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Tried reading my whole APUSH book and writing down notes 2 days before the actual test. I obviously didn’t finish nor do I think that actually worked lol. The test was easier compared to what I thought, but the type of essay that we got was the only one we never did in class so we’ll see how that goes. I just wanna burn all my AP stuff already. 2 down, 2 more to go! I also have the SAT tomorrow. Why must it be on the same week as AP exams. Just why.

Patater Week - Day 5

Feb. 10 - Social Media Shenanigans – Jeff kind of wishes that he didn’t know Kent and Alexei apparently sext each other through Snapchat pretty regularly. 1.3K

“What the hell are you doing?” Jeff asks, a towel over his head as he enters the locker room.

Kent doesn’t even look remotely embarrassed as he pulls his shirt down and pockets his phone. “Sexy snapchatting my boyfriend.”


Alexei Mashkov likes his men blond, shameless, and a little stupid, he supposes. There’s no helping taste.

He shouldn’t be that surprised when, that night while marathoning Game of Thrones by himself, he gets a notification that he’s received a snapchat from Kent. When he opens it, he nearly drops his phone and spills his cup noodles all over his crotch.

Miss you lots babe, when you coming to Vegas??? Providence is no fun, the caption says. The Kent in the photo is lying down on what seems to be super soft blankets, the picture taken from the up-down to showcase Kent’s exceptional abs all the way down to his low waistband. He has an actual finger in his mouth, like he’s trying to play coy. It’s clearly sent to the wrong person. 

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New York // Part 1

hi. um, sorry I haven’t been really active on here, I didn’t have any motivation to do any of the texts or write one shots or anything like that. although after Harry’s performance on snl I was like yanno what I really wanna write somet about it so here it is. well, the first part. I am planning on writing the part where he’s on set and stuff I just kinda had to intro the whole thing plus I guess it was about time I posted somet as well. hope you enjoy it, make sure to tell me if you have any ideas or if I should start one shots which are continueous? I’ve seen some people do that and it seems interesting, it’s not so much as a fanfiction because the events wouldn’t be happening after each other but they would have some connection. wow I’m rambling but tell me what you think! happy easter guys! 🐰 oh and you can follow me on my main blog which is hesasnowflake bc i kinda got back onto it? idk up to you. oh that’s also my twitter if you wanna give me a cheeky follow lmao shameless promo x have fun reading this tho also idk when part 2 will be out so keep an eye on this blog or just turn the post notifications on. lotta love, xoxo -b


Travelling was always one of my favourite things to do and so when it meant it will excuse me from doing other things I was supposed to, I just loved it that much more. Working on assignments wasn’t near as much fun as packing a suitcase, getting a plane ticket then driving to the airport and getting on a plane to get somewhere else in the world.

Honestly, there was nothing better.

Even though many people don’t like long flights I personally enjoyed it. I liked going on different planes, experiencing different journeys with different people. I know I might sound like a right weirdo at this moment and time but I’m only telling you the truth.

And so going back to the beginning, where I was saying I loved travelling just a little bit more when it meant I didn’t have to do certain things – well, at least for a little while – that was exactly the situation I was in right now.

My luggage was already checked in and I went through security as well so I had the chance to get myself a nice cup of coffee from Starbucks with a sandwich which I ate at one of the tables there. Feeling extra happy, I pulled my phone out of my hoodie pocket and pressed down on the button on the device so that my screen lit up. A smile made its way onto my face as I saw unread messages from my best friend who also happened to be my boyfriend.

Harry: you’re still coming right? I’m absolutely flipping nervous

Harry: oh crap I’ve gotta go, we’re doing an intro ad thing for the show. see you soon hopefully. love you x

A light chuckle left my lips as I clicked out of the message and opened another one from my lovely mother who was asking me if I made it onto the plane yet or if I’m still at home, lying around on the couch. Well what can I say I was never one to leave in time or make it in time to somewhere therefore I wasn’t surprised when I saw her messages.

Instead of texting her back, at which I was absolutely terrible but I think that was already shown when I never answered Harry, I clicked on her contact name and called her.

“Hey love, are you at the airport yet? Are you all checked in, yeah?” she asked me straight away, not even letting me take a breath before she flooded me with her questions.

But I guess mums will always be like this, right? And I should be grateful she’s like this with me because most children don’t have the opportunity to have a good relationship with their mothers or parents in general. 

“Hi mother, yes, I am at the airport and yes I am checked in,” I laughed as I lifted my cup full of hot coffee which may I add very rarely drank. I wasn’t the biggest fan of coffee but I needed it in that moment.

“Very well then,” she sighed. I heard soft clicking noises in the background so I knew she was working on something like she always did. It was as if she never stopped. If she wasn’t at work she was cleaning the house, the garden or doing extra work at home. I guess you could say she was really work-orientated, she liked keeping herself busy at all times. “Have you talked to Har yet?”

“Hmm,” I hummed as a huge smile appeared on my face again. My mum and dad called Harry “Har” and he loved it and it just made me very-very happy because they got along so well. “Although he had stuff to do so we didn’t talk on the phone.”

“Right, he is a busy man, isn’t he?”

“He is,” I agreed. “Anyways, I think I should get my laptop out and do some work so I don’t have to do all of it when I get back. I know for a fact I’m not gonna do anything while in New York.”

“That’s great thinking, my love. Looks like you inherited some of my drive to do work whenever wherever,” she laughed.

We talked for a few more minutes then she had to excuse herself because she had a Skype interview with one of the applicants or something like that. I guess you could say my mum was a boss-kinda-person at work meaning that she was an important member of the company she worked with.

While I had my laptop open and my drink in my hand I didn’t really do much although I didn’t expect any less or any more from myself. Basically, I just wasted my time until I had to pack my stuff away and get my arse on the plane. Which might I add was happy about. How could I not been happy about it?

Finally, I was going to New York. Not to mention the fact that I was also going to be seeing my amazing boyfriend who I miss very much.


Those eight hours on the plane didn’t even do anything to me. Probably because I slept all the way through which was clearly shown in the fact that my phone’s battery was dead since I forgot to plug it in once we were in the air and I was listening to music throughout the journey.

When I got through the security and immigration which was literally the longest bloody thing ever, I got my stuff then sat down inside and got my laptop out. It took me about fifteen minutes to connect to the free Wi-Fi which was terrible on its own so that just added to my stress and small amount of panic which was starting to build up within me.

I had to get a hold of Harry somehow because stupidly enough I didn’t tell him the time my flight would be arriving here and I also didn’t let him buy my tickets. Well, he helped me out because he truly insisted but he just transferred money onto my card, which honestly was more than I needed so I sent it back to him and only used a small amount of it, and I was the one who bought the tickets.

Once I was on the internet, I clicked on my messages which were blowing up, all of them from Harry. I didn’t even bother reading them I just clicked on the little bar and started typing out what I wanted to tell him before that stupid free Wi-Fi cut off.

Me: hii, I’m here and I’m stuck lol. my phone’s dead cos I never charged it on the plane so if you could come get me from the airport that would be lovely. sorry for not telling you when I was landing, I totally forgot. I’ll be outside but don’t bother replying bc the wifi is shit and I’ll probs won’t get your messages. I love you see you soon x

To send that message it took me like another ten minutes and just when I thought it would never go through, it said “Delivered” under it. I felt the built up pressure leave my shoulders as I almost closed my laptop off but then I saw his message pop right up.

Harry: good thing I have amazing connections right? I figured I’d find out when you’ll arrive because I know you and I had a feeling you’d end up stranded at the airport

Me: wait what you spied on me little fucker smh well at least you’re here right I’m really hungry haz hurry up please the wifi will go away pls xxxxxxx

Harry: get up your ass then and come out. I’m in a white Audi right as you come out the sliding glass doors

I smiled reading that message. I didn’t even bother putting my laptop away I just closed it down, put my backpack on my back then with my macbook in one of my hands and my suitcase in the other I started making my way out of the airport.

The sun was brighter than my future in that moment and I absolutely regretted not taking my sunnies out but it didn’t matter too much as soon as I set my eyes on the car which he mentioned in his text.

Squinting, I walked towards the car and as I was about to open the door, the window rolled down at the driver’s seat.

“Hey, what are you doing?” asked the lad as I looked at him, one of my hands coming in contact with my forehead so that I could keep the sun out of my eyes.

I could feel my cheeks heat up as I looked at the stranger, confusion taking over me completely.

“I-I’m so sorry sir, I thought-, my boyfriend,” I stuttered as I didn’t know what the actual hell to say. Was Harry seriously taking the piss? “I’m sorry, I’m going now,” I told the man as I reached out to my suitcase handle then pulled it behind myself.

I couldn’t believe how big of a dick Harry was. Did he find that amusing? Well, knowing his crazy ass he most probably did. And he definitely saw it all happening from one of the cars.

I crossed my arms once I put my laptop away in my backpack and leaned back on the seats. I honestly didn’t find this shit funny at the beginning then as I started to get over it, I begun to chuckle slightly until I realised I was shaking my head and grinning like crazy.

