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…anyway it’s 2017 why do non-black millenials still think it’s ok to use the n-word in any context whatsoever lmao

one of my favorite things in the world: having a scene build itself in my head because of a song i’m listening to

I’ve had like 0 free time but I wanted to give some proof that I’m trying to get some content out! Sketch under the cut :) Although I can’t promise it will be done any time soon (or…at all…tbh…)

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Rules: List 10 songs you’ve currently into and tag 10 people to do the same.

I was tagged by @woodstock-in-my-mind thanks Jaze!! <3 or Jazz hehe ;) 

this is basically the songs I always listen to (minus a couple of ones that I like atm) in no particular order

1. Jo Competeixo - Manel

2. Cast No Shadow - Oasis

3. El Seu Gran Hit - Els Amics De Les Arts

4. Romeo and Julietb- Dire Straits

5. It’s In His Kiss - Cher

6. I’ve Just Seen a Face - The Beatles

7. Magneto and Titanium Man - Wings

8. Sugar Magnolia - Grateful Dead

9. Enamorado de la Moda Juvenil - Radio Futura (most early 80s song to ever exist)

10. Malibu- Miley Cyrus (it’s a really summery song, ok??)

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I adore Homecoming so much and he’s such a pure good boy. Go and watch the movie. It’s amazing! I loved it from beginning to end. (2Redbubble


“Your hands are empty,” you note in a level tone, palms flat against the arms of your throne.

a piece for @callmearcturus‘s jam fic, chamomile, rose water, and other unlikely intoxicants, i tried to do a weird gif thing

companion jake piece probably coming up later, provided this art block doesn’t continue to ruin my life

I bet Keith’s life with his shack in the desert was Fun so here are some headcanons:

  • When he first moved in he spent a solid week just sleeping
  • *after waking up*: Time is an illusion and the world is fake
  • After he moved into his shack and gotten used to it he LOVED it, the Garrison and life in general was really stressing him and he liked being on his own
  • He spent most of his time in Big T-Shirts and Boxer Shorts because he’s hot and it’s comfy
  • As a kid his favorite movie was Cars
  • Now that he’s older it’s Big Hero 6, because Tadashi reminded him of Shiro but he couldn’t watch it after the first time because it hurt too much
  • He really likes plants and likes to see them grow 
  • He never intended on getting a mullet, he just got lazy and let his hair grow out, he liked it so
  • He loves cats and cats love him back and it’s the BEST
  • He gets REALLY excited when he discovers something new about the blue lion’s energy
  • I’m not kidding his eyes light up and he smiles and he gets very dorky about it
  • When he has laundry or dishes (or anything that requires him to Be An Adult) he groans and wishes there was someone else to do it but realizes he has nobody
  • He will literally take any other option for food that doesn’t involve actual cooking and/or work
  • Meaning he lived off of instant noodles and eggs
  • Sometimes he’ll just stop and think “should I really be living on my own and stay a dropout despite having skills?” but he ignores that and continues following the vague blue lion energy and the hope that everything will turn out okay
  • *goes into the cave*: *hums x-files theme*
  • Keith is actually?? a decent artist?? The carvings in the cave inspired the hell out of him
  • When he gets frustrated with his work or gets stumped he drives his bike out into the desert and it clears his head
  • Running too! He liked the feeling of being free
  • He just liked living alone dude

Have some unfinished doodles of some punk kids, looks like today I have nothing better to offer m(._.)m




Hello I hate myself for spending so much time on these but w/e