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Keith’s heritage, Lotor’s affiliation with the Galra, the previous Red Paladin & Shiro’s escape

It’s been two months since Season 2 came out (Two months! Five more to go!) and I’ve finally gathered enough evidence for another one of my shitty theories. Get something to drink, make yourself comfortable, and listen to me ramble about Voltron for a while.

Before we get to the cool conspiracy theories though, let’s list some short speculations about the person in the Weblum.

First, take a good look at Mystery Person’s fighter jet:

That thing was tangled up there for a long ass time. Not long enough to lose all of it’s power though; the lights are working, so its main power source seems to be intact. After all - it still served as a bomb and bought Keith and MP precious time. (Keep this in mind, we’ll need it later)

I’ve seen a lot of people point out that MP’s outfit design and colour scheme resemble that of a villain’s, and some have speculated that the person might be Lotor.

MP is slightly taller than Keith, but shorter than the Galra we’ve seen so far. If Lotor remains half Galra/half Altean like in the original, he could very well be shorter than the average Galra. It’s plausible.

I’ve already pointed out in this post (x) that Altean magic can convert scaultrite energy into usable fuel. Surely Haggar can do it. MP took some scaultrite with them, which means they know someone who can make use of it.

In order to know them, though, they’d have to have been alive when Zarkon attacked Altea, and who’s to say that Haggar wasn’t the only one to side with the “enemy”?

That crest on MP’s suit, we’ve seen it before. In the very first episode, actually, when the paladins infiltrated Sendak’s ship to get the Red lion:

…and Keith seemed to recognise it from somewhere. I’m not saying he knows where exactly it’s from - but when you think about it, there could very well be a connection between MP and the Red Lion.

What does this tell us? Well, there are several options:

  • a.) The person in the Weblum is, in fact, Lotor, who was supposed to pilot the Red Lion. It would only make sense if Zarkon had trained him to be a paladin. The Galra were looking for the other lions, and assuming Zarkon was going to pilot Black like he used to - he’d still need four other paladins. But when Lotor went missing, Zarkon didn’t bother to rescue him because the new paladins had stolen the Red lion. Lotor wasn’t needed anymore.
  • b.) A random alien, possibly the original Red Paladin. Maybe King Alfor or another Altean. Alfor’s last words to Allura were “If all goes well, I’ll see you soon.” and I highly doubt that Zarkon wiped out the entire Altean race. Allura and Coran are still alive, yes - but so is Haggar, and possibly other Alteans that allied with the Galra before their planet was destroyed - if it was destroyed at all. We’ve seen the remaining pieces of Planet Galra in S2E7, but we don’t know what happened to Altea. I’m saying it’s possible that the Alteans had something to do with the destruction of the Galra’s home planet (if you think this is a Reach™, check out this post: x) and practically forced Zarkon to attack them, sparking his determination to “wipe out the foul [Altean] race”.
  • c.) Keith’s mother. Remember how Keith’s dad said “Your mother will be here soon” before the screen cuts to a frame of the Red Lion?
  • Maybe Keith’s mother used to pilot Red before the Galra got their hands on the lion. Maybe, just maybe, she left something other than her Blade on Earth - something that triggered Keith’s memory when he was looking at the symbol on Sendak’s ship.

We know that she was affiliated with the Blade of Marmora, obviously. And in episode 12, right before Thace blows up the main engine of Zarkon’s ship, we get this moment:

Sound familiar?

The writers were obviously trying to put emphasis on the connection between Thace and the person in the Weblum. I’m not saying they’re the same person, but rather that MP is affiliated with the Blade of Marmora somehow.

Something that’s been bothering me about Keith’s BOM hallucination - besides the Red Lion’s presence - is the panel of an army of sentries, backed up by a Galra ship.

It’s directly tied to Shiro’s abduction and escape. I’m wondering why Shiro, Matt and Sam Holt were taken as prisoners. How would the Galra profit from taking three small humans captive when there’s an entire populated planet in the same solar system?

The Blue Lion was there. The Area 51 dude in “Space Mall” has been to Earth. So has Keith’s mom. And when Keith asked Coran if a Galra had piloted the Blue Lion, Lance barged in.
Keith never got an answer.