This was not the first time he had played me like that. We’re always like this with each other though. Some people would say we are too immature for our ages but I mean we couldn’t care less about their opinions. This was another reason why we worked so well together with Harry.

“Now that, my friend, was absolutely hilarious!” looking to my left I saw him walking closer, looking bloody gorgeous as always as his deep voice made a few people look at us.

His outfit was full black like always, his skinnies hugging his legs perfectly and his dark coloured shirt was so see-through you could easily make out the butterfly on his tummy and the swallows on his chest. He was fricking perfect and he knew it. Well, I was hoping he did because he was.

He was laughing by the time he got to me and all I did was shake my head and stood up, my hands still folded together and pressed against my chest.

“You’re just so funny, aren’t you?” I asked him, arching a brow while the tone of my voice was nothing but pure sarcasm.

“That I am, baby, that I am,” he smiled as he put his arms out, ready to pull me into a hug and boy did I waste any time? The fuck I didn’t! I almost flew into his arms, my body literally smacking into his and he had to take a few steps back as I basically fell onto him. “I missed you too, love,” he laughed quietly.

His arms wrapped around me in a tight hug, his chin resting on the top of my head then later he pressed a few kisses onto my hair. I hid my face in the crook of his neck as my hands wrapped around it and locked my fingers together at the nape of his neck. I sighed as I let myself melt in his touch, in his hug, in his arms.

“I love you,” I whispered as I pressed my lips against his skin for the shortest second then pressed my temple against his neck before I pulled away.

“I love you more,” he kissed my forehead as he let his hands slip off of me; down my arms and in the end he intertwined our fingers. Bringing them to his lips, he kissed my knuckles while he shut his eyes, not minding one bit that we were still out in the public.

Once he let go of me he took my hand in one of his hand and got my suitcase in the other one. I rolled my eyes as I saw we were nearing a black Audi and not a bloody white one. I could hear him chuckle as he opened the boot and put my luggage in and I just got in the passenger seat at the front.

Soon enough he was sitting next to me, buckling his seatbelt in and starting the car right away.

“Hand?” he held his right hand out to me as he looked to the left to see if any cars were coming and I just had to give in. Making sure my sigh was loud enough, I put my left hand into his and he once again intertwined our fingers. “I’ve gotta nip to the studio real quick to sign some papers with Jimmy. D’you wanna come or should I take you to mine first?”

“Whichever works for me,” I shrugged. “If yours is too out of the way I’ll just go with you and then we can get some food because I’m still starving then go home.”

“Sounds like a plan.”


And so that is what we did. Harry quickly went into the studio and he was out within ten minutes. I was dying at that point, my potential jetlag and hunger both doing my head in.

“Okay-okay, what d’you wanna eat, hm?” he asked me as his hand found its home on my thigh, gripping it a bit here and there.

“Dunno, don’t care,” I muttered. “Whatever’s close s’fine by me.”

“I’m guessing you don’t wanna go in, right?” I shook my head no and he hummed in response. “Have you ever had Taco Bell before?”

“Do I look like I spend all my time in America like some poeple?” I asked back sassily. I was tired and hungry with a headache on top. I wanted to cuddle Harry and sleep. And food of course.

“Drop the attitude, sunshine. I’m not up for it.”

“Well I’m not either so that makes two of us,” I told him right away. “Take your hand off of me now and take me home. I can’t be arsed getting food now.”


It took us twenty minutes to arrive at Harry’s penthouse that he rented while he was in New York or he owned it. I honestly didn’t have a clue and I couldn’t care less. I wanted a bed and nothing else. I was starting to get in a pissy mood and I didn’t like it because I knew Harry didn’t need my stress on top of his.

Throwing my stuff on the floor I found my way upstairs and into a bedroom which most probably wasn’t the one Harry was staying in because it was way too clean and I didn’t see anything in this room apart from the basics.

Shutting the door behind me rather strongly I plopped down on the bed, slowly crawling under the sheets and putting my head on the pillow. My eyes were shut right away and I felt content. Relaxed. Cool.

In that moment I also knew I should’ve stuck it out, taken my attitude back and get food instead of coming home but oh well. I made a scene already so it didn’t matter. Especially not after I fell into a deep slumber.



a/n: I’m from the U.S., so I have no idea what exams are like anywhere else so I did this based off of my experience! also, i am only 16, so the biology that i have in here is probably very basic but I have not been to college so I don’t know what it’s like at that level. (also that’s not my picture)

Finals. The very word strikes fear in the heart of every college student across the world. It can make or break your class grade. They are single most important tests of your life, all packed into one week. Most people start studying weeks before. And here I was, cramming in every single piece of information I had learned about biology in my lifetime.

“I just don’t understand!” I groaned as I slammed my head onto the textbook. The flash cards I had been using scattered all over the desk and fell to the floor. Pictures of me that were on the desk rattled from the impact. I was studying at my boyfriend Shawn’s place because it was my only quiet place, and I never got to see him.

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anonymous asked:

you have witch powers? i've always been fascinated with "paranormal" stuff, including magic, so i was wondering if u could tell me stuff about it. is magic real? what kind of stuff did ur grandma do? are ghosts and spirits real too? what kinds of spells can witches cast? is it like supernatural? sorry if i'm asking a lot of questions i'm just so fascinated and curious. i didn't even know witches were like, legit until i read ur tags, i just thought that people back then said that so they had 1/2

2/2 a reason to burn a woman they didn’t like. ok now i’m rambling but in short, what can u tell me about witch stuff? i’m just asking cause i’m really curious :)

(about my tags on this)

#whenever phil gets out the tarot cards and pulls something scarily accurate i’m just like…. yes…. good…show us your witch powers…… #(my own experience with tarot? so reassuring. and calming. it’s like asking for a friend’s advice but that friend is your own brain.) #also my great grandmother was a witch by profession and i definitely got some of her magic #i have not yet learned to recognise a feeling when i feel it.. but when stuff happens later i’m like OH THAT WAS MY MYSTERIOUS FEELING #one of our sheep died a week or so ago.. and for two days straight i was outside in the middle of the night staring at the moon #and wondering why i felt death in the air #and the rain made me cry and it felt like release but i didn’t know why #and i immediately started worrying about our sheep but didn’t follow up to see if they were okay #then two days later my mother comes in and tells me one of our sheep died and two days ago had given my mother “the death look” #if you’ve never seen someone or something die… there’s this look they have that’s like a disgraced peacefulness and self-awareness #but basically i knew the sheep was gonna die without any reason for me to think that #and i need to learn to follow up on my instincts because they’re ever-present and i never know when it’s a psychic thing or random anxiety #disclaimer: IS IT ALL BULLSHIT who knows? but science doesn’t know a whole lot about a lot of things and this stuff is natural to me #so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

okay!! i was expecting someone to ask, so here goes. (in case anyone’s wondering, this is a personal post, and no, i’m not making this stuff up.) (feel free to reblog if you want. but it’s so goddamn long aaah)

first off, an opinion: whether or not you believe magic is real in this world is entirely related to whether or not it is real. at least in my books. magic/paramormal stuff can always be observed, but if you don’t believe it’s anything beyond coincidence or skilled trickery, it’s not gonna impact you.

i do believe in ghosts (or djinns, or something else human-like), but in my experience they don’t really do anything except exist in some other realm and occasionally become visible when i’m at my most lucid, at that point between waking and sleeping. most people (myself included) would say it’s just a hallucination. but like…. who’s to say it isn’t real, just in a way we as humans don’t yet understand? y’know?

the most interesting ghost sighting i’ve experienced was when i was fully awake, not hallucinating. i was in a car with my sister, my sister’s friend, and her mother - and we drove over a bridge, and i saw a fritzing semi-translucent black figure walking along the peak. i looked back and it was gone. it wasn’t scary, it was just really cool. i saw that with my own two eyes, i have zero doubt i saw it, and for that moment, it was there.

other times i’ve seen things pass through walls, or felt presences in the room that vanish when i look. i get deja vu maybe once a week. the ability comes and goes in phases, switched on and off whenever i tell someone about it. it’s like that part of my brain gets really shy and goes into hiding when it’s mentioned.

sometimes it can be pretty powerful. there’ve been moments when a deja vu begins, i remember it from a dream, fast-forward through the memory to remember what happens, and i get ahead of present time, so i predict what’s in front of me by about one to three seconds. usually it’s snippets of conversation, or my hands moving to complete an action, or words i’m typing. (let me tell you, it’s so freaking bizarre when you’re consciously typing, thinking about what you’re typing, and simultaneously remembering typing it before, and knowing what you’re about to type despite not yet knowing. and then seeing it happen. i think a lot of people reading this would be like “what?” but i know there’s someone out there who knows exactly what i mean)

for a long time in my teenage years i told people i’d see coloured figures, like auras without physical people, just hanging around out there in the world, but due to health issues a lot of my teenage memories are gone, and the only memory i have of that stuff is the recollection of me telling people about it, and remembering it while telling people. it’s really weird. i sometimes think maybe i made that up?? but i don’t understand why i’d do that when i do actually see other things sometimes.

