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Alright, JK giving himself and Jimin the same age says A LOT tbh.. I'm a bit... Yeah.

{Hi! Sorry to bother but although I’m a die-hard jikook shipper (unbiased 🙃) , I just have to say how amazingly consistent JK has been throughout the years with putting himself and JM at the same age “friend” level and also how in calling JM ‘cute’ with all its synonyms be it in Korean, Japanese or English.}

He really just confirmed the way we perceive their relationship.
What I found really sweet is that not only is Jimin the only one he put on the same level as him but he gave him his own age. And when Hoseok was asked the same question he also gave jimin his own age but gave jungkook something like 10 (i dont remember but basically he’s a kid for him). So jungkook acts like the maknae he is with the others but not with jimin. And jimin’s suddenly not a hyung anymore with him.
That’s great.

Most Admirable Traits About The Signs

Aries- I really like their “don’t give a crap attitude” and also how protective they are over their friends and family.

Taurus- Their so cute and bubbly, and I like how they make the stupidest things hilarious.

Gemini- Okay so I admire all the confidence they have and they also are so cuddly and adorable.

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Ravenclaws with ptsd? (I'm a Hufflepuff mainly but there's no blog like yours for us and Ravenclaw really matches my personality too)

I actually have lots of requests for this so I promise I’ll try and get round to it soon! I just thought I should let you know there actually is a hufflepuff blog! Feel free to head over to hufflepuff-headcanons and I can give you a more hufflepuff centric answer as well :)

Oh Kara,

It’s not that simple.

I’m sure Snapper would yell at you to see the bigger picture. Frankly I’m a little disappointed you’ve resorted immediately to platitudes and promises you can’t keep. This isn’t some franchise movie where the world resets with a motivational speech. Someone who’s lost as much as you have? Should know that only too well.

Though you’re right about Carter. He’s exceptional in every way. We’ve talked more since he’s been allowed to see me post-incident than we have in the past year. Boys, teens… tough. They don’t put any premium on communication. I feel wretched that I’ve scared him so badly he can’t help but talk to me every chance he gets. All the same, the selfish needs of a mother’s love make me soak up every second of it. I know it’s going to stop again before long.

Adam was informed, or so I’m told. He sent flowers to the house, not much in the way of a note. It’s better than I would have expected even a year ago. I know I have you to thank. I’m trying to remember all the reasons I have to be grateful, to Kara and to Supergirl.

Because, you see, I did call out to you. That first shot hit me in the shoulder and I called your name. Correctly. Not Keira. Not the girl of headlines and legends. Two syllables I denied you for so long.


You didn’t come. I’ve never been more terrified - that I was dying, that I’d never see my sons again, that we’d leave each other in the midst of this ongoing conversation I’ve come to look forward to more than I should - and you didn’t come. It’s there in my medical records that I was asking for you before they put me under. But you weren’t there.

Which I would never have questioned you on. I’m sure something much more important kept you in National City. I have my own security detail, and they saved me as best they could. I didn’t need you, technically. But in the worst possible moment, I wanted you.

Arrogant? Self-serving? Mean-spirited of me to tell you now? Perhaps all these things are true, but we’ve promised to be honest with one another. Just like you were honest on my balcony when you were drugged. The truth will out. That’s why I don’t want you to visit Kara, aside from my vanity. I’m not sure how to feel when my faith is so shaken.

I believe you’ll do anything you can to save anyone. I suppose I tricked myself into thinking I’d found myself once again on the VIP list. Maybe that’s not how it works with heroes. I should know better than to expect to be anything special to you.

So don’t take time out of your busy life to come here and inspect my bruises. You don’t even have to keep looking out for Carter, that was more than I should have asked. I’ll see you when I’m back on the job - sooner, rather than later - and I have reason to visit the National City facilities on official business.

Writing this much is far more than I should have done, so you’ll forgive me if I’m too tired to continue.

