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Teaching pennywise how to kiss HC? I can't get enough of first kiss fluff it's such a cute concept

Ohhhh!! I love clueless Penny!! I’m gonna write an actual fic for this:

So you and pennywise are watching Stranger Things at your place
(Oops yes I did)
and you get the the part where eleven and mike kiss and Penny just goes rigid.
He sits up straight from his slouched position on the couch and he just looks at you and back at the tv and back at you and ba-
You put your hand on his shoulder and ask “Pen, honey you good?”

He just smashes his hand down on your leg and stares at you and he goes

“I thought you humans didn’t eat eachother, why are they doing that??AND I THOUGHT THEY WERE IN THAT LOVE THING LIKE US?? DO I HAVE TO EAT YOU!? I don’t wanna eat you..!”

He’s whimpering and you can see like tears in his eyes at this point and he’s hyperventilating.

You just squint at him, “Penny, have you never heard of kissing?”

“Kid sing?”

“No, doofus, kissing. We do it when we love someone wanna be close to them.” You laugh. You can tell he’s trying to understand but he’s obviously very confused. You both sit there for a minute in silence as the clown tries to work the idea trough his head. His eyes light up and he turns to you.

“Can we kissing?” you can feel your cheeks grow warm and you snicker at his mess up. “I mean we’re in love I think, and I really like being close to you.” He says softly, scooting closer until you can feel his warm breath in your hair.

You nod your head and he does that happy little giggle. Flustered, you stretch upwards to him because he’s ridiculously taller than you even when sitting. Despite your effort, you barely get a peck on his red lips. Penny sees you struggle so he leans back down into the couch so you can reach him better.

Suddenly, he pulls you into his lap and smiles. Obviously, being in this position facing him makes you even more red in the face. You lean into him and carefully place your mouth inches away from his. His heart beats quickly under your palm and you can tell he’s nervous. The clown does the unexpected and makes the first move, his soft lips mushed to yours in a confused manner. Admittedly you’d never kissed before either so that made this trickier.

You decide to just roll with it and do your best to copy what you’ve seen in media. Eventually you two get the hang of it and you end up making out, most likely incorrectly. Penny moves his hand up to touch your back but instead knocks over the bowl of popcorn sitting next to him, causing you both to stop and enter hysterics.

You shovel it all back into the bowl knowing he isn’t picky at all and hand it to him. “Wow pen, that was a bit more than kissing. People usually don’t do that unless they get sexual.” You laugh, jokingly winking at him.

“What’s a sexual?”

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Ooooh could you do kadena moving in together? 😍

It’s stupid, really, that she feels so nervous about bringing it up. They’ve been together for over a year, and at this point, half of everything she owns is scattered around Adena’s apartment rather than her own.

Adena is stirring something on the stove, back to her while she sits on a stool at the counter, when Kat says, “So, um, I’ve been thinking…”

Adena adjusts the burner and puts the lid back on, turns to face her with a look that encourages her to continue.

“I spend most of my time here. More than my own place. I’ve even done my laundry here,” she rambles. “And I was thinking, maybe, that it might make more sense for, um, for me to just…not have my own place anymore.”

She wrings her hands together, in her lap, and the look on Adena’s face is unreadable, which only makes things worse.

“You think it would be easier to live here,” Adena answers, and it’s friendly enough but it’s not enthusiastic and she feels like an idiot.

Kat shakes her head, clears her throat, “It-It’s, nevermind, it’s dumb, forget I said anything.”

Adena frowns, leans into the counter, toward her, and Kat avoids her eyes.


She doesn’t say anything, is feeling more embarrassed and trapped with every second that passes.

“Kat, look at me,” Adena says, softer, and she forces herself to meet her girlfriend’s gaze. When she does, Adena looks reserved but there’s a gentle smile on her lips. “Do you want to move in with me?” she asks, and Kat narrows her eyes in confusion because she just told her—

“Or is it a matter of convenience?” Adena finishes, and oh, that’s what this is about.

Kat laughs, tension escaping her body, and stands from the stool, steps around the counter until Adena is in front of her, without barrier. She links her arms around Adena’s waist, in a loose hold, and looks into her eyes.

“I want to move in with you,” she assures. “I love coming here after work and seeing you. I love when I’m still in bed and I can hear you humming in the shower.” Adena smiles, open and vulnerable, and reaches up to stroke Kat’s hair. “And whenever I stay at my place now, without you, it’s…it just doesn’t feel right anymore.”