once, my family visited this old historic building, and i remember seeing a woman in a maid’s outfit duck through a doorway. but she wasn’t actually there. so. idk.

my great-grandmother (or great-great grandmother?) on my mother’s side used to sell love spells to the people in her Indian village. my mother told me about it when i was little. my [great] great grandmother would write a spell on parchment, and the client had to go home and burn it in their fire. and she would curse people, in exchange for payment. that’s all i know about that. but my grandmother (also on my mother’s side) used to have some kind of power, i never got to ask about it while she was still alive. (she was an awesome woman. one of the first women in her country and generation to go to university.)

personally, having been raised as a muslim, i always felt really disconnected from the culture and practices of the religion, even though i believe in the supernatural aspects of it right down to my core. that’s despite my ultimate acknowledgement of facts being deeply rooted in hard science. recently (like, in the past few months) i’ve started to rediscover my faith - directly following on from a quiet interest in the pinterest & instagram aesthetics of paganism and new age magic, which as a concept i was never really sure about. i just really liked how it looked. basically, it clicked in my brain that islamic prayers could, in essence, just be spells. you gotta take everything with a grain of salt. they might not work. but that’s the beauty of it.

a few weeks ago i stumbled across a prayer on tumblr, and read its intended purpose: “Allah will grant whoever recites this seven times in the morning or evening whatever he desires from this world or the next”.

and… i started to think, maybe the purpose is not to actually do that. nothing ought to be a get-out-of-jail-free/do-this-and-your-life-is-made type thing. maybe the purpose is to make you believe nothing can go wrong. and that every bad thing that happens–? it happens so that you can learn from it. and eventually, after many things change, you realise what you desire was not the thing you thought you desired. (idk how to explain that. an example from my life: i really wanted to be a veterinarian growing up. then i got sick, dropped out of school. and now i’m a writer. i want to be a writer more than i ever wanted to be a vet. i had to get sick and my life had to fall apart before i could discover that. writing was never something i’d have considered before.)

my point is, if you believe everything that happens to you will ultimately be a good thing, bad things don’t hurt so much.

and if you take something as a sign, it’s a sign. it’s just your own brain taking hints from the world around you and using them to conjure up a decision. if you wanna believe it’s magic, it is.

personally i like protection prayers/spells and just…generally positive ones. i say prayers for sick friends, people who i see on my tumblr dash who are having a bad time, and if i see or hear about disasters or worldwide events. i’m not expecting it to have a visible impact, but like.. what’s the harm? at the very least it makes me feel like i did something if i don’t have money to give, or i can’t be there with a friend, or the world is falling apart and i’m helpless. praying or saying a spell is just hoping, really, really hard. if some greater being is out there, listening? cool. (but what if god doesn’t wanna do anything? maybe it’s like my cupcake theory. god puts the ingredients in a baking tray, shoves it in the oven, forgets about it. the universe rises as a cupcake. god made it. but the universe is doing its own damn thing.)

regarding tarot cards: again, it’s self-reflection. you can believe answers come from outside influences, but it’s easily just as much about interpreting generic advice and making it mean something to you. but personally i’ve drawn random cards, and known that no other card in the deck would’ve been as relevant at that moment. i’ve used tarot cards to determine the endings for my stories, and coincidentally pulled cards that directly represent my title characters.

one time i was thinking about my fic “The Moonlighter and the Magician” and the card i pulled first was The Magician. and i was like gee thanks tarot cards that’s helpful. (but actually? it meant those cards were on the same wavelength as me. think about it. 78 cards, there’s a one in 78 chance i pull that one on my first try.)

apart from my wonky first-ever tarot readings with the Rider-Waite travel-size tarot deck (which belonged to my mother), i’ve never pulled anything that didn’t eventually make sense. i use The Wild Unknown cards now, i relate to them so much more. plus they’re mine, not borrowed or abandoned for years, which probably helps. (buying those cards was the most money i ever spent on anything. i don’t regret it.)

is any of this like the show ‘supernatural’? not really. the closest i can say my experiences have come to the show would be the episode “faith”. just, the whole episode. it doesn’t matter if it’s the real deal, so long as it works. and boy, does it work for me. and a lot of other people.

like i said, all the spirit-like entities i’ve encountered have been perfectly benign. no monsters, except things i’m pretty sure are nightmares.

but on that note, i take a lot of things to help me sleep. if i didn’t, i’d be waking up screaming night and day (i hit whistle register while screaming, once). i see faces in the dark and creatures in my bedroom, even when my eyes are closed and i’m awake. i sleep with a light on, and i prefer to sleep in the day. i cannot even deal with the presences in my room.

for that matter, my room is definitely the most presence-heavy room in the house. now, although it’s obviously just in a drafty area, i feel the cold spots. all. the. time. i’m feeling one right now as i type this. the door and window are both closed. the heater is always on. the draft comes from the same corner of the ceiling my cat stares at when she’s “staring into space”. there’s definitely something there, but it legit doesn’t bother me. it watches me get dressed sometimes, but it’s not weird about it. like i said, benign.

i feel energy everywhere i go. i can’t stay in my family’s open plan living room comfortably for more than a few minutes, because that room is filled with people and pets coming and going all freaking day, and even when it’s empty, it’s so LOUD. there’s vibrations and voices coming out of the walls, because the house absorbs it all. as a generally tired person, that room exhausts me. i can only stay there if i have social energy. (yes, even an empty room.)

i am so, so sensitive to people’s moods and the energy they let out (to the point where i burst out screaming if i see a negative microexpression during a personal conversation). i find phone calls very difficult, not just because of social anxiety, but because i can’t sense energy as easily as i want to, and is natural for me. skype calls aren’t the same as being there in person. a lot of this could also be autism-related, but nearly everything about me is autism-related, because i’m autistic. go figure.

one time, the day i had my first period, i passed out in a maths exam. all the other times in my life, i’ve seen black or maybe red when i passed out, but this time it was a striking cobalt blue. and i heard SO MANY VOICES, i thought the whole classroom was full of people shouting. my P.E. teacher was observing that exam, she carried me out of the room and lay me on the floor outside. i told her about the voices, she looked at me in confusion and said “there were no voices?? the whole room was silent for the exam.” obviously that was a weird day, but given the amount of times i’ve lost conciousness in my life, before and after that day, i know the warm muggy feeling of slipping away, and i guarantee that one was just a little bit not-normal.

my cat Wilson follows me everywhere. if you’ve ever seen a picture of a witch and her familiar, that’s me and Wilson. she leaves the house if i leave, and she’ll walk down the road beside me to make sure i stay safe. she only lets me leave completely if i go in a car, but even then, she tries to come too. i know what she says when she talks. she speaks in words for me. it translates naturally in my head without a thinking process.

there was this one time when i was about 15 my parents took me to an after-hours medical centre because apparently i was ~speaking in tongues~ or whatever. i don’t remember it, i remember ‘waking up’ with a doctor’s flashlight in my eyes, crying, then holding my sister’s hand as we looked at the fish in the fishtank afterwards. i can’t say how legit that is because i just.. don’t remember it.

one time as a kid, i am absolutely sure i was possessed for about 30 seconds. i was walking down the street on a balmy English afternoon, pine needles scattered underfoot, with my elderly grandmother (paternal), my grandfather, and my sister. i must’ve been 6 or 7? and a streak of evil just bolted through me. and i stuck out my foot and my grandmother fell flat on her face. my grandfather tried to help her up, a car driving by pulled up and asked if they needed help, grandfather said no, and got her back to her feet. i can’t remember if i felt remorse. i think i just knew instinctively that it wasn’t me who did it. but like.. i wasn’t just A Nice Kid, okay, i was The Nicest Kid. i just don’t do things like that. ever. especially not to a kind and generous grandmother who i love so very dearly. i never had before, and i never have since. that’s the single most evil thing i’ve ever done in my life and it came out of nowhere. being more aware now, i think it was a djinn (aka a demon in christian beliefs, i think). they’re known for being mischievous. (my grandmother was fine, by the way. this is the first time i’ve told anyone about this.) now i think about it, i remember cobalt blue behind my eyes then, too.

whoops, this is a really long post now. but uh… basically, i’ve just always been open to feeling these things, and believing in what i sense for myself, without subscribing to whether or not the science has been done yet. in fact, i think i’m open to it because i experienced the same stuff when i was young. the energy i feel is very much real to me, completely tangible. i’ve never been able to see auras, but i feel them on some people. i think just being open to feeling something makes it more likely to come to you. i try not to ignore my instincts (because they’re always right. always.) but i find it’s super hard to distinguish between anxiety (which i feel often) and magical ability (which is far less commonly felt). also sometimes the instinct is so faint it doesn’t even become a passing thought, just a blur of something i half-considered. but in hindsight i realise what it ought to have been, had i paid proper attention.

