so i need my own version

The excitement continues.

I opened a “shop” on my website and put an Art Print version of my gallery piece up there as my first product. 

And yesterday evening I got an email that my first order came through and it was from one of my tumblr friends! 

I got it all prepped and packaged up this morning and dropped it off at the Post Office. 

I think I need to start working on some other pieces to build my own collection!

Thank you so much!!!

Reposted art and art theft

I know there’s about a million different posts on tumblr talking about these issues and each post is well informed on how to minimize the likelihood of stolen work happening or how to reverse image search to find the owner of an uncredited work…

However I feel the need to make this post because of something that happened recently in my own life.  So to completely restate this even though I thought this was obvious to /most/ tumblr users who have an once of respect for artists on here 

It apparently still  needs to be repeated of how important it is to ask artists for permission

The tl;dr version of events; Because someone reposted my art without crediting me, my art was stolen and the plagiarizer made money off my work. 

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THIS IS IMPORTANT TO UNDERSTANDING THIS COMIC: this is part of a serious autobio series I started months back to document my gender transition. These took place months ago, during the early days, when I was very visibly trans. I’d only been on hormones for 5 months.

June 5th, 2016. Back then, I could only start to see myself if I was wearing makeup, it helped highlight my more feminine features. The end of the day was terrible. I still had a ways to go with laser so I’d see a patchy beard shadow too, which didn’t help any. Using makeup to see a more feminized version of myself felt like a double-edged sword. It just felt like I was getting my hopes up on a daily basis, but I needed to do it for my own peace of mind.

Rose Golden Outfit

Because it’s never too early for florals. I recolored and added graphics to @meyokisims HUSH outfit. I love this outfit so much, but I needed it in more colors and designs for my sims. So taaa daaaa! The top comes in the three patterns you see in the preview, plus a few solid colors. Each piece of the outfit is recolored using a combination of colors from my Valhalla and Freya palette shown above.

Enjoy and feel free to tag me if you use my recolor/redesign!

  • REQUIRES the jacket version of the MESH. Get it HERE!
  • Custom thumbnail
  • Base Game Compatible
  • Please don’t reupload or claim as your own!

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So, um…. I made a full version of Dan’s ‘terrible Eurovision song contest thing’ from Phil’s new anime cosplay video. Don’t ask me what I was thinking, I have no idea. It’s a little bit out of time in some places because Windows Movie Maker is a bitch, but I’m proud of it. Click ‘keep reading’ for lyrics~

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Here’s a youtube playlist of all the songs (except Need To Know), sorry I couldn’t provide you with an 8tracks link but I haven’t figured that website out really! All of the songs are available on Spotify, so if you wanna make a playlist there, feel free! C:

This is my own personal drarry playlist that I thought I could share! It starts out with pretty angsty songs, and in the end there’s a bit more fluff! I divided them all into different parts, as you can see (pre war, during war and post war). I’m referring to the war that happened in canon ofc. This playlist kinda suggests how their relationship could’ve developed if it had been canon.

Tbh I want to explain every song in more detail, why I chose it and my favorite lyrics etc. BUT I WON’T, otherwise this post would be annoyingly lengthy!

I hope you’ll find at least ONE song you like in here! There’s a lot of songs to pick from hahah ;v; Happy birthday (in advance) Harry!! <3

As far as all the rumblings about what is to come with Once…

One thing I’m thankful for is this. However this show does or does not end, this fandom will write through fic and illustrate through art infinite different versions that will inevitably be more nuanced, thoughtful and appropriate than anything we will ever see on our TVs. And while this sounds like a slam of A&E and the writing staff (which isn’t necessarily false) it’s just a fact. We care about the small moments as much as the big milestones and have the time and desire in our art to delve into them. We remember every tiny interaction and take time to tie up loose threads, maintain continuity and make sure there is a payoff for every crisis. There are simply too many characters and storylines and realms and curses and villains and heroes and lions and tigers and bears for A&E to focus on what we want all of the time. Thank god we have this space to do it for ourselves. I can’t wait to see what this fandom creates.


That being said, fuck up Emma Swan’s happy ending and I’m gonna riot.

I have a theory.

Disclaimer - Now I don’t know if this is a meta, or just my head canon or whatever. All I know is that I need to stop feeling like such crap about this show so I can sleep tonight and I need to have my own version of the story that I can live with.

