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THE RFA BREAK UP POST AH MY HEART!!! Okay. So. What about the MC moving on and finding someone else? And RFA+V+Saeran realize that they still had feelings for her, but it's been a long time(like maybe a year or two) and MC's finally moved on and they just... Don't have a chance? Why am I like this. Why do I want this. I'm awful. (PS I didn't cry when I read the breakup one, no sir, I did not.)

hey i just read your breaking up headcanon and can i ask for rfa+v+saeran regreting their decision but idk maybe its too late or not its up to you

hi can i ask for a sequel of your break up hc like they regretting their choice and trying to get you back

aah these were similar so I figured I could do them all together! hope you like it. A sort of sequel to this


  • It took 14 months for Yoosung to regret everything
  • 14 whole months
  • Once he realises that he does in fact still love you with every ounce of his being, he starts getting weird
  • Like Yandere Mode™ is activated 
  • It starts off with the usual social media stalking, and he even has Seven helping him find out things about your life via what you post online
  • But soon enough he’s becoming obsessive, and Seven stops helping so not to let it get worse
  • But it does
  • Not being able to investigate everything he can about you online makes him jealous of anyone you’re in contact with
  • Talking to the guys in the messenger? Not on his watch
  • He becomes insufferable, constantly inserting himself into your conversations, commenting on everything you post online
  • You’re almost certain you’ve seen him in the corner of your eye whilst out and about a few times
  • But that’s just you being paranoid, right?
  • Either way it eventually reaches a point where he’s on your doorstep, begging you to take him back
  • He’s crying and rambling, and he’s quite possibly has something to drink
  • But you don’t love him anymore
  • In fact you’re unsure if you could ever love him again 
  • So you tell him this, and it sure as hell is not what he wants to here
  • You’re stuck with a blubbering mess at your door, and have to call Seven to come and retrieve him
  • After this things change drastically
  • He knows he doesn’t have a chance with you, you made that extremely clear
  • He stops stalking your online presence, instead turning to the one comfort he has - his games
  • All he ever does is sit at his computer, playing his games, isolating himself from the outside world
  • Because he doesn’t want to be a part of the outside world if he doesn’t have you.


  • It really didn’t take long for Zen to regret his decision
  • Like it was probably about 5 months, if that
  • Even the first night when he went to bed alone he had the seeds of doubt growing within him
  • Unfortunately for him, those 5 months were all it took for you to move on
  • You knew it was all for the best, things just didn’t work out
  • But he didn’t think like that, and he wanted you back
  • He tried to be romantic, turning up at your door with flowers, dedicating his performances to you, leaving you voicemails of him singing love songs
  • But you ignored everything
  • You felt guilty ignoring his efforts so much, but it was the only way you would get him to move on like you had
  • How would he let it go if you let him think he was getting somewhere with you?
  • His attempts start getting more desperate, with more and more drunk voicemails being left throughout the nights
  • One of these nights you hear a thump by your front door, opening it cautiously only to find a passed out Zen on the floor
  • You debate just bringing him in until morning, but that would probably give him false hope, so you grab your phone and call Seven to come and help you
  • The two of you manage to get Zen into the car, and you go with Seven to take him home
  • Once there you take Zen inside, helping him to his bed
  • After fetching a glass of water for him, you see he has start to wake up a little
  • Still drunk and groggy from passing out, he thinks he’s dreaming
  • Crying a little, he reaches his hand out to hold yours
  • I love you so much, please just come back to me
  • But his begging still does nothing for you, so you tell him that things will never go back to how they were, and you quietly turn around and leave to go home
  • The next day is surprisingly peaceful, no calls, no visits, no voicemails
  • This continues for weeks, and althought you don’t hear from him you think he’s moving on
  • But you soon find out that isn’t the case
  • Jumin informs you that Zen is drinking much heavier and earlier than he had been previously, and the reason he hasn’t been contacting you is because he’s usually too drunk to even move, that is of course if he hasn’t passed out
  • You lose count of times you wake up to find him passed out on your doorstep, because no matter what happens or how much time passes, he always finds his way back to you, even when you don’t want him to
  • You are after all the love of his life, and he doesn’t know any different than to go to you.


  • She thought she was doing the right thing
  • She thought she had made the right decision
  • But one night whilst watching Zen’s latest romance film for the 100th time she realises it would have been your 5 year anniversary
  • Had you not broken up two years ago that is
  • She’s been so damn busy with work, she’s barely had time to think about how she feels
  • But here she is, suddenly swimming in memories of the two of you 
  • It doesn’t take long for her to realise she’s full of regret
  • How could she let you go?????
  • It’s late now, so she decides to just sleep on it
  • Waking up she’s hopeful it was just a night of reminiscing 
  • It wasn’t
  • If anything, she feels even stronger
  • She suddenly can’t stop thinking about running her hands through your hair, the glimmer in your eyes, the way your hand fits perfectly into hers
  • Every little detail she overlooked before were now screaming to be seen
  • It also just so happened this was the day of the RFA meeting, and she was going to have to see you
  • She got lost in your eyes as you spoke to the group about the guests for this particular party
  • She doesn’t even know what was said
  • After the meeting she casually makes comment to Jumin about how happy you looked
  • That’s when he says the one thing she never wanted to hear
  • Well it’s probably because of the new girl they’re seeing
  • Her heart literally shatters as he says the words
  • Jaehee doesn’t really know how to handle this??
  • Why at the same time she realised what a monumental mistake she made by ending things with you, did she have to find out there was someone else making you happy
  • Her way of dealing with it is pretending everything is normal
  • Not you or anyone else ever notices, she hides it so well
  • If you had known, maybe you would realised you felt the same
  • But you never find out, so you never reflect on how you feel about her
  • She supports you in your relationship, and seems to get on really well with your girlfriend
  • But when no one is looking, her eyes well up, and the occasional one escapes
  • She cries herself to sleep more often than she’d ever be willing to admit
  • Seeing you and your new girlfriend happy together breaks her heart over and over again
  • She would kill to be the one making you smile like that, just like she used to.


