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Help (i need someone)

This was supposed to be a few paragraphs of “i had a thought” so of course it ended up over 1k. Oops?

I might write this eventually, i sort of wrote this already, but it’s not!fic style, I’ll be expanding it in the next few days, but if you get inspired, feel free to run with it, just tag me please!

So, you know how animals will occasionally seek help from humans? Like, a momma cat whose kittens are stuck in a drain pipe, or a raccoon who gets its paw trapped in a pop can, etc?

Think feral Derek who gets injured (either just after the fire he goes full shift feral or after finding Laura, or a random thing whatever, just he’s a wolf and has been for sometime now) and he gets injured. Caught in a trap or maybe he finds an injured thing, or maybe he’s stuck in a plastic ring thing that someone left behind from a picnic and he’s kind of forgotten how to be human, so he needs a hand, and so he howls for help.

Stiles has been hearing a wolf howling for weeks now, but when he mentions it is just met with “There are no wolves in California” but, you know our curious boy is not going to give up. So he’s been walking through the preserve investigating. He’s pretty sure he’s narrowed down where the wolf is living now, so when he hears a particularly urgent sounding howl, he’s in his Jeep and on the road before the sound is even finished echoing.

When he gets close to where he wants to turn into the preserve he sees a huge, black wolf, limping (or trying to get his attention, depending on whether Derek is injured, stuck, or being a good boy, er, Samaritan…).

So Stiles stops the car abruptly and, unthinking, leaps out of the car and runs toward the animal, practically skidding to a stop as he drops down in front of it, asking “What’s wrong, big guy, huh?” And Derek. Derek is momentarily stunned because this human just all but launched himself at him and that’s… not normal? Also, he smells really good (and familiar, definitely the human that’s been walking through the woods on the edges of his territory) and his hands that are absently petting Derek’s fur and checking for injuries feel really nice, and it’s all kind of jumbled in his head because he’s been running mostly on instinct for a while, and what he really wants to do is push his nose into the human’s neck and scent him and then push him over onto the ground and curl up around him.

But. He had a reason for venturing out of the relative safety of the woods. He needed help.

So he manages to communicate to the boy whatever it is that he needs, and Stiles obliges (i don’t know what’s cuter, some ridiculous litter caught around him or him leading Stiles to some trapped kittens) and then Stiles convinces the big wolf to get in his car (not that it takes much, Derek really wants to go with him) and takes him home, gets him clean and dry, figures out how to explain it to his dad…

Stiles finds the wolf curled up around his pillow (you can’t blame Derek, it smelled so good, okay) and after unsuccessfully trying to convince him to move to the end of the bed, gives up and lies down next to him with a grumbled “listen dude, i know you understand me, you did everything else i asked you to do, even let me give you a bath, which even dogs don’t do calmly. You’re not a normal wolf, buddy” to which Derek replies with a huff and a nuzzle at Stiles’ hand demanding to be pet as he apologizes. As Stiles scratches Derek’s head lightly, the truth of what he said hits him: this is not a normal wolf.

As he falls asleep, he’s already thinking about what to research in the morning.

He convinces his dad he’s fostering the wolf-dog for Dr Deaton, Scott’s boss at the vet clinic, and John quickly grows to enjoy the giant “dog” he even encourages him to sit with him while he reads over case files and half watches the game. As the days pass and he spends more time with the incredibly obedient wolf, who responds and reacts more like a human than an animal, and he does more and more digging into lore and local history, he starts to think he’s got it figured out.

They’ve been arguing about names, because Stiles needs something to call him. So far, the wolf has grouched about all nicknames (dude gets an especially emphatic unhappy sound) and done a decent canine version of an eye roll at a series of popular dog names. After a couple weeks, Stiles sits down in front of the wolf and pets him, holds his face with both hands and scritches behind his ears.

“Hey pal. I think I’ve figured out what to call you, but i need you to promise you won’t get mad like when i suggested Balto,okay? And i need you to promise you won’t like, run away or rip my throat out with those impressively big teeth of yours, yeah?”

Derek tilts his head in the best unimpressed agreement he can muster as a wolf (and he’s been having a hard time staying as a wolf lately, he wants to know what Stiles’ hands he’ll like on his skin and talk to John about baseball. He’s starting to remember what being human feels like. He’s even woken up half shifted a few times, human arms wrapped around Stiles and the beat of his heart under his fingertips, a growing ache in his chest).

“I think,” Stiles sighs and bumps his forehead against Derek’s. “I think i should be calling you Derek.” Stiles holds his breath and Derek freezes then tries to pull away, shaking his head as he feels the wolf falling away. “Derek, please, please stay calm, it’s okay. I know what happened, i get it. Please. ”

And Stiles’ hands are splayed and there’s no stutter in his heart beat, and his voice is quiet and pleading, so Derek stops fighting, stops holding onto the wolf, lets the shift fall away until it’s just him, kneeling uncertainly on Stiles’ bedroom floor. He takes a deep breath before he can meet Stiles’ eyes, when he does they both gasp a little, each struck by the beauty of the other, and Stiles in awe at the transformation he’s witnessed: the confirmation of the supernatural overwhelming, but not as overwhelming as the man crouched in front of him.