i can comfortably manage to go outside in bare feet, shut my eyes and let the moonlight do its thing. it has an immensely powerful energy, i always feel cleaner inside when i go back in. (my cat Wilson sometimes asks me to go outside with her when there’s a full moon. almost every night, especially on warm nights, but even freezing ones, we can just stand out there for an hour together. watching the moon set is transcendent. far more so than a sunset.)

right now, due to years of bad health, i have to force some natural abilities away (like the nightmares) because they’re too much for me to handle. i think as i recover, over time it’ll be easier for me to accept that stuff back into my life.

oh, one more thing, regarding my health - i have celiac disease, which has kept me essentially bedridden for the last 7+ years - WHICH BY THE WAY, my family spent literally 9 years trying to diagnose. my doctor kept doing an anaemia test, telling me there was nothing wrong with me and sending me back to school. i saw various specialists, herbalists, a naturopath, physiotherapists, cardiologists, had an MRI scan, saw family counsellors, school counsellors, a hypnotist, etc etc - basically consulted every medical professional under the sun when a simple blood test would’ve done it. stupid misogynistic doctor who thinks all teenage girls fake it to get out of school.

but one thing we did do was visit a psychic, who told me i had something called a candida. my dad, a sceptic and nonbeliever, googled it and said it was “some kind of magical thing in the gut”, and was therefore bullshit, so we continued the search for a diagnosis. years later - years - after a change of doctor (who i chose because i got a good vibe from her picture) we find out it’s celiac disease, a disease of the gut. of the hundreds of people we saw, the only ones to even pinpoint the right body part were the psychics. i googled candida just now and guess what? literally celiac disease. this woman diagnosed me with celiac disease by kneeling at my feet, holding my hand, and shutting her eyes for 30 seconds.

for the record, slightly off topic, i know very few men in real life, and this is what the men in my life have been. my doctor, dismissing me as a liar because i was a teenage girl. and my father, dismissing my declining health as “not trying hard enough”, even now, more than a year after i was diagnosed by a doctor. i think this is why i take refuge with male fictional characters. they’re better. i want them to be soft and understanding like the men i’ve never known.

anyway, this is the part of my life’s story i never really pieced together until right now. it’s a lot, more than i expected. i happily call myself a witch. most of my magic goes into my stories, and i think a lot of people who read them feel it, even if they translate it as passion or love or good vibes or something. the amazing comments i get would speak to that. i love the energy i get from comments, because it does come through in typed words, even if it’s much fainter than seeing people face-to-face. some comments just hit me with waves of goodness, even if the words themselves aren’t so powerful. so i really appreciate that stuff. it’s good stuff.

yep. that’s all. i hope this satisfies your curiosity, anon!!! <3

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hey, idk if you heard about this, but they've found a 'potential energy source for life' on enceladus and i immediately thought about your webcomic :D

I saw! How exciting :D

Anonymous said to alwayshumancomic:Good day/evening/morning, my name is Erik and I’m currently writing my bachelor thesis on utopian literature. First of all I need to ask for your consent since I want to base my thesis on Always Human. I will only be quoting lines from the work itself and it will in no way violate the copyright but I figured that asking would be better. Also due to the nature of my thesis I won’t bring anything up that hasn’t been brought up in the work but if I need clarification on something could I email you?

Hello Erik :) Gosh this feels slightly surreal, but go for it, thank you so much! I’m not sure this is something you need to ask permission for - surely it’s covered under fair use? - but here’s explicit permission to use written quotes from Always Human in your academic work.

Feel free to email me at stillwalkingnorth at gmail dot com if you have any questions. Also, when your thesis is finished I’d love to have a look, if you don’t mind :)

Anonymous said to alwayshumancomic:Hey, I was wondering if there was any specific way you draw hair? It always looks so nice and flow-y

Thank you! I like fluffy flowing hair, though I’m not sure how to answer this.

I tend to just… draw hair? Without thinking about it? I don’t know if there’s anything specific I do, but I will mull this over and if I can come up with anything helpful I will post it :)

More asks under the cut (sorry for letting so many build up)

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Oh J*lec shippers, why do you do the things you do? 

In principle, I’m not actively against many pairings within fandom in general. I’m a multishipper –always have been– and so although I usually have one main pairing for my favorite characters, sometimes I see the possibility of those characters being shipped with others. 

That being said, shipping that changes an already established LGB+ character sexuality is a no go (so, yeah, I’m against Cl*lec) and then I’ll never be a fan of pairings that have a direct power imbalance – the first example that comes to mind for that would be mentor/student types. I’m sure there are other types, but these are two examples I have off the top of my head. 

So yeah, I’m not against J*lec in principle – I mean Alec and Jace obviously have an amazing bond and I totally get why some people want to explore that in different ways. I’ve read some decent, unproblematic, J*lec – hell, I’ve daydreamed up J*lec storylines before. I’m not just using lip service when I say I get why people want to explore their relationship. 

What I am against is twofold – 1) J*lec shippers that ONLY ship Alec and Jace with each other and are really aggressive about it, to the point of insulting the other characters that Jace and Alec are involved with. While it wouldn’t surprise me that there are one or two J*lec shippers that are nasty about Clary usually the majority are really offensive about how they treat and/or talk about Magnus. To the point where they are being racist – and really, are these specific “fans” into J*lec because they think the Parabatai bond is oh so great or because they hate the idea of their white favorite with a PoC? 

And – 2) which –surprise!– also has to do with Magnus: I really, really, dislike the fanfics that basically use Magnus as a stepping stone to J*lec happening. The whole “Alec becomes interested in Magnus, Jace realizes he’s jealous and why, Alec drops Magnus like a hot potato because Jace finally started to pay the right type of attention to him.” – ugh!

Not only does that make Alec seem really shallow and mean to the point of ugliness, but Magnus is not there to be the bridge that creates J*lec – he’s his own character with his own feelings that deserve respect. 

Especially with the fanfics that are written within TV!canon and Magnus’ feelings have already been established as deep and true; then it gets really ugly in disregarding him, my gods. It’s literally canon that Magnus’ closed himself off emotionally for over a hundred years because of Camille, only to start to feel things for Alec. To just stomp all over that for a pairing where within canon Jace doesn’t return Alec’s feelings – and to do it deliberately within a fanfic – it’s appalling. 

AUs can be different. Either ones that are in canon and Alec and Magnus haven’t met and/or just don’t have feelings for each other or ones that are all!human or what have you – they don’t have to involve Magnus into Alec’s love life at all. So the ones that do but then have it end up being J*lec at the end anyways? Totally ridiculous. 

It almost makes me want to write a fanfic where Alec is totally in love with Jace, meets Magnus and goes all starry-eyed, Jace realizes he has feelings for Alec, Alec finds out about said feelings, BUT THEN – Alec decides to stay with Magnus because he’s already started to move on. I mean, I won’t –I struggle with writing stuff I’m actually enthusiastic for, thanks– but … almost. 

This has been brought to you by the influx of J*lec on Ao3 here lately – seriously, was there a fan week or something? I don’t follow any hardcore J*lec shippers on Tumblr, so …

Distance Makes The Heart Fonder

Nalu Love Fest Day 7

Prompt: Sexting

A/N: I’m so glad I get to participate in the love fest this year! This is my first nsfw post and I couldn’t be more nervous BUT I’m mostly happy with this so I hope I have sinned to your satisfaction. :)


Natsu flopped onto his bed with a heavy sigh. It had felt like years since he had seen his girlfriend although it had only been a day. They hadn’t been away from each other this long since they started dating a few months ago. It was unavoidable, though, since Lucy hadn’t been to visit her parents since the semester started. He was left all alone in his small apartment, grumbling into his bed sheets while he waited for her to come back.

“Only one more night alone then she’ll be back tomorrow.”

Just as soon as he was sure he was going to drown in his own self pity, his phone vibrated. His mood immediately lifted when he saw who had texted him.

“I miss you” it read. He smiled as he quickly flipped over onto his back and typed his reply.

“I miss you too, Luce.”

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I can't cosplay males to save my life, pls teach me your ways

omg ok let’s GO

so for those not in the know, i cosplay male and female characters, altho let’s be real, mostly male. for reference, here’s a pic of me as two fairly similar characters, one male, one female:

there’s three main things i personally think about when im doing male cosplay:

  1. body language
  2. makeup
  3. clothes & binder

first of all lemme just be clear: you do not HAVE to do any particular step here to do good male cosplay. these are just things i found to be useful. everyone is different, so take my advice with a grain of salt! :)

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Why I Don’t Watch The News Anymore

When you’re a being of empathy, hearing Yemen is on the verge of civil war, my knees bruised from the force of descending to the floor imagining sobbing at my husband’s grave

Then all fades to a commercial for “Cell Phones For Soldiers” who’s objective is to enable each and every soldier to stay in touch with loved ones, but I haven’t heard from my love in weeks… 

I think I’m psychic; I have Hungarian blood, DNA of a gypsy, ancestry of witches

I’m confident in my ability to know when something’s wrong - when something’s off

He’s the type of man who will do everything in his power to talk to me one last time, and our anniversary just pasted, and I haven’t received any sign to tell me he’s alive

Anytime I ask him where he is, what adventures he’s been on! He says it’s classified,

so I know he’s in a war zone (you can’t fool me, sweetheart)

There was a pre-deployment before this one, only a month long, and during the duration of him floating along and on watch, he wrote for me

I have a little green notebook on my bedside I read through every night - pages upon pages of him longing for me, telling me he loves me and misses me, telling me of his thoughts and dreams, and before dozing off this morning, I read of his nightmare

A nightmare of death and hatred, a nightmare starring me

Why are you out there all by your lonesome dreaming of me dying in your arms?

