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otp meme: seven scenes (1/7)


Kageyama Tobio 「影山飛雄」|| 12.22 
Happy birthday you dork! (ノ≧∀≦)ノ*:・゚✧

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hello dennie! I really love your blog and I look up to you as well because you're a kind and lovely person. I'm thinking of starting a phan blog today and it would really be nice if you give me some blog recs! Please :D

Oh man oh wow that’s just really nice you don’t have to look so highly of me omg I just make crappy edits and art that’s really note that big of a thing and you can always talk to me because I really love talking but sometimes I don’t know how it works I am sorry if I disappoint you, okay? And I’ll give you a list of the blogs that I really, really love and they’re also a reason that I keep going back here on tumblr because they’re fun people and I love them ♡(。- ω -)

@mostlyphil ofc for my daily dose of phil, @cuddlesphan @fireworksphil @cappuccinohowell @mylivingphantasy @instarbuckswithdan @philester @phreckledphan @babephil @danieliph @domesticbanting @scifiphan @aforeverhome @philscurls @philsdenimjacket @fondnp @curlyfringe @thatdnpguy @madhurphil @akilahthegreat @lestercurls @itstooearlyfortiramisu @ @htmlpinof @energeticwarrior @cuddleshowell @leftfringe @doinganap @hobbithair @cringe-attacks @wispyphil @httphaniel  @forgetfullittleguy @imfilmingyou @manchesterz @danstellations @crisshowell @phillp  @danspeach @unhugme @dxntasies @demondannie @pseudophan @boncasphan @themostfuniveverhad @guccinof @frightphil @eucalyptusdan @lesterdreams @burlesquephan @moonbeamphil @sadistdan @moonlitdan @phlean @donthavetobebrave @louvrephil  @crescendohowell @hellcrafts @cafephan @snowbunnylester @ratinof @awrfhi @dansucc @singaporeditl @danisontnonfire @bisexualdnp @heckdan @wokingdan @wispyphil @nihilist-toothpaste @princephil @dnpsb @longtrainislong @fringez @brightphil @tallboyes @altphan @soothingphil @qanhowell @cosyphan @acurlyphil @gorgeousdan @phanhowell @melancholydan @princessdan @fringeboyes @phanwhom @softnerds @fourandahalfhourskypecalls @acreamphilleddan @doitmore @roseyboys @pinoffs @phansweetheart @phanoween @tuliphan @amourphil @kissdjh @glowinghowell @golddustphan @phiru @huphilpuffs @bakingvidz @creamphilled  @backin2009  @danlands @needacuddle  @loverlylester @cuteasslester @cluelesslester @phursonas @greenlester @mesmericphilip @gxldenboyphil @botanistlester @butterflyphil @spacekiddan @internetfathers @tuloy @rosegoldan @phansterdam@valentinephil @philboye @etherphil @allbantsnoangst @writerdan @cookiephil @breadhowell @fondan @dancestz @nervouslester @yikejpg @validdan @eightpinofs @dangoghs @danielpov @dawniel @phandomnoodle @thebasket @danhowellscurl @amazingphil-isamazing @phantheraglama @jilliancares @sunnyaalisse @mortallyvirtualphan @lunacidre @incaseyouart

these guys are nice and blogs that have good content and it’s really lovely following them (okay im sorry i have to mention y’all because you all have nice blogs that i would 11/10 recommend i love you senpais)