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you are an incredibly talented artist how can i be more like you (i love the young pope with a passion)

steps to become more like me:
1. sell your soul to jude law
2. wait
3. regret

No, but honestly, thank you very much! ♥ The Young Pope inspired me to pick up drawing and writing again (I dropped both about seven years ago because video editing is so fucking time-consuming jfc), so I’m glad I can contribute my poor excuses of both to the fandom. TYP is the best thing that happened in 2016, to be honest, and needs more love on second thought, it also ruined me so perhabs it should burn in hell. Anyway, thank you again, very kind of you <3


Hey, so I’m writing this on my phone. And this is inspired by some of Selena’s lines in her song, Sober.

“You’re saying all the things that you’re supposed to but you don’t know how to love me when you’re sober.”

“Cal?” You picked up the call from your best friend at three in the morning. “Is everything alright?”

“I miss you so much. I love you so much. I need you. I adore you. I cherish you. Please don’t leave me. I want to be beside you right now. I wanna cuddle the fuck out of you. I… I’m sorry… Please, babe, give me another chance. I won’t screw up. I’ll.. I’ll be whatever you want me to be. I.. I love you.. Please… Stay.” 

“You’re drunk. Again.”

“Stacy, please come back to me.” Calum said, mustering up his courage, holding his tears.

“Look, Stacy broke up with you. And I think that’s for the better.” The first time Calum, your best friend, did something stupid was when he broke up with his long time girlfriend, Natalie. He was drunk and his heart was ripped into pieces, and like any other broken drunk person, he decided to call his ex. Long story short, you and Calum made a pact that whenever he experiences his heart being broken into pieces, he would change the name of your number in his contacts to his ex, deleting the real number of his ex.

“I know it’s you… Stace.. Please..”

You sighed. “I really love you but I think it’s better for us to part ways.” You played along. “You’ll meet someone who’ll be greater than me. Someone who will be there for you, always. Someone who supports you. Someone who’s been loving you…” 

“No, I won’t meet anyone greater than you!!” 

I’m right here, you thought. “Just open your eyes. She’s there. Right in front of you. Look closer.”

“But you’re the one that I love, babe. Sure she may be greater than you but you have my heart. You will always have it.” If you had a dollar every time Calum says ‘you will always have it’ after each breakup, you’d be rich.

“No, Calum. You will eventually move on. I have my own life now. You need to move on.”

“Babe.. please?”

“Calum.. I’m sorry.” You hanged up.

If only you could tell Calum that you, his best friend, has been always there for him. You, his best friend, has somewhat developed this unconditional and irrevocable love. That you, his best friend, has been loving him all this time. But he was right. No matter how greater you are compared to his past girlfriends, they had something that you didn’t have: his heart. That even though he tells you he loves and cherishes you - it will never amount to what he means when say those things to his girlfriend or ex girlfriend. Because in his eyes, you will always be the girl friend, someone who means so much to him that is a girl. Someone who has a platonic relationship with him. 

But in your eyes, he will always be that someone who you will love no matter what. That he is someone you have a one-sided love with. 

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Could I get some headcanons on Kuroo and Bokuto and a girl they are both best friends with(who's short, kinda quiet but outgoing when she's with them)?

( I wasn’t sure if you wanted headcanons for them separately or headcanons of the three of them being best friends so I did the second one! if you are unhappy with it please request again !!)

  • Platonic cuddles are definitely a thing with them. Honestly, you’ve probably lost count of how often people ask if you guys are dating because Bokuto will walk into a room, pick you up, and hold you on his lap, or Kuroo will wrap his arm around your waist and rest his head on your shoulder.

