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Reylo Thanksgiving

You guys, REYLO


Holy shit can you believe what we’re seeing right now? o_O

Remember being told so many times that you were wrong, that maybe even part of you started to believe it too? 

And now we get this:





We don’t know how far they can go, we don’t know if there can truly be a happy ending for them except in our hearts, we don’t know if there willl even be a kiss with tongue, but they’ve gotten this far and Reylos were right. We were right. About everything. And Reylo is canon, bitches.

Bless us, everyone. Thanksgiving came early this year. 🙏 😭


P.S: we’ve read all your asks. 🤗

We are working on this podcast episode and hope to have it out ASAP. Thanks so much!

okay.. people said they wanted to see so, here’s the result of about seven hours of playing with SAI ><

obviously it’s nowhere near finished but if anyone has constructive feedback, i am all ears

they’re gonna have dennis come back midway through s13 and they want it to be a surprise so that’s why they’re not saying anything. from a writing standpoint the chance to explore the gang without dennis is too rich to pass up but glenn’s a REAL dumbass if he walks out on a 13-year-old cash cow for a network show that’s almost certain to flop and get canceled after one season. this is my claim and i’m putting money on it

I reblogged this the other day from the source but I wanna talk about this again. I was gonna reblog it again but I can’t find it in my posts so …I will look for it later. I did screen cap the quote for posterity so I’m just using this for now.

Yesterday during the Vulture festival it was tweeted out during the stranger things panel that they have to stop telling David things because he spills secrets. Like they can’t tell him anymore shit. And then I think of this quote. So I am thinking this is definitely not something he shoulda said? It’s a pretty big spoiler IMO. I mean he basically said there is some story they are telling the WHOLE TIME that people are NOT GETTING and that in the end you will be able to look back and go woah they told that story the WHOLE TIME and I had no idea.

Now I looked back at what we had going on in season one and season two and I think, what elements are going on here that could factor into to some sort of overarching story that they are telling that people may not be aware of?

What is the one thing that a lot of viewers seem totally oblivious to even when it’s in front of their faces? Gay characters, who aren’t hit you over the head explicit, and also gay romance in media that’s not strictly LGBT centered. Otherwise intelligent people are blind to it sometimes because they are ignorant to the way these things are coded in TV/film and have been coded for years, or because they refuse to see it for bigoted reasons.

In my mind the hidden story is about Will being gay and coming to terms with it. It’s obvious to us but subtle enough for a lot of people to miss it. Potentially this is his coming out story, him dealing with internalized and externalized homophobia of the time, the upside down and monsters being metaphors for this, and through the course of the series we will see this play out. If I want to take an even bigger leap then I will say that it could also be the story of Will and Mike. And yes a love story. Something that a lot more people would be terribly blind to and something that could be playing out in front of our eyes over the course of the show, and would still surprise people in the end.

Those are my two guesses, and it could be one or both. But bottom line is I think the secret story that strangers things is telling us that will be revealed in the end, is the story of what it’s like to realize you are gay during adolescence and how you come of age during that. Just a theory.

Anyone else have any better guesses?

Hey Taylor! It’s been exactly one month since the Rhode Island 2 Secret Session so I thought I would take this chance to gather some messages from some of us that were there, i hope you enjoy seeing them xoxo Sam

- Julia aka @throwinbigparties: heeeeey taylor!! it’s been one month since we met!!! just wanted to say thanks for everything you have done for me and trusting me enough to invite me over and listen to reputation weeks before it was released!! Thanks for always making me feel welcomed and loved and creating the best inside jokes and dancing with me. No one ever compares to you, you are the best the best thing in my life. I love you so much, see you on tour 😇💘🌞

- Rebecca aka @rgarcia121912: Thank you Taylor for the memories and friends I made at the secret sessions! It was a dream finally meeting you and I’m forever grateful! ❤️

- Maria aka @taylorschickennuggets: Dear Taylor, thank you so so so much for that one incredible night. I’ll never stop thanking you for inviting me into your home, and playing me your brand new album. Those memories are ones i’ll always cherish, and I cannot wait to see you in Detroit. You’ve done so much for me, and I can’t wait to see what you can do for others. With love, Maria :)

