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Seven's the Charm

Jily AU Week Day 2- Survival AU/ Muggle AU

Thanks Tish for reminding  me of my awkward coffee shop and book store encounters so I could write this thing

When James agreed to help out at his aunt’s bookstore over the summer, he expected it to be dreadfully boring. It was only after the first few days there did he realise just how boring it actually could be. He only agreed because his ailing aunt had asked him to. Sure, he had Remus over to help out (the bloody sod practically knew the title of each book, its author and probably even its original published date) but this was something that Remus would actually enjoy, because he loved books.

James on the other hand, not so much.

He would prefer to be outside, getting burnt in the sun as he and Sirius invested themselves in some form of shenanigans or the other.

Unfortunately for him, today Remus had ditched him in favour of doing something of the sort with his mother (James couldn’t remember the specifics of the conversation they had in the phone last night other than the fact of Remus not being there with him.) and so far, it was shaping up to be a truly awful day.

First, when he went to get his usual morning coffee, he had a terrible mishap involving himself, a little redhead and hot tea down his front. The small shop was packed enough as it was, forcing James to squish himself into the queue waiting to collect their drinks. He was standing to close to the girl and when she turned, she bumped into him, the hot beverage inevitably sloshing over the brim.

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