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MBTI Types Get Hurt

INFP, ISFP:  I’m…. *sobbing* IM FINE. *falls into a depression spiral and recovers 6 months later*


ISFJ, ISTJ: Listens to 70s songs and looks out the window while rain falls onto the glass. Yeah pretty classic huh.


INFJ,: Well, things might get better. *sobs* maybe in the future i won’t feel this way. *sobs more* ……… yeah shit’s about to go downnn

ENFP, ENTP: BUT YOU HURT ME. I THOUGHT WE WERE FRIENDS. I LIKE ORANGES. WAIT WHAT. ORANGES ARE ORANGE, I LIKE THAT. WAIT. what was I mad about again? *looks intensely into the distance* yeah i really need to work on being more concentrated…..

ENTJ, ESTJ: *furiously types a 6 page plan to murder the person who hurt them*

INTP, ISTP: Wait. Wait, what are these? Emotions? Shit, wtf. I’m not prepared 

INTJ: *Someone tries to hurt the INTJs feelings* BITCH I AIN’T GOT ANY FEELINGS *flips out dark glasses*

credit to @rainnymorningthoughts for the idea for the INTJ one :)

Banquet night: why Victor didn’t fall in love, and everything wrong with the Eros playboy narrative

Despite popular ideas, I don’t believe Victor fell in love with Yuuri on the banquet night. It’s barely a plot twist to me, and not about Victor pining over Yuuri all this time. I also don’t subject to the belief that Yuuri is his true self while he’s drunk off his head. How can you say getting so drunk you have no memories of what happened that night “being true to oneself”?

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anonymous asked:

Do you think you could continue the University AU for MM? Possibly with them going to a crazy party and finding MC drunk and taking care of them? Even better if they have a huge crush on MC but haven't told them?

I made the mistake of ordering a large milk tea and I feel like I’m going to hate myself later. 

I didn’t have any inspiration for V so I might add him in at a later date


  • he isn’t really into large parties so he wasn’t going to go
  • “Come on, but MC will be th–”
  • immediately accepts because he’s had the biggest crush on you since you two shared the same math class your first year
  • he puts on his best party clothes
    • which is a dark green tee and jeans -_-
  • but he doesn’t anticipate how crazy it’s going to be
  • there are so many people it’s ridiculous 
  • he saw you at the beginning of the party and lost you as time went on
  • he had to use the bathroom and walks in on you vomiting in the bathtub
  • “oh god…your toilet is so beautiful and I RUINED IT!!!”
    • …that’s not a toilet
  • you’re always so sweet and here you were rambling something about different chapsticks???
  • he spends 20 minutes with you 
    • of course actually directing you to the toilet and keeping your hair out of your face
  • has you sit on a couch, brings you some water to keep you hydrated
  • he could have chosen someone better to take care of but you’re the one he had a crush on so :3
  • “Yusong…you’re ssss–ssooo FFFFUCking CUTE. I jess CAN’T.”
  • you start breaking into tears while his face is all red
  • this man has no intention of taking advantage of you
    • his mother raised him to be a gentleman!
  • yeah maybe it’s time you went home
  • he takes a cab with you since he doesn’t want to be at the party unless you’re there
  • walks you up to your room
  • “Yesug take my sho”
  • “uh…n-no MC you’re going to n-need your shoe”
  • “but you gut to go hum wit SOMETHEMMM”
  • you give him your shoelace and leave him in your hallway, blushing and confused
    • ties the shoelace on his backpack :3


  • dragged to the party by Jumin since some of the student senate were planning on attending
  • she stays in the quiet area where all the designated drivers are
  • makes small talk with them here and there but they’re pretty boring :/
  • one of them tells her that they saw you walking around
  • immediately stands up, politely excuses herself, and goes looking for you
    • because you’ll certainly make things more interesting
  • eventually finds you finishing off whatever is in your red cup
  • your cheeks and ears are as red as cherries
  • you look so cute
    • and with the color in your face she just gets all flustered
  • then you put the empty cup over your mouth
  • oh jeez
  • the moment you make eye contact with her, she’s embarrassed yet excited
  • she sits down next to you asking how the party is
  • then you say something through the cup, your words muffled
  • “geehee kess mu”
  • “wh-what?”
  • the end of the cup touches Jaehee’s lips and you pull back with your arms in the air, laughing while the cup falls to the ground
  • she’s both elated and confused
    • does that count as a kiss?
  • she couldn’t focus on that since you’re clearly drunk
  • her hands are fumbling for yours as she’s walking you out of the party
  • calls a cab and takes you to your place
  • you become a big grump in the car
  • she just lets you ramble until you pass out on her shoulder
  • (>///<);;


  • this marshmallow wanted to get TURNT
  • and this party was THE party of the year
  • so why the hell not???
  • he’s enjoying himself; drinking, dancing, mingling and such
  • endS up not drinking as much as he wantS to
    • only has 2 beers
  • he’s talking with two girls when his eyes catch you in the crowd
  • you literally take his breath away~
  • who were those guys? AND WHY WERE THEY TALKING TO YOU!?
  • he excuses himself and marches over
  • your face is red and you’re kind of having a hard time standing up
  • Zen just loses his freaking mind
  • shoves one of the guys and a few punches are thrown
  • the two guys end up walking away and you’re just in awe
    • but poor Zen was punched in the jaw
    • he insists he’s okay 
    • but that handsome face
  • he apologizes to you since it’s not proper to fight in the presence of a lady
    • how chivalrous ser knight
  • after that, he doesn’t want you to leave his side 
  • so your hands are always on his arm
  • you feel so safe and comfortable with him that you fall asleep on his shoulder
  • he turns to say something to you but you’re already out
  • at that point, he drives you home, tucks you in bed and leaves you that night
  • the beast was stirring but he had to control it


