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in the lorax movie (1970s version) you can’t see the onceler except for his gloves and he has no redeeming qualities.

we could’ve avoided oncest but modern lorax movie creators had to make him visible and sing songs…[speech on how this is modern capitalism]


okay but this was really sweet


Bryan Cogman | 7x02 Commentary

↳ “Oh, I just realized they cut the Ghost scene. Ha. There was a bit here where Jon came out of the Crypt and Ghost came up to the him and he petted him and said, “Take care of her, watch over her for me.” But I guess those dire-wolves are expensive–guess it got cut. Ah well, Ghost is somewhere there running around.” (x)

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I hated the new Sara suit at first but when I heard that Caity specifically requested it because it helps her move better and keeps her safer I grew to love it. Yes my Queen be comfortable!

And just like that, I made my peace with the new White Canary suit.

why can’t i have that?

hey i wrote a really quick henclair thing. i meant for this to be fluff but it became more dustin centric and introspective than i originally intended. sorry - the henclair is there at the end! but it’s mostly dustin centric, him being emo about dying alone, with side byeler bc i’m predictable. there’s mention of underage drinking and they’re all aged up to be 17 in here. this is my first time writing Dramatic Dustin so i hope it wasn’t too terrible…

Dustin wakes up with his head aching which immediately puts him in a bad mood. He grumbles sleepily from his place on Mike’s basement floor, the pain too much to simply ignore and go back to sleep. Last night had been just the guys - rewatching Star Wars and eating junk food, and then taking sips of the whiskey Mike had stolen from his father’s cabinet. It had been disgusting and Dustin was ready to spit it out but watching the way Lucas chugged it down, smirking at all of them after he’d finished, bolstered his competitive spirit and he immediately chugged down several sips.

Now, he was paying the price for it.

He’s considering the pros and cons of waking up and dragging his sorry hungover - over barely a glass of whiskey?! Seriously!? Alcohol was such bullshit - self up the stairs for a glass of water and Advil, and hopefully Mrs. Wheeler’s cooking. Then he remembers that she’s out for the weekend - the only reason they’d been able to drink alcohol in the first place, and feels despair so acute in his gut, he could throw up.

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