so i picked the second best thing

when you pick a dialogue option because it seems funny but your character actually says something horrible and your last save was 5 hours ago

good mods for beginner dragon age players

im sorry bee im trash

  • extra dog slot - take ur small pup pal anywhere!
  • equal love - removes gender restrictions on romances. makes morrigan & alistair bi, and opens opportunities to kiss cute npcs
  • polygamy - romance everyone at once without them getting jealous and loosing approval (also you get an achievement for romancing them all, so you can get that in one play through!)
  • more hairstyles - adds more hairstyles to the character creator not the da:o toolset
  • lock bash - allows all classes to open locked chests, not just rogues
  • no helmet hack - means you can wear a helmet and get the added armour bonus, but you dont have to see it! 
  • gift guide - for if you have the gift dlc i think
  • skip the fade - skips the long ass fade sequence in the tower quest. ideal for second play throughs 
  • ring of invincibility - cheat mod. does exactly what it says on the tin
  • pineappletree’s vibrant colours - adds more eye colours and hair colours to the character creator
  • skip fight - another cheat mod. imemdiately kills all enemies you are fighting. this ones good if you just want to play the story, not all the combat. i love this one
  • expanded inventory - ups your inventory capacity from 70 to 125 (the games max)
  • misha the hoarder - this one adds storage to your camp! along with a fully voiced npc its truly wonderful (honestly why this game didnt have storage as a defauly is completely bamsboozling for me)
  • steal cooldown reduced - for when you’re playing as a rogue and want to pickpocket everyone but you’re tired of having to wait ten seconds between tries
  • no restrictions - removes all restrictions so now anyone can wear any armour
  • advanced quickbar - makes it so you have multiple quickbars you can flip through, so you can access all your attacks and items quicker
  • grey wardens of ferelden - gives all the warden characters the warden armours from dragon age 2! best if you start from the beginning with this one, i dont know how easy it is to pick up the armours later in the game. this mod is absolutely essential imo though
  • extended dog talents - gives your mabari more things to do during fights!
  • attribute talent skill book add - every time you load a save, you get books of power (if you use them you get extra attributes ect as you do on leveling up). these can also be sold for like 5 sovereigns each if you dont want to spend them

okay im done now. honestly i could do more of these for da2 and dai if thats something people might want?

The Sugar Gods Blessed Me. My Cinderella Story in Seattle

I’m still in complete awe from the day trip I took in Seattle. I met a guy on SA who flew me out for a same day trip to meet him (meaning I flew there and back in the same day** sorry I realized that needed clarification. lol I talked to him for a while before he flew me out) have dinner with him. While texting him I told him about my recent endeavors with my last guy who screwed me over so bad my head could spin. He couldn’t believe the story and was set on a mission to treat me like a Queen that I am. 

He picked me up in a BMW and he immediately said, "I’m taking you to your first surprise.”  We went to down town Seattle and he dropped me off right at Sephora. “I want you to go shopping, get whatever you want and go crazy.”

I couldn’t believe the words that came out of his mouth. I was only in Seattle  for about 4 hours before I had to be back on the plane so I had to hurry. I grabbed the first Sephora associate to help me and within 5 minutes I had everything I needed. $600 worth of makeup. 

We then returned to his BEAUTIFUL Victorian style home that he designed and was still in the process of remodeling. He’s VERY meticulous and articulate in his speech. I tried to be as eloquent and sophisticated as I could be which he truly loved about me.  He tuned to look at me and said, “"Now for your second suprise” 

He took me into his spare bedroom which had dress and shoes boxes laid out before us. When he doesn’t have a girlfriend, he buys things to prepare for the next girl. I couldn’t believe I was trying on $500-$2200 dresses with Louboutin shoes! He has impeccable taste! I could have one dress per visit so Inlet him pick out the one for me that he thought looked best. 

We went to dinner at The Lark. Oh my Sugar god, the food was AMAZING. The restaurants in Arizona can kiss ass compared to this place. 

Sadly, dinner ended and we were on our way back to the airport. I purposefully left the dress he gave me in the car. I couldn’t take it. During dinner he mentioned something that would be a deal breaker for him in which I couldn’t change thus knowing I wouldn’t see him again after tonight. :( After I got through security I texted him saying that I wouldn’t be seeing him again and why, that it would be wrong for me to take a $2200 dress with me. He respected how honest I was and insisted that he send me the dress anyways because he truly wanted to go forward with me even if we couldn’t anymore. 

Regardless this man is EXACTLY how I wish every Sugar Daddy would be. He was nearly perfect. Every one of his girls lasted years and I believe it. I’ve never been treated so well in my life. I envy the girl that captures his heart… aka wallet. Lol but I hope she treats him well. 