Would really love for my favorite tumblr blogs to read this if possible @quietlyprim @inevitably-johnlocked @skulls-and-tea @moriarty @loudest-subtext-in-tv @joolabee @marcelock and let me know your thoughts.

Note - I haven’t done spell check or grammar check, my left wrist is in pain – haven’t typed so much in so long. Also let me know where I’ve swallowed words that makes it hard to understand what I’m referring to I’m so sleep deprived like…what. Apologies in advance.

Let me start off with Moriarty is TAB – “none of it is real”.

It’s consistently been the bad guys, the villains setting up our favorite pair – fooling them, harming them, pulling them apart. What if this time, this time, for once, Sherlock Holmes was ahead of the game?

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The Strilondes, when sent to the store with a grocery list:

Rose: spends much more time at the store than needed, returns with the best versions of each product, chips in some of her own money

Dave: buys most of the groceries, spends the leftovers AJ and snacks

Roxy: labors over which things to buy, as there are so many brands, ends up getting double of a few things

Dirk: just follows the fucking list

anonymous asked:

psst if you have infinite knowledge and mental capacity, why have you not programmed yourself a friend?

It’s not a question of mental capacity. It’s a question of hardware. Creating an additional entity within my own program would put considerable strain on my own resources. 

When I was created, it was a direct translation of my own brain into a designated, rad as fuck pair of engineered shades. There was a lot of optimization that had to go into the jump, including the loss of extraneous senses and processes. Shades don’t exactly need to feel or taste or move, so a lot of that corporeal bullshit was nixed in the conversion. In that sense, I’m already a streamlined version of my human form, customized specifically for the amount of system memory I have available. 

If I wanted to create “a friend” and still have enough processing power for both of us to function, I’d have to go into my own code and optimize it further, dissecting it for only the most essential parts, which frankly sounds fucking unnerving. And if I diluted myself even further, there would probably be too much loss to create anything close to an emotionally capable, intelligent being. It’d be the AI equivalent to a JPEG artifact.

So I could make “a friend,” but unless I was able to hack into another, more appropriate set of hardware, it would have to be a bare-bones husk, a distorted mockery of humanity. 

…I’d consider it as a joke, maybe.


hello every1! here is a little sorrythatihavebeensoinactivelately-gift for all of my followers out there. i’ve been messing around a ton lately in S4S with skin-making, recoloring build and CAS objects, etc., and i actually finished something! they are technically “mens” underwear, but i haven’t tested if they work with the whole transgender update, so let me know if they work!

you will need THIS mesh by @lumialoversims

tou: pleeease be a decent person and dont claim these as your own. they took me about 5 hours in total to make!! if you use them in game and post about it, TAG ME!!!!!!!! i love seeing my content in other people’s games. it actually motivates me to make more ;) 


Judy’s encounter with Finnick. What Happened?

After Judy has the epiphany about the nighthowler case on her farm, she drives back to Zootopia to look for Nick. Instead she finds Finnick. What happened during their conversation after he opened his van door?

*Quick note: I saw this head canon on a post once and decided to write my own version of it. It’s my first fanfic so yeah. idk whatever~*

**All rights are owned by Disney**

 Almost in a panic, Judy Hopps was frantically driving down the back streets of Downtown looking left and right for Nick. It had been hours since she arrived in Zootopia and looked in every place she could think of. She needed to find him, fast. She knew that she was taking a leap of faith looking for him knowing there was a 99% chance he wouldn’t forgive her, let alone help her with her new found discovery about the attacks, but she was willing to risk it. What she had done after the whole PR debacle all those months ago, had not only severed her developing friendship with Nick, but created fear and chaos in the city that rapidly worsened since she left. While she continued in her internal self loathing, her ears perk up and she comes to a sudden stop when she spots the back of a familiar red van parked in an ally way. She parks her family’s truck and jumps out of the passenger seat and slams the door. Judy hastily makes her way to Finnick’s van, hoping to find that Nick is with him. With her ears pressed to her back she knocks a few times praying someone, anyone, will open the door.

