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The droid looked down at her. “Jyn,” he said. “I’ll be there for you. Cassian said I had to.”

She held back a laugh and looked to Cassian. And she remembered that while Cassian—and Bodhi and the Guardians—had seen her at her worst, she had seen them broken, too. Bodhi, who had been tortured; the Guardians, who had lost their home; and Cassian, who had betrayed himself as easily as he had Jyn. They all had their shame.

With one another, at least, they had no vulnerabilities left.


so 5 minutes after uploading this animation I made today of a rainbow colored cuttlefish, YouTube restricted it……. cos we can’t have the kiddies seeing this RAUNCHY lil cephalopod

EDIT: if you’d like to see for yourself, scroll to the bottom of this page and turn restricted mode on:

as of right now (3/22) it’s still restricted just for having “gay” in the title; I updated with another screenshot of it in restricted mode -3- 


Haikyuu!! + @ao3tagoftheday

idk didnt rly wanna post this here but my dear friend @kvlorenn said she really liked so im just doing it lmao :^)


The Wrong Mans: Action Mans

“I don’t want to make a dirty great dirty bomb for a bunch of terrorists, Phil. For one thing, I can’t.”

“Hm. I think I actually could, but, yeah, point taken, it’s not ideal.” 


femslash aesthetics | octavia blake x raven reyes (the 100)

“never thought i’d be so happy to see someone in pain”


When you make stickers and they come out like de best ting eever. The 2 close up images are my favorite two :3

Edit:when you totally forget to advertise what the heckie these are fore. Pre-order bonuses for the charms I made! Check my page for the post its there somewhere .___.’’


A day out shopping w/ Oh Sehun.

I dont own any of these images, credit to original owners.


there’s nothing I can do

i’m helpless without you


goodness knows the wicked’s lives are lonely
goodness knows the wicked die alone
it just shows, when you’re wicked,
you’re left only on your own
skam season one - Google Drive

hi so i know there’s a lot of google drive links on tumblr already, but most of them are at the download/preview limit and nobody can actually watch them!! so i made a new folder with new copies, and you should be able to view them :)
feel free to reblog, share, etc., i don’t mind! let me know if anyone wants me to make new folders for seasons 2&3! xx

(edit, check my blog for season two links)