As a wolf, Derek had become a best friend of sorts; a faithful companion and confidant, even as Stiles began to suspect his true nature, he still felt safe telling him all his secrets.

After a long moment staring at each other, a grin spreads across Stiles’ face. “Hi.”

Derek swallows hard and manages a rough sounding “Hi” his vocal chords no longer accustomed to the shape of words.

Eventually, after looking at each other with soft smiles, Stiles momentarily holding in a million questions, Derek growing used to the way his body and his mind feel when he’s human, they get up. Stiles moves close and reaches a hand up to feel Derek’s face, repeating a soft “Hi” around an even softer grin, Derek leans into the touch and it’s easy to drift together to the bed. Stiles gets Derek some pyjama pants and tries not to look as he changes before sitting beside him, their hands lacing together easily as they talk for hours, falling asleep briefly until the sound of John’s car wakes them.

Stiles tells his dad the dog had to go back to Deaton and they both mourn his loss, John starts talking about getting a new dog. After a couple days of hiding Derek, Stiles introduces him to the Sheriff as a human. They get along even better than before, much to everyone’s relief. (They probably spin a story about Derek’s apartment flooding or something a few days later to get John to offer the spare room, because hiding a full grown man is hard, and Derek isn’t ready to be a person around other people yet. When Stiles has visitors he hides)

It takes time, but Derek grows comfortable in his skin again, and after they’ve known each other many months as people, they go from being Derek and Stiles to DerekandStiles and it’s as easy as it ever was for them to curl around each other, whisper secrets and fall asleep to rhythm of one another’s heartbeat.

Sourdough Bread Starter

Since a lot of people were interested in my sourdough bread shenanigans, I thought I would teach you guys how to make your own starter. It’s going to take a few days to get going, and I still need more in the works pictures before the actual post, so I’m giving you this info now.

Why do I need a starter? I have powdered yeast at home.

Because that is the difference that makes sourdough bread unique! The yeast granules you get at the store were developed more military use in WWII, for rations for the soldiers, then sometime in the 1970s is when instant yeast was discovered. These yeasts work very, very quickly in comparison to wild yeast, which is why so many people prefer them now. The downside to this is, the yeast doesn’t get a chance to break down the grains as well, which means you aren’t getting all of the nutrients, and if you’re like me you can have a hard time digesting wheat. If you think you might be gluten intolerant because bread and wheat products are tough on your digestive system, it may be the wheat itself and sourdough might work for you. Just another possibility for you to look into. :)

Wild yeast takes several hours to rise, so making bread is an all day event. That being said, it’s more like, you do something, then leave it alone for 3 hours. Flip it a few times every 30 minutes for 3 hours, then let it sit for 4 more hours. That sort of stuff. This also means no hard kneading, since the gluten has time to develop on its own during the rise. (As a spoonie I cried of joy.) The fermentation from the yeast’s waste is what gives the bread the sour taste, and lets the grain develop all sorts of deep flavors.

Now that you know why, let’s get to how!

You’ll need

-a glass jar,
-some flour (I use unbleached all purpose and whole wheat, there’s others you can use, but all purpose is the least finicky) 
-distilled water (you can use your tap, but if it’s having trouble switch, sometimes there’s minerals in water that mess with the yeast).

Do not use any metal utensils on the yeast until it’s started up. Wood or plastic only. After it’s strong the metal won’t be a problem.

Day 1

In your jar, mix together 4 ounces in weight of both water and flour. This comes out to about ¾ cup all purpose flour, and ½ cup of water. It doesn’t have to be exact. What you are going for is like a thickish pancake batter. If you’re using a whole grain you’ll need to use a closer ration of flour/water since it absorbs more. Depending on the humidity of your kitchen, you could need to adjust as well. My advice is you add a little bit of flour at a time, instead of dumping it all in at once. Cover loosely, enough to keep dust & bugs out but open enough for it to breathe. A flour sack towel is good, or you can use one of those sandwich bags over the top of the jar. Store somewhere with a consistent temp between 60-78 ish Fahrenheit. 70-75 is ideal, but my house is always colder. Don’t let it get put by the oven when it’s on, or you risk the chance of killing it 

Day 2

Pull down your jar. You might already start to see some bubbles, and this is good! That’s the yeast eating. It’s fine if you don’t see any activity yet though. I suppose now is the time is to tell you that not to be concerned about any icky bacteria - the yeast keeps the mix too acidic for anything nasty to grow. You’ll want to vigorously mix in the same amounts of flour and water as you did yesterday, then recover it, and put it back in the spot you found for it.

Day 3

Check you starter, it should have bubbles all along the surface by now, and it should seem bigger than what it was when you put it up yesterday. It’s going to smell sour and musty as well (Mine was almost like a weird fruity smell for awhile!). Add in the same proportions of flour to water as you have before, you’ll probably hear little bubbles popping and smacking while you vigorously stir. Cover it, put it back in it’s place.

