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Beats me too!! I do not believe he’s playing her simply because of the sheer amount of ‘not-so-clever’ decisions that Jon’s continuing to take in the show. Case in point, the wight hunt. Okay so, the wight hunt itself was not such a bad idea because you see, if he is thinking like a king should, a wight will not just help convince Cersei but all of westeros that the threat is real and really that is Jon’s intention. But the planning and execution of it was so horrible. They rely on the hound’s visions??? And if they know such a large army is marching towards eastwatch won’t they have a contingency plan they can fall back upon if they screw up?? If what Jon really wants to do is fight for his people, how is a dead king in the north really going to help?? 

Then he gives his sword to Jorah. While I don’t think this was necessarily a stupid decision, more a stupidly honorable one. He didn’t think for a second before handing over Jeor Mormont’s sword back to Jorah. Would a man who has the vile to play a woman only for what she can give him even if he thinks it is for the greater good be this honorable?? Wouldn’t he have rather kept long claw with himself for the greater good? Moreover, he almost died again to get the others safe home or to single-handedly kill the NK, or whatever it is that he thought he was doing when he didn’t get on the dragon?? If he was playing her, I think he would have taken her hand and  just got on to that dragon not gone off to die once more. 

I think though it is very poorly executed we’re supposed to acknowledge as an audience that the hero of our story though incredibly brave and honorable is not incredibly smart, especially not at playing the game of thrones. He’s more often saved by others because of his hotheadedness and not-so-good decisions that he thinks is for the greater good. SO while I love Jon Snow and will always root for him (even if the bend the knee bs happens which I’m sure will be undone in the next season or outright rejected by the north) I understand that we’re not supposed to see him as having all the qualities meant for a player of the game. At least in the show whatever time he spent acting as a double agent with the wildlings and falling genuinely in love with ygritte helped him understand them better and later on even fight for his cause. He was still seen as honorable in the end because he stayed loyal to the night’s watch and truly fell in love with Ygritte and later on more than two thousand wildlings will thank him for his betrayal because that meant that because of him they got to stay alive on the other side of the wall. He betrayed them yes, but also gave his life for their right to stay alive. 

So really though I can’t see him playing her, I don’t see him falling in LOVE with her either.There isnt enough evidence for either.  I think once again he’s just rushing into things without thinking this through because he’s just worried about the enemy to the north plus he’s catching some feelings for her based on what HE thinks SHE is. Whichever way you view it, it’s a doomed romance at best. 

But I could be wrong about the whole double agent thing. 

Thanks for the ask!!


northern downpour // panic! at the disco

So about Jon Snow calling Dany "My Queen"

I know some fans reacted negatively to Jon calling Dany “my queen” and blah blah blah… I hadn’t noticed this the first time I watched the episode, but in the beginning Tormund made a great point that I think had an impact on Jon! He said “you spent too much time with the free folk, now you don’t like kneeling. The king beyond the wall would never bend the knee and how many of his people died because of his pride.” Watch Jon’s face when he says this. He really takes that to heart. Then when all hope is lost, Dany shows up and saves the day. She risked her life and the lives of her dragons to save them. Her children. The dragons she needs to fight Cersei. So no Jon has not betrayed the north. He’s not an idiot. He knows this is the right thing to do. She’s proved herself to him.

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I love how dany was like “you know why I like you tyrion? because you’re not a hero like this…what was his name again? oh yeah jon snow. ugh he’s so stupid! so so stupid! and…brave he’s very brave…and handsome.. but too short! I mean not that it matters because I hate his stupid heroic face, you know? anyway. so… do you really think he loves me?”

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: Why do people talk about Jonathan Groff more than Okieriete Onaodowan? Jon left Hamilton months ago and is literally on stage for like 10 minutes. Oak has an amazing range and is the last original cast member. Why does no one talk about him. Why wasn't he nominated for a Tony. I need answers.

Jon Snow and Sansa Stark + parallels (requested by bericdondarrion)

Commanders Niece

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Fandom: Game Of Thrones

Character: Jon Snow

Reader: Female

Warnings: Smut, swears, the usual shebang

Note: this is my first GoT fanfic so I hope its good, I plan on making many more for different characters and if you have any character suggestions that should be done first let me know!

You were never really innocent, like far from it. You never acted like a lady but you were forced too, until you dishonored your father, he sent you to the Nights watch to be their fuck toy or something along those lines. At least you got to go to the wall, you could handle yourself very well, and your uncle was the Commander there so you would be treated fairly well.

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What is your head cannon re: Jon's internal monologue during the cave scene? I have been obsessing over it more than a little. I imagine that he feels hope for the first time since Mel brought him back and as he looks at her, he not only begins to believe she can help him win the War for the Dawn, but also that he feels a sense of belonging and wholeness in her presence. I get all romantic thinking about it and I would love to know what you think is going through his head!