“But yeah, just give that a little read through…” You hummed, rummaging through your purse as you tried to find your phone. It was ironic that you were a personal assistant (someone who was supposed to be organized and on top of things) when you were consistently losing things! “Your schedule is pretty mellow right now, but things will definitely pick up after you release the album. 

“We’re going shopping next week?” Harry beamed, flipping through the pages of your journal. You had intended to print his schedule out for him but that wasn’t ready yet, so the next best thing was your journal. 

“Mhm. You’ve got a couple outfits waiting from YSL and a pair of boots from Gucci, I think. Or maybe it’s a pair of boots from YSL and a couple outfits from Gucci.” You paused, blinking owlishly before shaking your head. You wrote it down in your journal, so you’d figure the Gucci/YSL dilemma in a second. 

“Uh-huh…” Harry flipped to the next page, suddenly stopping and squinting his eyes. He brought the book a little closer to him and tilted his head to see if he could decipher the message that was scrawled on the side of the page. 

“By the way, for the Late-Late show… James asked me about what you wanted in your dressing room. Are you sure you only want two vanilla soy candles? I suggest asking for things like, y’know, water and snacks. You never know when you’ll get peckish. If you’re worried about coming off as greedy, I can just swing by Target before we get there and pick up some granola bars for you.”  

“A’right, Mrs. Styles. Sounds good.” 

“I-” It was that moment that your heart immediately dropped to your stomach, and you could feel the blood draining from your face. You turned to face Harry with wide eyes, your lips parting in shock. “Pardon me?” Harry’s lips tugged up in a lazy smirk as he flipped your journal around, his finger pointing to the letters that were scrawled in the corner of the page. 

Y/N Styles. Y/N Styles? Does that sound good? It could work. Has a nice ring to it. 

Oh, god. You totally forgot about that. You had written it down because you were just curious, (and maybe you had been fantasizing about walking down the aisle with Harry waiting on the other end) and it looked like you had forgotten to cross it out. Almost instantly, you sprung up from the couch, snatching the journal from Harry and hugging it to your chest. 

“I swear I didn’t write that.” This moment was definitely the highest on the ‘Y/N’s most mortifying moments’ list right now. “It was Y/F/N, and she was just teasing me because I have a crus-” You stopped yourself, letting out a breath. Your cheeks were hotter than hell and your heart was pounding, and you wanted nothing more than for a black hole to appear and swallow you up. 

“Because you what? Didn’t catch tha’, love.” 

“It’s a long story. Say, how about we go get some lunch? I’m starving.” You cleared your throat, your voice wavering slightly. Harry nodded before pushing himself off the couch, swiping his phone off the coffee table. 

“You’ve got the entirety of lunch to tell me this long story.” He grinned, giggling as the mortified expression returned to your face. “I do have to agree with you though - Y/N Styles does have a nice ring to it.” 


gif isn’t mine!

Famous In Love || Part 2

Summary: Tom and reader have been together for a years, but he breaks it off because his career is starting to develop more, unbeknownst that the reader is pregnant with his child.

Warnings: Heart Broken, sad, fluff, missing someone?

Word Count: 2,593

Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader

A/N: Hope you like it

~Masterlist~ ~Famous In Love Masterlist~

You didn’t think you’d become a parent at such an age. You thought you were going to end up as one of those school drop-outs. But your mother made sure to never let that happen to you. She always told you school was your number one priority…kind of hard to focus on school when your caring for a 1 year old. Although your mother always had the right things to say when it came to situations like these. “You’re not dropping out of school. Take your college classes online if you have to! But your are not going to quit on having a great career” She’d remind you over and over again until it was fully embedded in your brain. 

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Steve Rogers/Captain America - I’m Sorry I Never Told You

Originally posted by oursisthefvry

Being an Avenger is the most challenging thing you’ve ever done, but you wouldn’t change it for the world. You’re in a relationship with Steve and that’s something you never thought you’d have, you never imagined being so lucky as to have someone like him. However, there is something that you haven’t told him or the others. A secret that you’ve fought to keep hidden. What happens when you have no choice but to tell Steve and the rest of the team your biggest secret?

Pairing: Steve x Fem!Reader

Characters: Fem!Reader, Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes, Wanda Maximoff, Tony Stark, Danny Smith (OMC). Natasha Romanoff, Sam Wilson, Clint Barton, Bruce Banner, Thor Odinson, Vision, James “Rhodey” Rhodes (Mentioned)

Warning/s: Angst, Mentions of murder, Mentions of abuse (not between Steve and the reader), Mentions of alcohol

A/N: Thank you to @molethemollie and @zoesmama2024 for being my betas for this.

A/N/N: The idea for this sparked when I watched an episode of Criminal Minds and it just wrote itself. Hope you enjoy!