  • he likes going to parties, but this party isn’t exactly his favorite
  • it’s so chaotic
    • no one seemed to have any personal space
    • and it’s SO loud
    • and no wine!?
  • he tries to be adventurous with drinks 
    • drinks a lot but he can handle his alcohol pretty well
  • the party gets so much more interesting when he notices you’re here
  • he doesn’t approach you almost the entire party
    • just catches glances of you while you aren’t looking
  • when he’s sitting down on the stairs, he notices you walking toward him
    • !!!
  • he tries to control his emotions as you take a seat next to him
  • “D-did you know th-that ca-cactuses can live up to fif-fif-fifteen t-to three hundre-dred years?”
  • o_o
  • …he doesn’t expect that
  • based on your rosy cheeks, ears and dazed look, he deduces you’re drunk
    • pretty bad too
  • then you get all flustered and turn away from him
  • you think you’re whispering to yourself but you’re using your outdoor voice
  • turns back to him all upset
  • “I dedn’t s-sa-say it righ….”
  • next thing he knows your body goes limp and your face ends up in his lap
  • he freezes
  • heart racing, blood rushing to his face
  • but this man is a gentleman and would never take advantage of you
  • takes a deep breath, pulls you off of him which rouses you from your quick nap
  • “we’re taking you home”
  • has Driver Kim come by to pick you two up
  • through your slurred words, you manage to give him your address
  • he takes you to your room, makes sure you’re in your bed, and leaves
  • the next morning he sees he has a voicemail from you at one in the morning
  • “J-jeumn…Jumin…do…do you rememmemmber my…my…cactus fact? I-I want you teh allllllways remember it. You wanna know why??? The cactus is you…oh no I SCREWED IT UP AGAIN…”
  • he cannot wait for you to ask about this when he sees you in class


  • yahoo~parties!!!
  • “Oh yeah, and I heard MC is supposed to come to”
  • he’s excited before, and now he’s SUPER EXCITED
    • because maybe this will be the night when he finally confesses!
  • only has a couple of drinks with Yoosung and Zen before he goes searching for you
  • eventually, he finds you by the keg and you two start talking
    • rambles so much  
  • doesn’t notice how much you drink until you drop your drink trying to count to ten
  • while you’re talking with Jaehee he’s on his phone and he’s playing Pokémon Go
  • he knows you play to so he nudges you when he sees an eevee a block down the street
  • you get super pumped and practically jump off the couch
  • the two of you go on a Pokémon hunt
  • he makes sure you’re close to him because one should not be going on a Pokémon hunt drunk
  • you’re incredibly dorky
  • starts jumping off of street lamps and walls a few inches off the ground
    • “PARKOUR!”
  • then at one point you thought you have to be close to wherever the  Pokémon are to catch it
  • so you’re squatting, pointing your phone to the ground to catch a caterpie
  • meanwhile, Seven is recording you and sending it to the messenger
  • you’re just so cute and dorky, he’s blushing
  • it’s probably time you head home though
  • as he’s walking home, you have your arm linked in his
    • you’re leaning on him and he’s just (●♡∀♡))ヾ☆*。
  • the entire time he’s just super happy because he’s wanted this for so long
  • he makes sure you get to bed and he leaves you a bottle of water
  • you wake up to see the videos of you being a stupid drunk
Crack/Dumb head cannon

Okay so what if there’s a white board/post board/ whatever in Dispatch. And, it’s the weirdest stuff posted there because Will would totally call everyone out for dumb shit.
Like, imagine it.
“Engaging in contact with a mortal is not forbidden, though screaming and chasing one with a chainsaw is.”

“‘He gave food to a stray dog’ is not on the list of reasons to allow humans to live. Related note- no drunk soul collecting.”

“Knox, the next time you seriously insult Sutcliff’s fashion choices you will not be under our protection and you will be tabbed for resulting damages.”

“Sutcliff you are encouraged to not attack coworkers on the premises.”

“Physical relations should occur at home, not at work. My office has windows.”

Rosewick fics list

Amnesia by speedfan

Rated: M
Summary: Roman finds Ruby collapsed in an alley after an attack on Vale. Neo says to leave the girl, but something makes Roman hesitate. She doesn’t know my name? RoseWick w/other pairings, first story so it might be a rough start. M rating for possible language and violence later. Set in AU after season 2.

Captured Criminals by Onedisturbedchild [former kidnap-Ruby warning]

Rated: M
Summary: I’m only going to say this once. Two years ago I was kidnapped by Roman Torchwick. In those two months I was gone, I was lead to believe that my team was dead and that life in the outside world was the worst. One night Roman comes home drunk and bing bam my whole life changes. Things changed in that apartment and I found myself falling for my own kidnapper. Master Torchwick Sequel

Fallen Rosepetals by BAYBAY841

Rated: M
Summary: “Omegas don’t belong in the battlefield.” She’s been told this all her life, but she’s going to prove them wrong. At least, that was the only plan before finding out her mate is a Master Thief. How is she supposed to become the greatest huntress, when her mates greatest goal is to tear her down? Alpha Omegaverse Rosewick

Be my Valentine be midblooder

Rated: T
Summary: Roses are red, violets are blue. Please be my Valentine, I think I love you. Other characters involved: Blake Belladonna, Team JNPR, Ozpin, Glynda Goodwitch, Cinder Fall, and other people that I couldn’t insert because of the 4 characters limitation. Some events in the series might slightly change to fit the story. PS: there is a surprise pairing, You have been warned.