I love this question!!! I agree that it is an overtly romantic scene and I am excited to talk about it haha. 

Before they go into the cave, I think Jon is nervous to show it to Dany. Their meeting on the terrace in the prior episode already planted the seeds of attraction and before he left he wanted her to believe him. I think he’s invested not only in the fight but in Dany’s high opinion of him as a fellow ruler, so I think Jon places a lot of stock in this little trip to the caves and what it can accomplish between them.

I love how he is standing down on the beach waiting for Dany, just kind of watching her talk to Missandei and looking for the right moment to interject, like he’s anxious. It’s cute.

When he brings Dany inside the cave he says he wants to show it to her before it gets damaged by the mining. He wants to show her something pretty, and I just find that absolutely adorable :’) AND in the process, he ends up seeing something even prettier, Dany herself. 

When she is sort of looking up at the ceiling, gazing at the dragonglass in the firelight, I am obsessed with Jon’s expression. Again he is hesitating to interrupt her, and I imagine that in that moment he’s thinking about how gorgeous she looks and how he is NOT prepared to spend all this time with her in close quarters haha. He has more important things to worry about. But that isn’t stopping him from staring.

When he shows Dany the drawings, her reaction is probably different than what he was expecting. Instead of doubting him or dismissing it, she is really interested. It occurs to her how old they must be, and that the COTF once stood where she and Jon are standing. She is awed by this. I like to think Jon finds that really endearing. He’s seeing a deeper side to Dany’s personality that he didn’t know about. Remember that book!Dany likes reading and history, and we are seeing a glimpse of that here. Jon is watching her while she’s saying all of this. He isn’t looking at the drawings too. He’s looking at her

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She remarks that what they are looking at existed long before Starks or Targaryens or Lannisters, which implies that those designations don’t really matter. It takes him by surprise that she’s starting to see that, to see that it doesn’t matter what house you hail from–that they need to stand together. So I agree with you, my friend. My head canon is that Jon is starting to feel hope here. Hope that he has found someone like him who can help him … and maybe something more.

To me this means Jon is thinking more about her than he is about the greater issues they’ve come down here to discuss.  In the shot I gifed above, Jon is the one in focus, even though he’s in the background. Dany is slightly blurry because the camera is focusing on Jon and his reactions to her in this moment. It’s because he’s starting to see her differently. He realizes that she has perspective and isn’t just some queen demanding fealty. She cares, just like he does, and she can be rational and understanding when it matters. 

Then when she asks if the COTF and the First Men fought one another, Jon sees an opportunity to show Dany how their situation is not unlike that of the First Men. I agree with you–he feels a sense of togetherness with her already. He senses a kindred spirit, a fellow leader who has the same worries and problems, the same pain-filled past. And so he’s using the COTF and First Men as a precedent to show Dany that two supposedly different factions can and should be together. And by extension I think he’s already saying he wants to be together with her, too. He just won’t admit it. Probably not even to himself haha.

This is pretty much confirmed when he touches her. He absolutely didn’t need to do that. I think that the tension of being so close to her alone with freaking torch light just got the best of him and Jon did it on impulse. Instead of beckoning her over, pointing, or just walking in front of her, he literally grabs her, guides her along, and stands alarmingly close behind her to show her the drawings he wants to focus on. 

Because my headcanon is that even though he’s too honorable to say it and has much more pressing matters to deal with, Jon was seriously lusting after her in this scene. So he did the next best thing to acting on that and grabbed her arm on impulse.

He is probably freaking out. Jon hasn’t been with a woman since Ygritte. Hasn’t been around women really outside Winterfell. Dany is the first attraction he has felt in years, and I imagine he doesn’t know what to do with himself haha. So when she starts getting cozy with him right back, in that already iconic moment when she takes those two steps toward him, Jon is flustered

I agree with the anon who said he is just taking a deep breath and standing up straighter, not stepping backward. I think he was somewhere between hyped and terrified when she came close but I fully believe that if Dany just abandoned all formality and kissed him in that moment Jon would not have pulled away haha. Boy was preparing himself for what was coming, not shying away from it. 

Anyway, when she asks that he bend the knee again, Jon isn’t angry. He doesn’t point out that what he wants is more important, and he doesn’t try to press his claim to the North. He expresses a concern for his people and how they would not want Dany as a queen. Her response here comes as a shock to him. One of the reasons is probably because she IS acknowledging him as a KING here. Not a lord.