She thinks that Adena is about to say something, but then she falters, pauses and leans into Kat instead. Adena pulls at her neck, captures her lips in a kiss, and Kat kisses her back, holds her in the middle of the kitchen.

They kiss for several seconds and then Adena is smiling, giggling into her mouth, when she says, “Finally,” and Kat looks confused. “I have been waiting months for you to be ready.” Kat’s mouth hangs open, scoffing, and Adena laughs, kisses at her cheek. “Yes, you should move in with me.”


It appears he decided to raise the allowance back up on his own lol. I thought we agreed to 1K but he put me back at $1200. Hell! I’m not complaining. He’s such a gentleman though. He listens to things that I say and actually repeats them to me at later times. He truly is just a sweet genuine guy. I hope this arrangement is long term. The sugar universe really sent me something good. We’re supposed to link up Sunday for what he calls some relaxing and hotel-ish. So I kind of got an idea of what’s going on there lol so we’ll see. I hope he’s good in the sack!!

I actually can’t wait to see him Sunday. I’ll let you guys know how it goes.

He transferred me the first half Tuesday and the other half this morning. Can we say shopping?

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Dad’s Commentary Vol. 27

I let my dad use my Starz streaming subscription. Sunday morning last week, having stayed up to watch the new episode at midnight as usual, my dad made me laugh. He explained that he’d had trouble getting to sleep so he’d figured, why not watch the new Outlander episode, only to pull out his iPad and pull the episode up to see that it appeared to be on and ten minutes into the episode already. 

“I decided not to try putting it back to the beginning and starting myself because I figured you must already be watching it and I didn’t want it to screw up on your end.” Wise move, Dad. Wise move. 

So it took him a few days to finally watch the episode. He started Sunday night and got as far as, “Fergus just shot the bird. Stupid,” before he turned it off with the intention of waiting till he could watch the rest during the day. He doesn’t do well with gore and, “I knew the bit with Fergus’ hand was coming. Don’t want to see that right before bed.” But then at some point during the week he was on YouTube watching Outlander interviews and things – I think it was something he stumbled into after looking for Seth Meyers political clips. And now I’m remembering Caitriona Balfe was on his show as part of their promo push, wasn’t she. Okay, I think I just filled in a few blanks for how that happened – anyway, he ended up watching the little BTS thing they show at the end of each episode and they went through the thing with Fergus’ hand so he laughed, “Well, I’ve seen it now. Guess it doesn’t matter when I watch the rest of the episode.”

As for his thoughts on the episode itself:

He thought it was well done. Enjoyed Mary MacNab saving the day with the pistol. The scene with Jenny “turning Jamie in” seemed to be his favorite. He didn’t seem to really notice or mind the discrepancy with the dunbonnet story and the hair – he was too focused on the fact that Fergus was going to lose his hand and how he didn’t want to see that (he was the same way with Jamie’s hand in Season 1 and the Duke’s head in Season 2). 

So far, despite the fact he was apparently watching and possibly reading Outlander promo online, he still doesn’t appear to know about RDM’s interview with that major spoiler. I’m hoping he stays ignorant until we see it air cause I’m dying for his reaction. 

Life update

Hey Taylor just wanted to let you know what I’ve been up to. I started freshman year of college this year as a biology major, minoring in chemistry, and on track for the pre veterinary path. I’m also living on campus and I’m in the honors college. Classes have been going really well so far, I got an A+ on my first chemistry exam and I’m waiting to hear back on my biology exam. Everyone in my classes already knows me as the taylor swift girl and I talk about you all the time, I’m not sure how people put up with me. I really hope you’re at a good place too and thank you for coming here and checking up on us. If you ever want to come visit I’m at IU south bend (last time we talked I was planning on north central college but it ended up being too much money, but I’m actually in love with IUSB and I’m so happy with my decision). I’m down to go get coffee or bake cookies at any time. I love you Taylor💕

Love, Amelia

Richie Tozier: Talks in the Hallway

A/N Hi there! I’m a new fic blog on the block and wanted to get into writing more, so why not write for our fave brave kids and co? Requests are open! But I thought i’d just put out a few little snippets first to get myself out there? Hmu babes 👏🏾

Also please msg me abt any typos. It’s embarrassing man

Pairing  → Richie Tozier x Reader (She/Her Pronouns)

Warnings  → Pennywise encounter, 13yr olds swearing, me trying my hand at humor, me putting detail into things that didn’t need much detail but stay tuned i’ll get better.