  • You better hope to god you are on top of the two of them when you both go out, because while Kuroo is more responsible than Bo is, he is easily influenced by him.
  • This is why we never leave the house guys. 
  • Honestly both of them are super protective of you. If you were to ever show interest in other person, they would have to pass an unwritten test to make sure they were good enough for you.
  • Kuroo is always the first to make fun of you for being short and Bokuto always tries to come to your defense but gets dragged in way too easily.
  • So when you watch something they have to choose to agree on something or it’s your pick.
  • Kuroo steals your and Bokuto’s phone all the time and changes his name and your  phone backgrounds all the time. Usually to pictures of him.
  • That said, he also likes to take group selfies with you guys. His walls are full of pictures of the three of you, laughing, having fun, and being stupid.
  • You guys almost always end up spending the night at each others houses, you honestly can’t remember the last time you slept alone.
  • Your parents are all super understanding of you guys, and never make a fuss about how much time you spend together, because they are all pretty close too. Maybe not spending the night every day close, but they are good friends.
  • Ya, you’ve walked in on both of them masturbating before.
The Lion, The Witch, and the Bassist. (Chapter One)

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Word count - 1,473 words

co-written by thelittleuniverseinmyhead

Its not easy growing up in a small town in Ohio and being ‘different’ but that’s what I was. I got picked on for wearing black , and loving metal bands. But I made it through, with my best friend Andy Biersack.

But all good things must come to an end right? I kind of developed a crush on him. We were so close, we even went to prom together… as friends of course. He was so just so oblivious to the fact that I had feelings for him. Then he told me he was going to live his dream of become a rock star and I was so hurt because I thought that he was leaving me without a second thought. I had the idea to start a band with him while we were kids and all I really wanted was for him to ask me to come with him but that didn’t happen. So when I heard that he had gotten signed with an agent I was so happy for him but I didn’t answer his texts or callls.

I soon finished high school and went to  L.A. not because of Andy but because I hated Ohio. I wanted the big city, I wanted to get into the music business.

Which brings me to right now, I was in a L.A. bar in the middle of Hollywood wearing tight skinny jeans, black makeup and an old ripped tank top that I had stolen from Andy years ago. I’m currently working as a bartender and I’m loving it.

I looked up and saw a man with hair as big as a lion’s mane and his 4 loud friends. The one with the big hair looked somewhat familiar but I decided to brush it off. Soon I heard them laughing and getting buzzed. I saw them pointing around and a man with long hair and a goofy grin came over to me pulling a stupid pick up line “Hey, did it hurt when you fell from heaven?”

I scoffed and heard a lot of stupid drunk people over the time I worked here but I have never heard someone say something as dumb as this. So I decided to reply with “No but I scraped my knees coming up from hell”, It was something that me and Andy had come up with together.
He laughed then walked away.


I watched as CC came over to me laughing. I looked at him “Why the hell are you laughing?“

“That bartender chick, she had the same comeback that you did to the heaven pick up line”, he says smiling. I looked over to her curiously, only one other person that I knew of knew that comeback and that was (y/n) but I haven’t seen her in years, I don’t even know where she is.

I looked over to her again and saw those vaguely familiar facial features. I narrowed my eyes and thats when I saw it I saw the tank top. Yes it could have been a different one, but it had the rips on it that my old one did. The one that I had ‘lost’ and by lost I mean (y/n) had stole it. I walked over to her.

“(y/n)”, I said cautiously. Her eyes got wide and a smile grew on her face.

“Andy?!” I nodded and she ran over to the small door, pushed through it and ran to me.


I saw Andy and before I knew it I was running to him. I wrapped my arms around his neck and his hands landed on my waist picking me up. We hugged for a couple seconds before I smiled and he put me down, It felt good to hug him we had not hugged like that in such a long time. I looked up at him and grinned remembering our height difference even in heels I was a good 3 to 4 inches shorter

“Oh my god (y/n) I missed you so fucking much it has been forever”, Andy said as his friends came over and sat at the bar. They looked confused but still smiled at me.

“I know. It’s been wayyy too long”, I say smiling at the familiar person I had grown up with.

“So, you guys know each other?”, CC asks Andy and I as he smiles looking at both of us.

“I’m surprised Andy hasn’t told you about me”, I laugh while acting hurt.