  • He’s always prided himself on his ability to ‘kill his feelings’
  • And when he ended your relationship, he did this easily
  • It didn’t take long for him to revert to his old ways, being stiff and generally unwelcoming 
  • He was civil to talk to, but he was so different to the person who had you inside his head for three years
  • The breakup felt like it had almost killed you
  • It took you a very long time to get over it, because you never had any closure
  • But then you met someone, someone who let you in from the start, who treated you like you were the single greatest thing on earth
  • You still had a lot of hurt in you from Jumin, but this new person was like a breath of fresh air
  • As things get more serious, you start bringing them around the group more
  • Up until the first time Jumin meets them, he had no idea you were even considering dating other people, let alone be in a serious relationship with someone
  • He’s polite, but doesn’t make much of an effort with them
  • He ??? doesn’t ??? know ??? what ??? this ??? feeling ??? is ???
  • It feels like his heart is actually aching, but that’s just illogical, surely?
  • That night he sits with Elizabeth, drinking his wine and trying to figure out what is going on with him
  • The best thing he can think to do is call up the person who knows him better than himself, and he does so, explaining these strange feelings to his best friend
  • V chuckles softly, a hint of sorrow in his voice as he tells Jumin what it is
  • Jealousy
  • He hangs up, shifting Elizabeth and walks over to his penthouse windows, looking out at the night sky
  • V is right, and Jumin knows it, but there’s nothing he can do
  • He is the one who ended things after all
  • He can’t swoop in now and hope to have you back
  • His solution is to obviously stomp out the feelings, but it doesn’t work
  • He cant get you out of his head, you even haunt his dreams now
  • So instead he distances himself from the RFA more and more, only speaking with V on a regular basis
  • RFA parties can’t be avoided, so when the winter party finally arrives, he doesn’t have a choice but to go
  • Seeing you hurts him, but no one could have prepared him for what happened
  • Your significant other proposed, in front of everyone, right in the middle of the room
  • You were so happy and excited you didn’t see Jumin’s tall figure quietly leaving the building
  • But V did, and for a brief second, he almost thought he saw a glistening tear making it’s way down Jumin’s face.


  • About 6 months after that party, you started to feel better
  • To say you were completely over him would be a stretch, but it didn’t feel like the world was crashing around you whenever you saw him
  • As you started accepting the relationship was over and letting go of it, Seven slowly started joining back in with the RFA more
  • It doesn’t take long for the two of you to become relatively close again
  • But it’s different 
  • You still love him, but it just feels platonic now
  • It didn’t seem possible that you would ever get to a place where you could be happy in his presence again, yet here you are
  • The pair of you spend a lot of time together, but you still manage to start dating again
  • A lot of people are uncomfortable with how close you are to your ex, except one
  • They’re so perfect ???
  • You can’t believe it ???
  • If you thought you were happy when you were with Seven, you were wrong, this was genuinely the happiest you had ever been
  • Little did you know that during those months where you were rebuilding your friendship with Seven, it was bringing back more than just platonic love for him
  • Without even realsing he found himself madly in love with you again all of a sudden
  • He just wanted to have you at his side all the time
  • And whilst you did spend a lot of time together, it wasn’t how he wanted it
  • He stalked your new significant other online within an inch of their life
  • Everything they ever posted or was posted about them he found
  • But there was nothing in there to use to get rid of them
  • They were a good person
  • But even so, everday before he went to sleep, he would check again
  • One day he would find something, to keep this person away from you
  • He had to find something
  • Slowly as your relationship progressed, Seven started holding himself back, once again isolating himself from everyone but V
  • He didn’t know how he was supposed to live a life where someone else made you smile the way he used to.


  • A little part of him always harboured some feelings for you still
  • He knew he would never completely move on, but he didn’t expect this
  • It had been a little over a year since he broke off your relationship
  • You were less bitter, so he saw this as a sign of you having moved on
  • But something about that just didn’t sit well with him
  • Had you really let it go?? Did you really no longer have those feelings for him??
  • For a long time it seemed like you would never move on
  • So now that you had, he hated it
  • It didn’t take long for him to realise
  • He was still in love with you
  • The second it was clear to him, he wanted to drop everything and run to you, just to plead for a second chance and tell you how much he loved you, how he had been so stupid to give up such a perfect person like yourself
  • But he didn’t
  • You finally looked happy
  • And if that didn’t make his heart feel light and airy, he didn’t know what would
  • He knew how much he had hurt you, and he didn’t believe he deserved a second chance no matter how much he wanted it
  • So he chose to keep his feelings to himself, never telling a living soul about how much he craved curling up with you every night 
  • How he craved to feel your hot breath on his lips again
  • How he craved to see you smile because of him again
  • He spends his time pretending he doesn’t love you
  • Just seeing you happy and healthy is enough for him
  • Even if not having you by his side physically hurts him
  • Whenever he hears you laugh he has to actively stop himself from daydreaming about a life where you were his once more
  • Unlike the others, it’s not because you’ve moved on that he never gets you back
  • He just thinks it’s for the best
  • But if he had told you how he felt, he would have found out you were still in love with him too
  • Instead you both continue to hurt, both wishing the other would reach out
  • But neither of you ever do, and neither of you ever get over the other.


  • He was wrong
  • He was so fucking wrong
  • He doesn’t even know why he said it
  • Of course he loved you, of course he still loved you
  • But he had said it, and he had shattered your heart into so many pieces he could never fix it
  • So he never tried
  • It took a long time for you to get over it, at least 3 years to be specific 
  • But you got there eventually
  • Looking at him didn’t hurt
  • Being in his presence didn’t make you nauseous 
  • Hearing his voice didn’t make you want to scream
  • What you didn’t know is that it was the other way around now
  • Looking at you hurt 
  • Being in your presence made him nauseous 
  • Hearing your voice made him want to scream
  • He knew he had left it far too long now, and you were finally happy
  • There hadn’t been much if any relationship between you since the breakup, so when he started isolating himself you didn’t even notice
  • It was Seven who reached out to you, telling you something was wrong with his twin but he didn’t know what and he didn’t know how to help
  • So being the person you are, you went over there to try and speak to him
  • It was awkward at first, you had barely spoken in 3 whole years
  • But you wanted to help him so you pushed and pushed
  • Eventually he snapped and and blurts out that he can’t handle his feelings for you anymore
  • You’re taken aback by his confession, which is followed up by a question you dreaded answering
  • With what almost seemed like tears in his eyes, he quietly begged for you to just tell him you still loved him too
  • The only thing he wanted to hear, you couldn’t say
  • He asked you to leave after you told him you didn’t, and you did so without putting up a fight
  • The last thing you wanted to do was make the situation worse
  • For the first time in a long time, Saeran cried himself to sleep
  • He distanced himself from the group slowly, only speaking via Seven
  • But he always kept an eye on you, because even if you didn’t love him, he wanted to keep you safe and happy
  • You were the first person he truly loved, and you would also be the last.