And when she says, “They will if their king does,” to me Jon is already thinking, “Well, maybe I do.” I think he does accept Dany. He calls her “Your Grace” twice in the episode and he calls her “The Queen” to Theon. I think Jon already has faith in and Dany and already wants to get close to her. And that’s why he isn’t remotely upset when she asks him to bend the knee again. Because the more he’s gotten to know her, the more he understands why she wants that from him. He knows that she’s been hurt and betrayed and is now wary of others. He knows that she has thousands of people who believe in and depend on her, too. 

So just like he can’t swear to her without thinking it through, he realizes that she can’t take all of her people into danger in the North without thinking it through herself, and he admires her resolve and leadership. 

I think the final nail in the coffin is when Dany uses a line that Jon has used before, word for word. “Isn’t their survival more important than your pride?” No, Jon isn’t “proud,” and I think Dany is beginning to realize this. But Jon doesn’t lash out. He doesn’t insist that he is actually humble. He hears this line and thinks back to when he said it to Mance and realizes that he and Dany are even more alike than he ever thought possible. That’s the moment that I think he goes from being mildly intrigued to fully interested in her.

They leave the cave nearly hand-in-hand because Jon leaves this scene with a much higher opinion of Dany and Dany likewise leaves it with the realization that Jon isn’t just stubborn, he’s principled and brave. 

All of this is building up to the moment when she asks Jon for help on the beach and he is astounded by her interest in his opinion. It’s a gesture of trust from Dany, that she wants his advice over that of her own council. It’s a signal to Jon that Dany doesn’t think he’s a “Northern fool.”

And his response to this is huge as well. Because here he tells Dany that he doesn’t think she is just a “foreign invader.” He realizes that she has done the impossible and that she inspires people. He’s inspired by her too. 

So overall I think your use of the word “hope” is perfect here. Meeting Dany does give Jon hope. It gives him hope that this alliance can and will actually take place. 

But more than that, even though he tells Davos there’s “no time,” I think Jon also secretly feels hope that maybe he can love again. Because he’s found a woman who shares his ideals, who is just as brave as he is, ready to run into battle for her people. A woman who is beautiful and complex and passionate. AND a woman who apparently trusts him (she takes his advice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and believes in him (”Your people chose you to lead them. They chose you to protect them.”) just like he believes in her. 

So overall … Jon is hopeful about his future for probably the first time since his resurrection. This scene has Dany calling him a king and him calling her a queen and both of them making huge leaps forward. Jonerys is happening and episode 4 made damned sure we know it :’)

Thank you so much for sending this. 

I am really satisfied with this season of got, I mean all the reunions and all the badassery and MY SON GENDRY IS FINALLY BACK :))))))))))))))))))))))

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I am maybe an ignorant person but ... I don't understand the Jonsa thing so ... I fou have time can you explain this to me .. ? And even if i'm a Jonerys shipper for years i would really like to know the Jonsa chemistery :)

Oh wow… 

The thing is I think shipping is kind of subjective to a degree. It doesn’t matter if it’s canon or not because there’ll always be a group who think it shouldn’t be canon and so on and so forth. I don’t know how to explain Jonsa to someone who doesn’t see it (not that I’m blaming you for not seeing it! Some people just don’t and that’s totally okay!) but I will try my best, Anonny. 

For me personally, it began in Season 6. I had no prior inclination for Jonsa or even an inkling of the possibility of them. Frankly, I was the most casual of Game of Thrones viewers. It took me nearly a year to actually finish watching Season 5 (but that’s mostly because my ex told me about the Sansa x Ramsay storyline and I hated it so much I refused to watch it). For me, GoT was and has always been a political fantasy drama with lots of boobs and blood. Shipping wasn’t on the cards for me at all (aside from my love for Gendrya). But then Season 6 happened and we finally, finally got a Stark reunion. Only this Stark reunion felt weird. 

First of all, Jon and Sansa had so very little interactions (ie. none) prior to this. They were the two most seemingly random Starks to meet. And yet when they hugged, Sansa nuzzled his face. At first, I thought ‘okay, well they lost everyone and this is the first person from their old life they’ve seen’ and even in retrospect I don’t see it as particularly a romantic action on their parts. But it is a weird thing to have the actors do. Even if they were always meant to be platonic, nuzzling is weird for anyone not involved romantically or sexually. I would never ever nuzzle any of my family members or my friends, but then I’m not the best comparison. I don’t like physical affection from anyone I’m not dating so lmao. Still, I was willing to overlook that because it’s Game of Thrones. Maybe they’re just trying to amp up the intensity of the scene. But then you get continued lingering looks from Jon, strange awestruck half-smiles and dim romantic atmosphere. The most bizarre shot for me though was the tent scene. Jon and Sansa had to stop in the middle of their arguing to stare at each other, chests heaving with candlelight in the background. This is Romantic Trope 101. If you had siblings arguing with each other, there’d be more angry yelling, insulting and storming off. You don’t pause to stare at each other as you struggle to catch your breath. 

