so i made this to take my mind off

Finally got my new GPU as well as a new case to fit it all in. I can’t begin to explain how much it eventually started to wear down on me not being able to do any extensive media work, let alone play a video game to take my mind off it. After 2 long weeks, I can resume doing something I loved as not just work, but as a creative medium. There’s so many commissions/projects/ideas I’m excited about that I hope people will enjoy. 

This Lego shitpost that was the first thing I made today does not fall into the above categories. 

Sometimes your artistic improvement is not only what your hands can do but also what your eye and mind can understand.

Few years ago I was looking at some works of my favourite artists and couldnt even comprehend how they are made. Colors, lightning, workflow - everything seemed so advance my mind was shutting off, just admiring the view but not understanding it.

Now - even if I’m not able to reach their skill or it would take me days - I can analyze and deconstruct all those “impossible” works. I can understand how they use light or color to achieve certain effects and file it for later use. 

Remember that your eyes and brain develop as well as your hand, sometimes at different speed. Looking and thinking about art has the same value as actually doing it. Have an artblock? Take some time to browse through your favourite works and instead of thinking how much you can’t do the same, try to understand how it’s done!

[edit: NOT spoon, spork. I got confused since she has a mug w a spoon on it]

You know what? I’m really loving EVERYTHING happening with Jane in our post-credits like….

She had so much shit turned against her that honestly could’ve been ruined forever for her. The Crocker company, the color red, all that stuff…

but instead of being put off by it, or thinking about her negative experiences with it, she’s taking it back.

She’s stepping up and OWNING it.

‘Oh so the Condesce made Crockercorp a way to brutally take over the world? No worries, I’ll rebuild it with the aim of helping everyone in the world and kingdoms.’

‘When I was being mind-controlled and forced to do terrible things to my friends, I was wearing red? Well the obvious solution to this is to wear red as I choose to do everything in my power to help everyone now.’

Like…. She’s taking control of her life in the best Janey way she could, and I love it.

(also turning the logo back into a spoon spork bc hello spoons spork are great)

Running Lines- Jungkook Fluff

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Request: Hiii!! Can I request a scenario with Jungkook where he falls for a actor who’s a foreigner(but she knows Korean) and a ‘00 liner? Sorry if it’s to detailed I’ve just always wanted to read one like this😅 take your time!!

Word Count:1155

Genre: Fluff

Member/Group: Jungkook of BTS

A/N: I’m finally off for spring break, guys! I have a bunch of time to write for the next week, so send me requests. Of course, after spring break I have my end of the year testing and I’m only slightly dying while getting ready for my Algebra EOC. I hope nobody minds that I made the reader from America for this, I am from there and it is just easier for me to write this way because I know the cultural mannerisms. Anyway, I hope ya’ll enjoy this!

 Lights flashed and camera shutters clicked as you walked out of the airport.

“(Y/N)! Look over here!”

“How is your new movie?”

Please, let us interview you real quick, Ms. (Y/N)!”

 You tucked your hair behind your ear and held your face down as you speedily strutted out of the exit. The black sunglasses you wore did little to block the camera’s flashes, but you still tried to look up and smile every once in a while anyway. The blinding flashing, the yelling of reporters, the screams of fans, this was your life now.

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Sneaky Kiss

Anon requested

You sat as you watched your boyfriend in rehearsal. He always put his all in everything he did so you loved coming to the studio and watching him practice.

“Ok take a ten!” The choreographer said to the group which made them all cheer. All the members fell to the ground exhausted. You laughed as your sweaty boyfriend crawled over to you.

He placed his head on your lap and closed his eyes.

“If you didn’t look so cute right now I would’ve pushed your sweaty head off my lap.” You said pushing his hair away from his face. You didn’t like PDA at all. Especially in front of his members and crew. But right now you didn’t mind if he was resting on you because of how tired he was.

“Good because I’m so comfortable right now.” He says as he moved so he was laying on his back and crossed his arms. “How was your day?” He asked opening his eyes.

“We can talk about it on our way home.” You said and he nods closing his eyes. You lean back against the wall with your phone in your hand. You start going through your Instagram so you could let him rest.

“Can you comb your fingers through my hair until I fall asleep?” He asks and you look down at him. He continued to have his eyes closed. You look up and everyone was fooling around or just passed out on the floor. You bite your lip and shrug your shoulders.