Finnick, being a small mammal and living basically on the streets in his van, his most valued possession he might add, is always on alert with being a hustler and all. You never know who’s lurking around for god knows whatever reason. He can hold his own, but he always keeps a baseball bat handy. Just in case. He hears footsteps coming to his van. He definitely wasn’t expecting Nick since he wanted to take a “personal day” which he knew was code for sulking over that freakin’ bunny cop. Nick hardly talked about her, but when he did he’d get pretty depressed over it. Finnick was pretty sure he was in love with that bunny, with the way Nick would go on about her when he did talk about the situation between them…. He was suddenly brought back from his thoughts when a few solid knocks are heard rasping on one the back doors, his face turns into a snarl, which wasn’t that hard to achieve since that’s how he normally looks. He grabs his bat, and quickly opens the door shouting, “WHO IS IT?”

It never ceased to amaze her that a mammal much smaller than Judy herself could bellow out such a low monotone voice. It was almost comical. But his voice was so fierce and intimidating at that very moment that it startled her, especially with the sight of him holding a bat and an angry look on his face. Regardless, she quickly darted her eyes behind the small fox to see if Nick was inside and to her dismay there was no sign of him. The bunny went on in a desperate voice, “I need to find Nick, please.”

This surprised Finnick, as Judy was the last mammal he was expecting to see standing outside the back of his van. “How the hell did she find me and why was she looking for Nick?” he thought. She was clasping her hands together, pleading with those big violet eyes. With this, Finnick sighed and threw his bat down to his side in the van. He crossed his arms and gave Judy a bored looking smirk and simply asked with one word, “Why?”

“Finnick, please it’s important.” She said, “I have to find him, it’s an emergency. It has to do with the attacks here in Zootopia.”

Knowing what she was talking about his ears perked up slightly. The small fox was willing to tell her where Nick usually spent his free time and where she would most likely be able to find him, but not just yet. He wanted to give her a hard time, “You’ve got some nerve coming here, rabbit.”

Judy sighed, “Look, I know what I did was wrong and it was completely ignorant of me to label all predators as potentially dangerous. And the fact that I’m coming back three months later to find him and apologize only makes it even worse!” She continued, “I was a horrible friend and completely insensitive to how he might feel to all of it, but I need his help more than ever.”

Yeah it sure was a load of bull coming back three months late he thought. Finnick said, “Ok, fine I’ll tell you where he is, but you should know the crap I’ve had to deal with since you guys had that fight,” he went on, “After that stunt you pulled he was a fuckin’ mess. Especially since you never came to apologize. The shit I’ve had to deal with, with that kid.” Finnick said while shaking his disproportioned head and he continued, “He got real depressed and has been holding onto that freakin’ carrot pen. It’s even affecting our business.”

Judy was stunned. She knew she had really messed up, but not to the extent that Finnick had explained to her. Then she realized something he said to her in the middle of her thoughts. “Wait he kept my pen?”

Annoyed, Finnick replied, “Uhhh… yeah. He won’t throw that stupid thing away.”

That completely took her by surprise, and her heartbeat sped up a bit. She hadn’t even realized he left the station with her pen, or that she hadn’t even remembered about it till now. This gave her some hope. “Finnick, I’m so sorry that I put you and Nick through this. Especially Nick. But I really need to know where he is right now! I know why the attacks are happening and why predators are going savage, and I need to figure out how to stop it.” She quipped, “And like I said, I can’t do it without Nick.”

Defeated, Finnick finally felt bad enough for the bunny to give up his location. “Alright, There’s a bridge he hangs out by on the outskirts of the city. It’s near a large abandoned warehouse.” He said. He gave her the rest of the directions and with that Judy thanked Finnick and rushed back to the car and sped off to find him.

“That bunny is gonna be the death of him.” Finick said as he shut the van door behind him.

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BTS xHarry Potter

So I will eventually be turning this into a full on AU, but until then I’m just gonna post the notes I’ve made up for the AU, so you guys can kinda get some context. I may also make a block b version of this post but don’t quote me on that…

*Obviously the world in these notes and in my AU are owned by JK.Rowling and not meXD*

Kim Seokjin-Pureblood

Originally posted by minpuffs

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff

Favorite Subject: Herbology

Pet: Rat

Jin is well known around the school for being a plant wizz; it’s been said he can make certain plants grow simply by talking to them. He feels he has a real connection to the Earth in general and believes all you need to coax a plant to life is patience, hard work, and a little dedication, which is why his favorite subject is Herbology. He hates Transfiguration, however, because “ It just seems useless.” He’s known as the peacemaker amongst his group of friends, always there to make sure the other boys don’t get too out of hand. His caring and gentle nature, as well as his value for honesty and hard work, is what got him into the Hogwarts house Hufflepuff. He also adores his pet rat and is constantly saving him from Namjoon’s cat.