- Emily aka @imyour-americanqueen: Thank you for everything Taylor!!! My mom and I can not thank you enough for this wonderful night!!! Can’t wait to see you again on tour in Houston and Dallas!!😘❤️

- Melissa aka @swiftiesparkleshine: Words can’t express how appreciative my mom and I are for inviting me to a Reputation Secret Session!  I love you so much and can’t thank you enough for listening to me pour my heart out to you!  From looking at my iridescent nails that I polished the morning of the Secret Session, to taking an epic picture holding the Grammy for 1989 Album of the Year as you hugged and squeezed me, every moment with you was perfect and enchanting!  My mom and I look at the taymazing pictures from that night all the time and are still speechless that we met you!!  You are a human angel who only deserves the absolute best!  Meeting you has given me renewed hope that I will beat Lyme disease! I am so proud of you and “Reputation!” Love always your friend Melissa (swiftiesparkleshine)

- Briana aka @fearlesssince09: I love you Taylor and thank you for everything that you do for us!

- Anne aka @tswiftreputation1989: Meeting Taylor was a once in a lifetime dream that I never thought I’d experience. I’d like to thank Taylor and her team for such a great experience and thanks to all the friends I made. I’m grateful for everyone and moment experienced

- Kels aka @areyoureadyforswift: Hey T!! Thank you for being a constant source of light in all of my darkest moments. You shine so bright and i miss you very much. Love always, Kelsey

- Jess aka @reputaytionxo: Dear Taylor, I am eternally thankful to you for consistently teaching me that being yourself and working towards your own happiness and goals is achievable and unselfish. Meeting you was one of the first times i’ve ever felt that something truly amazing has come out of believing in myself/my dreams & staying true to what i’m passionate about despite ridicule. Thank you for being you, making my dream come true and inspiring me in every single way. I love you so much. I’m so proud of you. Love, Jess

- Gabby aka @how-lovely-indeed: hey taylor! thank you so much for the most incredible night of my life. Standing by your side for 10 years has shaped me into the person I am today. You have been with me through my best and my worst and I am so grateful for that. See you on tour in Nashville! I love you!!!

- Liv aka @livlovesswift: Hi Taylor! It’s just been a month since I met you and I already miss you more than words can describe. Thank you so very much for inviting me to your beautiful home, creating brilliantly beautiful music that has helped me through so much, for being your wonderful, sincere self and for caring about me as much as I care about you. I am so incredibly grateful to have you in my life and I love you more than ever.

- Lylah aka @likeanygreatlove13: Taylor, thank you for what you said after I told you about what I went through at the beginning of this school year. Your words meant more than you know and I love you so much!! Thanks for having me over ;) ❤️❤️

-Annie aka @sunsets-swift: Taylor, thanks so much for being a constant in my life for the last 10 years. You’ve shown me how powerful thoughts can inspire people & that’s why I love to write. And, more than anything, thanks for pushing me to dare to dream bigger! I miss you like crazy & can’t wait to see you on tour. -♡Annie

- Megan aka @couldbtrusted: i literally cannot thank you enough for everything that happened on 10/19/17! because of you, ive met a couple of strangers who turned out to be some of my best friends. i had the time of my life bopping out to reputation and getting to hang out with you for a whole night! i love you endlessly!!

- Giselle aka @theysayididsomethingbad: Hi Taylor!! It’s been one month since I got to do the one thing I’ve been dreaming of since I was 7 years old, hug you and tell you how much I love you. I’m so thankful for that night, for your happiness, and this album. Love you and miss you already 🖤

- Taylor aka @icanmakethebadguys-good: Hi Tay! Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for us this era. Reputation is everything we could have asked for - I love it! I love you so much and am so grateful for your generosity and kind soul.