Love Unintentional (Part 3)

Originally posted by irinagudronchik

Word Count: 3183

A/M: The first part has become one of my most popular posts for a story and thank you so much for that! ❤️ Here’s Part 3. As always, if you like it, let me know :)

Other Parts: Part 1, Part 2, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6

You went back to your place only three hours after you had found out your boyfriend’s secret.

You had made it to a bench in a quiet park nearby, wiping away the endless tears that came with the pain. 

The place was quiet and the only people around were a couple nearby, playing fetch with their dog. 

You watched them as they smiled at each other, as the big Labrador ran across the field and caught the frisbee in the air. 

They looked so happy. You thought, We used to be happy like that. But then this all happened. I fucked up.

However you looked up in realization, as you let your thoughts sink in.

He’s the only that fucked up. NOT me. Why should I leave? That's my home, under my name. He’s the one that fucked up and I am NOT going to just run away. 

A sort of strength had been instilled in you. One you hadn’t realized that you had. Whether fuelled by anger or adrenaline you didn’t care. He was making life difficult the last few months and you didn’t deserve any of this.

You walked in and scoffed at his confused look, as he wondered where you had disappeared to that morning. But you confronted him about it, and you didn’t give him a chance to give you that same excuse he had given you for months. 

“You’ve been cheating on me! Don’t you fucking deny it! I’ve seen that number for months [Y/BF/N]. Months! And I believed you! I believed your stupid lie saying it was just a "coworker”. That I shouldn’t talk or ask you questions cause it’s comparable to mine and Harry’s situation. I thought I was paranoid! But I was right! I was fucking right!“ Tears had formed in your eyes but your anger kept you going, as the longer you looked at him the more you wanted to punch him in the face. 

"I only did it because you were slipping away from me [Y/N]. You were spending too much time with him. Talking about him.”

Your mouth fell open at his words, you were so angry you could barely think, “[Y/BF/N]. You’ve said some stupid shit before. But seriously? That is the fucking stupidest thing I have ever heard in my entire life." 

"So what? You’re gonna walk out? Finally get to be with him? I know it’s what you want.”


You continued to look at him almost laughing at his stupidity, “Oh my god! If you think I’m walking out you’re dead wrong. You get the fuck out!” You said pointing to the door, he gave a confused look, “For months! Want to enlighten me on how many months exactly?” You asked sternly, not sure if you were even ready for the answer.  

He suddenly had a look of guilt on his face, “4." 

You closed your eyes, the pain of that knowledge sinking in, "Four months… FOUR FUCKING MONTHS!” You said now yelling, “FOUR MONTHS YOU WERE CHEATING ON ME. Cause what? You felt you should’ve been more successful than me? Because I made friends that weren’t you? FOR FOUR MONTHS YOU WERE FUCKING SOMEONE BEHIND MY BACK, ACCUSED ME OF CHEATING ON YOU WHEN YOU WERE REALLY DOING IT TO ME?!” And suddenly you realized something, “All these months when you asked me if I was cheating on you. Accusing me of being too close to Harry. You were trying to cover for yourself! You were trying to find anything you could so you couldn’t be the bad guy weren’t you?”

He suddenly couldn’t look at you and remained quiet, and that was it, “Get the fuck out!” You said now physically pushing him away, not able to put up with his presence anymore. “GET THE FUCK OUT!” And you managed to get him out the front door. 

“But [Y/N]. I live here. My things-" 

You grabbed the door and gave him a look, "Not anymore you don’t. Never come back.” And you slammed the door in his face. 

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Survive the Wasteland: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

Shouyou stared in stunned confusion at Kageyama’s back as the other man walked away. Despite vowing to do so many, many times, Kageyama had never truly pushed him away like he had just now. Especially not the evening before he left for a job.

Kageyama had taken several odd jobs here and there since they’d come to Smog City, some of them mundane, and some of them quite dangerous—but if he was leaving Shouyou behind at the hospital, he always gave him a rundown of what he’d be facing, if only to teach him more about the Wasteland. He never seemed threatened or worried.

This time, though—this time Kageyama seemed tense. That was new and unsettling enough to set Shouyou on edge.