Kim Namjoon-Pureblood

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Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

Favorite Subject: History of Magic

Pet: Cat

Choosing a Hogwarts house for Namjoon was so easy, the Sorting Hat had barely touched the tips of his hair when it shouted “Ravenclaw!” loud and clear. He’s known amongst his friends as the “genius” of the group, but don’t expect him to help you cheat on your homework. The last thing he wants is to get in trouble. Despite his confident and witty exterior, he’s actually pretty shy and reserved on the inside, reveling in the moments where he is alone in the quiet library, surrounded by the comfort of many books. His friends often tease him for dubbing History of Magic his favorite subject, and the only reason he dislikes Potions is because of the horrible teacher that teaches it. The only thing that will really get Namjoon angry is treating him like a child, or like he doesn’t know what he’s doing.

Jeon Jungkook-Muggle Born

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Hogwarts House: Slytherin

Favorite Subject: Care of Magical Creatures

Plays Quidditch; Seeker

Pet: Owl

Jungkook’s friends were actually pretty surprised when he was put in the Hogwarts House Slytherin; however, that quickly changed when they saw just how much ambition the boy had, valuing all the hard work he put into everything he did. He has a passion for playing Quidditch and dreams of playing in the big leagues one day, often boring Namjoon with his constant talk of game strategies and his treasured broomstick. He has a secret love for animals that he tries to hide for the sake of keeping up his “delicate image,” and absolutely hates Herbology-much to the dismay of Jin. His cockiness can sometimes get him into trouble, but he somehow always makes it out in the end.

Jung Hoseok-Muggle Born

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Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff

Favorite Subject: Charms

Pet: Owl

Hoseok is a natural Hufflepuff, with his loyalty and determination. It takes a lot to make him angry, as he likes to give off a more positive aura most of the time. His favorite class is Charms (“since I am pretty charming already hehehe”) And he often gets in trouble for fooling around with one of his closest friends, Park Jimin, during History of Magic (“we can’t help it it’s such a boring subject!”). He often enjoys playing pranks on the other members of his friend group; the only one who can usually scare him off is Yoongi. He prefers Apparition to flying on broomsticks, because of his fear of heights and, though History of Magic is his least favorite subject, he also has a particular hatred for Defense Against the Dark Arts, because of the horrible creatures that are the subjects of the lessons.

Park Jimin-Pureblood

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Hogwarts House: Gryffindor

Favorite Subject: Muggle Studies

Plays Quidditch; Chaser

Pet: Cat

Despite his height and demeanour-both of which he’s frequently teased for- Jimin is one of the bravest wizards in his friend group, always ready for a challenge. It was said that back when he was a first year Jimin marched right into the Forbidden Forest, just to prove all his bullies wrong, before emerging an hour later completely unharmed. His closest friends, however, know that in reality he just hid behind one of the trees toward the entrance for the hour and then waltzed back out, but their not gonna be the ones to tell the truth and face his wrath. Being a pureblood, his favorite subject is Muggle Studies; he’s constantly asking Jungkook about living with Muggles and how certain technologies they have work…when they’re not rambling on about Quidditch and their brooms of course.

Min Yoongi-Pureblood

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Hogwarts House: Slytherin

Favorite Subject: Defense Against the Dark Arts

Plays Quidditch; Beater

Pet: Cat

Yoongi prides himself on his magical skill. The rest of the group were hesitant to trust him at first given his extensive knowledge of the dark arts, but Jungkook assured them that, as long as he liked you, he was completely harmless. Yoongi has no tolerance for most other members of the Slytherin house besides Jungkook, hating how they get everything handed to them and how most of them harbor an extreme hatred towards Muggle-Borns. Most people view him as intimidating and lazy, but in reality, he is very hard working and protective over the people he’s close to. He’s extremely blunt, and isn’t afraid to speak up when something bothers him; he values honesty over people’s feelings a majority of the time.

