed their hospitals and cybernetic staff so that they wouldn’t be able to help any aliens that did come to the planet. Even though they are the 2nd most visited planet in the universe. Even though they are advanced enough to have robots with synthetic skin. Even though they have the ability to tie fragmented timelines to their own, allowing victims of the plague to live out their entire lives there.

  • They fail to inform their patients about anything that is going on. If you press the red waterfall button, they just assume that you know what it means, and that you’re sentencing yourself to a life alone (And they decided to instance their timelines…why????) with no possible way of checking out.

  • Apparently the Appalachians are xenophobes because they want any aliens visiting their planet to die. Even though they’re the second most popular planet in the universe.

  • Do you see my problem yet?

  • No? Then let’s continue.

  • Rory and the Doctor both attempt to and succeed at emotionally manipulating Amy into killing herself, so that they don’t have to feel guilty about not rescuing her before she grew old.

  • Rory says he doesn’t care that she got old, but then he snaps at her that she needs to stop flirting with him. Huh.

  • The Doctor plans from the beginning to betray Amy so that they can leave her behind. Because he doesn’t want her now that she’s old and no longer worshiping the ground he walks.

  • Did I mention they emotionally manipulate her into killing herself? And then betray her when she demands they save her too? Did I mention that?

  • Oh, pshaaa. Obviously I’m just imagining that and making things up because I’m such an RTD fangirl!

  • Amy is forced to BLAME HERSELF for everything that has happened to her. Because instead of finally rescuing her and letting her live the rest of her life the way she wants to, they show her her past self in an attempt to get her to ERASE HER ENTIRE LIFE FROM EXISTANCE.

  • They are literally asking her—no, demanding, because they’re not giving her any choice, to DESTROY HERSELF.

  • A minor detail but she kills the staff very easily, she really should have more armour than half of one of the robots. Like, really.

  • The entire thing is from Rory’s perspective. Which would have been okay, if he cared about her at all. If he could actually connect emotionally with her with what she’d gone through. But nope. He just wants to kill her so that he can have his young wife back.

  • Rory: Could that work? Two Amys? Doctor: Well I don’t know. It’s your marriage.


  • Amy literally has to fucking bargain for her life, she has to try and CONVINCE THEM to save her, because the thought is so gorram inconceivable to them that they should save her.

  • This episode isn’t even about Amy. It’s about Rory. “So I have to choose which wife I want?” Really? Really? Instead of letting, hmmm…I don’t know, maybe HER DECIDE?????? Because you know it’s only HER GODDAMN LIFE ON THE LINE.

  • Have you ever heard of bodily autonomy?

  • The right to the pursuit of happiness?

  • Do you really have no problem with anything that happened in this episode? Really?

  • Amy has to explain, time and time and time again, that “She is me. We’re both me.” Because Rory and the Doctor refuse to SAVE HER.

  • Rory makes her pain about himself. He shouts at her that “I SWORE TO PROTECT YOU!” AND SINCE I COULDN’T NOW YOU HAVE TO DIE TO PAY FOR IT!

  • Because, you know. That’s totally logical. Oh gods, I didn’t stop my cat from having his tail stepped on! GUESS I’D BETTER FUCKING KILL HIM THEN AND TRADE HIM FOR A NEW KITTEN!!

  • Literally. The entire episode. Amy is begging for her life. Because they refuse to save her. Because she’s not the person they want her to be. Because she grew up without Rory there to ‘protect’ her. Because she doesn’t worship the Doctor anymore, and because Rory can’t stand the thought of having his wife be so old.

  • The Doctor blames them for getting themselves into this mess, because looking at history books to make sure there wasn’t a plague or anything “IS NOT HOW I TRAVEL!!!!” and obviously they should have known this.

  • The Doctor literally fucking looks Amy in the eye before slamming the door in her face, and sentencing her to death. He looks her in the eye, and has the gall to apologize. Even as he’s locking her out. Even as he’s leaving her to her death. Even as he’s wiping her from existence because she doesn’t love him anymore. He apologizes, so obviously everything is fine and it doesn’t matter that he just MURDERED HER.

  • Do I really have to go on? Because I can.

Moffat. Is. The. Showrunner. He runs the show. He chooses what happens and what doesn’t happen. He chose to let this happen. He chose to let all of this happen. He probably even adding a few things in here and there. Because, you know, two Amy Ponds at the same time? “If you’re a red-blooded male, that’s all you need!”