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[ Draco and Harry eating a salad for dinner ]

Harry, forking through all the onions in the salad on his plate: If you didn’t pick the onions out of your portion of the salad then I’m Harry Potter.

Draco: You are Harry Potter.

Harry: Oh, gee, would you look at that.

Day Two (26th): Anger/Depression


So, this is a part of an AU/RP @bosstoaster and I have done which is basically the worst case scenario. Earth is dead, Lance is suffering from Black Lion corruption (which is a whole big thing that I won’t bother to explain here,) and just plain out depression at losing everything.

All line art was redrawn by the amazing @iceberg-rose and she base-coloured it too but I’m not posting that because I have to do/source the blade of Marmora base and I’ve got too much on my plate right now.

As of yesterday, all 255 pages of DOTU have now been resized and uploaded at 800x1238 pixels, replacing the 600px versions.  They won’t display bigger until the new website goes up, but they do look much crisper since the source images are bigger.  All that resizing and re-uploading was a big chunk of busywork I’m glad to have out of the way!  Hiatus task #1 complete!

Looking through the pages of old art is so painful, haha…  But it’s also been kind of fun.  Like, I realized that my pencils have gotten super skimpy and sloppy over the years. (and this ch.3 pencil is more detailed than average.)

But my finals have gone in the other direction.

I mean, in the beginning, I needed a solid foundation in pencils that I could work on top of, but now I don’t want to do anything twice that I don’t absolutely have to do twice.  It’d be awesome if someday I can just do rough gestures in pencil and do the detailed art in straight ink.

(I say “pencil” but only the chapter 1 pencils were actually pencil, and none of the inks were ever actual ink because I have commitment issues.)

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Saw your art on Pinterest for the first time! Nice job(The was the comic with Harry at Ginny's Quidditch game and the announcer said that he was crying). I'm surprised it took so long. It was credited to you, no one was claiming it was their own work. I just wanted to let you know! Ps. If I'm just out of the loop and you have been posting your art on different social medias just ignore me :-)

Thank you so much! Oh I know there are some accounts on Pinterest that repost my art. I’m glad I was properly credited and you found me! I only post my fanarts on Tumblr and Instagram! The original source on instagram is @potterbyblvnk (and my general art account there 

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Hells yeah I'll join you, I've got a few new tricks I've been dying to try out and President Cheese Puff is the perfect test subject. The vamps were no problem, but I'll have to join you after I take care of that Wendigo, if my sources are correct then the little fucker's about to pick up a new victim (damn hard headed humans think it's a bear and have gone after it, which means I gotta get to it before them) so I'll be a couple hours. Don't start the fun without me! -Gabriel

At the rate we’re going, you’ll probably make it there before us.

  • <p> <b>Astoria *walking out of muggle cinema* :</b> so who's your favorite in the new Star Wars movie?<p/><b>5-year-old Scorpius:</b> Kylo Ren<p/><b>Draco:</b> I'm suddenly very concerned with where our relationship is headed son<p/><b></b> *Later*<p/><b>Astoria :</b> but sweetheart You can't like Kylo Ren. He killed his dad.<p/><b>5-year-old Scorpius:</b> Maybe he deserved it.<p/><b>Draco:</b> I'm never sleeping again..<p/></p>

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I get really anxious and pressured over the concept of waiting until marriage. I want to, and my boyfriend of five years doesn't mind, but my friends think I'm being unreasonable. How do you deal with the pressure from media and everything else that pushes sex so much?

before i answer the question, if you’re okay with it and your boyfriend is okay with it, there’s no need to worry about the opinions of your friends. 

the media and everything else don’t pressure me. i don’t allow for outside sources to influence me, especially when it comes to sex. i only feel pressure within myself, dealing with my hormones and what my body is craving (kissing, touching, etc).

but if it did make me feel pressured, i’d think about and find out why it does. the key to not feeling pressured or influenced is to be secure with yourself and your life. i’m choosing to be a virgin. and i’m comfortable telling anyone who asks. even if they think it’s stupid or crazy, i still am secure. their opinions and the media portrayal of sex don’t matter. i will have sex when i am ready to, regardless of what society thinks. once you’re secure with being a virgin/etc, you won’t feel the pressure anymore.


