so i may have adored this movie

I’m falling in love with Megamind all over again, seeing so many posts of it on my dash, and was once again hit with how truly good-looking Megamind is? Like, seriously, what a babe. 

And that led to me contemplating this little head canon…

What if some more aliens come to Metrocity - refugees or tourists, what have you - and Megamind goes out to get a feel for them, see if they’re benign or nefarious or if they just need to stock up on snacks. And they turn around and see him…

…and just start flat out swooning. Like, blushing and dreamy sighs and the whole nine yards. 

Because, surprise, the alien race Megamind is? They were/are held as the most beautiful species in all the galaxies. Like, organisms far and wide just about fell to their knees over their good looks. Epic poems were composed about them. Ballads were sung. There were fan clubs. 

And Megamind? Megamind has got to be one of the most jaw-droppingly handsome specimens they’ve ever seen. 

So now Megamind is dealing with all this starry-eyed aliens and having his world rocked by the idea that he actually is incredibly handsome, and Roxanne is torn between laughing her head off at her boyfriend’s slightly panicked attempts at fending off these creatures advances and being slightly possessive? 

Also, Metro Man? The aliens take one look at him and have to hide their shudders. Poor fellow, he must have been from that other fleshy, pink-skinned planet…

The Summer (31/33)

The Summer (31/33) | Dan Howell has spent the last three summers at Camp Bergamot, but it’s never been quite like this before. This year, he faces a summer full of new friends, a new relationship, and an entirely new view on his own sexuality. Perhaps Camp Bergamot should be renamed camp self discovery for all the changes Dan has gone through, but one thing’s for sure - despite all the hiccups and the drama, he just might have found the love of his life. | Phan | Mature | Smut, Misunderstandings, Insecurity, Panic Attacks, Bullying, Minor Violence, Physical Fight | 400,000+ Words

Disclaimer: In no way do I claim that this is real or cast aspersions on Dan or Phil.

This Part: 18,257 Words

For reference, @botanistlester is Dan, @snowbunnylester is Phil.

(Previous) (AO3) (Masterlist)

Warnings: teasing, edging, dirty talk, neck kink, handjobs, stretching, penetrative sex, schmoop

A/N: Hey guys! Honestly, we cannot believe what a wild ride it’s been over the course of the last… how long? Few months that we’ve been posting this. When we started this RP, I don’t think either of us realized it was going to end up being over 400,000 words long, and yet it most definitely did. We set out for this fic to be an exploration of sexuality and, obviously, sex, and that’s exactly what we’ve done. We honestly hope you guys have enjoyed this wild ride as much as we have! But don’t worry, this isn’t quite the end! We’ve still got the massive epilogue to go, a whopping 55K words long that we’ve decided to split in half and post back to back thanks to your guys vote!

On Friday, we’ll hit you with part one of the epilogue over at @snowbunnylester ‘s blog, followed by part two on Satruday on @botanistlester ‘s blog! Of course, it’s also getting posted to ao3 in the same chaptered fic as chapters 32 and 33, so stay tuned, and I can’t believe the ride is nearly over… I’m going to try not to cry!

Chapter Thirty-One

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A Magical Christmas; Peter Parker x reader

Okay this was my first Peter Parker oneshot that I had thought back several months ago and yeah it’s another Christmas theme. Now this is Tom Holland’s spiderman and I’m sorry if you’d wanted this to be Garfield’s or Maguire’s spiderman. Anyways this is now a romantic oneshot so now child comforts for now except mentioned because well………….spoilers! I’ll just let you read on okay :) Again I do not OWN the Marvel characters, they belong to their respected owners and any other references belong to their respected owners/companies. Enjoy :)

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“But I thought you said you’d be able to take a day off” I said through the phone.

‘I know but you know my new job’. I chuckled softly then continued solemnly.

“I just can’t believe I’ll be spending Christmas without you”.

‘I know sweetie, I hate it to, if I could I would reverse time and make Wong give me the day off’.

“I know you would, but he’d probably bust you even more and force you to work for all holidays”.

‘Probably. I’ve got to go now sweetheart. I love you, you know that right sweetheart?’

