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I am maybe making a Jasper playlist so I was hoping you had some songs that made you think of them? Songs you listened to while you drawed them aswell?

  • andy grammer / fresh eyes
  • ariana grande / touch it 
  • against the current / in our bones
  • papa ya / outta here
  • before you exit / dangerous
  • the vamps / wild heart
  • olly murs / beautiful to me
  • ed sheeran / shape of you
  • mystery skulls / magic
  • echosmith / come with me
  • marianas trench / good to you
  • the cab / lock me up
  • james arthur / let me love the lonely
  • tori kelly + ed sheeran / i was made for loving you
  • jess glynne / take me home
  • florence and the machine / bedroom hymns 
  • hozier / work song
  • the fray / look after you
  • coyote kisses / six shooter
  • safetysuit / anywhere but here
  • trading yesterday / she is the sunlight

they asked about drugs
so i told them a story of
a boy made of blue thoughts and red touches.
a boy made of white words and golden intentions.

they asked about drugs
so i told them a story of
a boy who made me feel
every color and every emotion.
a boy who changed my heart,
then changed his mind.

they asked about drugs
so i told them a story of

—  g.w.

All the everyone OC’s I know from the Pixelberry fandom!(and I made for someone too!) I had so much fun drawing them! And somehow I want this to make as a friendship gift (or valentine day gift but i was too late for that sniff) and somehow I want apologized. Really, really apologized if I was being a jerk, awkward and not replies on your chat/ask at the past. Also, please accpect this as a gift of friendship!

.:The first picture, from left to right:.

Tony, @ethanblakes ‘ OC, Reifai, @archie-artblog ‘s OC, Cyan, @grimdarkpixels ‘ OC, Piper, @sarcasticace ‘s OC, Samantha, my OC, @principal-mc ‘s OC (I somehow forgot their name again, sorry!), Aimee, @watermelone-n-chicken ‘s OC, Astra, @7stars ‘ OC.

.:The second picture, from left to right:.

Maus, (his account was gone, I miss him), Ivan, @rottenheartedchild ‘s OC, Amanda, @spacetravels / @jebsplayshss ‘ OC , Aro, @arowanathestudent ‘s OC, Penelope, @pixelberrygardens / @poppygardens ‘ OC.

.:The third picture, from left to right:.

Holly, @hollyashton ‘s OC (I made it for you, I hope you like it!), Molly, @molliartsie / @i-am-a-fandom-hoe ‘s OC, Ming, @robozombiepocalypse ‘s OC (sorry if i made her wrong sniff)

.:The forth picture, from left to right:.

Estella, @xiodorous / @askmaxwarren ‘s OC, Aeon, @aeon-hwuhss ‘ OC, Bunny, @cinnabani ‘s OC.

I hope you guys like it!


if my eleventh or twelfth aunt has the following at her cabin

- at least five, maybe six, fixtures made of antlers and/or bone
- a surrounding forest with no deciduous trees
- creaky floorboards
- doors that open and close at random intervals
- eerie traces of The Norwegians (my family is not Norwegian. not even close.)
- cabinets filled with nothing but potatoes and instant coffee
- a full ham radio kit, telescope, and satellite, all of which look like they’ve been viciously attacked by a baseball bat with a personal vendetta
- so many creepy things made of raw wood I can’t fit them in a ten photo format
- scuttling things in the wall
- a random pile of rocks in the attic, seemingly average, meticulously cleaned
- lodge signs in every room
- three security cameras
- and a partridge in a pear tree

is it safe to assume my aunt is channeling the Log Lady? @glumshoe asked for photos. sorry Ship, I couldn’t get your submission to work!

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I hope you're able to keep stocking the metaphysical bundles as they are in your shop! I love the combinations you've come up with but I can't afford any for the next few weeks and I'd love to be able to put some money aside to buy them later!

Absolutely! And like I said I made several of each of them so they probably won’t sell out too fast 😊 I plan to make this a reoccurring thing for sure!

seeing bap will probably be the highlight of my 2017??? i love them so much??? i made so many friends cause we all liked that group and ill never forget that??


I just found out that Harry’s disciplinary hearing at the ministry in Order of Phoenix was on the same date as my birthday aka 12 august. Only I’m born in 2000 and his hearing was in 1995. Another funny fact is: in my next generation headcanon both Lily and Hugo are born on 12 august 2008 (yes, yes I made them be born on my birthday. so what?) And ATTENTION this is not all, the action in my fanfic, chronologically speaking, starts in Order of Phoenix, 12 august 1995. Hugo and Lilly land in the past on our shared birthday before they even where in plan to be born. And now my head hurts and what did I got myself into?

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I’m going to start a new thing on my blog soon~!

I want to start posting daily motivational things with Astrid. I’ll just be calling it “Daily Motivational Astrid”, but I want to spread positivity and love. <3

I’ll probably be posting the first one on Monday so that I can get more made up in advance and have them qued. <3

I already have my first one in mind~

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holy shit ok so that fanart made me thing about them and choking and I def think jd would be into being choked (v too tbh) and v discovers this on accident Like, maybe they were being rough and she just, grabs his throat without thinking and they're both in shock at first (and jd also Refuses to admit that he likes it as much as he does) but v tries it every now and then and he melts each time


(nsfw because dominant veronica gives me life)

Derpy Dragons

Some of you have been asking where the misfit dragons can be found. I think it’s great that you want to give them a home; they are so very full of love, perhaps even more so *because* they’re a little odd-looking, and they want to have permanent homes just so badly. It’s sweet. 

I made a listing for them on my Etsy store, if you’re interested. I’m offering them at cost plus shipping, and I will be bringing some of them to conventions with me in the future - they said they would feel comfortable enough out in public if I made eye patches for them, so there will be pirate dragons out there in the future.