Day 4

The starter should be very bubbly, and will have doubled in volume (or, you’ll evidence on the sides of the jar that it grew and then deflated). If you stir it, it’s going to feel loose, and it’ll smell yeasty. Add the same proportions of flour and water as before. Stir until smooth, it’ll look silky. It honestly reminds me so much of the fake slime some people use for stimming? Cover it, put it up until tomorrow.

Day 5

Check the starter - if it’s entirely webbed with bubbles, smells acidy, yeasty, and “fresh”. It’s safe to taste - which it should be sour. If it all looks good, congratulations! Your starter is ripe and ready to make a leaven with. Those instructions will come in a further post. If you see activity, but it doesn’t seem done yet, continue with the maintenance instructions that will follow daily. If there is no activity at all something is wrong and you will need to troubleshoot and start over entirely.

Maintenance Instructions:

At this point the starter is too large too effectively feed anymore, so you’ll need to use or throw away half of the batter. Save half, then feed with the proportions you established when you started it. Do this daily for as long as the starter is on the counter.

If the starter is established, but it’s going to be awhile before you bake, place in the refrigerator and feed weekly. You’ll want to remove it 2-3 days before baking and follow daily maintenance directions.

Note: If at any point your start develops a dark liquid on top, don’t freak out! This is called hooch, and it is alcohol waste leftover from the yeast feeding. It just means your starter is hungry and needs to be fed more often, or you need to reduce the batter more before feeding. Poor off the liquid if there’s a ton, then feed.


Obviously this makes a lot of starter, and with you only needing about ¼ cup for two loaves of bread, it can seem wasteful. The good thing, is that you can use the starter batter mixed into any pancake or muffin dough, you just won’t need leavener (baking soda/powder). I also plan to write posts with alternative recipe ideas. Last night I prepped cinnamon rolls with extra starter and let them rise overnight. Baked them in the morning and they’re amazzzzzing. I’m going to have plenty for other experiments. Also, if a friend or family member wants a starter, just give them your extra starter in a jar with some feeding directions. :)


As far as the magick side of it, there’s a whole lot you can do as a kitchen witch during all steps of these processes. As someone who talks to her houseplants I found myself treating the starter like a little pet and being affectionate towards it. My first loaf was picture perfect, and I’d like to think this might have been why. ;)

When we get to the bread, I’ll explain how to enchant the bread with a specific purpose when you make it. As far as the starter is concerned, I would do something generic if anything since you’ll be (theoretically) growing this one specimen your whole life. I focused on strength and health of the starter itself, to make sure that it could make wonderful bread.



Summer wind blows in again
Sometimes we wonder where we lost it
My good intentions were your fateful weapons
Still I’ve yet to learn my lesson
Oh oh oh
Though i don’t need much for anything
But a shady tree and a couple pours of whisky
To write my songs of love and life and loss
And just a few about you
So if you’ll hear me out

Stay with me we might never have to leave
You’re my southern king
We’re living for the day dreams
So don’t you laugh
He’s a good good man there’s something’s
he just wont understand

You know my old man is out of town for a couple days
I think that you should
Stay with me, all summer
Stay with me, under the covers
Stay with me, be my lover
Stay with me, all summer
Stay with me, under the covers
Stay with me, be my lover

So come on down i will show you how
Us mid-west boys like to party
So grab a beer and get over here
Summer straw and air don’t wait another year

Stay with me we might never have to leave
You’re my southern king
We’re living for the day dreams
So don’t get mad
Whats past is in the past
We can make this last if you just give me that chance

So when my old man is out of town for a couple days
Stay with me, all summer
Stay with me, under the covers
Stay with me, be my lover

Stay with me, all summer
Stay with me, under the covers
Stay with me, be my lover

Stay with me, all summer
Stay with me, under the covers
Stay with me, be my lover

Stay with me, all summer
Stay with me, under the covers
Stay with me, be my lover

“But I was young
and didn’t know better
and someone should have told me to capture every second
every kiss & every night
Because now I’m sitting here alone and it’s getting really hard to breath because tears are growing in my throat and they want to break out, but there are people
and I just want to be somewhere silent
somewhere still
But still I don’t want to be alone because I’m scared and lonely
and I don’t understand
Because I was alone my whole life
My whole life
I was so damn lonely and I was content with that
because I liked myself and my own company
and I didn’t need anyone
I thought
But then there was you .. …

So, someone should have told me that love is for those few brave who can handle the unbearable emptiness,
the unbearable guilt and lack of oneself,
Because I lost myself to someone I love
and I might get myself back one day
but it will take time, it will take time.

This is gonna take some time.

I wish someone would have told me this.
Someone should have told me this.

—  Charlotte Eriksson, Empty Roads & Broken Bottles; in search for The Great Perhaps
Mary's message

Miss me?

