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SO…Who’s getting tied up and tossed in the trunk for the next MV?  😂😂😂

I don’t think it’s accurate to say that the greed pair don’t show great concern about each other. 

They are shown to care about each other but it’s not in their character to overtly show their panic and distress (Licht’s pride and Hyde’s false bravado just won’t allow it). Instead, they have their own way to show their concern when the other is hurt or in danger.

Licht pulls Hyde up when he’s down. He doesn’t use flowery words or comforting hugs. He just kicks some sense into him and, while violent, it’s what Hyde needed. I get a sense of respect in his actions as well (strange as it is to say). Licht acknowledges how strong Hyde is when he pushes him forward even while he gives him harsh words. “You weren’t able to become anything but you could’ve if just fucking tried.”

Hyde pulls Licht back when he’s in over his head. Licht’s greatest enemy has always been himself and he’ll continue to fight well past his limit. He provokes Licht into fighting but he knows when to stop him. The minute he starts to worry about Licht’s safety and health, he stops.

But when the situation is dire (like when Tsubaki has Hyde’s nametag or Higan is threatening Licht), all pretense goes out the window and they’re ready to fight.

They’re foils which adds a fun layer to their ship and makes them more dynamic. The two are a surprisingly balanced pair because of that too.

Bonus: Hyde totally knowing Licht was lying when he said he was fully healed because he was watching him and saw him limping.

Survivor (Jason Todd x Reader) | Part Two

Not a Request.
Warnings: Angst? Mild anxiety. Comfort and reassurance. Some swearing.

You’re not sure what’s going on. You can’t tell what’s real and what’s not, because everything feels floaty and surreal- like you’re in a dream. A very strange dream, that makes you feel as though you’re under water. You can hardly pick up the sounds that are happening around you. They’re voices, you’re sure, but you can’t focus enough on them to find out what they’re saying. Not entirely, at least- only bits and pieces. Pieces such as: told you so, should have noticed, not your fault, and it’s going to be okay. You try your best to focus on the words in order to figure out what the conversation is about, but you’re so tired. You allow your mind to pull you into the abyss of unconsciousness instead.

You wake up to the sound of machines beeping, the tingly feeling of being numb, and… bats shrieking? That can’t be right. You open your eyes, planning on seeing what the hell was going on, only to find that everything was dark- you couldn’t see anything. Upon this newfound knowledge, you begin to panic, and the beeping fastens its pace.

Rushed footsteps make their way to you, and before you’re even able to process what’s happening, a blindfold that was apparently tied around your eyes is removed, and you’re met with the face of the man who saved you. He looks more concerned now than when he found you underneath the piece of stone, and that does very little to help you calm down.

“Beep,” is the only word you’re able to force out, shakily.

It takes a second, but realization dawns on him.

“It’s just the heart monitor!” He’s quick to assure, gesturing to your left where the machinery was. He takes your trembling hand in his, and forces his expression to soften. “You’re safe, Y/N.”

He repeats the words, each time full of gentle sincerity and reassurance, until you’re able to fully relax, and you lean your head back onto the medical bed you were lying on. He slowly removes his hand from yours, and glances over at the machinery you were hooked up to. The remaining concern he held was then completely let go at whatever was on the screens, and you felt yourself calm down even more.

The hero looks back at you with a gentle smile. “How are you feeling? You scared us pretty bad back there.” He continues when he sees the look of confusion on your face. “You blacked out a few times.”

“I am,” You begin, pausing to think. “I’m alive. Sorry to change the subject, but where am I?”

“Batcave. That’s kind of why you had to wear this,” The man raises the blindfold up to his masked eyes, before peeking just over the top of them as he continues. “Batman didn’t want you to see where we were headed if you became conscious on the way over.”

You blink a few times, before sitting up slowly. “Batcave?”

Red Hood only smirks, tosses the sight-obscuring piece of cloth onto a nearby table, and stands back up- which brings your attention to the few bandages on his right arm, and the large bruise that appeared to have swallowed the entire limb.

He offers his left hand, “Care for a tour?”