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My girlfriend brought me a flower today and it made me so happy ☺️ I’ve never asked for a flower before and I wasn’t expecting it, but she said that the tulips are coming into bloom in her garden, and she picked me the second prettiest one (her mom didn’t want her to pick the prettiest because it was growing in a new area of the garden where there weren’t many tulips). It was so cute and sweet and it’s the best thing that happened to me all week ☺️☺️☺️

Prequel; Azriel-Centric Stories Set Before ACTOAR (ch. 5)

This is a collection of interconnected short stories about Azriel’s life before any of the events of ACOTAR through ACOWAR.


Make sure to read Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 4.5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7, Chapter 8, Chapter 9, Chapter 10

Read the follow up fic, Shadows and Darkness: One and the Same

Time Frame: 50 years after Rhys is made High Lord 

Summary: Azriel comes back to Velaris after a scouting mission in the Autumn Court. While home, he breaks a tradition that he, Rhys, and Cassian had set almost 50 years ago.

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lediona25  asked:

I've seen your posts so I know this is going to be a difficult question, but what is your FAVOURITE picture of Mr. Martin Freeman? (Just one. Control yourself, Sandy.)

Holy crap are you trying to kill me??? This is a very difficult and cruel thing to ask me to answer. You are pure evil 😈

I’m going to do my best, and say that I adore the photos he took for The Rake. Picking one is really tough, and thats the best I can do for you. (close second those bearded pictures of him? awww shit yes)

nightmarebeforecastiel  asked:

Tony being able to wield Mjölnir (Thor's hammer) is my favorite thing, the Avengers (esp. Thor's) reactions to him holding it/picking it up is my second favorite thing. Like he'd be doing something totally random, like getting his coffee or reaching for a tool or his tablet, and the hammer would be in his way or something or he's so tired from his latest bender that he doesn't know what it is he's picking up and the team is just like ??? W-T-F??? Tbh there aren't enough fics of this.


5 Tips on Making Friends

I think that people don’t realize how much they hurt other people by not including them. One of my best friends just told me that he feels like there is something terribly wrong with him that no one will share and thats why all his friends and him grow apart. He is one of the best people I know and to have him feeling this way breaks my heart. I don’t understand why many young people can’t see that little things they do have such great impact on people. So I thought I’d share some ways to NOT do this to people.

1. Don’t post pictures of large gatherings of friends online. In fact, don’t even post selfies with one friend if you can help it. Those other people you know will feel hurt and left out, even if they say they’re fine. How would you feel if you were always picked second?

2. Try to get to know everyone. Yes, everyone. There is at least one person out there who feels like an outsider who wants in more than anything. Talk to them. You know who they are, they aren’t hard to spot. They will be the one who is sitting alone, or not speaking up in conversations. Include them. It will mean the world to them, I promise.

3. Use people’s names. Everyone likes hearing their name in a sentence where it wasn’t necessary. It’s just a little reassurance that you even know it, and it makes people feel happy to hear their name because they’ll feel more like friends and more part of the conversation. Don’t do it too much, but do it.

4. Take selfies with everyone. I don’t know about you but it always feels good to have someone I’m acquainted with but not complete friends with ask to take a selfie with me. It’s like they’re saying that they want to document your face with their face. It’s nice.

5. Don’t just use small talk. Now that you’ve made the effort to make contact with everyone, you don’t want the conversation to just flicker out. The easiest way to create actual conversation is to ask for stories rather than just questions that only need one word answers. Try to aim for the unexpected and don’t just repeat questions the other person has asked. Keep it interesting. Ask about things that you already know you both like and then ask about things you might have in common. Questions like “How’d you get into that?” and “Why?” can help extend short answers and questions like “What did you do today?” and “Whats the best and worst thing that happened today?” may help avoid the common “How are you?” and “Hows your day been?" 

I also enjoy asking "What was the good, bad, and ugly of your day?” because it makes the person think and creates a good five minute conversation and can often lead to others.

Now that you have learned to include others, do it. You may just find that you should have included them a long time ago. It’s hard to join tight webs of friends (for example theatre departments, sports teams, or classrooms of people who already know each other) so don’t let anyone be an outsider. Everyone needs a friend. You can also use these tips and use them to become closer to people so that you won’t be the lonely one. Good luck.

Done With You

summary: While fighting Hook for the magical compass at Lake Nostos, Emma catches a glimpse of his soft side, and she thinks back to their last encounter in Rumple’s cell…

rating: general, and SP for sword play

also on and ao3

She almost reaches her sword with her fingertips, almost, but then she feels a steely grip at her ankle, and her body is pulled away from the blade, her fingers clawing at the sand in vain.

