so i made the whole set of agents

Agent Powers/Dipper Pines ¿Parallelism?

When i saw the trailer from “Not What He Seems” i freaked out at this part:

At first, i thought that the blackboard behind Stan was Dipper’s (the one you get to see on Scaryoke, Sock Opera and Society Of The Blind Eye) and that Agent Powers and Trigger stole it from him, but when you look closely, it’s obvious that it’s a totally different one even when both mystery-blackboards are INCREDIBLY SIMILAR.

To the point that both of them uses those yars to connect different ideas omg. I think it’s mean to set a parallelism between Agent Powers and Dipper Pines. (and why not Mabel Pines and Agent Trigger?). 

You know, even when both agents had been secondary characters until now, i think that Agent Power has done something that no other adult character has done so far in the show: to take Dipper’s opinions seriously, at least in the beginning.  Stan had lied about the paranormal a whole season. Sheriff Blubs and Deputy Durland’s had made fun of Dipper in the past. Even Toby Determined, who is pretty much a joke, doesn’t take Dipper seriously.

When Agent Powers and Dipper met, Dipper reacts almost immediately and Agent Powers takes a little of his time to reveal about his investigation to a CHILD. He’s the only adult character in the show who has thought that Dipper’s investigations might be valid and even when he was a little bit suspicious at the beginning, he agreed to arrange a meeting with him.

Maybe because Agent Powers saw himself a little bit on Dipper. Maybe Dipper resembles what he used to be when he was a child and Agent Powers is what Dipper might become in the future (without the weird humour condition omg). 

AGENTE POWERS AND DIPPER PINES WORKING TOGETHER IS MY LIFE ASPIRATION! And i think that if we can set a parallelism between Dipper and Powers, you can do the same with Mabel and Trigger. Agent Triggers seems to be more easy-going and funny (and it might seem dumb, but i’m sure he isn’t. I think there’s no dumb character in the show. There are weirdos, hams, trainwrecks but nobody is truly dumb).

By the way. I do think that Soos has taken Dipper seriously but for some reason i failed at seem him as an adult hahaha I think he’s too young.