“Ok.” You say as you combed your fingers through his hair. His face relaxed and he looked at ease. You smile a little and go back to your phone. You felt a little odd doing this in front of everyone but you were glad you could relax him.

After a couple minutes you hear one of the doors slam, making you jump. You look up and see the choreographer walk back into the room. Your boyfriend still laid in your lap with his eyes closed.

“OK EVERYONE BACK TO PRACTICE!” The choreographer said as he moved to the middle of the room.

“Babe.” You say lightly shaking him.

“I’m awake. I just don’t want to get up.” You laugh and shake your head.

“The faster you finish the faster we get to go home.” You whisper and you see his lips curl up into a smile. He still laid there with his eyes closed. “Fine then I won’t come to the dorm tonight.” You whisper and he gets up. You laugh at his cute little pout he has on his face.

“I’ll go, I’ll go.” He says and then moves closer to you giving you a quick peck before getting up and running towards the other members.

Your eyes widened as you watched him run away. You look around quickly but no one was paying attention. You let out the breath you were holding and quickly go to your phone. You were so gonna get him when you guys got back to the dorms.

  • psychic: *reads my mind*
  • me: --and what the fuck is up with the Millenium Puzzle? Like, what's the realities of living with that? Does Yugi ever just take the puzzle off because he gets tired of someone watching what he's doing all the time? But he's shown sleeping with it, so is Yami there all the fucking time, even for weird embarrassing mundane things like taking showers? Can he even tell when Yami's paying attention? What level of consciousness does Yami explicitly have when the puzzle is away from Yugi, especially since he's seemingly aware that time passes when the puzzle is returned? And for another thing, are mind rooms a thing just everyone has, but that can't necessarily be accessed? Or is it exclusive to the puzzle? Or, rather, does the puzzle obtain that particular power from the presence of Yami's soul? And furthermore,
  • psychic: what the fuck

i know a lot of us are really angry and venting, but also keep in mind that you can only take so much before it takes its toll on you.  so if you can, sign off for a while.  i’ve been doing stuff for myself all day, getting work done and being as productive as i can be.  it’s helped clear my mind since damn near everything online leads back to this election which has made me not want to socialize.  it might be good for you to take some time to process this on your own and enjoy a little solitude while things are so intense.  either way i am wishing all of you affected by this future wellness; you deserve it.

so, medici was a flawed show. some things about it, particularly in episode 3 and 5, annoyed me and made me roll my eyes. but i’m not here to rant. in fact i’m here to take my mind off that orange talking std [cit] who just won the american elections and list some reasons why i’m happy i had medici. 