“No,” she hears Hook growl in an almost mocking tone while he yanks her towards him across the dirt, and she nearly screams in bitter frustration. Determination and anger are obviously not enough to trump God knows how many years of sword fighting experience. She might have bested him easily when he was playing the part of a cowardly blacksmith and she had the element of surprise on her side, but his skills with the sword are in a league of their own, even someone as inexperienced as she can tell that.

Emma manages to turn around on her back, fury and adrenaline giving her the energy, and sees his face is twisted in exertion and anger.

Suddenly, while her ankle’s still in his merciless grasp, he surprises her by bending backwards out of the blue and without an apparent reason. He leans back right over the dangerously swirling vortex of the portal, his weight pulling heavily at her leg, and for a moment she fears he’ll pull her right with him to fall into that portal and they’d end up God knows where. His body seems to defy gravity – she has never seen any similar move, Keanu Reeves in Matrix doesn’t count – until the movement stops and he pulls himself up again with a groan and much effort. Briefly and surprisingly the thought flickers through her mind that he must possess enormous motoric control besides his obvious physical strength.

Then he straightens himself again and lets go of her foot, and Emma quickly throws herself around and scrambles away from him to grasp her sword and jump to her feet again. She whirls around to face him again just in time to see him almost casually toss a leather pouch through the air right into Mulan’s hand. The warrior catches it with an open-mouthed, incredulous look, obviously just as stunned as Emma is, when Hook comments nonchalantly, “I may be a pirate, but I bristle at the thought of a woman losing her heart,” he makes a little dramatic pause before he adds, “unless it’s over me.”

Aurora’s heart!

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anonymous asked:

Main three with an S/o who is always telling them pick up lines and being flirty headcannons, please! I love your blog <3


  • “You really shouldn’t wear makeup. You’re messing with perfection!”
  • “Do you have a name or can I call you mine?”
  • Acts all suave and mysterious- he know’s what S/O likes but they always play hard to get which fires Viktor even more to win them over


  • “Hey, tie your shoes! I don’t want you falling for anyone else.”
  • “Smile. It is the second best thing you can do with your lips.”
  • Yuuri’s constantly blushing when S/O hits on them even if they are properly dating- Yuuri gets flustered so easily he often scolds them in public for being “so shameless”- but he secretly loves it


  • “I’d marry your cat just to get in the family.”
  • “You look like trash, may I take you out?”
  • Yurio is a sucker for pick up lines, believe it or not- he might hiss or roll his eyes but he falls for them every time- S/O takes that to their advantage and uses it whenever they’re in the mood or simply want something from him
Bowling date

Characters: Jeongguk & You 

Genre: fluff fluff fluff (i was supposed to write something else but watching his vlive distracted me and apparently i haven’t written fluff with him before)

Words: 2422

Summary: Jungkook is trying to be cool but fails (because he’s too cute for his own good) featuring you trying to impress him with you non-existing bowling skills.

Originally posted by jjks

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Joe Sugg Imagine - Got Lucky.

“No, Alan! Stop biting my cushions!” Joe ran after the little pug around his living room, making Zoe and Alfie burst out laughing. Zoe ended up picking her up and placing her on her lap to calm her down.

“Nala, baby, stop” she said sweetly, still laughing at Joe’s reaction “Be nice to Uncle Joe’s furniture” she said and immediately after she chuckled loudly, knowing how uncomfortable it made both men in front of her feel. Indeed, they were already making faces “Come on boys, it’s just a joke”

Joe ran a hand through his now ridiculously long hair, and sat down next to her sister, whose dog ran towards his lap not long afterwards. He stroked her behind her ears and turned to Zoe “How would it make you feel if I called you Auntie Zoe, huh?” He asked, immediately regretting he did because he already knew the answer.

And he wasn’t wrong with his guess “More than delighted” she smiled.

“Too bad it won’t happen for a long, long, long time” he said, relaxing on the sofa as Alfie sat down next to him with a glass of apple juice on his hand “Well, you never know” he said, sipping from his drink.

“I’m not even seeing anyone at the moment” Joe said as he felt his phone vibrate on the back pocket of his jeans.

“What about that girl you told me about…what was her name…was it Leigh?” Zoe asked.

“Jeez, that was ages ago” he said as he took his phone out and read the text he just got.

“Honestly” Alfie said “Don’t get me wrong, Joe, but do you even have feelings?” He said, mid-laughing. He had known him for years now, and he didn’t know of a single girl he had sincere and pure feelings for.

But Joe wasn’t listening “Guys, Y/N can’t come tonight. She promised Finn she’d go to his party, so” he said, putting his phone back on his pocket.

“Aw, that’s a real shame” Zoe said “I really wanted to see her. I really liked the video she uploaded today, that Q&A with her dad. Well, maybe tomorrow”

“How come you weren’t invited?” Alfie asked Joe.