“I do god-papa. Bye”

Bye’. I hung up the phone and leaned up against my locker sighing sadly.  I can’t believe that my Godfather has to work on Christmas keeping the world safe. Christmas should be a time celebrating with family and friends, considering that God-papa Stephen is all I have of a family.

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Dating Clay Jensen would include...

Originally posted by lilpieceofmyworld

-Both of you guys being extremely awkward at first

-Like, the first time he saw you taking a walk around the neighborhood, he fell off of his bike

-He may be adorable, but boy is he comfy

-Probably leaves you compliments everyday so that he knows that you have at least one 

-Being completely oblivious to his feelings for you until one day you see him but a compliment into your bag

-Stutters a lot while asking you out so you kiss him on the cheek to shut him up

-lots of blushing

-like a lot

-your first date is at the movies after his shift, probably really cheesy

-I feel like Clay is just a giant cheese ball

-like your hands meet inside the popcorn

-after that you guys are inseparable 

-lots of cuddles

-like nonstop

-Jeff being your number one supporter

-like him constantly winking at Clay whenever the two of you are together

-helping him deal with Hannah’s death

-trusting each other with anything and everything

-average PDA, but when someone is flirting with you he will probably squeeze your ass a few times

-being each other’s first

-his parents loving you

-both of them have probably walked in on the two of you making out at least once a week

-having your own personal tutor

-lots of coffee at Monet’s

-loving each other unconditionally

-promising you that when you are older that you will get married

-being each other’s forever.

ID #13788

Name: Gemma
Age: 16
Country: UK

I would love to meet an open minded individual to send letters too or talk too over tumblr-unfortunately my phone just broke so no snapchat or instagram chat will work. I’m sorry. I also only know english but im open to learning new languages if you’re willing to help me do so. I adore music, almost all but in particular The nbhd and Blackbear but i genuinely enjoy listening to other stuff and do so most the time. I also enjoy reading and watching indie movies (may i suggest lolita) and drawing when i have the time (very typical indie cliche art student). Im a scorpio if anyone’s interested im also a vegetarian and spend a lot of my time being rather emotional, drinking hotchocolate and munching on toast. I suppose im just looking for someone to send letter too and learn about without getting judged. Im very LGBTQ+ and despise homo phobics and racists. You can send anything from poems you wrote under the night sky or doodles or your vented ramblings-anything will do i wont judge.

Preferences: preferably 16+ not homophobic or sexist or rascist

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Has Amber done any other musical work apart from OMWF?

Oh boy do I have a treat for you.

HERE is Amber singing Touch-A Touch-A Touch Me for a Rocky Horror Picture show 25th anniversary special. She is adorable and slightly awkward because she’s singing in her undies and it’s the most endearing thing I’ve ever seen from a Rocky Horror anything.

HERE is Amber singing Joni Mitchell’s My Old Man with Russell Brown to help raise money for Worldbuilders in 2014.

HERE is (my personal fav) Amber singing The One I Need, which is a song she did for The Killing Jar soundtrack - a movie she also starred in. Her lower range makes me feel some type’a way.

And HERE is a cover of Baby it’s Cold Outside that Amber and Challenger’s Comics owner Patrick Brower did just this past Holiday Season. 

She doesn’t do nearlyyy enough musical projects, in my opinion, and it’s really a shame because her voice is so beautiful. I’m guessing she miiight have done more musical-y things when she was younger and still doing theatre, but we may never know. 

EDIT - embarassingly, I missed a few gems! can’t forget:

HERE, @headcannonwip has so generously shared Amber singing Tom Dooley with Union Maid (Adam Busch’s band) - definitely listen to the whole track for Amber’s great laugh!

and the most amazing karaoke scene in any lifetime movie, HERE you can watch Amber sing Juice Newton’s Queen of Hearts in the movie 7 Things to Do Before I’m 30. It’s adorable, watch it, fall in love all over again.

     i get it. i get the hate that the R&C movie gets is understandable, at most. but the undying hatred where they compare the two is just.. not right?? its a reimagining, not a “create the classic 100% for the sake of HD”. i will always love and adore the classics above all else… but i also love and adore the movie very much. due to the movie, we got to see a lot of things—especially ‘what ifs’ and easter eggs and stuff!

