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Poor Yurio can’t catch a break, even over long distance video calls (Viktor you act oblivious but we all know otherwise)

  • Jefferson: Nice hands, James.
  • Madison: Uh, thank you..?
  • Jefferson: I bet they'd look even better wrapped around my-

Some Gladion headcanons based off a conversation with @pixel-sylveon​ and @cindercate​!

  • Gladion spoils Null with beans, he always carries them with him. Null is so conditioned to receiving beans after a battle win or loss that one time Null jumped on Gladion after a battle with you. He didn’t have any beans with him so you offered Null some of yours. After this encounter you started to carry more and more beans with you to offer to Null whenever you run into Gladion. Gladion is extremely jealous of how easily you earned Null’s affection.
  • Gladion’s nickname around Team Skull is Gladbag, he hates it so much. Gladion and you once encountered a former grunt who referred to him as it and during the battle with the grunt he sent out his Trubbish nicknamed after Gladion. Unfortunately you may have misheard Gladbag for Gladbabe
  • You are constantly reminding him to smile more, though you feel like your words never get to him. The times that you do see Gladion smile though you know he’s being sincere and honest.
  • Growing up in the Aether Foundation Gladion was never around people, after running away from the foundation he was overwhelmed whenever he was amongst a crowd of people. This is the reason why he stood aside at your celebration after becoming the champion. You noticed how he didn’t  interact with anybody, not even Lillie, so you dragged him along with you. 
  • “We aren’t enemies anymore, but you said we weren’t friends either… All I ask is if could you please just smile for me, it’s a celebration after all!”
  • Charming: I'm gonna get that lamp.
  • Hook: Mate, there is nothing I want more than to make the Evil Queen pay for what she did to Emma. But we are outgunned.
  • Hook:
  • Charming: Have you *still* not listened to that?
  • Hook: When would I have the time?
  • Charming: It's Lin-Manuel Miranda. You *make* the time.

I was watching that video of Baby Bunny Bucky Barnes wrecking things with his metal arm and I thought “You know what would be great? A way shittier version of this with my wife Peggy Carter beating people up while set to Feeling Good”

So that’s what I did tonight instead of other, more responsible things. Here ya go.


Someone tell me I look strong and masculine lol.

Also, I’m actually going to make a healthy dinner tonight. Roasted sweet potatoes and baked chicken parm!

The Signs as Stranger Things characters

Aries: Chief Hopper

Taurus: Lucas Sinclair

Gemini: Doctor Brenner aka Papa

Cancer: Steve Harrington

Leo: Mike Wheeler

Virgo: Jonathan Byers

Libra: Will Byers

Scorpio: The Demogorgon

Sagittarius: Joyce Byers

Capricorn: Nancy Wheeler

Aquarius: Eleven

Pisces: Barb


Okay, you guys see this man, right? This remarkable, extraordinary, one of a kind man, right? Well, his name is David Tennant and he’s an actor a brilliant actor. And this is a friendly reminder that this man is not the characters he plays. Who he plays on screen is his profession and nothing more. He isn’t Kilgrave for example; he doesn’t have a mean bone in his body, and he wouldn’t hurt anyone or anything or purpose. One he’s exceptionally kind to his fans which can’t be said about a lot of famous people out there. And he is downright humble and sincere to all those he works with and then some. So, there is a reason why I as a fan love him so much because he isn’t some pompous, rude, thinks he higher than thou celebrity twat; he’s everything opposite of that and then some.