“(y/n), this is Ashley, CC, Jinxx and Jake, they’re in my band, Black Veil Brides. Guys this is (y/n)”, he says pointing to each of the guys giving me a name to the faces.

“Hi!” I say smiling and wave.

“So can I get you girls something to drink”, I ask making my way behind the bar.

“Beers for all of us”, Andy says taking a seat as well.

“Oh come on Andy, are you sure you don’t want a good old whiskey” I say winking at him. He rolled his eyes obviously recalling the night where we stole his dads whiskey. and I laughed at his reaction.

“I’m sorry but… did you two date or something?”

I look at the man Andy had said was Ashley, I looked at Andy and to the floor my face getting red. Andy looked towards the door getting up and walking out because his phone rang, leaving me there awkwardly with the guys.  

“ No……… we didn’t we just, uh we were or are I guess old friends. I’ve pretty much known Andy my whole life. We uh, grew up together”, I smile at them.

Of all my days being a bartender I’ve never blushed so hard at a question in my life. Being charismatic, open, self-spoken and friendly was part of my job so I learned to avoid awkward situations and rarely got taken aback when questions like these were asked.

CC cleared his throat trying to clear the heavy atmosphere

Andy comes back and I can tell he looks angry. He had the “troubled relationship” face on. Living with Andy for most of my life made me notice when something was up.

“I wouldn’t know, and that wasn’t Scout it was my girlfriend”, he sighs and takes a gulp of his beer.

“Who is…” I urged andy to tell more.

“Juliet Simms”, Andy said weary of my reaction. I fell into a mixture of emotions partly, disappointment, partly hatred, and partly amused. You see I knew who she was, she was actually a friend of Scout’s and not only did I hate both of them I hated her music, and I hated everything she stood for, and she hated me in all the same ways.

“Oh” I put an obvious fake smile on and some of the guys laughed at my reaction.

“(y/n) I know you don’t like her but trust me, she’s not that bad anymore”, he smiles reassuringly.

I want to believe him, but people don’t change that easy and I have always had some trust issues.

“So how is your show biz plan going?”, he asks trying to change the topic.

“Well it’s uh…”

“Good! Because I wanted to know if you wanna join my band, you still play bass right?” I nodded quickly.

“Well good we have been looking for a new bassist”, Jinxx says.

“You sure she can play Andy?”, asks Jake. I smirked and looked at Andy then at the guys then back at Andy.

We started going on about how I could play the bass really well at the same time so I don’t think the guys could really understand what either of us were saying. We laughed when we saw the confused looks on their faces.

“Well if Andy likes you, you’re in!”, exclaims CC. There was a chorus of agreements, and I smiled happy to be reunited with Andy and to have 4 new friends.  

About 4 hours and many drinks later, I had gotten off work and had a couple drinks with the band. It was great and we all exchanged numbers. I head back to my apartment with Andy because he insisted that he help me inside. Both of us in a drunken stupor we stumbled upstairs laughing. i giggled as andy opened the door and bowed. I curtized sloppily. and laughed as i walked inside and fell on the couch. It was an L shaped couch, I put my legs up and andy shut the door and fell on the couch next to me putting his head on my lap.

“hey-andyy, wanna-watch-some-batman” i said my words slurred

“yass-I wanna see BATMAN” I laughed and put batman on. and minutes later we fell asleep me sitting up my hand resting on Andy’s head, as it rested in my lap.

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What's your fave moment for each boy? Like "I really loved when Jaebum did this thing back in Real GOT7 Season 2" or "Jackson cracked me up during [blank] dance practice video video", sorry if that's too wide ranged, you can choose to do only one member if thinking about all of them is too hard haha

It’s so hard to pick one moment because they all do so many great things but I’ll try my hardest to pinpoint one (or two if I can’t help myself.