     so have some GOOD things the movie GAVE us:

  • we got to see how ratchet would have been like if he had been RAISED, and had a DREAM that mattered. he had a personality more like he does in “going commando”, which while others may say “it destroyed his character” and such… if you were raised in a different situation, wouldn’t you be different too? besides. ratchet just becomes the guy he is meant to be anyway personality-wise, but still has a lot of character development made and needed for the future. there is so much he still needs to learn and do, but generally he is the same lombax we all love
  • we got to explore clank’s past a little more not around the zoni and orvus, no. but as a defect and how others treated him. yet clank never lets it weigh him down and he immediately stands up for what he believes in, even if ratchet protests against it.
  • WE GOT SO MANY AMAZING NEW CHARACTERS. grimroth, the mechanic who found ratchet and raised him, yet kept their relationship strict to the point ratchet doesnt call him “father”, and that makes me weep.
  • we also got zed, this cute little beat boxing robot. i liked him a lot because it reminds me of how DIVERSE the R&C cast was always meant to be like
  • not to mention cora and brax. they’re lovely characters with backstories  (like for example, cora’s homeplanet was NOVALIS and was DESTROYED right before her EYES LIKE DAMN????) not to mention she was so rude to ratchet at first because she worked really hard to become a ranger, and here comes this inexperienced buffoon joining the ranks with such ease. of course she does get past this, and i just !!
  • brax originally was going to be given a robotic arm. DID YOU SEE THOSE DELETED SCENES? DO IT NOW. he’s one badass okay.
  • we got a really neat scenario of ratchet wanting to be a hero, but if you dive in deeper, we realize he talks about “wanting to do more”, “to do something big”, that hes meant to do “great things”. ratchet: “I wanted to matter, ya know?” He doesn’t really mention that much about his desire to be a hero. Even when he was being commercialized, he talked about “WOW IM FAMOUS” and Clank tells Ratchet that fame was overrated… which Ratchet does learn in a way of FAILING TO SAVE AN ENTIRE PLANET. Yikes.
  • we got to see!!! more nefarious!!! and it was really cool how they went about it. since its a reimagining, we can appreciate the fact that nefarious INVENTED all of the amazing gadgets and weapons we all love to this day! such as the ryno! how badass is that? 
  • ratchet knocking nefarious with the omniwrench vs the ryno was a really good nod to “the wrench challenge” in a sense, and plus.. we got to see ratchet use his very own inventions TWICE save the day, meaning ratchet ALWAYS had what it takes to do great and big things!
  • ratchet also learns what it takes to be a hero, and he still keeps his promises despite his dreams (such as going back to veldin because of grim), etc. he holds a lot of key elements that make ratchet… ratchet. it was all because he had someone looking after him that he managed to become a better person faster, however he became EXTREMELY naive because of that, and it was a super interesting aspect to explore with him!

     Anyway I could go on, but I think i rambled enough lmao

Nikkole: I think the hardest thing about being a mom is comparing myself to others.

I see the moms who cooked their kids an all organic three-course meal for dinner & I look at the second pizza I’ve ordered this week, and I feel like I’m not good enough. I see the moms whose kids rooms are decorated top to bottom like something that came out of a magazine and I look at my kids rooms, furnished by craigslist, and I feel like I’m not good enough. I see the moms that stay home with their kids everyday as I go to work at a job I hate, spending 10-12 hours away from my kids, and I feel like I’m not good enough. I see the moms who take their kids on vacations to Disneyland, while I find it hard to fit even a day trip to a water park in my budget, and I feel like I’m not good enough. I see the moms who dress their kids in the cutest designer clothes and I look at the clothes I’ve purchased from second hand shops for mine, and I feel like I’m not good enough. I see the homes they live in, with big backyards and security systems, while I rent a home in a neighborhood that I don’t even feel safe in, and I feel like I’m not good enough. I feel so guilty. I feel like I’m not giving my kids the life they deserve. I look at them & they’re so beautiful and perfect and I feel like they deserve a life that’s equally as beautiful and perfect. I feel bad that they got ME as their mom and not the perfect stay-at-home mom with the big house filled with nice things.