A Scythe and a Cane by gealex99

Rated: M
Summary: Rosewick, after season two- It all starts with a note. Their whole love starts on one night, with one heist, with one simple note. Nine words is all it took for everything to start. The only question is did that note make everything spiral and fall apart or start something brand new. Did it start a new life with joy and happiness or did it destroy the lives already living.

Burning Rose by BoredGamer [aka waterandwar–i sWEAR TO GOD KAT IF YOU DON’T UPDATE THIS I WILL]

Rated: K
Summary: Normally it’s a joy to find your soulmate. When it’s as easy as finding someone with a matching mark on their skin, you typically don’t have to worry. That is, if your match isn’t the wanted criminal you'e hunting down. [Hints at Neiss, Black Sun, Gauntlet Buddies and a couple others]

Still Dreaming[AO3 link] by The Jashinist and Peeves [me]

Rated: T
Summary: Ruby’s been having odd dreams lately, the kind that she’s reluctant to tell her friends about. Little does she know, Roman’s been having the same dreams… I am Rosewick trash, sue me. Rated T for now, may become M rated later, depends. Post-Breach AU [since, you know, we don’t know what happens next yet]

The Worst Timing[AO3 link] by The Jashinist and Peeves [me][kidnap-Ruby warning]

Rated: T
Summary: Anyone else in a hostage situation would’ve reacted differently. But Ruby had to be the oddball out, and now she’s stuck in the same apartment with an ill-mannered young Roman Torchwick until the end of the summer, and everyone’s placing bets on who’s going to get strangled first. Modern AU, mild kidnap-Ruby plot, no noncon, set in a suburb of Philadelphia because reasons.

A Very Rosewick Christmas by The Jashinist and Peeves [me]

Rated: T
Summary: Roman and Ruby spend Christmas together in a rather unusual gift exchange. Rosewick twoshot, takes place in the Still Dreaming AU

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Just A Little Drunk

Request: Hiii! Could you please do an imagine where you and Shawn go to a party and he gets drunk so you have to take care of him, and stuff like That so its like cute and funny! Please

a/n; like usual, they’ll be a couple years older because of what the imagine is about

Word Count: 1,029

Pairing: Shawn Mendes X Reader

Y/N’s P.O.V

“I’ll see you later, babe.” Shawn mumbled, kissing me before walking off. He’s going to hang out with his friends during the party and I’m going to hang out with mine, it might sound stupid but sometimes it’s nice to do stuff separately. “Hey, Y/N! Want a drink?” My friend shouted over the music, I shook my head, “I can’t, I’m driving Shawn and I home tonight!” I replied equally as loud. 


I smiled as I saw Shawn finally leaving his friends and coming over to me, I had been waiting for him so we could leave. “Did you have fun?” I asked him teasingly, he laughed, almost sounding like he was giggling. 

I held back a laugh at how drunk he got, he never gets this hammered but I guess tonight is different. “Yeah.” He answered, putting his arm around my shoulder, I grunted as I felt a good amount of his weight on me. “Come on, let’s go.” I stated over the music, hoping he wouldn’t be difficult.

I laughed as Shawn was vigorously bobbing his head to the music- that he had insisted on putting on. I bit my lip as he started singing, somehow still sounding amazing even though he’s not getting the words right. “Where are you taking me?” He asked suddenly, he turned the music down quickly, in anticipation of my answer. “I’m taking you to our apartment.” I answered, pulling up to the stop sign. 

I took the chance to look at him and he was looking at me like I was kidnapping him, “we have an apartment? What about my girlfriend?!” He exclaimed, shock evident in his voice. I started laughing at his behavior, pulling into our normal parking spot. “I am your girlfriend, Shawn.” I assured him. He squinted his eyes looking at me, slowly he tilted his head to the side, looking at me like a confused puppy would. 

“Oh, sorry.” He mumbled, not sounding to sure with his answer, I shook my head with a smile on my face as I got out of his jeep, walking over to his side of it to help him out. I reached to grab his arm, but he yanked it away. “I’ve got it!” He said, walking like a toddler, but nonetheless following me.

I crossed my fingers as we waited for the elevator, hoping that it would come down empty, Shawn would be so embarrassed if someone who knew us saw him like this. Thankfully the doors opened revealing an empty elevator. “Shawn.” I sighed under my breath as he pushed the wrong button, I reached over and hit our floor number. 

Shawn stood behind me, the bottom of his chin resting on top of my head, like he would do when he’s sober, which made me smile. 

“Sit.” I told him, pointing to the bed as we entered our room. He listened and sat down, finding a sudden interest in turning the bedside lamp on and off. I cut myself off from saying anything about it, instead I focused on getting his shoes off. 

I groaned as my bracelet got stuck on a loose thread hanging on the bottom of his jeans. “Woah!” He almost shouted as his jeans got tugged down a little bit from my arm being pulled back. I looked up at him to find him staring at me with wide eyes. “I’ve already told you that I have a girlfriend.” He explained, scrunching his face up with disgust at me. I held back a smile and stood up, allowing him to take his shoes off now that he realized they were still on. 