- Darcy aka @darcyreputation13: It was beyond amazing to get invited, let alone to actually meet you!! I hope our paths cross again one day and I actually say all the things I blanked out on saying. See you on tour though!! :)

- Bethany aka @icantwithtaylor: Honestly still can’t believe that I was invited to a secret session. Taylor, you are the kindest person I have ever met and can’t thank you enough for the opportunity.

- Lindsay aka @lindsaylovestaylorswift: When I walked in the room Taylor yelled “HEY LINDSAY!! How’s the FIGURE SKATING GOING?!” Tay, good thing you pulled me in for a tight hug real quick cause I was like .13 seconds away from passing out. We spoke about so much- my sister Lauren, my new photography website fundraiser for Yale Children’s Hospital, applying to colleges… and how you’ve helped me so much through the years. Thanks so much for everything. I will “hold on to the memories”, and they will hold on to me. (PS- that lyric is my senior quote!) ❤️✨

-Keyena aka @taylorslays13: Hey Taylor!! Ah, I miss you so much and I still can’t believe I met you. I’ll never be able to express how thankful and grateful I am that I was at a SS. Meeting you was everything I wanted & more. ❤️ I’m so proud of you & the album!! See you on tour! 🤗 love you forever & always!

- Sam aka @nowimyourdaisy: There’s so many things I want to say but I’ll cut it down as short as possible. Taylor, I love you so much. I remember doing biography projects about you in middle school, and dancing around my room the day before I started high school. You’ve been with me as a i grew up and I can’t thank you enough for being the best role model. I love you so much, and I never thought you would know who I was or want to meet me. Thank you for inviting me into your home and sharing your life with me. It means the world to me. 


“Have you noticed how comfortable they are with each other? The way they always seem to understand each other, without having to explain things? The way they always believe in each other, even if there is significant reason NOT to? I have.

The reason these two work is not only that they’d be incredibly cute together (admit it!), but that it’s a realistic possibility. They have all the factors that make a healthy, loving relationship. They care about each other. They trust each other. They’re loyal to each other. And most importantly, they’re comfortable with each other.

Luffy seems like the kind of person who views relationships in terms of being mutually helpful to each other. He hand-picked his crew based on how useful they could be to him. But he also keeps in mind the fact that he is useful to them, and he loves it that way. All of them were given the chance to pursue their dreams because of him, and they all lend their various skills to his ultimate dream of finding One Piece. Doesn’t a romance between himself and Nami fit into this category? Luffy can probably realize that Nami has a lot to offer him in a relationship. He knows that she’s smart and big-hearted, that she’s pretty and caring. She would be a perfect pirate queen for him. Don’t you think the thought may have crossed his mind? And Luffy also knows that he could offer a lot to Nami. He has already displayed an adorable protective tendency toward her that he hasn’t displayed so blatantly for anyone else. He can take care of her. He can make her smile. He can help her make her dreams come true. 

Over all, these two have a lot going for them that most canon anime relationships don’t have, the most blatant thing being the trust between them. How many anime couples fall apart because of lack of trust? Luffy has already proven that no one can turn him against Nami. Even after being told that she killed one of his best friends (Usopp), he refused to think badly of her (luckily, it turned out to be untrue anyway). But think of a similar situation involving Zoro. When Luffy believed Zoro had hurt/killed the people of Whisky Peak (and this information came from an unreliable source, unlike the case with Nami), Luffy outright attacked him. Why is it that Luffy can be turned against Zoro (the person he’s been around the longest) so much easier than he can be turned against Nami? I fully believe it is because the two of them have some sort of connection, and their unbreakable trust stems from that connection. And Nami, for her part, has displayed her trust in Luffy many times by placing her life and future directly in his hands.”

anonymous asked:

I think england being terribly heartbroken is more fanon actually. In one strip he gave him a huge bell for the 4th and seemed very pleased and happy to show off his gift. He's also given america presents for his birthday on other days too, albeit kind of sarcastic ones. Physically he seems to have issues but emotionally he seems fine more or less in present day esp in more recent strips.

to an extent i think you’re right, but i also feel like this fandom interpretation has a lot of roots in the original source material rather than emerging out of nowhere? that himaruya even depicted the rev war as this teary scene complete with england breaking down and being unable to shoot america. and it’s built up as such a sad scene and written in a way where you’re supposed to sympathise with arthur. 