My favourite JB moment would have to be when he’s watching their debut trailers and he’s freaking out from second hand embarrassment. It’s so funny and I can’t help but cringe with him. His reaction makes me want to laugh at him and hug him at the same time. (Link)

The Mark moment I like the best is whenever he pops out from under the table when everyone is getting scared in that Real GOT7 video. It’s a side of him that I’ve never really gotten to see before since he’s so quiet and everyone else kind of over powers him sometime. It was really cool to see and I love anytime he laughs because he’s got the cutest smile. (Link)

Now Jackson is my bias so it’s hard to pick just one favourite moment because he has so many that I adore. One of them is whenever they’re debuting the new light sticks (I really want one btw because they’re super cute) and he’s just being really excited. (Link) It’s so cute. Another one is when he’s alone in the dorm and his shirt is off most of the time and it’s just ugh….really really nice. Shirtless Jackson gives me heart palpitations. (Link)

One of my favourite Jinyoung moments is when he flicks someones heart away. I know it’s really savage of him and the person was trying to be really sweet but it was just really funny to see him flick it away. (Link)

Youngjae has had so many of my favourite moments that it’s actually hard to pick but I think my favourite moment of his is one where he isn’t even in the frame. It’s when he Bambam and Mark are in the park and he’s struggling with CoCo in the background. (Link)

My favourite Bambam moment on the other hand would have to be when he gets mad when they try to scare him in Real GOT7. The fact that he throws the headphones and then gets scared anyway is really funny. (Link)

Last and definitely not least comes Yugyeom. He’s so cute and squishy, I just love him. Not my favourite moment of his is when he’s on Hit The Stage. Honestly I feel like a proud mom watching her child do really well in a dance recital. (Link)

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I think you should let first place choose what they want and what they don't (this is how most giveaways ive seen done it) then you split the rest for second and third place if there is any left.

Hrrrmmm…..Maybe…. But then what if whoever’s in first wants everything anyway or only leaves one thing ( •᷄ὤ•᷅) 

There’s 14 things total counting the slime and chew necklace, so what if I say first place can pick 6 things, then second place can pick 4 things from what’s left, then third place gets the last 4 things?

Ok! Either that, splitting everything up the way I said before in this text post, or the original plan of no second/third place! Which sounds the best to y’all?

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[1/2] Hi! I read these fics when I was just getting into Stucky (when Winter Soldier came out) but I can't find them again T_T I've tried Googling and crawling Ao3 several times T_T So I hope this isn't too much of a bother. I'm looking for 2 fics, but these are the only things I remember about them: 1st fic: Bucky's just left rehab, Steve and Sam pick him up to live with them; Steve's mother-henning a bit, makes sure Bucky's room is perfect and when he asks Bucky

i don’t have the second part of this, so honestly my best guess is maybe Every Door Opens by notoska but you can also poke through the Recovery tag

I meant what I said the other night about things being over between us except there’s one last thing I have to say before I move on with my life.
So this is to say thank you.
I know it sounds strange.
It’s not the kind of thing you expect to hear from someone after you’ve fail to meet them halfway but here I am.
So thank you.
It was nice while it lasted.
I enjoyed riding a bus forty minutes to see you and waiting another hour just to see you for fifty five minutes. I enjoyed arguing over the best way to spend fifteen dollars.
Thank you for picking up my phone call on the second ring the night my father acted so recklessly.
Thank you for offering me hope.
For giving me something to try for.
And thank you for being proud of me on the days when I wasn’t sure that I deserved the applause.
For laughing at my jokes and letting me read you poetry about old lovers.
Thank you for giving me a hand to hold.
For letting me believe in something.
I may not have grown to love you, but one thing is for sure, I adored you then and in my own ways, I always will.
I’ll remember you for all the goodness you carry on the inside, for all the light inside of you and even the darkness.
I know you could have never loved me. I know it’s not personal, we just happened to be born on different ends of a spectrum and that’s okay.
I knew you couldn’t ever love me but thank you for trying anyways.
Thank you for trying with me.
—  For the boy I met in November / @thewordsyouneverunderstood