“Tell me about her.” I said, sitting down on my vanity chair to watch him, “your girlfriend.” I added for clarification. I listened intently to him, not wanting to miss a thing he said. “She’s amazing.” He mumbled, becoming frustrated with the laces on his shoe. “May I?” I asked, motioning to his knotted up laces. He gave in and nodded. 

“Surely there’s more to your girlfriend than what you said.” I spoke to him, trying to see what else he would tell a total stranger. “She’s beautiful, and she supports me and my career so much.” He paused, smiling as he looked off, a sweet look in his eyes. “Sometimes I think she’s too good for me.” He admitted, looking back down at me, I had just taken his shoe off when he said that. “What if she feels the same way about you?” I asked, trying to be discreet. 

He shrugged, “I love her.” Is all he said before gasping and covering his eyes as I started to unzip my dress. I laughed under my breath at his innocence, changing quickly so he would stop covering his eyes. “You can look now.” I told him, walking into the bathroom. “You should really go to sleep.” I added on, glancing back into the room to see him already falling asleep. 

I simply smiled at his sleeping figure before getting ready for bed myself. Making sure to put a bottle of water and a couple of aspirin on his night stand. 


“Ugh, god. It’s bright in here.” I heard as I started to come out of my sleep, I turned and saw Shawn rolling away from the window. “You’re not gonna freak out and think I’m not your girlfriend again are you?” I teased him, making his eyes snap open, he was already facing me. 

“I did that?” He asked sheepishly, “twice before we went to sleep and then you woke up a few hours ago and jumped out of bed because you thought I was some mystery girl.” I explained, rolling onto my opposite side so I could face him without twisting my neck. “I must’ve been a pain to deal with.” He mumbled, shoving his face into his pillow. I lifted myself up to see if he had taken his aspirin. I laid back down once I saw that he had. “You were just a little drunk.” I told him sarcastically, kissing his cheek. “You’re too good to me, Y/N.” He said, his voice muffled through his pillow. 

Dancing Away With My Heart 

by thewherethefislouisface (theycallmelolo) (7k)

Published : 2017-02-08

“You’re not the boy I thought you were Harry Styles.” Louis isn’t sure if he’s talking about teenager Harry or grown up Harry.

“Yeah?” Harry swallows, his Adam’s apple bobbing.

Louis is rather drunk so he’s bound to say shit he might not normally. “I wanted to kiss you so bad that night,” Louis whispers. It’s the first time either one of them have made mention to prom night years earlier.

“You remember that?” Harry asks, his eyes glossy.


Harry and Louis are prom night cliches, who meet again years later!

Note : Minor Character Death

when asked about sex
  • (sun and Mars)
  • Aries: Last night, at around 8:28pm., Friday October 16th, 2015.
  • Taurus: why?? why???
  • Gemini: *wiggles eyebrows* wouldn't you like to know.
  • Cancer: I don't remember..... *lies*
  • Leo: what? why?? do you think I'm not good enough?
  • Virgo: *ignores you*
  • Libra: probably an hour ago, but I can go again if you'd like.
  • Scorpio: I NEVER kiss and tell. *smirks mysteriously*
  • Sagittarius: *thinks* ... actually I might have been drunk so I don't know! *remembers about two days later*
  • Capricorn: *glares at you* f*cking pervert.
  • Aquarius: mind? your? own? business?
  • Pisces: sex? as in like "don't be silly, cover your willy"?
Winchester brothers-Woops?...

Title: Woops?…

Pairings: Winchester brothers x sister reader

Word count:1111

Request:Hey so it’s sisters Sunday (Atleast for me) YAY! So I asked this last week but I figured it was worth asking again. So can you do a sister fic were the reader is like underaged maybe even too young to drive you decide. And so one night she sneaks out to a party and ends up getting drunk and having a one night stand. And later she’s late for her period and thinks she might be pregnant and they freak out. But in the end she’s not please. I LOVE YOUR BLOG BY THE WAY!!!!!!

Request:So let me start off by saying I love your writing and I couldn’t think of a better writer to do this request so here goes. So for sister Sunday can you do one where the reader is like 17 and goes to a bar and gets drunk and has a one night stand and her brothers don’t know. Then a couple weeks later she thinks she is pregnant and her brothers are like really pissed and then a couple days later they find out she’s not pregnant and it’s all fluff! Sorry it’s so long.

Being the youngest sibling was never easy. Having two, giant, over protective brothers? Worse. You could never do anything without them watching your every move, so scarred on what their life was like that they always kept tabs on each other, including you. 

You were only 17, still in the teens and that meant they were extra careful. Tonight Sam and Dean were doing a case that you couldn’t do. They were in jail for a few days, helping out a buddy on the inside. 

You were stuck at the motels, answering phone calls and giving information. This was otherwise known as your golden ticket to finally do something fun. You brought your gun and phone with you tucking them into your belt and yanking your shirt over your belt before making your way out to the club down the road. 

You were able to get it, using your fake ID and Winchester charm. The lights bounced across your skin, the floor vibrating underneath you. You knew it was unlikely for your brothers to call because it was late, but you kept your phone just in case they did so they wouldn’t get suspicious. 