Splinters of the rotten wood floor dug into the palms of your hands as you tried to move further back. 


You were pressed up against the bedroom door, but still you tried, so, so hard, to keep going backwards.


You had to get yourself further away from the fucking monstrosity in front of you. A spider. A dirty grey spider, with 8 red eyes, and 8 long legs. It body was long and flat.

You always hated the narrow ones most.


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Cops and Robbers - Dick Grayson x Reader

I had an idea. It’s probably been done before. But I did it anyway.

Tagging: @aworldwideapart @memento-scribet

Words: 612

This is by far the worst misunderstanding you have ever gotten tangled into.

It had taken you months to prepare for tonight. All the training, costume trials, and equipment practice were going to be put to the test. But one slip up has ruined everything.

It started when you spotted a couple of guys smashing an apartment window with a baseball bat. It was the perfect opportunity to make your vigilante debut—something small but effective in someone’s life. So you confronted the thieves. Of course they fought back, but they were relatively easy to handle. You had just managed to get the baseball bat from one of the guys when blue lights flashed through the broken window.

“Oh, fuck, man, run!” One thief yelled at his friend. Before you could react, you’d been knocked on the head and the two guys disappeared through the back of the apartment.

And that’s the short version of how a particularly attractive police officer is arresting you for breaking and entering and destruction of property.

Not exactly how you expected the night to go.

You know you should be paying attention to what the officer is saying. You know you should be more upset with this turn of events than you are. But right now, as this dark haired police officer handcuffs you and starts telling you about your rights, the only thing you can do is smile at the absurdity of the situation.

“Anything you say,” the officer says in a stern but not harsh voice, “Can and will be held against you—”

“Dick,” you say, more as a gutter joke to yourself than for him.

But it causes the officer to freeze mid sentence. You turn your head slightly to see him chewing on his cheek, and he looks like he’s holding back a smile.

“That’s my name,” he looks at you with blue eyes and a smirk that cause your heart to stutter. “Don’t wear it out.”

The realization of what his words mean and what you said to provoke them hits you as the officer guides you to the door. Thinking that you’re already screwed for the time being, you throw your usual caution to the side and start flirting. After all, when will you ever get another chance to banter with a man this beautiful?

“What if I ride it out? Maybe next Saturday night?”

“We’ll have to see how tonight goes, first,” Dick says, amusement strong in his voice, as he walks you to his patrol car. But he hasn’t completely dismissed your advance.

“Why? Do you not have any fantasies?” You turn to face him as he opens the car door and take a step closer to him. With a low voice and a flirtatious smirk, your sudden boldness continues. “Fantasies that involve handcuffs? No cops and robbers for you?”

“Not any that could get me fired.” The heat between you is high, and the tension is so thick you can feel it tingle against your skin. He hasn’t pushed you away yet, and you suddenly realize that his face is centimeters away from yours.

You realize the tingling on your skin is his breath against your cheek.

“Come on.” The close proximity to the officer causes your voice to be breathy when you speak again, giving you a far more sultry effect than you’d originally intended. “Where’s your sense of adventure?”

“It’ll be waiting for you.” Dick gently guides you to the back seat and you see a smirk before he closes the door. “But only when you get out.”

“I’ll see you tomorrow then.” You lean back against the hard seat as Dick starts driving.

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Soldier AU - Henry tells to his parents that an old woman approached him at school. Regina gets mad when she understand that the old woman was her mother.

“So, did anything happen at school today?” Robin asked their sons as Regina wrestled with Diana, trying to get her to eat the pasta rather than wear it. 

Roland perked up, smiling at them. “It was great. The teacher said I did good on my math problems.” 

“Well,” Regina corrected him gently. “You did well, Roland.” 

“There’s a difference?” he asked, making a face. 

Robin chuckled. “There is. Your mother and I will explain it after dinner.” 

“Okay,” Roland replied, turning back to his spaghetti. 

Diana finally started to put her macaroni in her mouth and so Regina felt safe leaving her alone for a few minutes. Especially as she realized their usually talkative Henry was quiet, twirling his spaghetti around his fork without eating it. She frowned and leaned over, laying her hand on his arm. 