Why is Shiro’s abduction the point, though? Well. I can’t think of a reason why the Galra wouldn’t bother to pay planet earth a visit. It just doesn’t make sense, especially since Shiro proved himself to be a valuable fighter.

Unless, of course, Keith’s hallucination was someone else’s memory. Unless the Red lion was trying to tell him that Earth doesn’t need protection from the Galra.

Because they’ve already conquered it.


I uploaded this really cool animation onto YouTube (with permission). Was kinda taken aback by the work put into it. Check it out!

I edited out the really intense ending, so if you wanna go crazy and check that out, go visit his NSFW tumblr.


Gif source:  Spock

Imagine Kirk and Bones figuring out that Spock has a crush on you after he starts acting weird (i.e., jealous) when a new officer flirts with you, so they tease him relentlessly until he acts on his attraction.

——— Request for anon ———

“Will you please cease in your juvenile remarks?” Spock growls in his annoyance, getting a laugh from Bones as Kirk shakes his head.

“It’s for your own good, buddy!”

“You need to get it into that Vulcan head of yours that if you don’t ever make a move you /will/ actually lose your chance with her to a rookie like that,” Bones nods towards the officer that had been taking every chance he got to flirt with you, causing the good doctor to grin as he notices the angry green tint that brings to Spock’s cheeks despite the absence of any other indication of emotion. Spock begins walking away in silence, but with a purposeful look in his eye.

McCoy makes to follow him, but Kirk holds him back with a grin, “I think it worked.”

The plan

   Okay, so this is kinda a long time coming, but the skinny of it all is that I want to take Koz out of GoC/RotG and turn him into an OC with a separate blog and a new name.

   I’ve put so much time and energy into molding him and changing so much from the source material that it’s gotten to the point where leaving him where he is has gone from working creatively with what I was given into feeling very restrictive as I don’t want to step much into the history and setting of other characters because it feels like I’m stepping and dictating how others should perceive that character and that’s not what I want to do. So I’ll take what I’ve made and with the help of Nixxie, really push the world building and creation of what I feel can be a large and complex place with a lot of chances for me to really show what I’ve got.

   So Koz’s isn’t really going to disappear nor am I fully going to stop RPing him, but he will have a new home, a new name and a fully realized story to himself. I will be putting a big ol’ promo here once I have everything set up and I’m ready to set sail on the new ship.

   That said I also plan to give a bit of a love letter to GoC/RotG for being such a huge inspiration in the way of doing a month of art for it as I reread the books and rewatch the movie when I’m in a better standing with the workload I have atm. 

   I never thought that I would have gotten as far as I did and made as much as I did when I started this blog. I will still keep this blog but it will be used more of an art blog/personal blog/commission hub from now on (truthfully it kinda has long since been that way so not much change there.)

Thank you all for sticking with me here and being just the best followers anyone can ask for and I look forward to another 5 years of growth!

rainywithachanceofstars  asked:

... I just saw the YOI fic title post you reblogged and. I know it could just be because of the pretty typography but if I found out you have watched Yuri on Ice/read the fics I may actually squeal out loud.

It was mostly the typography, actually. :)

I haven’t watched YOI at all, though I’m waiting for a quiet time when I have some opportunity to investigate further and find out for myself what all the fuss is about. None of the local broadcasters seem to be carrying it, unfortunately. And due to situational broadband bandwidth restrictions (i.e., all we have is cellular) I don’t have access to online streaming services like Netflix – so if that’s where it is, I’m SOL and will have to source it elsewhere.

But it’s definitely on the to-do list: and not even for the usual reasons (curiosity) but because I’m a big fan of figure skating – have been for decades.

“fuck it, im gonna say it.

i don’t think lgbt individuals deserve scholarships just for being gay or trans or whatever.”

someone said this and i’m…… why are cis people so bitter?

a lot of lgbt people:

  • are kicked out of their homes
  • are not receiving financial help from their parents/guardians because of being lgbt
  • don’t work because of mental illness and have no source of income
  • are an advocate and deserve these scholarships

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HI there! Can we get a Mulan au, please? Where the reader is Mulan and one of the guys is Shang? If you can do this it would be great, but if you can't that's fine! Oh, and I hope that you are getting enough rest. You need it to balance out all your dedicated time and work that you put into this blog! :)

You KNOW I gotta pick Jackson as Shang. It’s just…non-negotiable <3 And thank you for your concerns, but please don’t worry about me! This blog is my main source of relaxation and de-stressing so when I’m NOT active on it when you should be worried ;) <3 

“What kind of man are you?” Jackson shouted, looking at you with disappointment which made your stomach churn with guilt at your inability to be a warrior; “Pull yourself together otherwise we’ll never be able to defeat the Huns,” he said as he shoved a stick into your arms and walked away to help another soldier.