Maybe we’re just so desperate to hold one another, we wouldn’t mind the corpse smell so much…

But I would

Now I hear in the background, “ISIS targets US Military” posting a hit list quoting, “So that our brothers in America can deal with you”

And this is my nightmare in broad daylight

I can’t watch the news anymore because all I know is you’re somewhere in the Mediterranean , and there’s always something going on over there half a world away

And so I have a fish tank in my living room in which I watch every morning while eating my cereal rather than blood and bombings and murder because I’d rather be ignorant and believe you’re okay

I’ll see you when your ship hits the bay

Reality Is Finally Settling In

Okay, I’m back from my trip to Hawaii with Puff and there is so much I need to let off of my chest. This is definitely going to be a long post. Read it if you have the time, skim through it, or don’t read it at all. I just really need a safe place to vent.

Puff proposed the week before we left to Hawaii. At this point I was already having doubts about continuing this relationship because he is so insecure and I’m already exhausted from him projecting these insecurities onto me. I cannot handle clingy guys and he is the epitome of clinginess. The proposal was simple and private which I am totally thankful for. I did not want a big display of his love in the invent that my head took over for me and said “no.” I walked out of my house to see a puppy running around my driveway (I guess I’m a mom now? lol) and I immediately scooped her up before jumping into his car to admire her. My feet knocked against a bag that was sitting on the floor of the passenger side. I noticed two small boxes in it and my face lit up. I put on the the bigger of the two rings and said yes (I must be fucking crazy). Both rings are simple but stylish, sparkly, and nice enough to catch my own eye every time I wave around my hand. Apparently these two rings are just the beginning and there’s another ring waiting for me somewhere. Puff SUCKS at surprises and is always dropping hints about them. I can’t tell if it’s cute or annoying now, lol. I only wear the rings when we go out. I still haven’t broke the news to anybody because my doubts are too heavy to ignore.

We get to Hawaii and everything is okay and tons of fun until about the third day. He brings up how I never post any pictures or snapchats of us and it turns into the pettiest fight I have ever had. I was angry and annoyed because I barely post selfies so posting pictures of us seriously never crossed my mind and I know that it was just his insecurities bitting at him. I have never had an actual argument in any of my relationships so the fact that I was having one this dumb while in fucking Hawaii really pushed me over the edge and I got mean. Puff had no idea what he was doing when he decided to pick this fight with me. We manage to semi-settle it and move on. The next day he tries picking the same damn fight right before we board a shuttle to go on a tour. I told him that it wasn’t a good idea to bring things up right then and gave him the meanest look which shut him right up. We get home from the tour and he picks the fight again. Ruins another perfectly good day. I get mean again. He tells me that I’m being a bitch and I tell him it’s because he’s being insecure and annoying and he’s funny if he thinks we’re going to have this argument every day. Some how we settle things and I send him downstairs to have a drink alone at the bar because I was not going to sit there and act like I was happy with him. We bicker a little the rest of the trip but nothing major again.

During all of this craziness we somehow managed to go house shopping, lmao. We’re so dysfunctional, right? Or am I just irresponsible and insane? I had mentioned to him before this trip that I have always dreamed of living in Hawaii. After a few days he asks if I was serious and I tell him that I’m 110% serious. We had managed to connect, hang out, and party with a handful of locals which made me fall even more in love with the island. I’ve always dreamed of living the island life since my first visit years ago and I’ve never let go of the dream. California is as close as I thought I would ever get. I’ve just never pursued Hawaii because of financial reasons, of course. So he calls a realtor and the next day we’re walking through million dollar houses and I’m falling more in love (with the island, not him. lmao). We talk with the realtors on a regular basis and walk through houses basically right up until we have to leave for the airport to catch our flight back home. I agree on one house with a $4 million price tag and now that we’re back home Puff is dealing with the realtors and trying to make a deal. The idea currently on the table is that he would live there mostly full-time while he comes up with new business ventures on the island and I would come and go as I please while finishing up school here. I can’t tell if I’m finally living my dream or stepping into something totally insane. I am being cautious though and working out my own exit plan in the case that Puff totally pisses me off and I decide to not continue this relationship with him.

I can’t tell if I’m just scared of moving so fast so I’m coming up with all of these awful things about him in my head or if I’m really just getting tired of him. I’ve read back on my old posts about him and I’m trying to see where the taste I’ve had for him turned from sweet to sour. I’m telling myself to push through just a little longer because it’s already been a few months and I already have my puppy, not one but two rings, a multi-million house on an island, a trip to Europe in less than two weeks, and a car of my choice on the way (I just need to test drive my top picks and make my decision, ahhhhh!). Only the sugar gods know what I’ll have if I just suck it up and keep on going. I keep re-reading what I’ve just typed out and it all sounds so fake. Like, so fake that anybody would be happy to have all of this stuff being handed to them but I’m still here on the floor of my room pouting because it doesn’t feel as amazing as I thought it would.

There’s so much from before Hawaii and even during that I’m leaving out but I think this is enough for now and there’s going to be so much more coming soon. I hope all of the sugar babes and spoiled girlfriends out there in the bowl are getting what they deserve and remembering to have fun because I’m constantly being reminded of how emotionally exhausting this can be. Keeping my eyes on the prize is getting harder the closer I get to it. 


Thoughts on the Cassie Clare Lawsuit (a.k.a. Sharing Opinions is Scary)

I tend to believe the best in people. Historically, I have always been a giver of the benefit of the doubt. This situation is no different.

I want to start by saying I have pretty thoroughly done my research on @cassandraclare’s literary past, all the way back to the plagiarism controversy in her Harry Potter fanfiction writing days. I have looked at the “evidence” of accusations of her cyberbullying others. I read through the complaint and exhibits that have been released regarding the latest lawsuit that has been brought against Cassie by author Sherrilyn Kenyon. I say all of this not to give myself a huge pat on the back or anything, but because I feel it is important to have all of the available facts before formulating opinions.

There is a lot of pretty visceral hate toward Cassie stemming from her alleged plagiarism of her Harry Potter fanfiction back in the early 2000′s and her subsequent handling of the situation. Facfiction is a confusing and murky realm of literature that I have never personally delved into. The whole premise is predicated on piggybacking off of other writers’ characters and stories, so by nature it falls into some pretty gray areas when it comes to plagiarism. Where Cassie got into a sticky situation is that she used direct lines, excerpts, passages, etc. from other books/movie/tv shows in her work and may not have been as clear as she should have been in her citations. She was essentially “punished” for this by the primary fanfiction site removing her writing and account. She probably didn’t handle the entire situation perfectly, as none of us tend to do when we come under fire like that. Mistakes were made, there were consequences. It was what it was. Moving on.

For some people, this alone has been the reason they have clung to for hating Cassie for more than 10 years. For others, they claim that she has a past of “bullying” people who say things against her online. There are all kinds of stories ranging from her tracking down people’s phone numbers to call them and tell them to stop to trying to have someone kicked out of college. From what I have seen, the only substantiated rumor- that is, one that has documented proof- is that she has “bullied” people on Twitter. The evidence presented for that is screenshots of the conversations, which consisted of several people bombarding her with complaints and her responding in defense of her books and the way she chose to end them. She didn’t do it in a belittling or mean way. She did what all of us do when someone criticizes something that we hold important- got defensive. Should she have just ignored them and not engaged in the conversation in the first place? Maybe. There have been dozens of times where I have gotten hateful comments on one of my videos and type out a reply before I think better of it and ignore it. But a person can only take so much, especially when attacks get personal.

So as far as I can tell, these are the main reasons behind the group of people who dislike Cassie. Obviously there are people who just flat-out dislike her books, but the normal response to this is to just, like, not read them and move on with your life. What I find to be unbelievably sad is how many posts and comments I have seen from people that openly talk about how much they hate her and want her to fail. What a terrible way to be towards another person. I have plenty of people that I know personally or that are some type of celebrity that I don’t care for, but that doesn’t mean I wish them ill-will, and that CERTAINLY doesn’t mean that I feel the need to post in a public forum that I want horrible things to happen to them.