“Finn and I aren’t exactly close to each other” the boy explained “Then again, neither is he close to Y/N. But he wants to get into her pants, so” Joe’s voice let out a slightly jealous tone. Zoe and Alfie looked at each other.

“Does she fancy him as well?” She asked her brother, giving her boyfriend a knowing look.

“Y/N? I don’t think so, but I’ve never asked” Joe said “I mean, it’s not like I care at all. It’s just that if he has to leave me out of that party in orden to try to flirt with her, it says a lot about him” He said without really thinking.

“Are you saying he wouldn’t flirt with her if you were around?” Zoe asked again.

“Well, me or Jim for that matter” Joe stated, matter-o-factly “I don’t get how she doesn’t see it”

“Maybe she doesn’t mind it” Alfie said, trying to push Joe’s buttons. He’d understood it all with Zoe’s glare; Joe was, if not totally, partially into you, and he wanted him to confess. You and him have been best friends for a ridiculously long time now, and it was obvious there was more than friendship between you. But neither were good with feelings at all, and it drove your friends insane.

However, Joe closed his eyes and hugged Nala tightly, as if missing someone’s touch. As if he needed so badly a hug, and said “Maybe”

When Alfie and Zoe closed their bedroom’s door, he let himself fall into the sofa. It was already 1 am, and he was wide awake. Joe opened Instagram and saw that Finn had uploaded a new picture. Before he saw it, he already knew you were on it. Essentially.

Not long after, he got a text from Jim asking if he was at that party with you. ‘Luckily not’.

 As the clock went round and round, like the wheels on the bus, he started thinking about the new collab he had to upload that same night. At first, you had agreed that Joe would upload his collab with you first, and then the one with Connor and Caspar that he had filmed the other day. However, the due date for the video finished in like, two hours, and Joe didn’t feel like pressing 'upload’ to said video.

So he did exactly the opposite of what you had talked about, and immediately after went to bed.


Your POV.

The music was so loud I couldn’t even hear myself think. However, I easily felt the unmistakeable buzz my phone made when I got a YouTube notification. They were turned on only for a small amount of people, so almost as an involuntary move, I got it out of my purse.

ThatcherJoe has just uploaded a video 'WTF is this video | ft. Conor Maynard and Caspar Lee’

I immediately checked out my YouTube calendar on my phone and essentially, Joe’s video for today had to be our collab in order for me to upload our video later. Thinking it was probably just a silly mistake, I texted him. Then I realised it was 2 am and that he was likely to be sleeping.

I scanned the room for Finn, hoping I could find him easily and leave for home. I wasn’t exactly tired, but I had the slightest feeling that Joe’s move wasn’t an accident and I just wasn’t in the mood for techno music and expensive cocktails anymore.

After almost five solid minutes of looking for Finn, I finally found him at the balcony, laughing at who-knows-what with two other boys. As soon as they saw me, they left, leaving the two of us alone.

“Hey, Finn” I said “Thanks for inviting me, I had the best time” I smiled.

“I’m glad you did, love” he sipped on his brown drink. Love? Since when did Finn call people that? It reminded me so much of Joe, it made my stomach turn as I recalled the current video situation I was in.

I decided to ignore it “Sadly I need to go, gotta stay fresh to film tomorrow” I wasn’t exactly lying, but I definitely wasn’t planning on filming the next day.

“Bummer” he said, licking his lips. He caught me looking at them “But that’s fine. Maybe we could film a video together some time”

“Yeah, would be fun” I said. It wasn’t on my plans, but I really wanted to leave as quickly as I could. And saying no to that would only delay my plans.

“Alright, see you soon beautiful” he said, and before I could do something about it, his lips locked with mine in a quick, o-so-drunk peck which I didn’t respond to. I muted a confused bye and left as quickly as I broke our kiss.

Once I was outside, I intended to call an Uber when I found out that the Uber App had collapsed and that I didn’t have the slightest idea of where I was. I looked it up on Google Maps, but I still didn’t have a clue. I looked around. The streets were empty and dark. It wasn’t exactly cold, but I was definitely shivering. I only had two options.

The first one was to call Jim so he could pick me up. And so I did. About eleven tones later, I finally got to the idea that he wasn’t going to respond. It was already 2.30 am on a Friday, I didn’t blame him. Jim and I have been best friends for years, as we had grown up together, our houses in front of one another. Thinking about it, it was better if he didn’t pick up the phone. Being so protective of me, if he found out I was alone this late at night, he’d flip his shit. He was something between my father and my brother, and even though he could be annoying as hell sometimes, I wasn’t complaining.