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Interview with Hermann Gerland
  • FCB: Mr Gerland, you've accompanied Philipp Lahm for many years. Are you on first name terms?
  • HG: We're on first name terms.
  • FCB: Since when?
  • HG: Since I started working with the pros back in 2009.
  • FCB: But you've known Philipp Lahm much longer. When did he come to your attention for the first time?
  • HG: In the summer of 2001. Philipp played for the U-19s then, but I promoted him because I needed a full-back for the reserves. I'd seen him play for the youths.
  • FCB: And he convinced you straightaway?
  • HG: I still have strong memories of his first match for my team, when our reserves faced Burghausen in the Regionalliga Süd. We won 2-1, and Philipp played, well, as he always does; he turned in a flawless display.
  • FCB: And off the pitch?
  • HG: Philipp was very mature at 17. To my knowledge he hasn't made any significant mistakes or attracted negative attention to this day. He was punctual, he worked hard. He's always trained outstandingly well, and he's never mouthed off about other players, neither in his youth nor today as a superstar. He gives young players advice, he's a role model. He's never lost touch with reality, as demonstrated by his social commitment via his foundation. Philipp has done an incredible job for all these years.
  • FCB: So he's a perfect player for any coach?
  • HG: As reserves coach I enjoyed the two years with him, and I'd have liked to enjoy him longer. But it would have been disastrous not to let him play in the Bundesliga, it just wasn't possible. Arranging that wasn't easy. Renowned coaches declined until Felix Magath accepted.
  • FCB: Some Bundesliga clubs will have regretted it.
  • HG: Two years ago I ran across a scout working for a Bundesliga club. I'd recommended Philipp to him back then. We talked, and he told me: 'I've watched Philipp Lahm and seen the same things you've seen, that he's an outstanding player. But my people didn't believe me.' That's a nice little story.
  • FCB: So he joined Stuttgart.
  • HG: Philipp was able to play in the Champions League that way. After only three months he was the best man on the pitch against Manchester United, so Alex Ferguson wanted to sign him. That says it all. Philipp went on to win almost everything there was to win. He only failed to win the European championship. The only sad thing is that he hasn't been named Player of the Year, which I don't understand. Sure, Philipp doesn't play in a spectacular manner. But if he's sidestepped only once or plays a bad pass everone's asking: what's wrong with Philipp today? That's the mark of an extraordinary career.
  • FCB: In terms of height Philipp is smaller than many other players. In what ways has this influenced his style?
  • HG: Philipp is very fleet-footed and hard-running, that was his advantage. And even though he isn't tall his jumping power is enormous, and he's strong in the air.
  • FCB: So training headers at the pendulum has paid off.
  • HG: Of course Philipp worked with the pendulum. All my reserves did, Mats Hummels too, he still does today.
  • FCB: What was your reaction when you learned Philipp would retire at the end of the season? Did you talk to him about it?
  • HG: No. I only told him: 'Philipp, it doesn't count if you ask me. I'm watching you during training and in matches. You're performing at a top, top, top level. The fans will be sad. Your footsteps will be very big, your shoe size notwithstanding.' I always tell my players: play for as long as can, you have the best time of your life as a player, especially if you play football like he does. I think he could have continued at the highest level.
  • FCB: How sad will you be?
  • HG: I'm always sad when players I've worked with leave or retire. It was the case with Basti Schweinsteiger, now it's going to be the case with Philipp. But he's made his decision, and I wish him all the best. He probably thinks: 'I'd better retire before everyone's starts saying: Philipp should finish his career.' Now he can focus on his family. I hope he'll return to football in some form one day.
  • FCB: What's your impression of Philipp in the last few days of his active career?
  • HG: He trains as he's always done. Maybe he'll notice after one or two months that he still wants to play.
  • FCB: He can call you then.
  • HG: He's always welcome in the youth academy, he can join us in training. Perhaps the U-19s or the U-17s, or even the U-15s, he might fit in in terms of height (laughs). He should come if he feels like it. He's a very, very welcome guest. I think I'll invite him at some point to talk to our young players about his career.
  • FCB: Many legends have played for FC Bayern: Franz Beckenbauer, Gerd Müller, Uli Hoeneß, Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, Lothar Matthäus... How do you assess Philipp Lahm?
  • HG: He's absolutely in the FC Bayern team of the century, on a par with the greatest players.
  • FCB: Do you think you'll work with a player like him again?
  • HG: I'm told again and again there's a second Philipp Lahm whenever a talent is a bit smaller in terms of height. But if someone scores three goals that doesn't make him a Gerd Müller. There aren't many players like Philipp Lahm. He's exceptional.
MariChat May (or is it?)

So, @breeeliss made a post about remixing MariChat May a little bit to be more gay inclusive, so I made her one of her favorite things in the spirit of the month. I kind of decided to do this like an hour ago, so it’s probably not the greatest, but whatever no one’s perfect! I kind of combined several of the prompts from the MariChat Calendar cause I’m not good at keeping up with daily prompt things so fight me!


Summary:  Chat Noir pays her favorite civilian a visit on a cold night, and Marinette can’t help spoiling her partner rotten. Ft. Chat!Chloe

Rating: G

Words: 640

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Rainstorm - ShikaTema

I saw an amazing fanart of Shikamaru watching Temari enjoying a rainstorm and I cannot, for the life of me find the original artwork again. Anyway, that art inspired this story. 

“Isn’t there anything more interesting to do?” Temari’s lower lip curved outward, forming a pout that she would never admit to having.

Shikamaru moved another piece across the board between them, lifting his dark eyes to the woman’s face. “Find my company boring already?”

“I didn’t say that,” Temari argued, brow scrunching in concentration as she took in the positions of her tiles.

Though Shikamaru didn’t say it, he had the woman beat in five to eight moves, no matter which path she selected. In the past few weeks, Temari had grown better at the game, but she was still hard pressed to come close to his skill. As he waited for her decision, Shikamaru studied the kunoichi across from him. Lantern light gilded Temari’s features, bringing out the golden highlights in her hair and the sun-kissed quality of her skin.

The evening had grown to full night around them, but Shikamaru couldn’t bring himself to care. They would say goodbye in the morning, Temari back to Suna, and Shikamaru back to his work as the Hokage’s advisor. He’d asked her to dinner, then back to the Nara compound to play shogi. That had been four games ago, but neither had broken away. A cool breeze rippled through the panel that opened to the yard, cutting the summer heat.

Temari lifted her head and tipped it to the side. “What’s that sound?”

“Rain,” Shikamaru answered, turning to the darkness outside. Soft pattering filled the air, the ground greedily sucking up the moisture as it fell. He should have walked Temari back to her room before the storm started. The signs had been there: the oppressive heat weighing down and the chill that warned a of its coming. He’d selfishly wanted to steal a few more minutes while he could. Almost on cue, a soft rumble of thunder echoed in the distance.

Temari stood and crossed the room, stepping onto the porch that surrounded the house. Frowning, Shikamaru followed. “You should let me walk you back to–” He paused, realizing that Temari wasn’t listening. Her green eyes opened wide, full of life, as she watched the ground grow increasingly damp. Shikamaru set down the lantern he carried, watching her.

Tentatively, Temari reached one hand from beneath the safety of the roof. Clear water splashed off of her skin, and to Shikamaru’s amazement, Temari giggled. It wasn’t as high pitched as Ino’s, but it was definitely a giggle of delight. Forcing her sleeve higher to reveal a delicate wrist, the woman let the rain run down her forearm, her other arm hugged around a post. Childlike wonder softened her face.

“I can’t believe there’s this much water just falling from the sky,” Temari sounded much younger than her age.

Of course, Shikamaru realized with a start. They didn’t have thunderstorms in Suna; Temari would be unfamiliar with them. It wouldn’t be the first time she’d seen rain, of course, but perhaps the first time she could marvel at it freely. Rather than interrupt her fascination, Shikamaru sank to the porch in silence.

Finally letting her damp arm fall back to her side, Temari leaped into the rain completely. For a moment, she stood there, face turned up to the sky as the droplets splashed against her skin. Then, she let out another soft laugh. Thunder rumbled again, distantly, but she was too consumed in the feeling of the water to notice any danger.  