Which brings us to the present-day controversy, that author Sherrilyn Kenyon is currently suing Cassie for trademark infringement of her series, Dark-Hunters. One exhibit in particular shows a side-by-side comparison of characters and scenes in Dark-Hunters and The Mortal Instruments. Accusations range from both series having a psychic that lives next door and holds vital information for the main characters to both series having a character that is “tall and handsome.” But in a lot of instances, the descriptions of Cassie’s characters are just inaccurate, which doesn’t help the credibility of Kenyon’s case. 

There does seem to be some credence in the comparisons as a whole, but you have to take a broader look at the common tropes of literature in general. Even JK Rowling has had her Harry Potter series compared with Lord of the Rings (Gandolph = Dumbledore?). The fact of the matter is that no one is reinventing the wheel at this point. The story line of a young person finding out about a secret world and their special powers has been done time and time again. Additionally, many fantasy/sci-fi novels draw from the same folklore and mythology, thus adding to similarities you see between different series. Even further, many popular books (in addition to movies and tv shows) are re-tellings of fairytales and myths. This is the reason that general ideas can’t be copyrighted- if they could, millions of books would have never seen the light of day. It’s all about the the author’s interpretation of the story idea that inevitably has probably been done already. 

Take a look at other art forms. What if a painter said one day, “I have painted a purple daisy, and therefore no one else may paint a purple daisy lest they infringe on my idea?” If you put 1,000 people in a room together and told them to paint a purple daisy, no two paintings would look alike. What about music? If the first person to ever write a song about having their heart broken trademarked it so that no one else could use the same idea, music would have died years ago. But we don’t mind listening to song after song about heartbreak because each one has a unique way of conveying that concept.

People are inevitably going to be influenced by others when they create art, whether it’s visual art, music, or writing. You can’t just file away everything you read, see, or listen to into a compartment where it won’t have any bearing on your own creative work. I have gotten halfway through writing a song only to realize that the melody was the same as a song I had heard recently on the radio. It was totally unintentional- it was just rolling around in my subconscious and I didn’t immediately recognize it. There is a Latin quote, “nihil sub sole novum,” that translates to “there is nothing new under the sun.” You will always be able to find parallels in different works of art if you really set out to.

All of this is my long-winded way of saying I choose to support Cassie until something proves me wrong. She is the only one that knows the truth of what was in her head and heart when she created her books. And if there is e-mail proof that Cassie entered into an agreement that the term “Shadowhunter” would not be printed or used in associated with the TMI series marketing as Kenyon claims, it will come to light. But even in that circumstance, the fault wouldn’t lie with Cassie alone- the publishing company and whoever else handles that part of the business would also be culpable.

My experience with Cassie over the last three years is that she has been kind and supportive of me both as a fan and as a musician. She had no obligation to share “Warrior” with her fans, or to continue to retweet and reblog my subsequent songs based on her books. On the flip side, I suppose she could have had the opposite reaction because “Warrior,” like so many of my other songs, is openly based on a book. She could have told me that I was infringing on her trademark by saying in the YouTube video title that it was based on The Mortal Instruments. But she didn’t, because I truly think she values fan art and her fans.

I hope that you will neither blindly support nor blindly decry her. Rather, take the time to know the facts and only then make an informed opinion.And ultimately, let the justice system to the judging.

senorconejito replied to your photo:*walking up to get the picture taken* My…

pls tell the story!!


Since you asked

GeekyCon. Osric was leading a panel about guilty pleasures with Doctor Who writer, James Moran.

Now when I say panel I’m being generous because this was GeekyCon and therefore not real so it was just Osric and James standing on a tiny stage at the front of a room with maybe thirty people in it. They didn’t even have a table separating them from us, it was very intimate.

So this panel was basically just a discussion: how not to feel guilty about your guilty pleasure. After sharing some pleasures that they, James and Osric, have and not feel guilty about (Osric’s was literally pokemon Go, like Osric, are you kidding?), they, James and Osric, thought it would be fun to see what we, the audience, considered guilty pleasures.

James called it a little therapy session. “Tell us something you enjoy that you are so ashamed of you’ve literally never told anyone about it. And we will accept you and we can all heal.”

(This bars, of course, anything illegal or unsavory. Strictly media consumption type bullshit.)

So people talked about trash reality shows and Nickelback and weird food combinations. Just shit they’re embarrassed to like.

And I volunteered because I’m an asshole who likes to volunteer for shit.

I had a disclaimer. “I’m only calling this a guilty pleasure because of how much I shit on it before doing it. Like I made fun of it a lot and now I feel like a hypocrite because I’ve done it and kind of liked it.”

“What?” Osric asked, breathless with anticipation.

“Reading Drarry fanfic.”

Cackling. Groans. Nervous laughter. 

This is the audience, Osric has no idea what Drarry is.

“So it’s not fanfiction in general-”

“No, fanfiction is great! It’s just Draco/Harry I’m embarrassed about.”

Osric considered that. “Well I mean I never thought about that but that could be a cool dynamic. Enemies and-” He smirked. “What kind of stuff do they do? What are you into?”

I laughed, covering my face, and James Moran comes in with “Oh, see, there it is! Now she’s embarrassed!”

Well, I couldn’t have that.

Osric was still smirking at me, expectantly, so I said what everyone in the room was thinking.

“Well, Draco is obviously a power bottom.”

Uproar. Osric is bent in half, stumbling over to James Moran.

He leans on him, casually, still laughing. “Yeah, of course, right? Draco is obviously a power bottom.”

The room started to calm down until Osric said “I don’t even know what a power bottom is.”

And everyone in the room, all at once:


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How do I make people take the MBTI test without it being weird?Also, I can relate to everything you say and my mental image of you is incredibly attractive.- Male INTP

One word for you, fellow INTP: insinuation.

Here’s what I do:

  1. Casually mention a cool personality test you found that’s incredibly accurate.
  2. Mention that you read a description of your type and was mind-blown. “It’s so me! I didn’t even notice I do these things before!”
  3. Mention that you didn’t realize it’s such a popular test that is used in so many organizations and there’s such a huge community for each type online. “There are so many people who think the way I do, it’s awesome!”
  4. Start typing people around you out loud. “I bet you’re ESFP!”, “What you just said is so ENTP, only ENTPs would come up with theories like that!”. Better yet, do this with another friend who’s also into MBTI, and talk like only the two of you know the coolest thing in the world (I do this with my INFP friend).

By this time, they would have already asked you, “what’s this test? where can I take it?” (Note: There’s never a need for you to explicitly say “go take this test” during this process.)

Spread these steps out over days or weeks as you see fit. But from personal experience, people usually already fall for it after step 1 or 2 (the P’s are easier to persuade).

Disclaimer: Results may not be accurate and require further involvement. I have an ESFP friend who was convinced she was ENTP for about a month until I persuaded her to join an ENTP group and she couldn’t stand those heartless rational trolls haha.

ps. There’s a link to my youtube somewhere in the “creations” section where you can stalk my human form. Proceed at your own risk. Disappointment may or may not ensue.

Best friends or Couple Shoes?

Genre: Crush/Yoongi 

Word Count: 2245

Summary: After practice with Yoongi your best friend are having a understanding about couple or not. 

You sat patiently waiting on the couch for BTS to finish their practice. You would occasionally sing the songs, walk around in the back when your foot fell asleep, or help play the song that needed to be played.  Most people would be bored, but you…



Nothing could beat not seeing your best friend Yoongi at all.

You two were polar opposites, and yet somehow stuck together like glue when around each other. Ever since you were children you would be the one talking, and he would be the one listening. Then as his passion for music grew so did his sociability skills. You still stood by his side even when it felt as if he was too cool you.

When Yoongi finally got accepted to Big Hit his father company was moving to Japan. Luckily his and your parents were good friends and your parents promised to like after Yoongi in the city. With your go a head of course, since you were really active in school, even when Yoongi said you didn’t have to you said “I think it would be fun” with a smile on your face meaning every word of it. Your parents then moved from a nice house, to a nice apartment in the city.

All of this for Yoongi.

Your best friend Yoongi, but as time went on you both treated each other as more than just best friends. You and Yoongi would both do things together that couples would do together like hold hands and go on dinner dates. Both of you never said anything about it and honestly were comfortable with each other and the way things were. Well, at least that is what you thought.

Once the music stopped playing, and no shouts of “Again!”, you knew that practice was over. Yoongi walked to you for the first time with a smile on his face. “Sorry keeping you waiting.” He says chugging Gatorade down his throat. “Not a problem.” You smiled at him, and he returned one back.

For you two it felt like seconds but not according the people around. “Okay we get it; you guys are in love.” Jin says as everybody agrees disgusted as they left the dance room. “Come on lets, go get ice cream.” Yoongi gestured to the door ignoring them.

“Aren’t you tired?” you asked looking at him worried, since he practice was five hours long not including breaks.

“No, I feel great… lets go.” He says softly holding out his hand for yours. As you two leave the studio, you started talking about how school going for you. Since you were on break, you could now visit Yoongi late hours’ practice.