He started, looking up at her with wide eyes. It only made her more concerned. “Henry? Is something wrong?”

“Did something happen at school?” Robin asked, now also concerned. 

“It happened outside of school, when they had us on the playground during after care,” Henry said, fiddling with his fork. 

Roland frowned. “You mean that old lady who was trying to talk to you?” 

“What old lady?” Robin asked, his voice growing harder as Regina started to word the tongue-lashing she was going to give the school for allowing a stranger to get so close to her son. 

“She didn’t seem that old,” Henry said. “She didn’t have gray hair. It was brown. And she said she was my grandmother.” 

Regina’s anger grew, now directed at both the school and her mother. She grabbed her phone off the counter, finding a picture of Cora. Holding it up, she asked Henry: “Is this the woman who talked to you?” 

“Yes,” he replied, nodding. He then tilted his head. “Why do you have a picture of her on your phone?” 

She put the phone down, biting her lip. “That woman is my mother, so yes, she is your grandmother.” 

“How come she doesn’t visit like Gran and Gramps?” Roland asked, dinner forgotten at the revelation he had another grandparent. 

Regina sighed, looking at Robin. He gave her a soft smile, taking her hand. She took a deep breath. “She wasn’t a very good mother and was mean to me as well as your father. I didn’t want her to do the same to you, so I’ve kept us away from her as best as I could.” 

“She didn’t seem like a nice lady,” Henry said, squirming in his seat. “Her smile was too big and wasn’t warm. It seemed fake.” 

“That certainly describes her,” Robin muttered under his breath. 

Regina squeezed Henry’s hand. “I’ll talk to the school to make sure they know that she’s not allowed near you, even if she is your grandmother. If she tries to talk to you again, tell an adult like she’s a stranger, okay?” 

“Okay, Mama,” he said. 

“The same goes for you, Roland,” Robin told their other son. “Okay?” 

Roland nodded. “Okay.” 

After another squeeze of Henry’s hand, she pulled away. “Now, enough talk of your other grandmother. Let’s finish our dinners before it gets too cold!” 

Westallen Wedding Week: Day 5-Wedding Traditions

A/N: I hope this isn’t too sappy.

“T-minus 10 minutes” Linda announced to the room of bridesmaids all putting the finishing touches on their hair. Iris was sitting at the vanity looking at herself in the mirror. She was ready. So far she had been able to told back tears but knew that when her dad came in she would fall apart.

“Final checklist” Caitlin called out. “Everyone has their bouquets?”

“Check.” the whole room responded


“Check.” Linda, the Maid of honor, held up the ring Iris would put on Barry’s finger. “And Cisco has the other one. I made sure.”


“Check.” Linda said again, this time holding up a folded piece of paper.

“Perfect. Iris to you have everything you need?”

“Yes. Thank you guys so much for being here with me. I love you.” Iris said and the tears were suddenly more difficult to keep in. Damn, maybe she was feelings more emotional than she thought. “Can I have a minute alone before my dad comes to get me?”

“Of course.” Caitlin and the rest of the girls left.

Something old

Iris picked up her bouquet. Wrapped around the flowers was white lace and a locket that belonged to her late mother. Inside was a baby picture of Iris with her dad. On her left ring finger was the engagement ring Barry had given her. Passed down from generation to generation in his family, it meant the world to Iris that she was now the one wearing it.

Something new

Iris loved her wedding dress. It was traditional looking but modern too. She brought her dad to the final fitting last week and they both cried. Iris couldn’t wait to see Barry’s face when she walked down the aisle towards him. She was sure he would cry and that would make her cry again. Thank goodness for waterproof mascara.

something borrowed,

A few nights ago Joe and Cecile took Iris out to dinner. Iris thanked Cecile for being in their lives. She cried and confessed that she thought of Cecile as a mother. After a tight embrace and many tears. Cecile pulled out a box and handed it to Iris.

“Something I’d like you to wear at the wedding. If you want.” she said

Iris opened the box and took out a small crystal tiara. She looked up and saw that now her dad was crying too. Cecile helped Iris place the tiara on her head. “I wore it at my wedding. It made me feel really beautiful. I thought you might like it too.”

Earlier today, Cecile once again placed the tiara on Iris.