Thought that would get your attention. So, this is incase the day comes. If you’re watching this I’m probably dead. I hope i can have an ordinary life but who knows? Nothings certain, nothings written. My old life, it was full of consequences.The danger was the fun part, but you can’t outrun that forever. You need to remember that. So, I’m giving you a case Sherlock, might be the hardest case of your career. When im gone, if im gone, i need you to do somerhing for me. Save John Watson. Save him sherlock. Save him. Don’t think anyone else is going to save him, because there isnt anyone. Its up to you. Save him. But i do think you’re going to need a bit of help with that because you’re not exactly good with people, so heres a few things you need to know about the man we both love. And more importantly what you’re going to need to do to save him. John Watson never accepts help, not from anyone, not ever, but here’s the thing; he never refuses it. So heres what you are going to do. You cant save John because he wont let you. He wont allow himself to be saved. The only way to save John is to make him save you. Go to hell Sherlock. Put yourself in harm’s way. If he thinks you need him, i swear he will be there.

I know you two, and if I’m gone i know what you could become, because i know who you really are; a junkie who solves crimes to get high and the Doctor who never came home from the war. You listen to me; who you really are, it doesn’t matter. Its all about the legend, the stories, the adventures. There is a last refuge for the desperate, the unloved, the persecuted. There is a final court of appeal for everyone. When life gets too strange, too impossible, too frightening, there is always one last hope. When all else fails there are two men sitting, arguing in s scruffy flat like they’ve always been there.. and they always will. The best and wisest men i have ever known.
My baker street boys.

Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson.

Danganronpa Tabletop RPG - some information

So there were a few questions on the YouTube channel and on Tumblr last night about the tabletop RPG announcement, and I joked during the day that we would hit 1000 subscribers while out so I would not be able to answer the questions at the rate I would have liked to….aaaaaaaand that’s what happened. So I am going to take the time now to answer those questions and hopefully begin to provide some insight on what I’m planning.

A little backstory

I started planning this while I played SDR2 with Jess. If you recall those streams you MIGHT remember me mentioning it a few times. But it was a long ways off, and it needed a lot of work. The idea for a casino came before I knew ANYTHING about NDRV3 and I was a little disappointed when I learned about it, but I think the story is still pretty unique so I’m going ahead with it.


So this tabletop RPG requires a bit of work because its different from a lot of other tabletops. If you’re at all familiar with Dungeons and Dragons or Pathfinder its all about creating a character, gaining experience and USUALLY killing lots of monsters. SOME of those aspects really lend themselves to a Danganronpa themed game, but some don’t. I don’t think we’ll be doing any monster slaying…but who knows, I guess..!

I AM THE DUNGEON MASTER! This is my story to tell and I have planned out some fun and hopefully interesting story elements. @jinjojess is a player! She will be playing, she knows who the characters are, but beyond their name and SHSL ability, she knows very little as well.

We have not yet decided on a system! I’ve been working with a friend and trying to decide on the best system to use. Jess recommended GURPS and I’ve heard that name come up with my other friend as well so I will be looking into it. 

There are 16 players, just like a normal killing game…however due to scheduling and all that jazz…I will be playing 11 of them. There will be a mastermind. The mastermind can be ANY of the 16 players. The means a player character, not one that I control, COULD be the mastermind.

With Jess being one of the characters, that leaves 4 open slots for other people to join in on the fun. Yes, we know scheduling a time to meet up and RP for a few hours will be hard because we will most likely be separated by a heft bit of time difference. We’re looking to play once (maybe twice if we can do it) a month and those episodes will be recorded and put up on YouTube as a series. 

The game itself will be a combination of more lighthearted conversation between the players. Here you can gossip, exchange gifts (YES gifts will be in the game as well as monocoins and a monomono machine). This will be akin to FTEs. You can become better friends with other players or enemies. 

Murders will occur. Its not a Danganronpa game without a little…or a lot…of death, right? Murders will happen. ANYONE can be on the chopping block. This means a player character COULD get ejected from the game if they die. This ALSO means a player character CAN murder someone else. 

There will be investigations and trials. You can collect evidence, plant evidence, solve mysteries and trick the others. This will make up the second half of the game. 

When will it start?

Honestly, it’s still gonna take some time to get this off of its feet. I am working with artists to make high quality art for each character as well as 8-bit art. I’m designing maps, I’m working on selecting and potentially modifying a system to use…its gonna be awhile, but we wanted to share what we are working on and hopefully get some of you excited for the future of our YouTube channel!

Honestly there are a few other things we want to do for our YT channel. Some DR themed, some not, but this is just a teaser of things to come. We understand that EVENTUALLY we will be out of DR games to play, so we want to make sure we can keep providing interesting content for the subs :)

EDIT: I also want to mention: This is an ambitious project. Up until this point I’ve been working on this on my own. If you’re someone who doesn’t necessarily want to PLAY, but you want to help building the world, discussing plot points, etc., etc., then reach out to me! I’d love a bit of a group planning this out to really inject despair into the players, haha. 


Android!Baymax AU costume details + extended headcanons!  I’ve actually received quite a few lovely asks from potential cosplayers, so as a fellow cosplayer I felt it might be nice to provide reference pics (especially since I’m so sloppy and inconsistent in the earlier Android AU posts). 