June 26, 2017: digital painting. Self-Portrait - Rainbow.

The light coming through this window was so pretty. I finally went to Pride this year.

[image description: a painting of fat femme presenting nonbinary person with glasses and curly brown hair is wearing a dark dress, standing so you can see the profile of their face which is semi-illuminated by the sunset coming through a window. Their hand is reaching out to a stained glass rainbow heart that is hanging in the window. The only light source is the gold and blue-ish sunset coming through the window. Everything else is dark.]

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literally I was pointing out terf and aphobe bullshit but sure twist it into some made-up hate fest over TS. unless you're hoarding hate messages, I haven't seen a single note or ask roasting you. you asked to be made aware if you reblogged from a terf, I let you know and provided what info I could fit in this box instead of dropping a source-less allegation - which you normally ask for anyway - but skewer me alive for trying to oblige. fuck me bc aphobes made shit so extra, per usual.

If you have an issue with a post, the thing that would be most helpful is if you can link us to the post in question, especially if it’s from our own blog. You can submit a link as well, if that’s easier, since sending an ask with a link isn’t always reliable. But just randomly yelling at us, and then not providing any helpful information by way of what it is we did exactly isn’t very constructive.

- Mod A

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The fake pic of Sam in NY has been uploaded to shippers blogs today and I think Purv is behind it. That pic has no sources and is cropped out. It could have been taken anywhere.

I don’t think it’s a fake picture.

It’s a nondescript and unidentifiable airport.

Apparently the only reason to think it’s JFK is that the woman who posted it said so.

Some people are more trusting of those words than others.

Either way, assuming Sam was indeed in NYC, he was there 3 days at most, likely for work. He was not in NYC over the weekend.

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Huh, so according to 2 separate articles (ET online & Just Jared), only a few Flash members went to DP's wedding? "Panabaker’s Flash castmates Grant Gustin, Carlos Valdes, Tom Cavanagh and Jesse L. Martin, were all present for the special day, as well as fellow CW stars Katie Cassidy and Victor Garber." I hope CP wasn't excluded when her other co-stars were invited :(

I rad that article too. Either the sources didn’t see Keiy and Candice (because Keiy’s attire made it seem like he did) or they didn’t go – I’m sure Candice wasn’t excluded and that she didn’t go because it was her birthday, so it’s not as deep as excluding her or leaving her out because she wasn’t invited. Then I guess after the wedding Jesse, Violett, Keiy and friends hung out. Now I would like to move on haha.

Catching up over the last couple of days, and I missed the crux of the drama. No long commentary from me (you’re welcome, lol). Just two observations:

1. My dash is brilliant. I saw mentions of of Harry vs. Louis, but not a single original source of malice or hate. Just people responding to bitchy anons/posts. I also saw my favorite Harries stay out of the fray or stand up to it, and it’s so appreciated. Nothing was going to dampen my high or love for Louis’ article, but my dash being so awesome made it ten times sweeter.

2. My goodness but HL are fascinating. Who needs fic with them when reality is so interesting. We’ve seen them evolve from bff to bandmates to family to everything in between. Sometimes icy or cold, sometimes beaming and beautiful, sometimes fun and frisky, sometimes cordial and casual, sometimes sweet and proud, sometimes bitchy and hauty, sometimes awed and delighted. I know the ship has baggage out the ass, but I will always love them and root for them and wish to hear their adult/mature/self aware and honest commentary about themselves and each other.

OK. Maybe that was a tad long.

The Pretty Little Liars Finale Is Almost Here: Here's How the Cast Wants the Show to End

PLL is officially coming to an end, so we asked to cast to write their own alternate endings. Click through to see what they had to say!It’s official: Pretty Little Liars is over. After seven seasons of laughing, crying, gasping, and basically going on a weekly emotional roller…

Source: InStyle

Lucy Hale on Aria Montgomery

“I definitely want to see her get married—that would be really sad if that didn’t work out after all. But, I don’t know specifically. There should be a definitive ending, but I would want to leave it open ended still, to where people can kind of decide for themselves. I just think her story should end not on a happy note—not happily ever after, that’s for sure. It would be too easy. And it wouldn’t be like our show to end that way.”