However, that only left me with my second and last option: calling Joe. It was the last thing I wanted to do at the moment, but it was still better than standing in the middle of nowhere at night, all by myself.

Five tones afterwards, I heard his tired voice on the other line “I’m so sorry I woke you up” I said, knowing that he had been sleeping.

“What do you want?” He said, and my heart sank a bit. I ignored the poorly way he was making me feel “I need a huge favor. I just got out of Finn’s party and my Uber App has collapsed and I don’t know where I am, and Jim-”

“I get it, where are you?” He said, and I couldn’t help but feel relieved.

“Google Maps says Campden Hill Road” I told him.

He stayed silent a few seconds, probably mentally planning the ride “Right, give me 15”

“Thank you so much, Joe” I said “I owe you big”

“No need to” he answered, and then he hung up.

Twelve minutes later, Joe’s car stopped in front of me. I opened the door and awkwardly sat next to him “Thanks again” I said, looking at him. But he didn’t look back at me. He was wearing a Sugg Life hoodie and grey sweatpants. His messy hair was pushed back, and his glasses sat perfectly on his tired blue eyes. I couldn’t deny he was quite the charming guy “I’m sorry I woke you up” I said again.

“It’s fine” he said as we stopped on a red light “I wasn’t sleeping well anyway, and I wasn’t going to leave you wandering around London at night” Then he finally looked at me, and I felt small.

His blue eyes fixed on mine until I couldn’t take it anymore and I lowered my glance, quickly looking ahead on the road to hide the fact that I was blushing. But I still could feel his eyes on me.

“How was the party?” He asked, and I couldn’t help but stare at his hands as he drove.

“Not as good as I was hoping for” I sincerely said “I barely knew anyone, and the ones I knew were far too drunk to recognise me anyway”

Joe let out a laugh, and I visibly relaxed. We stayed in silence for a few minutes before he broke it again “Hey, Y/N, about the video I uploaded today” he said, rubbing his neck. I smiled at how cute he looked when he was nervous “I’m so sorry about it, I knew I had to upload our video but I…”

He stopped at another red light. Three overly drunk guys were passing by in front of the car, one of them still holding a bottle on his hand. A guy with a tuxedo on turned his head, locking his eyes with mine. He started to cheer, and suddenly his two friends joined in, shouting things to me that I wouldn’t even bother to repeat.

With the red light still on, Joe slowly started the car again, as if he were to run over them. The three guys jumped and, scared, put their hands in the air as if they were surrendering. The light changed and Joe hit full speed, not even bothering to see if they were on his way.

I couldn’t help but laugh “That was aggressive” I commented.

He had a smirk on his lips “Couldn’t care less if I ran over them, to be honest” he said.

“About the video” I said, wanting to get it over with.

“Yeah, I’m sorry” he said for like, the hundredth time “I thought you were coming to mine’s last night and I got a bit upset. I feel like a 5-year-old now”

I laughed “A really cute one, tho” I said, and I immediately regretted it, not really looking for another awkwardness stage. Luckily, he laughed.

“I will upload our collab as soon as I can, I promise” he said, turning to the street where I lived.

“Okay” I nodded “Hey, can I ask you a question?”


“Do you think Finn likes me?” I blurted out. His hand tensed on the wheel, and his smile disappeared, forming a straight line. I didn’t know where I was going with this.

“Why’d you ask?” He asked instead of answering my question.

“He kissed me tonight” He abruptly stopped the car, only to find out that we were already in front of my apartment block “Like, he was drunk and it was just a short goodbye peck, but I’m so confused”

Joe had always told me about his love life, that is, when I got it out of him after hours of insisting. He’s not the extrovert kind. So I thought I would do just the same.

“I don’t know if he likes you, but just think about his past relationships” he said, running his hands through his hair “They haven’t been exactly long, and that must be for a reason”

I looked down at my intertwined fingers, as I could feel his eyes on me. They sent heat down my body. He then put an arm around my shoulders and pulled me closer, kissing the top of my head. People always said Joe wasn’t good with emotions, but I couldn’t believe them completely.

“Don’t worry about that now” he whispered, still holding me tight. I could’ve fallen asleep right there “It’s time you go to bed now. My sister and Alfie are staying at my house today and they wanted to see you in the morning”

“Cool” I said “I’ll text you when I wake up, okay?”

“Okay, love” he said, and his 'love’ was far more comforting than Finn’s.

“Do you ever get heartbroken?” I asked out of nowhere. I wasn’t exactly heartbroken because of Finn, but I wanted to know.

“The only thing that could break my heart right now is you crying over stupid guys who don’t deserve you” he said, leaving me blank. “Now go to bed” he kissed my head again before removing his arm from my frame. I immediately felt cold.