I was also talking to a friend, and they told me that the reasons for my choices for Bay’s costume aren’t as obvious as I thought, so hopefully some of you will find my thoughts amusing.  Also added lotsa extra headcanons no one asked for lol <3

First Android!Baymax Post

Second Post (TadaHiroBae huggle)

The dumb outfit that started it all

(And as a note, if anyone wants to cosplay Android!Bay, holy crap, I’m super honored, and of course you’re more than welcome to!  Just give me credit for my design, don’t repost the images by themselves anywhere else, and please send me a link when you’re done because I definitely want to see! *A*)


Valentine's Day With James Would Include...

REQUESTS ARE CLOSED!! James won so here you go! Enjoy! -Madi 💕

Originally posted by davideaurilia

•James would get so into Valentines Day •like he would be the type of person to count down to this day •and since it’s your first Valentines Day together, he’s even more excited •"Can I sleep with you tonight?“ •"James, why would I say no?” •"Well tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and I’m going to be so excited that I might not sleep well so I need to you help me get some sleep.“ •"Good Godric, you’re a dork.” •you would expect to wake up next to him but instead you see a bunch of candy and a few presents •finding him in the Great Hall eating breakfast with the biggest grin on his face •him blushing when you kiss him and tell him happy Valentine’s Day •"Go get ready, I have a big day planned for you and I.“ •the big day turned out to be sitting by the lake and eating sweets and messing around together •"Skinny dipping?” •"James Potter!“ •"What? It was just a suggestion!” •hitting him every time he made a Valentine’s Day pun •okay but the rest of the Marauders would totally pull some prank on you guys •which would surprisingly piss James off •he never gets mad at a good prank •but they did ‘ruin’ your special day •him forcing the rest of the boys to find somewhere else to sleep for the night •so you two have the dorm to yourselves •which, by the way, James has set up with numerous candles and rose petals •and just as you get ready to get your pajamas on you would hear James clear his throat •"Listen (Y/N), I love you. I really do. You’re my entire world and I couldn’t possibly live without you. I want to be with your forever so I’m going to give you this in case time ever get tough. This can stand as a reminder that we are always here for each other no matter what. I love you.“ •he would pull out a beautiful promise ring and slowly slip it into your finger •"I love you, James.” •you might cry a little •and he would tease you but it’s okay •making love for the rest of the night •falling asleep in each other’s arms •also, listening to James’ heartbeat to help you fall asleep •whispering 'I love you’ all throughout the night •totally showing off your ring to people the next day •but no one would really be surprised •everyone can see how in love you guys are •after all, you are his world

I’m warning you now, it’s long. So if you have some time sit in comfortable place and prepare yourself. It’s the longest thing I’ve ever written in my life, really. 

It isn’t some typical fic, but I think it’s still okay :D

I have written it below, but it needs to be here. These are little one-shots. They are mixed up, it’s not chronological. It might be confusing sometimes. 

Write me some tags, I really love to read them.

Have fun!


If you asked me about Matteo’s feelings and the way he shows them after I have known him for a few days, weeks, I’d say he has only two states. First, when he is fresa just because it’s natural for him and second, when he is fresa to hide all other emotions.

I don’t know why people find it so hard to get to know him. All you have to do is to look. As we kept growing closer, I kept looking and adding emotions on my list, one by one. Matteo had changed in my eyes, it was slow process, but when I realized it, it hit me all at once.

I was in love with Matteo Balsano.

It’s not like you wouldn’t, being aware of his every face. It is just his thing, to keep himself hidden. And now, when I discovered thousands of his emotions, I can write them down for you all.

(Some are from time when we weren’t dating yet; some are from the time we were already together. There was also that weird transition state between them, so don’t get confused. They are in alphabetical order, not chronological!)

Keep reading

Dinner time

Tonight, go out to a fast food restaurant but a decent one like dennys or ihop. Make it a special night too. Dont just go just to go, enjoy your time with eachother. Mondays are just stressful and ugly. You need to be happy though. If you start your week happy, the rest of the week will be amazing. Be positive and caring these next few days. Valentines day is tomorrow and you all MUST be loving and cheerful. Its the day of love and cupid will be shooting his arrows to those who need it. Be opened minded tomorrow, you might just get lucky. 💙

Sorry for the no post this morning. I usually queue up before I sleep but I was just so exhausted from the sickness that I forgot. I love when people send me asks so if you have any questions you want answered, send me an ask. I love you all so so much and have a wonderful night.


Hey guys. I’ve had an exceptionally shitty day today. I still have 4 requests and a challenge piece sitting in my docs and now that I have the time to sit here at write, nothing is coming to me. My frame of mind is kind of in that angsty place which doesn’t fit anything that I need to write.

So I’m asking for you to please send me some SPN gifs, any at all and there’s no limit, so I can write drabbles to try and pull myself out of the writer’s block I seem to have. I cannot say I will use all of them, but if something comes to me I will use it.

So I am going to tag a few people that might be interested in sending some gifs in if you guys could help me out please. Even if you aren’t tagged, please feel free to send in a gif. Thank you so much in advance!