Source: InStyle

Shay Mitchell on Emily Fields

“It would be that Emily goes off and moves back to Cali and no one bothers her. She keeps in contact with all the girls, finds the love of her life, has a couple kids and that’s it! I want her to train a future Olympian, because I think she’s going to be an awesome swim coach.”

Source: InStyle

Ashley Benson on Hanna Marin

“Hanna would be a super successful fashion designer and Caleb would be a Mark Zuckerberg type. We’d just take over the world, basically.”

Source: InStyle

Tyler Blackburn on Caleb Rivers

“I think obviously everything would be figured out and no one would be harmed, and then Hanna and Caleb could just go live on a yacht for a while in the South of France or something. Just escape, get married and have babies.”

Source: InStyle

Keegan Allen on Toby Cavanaugh

“I would want it to be something very emotionally pleasing. Like, he has a lake house and a golden retriever and a white picket fence. I want him the have a warm cup of soup at the end of the day by a fire—I like that kind of life for him. I feel like that’s the life that he would truly want. I would also hope that he was with Spencer. I think all the fans would wish for that, too.”

Source: InStyle

Janel Parrish on Mona Vanderwaal

“I would have Mona be the hero. I think she’s been the villain so many times and she’s been trying very hard to come to the girls’ rescue and prove herself and kind of be included in their inner circle again. If I could write the ending, I would have her kind of be the hero and show everyone, see, I told you! I’ve had your back this whole time and I’m smarter than all of you and you can’t do it without me!

Source: InStyle

Ian Harding on Ezra Fitz

“It would end like Titanic, except instead of sinking into the ocean, we explode in a flurry of gold and magic as opposed to us all freezing to death in the mid-Atlantic. Kidding!”

Source: InStyle

And y’all don’t wanna hear this but aceness (having lived through it and connected with other people about it believe me I am not talking out of my ass) more than any other identity like this has a LOT of cases where it’s born out of conditions. It has a lot to do with being in a society where sexuality is expected. It has a lot to do with internalized homophobia. It has a lot to do with dysphoria. It has a lot to do with performative heteronormativity being shunned. It has a lot to do with sexual rejection. It has a lot to do with interpersonal anxiety.

And those are all very valid. But because aceness is obsessive about inclusion-as-proof-of-existence (you know, the existence of that community y’all defend so much but also claim you don’t have?), ace discourse also circles around telling people they don’t need to question the source of their feelings, they don’t need to think about the how’s and why’s of their identity. And like, that’s not fucking healthy.

I’m sure there are plenty of people who are just ace because they’re ace. But there are also a lot of people who are traumatized by this traumatic and inflexible society we live in, and while I’m not saying you’re not ace, I am saying figuring out if there’s an identifiable why might make your life so much better.

Because there are so many instances of people who have complicated feelings on love and sex and thus are averse stumbling onto MOGAI tumblr and going ah! Someone gets me! But later finding out that there was a reason, and confronting that reason, and leaving the label behind. Me included. I was aro AND ace, or believed I was for a time, because it seemed to explain a lot of my feelings on the concepts. But I’ve learned different. So in a way I’m glad that the community became so vile that I turned my back on it.

Sometimes I think about that guy that was like “I’m dating women but I don’t want sex with them, I’m ace but for some reason I’m attracted to men but I could never see myself dating one” and it’s like.. that’s textbook internalized homophobia and performative heteronormativity. And this is what I mean when I say it’s dangerous that the Ace community is so allergic to any critique of its methods of gaining ‘members’ or his rhetoric. Because it’s actively trapping people in a state of non-growth.

You won’t stop being valid if you find out there’s a reason you’re averse to romance or sex. You’re not a ‘fake’ aro/ace person if there’s a reason you identify that way.

And that’s the tea on that.