  • it’s a rai (italian public tv) production. this in itself is a huge point because rai so far has produced, with few exceptions, mediocre fiction for barely literate old people (aka its average target). producing medici means, at least i hope, that this is going to change. it also breaks a seemingly never ending tradition of miniseries about the risorgimento and 20th century popes and nuns. i don’t mean to say my (beloved) grandmother should have nothing left to watch, but i wouldn’t mind watching something on raiuno as well, since we all pay for it. to put it shortly, it’s a step ahead. and i’ll seldom shut up about how unlike rai this show is in the following points.
  • cosimo is an anti-hero. rai made some, if few, co-productions about far-from-perfect characters before (see nero starring hans matheson) but they shamelessly whitewashed them by throwing other people under the bus and stretching history far more than it’s intelligent. here, cosimo is depicted as an essentially decent but also very deeply flawed person, a liar, an unfaithful husband and a somewhat cold father. he’s brooding and unreadable most of the time and while it’s impossible to hate him (at least for me, madden’s eyes make me weak in my knees) he’s not the shiny, stainless, misunderstood poor soul rai usually showcases.
  • contessina. cosimo’s wife is the strong female character™ you don’t expect. she doesn’t kick ass, she’s not cool as ice, she doesn’t go around poisoning people and claiming her right to sleep around as our modern age seems to want strong female characters™ to always do. she is strong as fuck, she is an iron lady, but she gets to be so even if she cries for her husband, if she’s desperate for his love, if she shouts hysterically at him (SO HAVE I is my favourite quote from the entire show, know it) and yes, wants some dick from him even if that’s just angry sex (ON RAIUNO). even if she’s petty to her husband’s mistress, if she endures, if she forgives him time and again and stays. not gonna lie, i would have ripped his balls and added them to the medici insignia, i wanted her to leave. but because feminism is about allowing a woman her choice and not judge her for it, whichever that is, long live contessina and her choice to stay and raise carlo as her own child.
  • the women. none of the girls from this show are entirely forgettable. bianca was a touching figure, if a bit vanilla. contessina’s what i just said. lucrezia is very sweet, but also growing into a formidable woman. maddalena isn’t just ‘the slut’ and even gets to shade the medici for their disrespect of her. emilia is gossipy but loyal.
  • renaissance in fiction. most italians know very little of the renaissance. ours being a relatively young political entity, we study and celebrate the risorgimento a lot, we produce a lot of fiction about it, we’re time and again told the story of the two WW and the holocaust. which is also great, we should do that. but we forget about the rest too much. we read the da vinci code but we hardly know what da vinci did and we still think napoleon stole the monna lisa because we don’t know leonardo died in freaking france. when medici was announced a lot of people had no idea who cosimo was. the renaissance is sometimes explored in documentaries, though not nearly as many as i see are made on the 20th century and the risorgimento; and it certainly hadn’t been explored in home-made fiction for at least some 30 years. to see brunelleschi (and with preziosi’s face) on tv, well that was special. personally i was really proud. that was florence, montepulciano, tuscany, lazio, finally celebrated. and not much cgi.i hate cgi.
  • the story. again i should remark how rare it is for rai to make a show like medici. we produce a lot of historical fiction, as we should because we have excellent costumes, but we usually make it about fictional characters or we whitewash historical ones, overromanticizing their lives, erasing their ambitions and their flaws and their gray areas. if we’d done cosimo’s story some ten years ago we’d probably have written of a goody-goody guy ending up with a huge bank because he was fundraising to feed the poor and buy his wife some flowers and then just happened to have a fortune to share with a saintly pope. this story wasn’t romanticized, in fact it’s much less romanticized than it was, say, on the borgias, where cesare was only ever driven by his love for lucrezia.
  • the bad guys. antagonists in fiction are usually ugly and just plain mean. albizzi, on the other hand, was a very handsome man and even an ex boyfriend of cosimo’s, which created a nice, interesting dynamic between the two of them. i’m afraid that won’t be the case with the pazzi next year.
  • the flashbacks. they were kind of poorly made because the characters all looked exactly the same when supposedly 20 years younger, but flashbacks were a peculiarity of this show and i missed them when they stopped coming. following two plans of the story would leave me wondering just how the hell we’d ended up there.
  • the music. seriously i’m addicted to this ost, praise paolo buonvino. sometimes i even think i wouldn’t like the show this much if it wasn’t for its soundtrack. i feel so dramatic walking around the city with renaissance in my ears and i absolutely adore how the theme is kind of broken into pieces and spammed in various tracks throughout the series.

so yeah this is way too long but i’m happy i had medici and i forgot about trump for about 30 minutes. thanks. 

recent behavior (and other topics)

so i’ve been noticing a trend in the phandom. it seems like people can’t go a few days without starting drama. which is frustrating due to the fact that it’s usually directed at me and my friends. 

it truly boggles my mind that people actually take the time to foster negativity and bitterness in an environment meant to take people’s minds off of the things going on in their lives. the most ‘recent’ of this drama affected me the most due to recent events happening in my personal life. it affected me so much i sobbed for a long time and contemplated even worse things for a few seconds. i rashly decided to ‘quit’ my blog (obviously not the case but i genuinely enjoy running this blog contrary to the drama that happens). 

but the thing is ‘phandom drama’ was what lit the fuse to my breakdown. that shouldn’t be happening ever. for anyone.

people that are in this community come online, on tumblr, to have fun. to take our minds off of what’s happening in our lives at least for a little bit. we blog about dan and phil for fucksake. it’s really not that deep. but the past few weeks have been full of negativity? and thats really not okay?

so like. i don’t know. this is everyone’s personal choice. but i think it would be cool if people would stop trying to start drama or at least be mature and directly message people to sort out disagreements. vaguing and negativity got me down bruh. positivity is nice and good

sorry for being slightly waffly and sad. i’ll try to keep it to a minimum from here on out. much love and hugs


Warnings: Possessive Roman, Klaus x Reader dirty flirting

“Roman…” You muttered wearily.