You stare at the hand for a few seconds before looking up to his face, and find yourself amazed at how you didn’t notice the medical cloth that was taped to his right ear. You accept his hand and he slowly helps you stand on your feet.

“You’re hurt,” you say, quietly.

“I’ve had worse,” is his simple response, in a tone entirely carefree, and he leads you out of the medical portion of the cave.

You’re sure your eyes had never been so wide before, you weren’t sure what you were expecting, but it certainly wasn’t this. A giant computer, an even bigger penny, and a freaking dinosaur? What kind of hideout was this? You startle out of your amazement by the sound of an angry voice.

“Red Hood,” Batman booms, his tone causing you to flinch. “What do you think you’re doing?”

“Giving our guest the grand tour,” Your savior responds easily, not at all sounding perturbed.

“They should be resting.”

He hums as he looks at you, obviously considering if you were well enough to be up and about, before shaking his head, “Nah, I think they’re good, B.”

“Ja- Red Hood,” The Dark Knight pinches the bridge of his nose with an aggravated sigh. “We agreed-”

“We agreed that on patrol, I’d peacefully abide by your terms. Patrol’s over, Batman. Besides, I think you owe our friend here a little look around after keeping them blindfolded this whole time.”

The older man definitely looked ready to retort, but with a sharp exhale, he moves past the two of you, and towards the computer. “Fine. Don’t touch anything.”

“No promises,” Red Hood smirks, obviously enjoying his ‘victory’.

It takes a few minutes, but he actually does show you around the place. You didn’t see any entrances or exits, but you supposed that was probably intentional so you wouldn’t find out where this cave was located.

Biting your lip, you quietly speak, “Mister Red Hood?”

The man seems caught off guard by your voice, and he nearly trips over his own feet. He clears his throat multiple times with a small blush of embarrassment. “You- you don’t have to add a ‘Mister’, just Red Hood is fine.”

“Why am I here?”

“Well, you were hurt and-”

“Yes, exactly, so I don’t understand why I was taken here instead of a hospital.”

He seems to be contemplating what to say, before he shrugs. “I kind of demanded it?” Upon your look of shock he’s quick to add, “N-not for some weird, creepy reason or something, just because uh– we-we don’t have all the facts! We have very few facts and evidence on what happened, so I mean, I thought it’d be safer if you came here! Better to be safe than sorry, y’know?”

“Oh,” You say, a small smile and a raised brow adorning your features. “Thank you, that’s very considerate.”

He’s suddenly very awkward, and in an attempt to save himself, he leads you back to the medical bay, “You should probably get some more rest. Oh, and you’re probably hungry and thirsty, so I-I’ll go ahead and- uh, get some for you. Some food and water, I mean. While you– rest.”

“Okay,” You say, laying back down.

The man backs up as he repeats the word to you, and due to him not paying attention, he trips over his feet, slips out the word ‘shit’ as he hits the floor, and before you can ask if he’s okay, he quickly books it out of the room.

You blink in confusion when you hear a thump, and then another. Concerned, you get up and sneakily peek out, and see Red Hood hitting his forehead against a wall repeating the word “stupid” and the phrases “fucking idiot” and “smooth, jackass” over and over again. Feeling sympathetic, you head back to medical bed and decide you’ll pretend none of this ever happened.


I know you asked me what my Oceantale HC’s were, but for the life of me, I can’t find that ask.  I know I wrote some of them on mobile and then tried to Draft it, but I’m thinking tumblr just decided to eat it.  

I think it’s worth noting that I’m pretty sure the original Oceantale ( @oceantale01 right?) is just concept art without a set story.  I’m sure that by now, there’s fics and stuff for it that build on a canon world (and wasn’t someone making a game for it at some point?), but I haven’t read any of them, so all of this is just my own take.

…. Actually, let’s start with Oceanfell because I actually have a fanfic idea for that setting, so my HC’s are a little more fleshed out for that.


Monsters have always lived in the depths of the ocean, but as humans explore more and more of it, they actually stumbled upon the area the monsters call home.  This didn’t go well; the ocean is already a hostile environment, so with humans poking their noses around, more than a few got killed.  The humans retaliated, but they didn’t account for the monsters’ magic.  Even something like a torpedo could be diverted back to them.  