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Relationship status: Single and ready to Flamingle!

Favorite color: Orange

Lipstick or chapstick: Chapstick is life, my lips must be smooth and soft, and not fucking cracked!

Last song I listened to: Oh fuck it may have been Waiting for Tonight by J Lo and that is all Aidan’s fault

Last movie I watched: Pretty sure I watched Mad Max Fury Road for the 10th time this week

Top 3 TV shows: Fuck…uhhh Stargate, Star Trek, Penny Dreadful (okay but Brooklyn 99 needs to be mentioned too)

Top 3 characters: Right now? Orson Krennic, Rae Sloane, Mr. Bones 

Top 3 ships:  It’s so hard to pick…I’ll do it this way Orson Krennic/LITERALLY EVERYONE, Blueberry Coconut, and Sinjir/any man worth his snark (I cut out at least 98% of my ships but saying Krennic/everyone)

Books I’m currently reading: Aftermath: Life Debt, Timekeeper, and Skullduggery Pleasant

I’ll tag @impornialgarbage @absurdistplayer @orsonkraennic @archistratego my new friend @benfuckingmendelsohn annnnnnd lets tag @mrsjadecurtiss too! I love all of you and anybody else who wants to go for this


This blog and all of my others are going on a short break. 

I don’t want to say they will be completely dead, on the off chance I decide to do some art, but the likely scenario is that I will not be updating for a good month or so. 

I’ve been trying my best to update all of them but with work and my poor health as of late getting in the way I think the best course of action is to take a little break. I just need some time to rest and maybe work on my art style so that I like it better (my shading and poses need some work) 

But anyways, this blog is not dying! I will be back in about a month. See y’all then.

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can u also maybe post good keith blogs/keith stan blogs bc, literally all the blogs I look at except urs and maybe one or two other people's are clearly lance stan blogs and while I adore lance I am very tired of black paladin lance/"anyone but keith" posts and the stuff they come with

The “anyone but keith” posts are so disrespectful, I literally post blocked it because my blood began to boil when I saw it…

Anyways, yeah I can totally hook you up with the good keith blogs/keith stan blogs (shaladin free ofc)

Again, these are just some blogs I follow:

@keithkogayne @macnkeith @pngpotpies @koganx @iloveyoukeith @keithsmulletprotectionsquad @relatablepicturesofkeithkogane @mulletkin @keithsbelt @witchkeith @koganed 

Yeah that’s it :| 

I know some other people who love Keith, but there isn’t enough Keith content on their blog for me to put them on this list.

A lot of blogs that post Keith content are either shaladins or nasty in some other way….It’s a struggle.

If you post a lot of Keith content, or know someone who does, comment on this post.

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They look like a happy family! I’ve been waiting to see something like this for a long time! I nearly screamed with joy when I saw it. If it’s not part of the music video, maybe it’s for a video short. Like a G-Bite! Either way, I can’t wait to see the picture fully done. This is probably my favorite Phase 4 art right now. It’s so heartwarming! 

I mean look how happy they look! (Well except for Murdoc) I haven’t seen a group picture like that in so long! I’m crying! :,D


Heartbreaking Robin moments

Barney & Robin

“You still have feeling for Barney.”

Little rant!

My computer had broken down so I had to get a new one but I’m back posting gifs. Anyway, I just wanted to rant a little about this because it’s important. Robin’s feelings for Barney, whenever there’s a moment whether it’s their post breakup in season 5 or her feelings returning (not that it came back, they were always there) I feel her pain. I have never felt her pain whenever she supposedly has feelings for Ted or any kind of feeling when it involves Ted in any kind of way. But, for me whenever her feelings are expressed when she’s in love with Barney I feel her agony, I feel her pain, it’s so heartbreaking that she fell so hard for him and was in such a deep pain over her feelings for him.