You sat down on the bar, swinging your legs over before ordering some shots. You were a hunter. You knew when you were being watched. Of course straight away you assumed it was a monster, that thought coming natural to you. 

You turned your head, smirking when you noticed a cute boy looking at you. He looked around 20, maybe older. You shook your head, giggling slightly as you threw your head back and gulped down the burning liquid. 

‘’Damn, little lady. You sure can drink’’He chuckled, sweeping his blonde locks out of his face. You shrugged, grinning at him. 

‘’Would you like to join me?’’You smirked, fluttering your thick eyelashes as you patted the seat next to you. He chuckled, nodding as he sat down on the seat next to you and ordered more shots. 

‘’The names Tate!’’He yelled over the music, chugging back two shots. 

‘’(y/n)’’You replied, shaking his hand. 

And that was the last you remembered. 

Until you woke up next to a naked Tate…. You cursed, fumbling over your clothes and harshly ripping them on. Checking your phone you noticed you had a few missed calls, your eyes widening along with the harsh beating of your heart. 

You stumbled out, head killing you. You made your way back, quickly taking a shower and brushing your teeth. 

You hadn’t thought any more of that night, not even bothering to tell your brothers. Until you had missed your period. You started to panicked, trying to think if you used a condom or not. 

‘’(Y/n), come on!’’Dean called, throwing his bag into the boot of the car. 

‘’Coming’’You called back, smoothing down your tee and taking a steady breath. You quickly stalked out to the car, throwing your bag in the boot. Sam smiled at you from beside the passenger door, waiting for Dean to open the car. 

You nervously smiled back, Sam’s head tilting as he opened his mouth ready to as you what was wrong. You knew it would be hard, your brothers knew all your looks and reactions. They could tell when something was off. 

‘’Kid, we’re meeting Cas at the cafe’’Dean announced, glancing back at you. 

‘’Yeah, k’’You muttered, waving him off and staring out the window. Sam and Dean shared a look, both glancing back at you before shrugging at each other. 

Pulling up to the cafe, Dean strided out the car, Sam staying back for a second. You unclipped your belt, ready to get out when Sam braced his hand on your kneecap. 

‘’(y/n). Everything okay?’’He asked, craned in his seat  to see you. 

‘’What? Yeah, no, of course’’You stumbled out, nodding quickly. Sam furrowed his brows at you, opening his mouth again but you didn’t give him time and just walked out. 


‘’Are you okay, (y/n)’’Castiel asked in concern, watching as you bounced your leg. 

‘’Yes, fine!’’You laughed nervously, sounding like you were someone who had just escaped from a mental hospital.  Castiel looked over at your brothers, Sam looking down with a shrug as Dean made a ‘she’s crazy’ motion. 

You all got back to the motel, Castiel going off somewhere to do god knows what since you weren’t really focusing, to scared you had a foetus growing in your stomach. 

‘’Okay, (Y/n), what the hell is going on!’’Dean sighed, the brothers looking up at you. You stood up, pacing back and fourth as you finally let it all out. 

‘’I went to a club and got drunk and woke up next to a guy and now I think I might be pregnant because I missed my peiod, and oh god I think I’m pregnant!’’You rushed out with a squeal. 

They both looked at you, shocked and speechless. 

‘’YOU HAD SEX!’’Dean yelled, slamming his hand down on the table. You jumped, squeaking as you tried to hide behind Sam. 

‘’No, (y/n). Don’t get using me as a shield, I’m with Dean’’Sam scoffed, pushing himself away from you. 

‘’Guys, please yell at me later, I just really need help right now!’’You whimpered, close to tears. 

‘’I can’t believe my baby sister-’’Dean cut himself off with clenched eyes. 

‘’Why were you going to a club alone, (y/n)!’’Sam hissed. ‘’When did this even happen! We’d notice if you were gone for two days’’. 

‘’While you guys were in jail’’You muttered, rubbing your foot against the carpet. They both dropped their mouths, looking at each other. Sam rubbed his forehead, stress marks covering his face as Dean looked about ready to hit someone. 

‘’How could you be so careless, (y/n). A baby, in this life!’’Dean cried out, widening his arms. You started to cry, nodding as they scolded and shouted at you. 

‘’Okay. We need to sort this’’Sam mumbled under his breath, hands cupping his face. 

‘’What’s going on..’’Cas trailed off, walking into the room. 

‘’We…we think (y/n) is pregnant’’Dean sighed, rubing his temples. 

‘’She is not with child’’Castiel stated before sitting on the bed. The three of you looked at him, all rushing over. 

‘’What! cas, how do you know!’’Dean cried out, gripping the angel’s coat. 

‘’Because angels can sense when new life is born’’Castiel announced with a confused face on why they didn’t already know that. You all began to laugh, sighing as relief swept over you. 

‘’You are so grounded’’Dean laughed as he clapped your shoulder. 

‘’And we’re never letting you out of our sights again’’Sam chimed in. 

anonymous asked:

What's model UN? (And post pictures if you want to! That would be cool! :D)

Model UN is literally one of the funnest things on earth!! It’s basically a bunch of people that come together and go to conferences where they pretend to be in the real UN and debate about international topics. And the best part is that everyone is dressed in business clothes so it’s very classy :)

And also, it’s a great way to meet new people (and get drunk :P)!!

(I might post a pic later tonight!!)

The highest echelon of the being, the Great Unknown Luminaries whose Light is so great that the Bright Ones are but their Shadows. Their forms are only imagined here but are surely beyond the comprehension of terrestrial minds.

