so i made this hahahaha


it gets a bit confusing to me coz i have a male oc that looks like how i draw zarya orz I FORGOT ZARYA’S TATTOOS IM SORRY


SiblingTale: During the War

Before and After Photoshopping =3= comparison

Why haven’t I been uploading any art recently?

It’s because of THIS art!

Originally it was just a random sketch of Neve. Then BAM! This appeared. So I spent like a month colouring this QwQ

Of course I ain’t really pleased with the colours because I have limited colour pencils and I kinda rush some parts.

So Ya~

Anywayz here are the Characters:~

•Undyne’s Dad
•Undyne’s Mom
•Unnamed Monster
•Unnamed Human

Remember this? In Queen Of Shadows When Rowan and Aelin Just had their reunion and she started to wash his hair? I love this scene! It’s so simple but I really like it! So I made it Hahahaha
Rowan and Aelin are too perfect ❤️
Sarah J Maas Characters

Something I really love from Haikyuu is the amount of small details in the animation that weren’t really that necessary. Details that probably don’t even appear in the manga at all. The small gestures, both in the faces and the bodies of the characters. Small actions that add nothing to the plot but that add an interesting layer to the animation and the story.

I mean things like this:

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There really was no reason to animate the gets his bag with such beauty and fluidity, but it is there and it’s gorgeous.

Or this:

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Just an example of the many scenes I’ve seen in which, when a character in front is doing something, there are also characters in the background actually moving and doing stuff. Here it is a meaningful action (although it could have been skipped) but many times I find characters in the background moving when there is no real need to animate them.

Haikyuu is full of these moments and as a person who had always watched rather low quality anime in the past, finding this treasure makes me feel so grateful. I could find many more examples, but I’m sure you get the point.

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I know kookie calls himself nochu on twitter but what does it mean?

// Hi Nonny! :D I do believe it’s a nickname he got from the show American Hustle Life that was filmed in LA back in 2014 I think?

(it’s also hilarious bc that was like the BTS fetus era where this beautiful MV was born – JK’s like 16 in this HAHAHAHA  imsosorrybutilikeliterallycantwatchthat MVwithoutlaughing)

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Listen child I just realized that all of my favorite ao3 killugon are written by you also that when I'm reading other fanfic I constantly think "December would have done that better" "camiecherries babe would have said this instead of that" so yes you are the killugon fanfic overlord

AHHHH OH GOSH YOU’RE TOO KIND ^/////^ I can’t believe you love my writing so much????? alskjdflaskjdl;faskdfj;alkjsdf;lkjsflkjasl

I just……I really really love killugon a lot ;;__;; I’m honored that you think of me as the killugon fanfic overlord hahahaha 

This message made me laugh and blush at the same time, so thank you for that XD

happy valentine’s day! (‘∀’●)♥ 


happy valentine’s day, my dear! hope you had/are having a great one! (^∀^●)♥ 

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ok i dont even K n ow what to say you must get this alot but still everytime i see your art and your tsukkiyams and your punkguchi (now your preppyshima too) and your fic stuff i kind of touch my shaky hand onto the screen gently and let out a breath because like its //so// good and //so// pure and i love it so much my heart cant take this anymore, youre just so great and thank you for all that stuff and aus i didnt even know i needed untiL I SAW IT <33


thank you so much!! it makes me so unbelievably happy every time someone tells me that they appreciate what i make for tsukkiyama…i enjoy creating things of them and it just makes my heart feel REALLY REALLY BIG to know that there are people that enjoy what i make too!! thank you, really!! i don’t really know what to say either, i just know i have a very big smile on my face!!!

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You're one of my favorite people on Tumblr! I really love your killugon fanfics and I like basically everything you reblog too! Thank you for being awesome!

^/////^ Thank YOU for sending this awesome message!!!! I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to hear this bc then my response would be total keyboard smashing hahaha XD 

I’m so glad that you love my fics and my tumblr so much!!!! I’m definitely writing more killugon today so be on the lookout for that~ ^-^

I swear, our house looks so American, but inside, it smells so Filipino, hahahaha!

I made laing for dinner. This requires tons of rice!

I browned the pork bellies in a very hot pot, then added onions, garlic and ginger. Once the aromatics are cooked, I poured coconut milk and turned the heat down. Simmer until the pork is very tender. Next, I added the dried taro leaves and simmer until the leaves are soft and the liquid reduced. I added some more coconut milk and seasoned it with fish sauce, shrimp paste and chopped chilis. Finish in low heat until leaves are somewhat mushy.


#29! did i give this sketchbook an entire spread just for dean sitting on the impala in short shorts and a wet sponge?

i would never especially not when it’s canon  [inktober tag]

Tatiana Maslany really is everyone!