Milani Prime Shield Face Primer Review

Mattifying + Pore Minimizing

As of lately I have been trying face primers and setting sprays. I saw Milani had a primer and I figure why not. This is, I think the second Milani product I have tried and I’m happy I picked this up. This is one of the best primers I have tried so far. It controls my oils so well without having me look so dry. I have oily combination skin and I try different mattifying primers. My nose is the first thing to get shiny. This primer kept the shine on my nose to a minimum to the point I feel like I barely need to blot. My face has such a smooth radiant finish with this primer. I know it’s suppose to mattify but I like that my skin is not so matte to the point I look powdery. It controls my oils and balances out my face. I highly recommend this primer. They also have a Hydrating + Pore-Minimizing primer for dry skin types. I love that this primer is affordable as well. This primer works great with my drugstore and high-end foundations.

Rate: 5/5
Recommend: Yes

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Does Leonardo have any siblings? I know according to the oc thing you at least ship him a bit with Nuo(by the way I searched for her and she's super cute) but like how much is a bit? Also why is he so shy? Does his scarf mean anything or is it a fashion statement? Would he not wear it if it were hot? Who's his best friend? (If it's Nip then second closest)I know he likes history but does he have a favorite time period? I asked lots of questions so if you want you can pick and choose out of these

OHHHHHHHHHH SHEESH…………….tfw if I were to answer a majority of these questions I’d spill spoilers for my project…but I can answer one!

Leonardo likes history books because he simply think they’re interesting, and likes to see how much progression has been made in history from one period to another. Also he has no preference for time period!

Also Nuo goes by they/them only !

There was a paper towel malfunction in the bathroom next to our classroom, and after 2 days we had a fair number of student complaints and it hadn’t been fixed by facilities. I investigated and realized it was an easy fix, but the dispenser had to be unlocked in order for it to be dealt with. I had the tools, started to pick the lock, then realized I needed a second opinion on the judgement associated with that action. 

So I went back to the classroom and asked the professor if I could do the thing. He chuckled and said, “Go for it. If anyone asks, tell them I told you to do it.” 

The best part was that, when I came back with a paper towel as a ‘trophy,’ the professor didn’t bat an eye and I took it as such a vote of confidence that he’d had no doubt whatsoever that I was capable of picking a lock in under a minute for the greater good of mathematics. 

So, anyway, that’s how my TA duties came to include lock-picking. 

alright so i went on a second date with this london guy today. he picked me up in his porsche and brought me to this stupidly massive house. i’m still on my period so we didn’t have sex just made out, i sucked his dick a little which apparently was the best thing that ever happened to him and then he finished by grinding on me so i didn’t even have to swallow???? bonus.

right afterwards he called me an uber which was excellent because that means i don’t have to loiter around and cuddle afterwards i can just get paid and go home. only downside about the night is that he didnt have any cash on him (idk what he thought was going to happen??) but i made it clear that if he doesn’t pay me the money we agreed on by tomorrow (i also sent him an email about just giving me an etransfer) than i just wouldn’t be seeing him again. but i can tell he really likes me so i know that ain’t going to happen. also as soon as i got home he like called me to apologize and make sure i was okay? so that was oddly sweet. 

either way, should be getting paid tomorrow and am hopefully seeing him again tomorrow night, but if not then then wednesday. $$$$

Stressed- Thomas Sangster

A/N: Thanks for all the followers! Sorry i haven’t been posting a lot, I got surgery two weeks ago, and I’m finally recovering! Thanks again for all the followers! <3