“Who?” he spat out and jerked the car to a stop without looking at you.


“Why does it matter Roman I’ve made my mind up.” You sighed and lent further away from him while gazing out of the red roadster.


“Is it Tyler, you were staying in Mystic Falls all summer?” Roman asked.


“Roman just take me home.” You sighed and avoided meeting his cold gaze.

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Cuddles with Derek

“Cuddle with me Derek, I’m a bit cold.” I fake shuddered, hoping that he’d give into my lie. 
“You’re in two thick blankets, I can think you can manage without being in my arms.” Derek chuckled deeply.
He looked like he had just woken up, hair disheveled with his sweatpants dangerously sitting a little too low on his waist. Sleep was slowly taking over me again and I drifted off for a few minutes before feeling the bed sink next to me.

Huge muscle arms found their way around my waist and pulled me closer. I felt slow, warm breaths on my neck and a bit of scruff scratching me softly. “I thought you didn’t want to cuddle werewolf?” I smirked, not yet turning around to face Derek. “You made me change my mind baby, now turn over so I can kiss you.” Derek said while smiling into my neck. I laughed before rolling over to face him.

 “I love you Derek”
”I love you so much baby girl” 

(Just something I wanted to write, I’ve never written a Derek imagine before lol) 

Not A Date (Part 2)

Perdóname but this is lowkey long, hope ju liek et :) Part 3 is written and ready, out of fear that it’d be too long already I made the smut happen in part 4 so buckle up, stay tuned, take off your shoes and stay a while fam

Upon arrival to y/n’s apartment, she didn’t know what to do as her mind swarmed over the thought of her going out with Spencer tonight. She naturally did what she always did when she couldn’t think straight, she cleaned.

Mid-dish washing she had gotten a call from Spencer and they agreed on a time to meet and where to meet. Under pressure on the two hours she had to get ready, she cleaned some more, took a quick shower, struggled to pick an outfit then headed out once it was time. Now as she exited the cab that stopped in front of the theater, she hoped her outfit wasn’t too casual nor too fancy. Against her own wishes after all, this was not a date.

Her worries subsided as she heard the cab drive off behind her, her eyes landed on Spencer standing by the entrance. Of course, charmingly leaned on the wall and looking down while he read one of his books.

“Spence!” She called and the boy wonder’s head snapped up from the pages of a handwriting profiling book. His face lit up at the sight of her and hers did as well when she noticed the scarf around his neck since she too wore an orange scarf for the occasion.

“Hey, y/n, haven’t seen you in a while,” he joked with a soft chuckle as she wrapped her arms around his neck lovingly, making him cautiously snake his around her waist. He smile dropped once he felt her lips touch his cheek and his brows instinctively shot up as she pulled back.

“Looks like we’ve got about twenty minutes to kill until the movie starts! You got the tickets?” He nodded and retrieved the strip of tickets and handed her hers after tearing it off of his.

“Thank you, sir. Nice scarf, by the way.” He smiled at her comment.

“You look great, you pulled it off better than I could. Did you… want to go in now or-”

“How about we take a walk? Walk and talk then run back when it’s time, yeah?” He looked down at her face, the smile she wore and the excitement in her voice compelled him to say yes. Yet he knew in his mind that they’d be stuck with front row seats when they got back, his mind also raised in alert and even more nervousness flooded him at the thought of walking with her to talk. Spencer was never prominent in the area of conversation, so what in the world would they talk about?? But how could he say no…

“Yeah, let’s walk, y/n.” He said with a charming smile that made hers grow bigger, and so they laughed while they turned away from the theater to walk down the moonlit pavement. After three minutes of comfortable silence as they walked and shared a few small comments about their surroundings, y/n asked him the question she wondered about since they were at work.

“Hey, how come you weren’t going to come after Penelope flaked? You didn’t consider going alone?” She asked him, then she noticed his mouth do its quirk again and she knew this would be a sensitive subject. He sighed and prepared for a more sad turn in conversation.

“I did, of course, I love Halloween. I’d love to do that but I do everything alone. It’s particularly difficult to enjoy the film when I’m sitting there alone with no one to turn to if I want to comment about the movie or share a snack with or laugh with like everyone else in there. It’s typical for people to go to the movies in a pair or with a group but I’d just… be there.” He confessed while his his eyes remained parallel to the sidewalk, glued to the alternating steps of his Oxford shoes. Her face softened and she swore her heart broke a little.