“Stop being so sweet" 

“No, it’s true” he said, his hand going through his hair once more. He then looked at me, and that’s when I realized I had been staring.

“Joe” I meant to say out loud, but it came out as a weak whisper. I didn’t know what to say next. His name just sounded nice when it left my lips.

“Yes, love?” he asked me sweetly, his hand cupping my cheek as he pressed his lips against it. I felt the urge to feel his lips on mine.

“It’s nothing” I finally said. I turned around to open the door and leave, embarrassed. But he didn’t let go of me. Instead, he pulled me closer until his eyes were staring deeply into mine, and suddenly my body went numb.

He let out a small chuckle “I don’t mean to make this awkward or anything” he said, staring away from me. My lips were almost pressed on his jawline “But I really want to kiss you right now”

My whole body froze, and my palms started sweatingt. I looked at him, searching for his eyes, as he eventually gazed back at me. I smiled as I got closer, pressing a small kiss on his jaw. He chuckled again, and kissed the top of my head “I shouldn’t have said that” he said.

Just when he was about to release me from his embrace, I grabbed the collar of his hoodie and pressed our lips together. Fuck it. If he wasn’t going to do it, I sure was. His lips moved slowly, as I opened my mouth slightly for his tongue to slip in. He cupped my face with one hand, so big compared to it. I held his hand while we kissed, feeling its warmth.

When we pulled away, our foreheads pressed together, I couldn’t help but smile “I would really love to go upstairs with you” he whispered, making me blush. Every time I thought about Joe touching me, holding me, I got goosebumps “But I’ve got my sister and Alfie alone at my place. And a dog” he said, making me laugh.

“Oh, come on” I pouted “It’s not like they like you anyway” I joked.

He laughed, as he pressed a small kiss on my lips again “You know what?” he said, as he released himself from my touch to grab the car keys “You’re right. They’ll be fine without me” he said, kissing me again. I could get used to it “Let’s go. I need some cuddles”

I laughed as I followed him out of the car. When we met each other at the entrance, I pressed our lips together again, and as we walked inside of my apartment, me already on his arms, legs around his torso, I wondered how I could’ve gotten so damn lucky, 

Got7 reaction: meeting up with their childhood friend

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He won’t be able to stop smiling or giggling once he picks you up from the airport, he’s just so happy that he’s finally seeing you again. He’d take you to all of his favorite places in Seoul and you’ll end up at Han river reminiscing childhood memories together.

“Remember that time when I made you laugh so hard that the lemonade you were drinking came out of your nose!”

“That part of me is all in the past now Mark!”

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Despite being extremely excited, he’s also kinda nervous because he doesn’t wanna awkwardly embarrass himself. But, when he trips as he’s about to hug you and hears that laugh he remembers oh so well, he doesn’t care about the embarrassment and spends the rest of the day making a fool out of himself just to hear you laugh. woah went a little off topic there but anywho

“Wow! Your laugh is exactly how I remember it.”

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It’d be like the two of you had never even been separated in the first place. He’d be extremely touchy with you, clinging onto your waist as you’re just trying to walk down the street. He’d also have really sentimental moments with you where he shows you the things that remind him of you.

“I’ve really missed you Y/N. You really don’t even know.”

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Is absolutely stunned by how much you’ve changed over the years, not just your appearance but your personality has developed too; and this just makes him cherish you even more. He’s slightly saddened that he didn’t get to see you grow up into the person you are now, but he plans to make up for lost time.

“I forgot how gorgeous you are Y/N!”

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He’s so ecstatic that he literally cannot stop talking. He wants to fill you in on everything that’s happened over the years and how much he wishes that you could’ve been there for certain things. He’ll cook you dinner at the dorm and introduce you to all of the members, showing off his old friend.

“This is the best friend you have all been waiting to meet!”

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Probably plays a prank on you at first by pretending that he forgot to pick you up from the airport but 30 seconds later he’s running up behind you and swinging you around in his arms. He’d probably wanna get drunk with you in the comfort of the dorm and the two of you will talk about what you’re up to now and have a mini party with just the two of you.

“You know the best way to celebrate your arrival?”

Both: “Get drunk!”

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He’s been telling the members how excited he is to see you again all week and, like Youngjae, cannot keep his mouth shut. When he finally gets to see you he’ll probably cry a little without meaning to, and the two of you will just be standing in the middle of the airport being sobbing messes.

“I’m so glad I get to see you again. Promise me we’ll never lose contact again.”

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Kylo ❤️

Shuffle Song: Josie by Blink-182

“Babe?” Kylo whispered as he pushed open the door, his tall figure hunched over as he put the spare key back in the pot plant. You’d told him its location just in case, for emergencies. Well, he was drunk and hungry and needed some lovin’, and to him that was an emergency. “Babyyyyy.” He droned, raising his voice a little. 