Shikamaru disregarded it too. More difficult to ignore, however, was the way Temari’s robe drank in the liquid, conforming to her body beneath. A blush burned his cheeks as he watched her turn in the rapidly forming downpour. Tendrils ran over her face, glistening in the soft flicker of the lantern light. She danced through the storm, turning her attention back to him. A single eyebrow raised skyward when she saw Shikamaru’s face, but a more devious smile slipped onto her lips. “Aren’t you going to join me? Surely this is more interesting than shogi.”

“No, I’d rather not get soaked,” Shikamaru answered.

“Too troublesome for you?” Temari grabbed his hand and tugged, giving Shikamaru the option of pulling her onto the porch with him or letting her guide him to his feet.

The summer rain was warm enough not to make Shikamaru shiver, but cool enough to feel refreshing. The conscious weight of Temari’s hand in his made his heart do a nervous twitch. She grinned at him, rain slicking her hair to her forehead and cheeks as water beaded on her eyelashes. She radiated life, and enough beauty to take his breath. If one believed in that sort of thing, anyway. Shikamaru didn’t. Temari spun, drawing him in a half dance across the muddy ground, and if his heart pounded louder, it was only mimicking the thunder. It had nothing to do with the proximity of her body to his.

“Don’t you love the rain?” Temari asked, eyes still shining as she looked up at him. Her movements brought her almost fully against his chest.

“Yes,” Shikamaru answered without thought. The truth was that he hated the rain. It reminded him of another day, icy water slicking armor to his body while washing away the sweat and tears. A flame fighting through, and a tendril of smoke rising in defiance of the weather. He’d understood what sacrifice meant that day, and every day since.

Temari must have sensed the change in Shikamaru as the memory flickered through his mind. Hands fisted against the damp navy of his shirt and drew him closer, though there was hardly space. “Convince me,” she breathed, half a moment before her lips found his.

There may have been some truth in the power of emotion. A strange, new feeling exploded through his chest, pushing the other memory back into the shadows of his heart where it belonged. Temari leaned in, body pressing fully against Shikamaru’s, and his hands slid around her hips like it was the most natural thing in the world. Thunder cracked in the distance, but neither turned away. If anything, Shikamaru pulled her nearer.

Moments or hours had passed when Temari pulled away long enough to draw a breath. “Mmm,” she purred, another sound Shikamaru never thought he’d hear her make. “That’s a good start, but I’m not entirely convinced-”

When Shikamaru captured her lips before she could finish, Temari chuckled against them. Somehow, between the heat of her body and the coolness of the storm around them, Shikamaru willingly lost himself. Temari’s hands and touch made it hard to think. Maybe the rain isn’t so bad, he thought, surrendering to the warm feeling growing inside of him.

Piano Jam

Pairing: Gerard Way x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Summary: Request fic for @professionalfobtrash. “To sorta make up for my depressing request from before: A GeexReader where the reader plays piano and he walks in on them playing ‘In Dreams’ from the LOTR soundtrack? :x”

Gerard had been away for a few days on business. Specifically, he’d gone to New Orleans, to perform at the Voodoo Music Festival. You missed him, but you were happy he was getting a chance to perform his new, Hesitant Alien stuff for such a big audience.

He’d called you on the phone last night, and confessed to an impulsive purchase he’d made. “I bought a baby grand piano,” he explained. “I was wandering around the French Quarter, because I had some time before I had to be at rehearsal, and I just found this shop that sold all these cool instruments. You play piano, too, though, Y/N, so you don’t mind, do you?”

“No, that’s fine,” you’d chuckled, amused by your boyfriend’s spontaneity.

“I asked for it to be rush-delivered, so it might get home before I do,” Gerard warned.

He’d been right. Two delivery men had shown up this morning, and helped you move the piano into the house. They’d left a short while ago, and now, alone, you were able to inspect the instrument Gerard had bought more closely.

It looked like it was in good condition, you decided. But, to really test it, you were going to have to play it. The first song that popped into your head was “Welcome To The Black Parade”, and your finger hovered over the key that would produce the infamous G note.

But, as you sat down on the bench that had arrived with the piano, you decided there was another song you’d prefer to christen your new piano with. It had taken a long time to learn, but since you had, it had become one of your favorites: “In Dreams”.

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No Place Like Home

The future is a different country. Sometimes it’s hard to find home. 

A What If Peggy (with the Serum) was in the ice with Steve AU (Steggy Secret Santa gift for @bisexualhayesmorrisons)

Note: This is… slightly more melancholy in tone than I’d really intended, especially at the beginning, but I hope you enjoy it regardless. Also, this is not compliant with Peggy’s backstory in S2.

“I’ve gotta put her in the water,” Steve said, looking at her as she fiddled with the radio, trying to get someone on the line.

She didn’t acknowledge the words. She focused on the panel in front of her, but her shoulders were tense and the red nails of her empty hand bit into her palm. They had both looked at the instruments panel. It didn’t take fluency to know that whatever Schmidt had pressed earlier had locked them on course to New York. There wasn’t any choice, and they both knew it. The plane had to go down, and the only way to accomplish that now was to do it manually.


She looked over at him, her hair mussed and falling in her eyes after the fighting with Schmidt. She watched him with resignation for a moment. She’d always known there was the possibility that they might not live to see the end of the war, but right now it was overwhelming. She sighed and went still, when Steve reached out to take her hand, gently pressing his gloved fingers against her clenched ones, prompting her fingers uncurling to wrap tightly around his. Some of the tension ebbed away from her frame, but there was a fear there that wouldn’t be assuaged with a mere touch.

“If I could just find the bloody frequency-” Peggy grumbled, adjusting the radio panel with her free hand. There was a pop and crackle before static.

“I’m sorry, Peggy.”

She sighed. “I know.”

Ice stretched across the horizon, a white blanket. There was a moment of regret and pain for all the things neither of them would get to see now. All those plans and promises they’d both acknowledged but never quite made were going to end here in the cold. When Steve let go of her hand to take hold of the stick, Peggy laid her hand on top of his and nodded.

Together, they pushed, sending the plane careening down toward the ice below.

“I guess we won’t make that dance after all,” Steve said, looking at her. He laughed, a sad chuckle that sent a lance through her heart. “Probably for the best, I would have hated to step on your toes.”