This all contributed to my questioning over what I was seeing. I didn’t immediately think ‘oh yeah this is my ship’. I just thought ‘okay this is weird, right?’ and continued to think that for the rest of Season 6. Honestly, the idea of them as a ship didn’t really cement itself in my head until the very last episode where Jon kissed her forehead, lingered just a bit too long, stared at her lips, walked away and the immediate next shot is the reveal of R+L=J. It was like light bulbs flashing in my head, like ‘oh shit they’re cousins and cousins totally get together and is accepted as a viable marriage prospect!!’ I mean I suspected Jon wasn’t really Ned’s son, but the confirmation right after a Jonsa scene felt so so important. Not even through shipper goggles. It was what made me realise the strange tension between them wasn’t solely in my head and that this probably had a purpose for setting something up.

That’s the Jonsa thing for me. That’s literally how I began to ship them. I don’t know if this answers your question about their chemistry, but these were the moments that highlighted their chemistry to me personally. 

The reason why I’ve stayed with this ship for as long as I have, I can list you the reasons below: 

To paraphrase from a Tom Cruise film, they complete each other. I know, I know. How utterly cliched of me, but for lack of a better phrase, it’s true. I don’t even mean it in a their souls match and blahblahblah, but I mean that in personalities. Jon is the emotionally-driven, honourable, brave and intelligent military tactician, whose life has been consumed by war and physically fighting for survival. Sansa is the emotionally-guarded, brave, shrewd and pragmatic politician. Her life in contrast has been consumed by the political game and she’s had to mentally fight for survival. Jon knows the North and the dangers beyond; Sansa knows the South and the dangers there. They’re two sides of the same coin and they need each other to survive. Yes, I’d love it if it was romantically, but even taking that away, they still need each other. Together, they make a formidable team. They are Tyrion and Dani but better because there is no power imbalance. They’re equals. Yes, Jon doesn’t quite listen to Sansa sometimes, but him leaving her the North is a testament to his trust and respect for her. This is one of the reasons why I love and adore their interactions so much. You can still see how different they are as individuals but just as clearly, you can see how well they mesh together, and you sit there rooting for them both. 

They offer each other something no one else does. S7 Sansa is the most open and honest and confident I’ve ever seen her and that’s all because she trusts Jon. He might disagree, he might argue, but she feels so safe in his presence that she feels comfortable enough to finally speak her mind and demonstrate how intelligent she really is. And for the first time, she can let herself love and hope again. You see that in the soft and affectionate way she regards Jon in any matter, and that is true even in the scowls and exasperation because those emotions are still born out of her love and thus her concern for him. She wants only the best for him and for their home. Ultimately what it comes down to is Jon makes her happy, safe, hopeful and strong. His faith in her is slowly restoring her own faith in herself. That’s all I’ve ever wanted for Sansa. Even if Jonsa isn’t canon, if Sansa continues to get this, I’ll be okay. But I do feel Jonsa as a romantic pairing would be the perfect way to conclude Sansa’s story. She’s been basically sold into two loveless marriages and believes no one will ever marry her for love even though all she ever wanted was a fairy-tail romance. If her story concludes with the valiant knight (Jon) and her falling in love and marrying, it would be the perfect end, and one that isn’t too fairy-tale considering their angst and conflict over being half-siblings-turned-cousins. 

As for Jon, I personally believe Sansa’s return gave his second life meaning again. He had been so ready and determined to escape to the south and give up entirely. We don’t know whether he would’ve gone through with it and maybe he wouldn’t, but this was the lowest Jon’s ever been. He was so lost, so disillusioned, and insecure and broken, but then came Sansa and suddenly he had purpose again. Maybe it was simply family obligations, but you can’t say she didn’t inspire him to fight for his home. I don’t think Jon would’ve done it without Sansa. She also challenges him in a way no one else has since Ygritte and Jon needs that. He’s not the perfect hero; he doesn’t know everything. He’s been in the North too long to understand the political game the way Sansa does. She offers him insight into a world he had no prior knowledge in. She also offers him camaraderie, a partner with equal stakes in this war, and a friend who he can come to, someone who loves and respects him and believes in him so wholeheartedly. Yes, he has loyal knights and friends, but no one quite understands his insecurity as a Stark and a rule the way Sansa does. Their interaction in 7x01 showed us this relationship/friendship between them (the way Sansa immediately knew Jon was doubting himself and sought to reassure him earnestly even when he was being rather rude to her because the thing is she knew he needed it more than she needed his validation).