Zi is Mul Gud who Plows through the Eternal Emptiness.

A’gig is the Amnion of Chaos, Mother of Matter. Unending River of Suffering.

Zu is the Crystillization of Will, Being and Non-being Realized.

Okay peeps, this is it for the Pantheon of the Bright Ones and Dim Ones.

3 Unknown Luminaries

7 Bright Ones

12 Dim Ones.

A Little Too Friendly

Request: After Tara died you were drunk and you kiss Jax to comfort him even though you two fought all the time and it turns into a heated makeout session even though you both know it was wrong.

Warnings:make-out session.

Pairing: Jax X Reader

A/n: So I left this kinda short because I have a feeling a part 2 might make an appearance later on ;)

   You sigh and down the rest of the whiskey in your glass before you look up from the clubhouse floor.

   Everyone was gathered around the place, sulking and mourning the loss of Jax’s Old Lady Tara Knowles, your best friend.

   You still couldn’t believe she was gone but you weren’t going to mourn like everyone else, no, you were going to get plastered until you couldn’t even walk right and then you were going to go home and cry.

   You watched as Jax got up and left the room, walking outside.

   You sighed, wanting with everything in you to go after him and comfort him, but what were you supposed to say?

   There was a moment of thought before your liquid courage kicked in and you found yourself exiting the doorway Jax previously walked out of.

   He was sitting on the picnic table with his head in his hands and you could see him shoulders shaking, you immediately knew he was crying.

   Your heart broke for the man who just lost his wife so you figured that the least you could do is put your differences aside and try to help him cope.

   You walked up to the bench and took a seat right next to him, placing a hand on his shoulder.

   His head shot up and he immediately wiped his eyes, the stray tears now wetting his face.

   “Sorry.” he says embarrassed, looking down at his feet.

   “Jax don’t say shit like that. You just lost your wife, you deserve to be sad.” you said rubbing his back gently while trying to keep the tears in your eyes from falling.

   You knew that now was not the time for you to cry, it was Jax’s time.

   “Why are you being nice all of the sudden?” he asks suspiciously.

   You sigh and roll your eyes before dropping you hand from his shoulder and folding them together in your lap.

   “Listen, the whole I hate you thing, I’m willing to call a truce to that. Tara hated that we never got along and we were always pulling her in two different directions, I think we can learn to be civil with each other now, for her.” you said clearing your throat as your voice cracked.

   He nodded his head slowly after thinking for a minute.

   “I never hated you. I just hated how stubborn you were, if you didn’t think something was good for Tara you would be up my ass till Kingdom come, lecturing me about it.” he said before chuckling.

   “You remember that time when you wanted to take the boys to the beach without water shoes so I ended up printing out 15 pages of research telling how they needed them because it could protect them from things.”she said smiling and remembering the look on Jax’s face when she slapped down the armful of paper in front of him.

   “Holy shit yes! Tara made me read them all.” he says, the tears in his eyes drying up, being replaced with a smile.

   “Of course she did.” you says smiling and laughing.

   After you both calmed down there was a moment of silence before Jax looked at you and spoke.

   “Thank you, I really needed that.”

   “No problem Jax. Just remember, you’re not alone.” you said, pulling him in for a hug.

   Jax nodded and wrapped his arms around you, relishing the touch of a woman, something he hadn’t felt in a long time.

   As you went to pull away you and Jax caught each other’s eyes and before you knew it your lips were locked with his.

   Between the alcohol in your system and your emotions overwhelming you, you didn’t realise what you were doing.

   Your lips melded together softly, low growls coming from Jax’s throat as your fingers wound their way into his blonde locks, tugging gently.

   It wasn’t until his hand slid under your shirt and touched your skin, that you realised what you were doing .

   Your eyes widened and you tore yourself away from Jax, your hands immediately flying to your mouth.

   Jax looked over at you, just as shocked a you were.

   “(y/n)-” he started, but you tore yourself away, running to your car and ignoring Jax calling your name.

   You got in your car and floored it out of the lot, tears of guilt streaming down your face.

   You had just kissed your dead best friend’s husband, and the worst part is that you enjoyed every single moment of it.

Alyssa’s Top 10 CP! Fics

Now, A03 is a wonderland and as of 2 weeks ago I have officially read every fic on there, all 406 of them. So here are my favourite 10 Check Please fics for your viewing pleasure.

10. You can hear it in the silence - by miss_amazing_gracie

Summary: Jack’s glowing a little as he convinces Ransom to set Bitty back on the ice. At first Eric thinks it’s because they’re all drunk on victory, but he recognizes the look.

Why you should read it : NCAA Hockey Champions, Jack totally wants to make out with Bitty on the ice. It’s everything you ever wanted its Jack signing, Its Spring C, Its the naming of the next captain and its Jack and Bitty being head over heels for each other.

9. Found Out by applecrumbledore

Summary : “Bitty, you have finally rose to the rank of ‘bad roommate who brings people home and has loud sex,’ and we love it. It’s lonely here at the top. And now, you’ve joined us.”No one notices Jack, at the far end of the table, staring at his bacon.

Why you should read it : This is the reason for any cavities I might have, its Jack and Bitty getting together and team finding out and oh the chirping ( also its still getting updated which means there is more to come and I am excited )

8. It’s not in the way you say your mine by caughtinanocean

Summary : Long-distance relationships are rough, but it’s nothing everybody’s favorite tiny, southern, pie-baking hockey player can’t handle.