But when I walk in the door after a long day at work, they treat me like I’m THAT mom. Like I’m the best damn mom they could ever have. It’s in those moments that I realize that being the best mom isn’t about the things you have, it’s about the love & care you give. As long as you take good care of them & love them with all of your heart, kids could care less about the big house or the designer clothes. I may not be able to take them to Disneyland but we make forts in the living room and watch Disney movies. I may not be able to provide them an all organic diet, but I’m sure they probably enjoy the $5 pizza just a little bit more. I may not be able to buy the nicest clothes, but my son adores his minecraft shirts we found at Once Upon A Child. I may not have Pottery Barn themed bedrooms for them, but my son seriously loves the posters we found at Walmart to decorate his room & my daughter is obsessed with her castle fort I found at a mom 2 mom sale.

So in the end, I’ve realized I should really stop comparing myself. I work hard every day to become a better mom & person. I strive to one day give them that “picture perfect” life but for now… this is our life. It’s just a part of our journey. I think it’s time I relax and enjoy all these moments instead of always worrying if I’m good enough. At the end of the day, they think I’m the absolute best & that’s all that really matters. ❤️

Love to Love You

Pairings: Chris Evans x Reader

Words: 800ish

Warnings: It’s so fluffy I’m gonna die

Summary: As Chris Evans, your boyfriend wins an award at MTV’s Movie Awards, his speech includes a little surprise for you. 

A/N: I’ve never wrote fics about real life people, but I was watching Chris Evans’s speech at People’s Choice Awards and the idea just hit me like a train. And well, Chris is adorable so why not?

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parrots4cake  asked:

what's your favourite Ezra films in order? (sorry if that's been asked before)(also i really love your art :D) the way you draw little credence is so adorable :)

Hi! First of all thank you so much I’m glad you enjoy, aaah :’D This means a whole lot!

Secondly, it hasn’t been asked before, but it’s convenient timing because it was being discussed the other day haha. I’ve seen a lot of Ezra films (not all, at all), but I have a tough time picking favourites…
So think of the top 3 not as 1-2-3 but a combined 1? :’)

Top tier gives-me-feelings-I-did-not-ask-for:
Fantastic Beasts.  This is a given, isn’t it. It has broken me. I’m broken.
The Perks of Being a Wallflower. This movie has me crying, so, there’s that. The book does, too. Patrick is a wonderful friend but he is human/not absolutely perfect and it only makes me love him more.
We need to talk about Kevin. This movie and book alike are both some of my favourites ever, despite how uncomfortable they make me. It’s got layers, and you’re never entirely sure if you can fully rely on the storyteller to give you an unbiased retelling of what happened? Kevin’s an absolutely intriguing character and such an asshat, I enjoy him immensely.

Also if you’re interested, the rest comes in a more or less structured order!
Beware the Gonzo. This is an incredibly cheesy film but I have a bit of a soft spot for it. The characters are so do-or-die about everything that happens to them, and Gonzo is so overly intense about what he wants to do, it’s good fun.
Another Happy Day. So, I watched this one without subtitles and I wish I had had some, because people were talking All The Time and I probably missed a lot of it. Elliot has a lot of issues and can be an ass, but I feel for him, and his siblings+mom though. 
The Stanford Prison Experiment. Given that this one is based on a real experiment that happened, this one just makes me feel sincerely bad even though it’s interesting as heck. Ezra gives a great performance and so does a lot of the other actors too!
Every Day. This film deals with a lot of topics. Like a lot. Yet it doesn’t really bring all of them to a conclusion? Jonah is adorable, and I would have loved it if his sub-plot would have been actually brought up to his family?
Afterschool. I picked up my tablet and kept drawing during this film. Robert has the potential to be an interesting character (and the story has the potential to be an interesting story) but…
Madame Bovary. Leon Dupuís may be the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen and the look of the film/the acting is without flaw, but this movie made me so SO SO tired. (Melodramatic aristocratic ladies being tired of their lot and fucking everyone else over in the process, yippee)

Oh, and he was in Batman V Superman, wasn’t he? And I saw it. But no.

I’m pretty sure those are all I have seen so far, and this turned out longer than intended (because of unnecessary commentary), but I hope it’s fun to read at least haha.