Another reason why I love this ship so much is Jon’s ferocity when it comes to Sansa. You could absolutely read this as platonic and I’m sure many do, but you can’t deny there’s definitely something visceral and primal in the way Jon strives to protect her. I’ve seen Jon kill and get aggressive, but I’ve never seen him lose control so violently than when he was beating the crap out of Ramsay. It was probably a combination of seeing Ramsay kill Rickon in front of him, but definitely also for Sansa. Then you have 7x02 where Jon chokes Littlefinger, who had been needling him and provoking him all throughout that scene, but it was the comment about loving Sansa in a sexual/romantic manner that really got him angry. The fact is there was no immediate thought to that action; it was absolutely a reactionary thing and again a primal one at that. Jon doesn’t even say anything for awhile and I think for a few seconds he really was considering killing Littlefinger. But then it’s like he comes to himself. Angry murderous kitten Jon is my favourite kind of Jon lol.

There are also a lot of Ned x Catelyn parallels that makes it hard to ignore, as well as 7x02′s parallel to Jaime x Brienne’s awkward wave goodbye. These are 2 of the most established ships in the fandom. Paralleling Jonsa with them feels intentional and important. 

But honestly, there really are so many reasons why I love this ship and why I believe in them so wholeheartedly. Maybe it is just Kit and Sophie having unbelievable chemistry, but I like to believe otherwise. I hope this sheds some light for you, Anonny. 

How do I tell you I love you?

My first h2ovanoss, be gentle with me please!

Relationships: main- h2ovanoss, side- ohmtoonz

Words: 7,220

It’s Luke’s fault, really, it is.

Jon prides himself on being a good friend, the best pal anyone can ask for (although some might argue he’s terrible at listening and his imagination gets people into trouble more times than it should be possible to experience in someone’s lifetime- and that’s only coming from Marcel), but his shoulder is always available for a good cry and he would gladly go pick you up at 4 in the morning if asked to.

So, it’s with a horrible and sickening feeling, truly, it is, to have to say no to Luke when his friend asks him for a really fucking important favor.

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Blind Date -- Older!Damian Wayne x Reader

A/N: So this is part one of a series I’ve dubbed Musicality. Each story will be based off a song from a musical or musical movie. They will all revolve round Damian x Reader too. With that out of the way, please enjoy!

Song inspiration can be found here.

Word Count: 1096

“You excited for tonight?” Jon grinned at you as you topped off his drink. You rolled your eyes at him and put the pitcher down behind the counter. “Oh c’mon Y/N, it’s not the end of the world to be going on a date.”

 “A blind date.” You corrected him as you began to wipe the counter down. “You know I don’t like guessing games.” You finished with the counter and walked toward one of your empty tables to clean it as well. Jon turned around on his stool at the bar to watch you.

 You’d never really believed in relationships. After seeing so many crash and burn around you, you were beginning to wonder if love even really existed. Jon knew that, you’d told him before when he’d asked you for dating advice freshman year of highschool.

 “What if he talks too fast? Or asks me question about myself before I’ve decided that he can? He might sit too close, or call the waiter by his first name. Or eat Oreos, but eat the cookie before the creme!” You turned to look at Jon with anxiety written all over your face.

But honestly what scared you more than trivial things like how your date ate Oreos was what if when he saw you, he didn’t like you? What if he turned away and you couldn’t hide from the rejection? What if when you opened up to him, he was only disappointed? What if you gave a piece of yourself away only to be given it right back to you?

 The sudden pressure of Jon’s hands on your shoulders made you jerk back into reality. He smiled reassuringly at you and squeezed your shoulders gently.

 “Don’t worry, it’ll all work out Y/N.”

 You were about to respond when the shift manager yelled from the kitchen.

 “Y/N! Time for you to clock out and get to that hot date Jon set you up with!”

 You shot Jon a dirty look as you stepped away to go to the back of the diner to clock out. Every coworker you passed smiled at you. As the youngest worker there, they were always concerned that you weren’t “acting your age.” Truth be told, it was probably their idea to get you a blind date. They’d more than likely promised Jon free food for a month or so to get him to help them set you up.

 Why couldn’t they just leave you be? You were happy living in your shell shaped mind; you didn’t have to worry about getting hurt, and you only gave as much of yourself away as you wanted to.

 You were still trying to think up an excuse to miss the date when you climbed into the passenger seat of Jon’s truck. Maybe you could convince Jon that your date was a criminal? Or some sort of psychopath that escaped from an institution? They could be colorblind for god’s sake!

 “Y/N? Hey, Y/N!” Your attention snapped to Jon. “Seriously, you’re overthinking this whole situation.” He glanced at you for a few seconds before turning his eyes back to the road. “He’s just as unwilling to go through with this as you are.”