so i think the whole thing about england randomly being ill on july 4th naturally gets joined up by fans as Severe Heartbreak, as opposed to maybe a more tongue-in-cheek take about how america’s destiny would be to compete with, and eventually preside over the decline of the british empire. that’s the reason i wish he never even wrote it that way, because it leads to this whole Feel Sorry for the British Empire Narrative, which i, for personal reasons of family history find really Dubious :’ ) and of course, lol, this….bizarrely frozen r/ship that acts like More Major Shit where America helped him (cough WW1 & WW2, the Marshall Plan) never happened. 

i think you’ve brought up a good point about the recent strips. there’s some ambiguity about which parts of canon evolved too; it’s very clear to all of us that most of the strips today have improved characterisation compared to the very earliest ones. so stuff like england giving him the liberty bell and or more sarcastic presents fits in better with history imo, but at the same time we also have these bits of earlier canon still established and were never really explicitly disclaimed, so one would assume they’re still Part of Canon. 

shit like this makes me so mad, like first of all that post is SEVERAL YEARS old, second of all i still don’t understand why people just… think it’s normal to go diving through the personal history of every single musician/whatever they happen to casually enjoy to find out their beliefs about everything like what does ‘is a known x’ mean if all i do is have two songs of theirs on my spotify and then say that it’s just like, common household knowledge and act like a jerk how would i know

there are so many better ways to pull sources and explain why someone is shitty instead of being a condescending fucking brat to strangers online for being too stupid and clearly evil and purposely ignorant to dedicate their personal time to figuring out the percentage of musicians they casually enjoy are problematic just because

like you’re really not better than anyone else because you do this. it’s not that i wouldn’t believe you, i do, but who wins with phrasing like this except your ego 

i have learned something from Monika Monday.

artists have it so hard guys.

i find really good pieces, like -really- good pieces. i do tons and tons of digging, and i find the artist and its -completely- detached from the artist.

i work hard to reach out to them and ask for permission to use their art, but its genuinely so disheartening that i have to work so hard to make sure someone gets their deserved recognition.

please please please please follow my source links and give some love to the artists who make Monika Monday possible, because theyre doing all the hard work <3

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can i get a reaction/headcanons for when the nordics’ s/o is crying and really upset because their baby lizard died? (sorry i know this is really specific)

Norway is the type of person to ask if you would like another one, or maybe two. I feel like his main source of comforting you over the death of your baby lizard is by taking you out to pretty places. It’s a nice distracting method

Denmark, being a very empathetic person, if that’s even the right word, would shed a few tears with you. He knows a loss, no matter how small, can have a big impact. So it would be cuddles and being pampered for days

Sweden, Iceland, and Finland wouldn’t know what to do. They all have pets but they’ve been with them both for such a long time. It has grown on them, a life with an animal. So they would at least try to offer comfort and a place of peace to mourn.

-started by mod sheila, ended by mod grace

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Your guardian AU is so interesting to me, but I just can't find all of the information that you seem to be putting out. Where can I read about this AU so that it's tangible?

The worldbuilding I put into any of my AUs are always spaced out because it’s typically done through answering questions. You can read everything I’ve posted thus far in the Guardian!AU tag, but for like a primary source where you can read everything with a sense of direction? I don’t have that currently.

Highly considering making my own fan-wikis for my AUs to make it easier to follow, but I dunno.

Interviewer: so what do you like to do in your free time?

Nibansenji: I play video games.

Forgeru: I got to the studio and dance.

Tomitake: I enjoy cooking.

Nichan: I like to practice my english and singing.