He found you on the couch, barely lifting your head to greet him as you stifled a yawn. “What’s wrong honey?” You asked, a lazy smile spreading on your lips. Kylo’s stomach fluttered, the dormant butterflies spurred on by your sweet face and gentle voice.

He stomped over; his feet heavy from the alcohol, and fell into your arms. It was a Friday night, and he had invited you out with him, but you had insisted that it was about time he had some fun just with his guy friends. You were amazing like that - always giving him space, but loving him with so much vigour that he never felt neglected. He was most certainly whipped, and anyone could see so just by the way he looked at you.

You pinched his cheeks, kissing his nose. His dark hair tickled your face as he nestled his head into the crook of your neck.

“What’re you doing here?” You asked again. 

“I missed you.” His answer was muffled against your skin. “I always miss you.”

You smiled, but narrowed your eyes sceptically. “You’re hungry, aren’t you?”

Kylo pouted. “…Yes.” He admitted. “But I wanted to see you too!”

He took your hand in his, pressing soft kisses to your palm and knuckles, where his lips began to travel all the way up your arm in tickling succession. Until his mouth grazed your neck and came to settle on your mouth. He tasted like Fireball and cigarette smoke, intermingled with the faint hint of mint from the gum he had been chewing to cover up the smell. 

“You’re so beautiful.” He mumbled against your lips, not being able to get enough. His hands kept travelling, squeezing your arms then thighs, while his lips aimed to kiss every inch of you. Giggling, you rolled away from him, going to pick up your car keys from the table.

“C’mon, I’ll drive you to MacDonald’s.” You said. Kylo grinned like a little kid, standing up and giving you a bear hug. He picked you up and spun you around, his arms strong around you.

“Why are you like this?” You teased, booping his big nose. 

“Because I’m in love with you!” He proclaimed. “Because you’re amazing and the best girlfriend in the universe.”

“Just for getting you takeaway while you’re drunk?”

“No. For sooooo many things.” His drunken slur made you titter. “You’re so smart, and gorgeous, and you’re always perceptive and- and empathetic, and patient and kind-” Kylo choked on his words for a second, so caught up in your small appreciative smile. “I… I don’t even deserve you.”

Your smile fell to a frown, and you immediately placed your hands on Kylo’s heated cheeks. “I am yours, Kylo. I wouldn’t ever give myself to someone who doesn’t deserve me.” You told him sincerely. “I love you. You are the greatest person I know, and I love you. I chose you.”

Kylo nodded, content with the answer. And it just added even more traits to boast about; his girlfriend consistently put up with his low self-confidence, and made him feel like he was everything she claimed he was.

So you drove him to get food, and sung loudly in the car, both with tired smiles and rosy cheeks. There was no need for apprehension as you laughed with each other and ate your oily meals, washed down with soda and quick stolen kisses. Kylo was told often about how his friends had found out their girlfriends were ‘the one’ after a big revelation or event. But as he looked at you, and you held his hand, he thought he already knew, through all the mundane ways you showed your affection, that you were his one. 

I’m still RWBY+ as hell though. Like the panel sucked but those V5 character shorts are going to amazing and we still have the best cast in the world and all the new merch looks amazing. 

Don’t confuse disappointment in a panel as disappointment in the show for a second because V5 is going to be off the hook and I cannot wait for any of it. October 14 can’t come fast enough. Hell, the Weiss trailer (and Blake/Yang trailers!!!) can’t come fast enough. 

People, including me, need to spend less time picking things apart and more time appreciating a show about kick ass girls who fight monsters and love each other so damn much. This shit is gonna be gooooooooood

BTS reaction to their S/O asking them to marry them

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*he is so excited that he forgets that he wanted to ask you first*

“I am so happy! I promise you our marriage will be filled with love and joy!”

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*he didn’t expect that you would ask but he is happy and proud that you did*

“You always take care of me and do the things I can’t. I’ll try my best to become worthy of your love.”

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*he was in his own little world for weeks now, trying to figure out the best way to ask you so you just took the initiative*

“What did you say? I mean yes! Of course I want to marry you!”

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*He is so happy that you asked him that he picks you up and twirls you around*

“Of course I want to stay with you for the rest of your life! I love you sosososososososo much!”

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*He is about to protest for a second because he wanted to be manly and ask you but he then realizes that the only important thing is that you love him enough to ask*

“Yes! I’m so happy that you feel the same way!”

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*he prepared a whole speech but he lost all words when you took the initiative so he just hugs you tight and burries his face in you neck*


*A little embarrassed but very, very happy*

“Aish, you are such a handful. Just asking me to marry you out of the blue. Of course I will. I want to take care of you for the rest of our lives after all.”

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