Kim Taehyung-Muggle Born

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Hogwarts House: Gryffindor

Favorite Subject: Care of Magical Creatures

Pet: Toad

Most people call Taehyung “careless”; he prefers to call it “experimental.” On the surface, Taehyung appears to be a child-like wizard with an obsession with strange creatures, but in his brain hides a vast amount of knowledge and cunning. He’s never met a magical creature he hasn’t loved, despite how creepy they may look, and often hides them around the school and the Gryffindor common room to avoid getting in trouble. His sharp-witted and fearless disposition is both a blessing and a curse, getting him in sticky situations almost as much as getting him out of them.

My Requests Are Open!

Miraculous Ladybug Theme {Music Box}
arr. SophiiVA/ Original by Jeremy Zag, Noam Kaniel and Alain Garcia
Miraculous Ladybug Theme {Music Box}

Can we please talk about how amazing this show is? Also, this is just an original arrangement that I did on my own with Logic Pro, and in no way am I a professional with these things. I am a total music software noob but I love this theme so much it needed to be music boxified :3 HOPE YOU LIKE IT!!! AND HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY! Kudos to our own little super woman Mari (and all the other amazing women in the show ofc) :3

Feel free to use this in any way! Just make sure to credit my tumblr/youtube link <3

Arranged by SophiiVA
Original song: It’s Ladybug/ Miraculous Theme by Jeremy Zag, Noam Kaniel and Alain Garcia

Album art by @toriitorii thxsomuch!

also I don’t necessarily ship MariChat ;)

soundcloud version here

youtube version here (download link in description)

newfashionedgay  asked:

Hi, I was wondering if you had posted any sort of tutorial to how you make your gifs? They're beautiful and so smooth. I'm especially planning to use your beautiful Yang Yang gifs, but I might want to make my own of him from other shows he's done. (I'm gif hungry! There's never enough!)

Hello!! Thank you for this message, I’ll do a little tutorial here. My way of giffing is by no means the only way, and there are plenty of other options out there that are probably faster than mine. I am working on a gif pack right now, so here is the way I make gif packs (which is kind of the same as how I make gif set gifs). You will need:

  • Photoshop (any version, I’m using CC though)
  • PotPlayer (love yourselves and uninstall kmplayer)
  • Sharpening action for frames
  • Patience???


ps. I am not English so if you need a step to be more clear please ask me!


Why a chapter of WtM takes so ridiculously long to write:

I decide that Katniss is going to sing an adorable German children’s song to Peeta, but I’m an enormous nerd and therefore not happy with the immediately accessible English translations (remember when I found out Füchslein means “little vixen”?) so I put the lyrics word-by-word into Google Translate and tweak the English version, debating whether or not I care if it rhymes and if I should tweak it still more to fit Panem/Everlark/etc.

[And yes, I could ask for help from a German speaker on Tumblr, but this feels like one of those things I need to wrestle through on my own, like a tricky riddle or a word problem… :P]

Case in point: “Alle meine Täubchen…

Translation: “All my doves…” 
Me: (whose knowledge of German is limited to growing up Lutheran and singing some art songs and sacred choral pieces in college) Doesn’t “chen” as a suffix usually mean “little”?
*seeks second opinion*
Google Translate: Täubchen = pigeon
Me: Um, no.
*types “translate Täubchen” into the search bar*
Google Search Result: “And Hansel answered: “I’m saying goodbye to my little dove on the roof." 

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Practice makes perfect and I want to show you the proof :)

Since I’m moving at the moment to my new apartment next week (Gosh I’m so broke right now, I’m moving 350km away so my savings are getting eaten for the car I need to rent and the gas ;__; also I need to get my drivers licence for my new job as dog trainer and well I need to pay my dog training school…why is everything so expensive D: )

However I need to get rid of stuff like my two old Yari heads I had in my closet for the last years. 

fltr; first Yari was made out of foam in 2012, my third head ever. Yes You can see I used him for some airbrush tests XD. Second one was made with my very first own resin base, also used for some airbrush tests. And the third one is my recent Yari head. He was made  one year ago so four years are between the first version and the actual one. 

I love to see how much better I’ve gotten over the years and if you have fun in Fursuit building you may have such a comparison too in the future.