Which meant friendly moments like this with each other could happen without fans making a big issue about it.

During your walk, and somewhat just you talking, Yoongi couldn’t help but feel sad. Moments like this with you are great, but in his head he knew you deserve more. Yoongi looked down at your hands, and couldn’t help to think you should be holding somebody else’s hand. Somebody that could be there for you, somebody who can hold your hand anytime of the day.

Yoongi tried getting his mind off of your hands by looking at your shoes. You were wearing Converse, and then he looks down at his… Nike. Something that would surprise even his band mates was that he always wanted to wear couple stuff like shoes. It was probably cheesy, but Yoongi likes adorable things like that. Then he couldn’t help, but think that something you would also want in a relationship. All of a sudden his heart started to be overcome with jealousy.

Why is he jealous? Yes, maybe you were to pretty for your own sake, but that not like… he would ever lose you.

Then as if you were going to let go, he holds on to your hand harder.

“Yoongi?” you said trying to get his attention he looked backed at you confused.  “What.” He answered trying to collect your last sentence together.

“Your kind of holding my hand pretty tight.” You said putting your arms in his vision to see his knuckles all white. “I’m sorry Y/N!” he says letting go seeing his hand prints on yours.

You laughed, “Am I that boring? I know being silently cool is your thing, but I think you would at least listen.” You said jokingly shoving him playful taking in his hands again. Then you kept walking like nothing happen. Yoongi now couldn’t help but stare up at you.

Ow, how he wishes this moment could never end, but as the moment went it was gone. “We are here.”, you said letting go of his hand, as you went into the ice cream parlor. The one that was perfectly placed almost a few blocks to the studio, and was open late hours.

Yoongi goes in handing his credit card too, and knowing the drill you didn’t fight him. The usual fight was you telling him you had money, but it always ended with you getting lectured on how you need to save money. Saving yourself the trouble, you take the card, and he goes to sit down waiting in the back. Yoongi looked out the windows trying to come up what to say to you.

How could he tell his best friend, his first love, his crush to start enjoying life. You eventually joined him in the back, humming the song that was playing in the parlor. “What are you thinking too hard about?” You said reaching out running your finger in between his eyebrows were it wrinkles. “Nothing. Just really wanting that ice cream. I’m still pretty hot.” He says laughing fanning himself trying to change the conversation.

“…why don’t you take off your jacket.” You said pointing to him, and he looks down realizing he is wearing one. “Right.” He says now caught in his lie.

Then as you were about to ask him what’s wrong again, the waiter comes. It was not just any waiter it had to be the flower boy who knows you, “Y/N! What’s up.” The guy says putting down both of your ice creams in a cup on the table. “Nothing just visiting with a friend.” You said looking at Yoongi, but all Yoongi could think… “Friend.”

“Ow well see you in Chem. tomorrow bye!” the flower boy whose name tag read Brian. “Who’s Brian?” Yoongi says grabbing his spoon from the top of the ice cream scooping some into his mouth.

“He’s a friend from Chem. the one I was-,” but before you could finish Yoongi interrupted “Do you like him?” Yoongi saying out of nowhere.

“What?” and before you could ask him more of what he means he again interrupts you, “Maybe you should go on a date with him. You know date.” He says taking another scoop of his ice cream. You sat there in silent trying to collect your thoughts, even took a scoop before speaking again.

If you were going to fight with him, you at least wanted to taste your ice cream. “I’m not sure where this is all coming from. Do you have a problem Yoongi?” you asked looking down trying to figure out how he went from Mr. Silent to wanting to tell you everything on his mind.

“I think you should date somebody. It’s just that you are always waiting for me, and it makes me feel bad. I just don’t have time to be worrying about you.” He says with each words cutting you in half.

“I get it… you want me out of your life Yoongi. You could have just said that instead of trying to make me look desperate or stupid as if I wouldn’t understand. Fine if that’s what you want so be it.” You said finally looking up with tears in your eyes. Yoongi looked at you with no emotions in his face, but inside he was dying.

“I didn’t mean it like that…,”

“What did you mean then? Why do you want me to date Yoongi? Why now?” you asked not letting him answer. Yoongi wasn’t sure what to say to you.

Could he tell he liked you more than just a friend? That he wanted to make you his and didn’t want to ever share you. Could he let you worry about him all the time? Instead of answering you though he sat there in silent.

After a few seconds you got up from your chair and grabbed your ice cream wanting to dump it on him, but you knew if you did it would have caused a scene and Yoongi couldn’t afford a scandal. “Ha… even when I’m angry at him. I’m still looking out for him.” You thought as you left the parlor. You didn’t even make it to the end of the street when you felt somebody tugging your arm so hard you were staring at them dropping your ice cream on the ground.

Then you saw Yoongi now with tears going down his face, “Don’t go. Please. I need you. How can I survive without you?” he whispers trying to keep his self together.

You were in shock because you never seen Yoongi cry before. Yoongi was the silent type who never showed his feelings. You were probably the only person who could read him like a book. Now you didn’t have to read into what he’s feeling.

Then realized you were in a public place, so you took out one of your masks from your purse putting around his face and putting on his hoody just in case somebody tried taking a picture of him. Yoongi could only cry harder now, taking you into his arms, because even when you were angry at him you were still taking care of him.

“Y/N. Please I didn’t mean any of the words I meant. I just felt guilty that you were always by my side, and I can’t be in return. You deserve somebody who can be there for you, somebody you could hold hands with anytime of the day. Somebody that you could hold, kiss, and enjoy life with. Even wear those damn couple shirts, and shoes. You deserve those damn couple shoes.” He says as he is trying to hold on to you sniffing through words.

Then everything clicks.

Everything he’s been feeling since you were holding hands. Yes, Yoongi was your friend and nobody could replace him in that way. With all the memories you two shared, nobody could fill in those shoes. What Yoongi couldn’t be for you was a boyfriend. Being your boyfriend is what Yoongi wants be for you, but can’t. Yoongi’s right he can’t hold your hand in public, or scream to the sky that he’s yours. What he didn’t realize though is that you could live life without those things, all you could ever want is him.

“Yoongi are you saying all of this for my sake?” you said looking up at him which him being not too tall he wasn’t to far from your face.

“What do you mean?” he asked now trying to read you. “Have I ever once said said I wanted a boyfriend who I can walk in public? Maybe I could want something else.” you said trying throw as many hints as you start inching closer to his face.

“I-I don’t…know what you’re getting at.” He says turning away just in case you see him blushing even as he wearing a mask. You chuckle in response because he answered your question. Yoongi might not think he did, but knowing him for so long you could get your answer without him even knowing it.

“What I’m saying is I never ask for those things… how could you know what I want? I mean I already hold your hand and your band mates already see us as a couple. How many more blatant hints do you need Yoongi?” you said trying to look at his face, but he wouldn’t look at in the sake of seeing his face getting redder.

“What do you want?” he asked looking at you now.

“This.” You answered by pulling down his mask, your arms are around his neck, and your lips were on his. The kiss was sweet, and there tingling feeling that he never had on his lips. Then when he got back to earth he kissed you back holding you closer trying save this moment longer. This was something Yoongi knew he could never forget.

Once you pulled back from the kiss you smiled back at Yoongi letting go of him, and he unwraps his arms from you. You put back his mask taking in hands as you start walking. Once you look at him he was staring at you, and didn’t stop. “You know you owe me ice cream.”

“I know.” He answered as you look in front of you.

“You also owe me a pair of couple shoes.” You said as you press the walk button the streetlight, as you two head back to the apartments. “Jagi really!” he says with glee.

You were taken aback by his sudden happiness, also since he called you Jagi, “You thought about this a lot haven’t you Oppa?” you said and he nodded in response. You then lead the way dragging Yoongi as he was now distracted thinking of all the couple things he wants to buy for you to wear with each other.

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I can’t eat that?     5sos 4/4


Requested: Yes


‘ hi! can you do a 4/4 preference of you dating the boy and then finding out you’re vegan or vegetarian ‘

I hope you enjoy! I needed to research a little for this, and I sincerely apologize if something is inaccurate. Please let me know if so.



You got out of your car and walked up to the front door of Michael’s apartment. The two of you had just recently started dating and Michael asked you to come over to his place for dinner. He offered to pick you up but you had a long day at work. You had to bring extra clothes to work to change into because you knew you wouldn’t have enough time to go home after work.

You really liked Michael and wanted to give the two of you a chance, so you wanted to try and not cancel on him.

After a couple knocks, you heard footsteps approaching and you looked down at your outfit.


You felt the nerves of trying to impress somebody on the first date. Michael was quite laid back and was funny. You were really surprised when he asked if you wanted to go on a date. You didn’t seem like someone he would want to date.

You looked up when the door opened up and smiled shyly.

You could see Michael’s smile before anything else. He was beaming.

“Y/n, come in!”

You chuckled slightly and walked inside, tucking a strand of hair behind your ear.