“Well… what about when the whole team goes out? You aren’t alone then, are you?” She inquired gently, watching his gaze stubbornly lock to the ground instead of looking back.

“Y/n, have you taken a look at me lately? Yes, the team goes out in a group and we have some fun but more often than I’d like, the locations we go to are clubs or bars. For a person like me, that is not my scene. Especially not when Morgan and Penelope team up in hopes of either getting me drunk or getting me to talk to some girl I know nothing about.” He argued, his brows coming together in the frustration that built up with every word. She felt sorry for him, yet she shrugged the feeling off knowing that isn’t what he needed. What he needs is encouragement, a confidence builder.

“Yeah, they’re both trouble, I’m sorry. Do you ever offer the others to hang out?”

“Yes well, I try to. They either pass or take a rain check and I never hear about it again.” He spoke as his voice diminished almost to a whisper.

“You know it’s not because they don’t love you or don’t like you as a person, right?” He stayed quiet, but the profiler in her could see through his micro expressions that told her that’s exactly what he thinks.

“You’re interests just don’t correlate with theirs. I’m almost sure if you offered to do something they are more likely to enjoy or know about, they’d agree to it. I know how they treat you, I’ve seen it all in my four months on this team. Trust me when I say that they love you and they think you’re amazing. Just your type of amazing isn’t something people see everyday, it scares them.” She felt relieved a bit when he looked back, listening to her words. A small smile turning his lips.

“Emily once told me you offered her to go see Solaris, Reid, which is five hours of sitting. Of course since it’s in your interest, you are willing to sit through it. For anyone else, they see it as five hours of sitting and being lost. Don’t ever think that they don’t like you because they won’t hang out with you.” He nodded slowly, intently noting what she said which he found to make a lot of sense.

“Thanks, y/n… for saying that.” He said to her. She smiled weakly.

“Tell you what, if there’s something you want to do, ask me. I might or might not decline depending on what it is or for other reasons. If it’s something you seriously want to go to, I’ll come with you.” She told him sweetly, smiling back at him. He couldn’t stop from flashing a smile too.

“Are you sure?”

“Of course! Why wouldn’t anyone want to hang out with an intelligent, multitalented, handsome man like you?” He paused once he heard the ‘handsome’ comment, yet his mind quickly answered her question.

“Cause I’m weird.”

“Okay, how?” She asked with skepticism.

“I can’t engage in normal or deep conversations, I lack knowledge of social cues and norms, Im awkward, and I spew facts as if my life depends on it. I ramble as well; therefore, I am weird.” He spoke rapidly, eager to prove his point that she didn’t seem to grasp for some reason.

“Reid, no. That’s just who you are and there’s nothing wrong with it. Plus if anyone here is weird, it’s me.”

“Not true.”

“Is to, ask my mom or my best friend or my brother. They will all tell you the same thing; I’m a know-it-all.”

“You? A know-it-all?” He asked, cocking a brow with a small smile.

“The worst! And I know, I don’t compare to fantastic Dr. Reid but it annoys the crap out of my family. Plus weirdly enough, I like memorizing lists. You know I’ve memorized the whole list of neurological disorders?” Spencer’s mouth hung open, his brows raised.

“Y/n, that’s a list from A to W with one to multiple disorders within each letter… and you don’t have an eidetic memory either.”

“A to Z actually, as of last year, but yes. No eidetic memory. Isn’t that weird?”

“No it isn’t, that’s amazing.” He complimented, their eyes locking on each other. She looked back at his hazel eyes she loved so much and made a decision on how to build some of his confidence.

“Reid, I’m going to tell you something that I don’t want to tell you and I’m upset about it but I feel like you’d need to hear it.” She watched him turn confused and cautiously they came to a stop.

“Okay…” She heard him trail off as she sucked in a deep breath and released it.

“I’ve had a big crush building up for you since my first day.” Silence followed her words, Spencer’s brows wiggled as they rose then came together. A crush? No way, he thought. Yet thought it over some more, it made sense. They’re both profilers. Of course they both sensed at times that they had a bond different from the others. Spencer recalled the way she would look at him when he’d be revealing a fact to the team on a case, it made a lot of sense. Also she would always be subtly defensive of him whenever others shut him down from sharing statistics or when they would pick on him. In the mornings she would routinely yet genuinely ask him about his day or his morning or his weekend. Could this be true?