Peggy was tempted to laugh. Of all the things for him to worry about- even if it was for nothing. “Far worse things have happened to me than you stepping on my toes, Steve.”

He smiled sadly. “We could have had the band play something slow.”

Peggy woke gasping, a sharp prickle running across her skin like needles. It was a feeling of ice in her veins. She had dreamed of the crash before, the feeling of the wind and the cold and the searing pain that followed. It was never the same twice, sometimes she dreamed of other horrors: of the Schmidt’s red skull laughing as the plane went down in flames and the feel of blood pooling at her feet and covering her hands.

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I Didn’t Understand That Reference (Rogers/Wilson x reader)

Request: This is based on a true story of how I tainted my most innocent of friends. But Steve’s reactions to urban dictionary requests like you are hanging with a friend and for fun you were skimming it so he asks about it and he is mortified

“I swear, that’s the last time that I fly commercial,” you hissed, storming through the door and throwing your suitcase into the center of the Avenger’s Compound living room, leaving your belongings to break free and litter the area, “what good is it to know Tony goddamn Stark if you can’t borrow a jet once in a while?”

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The Mystery of Suga’s 3rd Muster Acrylic Stand

Yoongi hadn’t seen the standee he’d liberated from the BigHit offices since he’d given it to Jin at that crazy gift exchange / Christmas party a few weeks ago.  He hadn’t seen it and - well - it bugged the fuck out of him.  He’d at least expected Jin to make a big show about standing it up in some agonizing part of the dorm.  YOongi hoped it wouldn’t be in the bathroom at the bottom of the toilet bowl to encourage the Kids to aim better - but thought that a distinct possibility.  

However even that would be preferable to - well - nothing.  And there was no sign of his little gift - not even in Jin’s trash.  Not that Yoongi had looked….hard…

It finally bugged him so much he had even asked Jin, who had smiled his little mysterious smile in Yoongi’s direction and had refused to answer his question. Just shrugged those beautiful shoulders of his and told Yoongi to “not worry about it.”  

So Yoongi tried, and tried again.  And then tried harder.  He would almost succeed in forgetting about the fact that his gift to Jin had gone missing, hadn’t been put up on display, had been apparently forgotten and cast aside by everybody but him - INCLUDING by the person who got the gift, his very own Forever Roommate Jin who he thought would care enough for his face to at least want to see him when he had to pee.  

He would almost forget and then Jimin would come strutting out of the bathroom wearing the underwear Hope had given him, or Namjoon would buy another pack of wet wipes (having gone through the original pack given to him by Jin almost right away and getting addicted instantly), and it would all come back  - HIS gift had apparently been thrown away.  

And ok, maybe it hurt more than he wanted to admit.   So he pouted.  

He was pouting a few days later, when Jin called him from the house one night around dinner time.  He asked Yoongi to stop by his office in the BigHit building on the way home from work to pick up a script he needed for one of his classes.  Yoongi didn’t grumble about doing something for his ungrateful roommate any more than usual, ok not much more than usual - but all of his grumbles stopped when he opened Jin’s closed office door and turned on the light.  

There, in the place of honor right to the right of Jin’s pink keyboard, was Yoongi’s acrylic stand, literally inches away from the script he was supposed to find and bring home.  There was no way he could miss seeing it.  And in that second, Yoongi knew that Jin had known he was upset, and this was how he was gently making it better.  Yoongi was thankful it was after hours because he couldn’t wipe the big dopey grin off of his face.  Here he was thinking that Jin had thrown his gift away, when in fact - he had done just the opposite, done more than Yoongi had ever imagined.  

He got home as quickly as he could, jumping in a car and all but running into the dorms.  Dinner smells were beginning to leak through the apartment, and Jin was muttering at the stove, apparently giving a pep talk to the meal they were about to eat.  Yoongi didn’t say a word and just swooped in for a back hug, firmly wrapped his arms around Jin’s waist - burying his nose in the t-shirt Jin was wearing that smelled like cooking and their room and HOME.   

“Hmmmmm,” Jin said, “Min Yoongi I presume…:

Yoongi didn’t answer.  

What’s going on, everything ok, did you find the script??”   

Instead of crying to Jin about how much it really did mean to him to see his little standee on Jin’s desk, instead of causing a scene by declaring his eternal love for his forever roommate right at dinner time, Yoongi just hugs Jin a little tighter (so tight he squeaks) and tucks his smile closer into Jin’s back while he whispers “Everything’s great Jinnie, I found the script no problem. I’m just really glad to be home.”   

(((warning extreme fan girl post is approaching your way in 3,2,1)

oh my goD so like a few years ago on Facebook I used to create like a ton of random Facebook pages for musicians and some groupie memoirs as well (I had quite the odd personal reading list in middle school), and I made one for Catherine James’ memoir aNd sHe sEnT a mEssaGe. Her memoir is my favorite in the 60s groupie genre and listening to her personal experiences of her hardships as a child and even as an adult just helped me get through so much like I thought “if this wonderful woman survived, then I can too!” I just posted a review of her book on Amazon after thinking about her, because it’s left an impact on me soooo many years later (and because I’m a nerd who enjoys posting reviews on Amazon in my spare time). I mean wow! And I also found out that Michelle Overman also liked my page a while back, but this? Awesome.

Sequel of sorts to my last Hogwarts AU drabble (LINK). Again, this is inspired by a post by @error-rfa. I tried to keep the last one as spoiler free as possible but this one spoilers are unavoidable because my snowflake IS a spoiler. So. Spoilers!

“Choi, Saeran.”

To the untrained eye, the younger Choi twin was stoic as ever as he walked through the Great Hall. There was no hesitation, no fear in his steps, and his face was a mask of perfect indifference. 

But Saeyoung knew better. If there was one subject he excelled in, it was Saeran. After all, who could know you better than your reflection?

Saeran’s eyes met his brother’s briefly, locking onto each other for only a second before the younger twin huffed and turned away. Saeran’s eyes remained fixed on some distant and likely non-existent point as the Sorting Hat made its announcement.


Saeyoung felt his heart drop, and though Saeran’s expression remained unchanged he could swear he felt his twin’s drop too. They weren’t together. They were being separated. Again.