Negan - Take Me Instead P2

A/N: I got writers block so I hope you like this? This is the smut part to the request I got. May I get one where you were with ricks group and volunteer for negan to take you instead of killing someone, so he agrees and take you back to his compound and dirty rough smut ensues?😳 thank you so much!! 

part 1

It had been a few days since you saw your group leave in a hurry and you were stuck with Negan and his group of saviors. You had expected them to treat you horribly – but they didn’t – some of them were even nice to you.

Negan had given you a room to yourself not that far away from his own. The man didn’t scare you anymore. He brought you food and other things you might needed. He was kind to you.

“You know why I did what I did?” he asked you as he leaned against your door frame. “Rick killed many of my people. It was only fair I wanted to kill one of yours.”

It might have been cruel but he was also right in some sort of way. It was about survival now and nothing more. His people weren’t the nicest of people and they only treated you kindly because Negan told them to.

If someone killed half of your people you would’ve wanted to do the same thing.

“I know.” you nodded.

“I’m glad you took the deal.” he grinned.

“And why is that?” you asked, raising your head to look up at him.

The bed you sat on was soft – the mattress had been over used but it was managble. Your sheets were freshly washed by the women from his group, and the furniture had a bit of dust on them.

“Because I like you.” he said, uncrossing his arms and walking into the room. “You’re interesting – different from all the others.”

You felt a blush rise to your cheeks and you swallowed.

“I like that look on you.” he smirked.

“Shut up,” you muttered embarrassed that he had gotten to you in a way you never expected.

This had been going on for days, he tried to make you smile or blush. He wanted to get a reaction from you and it was working.

You felt his hot breath on you face as he leaned down and rested his hands on the bed; capturing you in between his arms. You automatically leaned back on your elbows and looked up at him.

“I just can’t resist you.” he whispered, making your heart race.

His lips pressed down on your jaw and your eyes fluttered closed. A ragged breath escaped your mouth and he grinned while sucking your neck like and expert.

“Take off your clothes, (Y/N)” Negan said as he stepped back.

You bit your lip and started to slowly take off your shirt. He was watching you intensely – taking in your body as each piece of clothing was removed. When you were completely naked he reached to you and grabbed your waist, pulling you to your feet. His hands slid down to your butt and he gave your cheeks a harsh squeeze.

You gave a small moan while trying to take off his shirt. Negan helped you and unbuckled his belt before removing his dark jeans and the rest of his clothes. He pushed you back and you fell onto your mattress with a gasp.

He crawled on top of you and slammed his lips down on your own. You wanted him and you were not going to let this moment pass. Your hands ran up and down his arms as you wrapped your legs around his waist tightly.

“Eager, are we?” Negan smiled as he looked down at your face. “What do you want me to do?”

“Please …” you moaned, as he ran his fingers up and down your wet slit.

“Please what?” his grin grew bigger.

“I need you.” you moaned when his fingers pinched your clit softly. “Fuck me, please.”

“Good girl,” Negan breathed as he positioned himself before slamming into you. A loud moan escaped your lips as your arms tightened around his shoulders.

“Fuck!” you breathed. “Gods yes!”

Negan’s grunts filled the room as he thrusted in you. It was hard to keep silent yourself so you bit his shoulder. His teeth clammed around your nipple and your eyes rolled back in pleasure.

“So wet,” he grunted. “So tight,”

“I’m close.” you moaned as your head lolled back onto your pillow.

“Me too, baby.” he hissed as his trusting became sloppy. “Come for me.”

The knot in your stomach grew tighter and you had to bit your lip to not scream out loudly from the pleasure.

“Scream for me.” he started rubbing your clit harshly.

“Oh fuck Negan!” You screamed loudly as you came. His moans and grunt got louder as he came as well. With a few sloppy trusts he pulled out of you and fell next to you onto the bed.

“At least now everyone knows you belong to me.” he chuckled as he wrapped his arms around you.

“Shut up,” you grinned slightly and out of breath.

“Stay with me forever?” he asked.

“Only if you promise to never hurt anyone I care about no matter what they’ve done.” you said, rolling to your side to look at him. “Promise me.”

“I promise.” he sighed. “Just for you.”


I’m gonna take this day off of work and be productive and get some Gif drabbles out and–

Or I could hurt my wrist and only be able too type one-handed and put my left wrist in a heating pad and wrapped in an ACE bandage. Popular theory is carpal tunnel, which is super. Not like I use my hands constantly for work and need to type a lot for it and fun.

So, apologies, but it might be a few days until I get something out. I’ve got one more GIF from @thing-you-do-with-that-thing, one from @sgarrett49, and one from @chaos-and-the-calm67 (just so you guys know I got your GIF).

In the meantime, I hope everyone has a lovely day and you’re more than welcome to submit a GIF for me, and I’ll try to get something out as soon as I can.

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When Life Happens

Hey all, 

I might be a little slow with replies and posts this week. I’ve gotten several messages in the past day or so, and they never fail to make me smile. 

I really need those smiles, because not even witches can predict how life will go. 

Long story short: A long-term relationship ended suddenly, and I’m just a little out of it. 