You watched him walk away and you sighed and as you looked at all of the soldiers around you practicing their skills; “I’m not a man at all,” you mumbled to yourself, wondering whether you had made the right decision in joining the army at all.

However, when your gaze drifted back to Jackson, you could see him standing tall and poised, doing everything he could to train the soldiers in order to create the most effective army that he could; this made you clench your fists and remember all of the reasons you had left home, and as you stood up proudly, you vowed that you would not give up until you were able to be the man you needed to be in order to protect the people that you loved. 

Give me a pairing, an AU, and I will write a three-sentence fic~

cyberdreams  asked:

forgive my ignorance, but do you know why Kathleen Wynne is so unanimously hated, even among her party? definitely not trying to dispute it, I just geniunely don't know why, I'm autistic so the ins and outs of politics can be a bit hard for me to grasp at times. (ps: thanks for the great work on your blog, it's my primary source for information on Canadian politics)

There was a discussion about this topic here, yesterday.

I hope this helps answer your question.

Ok so the fic I was supposed to finish yesterday is now in the marination stage, so due to being outed by @gurguliare as a closet fan of ‘mob psycho 100 tumblr posts as tagged by gogol when i have no idea what is happening in the actual source material’ she got me to do another osmosis post:

-Alternate Title: “Punch Him In The Brain With Your Brain”

Keep reading

  • Hero Cookie: Does everyone know what alchemy is?
  • Alchemist Cookie: Alchemy - the science of understanding, deconstructing and reconstructing matter. However, it is not an all-powerful art. It is impossible to create something out of nothing.
  • Hero Cookie: Right, exactly. Yeah, so-
  • Alchemist Cookie: If one wishes to obtain something, something of equal value must be given. This is the law of equivalent exchange, the basis of all alchemy. In accor-
  • Hero Cookie: Okay, thank you.
  • Alchemist Cookie: There is a taboo among alchemists!
  • Hero Cookie: Sit down, please!
  • Alchemist Cookie: Cookie transmutation is strictly forbidden, for what-
  • Hero Cookie: We got it!
  • Hero Cookie: Stop talking, goddAMMIT! STOP TALKING!

mawok  asked:

I've wanted to say something to you for so long now and I feel bad for not doing it sooner because you have been such a good source of inspiration and pure Stanchez love for a while <3 I watched Moon last night as you recommended! So obviously I imagined Richard and Ricardo constantly, I wanted to know how closely these character personalities were inspired by the movie? And if there are any more little things we can learn about Richard since everyone has Ricardo sussed out pretty well

The characters of Ricardo and Richard are a very large mixed bag of influence and not really meant to be any one specific parody of anything. Moon no doubt is one of the influences, though I think they most heavily pull from other scifi duos I have adored over the years. To name the biggest inspirations for them would probably be Rimmer and Lister of Red Dwarf, and Newt and Hermann from Pacific Rim. I wanted a pair of citadel based Ricks that played up that goofball slacker thrown in with a ‘by the books’ comedic straightman coworker dynamic. The main influence Moon has on the AU is JERTY. I needed a boss figure for the janitors who wasn’t just another Rick, and wound up with an upgraded butter robot who’s somewhat a mix of GERTY3000, Marvin from HHGTTG, and Holly of Red Dwarf with my own spice thrown in. Plot wise, Moon really has nothing to do specifically with the janitors, but just is a movie I love that I thought they’d fit into the roles of well for a crossover screencap redraw. :)

As for the second half of the question, I’m always open to answering more specific questions about either Janitor, but I have a lot of fanfic in the works for them so some answers may stay vague for now so as not to spoil too much. Though I will say- I’m amused that everyone seems to think they’ve got Ricardo figured out and that Richard’s the only one with secretes.