To put an end to the underwater warfare, a barrier was erected with magic–and powered by human SOULs.  However, the power of one human SOUL may be immense, but… it’s only enough to last for seven years.

The monsters struck a deal with the humans, to avoid hunting and do a peace treaty of sorts.  After all, the monsters may be of an aquatic nature, but not all of them are bound to water–and if they wanted to take over the land, Asgore has assured the humans it would be possible.  

Sooo, the humans of a neighboring beach city pull a sacrifice from a raffle of sorts.  Your name gets pulled, you have to line up on the beach.  Several names get pulled, of course–the monsters want a hearty SOUL to power the barrier, not a damaged one.  

The monsters in charge of picking out the sacrifice, are… you guessed it–Sans and Papyrus.  Their pirate ship rises from the water, a gaudy silver skull with glowing red eyes affixed to the bow.  It’s also flying the skull-and-crossbones sail, and despite the fact that the ship looks like it’s been at the bottom of the ocean for decades (because it has), and the wood is rotten and filled with holes from canon fire, it still glides easily along the water.

They’re pirates.  And whoops, you happen to be standing on the shoreline with the others, staring incredulously as the two brothers disembark from their ship and make a beeline straight for you.  

This turned into more of a fic-pitch than headcanons.  

I should probably add that in my idea of OF, Sans only has one peg-leg, though still has the eyepatch (can still manifest an eyelight beneath the patch, but the eyesocket is jagged and broken), while Papyrus pretty much keeps all of his concept–his legs are swords (look at the concept art and tell me those aren’t swords), and his left arm is dead bone mended to the joint with seaweed.


Lemme try to make this one more Undertale-canon.

Monsters have always lived in the ocean, but they wanted more freedom.  Just as humans were exploring the ocean–and encroaching on their habitat, ruining their ecosystems–monsters wanted to explore land.  Most of the monsters were only semi-aquatic, meaning they could exist on both, while some (like Undyne) require water full-time.  However, when the monsters started coming up the beaches and attempting to settle on land, the humans freaked out and a war began.  Ultimately, the humans drove them back into the sea (Underwater… shit, has Underwater been used yet?  If not, I’m calling dibs), and this time, erected a barrier to keep them in corralled into one portion of the ocean, deep and hidden away.

Or so they thought.

All it took was for a human to fall overboard on a ship somewhere above, and a SOUL managed to float down to fall into the Underwater.  The barrier is like a bubble; with every SOUL collected, it grows larger and larger, giving the monsters more space.  By the time the barrier breaks the surface of the water and hits air, the bubble will break and the monsters will be set free.  

This also means that humans that fall overboard have a better chance of passing through the barrier instead of just dying and having their SOUL sink to the bottom of the ocean.  

The barrier is magic, and therefore humans can breathe underwater just fine when they’re inside of it, and pressure doesn’t effect their bodies.  

The seventh human (and the last SOUL needed) is ends up getting tossed off a boat during turbulent weather.

The skelebros used to be legitimate human pirates before they were executed (i.e. shot in the back of the head) and their bodies left to rot at sea.  Thanks to a magic artifact they had “liberated” (read: stolen) that once belonged to the monsters, their bodies retained enough magic upon dying that their corpses actually reanimated and they became legitimate monsters.  

^ that HC is subject to change.  In my head, they used to be human pirates, but I’m still tossing around reanimated corpse ideas.  

Grillby looks cool as shit, but I want to go away from the concept art for a sec.  I think he’d be an ice elemental instead of water or fire.  When he gets mad, the water around him starts to freeze, and he can make ice cubes instantly for the drinks he prepares.  Also really digging the monocle look.  

Papyrus is a member of the Royal Guard, but it’s more of a Peacekeeper/soul retrieval job than anything else.  

Sans is still a sentry, but he can’t teleport, and his Gaster Blasters are now canons.  

Also, the skelebros still definitely have a pirate ship they use to get around the Underwater faster.  

Sans’s drink of choice is (unsurprisingly) rum, and he sells Bone Soup at an illegal food stand in Hot Water.