so i made two


                           His crown lit up the way as we moved slowly
                 Past the wondering eyes of the ones that were left behind

Tol Al and his noodle bean boyfriend Carlos

Ayyeee I had a little freetime and decided to doodle this for you guys!



Heh, hope you two like it!

(RIP I had to draw it with my mousepad since I can’t use my drawing tablet for the next week or so but ahhhh I’m sure you two will still like it anyway!)


Yobisute close ups - Shori

anonymous asked:

Hi there so I've been wondering how did you make your chat bubble for cold skin so it fit the screen so perfectly I've been trying to get it but i don't know how you did hope you don't mind explaining

I made it like two years ago so I don’t remember exactly… I opened a new file in Photoshop ( or something probably works too) that was the same size as my video.

IDEALLY you’d want to make that canvas 1920x1080, but I was… kind of a dunce and just screen-capped my preview, so mine was 960x540. Not much of a problem though, it still fits fine. The chat box is actually from Bannedstory, you can find them here;

I think I made it roughly the shape I wanted, and then saved the image from BS as a PNG, and sort of spliced it together in Photoshop until it fit? I think I did the same thing for the Elegy chat balloon. Opened it up in for reference;

Like I said, it’s been a long time so I don’t remember if this is how I did it exactly, but it was something like that. If you don’t wanna be that fuckin’ extra then a black bar in Vegas works just fine, LMAO


(part 2) (part 3) (part 4)

Poor Yurio can’t catch a break, even over long distance video calls (Viktor you act oblivious but we all know otherwise)


“I will come as the rain.
I will come as the first snowfall.
I will beg the Heavens
to let me do just that.

lov my ninja dads


jess mariano + smiling/laughing (requested by anonymous) 

#i would like to take a moment to acknowledge how difficult it was to find scenes without rory where he was genuinely smiling #she is his sunshine and light #carry on


It’s been a while since I’ve actually drawn something lol.

I’ve been playing a lot of Don’t Starve Together and playing with a few character mods :3 (Peridot and Lapis are two of them lol). I loved the Christmas outfits so much that I just had to draw these two in them. Course this was back last month. I have just been lazy to finish them.

First two pictures are free to use icons :3 Just make sure to credit me!