Life is hard. Work is hard. School is hard. All I want is to run away from everything and everyone, and never come back. This last past year I’ve been in college, it’s been stressful. Papers here, papers there. I just want to be done. Not to mention I haven’t made the best most brightest decisions since my second year of college started. I’ve done things I wish I could take back. The one thing I want is a Time Machine. A time machine so I can travel back in time, and start this year over. Make things right.
While I was thinking, I sat on my bed bundled in a fuzzy polka-dotted blanket in my apartment, crying. Rain was pouring outside, pounding against the glass windows. My phone kept vibrating, but I didn’t want to pick it up. I already knew who it was. It was my boyfriend, Thomas. We’ve been dating ever since I started my first year of college. College. I didn’t want to tell Thomas how stressed I was. I didn’t want to tell him what’s been going on. I just want to forget about it.
I don’t like to tell people what’s going on. I always keep my feelings bottled up inside. No matter what it is. When I was little, I was never the type of person to tell people what’s going on. If I needed to cry, I would. By myself. I never let people see me cry. When I did something wrong, the reason I didn’t tell people was because I would think they thought different of me. So telling Thomas what’s been going on, why I’m so stressed, made me sick to my stomach.
Whole tears stained my pale cheeks, I stood up from my bed, and walked toward the bathroom. Even though Thomas has been trying to get a hold of me, I knew he would be home soon. I turned the sink on and washed my face. I put mascara on and foundation to make myself less pale, and look like I hadn’t been crying. I brushed my teeth, and grabbed the brush, brushing my long hair that looked like a birds nest. Getting the knots out, I threw it up in a loose messy bun. Making sure I looked okay, I walked out of the bathroom and towards our closet we shared. Thomas always kept his stuff on the left side, I always kept mine on the right.
Grabbing one of his old hoodies, I chucked my mascara stained white t-shirt in the corner, and put it on. It was warm and smelt exactly like he did. While looking outside the window watching the rain, I couldn’t help but want to cry again and curl up in a ball. Looking around the bedroom, I noticed all the tissues I used scattered on the floor, and the bed. Cleaning those up quickly, I also fixed the wrinkles in the bed, and folded the blanket neatly.
Before I could clean anything else, I heard the front door close, and Thomas raspy voice. “Y/N?” I froze instantly, and looked at myself in the body mirror making sure I looked okay. I cleared my throat, hopping I sounded okay. “I’m in the bedroom!” Hearing footsteps coming up the stairs I switched on the mini television and flopped on the bed, making it look like I was watching TV.
Thomas came through the door, looking as handsome as ever, with a smile on his face. “Hey, why haven’t you been answering my texts?” He collapsed on the bed beside me kissing me on the cheek. He grabbed my hands and started playing with them. I cleared my throat again. “Oh, I turned my phone off. Just wanted to have a lazy day.” I watched him look up at me confused. “Are you sick?” He put his warm hand on my forehead and I giggled. “No, no I’m just tired.” He kept looking at me, and I almost thought I would break.
“Are you sure? Your voice is cracking, and you look really pale.” I shook my head no. “No. I promise I’m not sick, I’m just tired.” I watched him nod his head hesitantly. “Alright, then let’s go get some coffee or something.” He wrapped his arms around my waist and started to kiss my neck. His warm lips left Goosebumps on my skin making me shiver. I unwrapped his arms from my waist, and stood up.
“Actually I was thinking we could just watch a movie. I don’t feel like doing anything.” Thomas stood up following me as I was watching to the kitchen. I felt his arms reach and grab my waist pulling me back and into his body. “Whoa. What’s wrong? Are you okay? You never refuse coffee, especially on a rainy Tuesday.” I cracked a smile, even though it was fake, and nodded. “Yeah, I just thought we could watch a movie.” Thomas cocked one of his perfect eyebrows and frowned.
Thomas unwrapped his arms from around my waist and spun me around so I was facing him completely. He grabbed both of my hands in his and stared at me with his big brown, beautiful eyes. “Y/N, baby, what’s wrong? And don’t tell me there isn’t something wrong, because I know there’s something wrong.” I took a deep breath and looked down at the ground. “Thomas, there’s really nothing wrong.”
Thomas shook his head and while taking my hands led me to sit down on a nearby couch in the living room. “Baby, I know something is wrong. Just tell me.” I didn’t talk for a couple seconds, instead looked down at mine and Thomas’ hands intertwined. I felt the tears start to rush to my eyes, but I didn’t want to cry. The only time Thomas saw me cry was when my family dog died 8 months ago. But even then I didn’t want him to see me cry.
Still not speaking up, Thomas decided to say something again. “Was it something I did? Something I said? Because if it was I’m really sorry. Just tell me.” Finally, after contemplating whether or not to look up at him, I did. I looked into his eyes. They were filled with worry, concern, and love.