ID #11111

Name: Fatima 
Age: 15(soon going to be 16 this summer)
Country: Pakistan(currently)

I have been intrigued to have a pen pal, from the time I learned about it from the Peanuts(Charlie Brown)comics. So I thought why not give it a try.I am a student and person trying to keep up with her schedule and studies. I do not have any preferences in movies, books and music. Except I may have favourites, but surely they will not bother our relationship.
I absolutely adore deep and personal conversations and would truly appreciate to be a listener.
I practice reading,writing,sketching and painting in my spare time and acknowledge all types of hobbies.
(Sorry if I seem a bit old fashioned,maybe i am.)

Preferences: I would prefer someone who is 15 and older .Your ethnicity,religion and gender do not matter at all, as long as you are a nice compassionate and understanding person.
I don’t mind snail mail(as long as it is convenient for both of us),email or any other method of communication.

Alien: covenant REVIEW

**warning there are loads of spoilers for both Prometheus and alien: covenant aka Neomorph**

-first off I paid six dollars to see this
-second holy shit the movie was 97 million dollars and made 124.6 million at the box office. Good job.
-this is ten years after Prometheus for anyone wondering.
-it’s rated r folks for a reason, like sex, cussing, human experimentation, religion, blood, vomiting blood you might wanna get checked out of that happens, intense moments yo.
-also two guys kiss, a brief chaste kiss.
-fuck was used 35 times and used very intensely thanks IMDb
-James Franco you were there for a minute then dead the next. R.I.P
-I liked the computer being called mother, “ mother would you turn the lights out.”
-why on earth would you go to a fucking planet you have no clue about, like you totally deserve the award for stupidest captain of the year.
-Listen to Daniels, she should have said told you so over your dead body. Gasp I totally called your death too.
-more aliens would have been nice….
-David has gone feral and insane
-Neomorph is such a big, mouthful word, why not Neo for short?
-the babies were so fucking adorable, I’m weird okay? Don’t kill them! #savetheNeomorph is a trend as of now.
-David you slick, lying, crazy man I adore you but really dislike you because you may have killed Walter, and I’m sad.
-I totally ship Walter and Daniels like OTP
-cabin by the lake nuff said.
-Walter NOO
-Michael Fassbender you look hot kissing yourself, like wow, that was a big turn for the movie.
-why only two eggs David, you had room to put more.
-how did David get reassembled together, after the engineer rip him apart in Prometheus?
-why did David kill all the engineers when he released the virus? Btw that was for earth to begin with. Like WTF why would you send that fast killing virus in the first place?!
-what’s going to happen to all of David’s proto-xenomorphs that was left on the planet? There are no more alive hosts to keep the Neomorph population booming.
-except there was one left alive….
-what really happened with Elizabeth and David?
-Did she figure out his plan?
-did they fall in love?
-did they have a falling out?
-did he kill her?
-did she agree with making more alien babies? I need to know, btw I ship her and David
-I want to know more about the technology used in the franchise
-why was the engineers going to destroy earth, and with a virus no less
-what the truth about religious in this franchise, that we’re going to die by aliens? Not to believe in God? Idk man.
-was the planet that David was on hiding on a cloaking device?
-what was the original message that brought them to the planet.
-Elizabeth was singing to herself like she sometimes did, but she( if you noticed) seemed like it was a message that seemed urgent.
-also if you noticed why was it sent so narrowly, hard-to-receive, badly damaged song from John Denver ?
-why does David save the crew in the end along with two thousand settlers? Breeding? Eating purposes for his Neomorph?
-what happened to Walter? #wherewalter #waltersnotdead #irefuse David said he had to make a choice, Walter was winning, David had a knife and that was the end of the clip.
-But what the fuck happened? It’s killing me not knowing.
-In the rule of horror movies, if there’s no body to be found it doesn’t mean the character(s) are dead, so here’s the conclusions I’ve came up with;
-did Walter agree to David’s plan and stay on the planet to continue David’s work?
- Did David just cut off his hand and run to the ship before Walter could get up?
-does this mean Walter will be seen in future alien movies in the franchise?
-does this mean Walter can get his own movie “the revenge of Walter vs David”
-overall it was an enjoyable popcorn horror movie not the best nor the worst but okay. I would watch it again.