Why you should read it : Long distance relationship Zimbits makes my heart ache, in like the best way possible but. Also I think is so fluffy I’m going to die.

7. Forget the Wax and the Feathers by buchanan

Summary : Bittle scores against Yale and Jack acts like a son of a bitch. They’re not friends.

Why you should read it : its 6k of slow burn and flashbacks, i love slow burn and flashbacks everyone should love slow burn and flash back also this line “the squats have been workings” mmmhhhmmm.

6. In Focus by sparklyslug

Summary :Jack’s just taking pictures whenever he sees something worth photographing, something that seems to fit what he’s being told in class, about line and shape and color and beauty.It’s like the camera knew before Jack did.

Why you should read it : It’s Jack taking photos, and then its Jack taking photos of Bitty and then its Jack realising and its perfect.

5. Bold; over the worst of it by buchanan

Summary : “Spring C,” Jack says, “is full of mystery.”

Why you should read it : Two words : Spring C, One Tweet : #gotyourpiggyback. But really its THE Spring C fic ( why are there not more of these idk but someone needs to make it happen) and it will destroy what left of your soul after Bitty’s live tweeting of the event.

4. Say it’s been a long six months by biblionerd07

Summary : Jack falls in love, comes out, and loses his friends. Not quite in that order.

Why you should read it : Its angst - sweet perfect I can’t communicate because I’m a hockey robot angst and I’m not okay. Also there is kissing on kitchen counters which should always be a thing.

3. Hockeyed Up by Sophie

Summary : There are many things on Jack’s mind. Namely: hockey, hockey, Bitty, hockey, anxiety, hockey, hockey, anxiety, Bitty, hockey, hockey, anxiety, and hockey.

Why you should read it: Jack being his adorable hockey playing robot self, like he writes a pro’s and con’s lists for all the teams he could sign to, its adorable, also everyone things he is dating bitty, which he’s not, until well he is.

2. I’ll give you everything by biblionerd07

Summary : Jack doesn’t like throwing his last name around to get things, but if it means Bittle gets to meet Beyonce, well…he can’t not do it.

Why you should read it : Jack pulled the Zimmermann card for Beyonce, Jack knows all the words to Halo, also everyone loves Beyonce.

1. Phone Please by Twentysomething

Summary : "Bits, you live tweeting this?“ Shitty asks.

Why you should read it : Well for starters its not just me that thinks its amazing, its got the most Kudos and hits of any CP! fic and its Bitty being oblivious, its Jack chirpy and its Shitty being confused as to how these two aren’t together yet aka everything I want in life

Liquid Courage

Characters: Sam x Reader

Warnings: Really freaking long fic. Excessive drinking. Some cursing.

Request: Drunk!Reader tries to kiss Sam but his morals won’t allow it even though he really wants to and in the morning she doesn’t mention it. Then, a week later, Sam is drunk so he gets the courage to try kissing her again. But she doesn’t believe in kissing drunk people either, however much she wishes she could. In the morning, Sam seems to have forgotten. They both whine to Dean, who loses his shit and locks them in a room to sort it out. Fluff happens.

Author’s Note: This was written for a lovely friend who was having a really shitty day so hopefully this cheers her up. I might have gotten a little carried away and by “might” I mean this fic is over 4,500 words and is the longest one I’ve ever written. I couldn’t help it though because it practically wrote itself. Sorry not sorry:)


Reader’s POV

“Shot of tequila please!” You hollered, your upper body leaning over the bar top, your hand tapping loudly on the polished wood to flag down the bartender.

This was your fifth shot, or maybe it was your sixth. You’d lost count as the night wore on but the more you drank the more laid back you felt, so much so that you had actually been flirting pretty hardcore with your best friend, Sam. Even in your drunken stupor you knew better, knew that taking that next step with Sam could possibly ruin a perfect friendship. But your body had other ideas and that tiny little angel on your shoulder that was whispering in your ear to get your shit together was slowly being drowned out by the alcohol swimming in your veins.

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15 Months Later

This is for my bestie Peyten who requested this imagine. Being as I’m just starting with this writing thing it’s probably gonna be pretty shitty. But this is the best I can do. Here you go Peyten!! LOVE YOU GIRL (and I might make this into two parts? we’ll see)


*15 years ago*

No, you have got to be kidding me. Are you fucking kidding me? You thought. This is the last thing you needed. What went from some drunk fun, that turned into a one night stand, is now a positive pregnancy test. You go and sit up against the wall of the cold bathroom. I can’t do this, how am I going to do this? He leaves on tour with them tomorrow. How could I have been so stupid? You think. Something has to be done. You aren’t going to give up the baby, but he can’t miss tour to stay with you. You knew what had to be done. You walk out of the bathroom into your hotel room you were sharing with Calum and Luke.

“We are gonna miss you so much Y/N” Luke says pulling you into a tight hug.

“I’m gonna miss you guys too, all of you,” you say sadly, looking over Luke’s shoulder at Calum. He gives you a small smile.

The boys were going to airport later today, as they were leaving early in the morning. You only get to spend the next 3 hours with them. Ashton decided the guys and you would go to dinner then walk around the town for a little while before they had to leave.

They picked their favorite pizza place, of course. You’ve had pizza so much being with them. Somehow you could still stand it. The boys ordered their own separate pizzas and picked a table to sit at.