When, he was dating Nora this is when her true feelings were known. It only had been a year at that point since they broke up but her feelings were there, they never went away in that year, their friendship was back on the right path and it was great to see how close they were in season 6 but I think during this time around the time Nora came about, Robin most definitely started to have feelings for Barney again and that’s why she pushed him towards Nora. You, can tell just by the look on her face at the end of the season 6 finale that she’s in love with him.

It was always hard for her to express herself, her emotions and feelings were always sheltered because she was so scared to let herself feel anything for anyone. But, falling in love with Barney changed her in this department. She, was always quiet, unsure, afraid, sheltered and didn’t know how to express/deal with her real feelings for a guy. But, with Barney she felt like she can be herself around him, she always seemed free, carefree, had a lot of fun with him, enjoyed spending her free time with him and cared about him in a way she never did with Ted. Sorry, but Robin Scherbatsky’s real/true feelings came out for Barney and whenever she felt something for him it seemed like she completely unravels in ways she never did before. It is Barney she loved NOT Ted her heart belongs to Barney he is her true love, her soulmate, her best friend and her partner in life. He’s her husband, a love like this when I feel someone’s pain I believe that should never end, it should never die or be replaced and I feel her pain whenever she’s in love with Barney. Their love for each other will never go away but for me Robin’s true love is and will always be Barney. End rant!

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This might be a stupid question but how do you upload your RP threads? Like is it a text post you create and then add the gifs in that you've reacted using HTML ooooorrrr am I way over complicating this lol! I'm a complete newby

(( OOC: Not a stupid question! Welcome to the world of rp-ing!

So it’s best to use a text post for a thread, as it allows you to type in dialogue etc in between your gifts. So when you open a new text post, you see the little camera icon?

If you click on that, it’ll take you to your documents folder, where you should have saved your gif files. And that is how you insert a gif into your post. Make sure it is under 2MB though otherwise your gif will freeze.

Good luck! ))

Fairy Tail Chapter 524 review

Alright lets dive into chapter 524 “Black Future”

Our cover page is Cana and yes we’ve gone back to glamour shots.  Also Cana seems to have Midnight’s reflector magic given the way the city is bending.

We open with Acnologia’s return and hopefully some actual quality will return to the narrative.

Okay points to Mashima for remembering that no one except Zeref and Irene know Acnologia has a human form.Also just walking past Erza like a mother fucking boss. Only way to make it better is if he had one arm out like he did with God Serena

Okay lets all be fair after the shit Irene put us all through for 4 weeks, tell me who wouldn’t want to do this to her.

Don’t know how this is a sin but hey maybe we’ll get more on it.

So we cut away to Natsu and Zeref’s fight.

So after a few pages of some decent action we get Zeref’s monologue.

Okay first, I did a whole post theorizing Natsu and Zeref’s power and I’ll just sum it up that in term of strength Natsu and Zeref are equal but due to the fact Zeref is Immortal there really is no way to win. So I don’t think Natsu is too outclassed here.

Also Natsu says here “the power of Me”. Now that does seem out of character as Natsu seems to talk a whole lot of the power of Fairy Tail, but you know what, I’m glad it’s something different. That a character actually has total confidence in their own strength to justify why they can win.

Yeah Zeref I know you want to die but I don’t think it was your goal to wipe out humanity. You wanted to die with Acnologia but the power of Fairy Heart would destroy everyone when released.

We cut to August vs Gildarts and Cana

Say August I’m surprised how up your majesty’s ass you are, tell me what’s it smell like.

THANK YOU CANA! See we needed more moments like this especially because honestly we’ve heard this shit from Natsu, Lucy, Erza and Wendy so many times it doesn’t matter but when we have side characters declaring they’ll protect what’s precious to them it actually seems like this war means something, that it isn’t just a fight for team natsu it’s a fight for everyone. Now I do think this could’ve been stronger if say a character from another guild like Lyon or Kagura said this but y’know Cana hasn’t gotten to do anything so I’m good with this.