And that’s when I broke. Tears started to fall down my cheeks, once again, ruining my mascara, which I could care less about. I looked down at our hands again, closing my eyes and wishing for the tears to stop. I felt Thomas wrap me up in a tight, warm hug. Soothingly, he rubbed my back in comfort. My head fell onto his shoulder as I continued to cry. Not only was I crying because of the things that are happening, but I’m now crying because I decided to let myself cry. In front of the one person I truly love.
“Baby, what’s wrong. Please tell me what’s wrong. I’m sorry if it was something I did.” He started to rock me back and forth, and started whispering sweet, calming things in my ear. I pulled back from him and wiped at my eyes, trying to stop crying. But I just couldn’t stop. Thomas squeezed my hands. “Y/N, please tell me what’s wrong.”
“I don’t want to tell you.” He frowned and pulled me closer to him kissing my cheek multiple times. “You can tell me. Whatever it is, I won’t be mad, or upset. I just want you to tell me what’s wrong. I love you, and no matter what you do, I’ll still love you.” I took another long deep breath and thought about it. Honestly, at first, I didn’t want to tell Thomas. I didn’t want to tell him because I didn’t want him to think different of me, but now I’m starting to think different.
Thomas wrapped his arms around my waist again, and kept holding me, kissing behind my ear. I sat up, his arms still wrapped around my waist, and closed my eyes tight. “I hate school.” Thomas looked at me shocked his eyes sparkling. “What? I thought you loved it? You always told me how much you enjoy getting up and going to school.” I sniffled a little, wiping my nose with Thomas hoodie. “I lied. I hate school. I hate everything about it. The teachers are mean to me, and I’m tired of waking up at 5:30 every morning.” Thomas shifted a little bit and played with the strands of hair that were falling out of my bun. “Why did you lie to me?”
“I didn’t want you to think badly of me. You’re so successful in your career, and I’m still going to school, and I hate it.” His once sparkling brown eyes softened. “Darling, you didn’t have to lie to me. If you hate school so much, you could’ve told me. I don’t think badly of you, I could never, and one day you’re going to get a career that you’ll love, and you’ll be successful.”
I rubbed my eyes and rubbed my temples, noticing a headache forming. “Thomas it’s not just that.” I paused for a moment and he started rubbing circles on my arms. “I’ve done things this year that I’m not proud of. Things that I wish I could’ve done differently. Things that I regret.” Tears rolled down my cheeks again and I closed my eyes wishing they would stuff.
“Darling, it can’t be that bad. We all regret things that we’ve done in our lives. Hell, I regret things I’ve done every day, but I know that, that was in the past, and I’ve become a better person from it. We learn from our mistakes, and they make us a better person.” I opened my eyes and look up into his eyes again. He cuddled me closer to his body, and started to play with my fingers.
“You don’t understand. I just wish everything would go away.” “What did you do that was so bad? “ I stopped for a moment. Should I tell him? I can’t. He’ll hate me. But when I looked into Thomas’ eyes, I knew that I could trust me, and that’d he love me no matter what, because I love him.
So I told him everything. I told him about the parties I went to, about the drinking and smoking I did, and how I would skip class to just get away. I told him about the bad grades that I’m receiving. I told him about how I ruined things with my parents, my family. While I was telling him, I realized how everything seemed to lift off my shoulder. Telling him these things, made me realize that I can’t keep bottling things up inside me anymore. After I was done telling him these things, not only was I crying, but I could see that he was almost crying to. I felt Thomas hug me tighter. I felt his warmth, and love.
Thomas pushed hair away from my face gently, and kindly. “Baby, Darling, I didn’t know you were going through this. If I would’ve known I would’ve helped you with this stress and pain. I could’ve been there when you felt like ditching class, or going to a party to drink.” I sniffled more, the tears finally stopping. “I didn’t want to tell you. I didn’t want you to think differently of me. I’m just so stressed and tired of everything, I feel like nothing is worth it anymore. I don’t know what to do anymore. I really don’t.”
Thomas held me closer, if that were possible, and kissed my hair, lingering a bit. “No matter what you do, or say, will change how much I love you. I would never think differently of you. I would never judge the things you do. I love you so much, not a thing in this world you do would never make me stop. You’re my world. Any pain you feel, I feel. Any stress you feel, I feel. And don’t you worry. We’re going to fix this. I’m going to do whatever it takes to help you feel better and relive the stress.”
And, when we fell asleep on the couch in each others arms, I knew I could tell Thomas anything. Because he loves me. He loves me even though I ditched class for 2 weeks. He loves me even though I drank and couldn’t wake up in the morning. He loves me, and I love him. Thomas is the best thing that could have ever happened to me, and without him, I don’t know what I would do.