“It makes me feel really beautiful too.”

something blue

Last night Iris realized she didn’t have something blue. Maybe it was because of all the emotional conversations she’d been having with family and friends or maybe it was all the brownies she’d eaten, but not having something blue to complete the tradition rhyme made Iris cry. Caitlin came to the rescue by cutting a small piece of a dark blue S.T.A.R Labs sweatshirt and sewing it onto the inside of Iris’s dress.

and a silver sixpence in her shoe.

Julien gave Iris a silver sixpence at the rehearsal dinner. He said that it was important because it can ward off evil.

Iris bent down to put the silver sixpence in her shoe just as her dad opened the door.

“My baby girl…” 

The tears started flowing. The next few minutes were a blur of emotional before the music played and the doors opened.

Fine ( Jack Kelly x Reader

Warnings: Handsy creep, swearing

Requested by anon: I’m SOOOO sorry this took so long! I hope its close to what you had in mind!

Being a waitress at Jacobi’s sucked dick but it was the only job you could get so you had no choice but to put up with the constant mob of guys hitting. They all kept coming back even you had repeatedly told them you have a boyfriend. Today had been the final straw when some creep tried to stick tried to stick his hand up your skirt. You had asked him to leave immediately and told your boss when he refused to. He eventually left which made you much more at ease but enough to calm your nerves. You didn’t know how you were going to tell Jack about this. He’d be disgusted and want to leave you. He’d call you a slut and throw you out if the apartment. You told yourself to push the thoughts out of your mind and focus on finishing your shift. You were sure that time couldn’t pass any slower, but boy oh boy were you wrong. 

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Commission Information Update

Hi you guys! Before I get into these updates let me apologize for not being clear of whether I would be open for commissions as well as not getting back to those who were interested in commissions. I’m sorry it took so long to give you guys an update on my prices. Additionally, the reason it took so long was because I wanted to make sure my prices were proportional to the amount of time I worked on a piece. These prices are more expensive than what I had originally put down, but I hope this would not disinterest you from wanting commissions (though its understandable if you do become disinterested). I just wanted to give you all a heads up before commissioning me. 

Now for these updates!!!

  • As I said above the my rates have increased
  • I removed the following categories concerning commissions in my normal style:
    • flat/cell shading
    • line art
  • For Chibi Style pieces I removed the following:
    • pixel style
    • line art
  • Please tell me where you would like me to send you updates on pieces (email, tumblr, skype, etc.)
  • No NSFW content (I’m going to have to put my foot down on this one I’m sorry y’all)

Please check out my commissions page [here]

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Hello there, a request in light of winter (Well yeah winter because Alaska) being very close. Maybe a blizzard is raging outside and the power ends up going out, and it up to the bots or cons to help the human s/o not be afraid of the power outage/dark? Transformers Prime please. Characters in particular: Wheeljack, Knockout, and Starscream? Also you make very good headcannons and your stories make me grin from ear to ear. Keep doing what you do :)

There are about 20 things in my ask box and I’m panicking because some of them have been there for weeks so if you’re one of those people who submitted something way back and are only getting it now then I’m super sorry and I love and thank you for putting up with me!!!!

Also, please excuse the large amount of cheese in this. Seriously, there’s enough in here to feed a village.



  • You weren’t usually scared of the dark, in fact, you loved it
  • The only problem was that the last time there was a storm this powerful, which caused a power outage, was when the dark Cybertronion god Unicron himself tried to rise from the centre of your planet and obliterate all existence
  • And considering you had almost lost some of your closest friends in said escapade, you weren’t exactly thrilled when the entire base suddenly went dark
  • “WHEELJACK!!!!!”
  • Having to explain to him why you’re scared
  • Seriously this guy must love you, like…a lot
  • When you get to the point of actually shaking because you’re so scared then he starts to realise exactly how scared you really are
  • Actually grabs Ratchet by the shoulders and commands him to bring back the power
  • Ratchet trying to explain why that just isn’t possible
  • “Well then make it possible.”
  • You two start talking about Cybertron
  • What it was like before the war
  • What his favourite thing to do was
  • How many times he blew up a lab
  • When the power finally comes back on you’ve fallen asleep
  • And the best part is that you’re calm and relaxed
  • Because you’ve got your best friend, the love of your life, looking after you