“So Y/N, how ever will you live without having us around?” Michael asks laughing.

“I don’t know, I’ll be so lost without you,” you say sarcastically, stifling a laugh.

“I don’t know how we will live without you, to be honest,” Ashton says with a small smile.

You look over at Calum. “You guys will be okay,” you say quietly.

After you finish your pizza’s, you guys all walk to the near by park. Luke, Michael and Ashton walk ahead of you and Calum, giving you guys a chance alone.

“Y/N,” Calum says quietly looking over at you. 


"I really am gonna miss you. I’m sorry what happened when we were drunk, I don’t want you to think I only like you because of that. You’re one of my best friends, it’s gonna be hard not having you with us,” he finishes, looking at the ground.

“Calum…” You begin slowly. This is it. The chance you weren’t sure you would get. But you couldn’t do it, you couldn’t ruin his life like this. You couldn’t ruin his dream. You decided to keep it to yourself.


“I’m… I’m just gonna miss you guys a lot,” You say quickly. 

“Oh, yeah, me too,” he says looking down.

The rest of the evening is spent following the rest of the guys around the park, playing on the playground, swinging on the swings, having a great time. It made you forget about what you found out earlier this evening for a while. It was nice, to be happy for a while in the day. Pretty soon it was time to go back to the hotel so the boys could get their stuff and head to the airport. You couldn’t go to the airport with them so you had to say goodbye at the hotel. Luke was the first to say goodbye.

“I’m gonna miss telling terrible jokes with you,” he says pulling you into a big hug.

“Me too, Luke,” you say laughing hugging him back tighter.

Next was Ashton, he pulled you into a hug fast making you gasp from the sudden tightness. He buried his head into you neck.

“I don’t want to leave you behind, I wish you could come with us,” he says, muffled from you hair.

“I’ll be okay don’t worry, and Ash, can you let go of me I can’t breathe," 

"Oh sorry, I’m gonna miss you,” Ash says, letting you go.

“Me too Ash, believe me,” you say waving goodbye to him.

Michael comes up and gives you a hug.

“Don’t forget about us okay? We’ll be back sooner than you know it,” he says sadly, you could almost see tears in his eyes.

“Oh Michael, I could never forget you,” you say hugging him tight.

“Let’s not finish this sad okay, one last time? for old times sake?” He says holding out his hands.

You guys do your handshake you made up earlier in the year that consisted of hand claps and stupid dance moves that always left you too laughing.

“Bye Michael I’ll see you soon,” you say giving him one last hug and waving to him.

He waves to you walking down the hall. There’s only one boy left, the one you were afraid to say goodbye to. You didn’t want him to leave, but you couldn’t make him stay either. You would be able to figure out the baby situation by yourself. You couldn’t ruin his career.

“So this is goodbye then, for a while at least,” Calum says standing in front of you. 

“I guess so,” you say quietly.

“I’m really gonna miss you Y/N, I’m not sure if you know this but you mean a lot to me,” he says looking you in the eye.

“I know Calum, you mean a lot to me too,” you say trying to hold back tears. “You’re one of my best friends, you’ll always mean a lot to me.”

“I just hate to leave you behind, you know?” he says scratching the back of his neck nervously.

“I’ll be fine honestly, and you will only be gone for 10 months, it’s not that bad, I’m gonna see you again,” you say trying to make him feel better.

“I guess you’re right,” he says looking down.

Suddenly he pulls you into a tight hug, holding on for what seems like hours but must have only been a few seconds. You hug him back, hiding your face so he couldn’t see the tears threatening to spill over. After a few moments he pulls you back and holds you at arms length. You look him in the eye, hoping he can’t see how glassy your eyes were from the tears. He puts his arms down and picks up his suitcase. 

“I’ll see you soon, Y/N,” he says smiling.

“Bye Calum,” you say waving to him as he walks down the hall.

When he is out of sight that’s when you lose it. You walk into the hotel room and go sit on the queen bed that’s sheets were kicked off on the floor from your restless sleep last night. You lay your head on the pillow and just let the tears spill silently from your eyes. For the next ten months you had to figure out what to do. You couldn’t let him know you were pregnant, but you couldn’t give up the baby either. You pick up your phone and unlock it, having it open to the last conversation you had, which happened to be with Calum. You quickly delete the conversation and pull up the phone app. Your mom answers on the third ring.

“Hey sweetie, how are you? did the boys leave yet?” She asks.

Your voice is shaky as you speak. “Mom, I have a problem.”


SO I have a really good idea for this so I’m definitely going to write a second part, maybe more? it depends on how far I can go into it. Anyway I hope you like this second try at writing. Let me know what you think! 


I started getting a little sleep-drunk, so the results of that are on the first one. I left all the sketchy under-laying structure if anyone benefits from it. Ridunno.

Also I didn’t do the aesthetically pleasing hair side swap thing. This is drawn with the idea that her hair doesn’t magically switch sides for better aesthetics. Also I couldn’t come up with a clever pose or thing for her to be doing so you get STANDARD POSE #19 with STANDARD FACIAL EXPRESSION #3.

Might finish later because I don’t absolutely hate any of it (yet, again, sleep-drunk). But I would really like to start moving towards characters actually doing things. My brain just wasn’t in a good place for that tonight. I dunno how comic artists come up with funny little situations. It’s tough.

Ok I go rest. Weeeeee~