Nokkuso: I spend my free time trying to figure out how someone like Imagawa Aoi is even real. Sometimes I lay in bed and stare at the posters of Aoi all around my room and when I think of the way he laughs when he finds something hilarious, I tear up a little. Other times I-

When you try to do the “honey’s joke” to your boyfriend Kacchan but he just don’t play the game right.
God. You are so cute my love, i’m sorry, i have to share this xDD #Deku

@aspluto sorry my love, you are so cute ♡ /(/Q/w/Q/)b

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superuberturtle  asked:

Hey Unnie, just discovered the manga "It Would Be Great if You Didn't Exist " yesterday and your tumblr/twtter, just wanted to say thanks! I Really appreciate the time and effort you spent on putting everything together (also shout out to Meow Chan for her translation work, thank you very much!) so those of us that do not understand Korean would be able to enjoy the manga as well. I just have a quick question about the source, if it's ok to ask: Where are the new chapters release? Thanks!

You’re welcome! I wish I could do more like Meow!! Meow is amazing. For the the “raws” they are from Peanutoons site

Source: Yugioh the Abridged Series
  • Wheatley: *Using his terrible American accent* "Yo, Chell, how's it hanging dude?"
  • Chell: "What the hell did you just say to me?"
  • Wheatley: *Normal voice* "I'm trying to sound more American, so people won't pick on me as much."
  • Chell: "Well, stop it. You sound like you're from the 1970s."
  • Wheatley: *Back to the goofy American accent* "Oh, come on baby, cut me some slack. Let's hang out together, it'll be totally cool."
  • Chell: "Somebody help! Wheatley's gone insane!"

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I personally love fake history style fics and the level of detail you use in night war (along with amazing well thought out description of Bucky's inner monologue) really pulls me in and enhances the raw feelings Bucky has. I really want to get across that I love your style of writing as it gives a better understanding of all the stakes at play in buckys situation from major incidents to little asides about social expectations etc. 1/2

So what I’m trying to get at is that I admire the amount of research you do for this series and was wondering if you had any favourite resources (documentaries, books, forums, sites) or anecdotes about ww2 era that you found useful/ interesting or enjoyed most? Any recommendations at all to check out for this era/subject thankyou. 2/2

Hey anon! Thanks for writing in, and thanks for your kind comments! 💕 I’m so happy you’re enjoying the story. 

Let me apologize in advance for the absurd and hilarious length of this answer. I’ve been meaning to do a “research, sources, and methods” post for a while for meta reasons, and, well, here it is.

My primary source of research material is definitely books, but there are a lot of amazing resources online including material published by the U.S. Government (reports, publications, etc.) that helps me be as accurate as possible when it comes to troop movements, etc. There are about a thousand documentaries out there about the war, but you can’t go wrong with Ken Burns’ The War or World War II in Color

My favorite single-volume history of WWII is probably Inferno: The World at War, 1939-1945 by Max Hastings. It covers all theaters and it draws very heavily on primary source material–journals and messages and even letters taken from the bodies of soldiers. Its focus is on the human experience of the war rather than on a detailed military history (X brigade of Y Corps marched Z kilometers to fight a pitched battle…etc.). One of my favorite bits from that book (of which some parts made it into The Night War) is this:

“The ground for fifty yards outside is MUD—six inches deep, glistening, sticky, holding pools of water,” gunner office John Guest wrote home. “Great excavations in the mud, leaving miniature alps of mud, show where other tents have been pitched in the mud, and moved on account of the mud to other places in the mud. The cumulative psychological experience of mud… cannot be described.” [p.447]

As much as I wanted to just plagiarize this entire letter, I tried to evoke the horrible exhaustion of the mud in a few places in The Night War, such as:

I want is quiet, just some quiet and rest and to be warm with no fucking rain and no mud and no mortars but most of all I want this to be over. [September 27, 1943)

Freak accident with mortar tube in Harry’s squad and we have two dead because of I think a malfunction with mud or something I don’t know. [October 11, 1943]

Short on rations as it has been impossible conditions—this fucking mud—and we did not get resupplied before this assault so me, Glenn and Castellano have been going to each foxhole to take stock of what we have and split the difference as needed. Which means my own foxhole is a mud pit, these little shits better be grateful. [October 13, 1943]

Another great resource for writing about Bucky’s Sicily/Italy campaign was The Liberator: One World War II Soldier’s 500-Day Odyssey from the Beaches of Sicily to the Gates of Dachau by Alex Kershaw, who is really more of a pop historian than an academic like Hastings. Nonetheless, he writes on a lot of different WWII-era subjects that are all focused on individual stories, and his works are great gateway books into more rigorous nonfiction about the war. 