So forgive me if I seem a little distant this week. There are a few asks that I’m making a priority, and you should get replies soon. 

All I can say is: hold tight to your friends. You’ll never know when you may need them. 

Many blessings- Kate

trans!adrien headcanons for your trans!adrien needs
  •  marinette totally helps him with his binder (sorry i needed this in here)
  • bc of his dad being a fuck, marinette covers for him in the locker room by making sure he’s always very early to class so he can change before everyone else
  • his dad still calls him by his birthname, but nathalie calls him adrien (because his dad is a fuck)
  • as chat noir, he is practically transformed into what he wants to be, so he’s fully comfortable and would kill to be chat all the time
  • marinette stands up for him in school when people make fun of him in any way 
  •  on the first day he meets nino who is also trans and they hit it off in like .3 seconds
  • he’s pretty much fully out to the school but mostly because he was never in, only a select few know he’s not biologically a boy and they’re super protective
  • whenever anyone misgenders him, marinette and nino show up faster than you could say mM BOY YOU THOUGHT
  • he’s not really able to take t because if his dad noticed his voice and appearance changing he’d probably pull him right out of school
  • his dad is against him dating marinette D:
  • nathalie helps him sneak marinette inside bc she ships it

theyoungroleplayer  asked:


Smiles: What is the greatest compliment you have ever received? What is a compliment you wish someone would give you?

Received (there’s a few): “the world needs more people like you ~” (ngl, @kapitan5o you kind of made me tear up a little because I was having a rough day so thank you so much)

“You’d stop anything to help out a friend even if you know you might regret it later, thats pretty damn brave to me” when I wasn’t sure how Gryffindor I really am, and “I’m so glad I know you” because, well, it means so much.

Wish someone would give me: Idk. Just…recognition. Of who I am as a person. It sounds lame, I know. I just never really know what type of compliments I’d like to receive.


Hi, as some of you might have noticed I haven’t been around much lately.

The entire family was sick and the last week son has refused to be anywhere but in/by my lap.

Tomorrow my in-laws are coming and on Sunday me and son will leave with them to go visit my parents (since our parents live close to each other) for a few days and I highly doubt I will get much phone/computer time during this coming week. So there will be very little posting from me.

I will try and queue some stuff but not sure how much I will manage to queue before I need to do other things.

So if you think I’ve been quite this coming week I haven’t like died or something (I hope). 

Be safe. Keep Stereking.



@silvertsundere has been posting about DereSute a lot in the past few days and I got kinda interested.
I don’t plan on really getting super into it, but it can’t hurt to have one more game to occasionally play when there’s nothing going on in FGO and SIF. (Also maybe it will help me get better at SIF, you know by making me more dexterous or something)
That said though, I still got myself a starter account. I had this FGO starter that I was trying to give away back when the OVA aired, but no one wanted it, so I figured I might as well trade it in for a DereSute account.

Well then, gotta go read some guides. I need to figure out what this office is all about and how to level up, idolize and all that.

Sorry if there might be lack of any concrete content from me for the next few days. Working on my writing more than my art (although I am trying to chip away at the work I owe people) so that way I can hopefully move through this creative block. 

Part of the problem is that I have this huge chunk of worldbuilding I’ve done but it…I can’t DO anything with it or show you all what it is until after a story arc that will, honestly, take a long time to complete. So I’m actually going in and putting this sort of attention into the current state of the clan and such. Because I think part of the discontentment was that I was looking to the future as the big exciting thing and the current clan’s state as like a setback and I didn’t want to work on anyone currently in the clan, if that makes any sense?

But yeah, might not be posting for a while until I get my head around things. And there will be occasional art as I finish it.

Friendly Fire (pt. 3)

part two • part four

Bucky x Reader

Summary: You were tired and your hair was a mess. All you were doing was putting your hair up, but the hair tie had other plans. Now you’re in this little war with Bucky. Who will win, who will lose?

Word Count: 1,200

Warnings: some cursing here and there, + almost nude buckster

Notes: at this point, i don’t even know if its considered a drabble. i love details too much to keep it short and simple. sue me. anyways, these pranks are getting intense. i’m not saying someone might actually get hurt…. but i’m also not saying that someone won’t. makes sense? no? well its 3:44 am so my brain is mush. apologizing in advance for typos, and mistakes. enjoy this cute war ~ let me know if youd like to be tagged :)

With your cheeks burning, you caustiously made your way back to your room. You closed your door, leaned your back against it and slowly slid down. First your phone, then your clothes… Whats next? God knows what else Buck has planned.

You sighed, rolling your eyes to the ceiling.

How did he even get my phone to stick to the ceiling like that? No tape, glue or string could have held a piece of metal like that. Unless…

“F.R.I.D.A.Y. run a scan on my entire room for any differences within the past two days” you called out. You got up, changing into your favourite black yoga tights with a worn out grey tank. As you dried your hair, the A.I replied back.

“It appears that you have a magnetic field coming in from above. Seems like the source is a-”

“Let me guess; electromagnet”

“Yes, that would be correct, Miss Y/N.”