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I love Elise with all my heart... and her laugh is the most adorable thing I want to listen to forever. But it's so yikes how much she's into the script and the jokes of AA and how good she thinks they are because they can be so awful and offputting, perpetuating stereotypes that can be so offensive.

That was recorded last year, maybe she’s changed and learned.  She really loved the movie and is so proud of it and may have not realized the backlash it got.  But yeah, it was weird to hear Elise laughing at the jokes and Natasha was dead silent LMAO.  She’s more aware of the LGBT community, the issues, and she’s part of it now so she might be more informed about it now.

We’re always learning and improving, I used to laugh at the same jokes when I was younger and now I know better.  

Rush | Sungjin [Oneshot]

It starts like this: in a rush of color and motion.

Fluff Angst Flangst | ~5.2k words | @its-youngk (I’ll post the Brian version soon-ish)

Prompt: We’re strangers on the same train and you’ve been trying to untangle your headphones for fifteen minutes now and I just really really really can’t stand to see this anymore let me do that how the f*** did you manage to mess it up that bad (Bonus: BTW You’re cute) AU x

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Remembering Vincent Price on the anniversary of his death.

(May 27th 1911 — October 25th 1993)

We may all be a peculiar lot…often broke, often dissatisfied because we’re not doing more and better work…but we know how to have a ball that makes the rest of the world seem square.”

boyfriend hyungwon

A/N: wow look at me go!!! posting these consistently!!! this probably won’t last but i hope you enjoy the posts!!! masterlist!!!

Originally posted by hyungvon

  • please love this noodle with all yah hart an sole
  • (what do you mean that meme is out of style?)
  • seriously this child,,,,,he just has a special place in my heart okay don’t hurt him
  • let’s just get this out of the way
  • he is such a hoe for couple naps
  • want to hang out after practice? come to the dorm so he can nap with you. want to have a movie night? perfect because he wants to use you as an adorable pillow.
  • he may be asleep for 75% of your relationship but i promise he is always dreaming of you fingers crossed he sleep talks a lil and smiles and says your name aw
  • he tries his best to be awake when he sees you even if he’s tired because you energize him so much !!! he will probably still be sleepy af but his eyes will be alive
  • i can see him really into playing with your hands and having you play with his
  • like you’ll be talking with the rest of monsta x and he’ll simply take a hold of your hand and make your fingers dance on the palm of his hand or something cute and childish like that
  • and when you look at him like “bro???” he just shrugs and smiles and you let him continue because who can resist this PrEciOUs BoY
  • also forehead kisses will be abundant because height 
  • please kiss his forehead too though okay brush his hair out of his face and make him feel smol even though he’s tol too
  • lots of eye contact!!! always!!! 
  • he wants you to know you are his world so he will give you his undivided attention and react to whatever you’re doing
  • and by react i mean replying or sassing you but both are great
  • he would be so savage and he would LIVE for the times you were roasted so bad that you were rendered speechless and he would hold this bluffing face for a few seconds and then let out a chuckle and ruffle your hair before kissing your forehead
  • speaking of things he lives for
  • hyungwon? more like hyungmeme am i right ladies !!!1!!!!11! sorry i had to
  • this kid uses derp faces irl but oh man he probably has a folder of reaction gifs and memes on his folder and laptop like a loser not that i have one too or anything
  • literally you will be so well-versed in internet culture just by dating hyungwon
  • half of the time your text conversations aren’t even words they’re just pictures
  • and when they are words they are references to memes
  • please make him into a meme or better yet make your couple into a meme like wow that must be hyungwon’s dream and if it isn’t well it is now
  • honestly he’s the kind of guy to sit and talk to you while you get dressed or do your hair and makeup or something and he’ll just stare at you in awe because wow how did he get so lucky to get the ethereal being that is you
  • probably a cheese master
  • so much grease all the time
  • probably shoots finger guns a lot too?? idk he’s a loser
  • gives the BEST hugs!!!!!!!!! 
  • imagine that lanky linguini stumbling in after a long day of schedules and when you stand up to greet him he wraps his limbs all around you and the both of you are completely intertwined and he lets out this really big sigh because he is so relieved to be at home with the person he loves most
  • whispers “i love you” in your ear ALL THE TIME especially in public because he loves seeing you smile or blush or react every time and it’s like a lil secret that only you two understand because that’s what your relationship is like
  • lots of blankets in the relationship dont be surprised if he buys you pajamas and a blanket because he already thinks you’re cute when you’re sleepy but this would make you even cuter
  • on the rare occasions when he is awake while you are asleep oh man that boy is going to have his eyes glued to you like he wants to memorize every angle and dip of your face
  • because wow he loves sleep and he loves you and those two things together???????? actually heaven
  • also please enjoy his morning voice and his really late night sleepy voice because i can only imagine
  • he will sing to you!!! lowkey shy about it but dammit you better tell him how precious he is and how much talent he has and how much you love his voice because if you dont tell him these things i will be so sad
  • he’s lowkey extra so don’t be surprised if after you tell him you love his voice he becomes determined to learn your favorite songs and sing them while you two cook together and slide around the kitchen in your socks
  • something about hyungwon makes me feel warm like he is your source of warmth and he reminds you of home somehow
  • will love it if you tell him these sentimental cheesy things like he’ll probably make a ridiculous face in reply but after the joke is over he’ll squeeze you really tight and whisper “thank you”
  • all in all hyungwon is a precious memechild and he is so relaxing to be around and together you two will have found your matching peace (and piece lol) and he will share his deepest thoughts with you because he knows you understand him more truthfully than anyone and he will make sure you feel like you are sparkling every single day because wow behind all the memes there’s a lot of meaning 