He vaguely noticed the applause that filled the room. It sounded distant and faded, covered up by the empty echo of his brother’s footsteps.


Saeyoung watched his twin slow as he reached the Slytherin table, looking around as he waited for the room’s attention to move away from him. When the next name was called and everyone turned away his speed picked up again, his legs racing towards the nearest door.

Zen had been ready to greet his house’s newest member and the infamous younger Choi twin. He was one of the few to notice Saeran’s departure, and one of even fewer to care. He sent a confused look over towards Saeyoung’s table but his eyes were met with yet another empty seat.

Saeyoung raced to catch up to his brother. It was harder than he thought it’d be considering Saeran wasn’t running. His twin had to be the fastest sulky speed-walker he knew.

“Saeran!” he called again, reaching out to stop him.

“Don’t touch me!” Saeran snapped, pulling his arm out of his brother’s grip.

Saeyoung flinched. It hadn’t been too long ago that they had been close. He supposed it was wishful thinking to assume they would fall back into the way things were.

“Come on, Saeran,” he tried again, keeping his distance this time.”Cheer up! It’s not like we’ll never see each other. And no dorm room can keep the great 707 out, I guarantee–”

“Idiot,“ Saeran snapped, but sharpness of his tone was overshadowed by the slight tremble in his voice that only his twin would have noticed. "I don’t care. I’ve been fine without you this long, what’s another seven years?”

Ouch. He would deal with that stab of guilt later. For now, he had more important things to worry about than his feelings.

Saeran.” That was his big brother voice, the one that meant he wasn’t leaving until he was satisfied. “The sooner you tell me what’s wrong the sooner I’ll leave you alone.”

For a while it didn’t look like Saeran was going to answer. Still, he wasn’t leaving either. And Saeyoung knew better than to keep pushing him. It was like trying to attract a stray cat. You couldn’t run up to it and grab it or it would just scratch you, as he had learned from experience. Multiple experiences. He had to wait for Saeran to come to him.

“Does this mean…” Saeran’s scowl didn’t match up at all with the hesitant softness of his voice. He seemed to weighed each word in his mind before deciding whether it was something he was willing to share. "Am I like her?“ he finally got out, his voice so quiet Saeyoung almost didn’t hear it break.

Saeyoung reached out, placing a hand on each of his brother’s shoulders.

"You’re nothing like her,” he said softly, resisting the urge to pull Saeran against him. They weren’t quite back to that point yet. “You know, Slytherin’s not a bad thing. And you’re braver than I’ve ever been, you’re just too smart to be in Gryffindor. And too ambitious. And cool.”

Before Saeran had a chance to come up with a comment to match the cynicism on his face, they were interrupted.

“He’s right, you know. There some great Slytherins here,” a smooth voice cut in from behind them. Zen smiled as both twins turned to look at him. “Like me.”

Saeran’s attempts to compose himself were slightly thwarted by the pink flush of embarassment tinting his pale cheeks.

“I’m not sure you’re an argument in its favour.” 

Saeran’s mumbled insult earned a laugh from the older boy. The younger Choi flushed under Zen’s kind eyes and turned his gaze back to his brother.

"He’s right. You’ll be fine. And Zen will be good to you,” Saeyoung promised with a smile. “Because I’ll transfigure his bed into a giant cat if he isn’t.” His tone made it clear he was only half joking. "Right, Zen?”

“Stop smiling like that,” Zen deadpanned, rolling his eyes. “Anyways, I’ll look out for him. Any friend of Seven’s is a friend of mine.”

“I can take care of myself,” Saeran muttered, turning away from both of them. “And anyways, I’m not his friend.”

The elder twin held back a sigh as he nodded, but before he could say anything Saeran spoke again.

“…I’m his brother.”

Saeyoung cried for the second time that day.

Marichat drabble: Subconscious Pull Part 1

So I’ve had this idea for a Marichat scene for a while right, but I’m not the best with writing. Plus I’m kinda afraid to write because of some stuff that’s happened in my past; but I finally decided to write this out. Originally it was only gonna be like 100 or 200 words, then 1,000. But it just won’t stop growing, so I’ve decided to post the first portion now. 

Good luck, I hope you enjoy and I’m sorry for how bad it is. :p

Also gonna tag a friend @kittytish101

       Adrien had long ago taken over the night shift between ladybug and himself. The two had decided early on to be there for even the smallest of things, but had quickly realized how hard it was to be out at all times of day. For his part he tried his best to be of service to his lady during the day, but with such a busy schedule, and the night vision he gained from his powers it had become apparent that he was better suited for the night. Adrien smiled to himself as he quickly transformed and headed out over Paris.

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A/N: I posted this before but tumblr screwed up so I’m posting it again. 

Description: Phil isn’t sure what they are any more. Then he screws up. 

Word Count: 2K

Their situation is fucked up. Like… well and truly beyond what is normal.

Phil first met Dan four years ago. At the time Dan had a girlfriend. Phil can still remember the disappointment he’d felt at that. Dan was… everything he was attracted to. Smart, funny, sarcastic, quick witted… the fact that he was also very nice to look at didn’t help Phil’s immediate crush at all.

The first year he knew Dan was confusing. There were moments. Many moments between them. And Phil wasn’t sure if he was just projecting the feelings he couldn’t seem to will away on to innocent situations, or if there was actually tension between them.

They were glances amongst conversation when no one else was paying attention. Late nights texting each other well in to early hours of the morning. It was Dan always making sure he was sitting next to Phil and nudging him at every inside joke they had (because in that first year they shared so many jokes between them).

And it could have all been innocent.

But Phil wasn’t sure.

Then, exactly a year after they had met, Dan told him.

‘Emily and I broke up.’

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anonymous asked:

Hey A do you remember that time when someone asked you why you didn't stan Dinah and you made that list? Could you do one for all the others and add in the receipts?


note: i’m fully aware that people can change and all that but i’m just providing receipts as asked so yeah (also take note that i still stan 3/5). update: i only stan 2/5 now.



Only Mine - Revamped [Chapter 4 ( 1 / 5 )]

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Bad Day

summary: Tony doesn’t like when things don’t go according to his plan, so he does what every responsible adult would do. He pouts. A lot. Steve won’t have any of it.