Oh come on!

Seriously why can’t this ever work on people? Okay with Bluenote I was okay with it because we had Cana getting a brand new power and she doesn’t know how to use it. But come on she’s used it since and to great effect.

Wow this really is the Bluenote fight all over again, Fairy Glitter fails and Gildarts now has to fight back. Also I know it sounds cheesy with “not knowing the magic of love” but remember in this series magic is influenced heavily through people’s emotions and love is a very strong one, I just hope it doesn’t become totally cheesy. Also August if you’re a master of all magic do you have some lost magic. Because it seems you’re a master of only well known magic granted that is a large variety. Also next chapter we are going to most likely go a get something on Larcade, thank god.

Post Chapter follow up: this was a okay chapter. I’ll get my cons outta the way. Why can’t Cana and Fairy Glitter ever do a damn thing against people. It’s not even like Hiro hasn’t made Cana look cool before, he has,but when it comes to fights she usually gets shafted. So this big moment of using FairyGlitter feels like a waste. It be better if Cana used Fairy Gltter and August took damage and was able to stand up to it would affirm that he is Gildarts level but also give the side character some credit for weakening him.

My other issue is just a nitpick but Zeref even seems to be conflicted again. I know he’s this being of contradiction but now it’s starting to get too confusing at this point.

But on the plus side, I really like the atmosphere of everyone feeling Acnologia’s power, it’s just great tension building. Also Acnologia stomping on Irene is just so great.

The fights are pretty good and I actually like Natsu vs Zeref having Natsu say I believe in my power because while it is something that seems out of character and out of the series message, it still is something different and nice to see.

Cana standing up to August is great but as I said it could’ve been stronger if another character from another guild did it to once again show that this war affects everyone.

Final Verdict: 6/10

  • Just above average
  • I Do dislike the pointlessness of Fairy Glitter
  • The tension is still strong
  • action was pretty good

This is just a post to motivate the Steroline fandom to gif, if you’re feeling like it obviously and if you haven’t done it lately, after this episode there are so many things that can be giffed, I miss seeing our tag filled with beautiful gifsets and since there are only 2 weeks left and this is definitely one of the happiest weeks our fandom ever had, I’m hoping to see many many gifsets from all our talented gifmakers! I’m not trying to pressure you in any way I just wanted to make this post as a way to motivate you <3

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Do u think that the crewniverse feels like we are all Ronaldo? Do u feel like they have a low opinion of us and we are just silly people with blogs? I know that not every SU fan is one to attack the creators, but I felt like when the teacher is scolding a student and I'm the quiet kid, trying to slink back and disappear..

the crewniverse have kind of a tradition of trolling the fandom with ronaldo eps, one way or another. if it’s not how you behave, i understand being uncomfortable, but hey, it’s not about you - heck, a lot of the crew have tumblrs themselves, and i do think they genuinely love most of their fans. they’ve even liked my posts before, so they clearly enjoy reading some of our thoughts. 

i also think allyship is the most important aspect of the episode, as highlighted by ronaldo’s blog, rather than scolding the fandom as a whole.

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hey! I saw the ask you got about how mac isn't being very "Bad" this season & you were talking about how you didn't really like that, so I'm just curious as to what you're expecting from Mac? For me, the bad things he did were always related to h*mophobia or something, & now that he's out & very okay w being out, I don't really see how else he's supposed to be acting besides the way he has been? Sorry if I sound rude at all, I don't mean to be - I'm just curious about what you're expecting

you don’t sound rude, don’t worry!

it’s not that i necessarily… want to see mac being a bad person? like not in the sense that i enjoy seeing him say or do offensive things. it’s just that, if he’s going to move past that and develop as a character….. i wanna see it. i don’t want them to just erase the negative aspects of his personality as soon as he comes out, because itsbadwriting.gif to have such major character development like that happen without us getting to see ANY of it.