“So you asked me out while you supposedly have a uh… c-crush on me? You made this a date… that’s against Hotch’s demands.”

“No, no, not a date. Just a very anticipated outing with a coworker of mine.”

“Who you happen to like?” He asked, a smirk forming on his face.

“Correction, who I happen to like a whole lot. And listen, if I can manage to become attracted to you even with your so called ‘weird’ qualities, what does that tell you?” She asked him and he thought hard until he met her eyes again.

“It tells me you’re very weird.” He answered, the both of them breaking into joyous laughter. After a moment they recovered, left smiling at one another. Until Spencer looked down at his watch.

“We should head back now, y/n.” He said in a low voice, not wanting their walk to end. She nodded with a grin.

“Let’s go, pretty boy.” Spencer laughed and made not one hesitant move as she linked an arm with his. Her body close to his as they made their silent pursuit back to the theater.


Sunday Progress Update…oh-yeah-I-never-did-that edition:

Not too bad! Snacking maybe wasn’t so great, but the snacks were very small, so I’m not upset about it. Two mini peppermint patties will not make or break my fitness goals here and there.

Holy. ______. This book. Someone drop everything and read it right now so we can discuss it!!!!

I like to dance. A lot. I dance all the time at the gym even when I’m not in a dance class. 😂 On Tuesday night, an older man who was new to class came up to me afterward and told me that I made him laugh and feel like maybe he should also dance a little bit to take his mind off of the pain (he’s recovering from an injury). I told him he absolutely should and told him to come to today’s class if he could. He did, and I introduced him to everyone. He told us afterward that he’d never been to any of the classes–he’d always felt a bit awkward about it. But, he said it made such a difference to meet so many friendly people because it made exercising feel less like work. So, so true. My gym has made such a difference for me, all the time really, but especially lately. 😍😍😍

I’m hopelessly behind from the past couple days, but I’ll do my best to catch up as I can! I missed you all!

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those Yurio x taller s/o hc are so cute!! would you mind doing a scenario? 💕

“If you laugh, I’m going to punch you.”

“But Yuri, you’re so cute.”

“Viktor made me wear this, it wasn’t my idea!”

Taking another look at Yuri’s costume, the girl burst out laughing. 

Yuri was currently dressed in a Christmas Elf costume, Viktor’s humorous way of referencing his height.

“How did you even agree to this?”

“I didn’t.”

(y/n) chuckled again, patting his head.

“Well, he’ll probably let you off the hook soon.”

“Don’t laugh just because you’re taller than me! I’ll get my revenge!”

“Sure you will. Little elf.”


Reaction: Seeing you in their shirt for the first time


He would be surprised and take a double take, realizing that you were wearing his shirt instead of your own. he wouldn’t stop you but he would mumble to  himself on how strange, yet relaxing to see you like this.

“hey,that’s my shirt…why is she wearing it??”

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As you walked past him in his shirt with that smirk on your face he knew you were up to something. The way you looked in his shirt, how it was ridiculously huge on you just made him speechless.

“What-W-why are you wearing my shirt? not that I mind it’s just…”

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He was on the phone before he saw you, and once he did, he couldn’t take his eyes off of you. The conversation he had been in was gone from his mind and all he could think about was how you looked so good in his shirt.

hmm, wait, yeah yeah I’m here sorry I got distracted for a second”

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He becomes flustered and extremely happy to you in his shirt. he even has to take a moment to calm himself down before he cam go back to what he was doing before, only with the occasional glances and giggles in your direction.

“Maybe you should just keep it, it looks way better on you”

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 He was thinking of questions for the next guests he would be interviewing. He would take one look at you and prepare his imaginary microphone and lean it towards you after asking his important question

“How are you going to explain yourself when Jaehyun comes over in a few minutes Y/N?”

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He would blush a deep red and face the floor, looking back up at you often. He would be caught quite a few times which would only make his blush darken.

“I was just…looking at the clock…”

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Taeil would go out of his way to be close to you, whether it be just standing by you or giving you a back hug. He would want to show you how much he loves it without words.

“I like your shirt Y/N, where did you get it?”

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