 You raised an eyebrow curiously. “Oh, so now you’re giving me hints of who my date is?”

 He grinned at you. “Trust me, he’s your type.”

 “I don’t have a type Jon.” The blue-eyed male threw his hands in the air in exasperation.

 “Fine! He’s tall, dark and handsome! Who doesn’t want that?” You rolled your E/C eyes at the half-kryptonian.

 “Jon, sweetie, if that’s all I wanted in a significant other, I’d just date you.”

 “I don’t know whether to be offended or flattered.”

 Even though it was only five o’clock when Jon pulled up to the restaurant you were meeting your date at, it was already dark in Gotham. You always marveled at how time seemed to move and act differently in the city across the bay.

 Jon’s phone beeped, and he pulled it out to check it. He grinned and looked at you. “He said he just got here, so you can meet him inside.” A defeated sigh escaped your lips as you opened the door.

 “You’re still picking me up afterward, right?” You turned to look at Jon. He placed one hand on his heart and held the other in the air.

 “Scout’s honor.” Your rolled your eyes at him again.

 “You’re not a boy scout.”

 “And you’re still trying to avoid your date.” He reached over and pulled the truck door shut. “I’ll see you later Y/N.”

 You watched as Jon pulled away and disappeared down the road. Well, it’s too late to turn back now. You took a deep, calming breath and turned to face the restaurant. Maybe this wouldn’t be so bad, your date could turn out to be very nice, have lovely eyes. He might even be able to make you laugh like how Jon does.

 When you entered the building, you had to wait for a few minutes for your eyes to adjust. After you could actually see your surroundings, you were glad you’d dressed up a bit more for the occasion. You scanned the room, trying to see if your date was already seated. Not that you even knew what he looked like to begin with.

 “Looking for someone?” You turned and stared at the person that was talking to you. He was certainly tall, he had at least a foot on you. Dark? Too soon to be sure, but if he was a Gotham native then he probably was a bit more broody than the people in Metropolis. But there was no denying he was handsome.

 “Uh, sort of.” A blush dusted your face after you realized you’d been staring. “I’m supposed to be meeting someone here.” The stranger nodded and then glanced out the door with a frustrated look.

 “As am I, although I have no idea what they look like. Kent neglected to give me a description or show me a picture. All I have is a name.”

 You froze at the mention of Jon. The stranger, or rather, your date gave you a quizzical look. You shook your head, straightened your shoulders, and held a hand out to him.

 “Well this is a terrible way to start, but I’m F/N L/N. And I am going to kill Jon for this.” Your date smirked at your last words and took your hand.

 “Damian Wayne, and I know where to hide the body.”

Okay, so I really need to vent here for a bit.

First of all, I love Game of Thrones, and this season has been incredible, despite everyone bitching about things like people getting places too fast. I guess people still want getting places to take forever, so nothing ever happens, just like in the first six seasons, even though we’re down to the last two.

But some stuff is really pissing me off.

First, Jorah was seemingly cured and brought back just to return to being the butt of everyone’s “friend zone” jokes once more. And that really pisses me off. He’s been by Dany’s side longer than anyone, has gone through so much, but, the Hell with him, ‘cause Dany’s already in love with Jon Snow.

That’s another thing. I get it’s probably been months, given all of the traveling that’s being done, so Dany and Jon have probably had move interactions than we’ve seen, but, from our POV, they’ve had a handful of scenes, that took place over the course of a few days. But, yes, they’re totally in love already.

And that’s incest. I love how people are disgusted and complain about Cersei and Jaime, but adamantly want Dany and Jon together, who are Aunt and Nephew. Or even those who want Jon and Sansa together, even though they’re cousins.

Incest is incest. Now, I know Dany and Jon don’t know they’re related yet, but we, the audience do, so for people to want them together, and even get married, and rule the Seven Kingdoms together, is wrong. Especially when those same people are always grossed out by Cersei and Jaime.

Now, this next one is spoilers for the leaked episode. I haven’t seen it, but I saw the scene where one of the Dragons is killed by the Night King, and, yeah, from the looks of it, it’s totally Jon’s fault.

Everyone’s on Drogon, ready to go, but Jon’s still fighting White Walkers, even though he’s being called so that they can go. And what happens? It gives the Night King time to kill Viserion.

But, again, judging by spoilers, instead of Dany going to Jorah, or even Missandei, for comfort, she goes to Jon. What the ever loving fuck?

As I said, I haven’t seen the episode, so I don’t know for sure, but, based on the spoilers, she ends up crying in Jon’s arms.