mac’s always had a problem with casual racism, dating back to the very first episode. granted, we saw some of that with this season premiere, but it hasn’t come up since then– which isn’t the worst thing, since there haven’t been any situations that would call for it and it’s never been the most overwhelming facet of mac’s personality anyway.

he’s also had HUGE issues with misogyny– i’m pretty sure he’s flat-out said “oh i hate women” with a smile on his face before. we know now that it’s because he was just dealing with his sexuality, but i don’t think he’s gonna spontaneously get over it and realize that just a few weeks after coming out. we’re seeing bits and pieces of it (him asking incredulously that there was a war on women in PTSDee, his comment in proooobably dennis’ double life about how women are all about emotion), but i want to see it more fully explored with him. it would be really cool if he eventually got to a point where he was actually able to articulate that his misogyny came as a result of his sexuality struggle, though i’m not holding my breath for that– just some subtext or bits of dialogue implying that he’s come to that realization would be great with me.

finally, uh……. the rampant transmisogyny. ALL of the gang is bad about this, but i think it’s safe to say that mac was the worst, considering he accused carmen’s husband of being gay just because carmen is trans. i quite frankly don’t have faith that rcg and the writers would do much better with carmen if they were to bring her back anytime soon, but it would be really nice to see mac give her a frank apology for all of the bullshit he said and did to her. of all the things on this list, i think this is the LEAST likely to happen, but it’s what i’d like to see the most.

so i guess at the end of the day it’s not really that i want mac to keep being Bad. it’s just that, if they really want to make mac a better person, i want to SEE it happen instead of it suddenly happening offscreen.

★ ★ ★ Welcome to Billie Piper Appreciation Week, March Edition! ★ ★ ★

What is it?

Put simply, there isn’t enough love for this beautiful, wonderful lady. So let’s have an entire week dedicated to her!

Okay, when is it?

March 13-19, 2017!

How do I participate?

There are lots of ways to participate! Each day is going to have a theme (they’ll be posted below), and you can make graphics, art, write fanfiction, meta, headcanons, etc. dedicated to the theme of the day! The sky’s the limit!

And make sure you tag it bp appreciation so it can be easily located!


★ Day One (March 13): Favorite Role
Day Two (March 14): Favorite Scene
Day Three (March 15): Saddest Moment
Day Four (March 16): Best Outfit (either on-screen or in life. Or both!)
Day Five (March 17): Best on-screen romantic partner
Day Six (March 18): Favorite Photoshoot
Day Seven (March 19): Free For All! Do whatever you want!

Things that Tumblr makes me paranoid about…

1. I might end up sending a message to the wrong person one of these days. The type of messages I send to people vary by a huge amount based on how well I know the person and the things I usually talk about with them, so that would be awkward as heck. (I’m sorry in advance!)

2. I often browse Tumblr mobile when I’m tired and slightly out of it. I sometimes get curious and browse down people’s posts and I can get quite far down. Then sometimes I end up liking a post by accident and then my mind races and I imagine them seeing the notification and wondering why such an old post got such attention. I then imagine them sending me a message about it (why would they?) prompting me to have to say ‘I can explain… you see, it was a reblog’.

3. Sometimes I read new messages and it takes me a while to respond because it requires some thought, so I go off and game for a bit then come back to tumblr. But I feel guilty about making any posts before replying because that person might see them and think ‘why have they not replied to me? are they ignoring me?’ so I lurk around/write drafts until I reply.

4. I often wonder how many people lurk my blog and to what extent. Do they keep track of me so much that they know when I’ve liked something new or know my queue times? Do I have long term followers who don’t actually have tumblr accounts? Is there anyone else still who’s followed me for so long but they’re too shy to talk to me? first thought about this after I kept getting whispers about my OC Quinton from people who didn’t actually have tumblr accounts. But then I remember I’m not exactly that important so it’s most likely no one who hasn’t already talked to me lol.