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What did you think about the Wonder Woman movie, xenadd?

Hrmm… I feel a bit wary about talking about how I felt about Wonder Woman. Partly because of how i’ve already been scolded on twitter for not adoring every second of it, and partly because I worry that people might think I’m undermining their own love of it. I’m not. My opinion affects no one and I don’t want it to affect anyone. Honestly, my favourite thing about Wonder Woman is the global reaction it is getting.

I thought the film was ok? My reaction is positive to neutral, though there is a risk it may turn negative out of sheer exposure and frustration (this happened with tfa - I was essentially ambivalent but I got so irritated by the endless best star wars ever and first ever decent woman in star wars screaming that I took a fast turn to the darkside.) given how I feel about DC, this is a very good reaction.

(putting under a cut for spoilers)

(and length, oof. I know you didn’t want this, nonny.)

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I just want to point out something in this scene, you guys. Something that’s been haunting me for a really, really long time now ever since I saw this movie.

I absolutely adore the evolution of Lord Business’s expressions during this scene. Confusion, to realization, then to… what?

I want to discuss the third screencap. Some interpret it as, “What have I done?” Others may say his expression comes from the fact that somebody FINALLY told him that he was special, and it broke him.

I interpret this scene a slightly different way.

Note Lord Business’s mannerisms throughout the film. He’s got giant, tall legs to stand out so he towers over everyone else. He annihilates anything that could pose a threat to his world order. Everything must be as he sees fit, and most importantly, he must be in control of it all. Also, remember this part?

“But as unspecial as I am? You are a thousand, billion times more unspecial than me.”

As first brought to my mind due to some thoughtful posts by the lovely and talented iwanttosingabouttragedy, this man has either a serious superiority complex, an inferiority complex, or a mishmash of the two. He feels the absolute need to be the most important person in the room. Why is this? Maybe it will be explored a little more in the sequel.

Lord Business’s face in the third screencap, to me, is a look of a different sort of realization. He’s just learned that he can be special. He’s just learned that he can change everything. To me, this is not just the face of a man who feels remorse. This is the face of a man who realizes that he must give up. He must give up his delusions of grandeur and self-importance in order to achieve what he’s really wanted all along. His way of thinking has been keeping him from that.

This couples with him lowering himself to Emmet’s height so that he can embrace him, the action that prompted these thoughts in the first place. By getting rid of the things that made him feel tall and important, he’s giving up his mindset and everything he’s ever known so that he CAN be special.

That’s why I love this scene so much. The underlying power in Lord Business’s actions just made this scene.

What do you guys think?