The Dany I know would absolutely blame Jon for the death of Viserion, especially considering she’s always talking about how the Dragons are her children, and the only ones she’ll ever have.

I would be so fucking pissed at Jon, for his damn vengeance or testosterone or whatever being responsible for the death of one of my children.

And now the Army of the Dead has a Dragon, because poor Viserion apparently comes back as an “Ice Dragon”. Good job, Jon.

Anyway, I’m sure I’ll get hate for this post, but I had to get it off of my chest.

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So here I was minding my own business, aware boatsex was gonna happen. I had my freak out, took a couple days then calmed down. Still very excited. And then it really hit me yesterday. Holy shit Jon and Dany are gonna kiss. they're gONNA KISS. Like. Actually kiss. And now I'm right back in it and I need the finale 🙈

Oh trust me, I relate to this too hard. I’ll just be going about my day and then suddenly I’ll remember that in a week we’re going to see our two faves kiss after waiting for it for YEARS. 

And they aren’t just going to kiss. No. They’re going to have ALL THE SEX, anon. ALL. THE. SEX.


You’re a woman in the Night’s Watch and Jon finds out. 

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It was late, or you hoped late enough. You’d lain in your bed for hours now, listening for steps outside, and enough time had passed you felt it safe to step out. Bathing was a trial in the Night’s Watch - if the cold wasn’t difficult enough to bear, you had to worry about keeping your identity secret as well. The air spread ice through you as soon as you left the barracks, and you longed for the comfort of your bed. But this was the only safe time for you to clean, and if you didn’t the other recruits would catch on.

It was a long walk to what you liked to describe as your “private washroom.” Really, it was a hot spring you had discovered a year ago, trying desperately to wash yourself of the blood and grime that being a Night’s Watchmen entailed. Trudging through the snow, you finally reached your destination and so, upon looking around, you began to strip. However, before you could comfortably submerge yourself into the warm water, you heard a deep voice call, “Who goes there?” 

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The Bastard and the Orphan

Was it requested: Yes!! Find it here!

Fandom: Game of Thrones

Pairing: Jon Snow/reader, Uncle!Oberyn/niece!reader [Do I still have to put there’s no incest?] 

Rating: Your gran is going to throw me off of the suspension bridge. 

Warnings: Bit o’ angst, mentions of smut, etc. 

Summary: [the requests itself] Hey do you think you could do an imagine where the reader is elia and rhaegars daugter (she survives because the mountain missed her and oberyn finds her and takes her back home and takes care of her) he treats her like a daughter and etc (also jon is Ned’s bastard not lyanna and rheagars) any way oberyn travels to winterfell with her before the hand of the king dies. The reader gets close to Jon but cat tries to ruin it. Oberyn tells them how in dorne bastards are equal with everyone else.

Author’s note: So, again Jon is Ned and an unnamed woman’s bastard, NOT a Targaryen. And also, this is my first time writing Oberyn - so that cherry’s popped. I hope it’s alright. 

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What if the bat fam (dick, jay, tim, alfred and bruce) tried to give relationship advice to Damian about Jon? Cuz seriously it's obvious they like each other but Damian is too dense to realize it XD

“I gave him chocolates for Valentine’s and he still didn’t get it!” Jon sailed through Tim’s 5th floor window and flopped onto the dorm room’s bed. “You know you really should call ahead before just flying through my window” Tim said not looking up from his computer. “what if my roommate had been here” Jon wrinkled his nose “your roommate is my brother” 

“yeah and what if we’d been doing gay stuff?” 

Jon let out a groan “Don’t tease me Tim!” The 14 year old flopped back and covered his eyes with his arms. Tim turned his chair around to face Jon. “Damian still being thick?”

“yes! I mean come on! what else does chocolates on Valentine’s day mean? Do I have to go down on one knee and spill my guts?” 


“ugggh! are you sure he even likes me?” Tim flipped through the evidence in his head again “yeah very sure”

“how do you know!”

“world’s greatest detectives agree, Damian Wayne has it bad for one Jonathan Kent” 

“then why doesn’t he do anything!” question for the ages Tim thought

Gotham that night

Nightwing and Robin swung over the roof tops. “So hows Jon” Dick asked as they crouched on the top of a building. “Superboy, is fine. Why do you ask, Nightwing?” Dick rolled his eyes, his little brother had a real hang up about names in the field, worse than Bruce. “I just noticed he’s been around a lot lately, just you know wanted to know what’s up?” 