  • You weren’t exactly terrified of the dark, no, but it still made your skin crawl
  • It had been happening ever since you were six, when the person babysitting you decided to put on a horror movie
  • And made you watch it
  • Needless to say they were fired by your parents
  • But you were still mentally scarred
  • As you grew older, you became less frightened by the empty darkness that nighttime brings
  • Nonetheless, you still slept with a nightlight
  • So when the Nemesis suddenly lost power (don’t worry it was still flying, it was just dark) you let out an awful screech
  • This resulted in Knockout having to spend hours on end explaining to you that a small possessed children’s toy was not going to suddenly appear out of the dark and kill you
  • Especially because this was a ship full of evil giant robots
  • “If you want to be scared of anything, there’s always….scraplets”
  • Now it was your turn to convince him that he was not going to be eaten alive by robots the size of chinchillas
  • This went back and forth for hours until you both simultaneously realised the power had come on
  • “Now, that wasn’t so bad was it?”
  • “I still can’t believe that you’re scared of these”
  • Don’t worry, you aren’t actually holding a scraplet, but it was funny watching the flash of fear on his face


  • You’re scared of the dark? Well so is he!
  • You can scream together then
  • “Literally”
  • “WHAT?”
  • “Nothing…”
  • You two huddle in the corner, unfortunately talking about the stuff of nightmares
  • “What if a zombie comes around the corner?”
  • “He’d suck out of energon!”
  • “Uh…Screams….I’m human…”
  • “Oh my god what about Chucky!?”
  • “Who?”
  • “CHUCKY”
  • You’d probably grab your phone and start watching the damn movie
  • You both can’t sleep that night

Takes a bow. There you go. I’m about to go on a four hour train journey that has no wifi or anything like that and I’m probably going to come back a changed woman

Remember me how I was

*gross sobbing*


cristopher: why’d you want to meet up?

cleo: someone told me roy is back. why wouldn’t you tell me??

cristopher: you broke up with me, i don’t owe you any explanations anymore.

cleo: you know why we broke up! but you know what? screw you. i thought my brother was missing, so excuse me if i put that before a relationship that was going nowhere.

cristopher, chuckling: you really should work on your anger issues, cleo. don’t come by, roy hasn’t reached out to you for a reason.

Trolls Week 2017, Day 6 and 7: Favorite Background Troll and Troll OC

Since I didn’t have time to work on something for Day 6, I thought about putting together my favorite background Troll and my own Troll OC in one drawing and I must admit I’m pretty proud of how it turned out. :D

So, first, my favorite background Troll is Keith: he’s just so cute and tiny, he could probably sit on the point of a human finger, staring up at you with those big eyes! *gushing*

And, second, my Troll OC has finally got a name!
Her name is Inky and she’s a a librarian and historian: after the Trolls got back to their Tree at the end of the movie, Inky finally got to put her love for history to use when Queen Poppy and former King Peppy asked her to take care of the library left behind during the escape twenty years prior.
With her organizative skills and the help from friends and family, she managed to restore the place and is now happily directing it.
She’s also a theater lover and hides quiet the drama-queen attitude behind her collected and gentle appearance.

I’m still working on her, so this is not really her complete info and it may be subjected to change, but I hope you’ll be nice to her. :)

And again, happy Trolls Week everyone!

Mr. Mom Chapter 3 (Jensen x Reader)

Originally posted by iwriteaboutdean

Title: Mr. Mom Chapter 3

Summary:  When Jensen loses his job, his wife uses her skills to go back to work. Jensen’s find with it, thinking he’ll just gets naps and TV time all day. Until he actually has to take care of the kids.

Warnings: None that I can think of

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I like the content you post, but it's so tedious seeing you complain about bad movies just 'cause. If it's not too much to ask, could you focus more on the awesome positive content you always share?

Shut the fuck up. Usually, when I put a movie down, I have a pretty solid argument to back up my view.
Unless I’m not feeling particularly chatty that day and write a throwaway “That was shit” post.
I don’t even know what you’re complaining about. I haven’t really been down on a movie recently. Was it my opinion on “Justice League” and the new “Thor”?
If so, “Justice League” looks like a cheesy mess with far too many characters and ugly looking action sequences. The aesthetic looks like a post-apocalyptic gothic CGI nightmare and some of the quips shown in the trailer are stupid as shit.
As for “Thor”, it looks like a parody of a Marvel film. It looks like “The Misadventures of Thor” more than an actual solid take on the character. Again, there’s cheese ahoy, poor comedy and only Cate Blanchett looks dope.