I’m including below a list that is not comprehensive but rather represents some of the works I’ve either found most helpful in writing The Night War or I just plain enjoyed. I’m so sorry anon, this is not what you were probably looking for!

[holy hell is there a lot under this cut]

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The Mystery of the Dyed Hair Chapter 6

Dark sat down in his chair, trying to figure out who’s voice was in his pc. It wasn’t Google, or Bing, and they don’t have females in the building. Except when Amy comes over, but she was off with Mark on vacation.

There was a gunshot, then a cry of pain from Dr. Iplier. Dark ran to the source of the cry, finding Wilford possessed again.

“Leave my friend alone!” Dark’s shell cracked as he pinned his friend to the ground, “Bim, Bing, get Dr. Iplier help, I’ll deal with this.”

“You think I’m going to release Wilford so easily?” The same female voice came from Wilford’s body, “when I do, he may not even survive.” Wilford pushed Dark off of him and aimed his gun, shooting dark in the shoulder, causing him to cry out. These were no ordinary bullets.

Dark placed his hand on the wound, he was bleeding badly. Prankster Jim ran into the room, tackling Wilford and holding a special knife he got from Kyber. He jabbed it into Wilford’s arm, the demon releasing him.

“D-dark?” Wilford got up and rubbed his arm, he wasn’t injured but it still hurt, “D-dark!! I’m so sorry!” Wilford tried to help his friend.

“No, get away from me, Wil,” Dark growled, the other ego immediately backing away.

The shadow of the demon took the opportunity to possess dark as he was weak from the bullet. Dark’s eyes began to glow, the souls inside of his body unable to fight of the power of the demon. Dark grinned and stood up, attacking his friend, ripping off his arm.

“Dark! Stop! This isn’t you!” Wilford was getting dizzy from the loss of blood, “please… Damien… Celine… I love you all…” Wilford collapsed onto the ground, the demon quickly leaving Dark’s body.

“Wilford!” Dark cried out and healed his friend, reattaching his arm, “Wilford… I’m sorry…”

Google walked into the room, “what ever this demon wants, they’re getting it right now, and we still don’t know who dyed our hair.”

Prankster Jim raised his hand in defeat, admitting he was the one who dyed the hair. Google pulled up a screen, a female with a mask on it.

“Hello Google, I’m afraid you’re going to have to go out of commission,” the woman grinned under her broken mask, appearing infront of him, “once I finish off the Jims, all I have left is the main egos. And my brother is going to help.”

“Leave us alone!” Dark yelled, startling the woman, “just leave us alone!”

“Well, I may just have to send the master murderer in tonight then,” the woman grinned as her hands ignited with blue fire. She turned to google, “good night,” she forced the fire down his throat, destroying him once and for all.

That night, everyone stayed up, watching every entrance and exit, hoping to stop this damn curse. Bim cried out as a knife was stabbed into his throat, two glowing eyes behind him.

“Oh Wilford~” a female voice cooed, “I’ve got chocolate~”

Wilford loaded his gun and carefully walked to the room, only to find a girl standing there, she couldn’t have been more than 16. “What do you want?”

“I’m here on the request of a friend of mine,” the girl smiled, fangs visible, “you’re next.”

Wilford bolted out of the room, followed by the girl. This mystery had turned into more of a curse. One of the theories that Dr. Iplier had was that once Google needed the update and didn’t get one, he got a virus which allowed demons into the manor.

Dark slid out of a room and grabbed the girl, picking her up. “There ya are you bitch,” Dark growled, snapping her neck.

The girl just laughed and fixed it, a glint in her eyes of insanity, this one had gone off the deep end. Bim came up behind them and smacked the girl in the back of the head with a frying pan, knocking her unconscious. Who was she?


So yea, this is more of another curse thing.

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