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It’s really interesting to me that what is arguably Lance’s greatest strength is also his biggest source of insecurity. 

Like, this boy is so adaptable. You can throw him into space, into a war, into a new lion, and he’ll essentially shrug his shoulders and slot himself into place. What makes the kid a powerhouse is that you can put him in any circumstance and he’ll find out where he fits and pretty much be able to hold his own there. He can integrate himself into basically any group dynamic (see: rebel mermaids, Hunk + Lance + BoM, and Team Voltron after Shiro). What Lance brings to the table is an ability to do what’s needed, to fill roles that need filling, and to mesh with anyone. 

But, for someone who values standing out, that would be seen as a negative trait. Lance wants to carve out his own place in the group– it’s why he’s so attached to the idea of being the “sharpshooter” (though, that does appear to be a niche of his!!). To him, it seems like everyone else around him has this “thing” that makes them special and unique– and, since he doesn’t (or, at least, he thinks other people don’t think he does) he feels sort of average and unskilled by comparison. 

The creators have said before that Lance’s character is about “providing what’s needed at the time” and like. Exactly. His “thing” is that he can essentially take on any “thing” you need him to and do it at least decently. That’s what makes him unique, and I can’t wait to see him realize it.


“Really? The first occultation in a thousand years?”

Serious question

Should I make another blog specifically for Ninjago? Because judging by people’s asks I get. I don’t think some peeps r happy here with what I do.

HEY so i had originally planned this event to be the Egos And illustrator to be a Tiny Side thing but her completely taking the spotlight because you Guys kept asking her questions rlly boosted my confidence???? Like im rlly self concious about talking about ocs here especially illustrator Cuz Shes an ad on to already existing media so??? Thanks???? From the bottom of my heart????

I mean if that’s the argument y'all really want to use then? There are already tons of straight characters (Percy, annabeth, piper, hazel, frank, jason, Grover, leo, calypso, almost all of the background characters including the lesbian-coded ones like clarisse) so….why does Reyna have to be straight?

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y’all my mom today,  was all like ‘ughh you can never make a decision’ 

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asterism, chapter 1

The last thing he sees are the stars shining outside his window, and Sanha thinks to himself that maybe Hogwarts doesn’t have to feel so far from home; maybe it will actually begin to feel like home, a second home.

(aka an astro hogwarts au born out of me and @cigarettes-and-plastic-hearts talking about astro at hogwarts)

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I actually really love this :)

Okay since I can’t sleep, I’m going to work on my stories and hopefully I can get far. I want to post a story tomorrow but no promises. I don’t know if it’s cause of the show being on Hiatus but I just suck with stories right now.