You could smell something delicious cooking where he was leading you. You entered a doorway into his kitchen and your eyes slightly widened. There was a white table cloth on the dining table and candles and everything was already set. There was a salad already placed there.


He was walking over to the stove where a timer was going off. He opened it and pulled out a covered dish.

He went to put it on the table and set it down.

He had a blue button up shirt on with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows which complemented his dark blue hair perfectly.

Once everything was set, he looked up at you, a bit nervously you might add.

“Too much?”

He tried to search your eyes for a clue he went overboard.

You walked over to the table and smiled.

“Michael, it’s perfect.”

He looked up at you then and smiled. Before you sat down, he pulled out your chair and then walked over to his and sat down.

He uncovered the dish and you immediately bit your lip. You forgot to tell Michael you were a vegetarian. He cooked lasagna. And it looked like he spent a lot of time doing so.

“Is that homemade?”

He looked up at you with a grin.


You fidgeted with your hands under the table.

What were you going to do?

You decided to just play if off and eat salad and bread. Maybe he wouldn’t question it.

After a while of this, he could tell something was up when you hadn’t touched the lasagna.

“I promise I didn’t poison it, if that’s what you are worried about.”

He gave you a small smile.

“No, no, no. That’s not it, I’m just not very hungry.”

“Are you sure? I thought you said you hadn’t eaten since like noon.”

He had an adorable confused look on his face but you didn’t want to make him feel bad for cooking something you couldn’t eat.

“Yeah, I’m positive.”

In all honesty, you were really hungry. You made a note to make a sandwich when you got home.

When dinner was finished, you helped Michael wash the dishes and put the leftovers in the fridge.

“Do you want to stay and watch a movie?”

“Yes, that would be nice.”

You walk into the living room and once a movie is picked, the two of you sit by each other on the couch. He puts his arm around you, and you smile. You are glad he can’t see your face at the moment.

Once the movie starts, you feel your stomach growl but are glad that it isn’t super loud so Michael could hear.

About 10 minutes into the movie, your stomach growled louder and you could tell Michael is looking at you now. When you meet his gaze, his brows are furrowed in slightly.

“Are you hungry?”

You could feel the blush spread over your cheeks and you looked away.


He makes a move to get up.

“No, no, no. I’m fine, seriously.”

He gets up anyway and you follow him into the kitchen.

“I can heat up some lasagna or…”

He trails off as he looks in the fridge.

“I can’t have lasagna.”

He looks over at you with a questioning look on his face and looks back in the fridge.


“I’m a vegetarian.”

He closes the fridge and looks over at you. His eyebrows rose and he was genuinely surprised.

You thought of Zach, your last boyfriend. You remember how he always got angry with you for not eating meat and how that made everything harder for him. You didn’t realise what was harder. You cooked more than he did and you even made meat dishes for him.

When Michael didn’t respond, you got worried.

“It makes things more difficult. I’m sorry. I should probably be going, yeah?”

Before I could take a step to grab my coat, Michael grabbed your wrist lightly.

“It doesn’t make anything more difficult. I was just surprised.”

He offers a smile then.

“What about pizza? Can you eat like cheese or a vegetarian type pizza?”

You smile shyly at him and watch as his hand goes from your wrist to your hand and interlocks your fingers.

“That sounds lovely.”


Wow, this was longer than I expected! Thanks so much for reading and I really hope you enjoyed. This is only the first part to a 4 / 4. The other three will be in the next post. 

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150618 NYLON with Key (excerpts from interview)
  • Q: Do you like summer nights?
  • Key: I think anyone has longed to have picnics/outings on summer nights. I've started liking the outdoors a bit. I often bring out the dogs I'm raising, and it's nice being exposed to the refreshing wind. I also sit on the tables in front of convenience stores a lot of times.
  • Q: What if the passers-by notice you?
  • Key: I wear clothes that won't attract too much attention. Even if I wear masks and sunglasses and hats, if my clothes are those of "Key" image, then it would be noticeable. But if I wear jerseys and slippers, even if I'm not that reclusive, no one would notice. A few days ago we played in front of a convenience store, too.
  • Q: It's quite late at night right now. How did you spend your day today?
  • Key: I was packing my things.
  • Q: Like luggage?
  • Key: Whenever I go out, the things I have to prepare to bring are different every time so.. (while pointing at his bag which seems to be so full to the point of bursting) today, I only bought a little. I didn't bring a bento/lunchbox. Since I'm regulating my meals, instead of eating food that's bought, I'm more comfortable with eating food that I made. I pack my bento the day before, just before I go to sleep, then I prepare my snacks, and I also pack vitamins and ginseng.
  • Q: What do you do after packing your things?
  • Key: I take a shower, listen to music, sign stuff, then record. I sleep while traveling. Since I'm not the type who sleeps a lot, so when there's time left after I slept, I read my script. And then I come here to NYLON's photoshoot.
  • Q: Key always gives a lot of ideas during photoshoot, so what can we expect from you this time?
  • Key: I think about what to do during that time I'm doing it. Also, since it's part of the job to show (something), then I hope there wouldn't be repeats/overlaps. Since until now, I've shown a lot of boyish and manly images, so I'm considering something that will be related to our newly released album this time. An image of something sporty but not ordinary.
  • Q: What are you interested in/concerned with lately?
  • Key: Lately I haven't been buying clothes much. There are a lot of cute stuff but I don't have anything I want to buy. There are times when even I'm busy, I always make time to shop. Whether it's because I don't have time to go and survey things or I just don't have anything I want, I'm not sure. Or maybe instead of clothing, I'm concentrating more on what I do. Like, I'm more concerned in my appearance instead of the clothes I wear.
  • credit: @nikkirlia
A Recurring #BlackoutDay Problem and How I’m Going to Tackle It

As a co-creator, I love that #BlackoutDay trends. It’s an awesome thing when you see something you help create grow into something (almost) everyone likes. However, I am also an idealist. It doesn’t help that a project is successful, it has to be successful under the conditions I set forth in my mind. For it to be successful in one way but not in another is “dishonest success” to me.

Y’all might be wondering what am I talking about? Well… #BlackoutDay is a time when we celebrate ALL shades of Blackness. However, what we end up seeing are some shades of Blackness and some model ideas of beauty. 

Now, I can’t fix individual minds. People are going to reblog and praise what they find in the eyes of the beholder. But I can criticize one type of people… the media themselves.

I looked at articles and I’m seeing that while we had done a lot of good, there’s still a certain type that is being left out. If it annoys you, then you know it disturbs the hell out of me.

So, what can I personally do to reduce this and get everything back on track?

The upcoming site was not launched in time for Sept 6th a few reasons, but the main reason was tech problems. The last thing I want is an incomplete website to be highlighted, so I opted to keep the site on hold and will launch it during the “break”. However, here’s what I’m planning to do.

The masterpost will be broken up into easy to read pieces where we will educate the public on what BlackoutDay is, where it’s going and how to celebrate it to the fullest. 

I’m planning to implement a full “press/media” guide so they will not only have access to promo material but also how to cover BlackoutDay on their own sites. 

I’m hoping that by pushing myself to this that I can see an increased coverage of all types of Black people, not just the ones that are preferred. 

However, I have to be a realistic person as well. This is going to take some time before we can start to see #BlackoutDay become what I think it can be. So, if it doesn’t work the next #BlackoutDay, don’t be discourage. This is not a race, it’s a marathon. And I’m willing to put up a good fight.

So yeah… that’s what I’m doing. I hope when you read this, this is also what you’re doing. 

P.S. - Marissa and I are two separate people, so they didn’t authorize this post. However, Marissa and I share a common goal in mind, so I doubt they will disagree with what I’m saying. 

so it’s 7 am and my mom walks in my room and asks me about the message I sent her 3 hours ago…and I am like, what message mom? and this old-lady-who-has-been-smoking-for-the-past-59-years’ voice comes out of my mouth and I gasp and my mom literally takes a step back, turns the light on and puts a hand on her chest in pure confusion, as to see who is that raspy sounding person sleeping in my bed and she looked so shocked to see me there??? while I half asleep checked my phone and found a message I sent her at 4:32 am that reads only: “lasagna. Yes 2 lunc” and before I could give her a proper answer, my aunt sneezed so loud in the other room that my dog fell off the couch??? what is going on?????!!!! twilight zone type of shit

The depths of salt in my soul know no bounds apparently, even when I’m completely unconscious about it. This just happened:

I’m writing the order of service for next week and one of the hymns is labeled “Holy, Holy, Holy”. I finished typing it up, printed it out and showed it to the minister for approval.

She reads it over and then gives me this perplexed look before beginning to laugh her ass off.

I raised an eyebrow and asked what was so funny. She just pointed to what I had written for the hymn.

“Hymn #26: "Holy, Holy, Holy Shit”

She thinks the addition is an improvement and my stammering out my apologies and how I had unintentionally done it only made her laugh harder at it. I’m almost tempted to keep it in, just to see if anyone else notices.