“tt, nothing, the Manor is an easier place to plan missions than the farm” Dick narrowed his eyes at the skinny 16 year old next to him, should have known it wouldn’t be easy. “I saw what he got you for Valentine’s Day”

“It’s traditional to exchange gifts on Valentine’s day”

“with people you like” Damian looked at him and Dick almost laughed at the look of total confusion on his face. “what? I am Robin, I don’t like anyone Grayson, people are one of 4 things, family, allies, in the way, and enemies” 

better than when they’d met Dick thought he’d have said people were in the way or enemies. “He makes you smile” Dick persisted. “He does not, and even if he did, many people manage to make me smile, like you for example”

“I’m touched”


back at the Manor, later

Damian sat at his desk in the cave working on his report, there wasn’t much to say but always better to get it out while it was fresh. He almost didn’t hear his father and Pennyworth come up. Pennyworth put down a tray with an overloaded sandwich and an energy drink. One of the many things Damian hated about being a teenager was the amount of food he seemed to need and how much more sleep he needed. He was grateful that Pennyworth never mentioned either. Damian tried not to wolf his sandwich. “so I heard Dick and you talked tonight” Damian was confused they’d been together for 6 hours of course they had talked. His confusion must have been on his face because his father clarified. “About you and Jon Kent” 

“I suppose, he didn’t say much, are you worried about the Kents father?” Jon and his father were allies but also A level metahumans. If someone was trying to control them it was a global level threat. If any one was trying to hurt Jon, a burning rage flashed through him at light speed and his fists clenched. “No, no, nothing like that” Damian relaxed, blaming his reaction on those teenage hormones, too much testosterone. “I was wondering if anything was um going on with you and Jon?” 

“we don’t have any missions planed, father, you know that it’s on the calendar”

“No I meant” Pennyworth cleared his throat. “Perhaps young Master Damian would like to invite his… friend over for a long weekend stay?” Damian wasn’t sure where that came from and suspected some form of trap, why was everyone acting so strangely about Jon? However he found he really did want Jon to come and stay, it’d never admit it but the idea did make him happy. “Yes, I think I would like that Pennyworth, I will text Kent in the morning” Damian missed the the look Alfred and Bruce gave each other over his head. 

Wayne Manor, that weekend

Jon and Damian were sitting on the couch watching a movie. Jon was sitting as close to Damian as he could, his left side tingled and nearly burned with how close Damian was. All he wanted was to… he didn’t even really know, just the thought of really holding Damian’s hand made him a little faint. The doors of the manor banged open. “HEY! Alfred! I’m Home!” Jon jumped at the noise. Damian didn’t react turning his head to Jon. “My brother, Todd- I mean Jason to you, Jason Todd, he’s rude” before turning back to the movie. 

Jon had met Jason a few times, mostly in the field, he wasn’t close to him the way he was to Tim or Dick. Jason stalked past the door way to the living room where the boys were sitting. Then he doubled back and stood in the door way hands on hips looking at the two black haired heads poking up over the top of the couch. 

“Jesus Christ, is this still going on?” 

“tt what are you talking about Todd” Damian barely looked at him, but Jon started to sweat he had a sinking feeling that he knew what Jason was talking about. “This!” Jason waved between them” Damian gave him a blank look. “Oh come on baby bird! even you’re not that thick!” Jason let out a sigh, “why is this shit always my job? He likes you!” Jon tried to will himself to sink through the couch or just die. “He’s crazy over the moon in love with you numb nuts!”

“Don’t be redic-”

“Shut it! because I know you like him too, you think the rest of us don’t notice you laugh at all his dumb jokes”

“Kent is very funny”

“bullshit! I know how you look at him when you think we’re not looking!” that shut Damian up

“oh and all your nude body sketches have his face” Jon and Damian both made a strangled sound “Those are private!” Jon’s eyes were the size of sliver dollars. “He didn’t deny it” Jason said conversationally to Jon who thought he was about to pass out. 

“tt! Todd! Kent! I….” Damian lapsed into silence. “I’m gonna leave you to figure this out, but I will shoot one of you if it doesn’t end in a kiss, got it boys?” 

Jason walked away before either of them could respond, and made his way into the kitchen. Alfred handed him an opened beer. “Thank you Master Jason, sometimes the direct approach is best” 

“and no one does direct better than me?”


What she says: I’m fine.

What she really means: Whenever I think about how much Arya and Jon resemble the relationship between Lyanna and Ned I panic. Arya is constantly compared to Lyanna over and over again, and is leading herself down a path of destruction that could ultimately be her demise just as the she-wolf did as well. Jon acts too much like Ned. Expecting everyone to follow his lead without question. Ned lost his sister in a bed of blood, left with only a child to remember her by. Arya may not have a child, but her story is so similar, she and Jon haven’t seen each other in so long and want to be with each other again, just like Ned and Lyanna. But Ned only saw Lyanna once she died. I’m so afraid the next time they meet Arya is going to die in Jon’s arms or worse because of this parallel.