Time Gone By (1/?)

Hello all! 

So i’m pretending I can write like a real grown up and am going to try my hand at a proper multi chapter fic. It’s unbeta’d so all mistakes are in there (wehey!) but either way i hope you like it, and if all goes well I’ll hopefully carry on if it’s something people would be interesting in reading. The second chapter will be more Emma focussed, letting her tell her side of things and progressing what happens from her POV. Also, In the beginning, Killian is 21 and Emma is 20.

I hope you all like it!

SUMMARY:  Killian returns to Storybrooke after leaving unexpectedly 8 years ago. Upon his return, he’s reconciled with the friends he left behind, but picking up where he left off with his best friend might not be so easy - considering how she broke his heart all those years ago.

August 2005

Killian made his way up the second flight of stairs, mentally practicing his goodbye speech.  To say he was upset was an understatement. He’d made real solid friends in the past eighteen months of living in Storybrooke; his closest friend currently living inside apartment 206, just footsteps away.
He’d never been the best a socializing, so when he’d been transferred to Storbrooke University, he’d dreaded the thought of having to finish out his final year amongst a town of strangers.
But fate had been kind to him and he’d soon found himself a small group of friends to call his own that accepted his bumbling ways… especially Emma.
She’d stormed into his life like the vibrant tornado she was and he hadn’t been able to look back. She’d been his constant throughout such a short time and yet he felt like he’d known her all his life. They’d been practically inseparable and there wasn’t much he wouldn’t share with her.
Except for one thing. And he’d messed that up royally.
He knew he’d caused a ripple in their relationship a week ago by foolishly declaring his feelings for her. It was a moment of madness on his part. They’d been laughing over the photos she’d been emailed from David’s birthday the weekend before. She’d looked so beautiful in that moment; her laughter made his heart sing and before he knew it he was pouring his heart out.
She hadn’t responded. He knew the instant the words were out that he’d spooked her, and when she’d rapidly changed the subject he’d followed suit, panic and fear taking the place of the full heart he’d had not moments before.
She’d been avoiding him ever since.
And now he was here to tell her he was leaving.
He’d tried calling her and texting to ask if they could talk, but he’d only been met with silence or claims of being too busy.
His leaving wasn’t by choice… well, not really. Liam had been offered a fantastic deal on a Dock opening just south of Portland. He’d been saving like crazy in hopes of starting his own business and his chance had finally arrived. He knew how to work the shipyards like the back of his hand, only now he could run one under his own name without taking a superiors orders. It also meant that Killian would be walking into a job straight out of University under the employ of his brother. It was an opportunity he couldn’t afford to pass up. This was a new beginning for them - not just as brothers but also as partners. It also meant that they had to move fast before someone undercut them with a better offer.
Which is why Killian was taking it upon himself to seek out Emma Swan tonight. His last night in Storybrooke.

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