A/N: Hi my name is Katherine ( aka @pleasantlyjovialfun).I decided to give it a go and make my second tickling story. In light of all the negative feelings this election has caused, I wanted to give readers something fluffy and cute. This only took me a few hours to write, so I hope you like it! I hope you all enjoy it and feel free to give me feedback!! :)

thank you for this fic! pouting Tony will be always treasured by me and it is so heartwarming that Steve is always there for him. guys, send the author some love!


Bad Day by @pleasantlyjovialfun

Steve let out a long audible sigh. He had just gotten back from a long meeting with Fury and he was really looking forward to finally getting a bit of peace and quiet. He was in the living room on the couch, flipping through the TV channels. He scanned the channels for a few minutes until he finally settled on an old black and white documentary on WW2. Finally, something he could relate to and enjoy.

His boyfriend Tony was currently in his lab, where he had spent the better part of the day. He was working on calibrating and reconstructing a new motor that he had designed, and he was in one of those moods where food and sleep meant little to him. Steve had last seen him before he left for his meeting. He had caught a quick glimpse of his genius as he briefly surfaced from his lab to grab a quick cup of black coffee. Steve had just enough time to give Tony a quick peck on the lips before he disappeared into his lab again.

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anonymous asked:

I love the 'Oops, I sent my text to wrong person' trope so much. Imagine drunk Dean sending a sweet message intended for Cas to Charlie. Dean becomes super embarassed and relived because at least he didn't send it to Cas. Charlie is like "You.. are NOT dating yet? How is that possible?? We're fixing it."

It’s a good thing Charlie was up at 2am anyway with the new World of Warcraft expansion and a rogue that needed her attention - thankfully an easy class to level because she was still buzzed from the crazy college party she’d been at until a few hours ago with friends from her dorm… And then she got a text from Dean. 

She was expecting some snarky comment about a goods exchange to swap back two thirds of her Princess Leia costume for the Batman mask she was still wearing, and maybe proof of the photos being deleted too (it was okay, they were for private blackmail purposes only - she’d never post them on Facebook unless Dean really gave her a reason). Instead, she seemed to have a wall of text to read:

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As you guys may, or may have not noticed, I've become a lot more active than I was a few months ago, and it's been a while since I appreciated all my favourite blogs and bloggers here on tumblr. So to celebrate my return and my love for you guys, here's a list of my favourite/most reblogged from/most influential blogs, that I love seeing on my dash. It pretty much includes almost everyone on my blogroll, tbh. I tried to include as many people as I could, and if I did not include you, it might've been because you've changed your url ever since and I've missed out on a lot and don't recognize your url, ja feel? 

But hey, I love everyone on my blogroll. You wouldn't be there if I didn't appreciate you and your blogs. 

I should also probably mention that I picked these blogs from end to start on my ''following'' list. So if I've been following you for a very long time, chances are, you're on this list. 

Also, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all my followers for making my blog such an uplifting and motivating place to come to. Makes me feel like I must be doing something right, whether it's relevant to my future or not. Without further ado, here's my first follow forever, of the many to come this year. 

Best Blogs Ever

a b c

- adidaslilo adoraliam absolutelouis ashtonirwns azarry 
bandanaharry bandanasharry batziam bewbies billiejoh
blowmikey blowszarry britisharold britishire brodways 
caradellies carnivalarry chesirestyls chocolatefonlou ciaoloueh 
cozyackles crazymofas craicthatniall cumonlou curlyyhaz 
cuteniam cyrilliart    

d e f

- dopeaszayn druglarry endharry everyharrys darnzayn 
donechapel dumbloudore duranduranoffical ehzayn 
emwahtsons fabingar fabnialls famelou fcksmalum 
firstfeb fuzetea   

g h i

g0tommogo girlalmihgty godamnmalik godlymalik getliam 
girlalmihgty got-niam harrymint harrydont harryniips 
harrythighs haroldstyls hhoran hiplouis hornyforniallhoran
hoecasta hazflirt hazzgazm horanmyselfaround horansunshine
hrrys imdoingharry itsgottabelou          

 j k l

- jamesniall jawllines jerkstyles kingoftheniall knightchanges 
kryptoniall leavemepayne liamsunrise likesboys llirry 
living-a-lovely-life lordhazz lordhrry louissaf louisbiceps 
louisstolemyharry louniallharryliamzayn lourryillousions 
lukescrotch lustlou lustsniall

m n o

- niallar niallsmoan niaeller niullars nialljh nialljhoren 
nialljhorn nialllhoran narreyh niallthedinglehopper 
niamrockme ninicutiepie
 nudeshaz nudeshire noharrys 
nopeziam michaelcliffrod midnightmems mistahmaliks
mrkilam mullingarpunk myharrystylish ofcraic ofdisnay ofteacups 
ohziall orgaziam

p q r

percysj poyntere princejavadd punkbrits purpleperrie 
raepunzel raspystylez reebaluvspink rejectnarry

s t u

- sexgodliam shutyournarry sigh-ziam sixsteen sleepyharrystyls 
smullingar snogsniall stockholmlou stonedcliffourd stopstyles2k10 
sttrumniall stylanconcept stylecs styles-way teacuphaz teasedlou 
teenluke tomlinsiin tomlimshire tomlinkicks tommo-payno-girl 
troulou ughlilo uhjavadd unitedkings ukcuties

v w x

- voicestyles whtieeskimo wingsto-fly woahstylz wolvhampton

y z #

-  zazain zaynjmaliks zaynmilaks zaynmalif zaynmalik2015 
zaynsluts zaynwest zeymar ziallbums 1dasfuckk 100emoji


you are all awesome as fudge. 

Also, a few special mentions:

To the following people: Gina (adidaslilo), Eva (purpleperrie) Carolina (wingsto-fly) and Renee (horanmyselfaround) – I haven’t talked to any of you in ages. Literally, ages. I must’ve been a year younger the last time I properly conversed with any of you. I’m sorry for completely cutting myself off from any sort of socializing, and I just want to let you know that I’m super thankful for all of you for being my friend, even if you don’t remember me anymore. Always in my heart. P.S. Gina, you were, and always will be my favourite blog. 

+ more special mentions,

for people that I’ve met on this website (not specifically through this blog), but have made me feel awesome since the day I met them: sophialaura, bree, jamie, serena and tabbie. ~squad~ 

And that's it. I love you all. Bye. + Conveniently enough, this is my 40,000th post on this blog. Woo!