I don’t know what else your whining about. I have opinions like everyone else. Some things I like, other things I don’t. None of my opinions are arbitrary.
If my negative opinions bring you to tears, stay the fuck off my blog, you whinging twat.

The Mun Speaks!

Hey there tumblr land!

I’m sure some of you might have noticed my silence this past month and a bit. Real life kinda reared up its ugly head and I had to deal with things away from the keyboard for a little while. Things are okay and I’m safe and sound! <3

Thanks to all the readers who follow, like and share my stuff. I’m glad you enjoy the writing! I hope to add some fan arts to that as I get back into drawing again. I also gotta throw a shout out to my awesome RP fam. I love you guys. Thanks for all the smiles and the laughs.

I’m all hyped for TaG season 2 to start up again at the end of September. I’m in Canada so I’ll probably have to watch a stream or download since I’m not sure if it’s on any of my channels. I can’t wait. :)

Anyhoo, I shall be catching up and continuing RP threads that had been put on hold this past bit. So stay tuned! <3 If there is anything you wanted me to see or respond to - feel free to PM/Ask or @ me! 

This goes for John here at always-a-situation, Marina (pacifican-ambassador) and Captain Scarlet (illwalkitoff). 



Sebastian’s POV

The sun was setting when I opened my eyes. I didn’t want to move at all, because snugly against my chest was the sweetest sight I ever saw. I reached over and gently pushed the hair from his face, but he didn’t even move slightly. His nose twitched, then he breathed easily. For someone that hates sleeping for long periods, he sure is a sound sleeper.

With a sigh, I picked up my phone from the nightstand and looked at the time. It was ten minutes until ten, so I put my phone down and looked to the ceiling before the words Kelly’s mom said repeated in my head.

“Bring him back before ten.”

“Oh crude,” I mutter before sitting up abruptly, causing Kelly to fall onto the mattress with a grunt. “Sorry, Red, but I have to get you home before your mom destroys me.”

Kelly rubbed his eyes and sat up, a blank look on his face. He shook his head as way of reply before pressing his face into my chest once more and clinging to me. How could I reject such a sweet embrace? Mrs. Henderson will just have to understand.

“I don’t want to go. I could just call home and tell my mom I’m staying the night.”

I looked to the ceiling with agony. “That wouldn’t be such a good idea. I don’t want your parents to hate me, and mine wouldn’t really like that.” He didn’t reply, so I glanced down and saw him drifting off to sleep again. What am I going to do with him? He’s making it hard to say no…

I eventually managed to get him up and dressed before dragging him out to my truck. As soon as I pulled into the driveway an hour and a half later, I saw a sight I didn’t think I’d see. Standing on the porch with quite a glare was Kelly’s dad.


Calls and outcomes

So I found out more about how calls work with my agency. Around here, agencies contract with multiple counties and counties contract with multiple agencies. When a placement comes up, the county will put out a call to multiple agencies at once.

Our agency then calls foster parents to make sure they have a spot and then gets back to the county. This means that it’s not uncommon to have six ‘yes’ answers for one placement.

So to answer my earlier question: we definitely haven’t been blacklisted or anything, it’s just how the cookie crumbles.

Today was our 3rd flat out 'yes’ where no kiddos showed up. It’s getting easier.

Bad Timing

Pairing: Asra/My MC Isa
Summary: Asra see’s something he probably shouldn’t have
Content warnings: I dunno Asra jacks it thinking about his apprentice and feels bad about it.

Asra had settled himself onto the sofa, stretching out and putting his feet up on the arm, folding his hands behind his head and letting out a content sigh. A busy day at the shop, at least half a dozen people coming in for a reading and Isa was running around all day filling orders and restocking their supplies, so it was nice to finally close up the shop and rest. Isa had retreated to the back of the house for a bath and he could hear the faint sound of the brass tub being filled.

His attention shifts when he feels cool scales across his stomach, the sensation ticklish and causing him to laugh. He wrangles the culprit out from under his shirt and Faust coils around his arm, the snake’s tongue flicks out to taste the air and he boops her affectionately on the nose. “Yes I’m sorry I didn’t pay you much attention today.” He apologies and the serpent regards him for a moment before sliding down his arm and curling up in the warmth of his neck, all is forgiven and he raises his hand to stroke the smooth lavender scales, the familiar feeling soothing away the stress of the day.

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