So that’s how he did it. I should have known.. But where did he get one? Doesn’t matter. Answers aren’t a priority anymore. Revenge is. He wants a war, I’ll give him one.

You left your room only to find Nat and Tony in the kitchen.

“Oh hey, Y/N” Nat chuckled out, “I’m glad to see you found your clothes.”

Tony tried not to laugh, but you can see the ends of his lips poking out into a smile.

“Where is everyone?”

“They all went on a last minute scout mission, except for me, Tony and Wanda. We’re staying here to test out this new thing Tony has been working on.”

You nodded, and headed upstairs to find the room above you. To your surprise, it was Visions. At first, you felt bad about creeping around, but you had to find this magnet thing. As you crawled around the floor, you spotted something under the chair.

“Ah ha! Gotcha no-”

“You’d think that after years of intense training, you’d be better at snooping around.”

Nearly hitting your head on the chair, you sat up to meet eyes with Natasha. You could see she wasn’t mad, but rather curious and amused. You got up to walk towards her, holding the magnet in your hand.

“If you really want to know, Bucky and I have a war going on. Have any info on where he might’ve gotten this?” you asked her, hoping that she would know something. She let out another chuckle and grabbed your arm, pulling you downstairs to Tony’s lab.

“Wait, so you have a whole bunch of these magnet things?? For what?” you questioned Tony as you opened a few boxes, full of more magnets.

“If you’re that curious, I’ve been working on a new suit that uses these magnets to lock into place, causing more fluid mov-”

“Okay, okay I get it. How many would it take to cause someone to be stuck in place? As in, they’re not going anywhere?”

Tony gave you a questioning look, only to move his gaze towards Nat, who just shrugged.

“Y/N and Bucky are engaging in a prank war”

“Well in that case, be my guest Y/N. This is enough to keep that old popsicle in place. Here’s a remote that controls the strength and power. Just remember to turn the things on.”

You beamed as Tony handed you a medium sized box, placing the control on the top. Thanking Tony and Nat, you took off.

Alright, the magnets are in place. Now I just have to get him in here.

Deviously laughing to yourself, you awaited for Sam and Bucky to meet you in the gym. Once you finished setting up the magnets in place, you asked F.R.I.D.A.Y. to notify the both of them to come down to the gym for a little training. You had placed two sets of magnets; one above the ring and one above the door frame. This was going to be good.

“Alright Y/N, you ready to get your ass handed to you?” Wilson called out from the door. You let out a small laugh, and hopped into the ring.

“Bring it, birdboy.”

Within ten minutes, you managed to pin Sam down twice. You got up, lending your hand outwards to help him get up. He waved your hand away, and rolled out of the ring.

“Honestly, I’m just tired from the mission. Give it a go with grandpa over here” he said, nudging Bucky into the ring. You maneuvered your pointer finger at him, signaling him to come at you. He gave you one of his famous smirks before hopping into the ring.

“I’ll try to go easy on you, doll” he said in that sarcastic tone.

“Oh please, Bucky dear” you stepped towards him, getting rid of the space in between. You grabbed him by the collar of his shirt, and leaned dangerously close, whispering into his ear.

“I got you right where I want you”

With that, you quickly pressed the button on the control, and a low hum began. You pulled away from Bucky’s grasp, watching as his arm swung upwards to the ceiling.

“Wait wha-” he barely managed to say, as he zoomed up to the ceiling. He was just a few feet off the ground, so there was no harm.

“Y/N WHAT THE FUCK” he yelled out, as he tried to pull his arm off the ceiling. You and Sam were officially on the ground, dying of laughter. The both of you were laughing so hard, that you’d probably have an asthma attack.

“Sam hurry! Let’s get out of here before Buckaroo kills us” you choked out.

“Us? You mean, YOU! I have nothing to do with this” he said between gasps of air.

As you two made it to the door, you pressed the button again, releasing Bucky. He landed upright, only stumbling to the side before jumping out of the ring, heading straight for you. You quickly stepped into the hallway, making sure to keep a safe distance from the door.

“You are so dea-”

“Ah, ah, ahh, not if I have something to buy me a few extra minutes of life” you amusingly replied, pressing the button once Bucky reached the door.

Once again, the low hum rang out and within a few seconds, Bucky was hanging on the door frame. You couldn’t help but laugh at the sight of the world’s deadliest assassin, hanging helplessly from a door. Stepping closer, you decided to take your prank further.

“If I recall this morning, I was missing my clothes” you smirked at Bucky, “it would be a shame… if..”

You rapidly grabbed ahold of the elastic band of Bucks short, pulling them down carefully and off his body.

“Jesus Y/N sTOP” he said, raising his voice “you win! okay? let me down!”

“Oh no, I don’t think so. You wanted a war, and now you got one.”

You let out a playful evil laugh, walking away as you swung his shorts around and over your shoulder. Leaving Bucky hanging out in the open, revealing grey boxer briefs with red, white and blue stars. Once you were clear, you pressed the button to let him down.

“This is far from over, sweetheart” he mumbled under his breath.

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